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higher freq VS Lower Times
pc2 8500?????
OCZ special ops?
RAM or MB issue?
RAM experts, is it just me or do most 4GB DDR2 kits seem about the same?
kingston hyperx 2x2gigs with a amdx2 5000+
need alittle help with memeory
chip specs
G.Skill 2x2GB PC2-6400 5-5-5-15 experience (4GBPQ)
Paged Physical (k) Memory
News from STT
Who has OCed an iMac G3?
MetaRAM technology to cut server and workstation memory costs by up to 90 percent
P5K Deluxe no POST with Dual Channel
just a quick question
will i notice much difference on gskil 6400 and g skill 8000 RAM?
Loosen Timings?
ballistix tracer error help plz..
Problem With New Build - 2 Bad Memory Modules?
PC 133 168pin memory
Loosen Timings further to get 890Mhz Stable?
What would be a great choice?
Which memory ?
Memory for E8400 and Abit ip35 pro
Little confused - memory divider
What timings for OCZ Platinum Rev.2 DDR2-800 .. 4-4-4-12 or 5-5-5-15
New Corsair 4gb DDR2 Kits and the ICs Used
Best RAM for my setup/overclocking?
Corsair XMS and XMS2 - What is the diff?
Memtest86+ V2.01 Released
memory recommendation
8GB (4x2GB) G.Skill @ 1068MHz
Laptop Ram
did I make a bad choice of memory?
Memory Problems
Speeding up memory with Trd
Memory not running dual channel
What are the other mem timings besides the usual ones?
upgrade from 533mhz
Cas Latency locked at 5! Please Help!
ram issue with evga 680i
Choosing new DDR2...help :)
This is the fastest DDR2 isn't it?
How much RAM?
mem timings and memtest question??
Bad Ram Bandwidth!
ram oc help
Ballistix RMA
Failing Orthose Blend test (I think its the ram)
Looking for Ballistix alternative's
OCZ DDR Booster Help
The final Build - SLI - 780I - E8500 - Take a look!
Memory Setup
DDR2 Ram Problem
RAM or MB?
Corsair Problems New Build
4GB GSkill F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK
Ok, so is this a good result?
installed 4gb of RAM only 2,814mb are showing up
Recommend me a good 2x1GB DDR2
DDR 500 Recommendation
Is DDR2 1066 worth the majorly higher price over 800
5-5-5-15 or 4-4-4-12 @ diff mhz?
2GB G.Skill F2-8500CL5D-2GBPK 8 Layer PCB non-Micron ICs
Different bandwidths?
noob question help please
Would there be any point at all to 6GB of RAM?
Ballistix Tracer mod (pics)
OCZ ReaperX HPC DDR3 Yes/No?
need help picking out ram for new rig
I just dont know and ive read too much on RAM any help appreciated
Memtest and Windows Don't See 4GBs Memory
Corsair XMS2 PC2 8500
Have your Ballistix ever needed to be RMA'd?
2 gigs..no prob....4 gigs...not working
Ballistix Tracer timings?
how to choose ram
Bios Memory Multipliers: A,B,C,D 2.0,2.66,etc... WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?
After updating BIOS, RAM not running on stock timings
OCZ PC2 8500 Settings Question 4 SteveOCZ
Not a Memory Expert, does this sound right?
Need Help, keep failing Memtest 6
Memtest 86: passes question
Ram voltage stock on p35-ds4
Ordered the g.skill 2x2 1000mhz
Memory Question
Corsair XMS2 PC6400
The 4GB memory doubts :S
Intel Sampling Phase-Change Memory
A-Data DDR2 800+ Vitesta Timing Issues
n00b hardware question
Memtest found 150,000+ errors on first test?
ratio vs mhz vs timings
ocz stability problem
Ballistix RMA... Makes me wonder....
Memtest86+ 2.00 Official
Adata DDR2-800 Voltage
Ballistix Tracer Vs. Corsair Dominator
Mem roadblock possibly?
DRAM IC queries
Maybe I'm blind but i can't seem to find if these corsairs (2x2) is oc worthy!
2GB 1066mhz or 4GB 800mhz?
BH-5 Help
need rambus help!
best way to cool the memory?
Patriot DDR800 Underclock
mem won't run above 1000MHz on new mobo
I just don't get it... Am I stupid or what? HELP Please!
Overclocking E8400
Any clocking expierence w/ these?
Can't Reduce Memory Timings
ATTN!! OCZ Customers using PC2-8500 / PC2-9200 / PC2-9600 Memory Kits
4GB of RAM
New to overclocking..
Memory for Asus board and e8400
OCZ Reaper PC3-8500E?
Ballistix - Which would you suggest for an OC rig?
Unlinked overclocking
Ballistix Tracer DDR2 8500 LED's won't blink at proper speeds
bad ram question
Looking for a quanty 1200mhz ddr2 Memory!
Patriot Extreme Performance not timing correctly
pic of errors in memtest,
Does this look right? (PICTURE)
Looking for ram to go with a e8400
More dead Ballistix
why is DDR so much more expensive then DDR2??
DDR2 for P5N32-E Sli Vista x64
Tried out some different settings...thoughts?
Adjusting those "other" timings
help with memory clock
how do I optomize my D data DDR2 800 ram?
Corsair SPD conflict?
thoughts on OCZ Reaper HPC Edition
Why do Crucial Ballistix have such a bad rep?
Dual Channel Help
Ready Boost. More RAM vs USB drive
6GB Setup questions.
Some RAM OC Questions...
Low Density? High Density? Help!
Problems getting Crucial Ballistix 6400 to post
Mushkin 4GB XP2-8000 Return of Redline!
anyone know how good this ram is??
2.35vmem too much for 24/7?
4GB ddr2 vs 2GB ddr3
Anyone tried the Super Talent DDR3-14400 sticks?
I think my G.Skill HZ's are Bad!
Looking for a good guide for adjusting DDR2 800 latencies
Rated Voltage vs. OC Potential
help with optimum speed
8GB (4x2GB) OCZ SLI ready + Abit IP35pro, any known issues?
Memtest86+ v2.0 Beta is here!
Incompatible ram?
DDR2 800 question
Good Overclock memory
I Do Not Understand my MemTest Issue: Need Advice
4 gig ram not showing up
Asus ROG Rampage Formula mobo review with some very interesting Memory discussions.
Problems with OCing ram
Suddenly I need to raise volts wtf
DDR3 timings using DDR2 speeds
2x1GB @ 1066 or 2x2GB @ 800?
Have 4gb ram motherboard reads it as 3.5 gb
Speed not Quanity
Memory recomendations new board & Q6600
Why Is DDR2 Cheaper Than DDR
memory timing...
Are these really micron D9's?
memtest86 error, then halt hours later
4gb of ram on x32 vista question
Is there any difference between SD and SDHC memory cards?
About to make a purchse, have some memory questions
Am I at full potential??
FSB and memory confusing me!!!
DDR2 high density upgrade
memory bottleneck?
G.Skill PC2-8000-4GBPK vs 4GBPQ
Transcend aXeram DDR2 1200 (2x1GB)
2GB OCZ questions
Some new questions for ya
4 Gigs Showing up as 3.5 Gigs Why?
FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4???
Hey guys and girls just a quick ?
Which Memory set is faster?
Need info on these IC's on some DDR2 i found
good buy?
Ballistix voltage
Overclocking Crucial Ballistix 800Mhz
prob ocing past 220 with good memory...
Faulty rams ?
Winpie and Outrider memory stress test
ddr2 wont run at 600mhz
Do Laptops even use 3Gb of Ram?
Damn it 5.5
Help with memory.
Dual Channel mode?
Fried RAM?
First Overclock: some memory questions
Changing 2T to 1T --> can't boot
2.75 out of 4 normal too?
"SLi Memory" is it better?
What DDR2-6400
its gotta be really cheap D9s. 1066 and 800Mhz!
Just another 4GB thread (. )~
Crucial Memory Won't Work With Old Help!
Asus Crosshair.. Memory Confusion
Overclocking Patriot DDR2- 800
Win xp and Game ERRORS with crucial ballistix
Mix Ballistix Tracers with Regular 6400 Ballistix?
How far to OC Memory
every see Elpida ram?
mushkin ram how is it? (pc6400)
If you were to buy 4GB of ram.......
Buying four seperate sticks
How bad exactly is using 4x1GB sticks for OCing?
ram upgrade
0x...05 BSOD even after 12 hour stable p95 run??
Need some advice!
Trying to OC my Ballistix
how much ram will work with a typical mobo.
DDR and DDR2 Backwards Compatibility?
How are my timings?
I have Win XP 32 bit, so should I only install 2GB?
Difficult dilemma, need suggestions
800 or 1066 speed memory?
4GB of ram switch OS?
Can 1x 1GB and 2x512mb DDR Be Dual Channel
RAM disparity between sticks
fsb:ram 4:5
help with memory please ... thanks
Need ram!!!
Ram from CES sporting their own heatsinks
Which DDR3 for my Q6600 G0 and P35C-DS3R Mobo
will ram be a hinderance to Overclock
Anything wrong with generic "Value RAM" if I'm not OCing?
4x1GB Crucial Ballistix in P5K Premium
Who's running 4gb of memory on vista?
best ram for Overclocking
Why is memory amount limited?
another - "which RAM to buy?" thread
and now for p5e ram
Is this okay?
Share Video Memory
For Core 2 Duo, does having your memory and FSB in synch matter?
Mushkin timings
Max Memory vs. # of slots
wierd ram?
additional 2GB of ram purchase/installation question
ASUS Commando & 4 Sticks of Ballistix Tracer
RAM not running at default values?
Ram OC/Divider Issue (plz help)
Should pagefile be disabled when using 4+GB's?
Can I use DDR & DDR2 @ same time?
OC of Corsair Twin2X PC5400
What memory for my Q6600 and P35c-DS3r mobo
My Computer won't show all my RAM
Help me pick my ram
5-5-5-18 Timing?
New RAM Issue
Perormance difference between 2x1gb, and 4x1gb
Overclocking Memory - DDR2-1000
Help me quickly understand this RAM issue
DDR2 timings question
thinking of picking up 8gb
Add 2gbs or Replace 2gbs
2 gigs or 4 gigs of ddr2 ram?
overclocking samsung TCCD
Looking for a thread crucial ballistix \ heatsink off one side
Team Xtreem....which one?
Good brand to get wih good warranty coverage?
need help on what ram to get for a new system
Corsair Questions :D
Super Talent 4GB DDR2 2x2GB PC6400 800mhz
OC Report :: Corsair Dominator 2x1GB PC3-14400 CL7
Dell Inspiron 530 ddr5300 vs ddr 6400
ballistix question
Settings: Asus P5B-E Bios
PC2-6400 vs PC2-8500 on ASUS P5K-E?
question about crucial sdram
halp with the mem.
Should I buy ddr2 1200 memory since I'm going to overclock my system anyway.
Um, 1760Mhz FSB on my Corsair PC8500
Overclocking Corsair Ram and CPU
1066 ram on a GA-P35-DS4? Or should I stick with 800?
Corsair Ram
patriot extreme performance LowL
IMPOSSIBLE to get my Ballistix Tracers 8500 at 1066MHz, help!
OCZ or Crucial
How does Patriot Signature Line (basically Value Line) overclock?
Weird Memory/OC Issue...
should i expect any probs?
Help With RAM Choice
Boot problems, Memory failure? HELP!
Lost video card when ram added
Is putting +0.4v on my ram harmful?
Weird results in 3d mark with timings and FSB
I got a question
CPU-Z Missing Memory?
Which memory should I get?
High density vs Low density RAM....
Dell and Memory...
Looking for non-D9 based DDR2
choices for DDR3 in jan/feb?
Which Micron D9 DDR2 Ram?
is usng PC2-6400 BAllistix wit E6750 underclocking FSB?
GSkill RAM question
memory never used pagefile just bloats
Question About Buying RAM For My New System
4GB DDR2 kit questions
need help with 2X2GB choices
Linux memory benchmark
Question on OCZ PC3200 ocz4002048eldcpe-k EL Dual CH Platinum 2gig ram?
3 sticks of RAM no good for E2160/DS3L system?
GeIL 4GB (2x2GB) PC2-6400C5 800MHz Black Dragon DDR2 Dual Channel Kit
? to O/C or mod OCZ PC6400 Gold to PC8000?
Memory Advice wanted
I need DDR2 that's tight!
Transcend JETRAM 2GB
OCZ FlexXLC PC9200 - spontaneously dying?
GeIL EVO ONE 2GB (2 x 1GB)
4x512 seen as 654
Quad-Pumped you up!
A DATA 800 ram.
G.skill PC2-8000 4GB 2X2GB with Asus P5k Deluxe with Wifi AP
Which RAM for O/Cing? 2GB, <60, DDR2 800, PC6400
ram temps ??
Any idea what the dividers are for the RAM when you go over a 15 Multi?
Dell Inspiron 530 memory help
Keep an eye out...they're going to try to raise the prices on us again!
RAM overclock guidance
Acer 5315 RAM question
New System Build Out - First Time Overclocking, need some help
Can't OC with 4 sticks - works fine with 2
Help clocking mushkins to DDR2 1200Mhz
BallistiX PC6400 Timings, Vista fails to Boot
A-Data Vitesta Extreme Edition
Memory Clocking Problems
need opinions
OC Report :: Buffalo FireStix 2x1GB PC2-9600 CL5
Gigabyte RAM multipliers?
Highest safe DDR2 voltage
Memory Divider
Good DDR2 to couple with AMD
Flash your OCZ Ram
Sell me to non Micron chips!
DDR3 a good move yet?
new memory
Can this RAM be OC'd (DD2 667)
DIMM slots
Best RAM to go to 8GB on a ASUS P5WDH Deluxe?
Options Options Options
M2N-SLI Deluxe ocz ram help me im a noob
pc6400 g. skill problems.
512MB sticks show up as 446MB
Memory Question
Ballistix Tracer Questions
Micron Creates "world's Smallest" DDR2 Memory Chip
1066 memory in 800 board
Vista 64, can only use 3.3gigs of ram
4 gigs only 2.8 showing
Corsair Dominator
Bandwidth Vs. MHz
Get More of same ram or new ram?
i-RAM Box ??????
Memory problems
Suggestions for 2GB for 939?
Maximum bandwidth for multicores
RAMBUS: Is my stick 45ns or 40ns?
a-dat ?
Questions about memory speeds and settings
Should I buy it now?
OCZ SLI-Optimized DDR2 800, works with crossfire?
oc w/ 4 sticks
My Crucial Ballistix 1066 showing up as 800?
upgrading AMD X2 gaming rig
RAM and 64-bit stuff
Problem w/ Ballistix memory
RAM divider question?
Upgraded to 4 gigs
Is my computer using to much physical memory at idle?
After 7 years, still cant find cheap PC1066 RAMBUS cheap???
4GB w/ SLI and XP
Optimizing RAM Timings ...
crucial Ballistix pc5300
ECC in nF4-D?
4 x 2GB OCZ SLI-Ready Edition OCZ2N800SR4GK DDR2-800
Anyone used the Patriot DDR2 800 (4-4-4-12) @ 2.2 (PDC22G6400LLK)?
New Memory for Q6700 on DG33TL
memory upgrade for Toshiba Satellite A105-S1014
DDR2 voltage and timings, quick questions
Memory Help - just general questions
What's the best brand named ram nowadays?
Mixing memory speeds ????
PC 4600 memory?
SD memory card
RAM Timings Quick Question
Memory OC Question
Memory running at 6400 speeds at 1068MHz?
Crucial Ballistix Overclocking
pros and cons of 4x512 setup
xtreem dark vs geil ultra vs black dragon
Memory BIOS question
Memory Timings
Best 4Gb setup configuration?
OCZ Introduces 8Gb PC 6400 Kit.
CAS4 DDR3 :whoa:
DDR2 800 4GB - 4-4-4-12 - Sandra scores 4900????
Which memory is better?
Just how do you read memtest results?
Vista killing my memory?
Is it unhealthy to tweak memory timing too much?
Which of these 2 sets to buy?
Memtest question
Memtest testing all 4GB?
(urgent help needed) Two different sets of same Crucial RAM? Do they differ at all?
Poor benchmark scores -- What Gives?
Faulty DDR2 batches
Need help with my RAM
Which memory is better?
Need help on what new RAM to buy if this was your own system? plz help
RAM worn out? Craving for more and more juice...
Dual Channel Or No??
Which RAM to buy???
Is it true that if you buy 1000mhz+ RAM..
safe voltage for "value" ram
Rambus is like a snake!!
Best 4gb DDR2 800 ram kit for a Quad6600 + Evga 680i A1 mobo
Anyone have experience using windows run MemTest 3.6?
Hmmm, guess I messed things up....
What is better 800mhz 4/4/4/12 or 1000mhz 5/5/5/15 ... and also
Properties say 191mb of ram but system information says 256.
Bad Ram?
How do I check to see the PC-#### of my ram
Need help with changing memory timings
OCZ RMA question
memory for GA-P35-DS3L
Memory Dump
Need an answer to my RAM dilemma Today 11/26/07 :/
RAM Busted? Lots of BSOD, Curicial Ballistix 800
Memtest failing question
Ram ceiling or FSB?
3G is really 4G in 32bit OS's?
gskill wont reply too my rma request for my 1gb hz
ballistix color fade
i have a quick question about ram
SanDisk cruzer micro 4gig decent?
Weird Situation with DDR 2100 Sticks...
Which memory is a better choice?
I need some memory
Memory 4 x 1gb
benefit to run 2x2 gigs instead of 2x1 gig with windos vista
Replacing non-compliant memory with ?
PLZ HELP!! 4 gig Ram Causing NO SIGNAL!!
Additional Memory
Cut the chase on ram
Best quality PC2-8500 ram and good for overclocking?
Great deal on ram!?!
Need RAM Timing help!
Bad stick, after 6 months out of the blue
Can't run 4x512MB in my 939 rig no matter what I do. Any suggestions?
Win Vista 32bit and 3GB Ram issue.
My dominator CPU-Z'd...
ASUS P5B w/8GB PC-6400
Which RAM for brisbane 4000@2.8?
Crucial ram...to get or not .
M2R32-MVP w/ 2gb Corsair Dominator Issues
Diff between 5400 and 5300 DDR2 memory
Considering PC 8500
Memory Upgrades
Does anyone know for sure if Kingston RAM will work in a Dell?
Any D9s in 2x2GB configurations?
What does the "U" Mean? ex: PC3200U
3GB For XP Dual Loss To Single
Hynic Goes GDDR5
I f-ed up my sticks timing...
G-Skill DDR-8000 or Crucial Ballistix 6400?
1 stick of ballistix ddr2 pc6400 just took a crap.
What to do for lower timings?
Memory limit, trying for 3gb?
CPUz not reporting correct timings
Incorect Ram Voltage
RAM problems
Upgrading to 4GB Need help on ram choice :D
Voltage Detection Software
RAM Question
Building new system, need ram advice.