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New guy here
Ubuntu 8.10 vs. lighter distros
Project 5902 anyone
My WU makes more Progress than Yours! :)
Defecting sorry guys :(
What Nv drivers are you running
A note about dummy plugs
in search of: reliable proxy server for FAH
Spring has sprung, Flowers are Blooming,
Anyone using a AMD phenom and VM
F@H and dial-up
ATI Folding performance
Notfred's VM Appliance + VMWare Player Guide
First page news...
Can't get new WU from server?
2x295 and 5902s?
Anyone got a generator? haha
Software CPU time and scheduling
SMP doesn't pause while on battery
GPU2 (Multi) + Windows 7
What the 5902 ?!?
Upgrade time, seeking a bit of input.
Graphics performance issue with 511 point WUs
F@H running at 5 PetaFLOPs
Deino Client: Proper Start/Stop?
VMWare SMP Blues
The Madness Runs Amok!
ATI GPU Folding?
Windows 7 - rivatuner?
GPU2 makes me RAGE!
Stats Pic Question
VMware Tools install problem
1 Million Points!
unable to send results since 2/24/09
why i hate my isp and what i think about you guys and gals
Question for long time folders:
P5900 is fun
What am I doing wrong?
Double Whammy
Whats my next step?
The bigger the blade data center
Set up Dual VM's Guide
Lots of A1 units failing with 'Warning: long 1-4 interactions'
Updated Not Freds Folding Utilities
Core a0 performance
im etting sick of these errors
5753 (Run 6, Clone 227, Gen 150)
gpu overclocking
Old tpr file error
cant connect to the host on 1.0.8 VMware Server
Bad news/Good news.
Why does my SMP stop folding?
Ready for March?
477 point WUs?
GPU2 Nvidia weird behavoir
Load Imbalanced
Trouble Sending WUs in
Dear ChasR:
GTX 295 folding...
Folding Memory Lane
Patting myself on the back
Qfix for OSX?
SMP Consecutive Improper core shutdowns
Yo Rufus, Please pimp my rig!
Vmware 2 vs 1 ??
Best Pentium Dual Core FAH Client?
Dualcore Folding in Gentoo Linux
GPU slot availability - BAR Program
gpu keeps going into low power mode (I think)
4000+ !!!!
this guy is nuts!!
Half a folding problem
GPU2 Linux Nvidia Wrapper update
Anyone use FAHmon Webapps
quick question about moving a client
Kako dead?
Just got my GPU2 up, which SMP client?
Corsair 750TX enough for 2 x GTX260-216?
Build-A-Rig Donations
FAH console time stamp
Laptop SMP folding question...
RivaTuner Fan Speed Adjustment
Folding@home fliers
Let's give ChelseaOilman a big fist bump!
Fahmon problems
is ati viable at all for folding?
Trying to get smp running once again
down for the count :D
RivaTuner 2.23 released
GPU2 running very slow
few quick questions on getting GPU folding up and going again
ati gpu folding in linux
Wireless w/GPU2+VM
Project 5900 and Fahcore_14?
More Incoming
Have a Problem.
GPU_2 Problems Core_14
Help setup 4 video cards
Folding on Gentoo
F@H & Gaming
Newegg giveaway (GPUs!)
-configionly flag given, so exiting
i7 920 Folding
More MHZ or more FSB?
sometimes i get this error on folding smp:
Linux gets more points with SMP?
noob folder- folding only uses 1 core?
Folding discreetly with SMP and/or GPU2?
GPU2 Linux
F@H contest - Free to enter
2 GPUs non SLI/XFired
Help Me decide
Windows 7 with vmware and two vm's
Is there anyway to get around the SMP required password on the user account?
Newegg Contest: Newegg is giving away a bunch of graphics cards
nVidia GPU + what to maximize PPD?
Top50~folders, how do you do it?
Help with GPU2 Systray clients
Is This Common?
new single core work units?
anyone with a mac try this?? i might give it a shot
Question about folding clients
Impressions of GPU Folding
GPU Not at 100%
GPU question
Forcing performance 3d mode
Multi-GPU client Setup
9600GT good for GPU folding?
uhhh... guys... TEAM 32 HAS INCOMMING!
no WUs
Problem with 6.24beta
New to Team 32, F@H GPU
Darn Compuers and Power Outages
Which hardware should fold with in this system?
Holy cow Ubuntu!!!
Ubuntu folding box thinks it has no HD space, why?
Hah, well I guess it does get inside of you.
It is a miracle!
Beowolf cluster
Too much heat...
Notfred's Diskless Update
EOC stats down?
Relax it must be Stanford
GPU2 client more as a service?
think i'm doing something wrong
Getting ready to make my comeback
Hard Drive Failure:(
4,000 point work unit?
Folding wth AI?
Cpu vs Gpu
Read This and Weep
Can someone send me the link...
Best OS for a new GPU folder
Low PPD 9800GT
My AMD ubuntu VM has black screen every time i come home
New WinSMP client yet??
Does This Look Right?
Payback time
The New Milestone Program
Phenom 2 Ripe for Folding
fold for stephanie
Recommend a good Video Card
Oh boy, SMP sever down.
Core2 vs Xeon
Meep... Meep... torin... check your rearview!
*** 2nd Annual "March Madness" Folding Contest ***
*** 2nd Annual "March Madness" - Sign-up Thread ***
SMP will not start
Super Milestoners!
Congratulating the Congratulater
Linux SMP install problems.
ATI GPU2 Client limited to only 320 shaders?
Folding on non default GPU
Is it Possible?
Best dedicated $1200 folding rid??
new folder added!
Project 2669 Frames
Getting alot of 511's (pointers) for GPU Folding
Re: the Linux SMP "hangs-at-completion" thing
gpu going out of bisiness the quickest?
Linux Users: Update your A2 core!
What a mess!
SMP and GPU client on a C2D
Gaming System
New Linux beta client v6.24 (v6.23 expires Feb. 2nd)
GPU2 display = BSOD?
What's the minimum ghz?
A1 vs A2 Core
Ok, no idea where to start, help
8800GT not maxing ppd with VMs
January Clearance Sale
Can't get SMP to work in Vista
problem with consle
Does overclocking make the cpu fold faster?
Alright, count me in
Client-core communications error: ERROR 0x0
Boinc + GPU2?
GPU2 crippling video playback
Second GPU Not Starting?
Need help getting gpu client setup.
8800GTS (G92) Post Problems
Congratulations on one Billion Points
Bunch of early end WUs !!?
2 Free VGA dummy plugs
98000gtx+ 2-3000 PPD TOPS?
Electric Bill (Is it my computers?)
Portable AC choices for a dorm room
cpu usage issue
Sign Up for a chance to win prizes from PNY
XP 64 w/GPU and SMP
Still kicking just been busy!!!!
nitteo is baaaccckkk...!!!!
Mid-Winter Mosh Pit
Folding on Windows 7?
duo to smp
gpu folding question
GTX 260 OC and expected PPD
Core i7
gpu console not working
Best ppd for my rig
Multi-GPU2 plus 2 X WinSMP - what core affinities?
Couple Questions...
Folding issue: does not reconnect sometimes...
Folding problems
Uninstall Ubuntu?
P6T6 WS Revolution folding farm
Help me build 2 folders on a budget.
Dang, stall city...
Back in the fold.
W00t w00t! :)
GPU folding PPD
(OCN) PCI-E x1 Folding (It works!)
what is this?????
Quick Request about flags for ATI GPU2
ATI in ubuntu?
Happy New Year from CustomPC (Belated)
Three Sojourners...
Big day for OCF Rosetta Team!
6.23 Linux & OSX public beta client
C2D e4400 @3ghz +vm = finish SMP?
SMP problems (Gentoo)
Linux VMs stop after one unit
Backup VMWare/Ubuntu/SMP
Overdue Bills, er Milestones :)
Average PPD for hardware
EOC and active user problem...
No name in FahMon
SMP Restart
When are WU submitted?
Weird Unitinfo.txt File
VMware SMP FAHmon setup
Thinking about joining, have a few questions?
Page #1
GPU kaput?
New Year, New Milestones Reached!
folding is too invasive!
why isnt it working?
Nvidia driver for Vista
Folding goals for 2009
Page #1 here I come
SMP client problems with quad Xeon 3210
new OC teams site ... under construction
Back in action!
error 102
deleting an over due work unit
Problems running client
PII for team 32
Returning to Folding
Maximizing PPD on Q6600?
Black screen on GPU client
folding with a 4870 x2
Best points per watt?
OC Folders going missing??
9600 GSO or 4670? (Don't move me just yet, folding related!)
New PS3, Woot!
im back!
FahMon help thread
Better ppd
Unstabled Machine
p5768 a VERY nice nVidia GPU WU
Just started GPU
VMWare and Ubuntu 64 bit on an x86 Vista
Problems with the 548pters
wow,extra performance!
Gifts Sent to T32 Members from Elves
Different Type WU's
A FAH Milestone
New install same damn issue
Expected GPU PPD w/old single core A64 939?
ATI GPU core v1.22
smp + GPU2?
Poor PPD from a 9800GT
260 + random other in P5N-d?
Folding porn!
No GPU WU's?
Ubuntu folding client can't send WU
GPU Folding on WinXP with nvidia 180.70 drivers
wondering soul
Today is the day...
The race for...
Old stats
Dual GPU folding issue
Intel Hel
low ppd on Vista
A riddle for you
ubuntu 8.04 gui
Just Can't Trust Them...
How do you run qfix 2 for smp?
Slow WUs?
VM Timekeeping and PPD
Update: Cat 8.12 Drivers
Linux GPU2 Wiki Defaced
folding with ati cards?
FahMon: unitinfo.txt can't be converted to unicode...
Upcoming build for a friend.
Top 20 watch out....I'm comin for ya.
P4EE! I salute you!
GPU Countodown!!!!
Asus 4850 Folding
Happy Milestones!
Ahhhh.....no. Missed a gx2 deal
Movin on up!
Folding is a good time
Minimize those console windows to the system tray...
Have not been around for awhile
Sorry Guys Internet Woes!!!
SMP (DEINO) install....now what?
What kind of setup do I want?
What good is a Viper on 4 cylinders
Multi VM SMP Performance Reports
The Glories of Fall...
A few Q's from a new folder
NoWhereM, IT'S ON!
Nice to be folding again
VM software?
Sorry to be a noob
So what am I doing wrong here? (Stability problems)
Lots of 511 point units out there...
Consider the Humble Beer Can...
Folding to heat your home.
VMs and large number of GPU2 clients
It's Time...
ATI GPU2 in Linux
shader OC in Linux?
PS3 how to change team names?
New Website?
RTFS! Or, How to Lose Your Sanity, Pronto!
Linux GPU2 Folding...?
Will Accept Lower PPD for Long Term Stability
Multi VM SMP Guide
Setting processor affinity
New GPU Work Units
1 More reason for windows users to go SMP/VM
The FaH GPU Performance Thread
Checking the rear view mirror...
MANY THANKS....& I need some help!
Where we stand
3870X2 fold on both GPU's?
All Milestones Great and Glorious
Some client questions
Welcome zizux!!
Back in the fold!
Team 32's Burning Hardware Club
What We Have - What You'll Need
P7N SLI and 3 cards question
Need motherboard recommendation in 3 hrs or less!
Team Swap?
Trying for 3 x 9800 GX2 system...
No SMP work this morning?
PPD going up
SMP (MPICH) client won't connect to assignment server
folding rig for sale...
Interesting article for you folder (or any DC project member)!!
It's a Great Year...
gpu2 problem
AMD(GPU) folding performance and when it will be fixed
Potential memory problems for max GPU2 clients...
FahMon 2.3.4 Released
Production to be down for a few days...
Culprit found on v1.15 core! You need a new PSU!!
8800 GT card died when folding...
GPU stability check tip
Vista Woes
Shutting down
Any issues with FAHcore_13 and p5748?
p5102_Curmudgen in water
We Got Milestones!
Early Core i7 folding number
Ah....gsrcrxsi is chasing me down
PPD decrease w/ second GPU??
Question about GPU not sending
Popping in to say hi
5.02 or 5.04 clients?
Asus P6T6 WS revolutuion 6x PCIe x16 slots....folding monster??
gpu2 visualization help
WTH congrats to
Welcome to Page 1 !
Santa and Elves Thread Only
Core i7 folding benchmarks??
New #1 Producer
Manual Download v1.19
More GPU Trouble. Please Help
PPD Going down
Back on the folding team!
The Saturday Night Specials -->
GPU2 setup: something always missing
Can't connect to work server for 2nd day in a row (CPU Client)
And I'm back.
fah.exe error when setting up SMP
Dual 9800gtx and gpu2 questions...
Started using v1.18
Hello from MaximumPC
gpu no go
New nVidia GPU2 Core v1.18
Folding with more than 1 gpu
5801, the WU from hell!
EUE limit exceeded. Pausing 24 hours.
Dozens of GX745's just need to be able to run SMP as service
started folding..
Need a new GPU
Quicky Q
Making a folding Machine
Anybody know...
GPU2 client can't connect to server
Milestone Ketchup <Yum!>
Server status = REJECT?
i think i joined... how do i know?
Help me ronda help help me fonda D
Just Stopping By
License issues - SMP
HD2400Pro and 3870 on the same core?
I asked this in another folding forum and didn't get a very good answer....
heads up on a fair priced quad PCIe x 16 mobo
GPU Folding Eating my Overall Performance
e4400 enough for 3 gpu clients?
Too Heavy a Load
2d/3d clocks and GPU client
8800GTS 512 ppd
Dual 8800GTs - My PPD is 1/2 half what it should be
All rigs to stock..... (?)
What happened?
GPU2 client question.
Behind the curve
GPU cooling (and return from hiatus)
GPU sound question
"Fall Brawl" SURPRISE PPD Contest!!!
linux client only using 70%
Which one would make a better folder? [Northwood vs Barton]
gpu2 question
MacBook Folding: Undervolting...?
And here we go
Pentium3 Folding Rig... need advice
Vista64 better for F@h than XP64?!
IGP GPU2 folding with nForce 730i?
New Build First Time Little Confused HALP?
help fix my internet, i cant get anymore WUs without it! (linux)
FahCore_a2 893point WUs
Now this is a farm!
The Cornocopia -
Something is changing affinities without asking me...
Back... sort of.
New GPU2 cores. 1.15 Nvidia and 1.17 ATI
280GTX or 4x 9600GSO (Flashed)
I had some money, but the market eated it...
Help figuring out a points discrepancy
Client shutdown errors with the 1.13 GPU2 core.
Dual GPU2- a couple questions
Have there been any enhancements to the ATI client the last month or two?
CHEAP gtx 260 $120! Amazon!
SMP OC Folding
Unstable_machine errors
You can C it's Very...
New 6.23 drop in replacement.
Expected Production Drop
Denio vs MIPCH
SMP help, finished WU, but won't send
First experience with gpu
4870x2 folding
Am I just behind the times?
Tough Day
Strange Fish & Winged Girl