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Memory issue
virtual address barrier on 32bit systems
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4gb (4x1gb) Corsair dominators detected as 2.5gb in windows....
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Team Xtreem TRC
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help oc ocz pc3200
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Supertalent Memory
D9 guys hows this look
Weird Trp timing problem...
Anyone have this G.SKILL set?
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Dual channel shows single channel
vista superfetch and ram
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Ugh o.o
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Micron D9 PC6400
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[NOOB QUESTION] What does "Pin" Mean?
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Enzotech MA-DDRC1 heatspreaders?
Review: Thermaltake Spirit RS Memory Coolers
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New memory, suggestions.
help 3 sticks or 4?
CPU voltage affecting memory stability.
DDR800 actually better?
Will 4gb memory work on this board??
Would using two different speed memory modules cause any problems?
chipset voltage needed?
What memory dividers does your motherboard allow?
he he free ram at its best
Ram question
Patriot 1GB PC6400 800Mhz
Ballistix PC8500 won't run 1000mhz
Dual Channel Memory in a Laptop
OCZ 2GB SLI ready or Crucial Ballistix 2gb
How do you check vdimm voltage?
Can i put 8500 in a 6400?
cpu lock-up after clocking ram?
DDR2 Ram Prices to Increase??
Crucial Ballistix VS. G.Skills
Need some more help please... this time about RAM
4GB of ram shows as 3.5GB W2K3
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Dodgy OCZ?
Which RAM?
800 Mhz RAM ... Lappy
Performance question
More Memory or RAID0
Are these numbers any good?
Are the Dominator's worth it??
dual channel
Why is my FSB:DRAM 3:2 when it should be 4:3?
Problem with 2 different sets of RAM
Buying Rams
Whats a good set of PC-6400 rams
Mushkin XP2 PC2-8500 2X1GB D9GMH results
2 or 4 sticks Dual channel DDR2 on a SLI quad core system...
Firestix WTH!
Corsair problem
2x256mb RAM, reports as 420
Mobo went nuts when i tried to oc ram ?
RAM: 4 gigs or 2 ?
DDR2 800 vs DDR2 1066
Corsair inquiry
just got some new (used) pc8500
Whats up with this??
Crucial Ballistix DDR2 PC-800 or PC2-1000 ?
PC5300 vs PC5400
Can I O.C. my CPU while leaving my ram alone with default settings?
Geils GX22GB6400UDCA='s confirmed D9GMH
Memmory problems with 8an sli deluxe
G.Skill 6400 HZ same as Crucial 6400 ?
Crucial Ballistix 8500
Have the Memory Prices "good times" ended?
A little confused what Ram speed?
4gbs of ram
Performance check.
Sanity check!
2GB (2x1GB) DDR400 recommendations?
2Gb 667 or 3Gb 533 ddr2 ram ?
HyperX PC4000 DDR Question
What memory for E6850 and P35 MB ?
laptop memory
Crucial Ballistix PC6400 DDR2
Upgrading Ram please help
4gigs pc6400 vs 2 gigs pc8500?
memtest86+,cant pass test 5
2:3 divider
E6420 + DDR2 800 = 1:1 OC'ing ? (OC n00b!)
OCZ Voodoo....
how much overclocking?!
Overclocking CPU, change RAM settings?
Will these work with My Mobo?
What DDR2 do i need for my QX6700
For gaming - Tight Timings or Faster Mhz??
OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 OCZ2N1066SR2GK, can't figure this out?
Pc won't boot with new ram...
Will my team group ram work well with Crucial ballistix
Question about prices..
Crucial ballistix BLOW-OUT SALE
DDR2 800 Overclocking tips?
Ram Dead?
Corsair XMS2 LED's
ram timings vs. speed
4GB + XP
SLI certified RAM??
Ram Problems...
What's the difference between Unbuffered and Registered RAM?
Mad DDR2 price drops!
What do you think of this ram?
XP with 4G Ram?
Crucial Ballistix PC6400 = PC8000?
which OCZ ram
DDR options
XP not seeing memory correctly
what's the difference?
Dominator 8500 vs. Ballistix 8000 - Test
Looking at upping my RAM to 2GB
Ever Bought 2 Seperate Modules?
Micron IC's
I'm about to just flip a coin
Cheapo RAM 667Mhz to 720Mhz good OC?
WWM Computex Taipei 2007-Memory
Just impulse bought this...good choice?
Is this ram any Good
What RAM do you use in this setup?
where can I buy good ddr memory?
Which Ram out of these 2 should i get
What would you recomend?
Which RAM should I get?
"No Memory" beep code on Bad Axe 2
New To OC'ing
DDR 2gb DDR400 or 1gb DDR600?
Quick question regarding overvolting
2x 2gb Micron D9G---
CAS4 vs CAS5 @ 1000MHZ...want to run some quick tests?
Ballistix PC8500
G.Skill D9 vs. Corsair Promos
Is this good??
Would 4GB be overkill?
Running PC2-8400 at 800MHz
GeIL Black Dragon 8GB(4 x 2GB)
GeIL Black Dragon 8GB(4 x 2GB)
Geil vs A-data
Quantity vs. Dual-Channel
Upgrading to C2D / Gigabyte from a a64 venice and dfi.. Im lost
Dual Channel not working?
Ram aint going to get cheaper
AMAZING DEAL, or just high price normally?
Overclocking Memory Does It Wear On System?
OCZ Reaper?
RAM pick?
Noob Questions...
GeIL Unleashed!
Memory compatibility with macbook
ram CR?
Dumb Memory Q
corsair dominator on p5b dlx wifi timings
Confirmed Micron D9 ram on NEWEGG
Crucial memory issues?
More Ram vs Faster Ram
TCCD for the nostalgic. [No 56k!]
Geil platinum GL1GB3200DC Mem/voltage problem
G.Skill confusion
more laptop ram
memory overclocking.
2x1Gb A-Data Vitesta Edition DDR400 OC well?
Are you happy with 1GB RAM
Kingston HyperX PC8500 running slow?
4gb vs. 2gb
Need a little advice/direction with various RAM timings, etc.
Safe RAM voltage, quick question
Crucial Tracers + P5B - Bad combo?I
Anyone know about Patriot's RAM?
OCZ Gold Edition XTC 2x512 (Dual Channel) Problem
Need help optimizing memory!
WTF is going on?!
Kingston launches DDR3 1333 CL7
Cheapest decent 2x1gb CAS4 ddr2 @450mhz for P5B-deluxe?
mismatched memory for Ocing
Why Won't windows see all 4gb's of memory
? On OCZ ddr2 800 plat
$80 for 2gb ddr2 pc6400 ocz menory good Deal?
Compatible Ram
2gb G SKill HZ pc4000 overclocks please
Some memory sleeps better than others
What program do you use to find out how much voltage your memory is using???
corsair xms2
4x512mb, or 2x1gb?
Which RAM for this board?
Timings software??
SLI ready memory detected?
Which DDR 2 GB kit to get
2Gb Fast Memory or 4GB Slow Memory
Looking for a DDR2 2GB kit
Using memory multiplier vs increasing FSB?
Future Prices?
looking for cheap ddr2 memory
help chosing RAM DS3+E6400
(low lat low clock) vs (high lat high clock)?
New Mushkin
New ram
What Ram Config?
Laptop Memory
Am I missing something?? (Please help)
Cant figure out..."Ram Question"
decisions, decions
E4300 Memory for OC?
Thinking about going 4Gb...show me your 4Gb benchies!
new memory for A64 3000+
buying the last of a dieing breed
GeIL DDR2-800+ Ultra WOW - CAS 3-3-3-8
Having trouble geting FSB speed
Each stick works individually but together Memtest fails.
OC'ing my bad ram
4 x 512mb - Good for high FSB?
can windows xp or vista use....
Which 4gb ram kit?
Mixing Memory sizes ?
memory timings for ddr2
g.skill pc-6400 2x1gb everest seems low....
Might be a noob question but..
Best ram for this board& setup?
HELP: Corsair Dominator DHX PC2-6400C5 4GB
G.Skill new badge on ram?
2x1GB DDR $70 (Wintec Ampo)
What is the best, the most powerfull RAM for gaming?
Help with memory timings
Recent recommended chips for pc3200 DDR
2GB Vs 4GB ?? ehlp please!!
CORSAIR XMS2 2GB DDR2 675 or Super Talelent 667 ???
Need that program that lets you set timings and voltages
What is the stock voltage setting on the Corsair XMS2 6400 ram
MSI K8T NEO FSR and Memory Problem
Mushkin 4GB HP2-6400 Testing
Memory stability problem, and how much VDIMM before active cooling?
What's the latest best deal on
New Corsair DHX Series
128M x 64 VS 256M x64 Module Configuration, Whats the dif?
is running a 10:11 ratio bad?
Micron -5B F @ DDR400 value module question
First Sign Of DDR3 - Uk
Slow Joe memory
Crucial PC4000 2x1GB kit - options?
Ultra XL ram
DDR2 for New Rig...
Memory DDR400 query
Virtual page file?
DDR2 1000?
FSB:DRAM calculation
Memory Cooling?
contemplating 4gb of gskill
New G.Skill set or
Ballistix Tracer PC-8000
Readyboost - didnt know where to put this thread!
[NEWS] OCZ releases special memory for AMD AM2 CPUs
Is it worth goin to 4Gb??
4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 800 Kit Hits New Low - $230 !!!
Windows 2000 install always crashing: memory to blame?
4 gigs ram issue with Vista x64
Safe memory voltage for 24/7?
Low memory utilization during stressing
Which is faster? (# of RAM modules)
2 Sticks, 4 gigs Ram
What would you do ???
Need 4gb... dual channel? 2 stix? 4 stix? 3 stix?
2gb or 4gb?
DDR 2 Questions.
g.skill 2x1GB D9GMH PC-6400 @ 1190 Mhz DDR2
EPP and other questions
Memory passing Memtest86 but failing Orthos
4gb gskill overclocking results
4 x 512mb PC3700
Crucial Tracer PC2-5300 old school at 850MHz
Will DDR 400 work?
memory choices?
Was that stupid?
Crucial 2x1G PC2-8500 Results
What memory for a new midrange computer?
OCZ PC6400 Vista Upgrade Edition ???
1 stick of ram dead and replacement options.
Best Buy
Memory for Quad-core.
DDR3 Set For May 9th Launch
1:1 vs 3:4
DDR2 1000 D9 (black)
Cheap DDR2-667 cas5, D9's
Motherboard damaging memory which then damges other mobos?
Need help chosing the right memory for Asus P5AD2-E Premium
Opinions on PC2 6400 RAM
Kingston 667 1GB DDR2 SDRAM
Asus DDR2
Super Talent T1000UB1G5 Micron D9GKX - DDR2-1210 at 2.35v
Gigabyte DS3 and OCZ Memory issues
Urgent! Should I get this over G.Skill HZ?
Insane dd2 deal faceoff
which will perform better on a e4300?
Which is the best option? (4x1GB vs 2x2GB)
Urgent advice needed!!!
What is the difference?
Need help choosing ram! (DDR2 6400)
How good is OCZ Platinum Edition XTC
Will the OCZ-SLI Ram works with my Intel P965 motherboard?
Dual Channel question
In search of Micron D9GMH
any of this super cheap ram good?
Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5 2GB Kit DDR2-1066 XMS2-8500 Memory
Memory OC help please..
Need help with Ram suggestions (Noob)
Crucial PC2-8000 vs OCZ PC2-8500 (Sli-Ready Edition)
To Buy or Not to Buy? OCZ 2 GB PC6400 Rev 2
Looking for ancient ram
RAM at 1000MHZ
Ram IC's
2GB vs 4GB in Vista
Ratio v FSB
Question on ram voltage specs.
Timings question
Crucial - Replacement PC3200 Ballistix 2x512
Cold Fusion
RAM speed question?
RAM upgrade advice
About OCing ram
Need help with selecting DDR2
Fire Sticks question
patriot ram and ds3
F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ RMA problem with memtest
Best ram for this rig?
Can't decide, which corsair timing?
Need ram suggestions
DDR2 800 vs DDR2 1066
can anyone help please
ram cooler
Reseating and cleaning.
WTF??!! PC Club had Corsair DDR3 ram....
Mixing ram?
Bad Sticks of Wintec DDR2?
Ne one used this ram in their AMD system ?
What's this mean?
DDR2-800 PC2-6400 Memory Buying Advice: Corsair, mushkin, G.Skill, Patriot, OCZ
Super Talent DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Which ram should I add to my pc?
GSKILL 2x 1024 HZ still D9? maybe so!
Memory is more stable with lower voltages?
Mystery Memory...anyone have any idea what type of memory this is?
where can I score the cheapest d9 avail?
Adding ram---need advice--long
anyone know anything about this ram
Patriot Memory
Running memory unlinked
"Memory Remap Feature" in BIOS
Which memory would you use?
GSkill F2-6400CL3D-2GBGA
Does bad memory corrupt other hardware?
My Ram Timings and System Specs
Memory Overclocking
SiSoft Sandra memory benchmark problem.
How Do You Know What the Chips Are?
samsung rma
Time to RMA?
Geil PC2 6400
Windows task manager showig I have more ram than I have... why?
DDR3 Delayed DDR2 Upgraded To 1333
Adding more Ram any beneficial improvements???
Max voltage into D9's? Some advice before I go crazy...
OCZ PC2 8800 Golds takes a dump
command rate
A new heatspreader question
Why I still love my DDR.
RAM for x2 3600+ w/ TFORCE 550
Newbie RAM Question
512MB Ram Reported as 502MB
Need help with Ballistiks PC3200
D9 chips
fried my memory?
g.skill or kingston
Dual Channel ram question
Buying RAM
512 ddr400 or mx518?
Try and explain this one...
Memory keeps failing
ddr500+dfilanparty HELLPPP!
8GBs - 3.4GHz (8x425) Stable!!
Adata 2gb information
make a switch??
Confused by RAM BIOS display
Patriot Memory
Crucial Ballistix 2gb (2x1gb) PC4000 w/ DFI NF4 sli Expert w/Opteron 165
How does RAM compare?
matching 2.5 GB; Crucial ballistix and Corsair Twinx (bh-5)
Samsung zce6 chips?
Best ram for my budget system! (E4300)
Patriot Extreme vs OCz Ati Crossifre
Will my old ram be able to keep up?
Which sticks are better for a e6600
Memory Clock Advice
Anyone got any idea of chips on these sticks?
someone please update my view of dual channel ram
Confused on what memory to purchase
Suggestions on 2x2gig DDR2 800's?
G.skill hz's How much voltage can I put to them?
Need help adding more DDR2 memory
Memory's Single and Dual Channel
memeory cooling
Hi all, just another ram question here =)
%age performance gain of dual channel vs single channel
Dual Channel Memory query
Need some good DDR2
Matching DDR2 memory
How much will my OC be held back with 2 crappy 512 sticks?
Vista 32bit 4gig ram or more tweak.
Was there ever a 2GB DDR1 kit that exceeded PC4000(DDR500) spec as standard?
I'm torn...
Buffalo Firestix
Need help on getting ram for my board
How to overclock laptop ram
4GB Kits (2 x 2GB) Prices falling like a rock!
Which ram is better?
2x1gb wintec stability problem?
What RAM?
obsolete product for RMA, what to do?
DDR2 Speed Demons, who fits the bill?
Overclocking OCZ Gold PC6400
installing memory
Faster memory is older motherboard
Memory straps and other memory mysteries
Best 4GB flash drive for Vista ReadyBoost
problem with ram
Memory for E4300 and Gigabyte GA-965P-S3
Hipro DDR Maximizer V 1.2
OCZ Gold PC4000 or Crucial Ballistix PC4000 (2gb kits)
Overclocking questions
Any DDR1 4GB(2x2GB) available?
SO-DIMM 200pin Question: DDR vs DDR2
To RMA or not to RMA
Weird Error Messages
Memory stability
Memory Capacity, Dual Channel, Configurations & Throughput?
need advice on adding ram
Help with Timings and Voltages for OCZ 2GB performance
Best Memory for 939 DDR? 2 gig sets.
Im a n00b!
Dell and A-data Ram HELP!
8GB Overclock - Preliminary Results
System Freezes, No Errors Logged
High Frequency Noise from Ram?
How are D9DCL?
Bought 2 sets of RAM for C2D build, which should I keep?
No boot; I think it's memory related.
are DDR (1) ram prices increasing??
Stick seems to have bit the dust.
ECC or non-ECC
Dual channel 333 vs. single channel 400
OCZ PC3200Dual Ch.OCZ400512ELGE Default 2.8v??
Corsair Twinx 3200 running at 240mhz ??
RAM Question.
command rate gigabyte 965p-DS3 Corsair XMS
whats Enhanced Performance Profiles and linkbost
AM2 memory controller Vs C2D memory controller
oh the repetitive
1333FSB + DDR2 OR DDR3?
Adding More Ram
R.M.A with crucial. experiences?