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A provocative trade offer
GUIDE: nVidia GPU2 Fah 6.12 beta6
gpu2/driver help
Loving the 2653s!
OCAU dishes out a spanking to [H]erd
Forget the A's, the B's have it...
8800GT's New leader in points per watt?
Oh Hank.......
new gpu2/nvida client question
GPU2 client for x1300pro
Any way to increase productivity?
Linux 64-bit SMP folding
Power usage
nVidia Win GPU2 ***DISCUSSION***
nVidia Win GPU2 ***BENCHES***
Safe voltage for E4600 - 1.58/1.6V too much?
Harlam! I need a WU adjustment...EUE storm..
EUE's on SMP's today
Idk why this hasn't been posted yet.. but its here kids! GPU for NVidia
That Leaves Just one Question: "Do you feel lucky, punk?"
Not getting credit in a VM
Bad News for SMP Folders.
Welcome New Members - 6/17/08
Info bout work units
New Math, T32 Style
Error message with XP and FAH 5.04
The Clock(er) Strikes Three...
Need your help... Big time
Darn PS3
Donate to Fahmon..... Fungus installs 'the Paypal button'
Nvidia And Stanford Finalizing Folding@Home Client For GeForce GPUs
why isnt folding working? SMP
how long does a wu usually take
6.10 Beta 3
Having trouble with console in vista
+1 PS3
Yay, one more rig for p1mpy!
**stumbles in**
Another Q6600 SMP question?
It's Mark and Joe ...
Hang on thight Mr.Guvernment
Worrisome folding temps
Comments on my SMP folding please.
Very interesting news for those who run octas.
Sparc support?
Another Day, Another Milestone, or Two
Which one.
For those wanting a PS3 to fold
5.04 smp file io errors...?!
VMWare Server hangs or crashes Vista x64 due to memory bug
SimT Gromacs...wtf?
Wake me up when September ends...
Q9450 vs Q6600 folding advantage = 2.3%.
harlam, please remove me from contest!
The Horses are at the Starting Gate...
It's so darn good to be Wicked
Missed Deadline, can't delete unit
Summer is here.... vacation time....
He just swooped on past...
Thanks team 32
Gotta Love Friends
How fast can you Fold on a Q6600 !!!
My Big Goal
PS3 FAH SCEARD2 with 1,000,000 freakin' frames
F@H Stats
TommyHolly, lock your doors!
GPU1 retirement: Friday June 6 at 9am pacific time
How many clients to run?
Is PIII folding useful?
Finally made the jump to SMP :)
Folding on my new quad
Sorry for my absence.......
273 ppd...wtf?!
Q6600 Issue
Another PS3 folding for Team 32
I've turned orange. Any ideas why?
12k points for the T32Monkeys today??
Possibly folding at work.
Need Some Help In Order to Score Big Borg
EOC down since last night?
fah stops at...
Best settings for a P4 HT system?
Message from syslogd appear in console
Running Slower
Is This For Real?
You Expected This, of Course -
EVGA is recruiting for folding @ home...
Power outage shut off PC... Restarted and lost WU 85% done... Can I get it back?
PS3 Linux Folding:
GPU folding disappointing.
How to run 2 instances of SMP on a Quad-Core PC
Thank you to Team 32...
New rig
Is anyone else having problems sending data?
Team 32 Artwork
Third times a charm
Probs with GPU client.
F@H not responding
Dang those amber cores are flaming fast...
Quick Question
Help with a headless/diskless folder?
New toy for F@H.
Houston, we have a problem
Intel/PPD/purchase help
what kind of ppd should i be doing?
A is for Allen, B is is for Bayna...
So, I'm trying to build a folding farm and don't have a lot of money. What's the...
F@H only using 50% CPU
*** "Independence Day" Sign-up Thread ***
Borging fun
the borg is dead.
Are you shellshocked or ah, traumatized?
Simple VMWare SMP Folding Client for C2D&C2Q
SMP... yes no maybe so?
Folding ambitions get a boost
Great news - nVidia GPU folding soon
Headed out of the Country for a while
Soarin' higher -
Good news and bad news for Golfingtigger...
Quick Question
New folders
I'm about to get run over!
New SMP install on Q6600?
No one click solution?
*** OCF "Independence Day" Folding Contest ***
Only the freshest...
Going offline for a bit
What would an E6400 be good for?
A request to a folding buddy in USA or CANADA
WinSMP console?
im all set up and folding away
Abits IP35 - need some help
Small WU's?
Back up and running
All Red and All Good
Help transmitting data
another one of those PPD questions...
here is a new one for you.
FYI Q6600 & board
Chimp Challenge Start
Monkey Thanks
A rookie question and some uplifting info
here is a odd one for the pro's
Is it possible?
Just thought you might like to join in... demod 7im
Stanford Stats Poll
WU .dat Exceeds Packet Limit
Quad points now half?
Can't get SMP to send points to me and team 32?
F@H droping and restarting wu's
Water plus PC's do not mix
Have the SMP points gotten smaller or am I not seeing my points?
Did you notice OCAU stats?
Folding for ocforums with a ps3
Going to be gone for a bit...
any optimizations i should check for?
Core download errors?!
Fold.it - The next innovation in protein folding?
Gone for a while guys :(
What's this: Timer requesting checkpoint?
OSX help on a G5
Hey i just dontated you my PS3 for this chimpthingy..
SMP download?
$600.00 To Spend On A Dedicated Folding Box
Project 2665 on my E6600.
This is frustrating
Front Page Chimp Challenge Plug
F@H, the game.... interesting
Massive WU's
The Big Picture.
Now, he's twice as dirty!
Need a new free Anti-Virus ASAP... AVG latest updates attack F@H and SMP!
Step-by-step instruction on how to install SMP Folding into Windows Vista
Visionco? golfingtigger?
SMP install issues
Can Not Connect to Server
Visionco romps on
Quick question on the GPU client
Hangs at 100%
Saw this at [H], and I think it's a good idea
Team status thread and planning
Rigs are going down...
new here
Folding will take a back seat...
Cheeky chimp distractions :)
Team! Keep the recruitment thread going!
Wouldn't it be nice if...
EOC Monkey EOC
VMWare Uninstall problem.
My imagination ~~~ time dilation ~~~
I'm folding, right?
GPU Client Issue?
Putting Top 20 on Notice
Pre-Folding Stability Testing
Folding for OSX
problem with 4520?
GPU client + 3870X2
Flexible Flyer Flies Forward!
Watch out top half of page 2....
Will it SMP?
Can this be right????
VMware assist, please.
VM error... lil' help please
PPD Question
ARE YOU READY ?!?!?!!!!!!
possible 100+ borg
Im glad to see our old friend...
Farmin'... Farmin'... Farmin'...
New Box!
No Dusting Needed...
Cheap Zalmans for Folders!!!
not getting work unit packets :(
Better to install normal F@H service instead of SMP in PCs using dial-up?
Hung & Hate - ya gotta love this :)
Overclocking dedicated folders
F@H Spotlight #81
Assistance please, cannot upload units
Kingfish, et al
Monkey Info -T32
DIZAMN! Wingless brought a watt meter over....
Crankin' it up fer the chimp challenge
Decisions, Decisions!
And now is the time for the talking of smack?
Celebrating 4+ years folding
A Fateful Day: 11/16/2007
Alternative to VM?
diskless folding speeds???
Anyone running a Shuttle 24/7? How about one with a Q6600?
That prime rib is almost done
Yikes! I found a HP wireless printer service stopping FAH! You should check your PC!!
Recently blue and still folding like a maniac!
Is someone folding on my behalf?
How to optimize for a P4 3GHz?
Murphy's Law
Issues with F@H and weestah.
And the answer was yes...
Another Small Milestone
How's the million dollar weather in Turin?
I need some help running two SMP instances
gots my linux running and folding now help me with a few thinks plz
bad news guys....
When did this happen?! (PS3)
Work unit has invalid address...
I'm having trouble running the folding client on my ArchLinux x86_64 box
04/26/08: EOC Stats still messed up?
Commando steps up to the plate...
Mambo Numba Nine!
downloading work problem
Moving a WU
How to get the maximum benefit from my Q6600
Page 3 here I come....
Does SMP folding work on dialup??
The "I need something to finish my Rig" Thread
The Penguin's out of comission
does folding send different rigs....
Jason Kitchens its on babe!
I've been getting a ton of these small point WUs?
I need a real good excuse to upgrade to a Q6600
No EOC Updates?
what suite of linux should i get to fold?
Server Problems
I found me a race!
what PPD should I expect?
Found an old Compaq....
Wicked cheap Celery D 356. Will it fold?
SMP questions
stop f@h at startup
New WU's Killing PPD...
The administration have decided to take action against Adak
linux smp ver xp smp question
whats the general time set on a SMP?
And a fight broke out in the 4th row
Dumpster Diving?
How bad will it be?
Whats more important?
The 'Roos are waking up.
Newbie joined team 32
P4409: pretty tight TPF's
Longest 5 minutes of my life
Deleting a WU
Back to 100k!
My slowest
headed to page 2
Ducking his 1,000 WU's?
How to run FAH twice for dual cores?
Budget board for q6600/q9450 - recommendations, plz!
Need a little help
is all that time wasted?
Finally had my first "I HATE VISTA!!1" moment....
via c7 linux cluster idea
A Couple F@H Questions
Socket 939/940 folders, question
Proclamation to The Man. *SMACKAGE*
monitor my farm
F@H gets plug in latest Catalyst 8.4 drivers!
Old school quad, now what?
Can we invite this guy to our Chimp Challenge?
I claim the 2nd Spot!
4 the BAR Pannel
Molecule draw rate (gui ver)
Help me calculate PPD
Still not folding 4 cores or 100%
HD failure.....errr
Folding for team oc, new here.
hiding the f@h system tray icon for graphical client
I'm coming for you, NxDS, WarriorII, Leviathan41 and other between me and the top 100
q9300 vs q6600
Is it worth it to run Folding@home on the PS3 ?
P4 Northwood or Prescott?!
Q6660 VS?
Painting the Fast Lane!!!
Pep Talk
How can I run 2 GPU2 clients?
Mobo selection
Here's to my first milestone!
Folding avatars
Quick linux/smp related question...
Nothing to laugh about, har, har!
High VA, stupid cheap UPS
It's been a long time coming...Our newest millionaire!
Problems til Ubuntu in WMware...
Have 4, want 2
"THE MAN" makes it !
Q6600 Engaged...
Anyone have motherboards dead from blown caps?
50K in 8 days!
Ubuntu's gone after I installed XP on 2nd HDD
In just over a year, page 1 will all 2+ millionaires
Ramping up production
Hey everyone...
whats better e2180 @ 3.0 or D830 @ 3.7 for folding?
9 points -Like a MadMan !!!!
The Race is ON!
Quick question
PPD of a 3850 @ 725mhz
Whats the deal?
PPD Addup
A Legend and a sporting Tail Bouncer
Finally back
THE Folding FRIED my...
WOW! The Temps take a dive with these
Overclocking my q6600 to rip WU's
SMP 5.91 BETA Rant
New rig to add nothing special just a few questions
Wow....after all that hoping...
Getting myself back in the top 100!
F@H Spotlight #80
VM advice
Freebie to a fellow Team 32 folder.
Ferocious Folding Feline!
My Farm...
Due to popular demand....
Power consumption and related effects, discussion
Chimp Challenge '08 *Official Thread*
Best setup for older P4?
F@H client for my HD3870X2?
How Do You Get F@H Across 2 Cores?
Jonspd, MrGuvernment and Inkfx....ITS ON!
OC3d ramping up
My machine inventory...
Flying The Colours
Farm is up and running
Quad core- old school route
Pentium D 925 worth it for folding? 200 each.
6000 PPD is looking for a new team
Member Spotlights
The Horn of Plenty has plenty indeed!
For New Members: The SMP Install Instructions
Soars high, Heavily armored, Defender of the land!
Computer Donation to those willing to run F@H
EOC down for maintenance
Ubuntu networking help please
Where did you hear about ....
Speeding Upward!
Trails of dust, far from silver, tricks abound!
CVS Core
Congrats to the Big Movers!
Anyone folding with a wolfdale around 4GHz?
Wooo page twooo
Hanging after 10 hours?
How can this be?
Time For The Next Chimp Challenge
On the Bayou, Spicy, has an accent?
My farm build....help needed
Holy cow!
SMP or seperate instances...???
T32 did I tell you?
Going to start working on a farm soon...need advice
I'm taking down the One-Click, So....
A year ago today...
A few questions for farmers
Likes Penguins practicing Kung-Fu??
What is the new Stanford "Windows V6 Beta 6.10"?
VMWare Server - Ubuntu -64 - Fah6
Errors... im lost.
I must confess: I am a GIRL!
Memory mhz vs latency question
Muhwahaha, just broke 100k
New mobo, Better Speed
ubuntu errors
Finally back to folding....
After some work...
Anyone with the 45nm chips yet? How are they doing?
Sorry guys...
What to do with this WU.. again
CPU clock speeds and folding times
New WUs?
What is folding??
Having Missing work files error.
My 1st half mill
To be honest...
GPU Client EUE
weird stats going on
Questions about SMP client and optimizations!
Big Teeth, Little Ears, May Glow in the Dark
Having trouble using Landshark's SMP hide the command box feature...
new guy with lots of questions...
Slow points day?
F@H facebook app
[DEAD] DEAL: Q6600 $179.99
Are You Not of the Body?
Battle Lines
*NEW* Ubuntu: Hardy Heron 8.04 Beta
Got some hungry quads here.....
Hello Overclockers
X1950GT folding question
Bad WU?
p2619 & FahCore_a2
Well look who we have here...
SMP 5.92 Beta Update? DenioMPI?
Got Gaza?
SMP unit too big to complete in 4 days
Stuck at "entering MD" forever?
Back in the fold for a bit :)
Will it finish in time?
FAHMON: *HUNG* all the time!
Which is better
mass borg
cant get SMP running
single core a64/Ubuntu gutsy gibbons/which client?
Nice to back folding
Mighty Fine Investment, I'd Say.
Check progress
XenServer virtualization + Linux F@H SMP
ctrl-c not working
Where oh where is Max PC?
Cant send back the WU's?
I invited
I hate you all.
Maximum Efficiency
We Have Irrefutable Evidence...
chugging my way on up...slowly
Questions about build a rig and adopt a rig
Been nice watching you FOLD nitteo
Q6600 smp
nitteo's farm
Flying Flexibly... :)
So Who's getting a Nehalem system to fold?
Am I doing this correctly?
cant get 2 of them to fold different stuff.
A cool little thing im proud of
I Can See Clearly Now, the Rain is Gone...
Congratulations on passing 1,000,000 PPD
Need some help before I borg this comp.
am i folding the same thing twice? few other questions
Ubuntu w/ SMP client only using one core
help with setting -forceasm flag
floating point exception
Round, Good Looking, Red or Green, Has an Accent?
PS3 Folding Question
So my sister just bought a PS3, you know what that means!
Hello Zanson!
SMP on dual-quad Xeon E5345 - throttling/priority issue
His Stars are Shining Brightly...
Ok, switched to Vista trying to fix my problems
RAM Speed and FAH Performance