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1 stick of ballistix ddr2 pc6400 just took a crap.
What to do for lower timings?
Memory limit, trying for 3gb?
CPUz not reporting correct timings
Incorect Ram Voltage
RAM problems
Upgrading to 4GB Need help on ram choice :D
Voltage Detection Software
RAM Question
Building new system, need ram advice.
Which ram ???
Which to do?
Some Questions
Considering upgrading from 2GB to 4GB
I have both. Which should I use?
2x1 or 4x1 decisions....
Good Ram?
Problem Adding More than 3gb of RAM to MOBO, please help ASAP
Newb memory help please
4 double sided modules on a P31
upgrading my system, need some help with memory
orthos mem test
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Ballistix Tracers 8500 OC'ing
PC6400 Best price/performance brand?
Dead DIMM, should I change brand?
4 gigs of memory and Call of Duty 4 looks awesome.
Could use some help, ocing mem
Memory timings
noob question: peformance mode?
OC Report :: Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB PC3-12800 CL8
Noob memory question
A little help
good memory @ 1.93V max
Which RAM is better for my rig Megs or Mhz?
very simple question
ABIT AN52, problems installing windows...are the RAM slots bad?
OC comparison
Ballistix PC8500
Use 1gb266 or 768mb333?
OCZ Reaper Memtest Errors
Can I run 2 x TWIN2X2048-6400C4
Need some help
Reaper 8500 won't overclock on Maximus Formula
Whats the best price / perforamnce DDR3 here ?
32-bit Vista memory limit
How well will this RAM overclock?
Overclocking HELPPP!!!
Memory bandwidth tests... any real differences (PC4300 vs. PC7100)
Need some help guys!
FW from gcard section
Question On Dual Channel
Ballistix vs Tracer: PC2-6400
2x2Gb Suggestion for new QX6950 (Dom need your input!)
How much does 4x 1GB of RAM effect your CPU overclock?
Geil 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 - Bios settings.
P5B-Deluxe and Ballistix PC2-8500 problem
Giving up on G.Skill, need advice on replacement
Mix-and-match Corsair RAM
Need some new RAM.
ram/cpu fsb ratio
Memory running too hot?
Memory question.
4 Sticks of DDR2 in a P5B-E...
Memory advice
Why are their huge price differences between memory with basically the same specs?
Ballistix = Ram of gods?
Is it true that if you buy 1000mhz+ RAM..
OCZ Reaper; 4x1GB PC9200 vs 2x2GB PC6400
4gig G.Skill in A8V getting shutdown
please help
BSOD! Memory issue?
Quick memory question
is this ram good for overclocking?
Best memory to get for Core 2 6850 chip?
difference betweek ddr2 and ddr3 , better for future>?
Laptop ram
Trouble Overclocking Ram
is there such a thing as maximum memory?
1333 FSP, What Kind of Memory?
Best(fastest) 2GB mem for Abit IP35
To go 3.25 Gb or 3.0 Gb on Vista 32?
Overclocking G.Skill
Memtest Question
underclocked ram?
OCZ EB DDR PC-4000 2x1024MB Platinum Edition Dual Channel Kit..
Patriot Extreme performance?
Who manufactures this ram chip?
Quick question
Kingmax Mars 1066MHz
xp-32 memory addressing
Is it just me
how do u get 2 bottlenecking ur cpu?
Pathetic Overclock.
Definition of stability?
Memory help
help strange memory test errors
DDR2 800 possible on a Dell Dimension 9100? (945P Chipset)
Do I need PC-800 ?
New OCZ ram to come 2x2gb 4-4-4-15
will DDR2 800 ram hold me back?
Which DDR2 RAM?
Single Channel
Memory faster then mobo supports?
Do I need 3 gigs?
Timings vs Speed?
System only uses 400MB of 1.5Gig,why?
How can I chek my ddr2 voltage?
Need RAM!!
whats the better of these 3?
270 Mhz? or 400 Mhz?
Voltage question
Not too bad for 90 bux
Memory of C2D overclock
cant change memory timings / overclcok
GA-P35-DS3R...RAM question...
timmings set up help
move over memory makers
Clearing up FSB:RAM ratio confusion
Crucial Ballistix DDR2-1000 went bad? - Please help
which mem is best for 1333 FSB?
ddr 8500 with a q6600 or quad
2 GB or 4 GB
Is this worth it....
Crucial Ballistix ddr2 pc6400 how fast are u going? 2.1v 980mhz
(Another thread that asks) Which RAM to get?
PC3200 ?
some help wanted
It's never cheap coming to these boards. "Ram question"
I used to laugh at "burn in", but my memory is doing strange things.
DDR2-667 and Conroe-L compatibility...I am so rusty!
Best Memory On The Market?
I'm going shopping tomorrow. DDR2 or DDR3?
why do you need good ram for high oc
SPD Shows PC2-6400
Which momory should I choose?
Memory Help
OCed CPU what about Ram
DD2-667 only running 400MHz?
Went Crossfire and available ram dropped
Help with Ram Plz
New G.SKILL 2x2GB kits @ 1000MHz coming soon (for only $190)
memory voltage
DDR2 800 that does 1000MHz+???
DRAM identification via voltage
Gonna need new RAM :(
have i got the correct ram ???????? help
DDR2 and DDR2 term voltages
tightening ram timing with Corsair CMX1024-3200
Micron Shares Slide On Oversupply Concerns
Crucial Ballastix PC2-6400 IC?`
FSB to RAM ratio
Help Pickin OCZ Ram Pls
Upgrade RAM: 1066 or 800
PNY Optima specs
Just bought some Corsair Dominator!
I Don't understand mem timmings....
DDR2 vs DDR3
2gbx2 vs 1gbx4 anyone?
Corair XMS2 6400C4 RAM won't run stable
DDR2 1066 or DDR2 800
Lowering ram divider causes in-stability - Help..
ocz DDR2-SDRAM PC2-5300
1066 ram?
4gb of cheapo v s 2gb of highspec
Good DDR2 overclocking set?
Not sure what do with my memory as I overclock higher.
got a cheap value kit and guess what IC's i spy.
Can't get my ram stable
ddr2 6400 Super Talent ver G. Skill. which is better?
ocz pc8500 and voltage
dual channel ddr2???
Underclocking advisable?
Configuring 4gigs of gskill memory on dfi lanparty nF4 ultra-d
D9's are on which?
DDR2 800
Limited Edition Crucial Ram..Anyone?
Memory cooler
PC2 8500 or PC2 6400?
Memory voltages and speed
Memory Question
How important are matched sets?
Memory Setup Question
RAM Upgrade
I just hit 1125 with my 800's!
Is Crucial Ballistic PC2-8500 or PC2-6400 da Bomb
Current DDR2 overclocking king
Corsair RAM Confusion
Which Memory Should I Get ?
NooB needs ram advice
Do I have a bad stick?
System Bus/Memory Speed
Looking for a 2x2gb set
OCZ memory finnicky???
Vista x64 and 4gb of ram
2 different brands of memory?
Ballistix vs Mushkin?
Confused about GA-P35-DS3R Memory FSB
OCZ Reaper PC9200 downgrade to Mushkin XP-2 PC6400 - bad idea?
Intel v/s AMD a contrasting experience in 4 x 1Gb [Ballistix PC6400]
Looking for 2x2GB PC8500 Ram for OCing..
Think I should try these kingston value DDR3s?
Patriot Memory
Problem with RAM Upgrade :(
System Bus/Mem Bus 1:1 ratio...
OCZ XTC cooler with OCZ Reaper memory?
Memory @ 467+
Single Vs. Dual Channel ram question.
Quick [and noobish] question.
A little help from the peanut gallery
Matched pairs on Ballistixs
A dilemma with memory 2g or 3gb etc.
Memory bus speed question?
Will be new memory be OK?
Help reprogramming spd settings.
Corsair XMS2 PC2-6400 (C5DHX)
So my Mushkin LvL2 Black is being stupid...
Quick Question about memory
4GB on Vista 32bit?? is a good idea?
New Gaming Rig
Can changing ram speed (from underclocked to regular speed) cause random reboots?
Is is possible to run a computer using a 1gb and 512mb stick of ram?
Chip Micron E: Good???
Voltage for Memory
vista experience index score and 4gb
215 2-2-2-5 stable, but no post at 225 3-4-4-8?
Q about FSB, Ram, & dual-channel mode
My Corsair PC5300 OC higher than PQI 5300?
Software Ram Drive
OC Problems
OC'ing ram...question on timings and getting it right!
Anyone remove OCZ heatspreaders?
More dead D9s
Mixing RAM speeds
Anywhere to buy the 10th annivesry Crucial DDR2 667 RAM? Need 2 more GB.
Question about ram support for Asus p5ld2.
Bad batch of G.Skill F2-8000PHU2-2GBHZ?
Need help finding pc133 memory specification.
Corsair ValueSelect 2 x 512MB DDR400 CAS 2.5 unable to run at 1T...
Ballistix or dominator???
2GB to 3GB causes instability
OCZ 2GB DDR2 PC2-9200 Flex XLC or OCZ 2GB DDR2 PC2-8500 Reaper Hpc
RAM for my laptop
Mem for a AM2 setup
Help with D9 PC28500 1066fsb Corsair Dominators
Seems having some Memory Issues, Help!
8gb of ram in Vista Ultimate. What should I use it for?
2 x 1 + 2 x 512?
Crucial Ballistix wont run stable past 1:1 (750)
2 different ram sticks
How to overclock four gig's of Corsair ram?
Corsair Twin2x1024-6400C4 Overclocks
Help me overclock ram, newbie questions
Can I slow timing to achieve rated speed?
faster dram or tighter timings
overclocking xms2 and 5600
Corsair TWINX2048-4400PRO
The 1MB (also known as 640k) barrier
DDR2 1066 worth the money?
Firewire thumb drive?
About A-Data Vitesta DDR2 800+ Extreme 2GB Dual Kit
memset 3.3 beta2 link?
4x1gb and command rates..
New Rig Setup
Would like some advice on picking memory
Are Kingston having me on???
Memtest86+ v1.70 locks up
Need help with OC'ing memory
A question to those with DDR3:
4x512MB vs 2x1GB
pc133 256mb only reads as 128mb, why?
Fastest 2GB Flash Drive
Help with memory. Looks like it's running slow
n00b - which speed anymore?
Good memory for OC
DDR3 1333
Computer locks during gameing?? HELP!
BallistiX with AS5!
Plz Help
Ram timings
DDR3 RAM speeds and overclocking
Any point of 4GB yet?
RAM upgrade for HP dv6000t (laptop)
Advice on this RAM - OCuk
trying to oc with faster ram
AM2 DDR2 divider table
Memory Issues
Crucial and DDR3
4gb only showing as 3.25 ?
Will a DDR3 mobo run DDR2 memory?
System wont boot with 2gb dual ddr sticks
Anyone know what chips do KHX8500d2k2/2G use at present?
What happens when ram is fater than cpu
GSKILL F2-2gbhk pc6400
Messing with my memory timings
Tripple channel memory???
Speed or Size(capacity)
Ram Failing OCZ PC2-8800
RAM questions
new memory help
Question about Memory Bus Speed?
Question about DDR1 Crucial Ballistix 2Gb kit
Tighten up my Ballistix
What PC2-6400's should I get
OCZ Plat 8500 and the P5W DH Deluxe
Vista: mix 2x1GB with 2x256 RAM sticks, OCing a P42.6C 20%
2gb Crucial Ballistix PC-6400
adding ram to my laptop
2Gb of DDR2 800(pc2 6400) or 3Gb of DDR2 667(pc2 5300)
Memory Suggestions for E6750 and P35 combo?
ddr400@ 288FSB vs DDR2-800 OCd to 227?
Four sticks good, Reaper HPC 6400 hit 450FSB cas4 E6750?
3-3-3-8 vs 2-3-2-5 Timings ?
2gb Crucial Ballistix
G.Skill F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ (2 x 1GB)
Simple Question
Crucial Ballistix question : Tracer the same as the regular ballistix?
acceptable temps
Dominator 8500 overclocking
Upgrading mem - opinions and a question!
2x2GB Recommendation
New to overclocking
G.Skill PC4000
Ballistix vs XMS
Failure to oc please help me
Micron D7's
Newbie to Ram OC'ing, need help please...
Im Blaming My Value Ram
Which of these cheapo pc3200 ddr ram is the best?
8500 on a 6400 Board
Whats the difference between 1GB@400 and 2GB@333?
i feel like i got ripped off
fastest ram for benchmarking.
Need advice on 4gb memory.
Safe voltage for memory?
2GB PQI for $160
Mushkin coupon code!
lowest price on crucial ballistix ever seen
biggest and cheapest
In the market for a hard drive
XP Pro only Suports 3GB's but would...
memory upgeade [For a Laptop]
Best Ram prices
Kt266a -when???
Partitoning HD over 13 gigs? Help!?!?
Holy shazbot! memory freeing progs
SATA HDD brand choice
Frozencpu WTF!
Check out this deal
Free 128MB Memory with Select PDA's !
you guys ever bought on ebay?
think i was ripped off need help
Factory pressed dvd, ps2 & xbox silvers for sale !
p4c800-e deluxe vidimm question
Mushkin Memory Discount
HELP - URGENT, made mistake in buying RAM too fast...
Different timings compatibility?
800 vs 1066 Mhz
Patriot 667Mhz with D9GMH
Tweaking ram quick question
GA-P35-DS3R or GA-P35C-DS3R the P35C is cheaper
Burning in RAM? Is it still done?
Crucial Ballistix DDR2-1066 @ 1300
DDR2 800 Firestix shows up as DDR2 667 from Melco?
cpuz reporting wrong speed?
Crucial Ballistix DDR2-1066 failing Orthos (Large FFT)
How to make full use of DDR2-1066 (Divider or Not)
OCZ PC8500 SLI IC's ?
Would adding ram cause pc to fail?
Is using Thaiphoon Burner likely to help?
memtest windows
trd & trd phase adjustment
Which 2gig DDR1 memory?
Is this a type O?Micron D7
Corsair dominator pc2-1066? timings advice?
Dual Channel vs Single Channel
Ok, so what really kills ram?
maybe another ram for crucial ballistix? [pic]
upgrading memory
reliably fails but passes as well.
Which brand of DDR2 1066?
Has anyone gotten 1066 to 1333?
Question about RAM chips and overclocks
4G Ram post & boots, but no video
Patriot 2X1 GB 400 Mhz timings
Best 4gb Kit
LOL! This is what you call heavy-duty~
7+ Hours of Memtest86+, 1 error.... Stable????
Best 4GB (2x2GB) for Vista 64 Q6600 Rig
Crucial 2gb vs Patriot 4gb
Mixing OCZ Memory Need Advice
Memory settings for OC (E4300 + P5N)
memory voltage question
Ram isn't stable at rated speed
Anyone used the ram coolers?
Timings or Speed
Bad memory
upgraded ram now computer is slower
Gigabyte memory dividers?
4GB on x86 OS
Need help with new ram(causing comp to freeze)
Ballistix Z503's 2x1GB warranty question
Corsair VS Patriot
FSB to RAM Frequency
Crucial Ballistix - what chips?
crucial? ocz reaper? super talent? what? help
Question about ram before I buy...
Quick question for OC'ing my ram..
4x1 Firestixs or 2x2 Patriot
What CPU-Z says compared to what MemTest86 says...
Two quick questions; 1T/2T and Timings
Undecided About DDR3?
1T, 2T cmd rate, quick question.
Memory situation.
The classic - does this RAM OC well??
Properly test OCZ DDR2-900 4-4-3-15 2t on Quad
Memory error?
Buying 4gb of ram, dare I mix and match?
2gb OCZ + 2gb Team = no problems?
RAM timings
Need help choosing memory
so Im impulsive, did I screw myself?
Highest mem ratio?
Anyone familar with this Memory?
Problems with all 4 DIMMs filled on Ultra-D
Down to 2 different sets of ddr2 667...
OCZ reapers
Plugged in new ram and walla
Any good? Team Elite 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800
Bandwidth vs Timings vs Size
Which one is better?
Team Group RMA where?
Macbook Memory
Which memory for DS3R + E6750 between these 2
$135 budget for 2gb of ddr2
OCZ PC3-14400 Platinum @PC3-15520!
Which is the better budget ram for my new build?
Best 4GB of DDR2 for QX6850?
What holds memory heatsinks in place?
Ran Some Memory Performance Tests
what ram to get?
is 4gb worth it to an overclocker?
Memory errors with 4gb...
Amd ram/cpu ratio, performance hit
best bang for the buck ram?
Should I run 3 GB or 2 GB (2 x 1GB pair + 2 x 512MB pair)
Micron D9
ocz pc8500 --- sli ready, platinum or reaper?????
Memory troubles...
4gig, dual channel question
Newb memory question
G.Skill HZ vs Crucial Ballistix
OCZ System Elites?
"Netlist" brand DDR? Also, Dual-channel question with 4 DIMM slots occupied
What is better for my laptop?
Ahhh ordered wrong!
Memory Advice - 4GB Kit or 2x2GB Kits
Dual channel different types/brands of memory
Memtest, 189 Pass?
Memory Timings
Wow check out this "iRAM" !?
Memory Bottleneck - Help
memtest errors + Idiot noob = Help me please
Micron Z9 based DDR3 blows away everything!
Did I buy good memory?
Upgraded RAM - what do you think?
More than enough speed/bandwidth?
AW9D-MAX and PC2-8500
Help Selecting RAM for new build.
Will this memory do me right??
Need some new DDR1 PC3200 Ram
Weird memory overclocking issue
What will happen?
Planning to get a ASUS P5B Deluxe and E4300
Cheap D9GMH's?
1GB memory showing as 512MB
Can a pagefile be too big?
Mushkin 8gb @ 540mhz\DDR1080
Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 Help Question
Why do Crucial PC5300 cost more than PC6400
ram chips?
Time to overclock my corsair dominators to the max!!
G-Skill Ram
Good DDR ram to OC with - 2x1gb sticks
Ballistix set any good?
Mem OC - New Build