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OCZ DDR2 2x1GB PC-8500 Micron D9 Nvidia Edition $220
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Windows Vista Memory Checker Any Good?
4GB G.Skill 6400PHU2 2HZ Micron D9GMH + Asus 680i Striker
CORSAIR XMS2 DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) - Max overclock?
c3 3-4-3-9 ?????
What memory is this?
How do I set my P5B Deluxe/E6400 to use 1T command rate?
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Cheapo Patriot dd2 800 $78 1gb !
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4-4-4-15 vs. 4-5-4-11
PC4000 DDR
Hynix? really?
Need Help on RAM Timings!
Bought CAS4... comes up as CAS5?
suggestions anyone?
Trying to decide between 1gb or 2gb of DDR2
Under $100 Upgrade, need help
DFI RAM Issues???
Cannot set memory to 2.2V with p5b-d
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G Skill 2 x 1GB Help
Geil 2x1GB. What Chips?
SUPER TALENT 2GB (2 x 1GB) Quick Q?
Do mobo's with memory standard ddr2 800 support ddr2 1000?
2x2GB Geil???
Part of the reason why RAM prices are dropping (or why they used to be high)
not so tech savvy
P5B E6400 Corsair RAM Help
RAM limiting my overclockability
Windows Vista Ram Performace Rating...
Memory From USA or HongKong
I can be the guinea pig! ORdered up some 2 X 2GB Gskills
e4300 ram
Understanding Ram
Crucial Ballistix @ DDR600...
PC3200 Ram - Change Timings?
should i upgrade?
1gb DDR500 vs 2gb DDR400
the cheap ddr2 thread! ($68 kingston 1gb ddr2 667, $130 2gb super tallent 667)
Corsair XMS2 2x1gb dr2-675 timing question (TWIN2X1024-5400C4)
4x 512
Made Virtual Memory settings low on XP, and 10 times better!?!?
Missing ram?
What RAM would go best with these parts?
Confused about FSB and Memory.
Help me choose
Vista - 4x1GB or 2x2GB
Anyone know this? A-data/v-data 1GB modules
Which RAM of these is the best choice
Experts please share your opinion: Geil ddr2-800 4-4-4-12 1.8v-2.3v
Good ways to cool ram?
budget ram not even pushing out 10mhz ??
A-Data PC6400 Vitesta EE
Memtest86 Problems
OCZ Technology Unveils High-Speed, PC2-6400 4GB Dual Channel Kits
A mushkin ate my baby...
OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 FlexXLC Edition
SRAM / DRAM price fixing
Need very cheap DDR1 ram that can boot at under 2.6 vdimm - suggestions?
Crucial 2x1G PC8000 @ 600MHz
Corsair XMS2-6400 (4-4-4-12) Any good?
Quick Question about possible D9 IC
Correcting the timings on (or OC'ing) my RAM
Going for 2Gb to 3Gb
Help timing please
Memory for P5B Duluxe
Timing differences and quality?
really Bad timings
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Best Ram for NON oc'd CONROE
Help a rookie overclock..memory issues
DDR in DDR2...
I want to add another 1GB Dual-Channel...
How's my RAM?
Upgrading to 2 gig: What's the skinny on 2x1gig vs. 4x512k
Boggled at G.Skill selection variety
New Mushkin D9's
painting ram heatspreader
Can anyone decipher this?
Confused on memory speeds
Please help an OC newbie
Another 1GB of cheap RAM ... or a soundcard?
Team sticks comparison
GSkill F2-CL4D 2GB report
Need opinion on buying RAM
Please Help me with overclocking my memory
Dual Channel RAM Question
Corsair TwinX XMS3200 C2PT CL2 v3.1
Muskin PC8000
Are OCZ Gold PC5400 DDR2 RAM any good?
Possible cheap Micron D9GMH: Wintec AMPX 2GB DDR2-800
Ugent!! Need Advice ASAP Plz!!
-->G.SKILL<--|Need General Help
Cell Shock
Help with Memory Selection
does mobo make a difference with memory
RAM works. Not sure about slots.
Budget RAM turns out to be Corsair CM2X512A-6400. More info please
Which would you use?
Overclocking a C2D E6400 on a P5NSLI. Memory blues.
Max Voltage for Infineon Chips
I'm having problems o.c.ing my memory. Could use some help.
Memory Diagnostic
Dual Channel?
Dual Channel not recongized.
800 MHz mem coming up as 400
Geil Ultra DDR2-800 UDC's - post your clocks
Which memory to get??
why is adjusting fsb etc during windows a bad idea?
which kind of dual channel pc3200
which kit in my list?
Can't get my new OCZ 2x1GB PC4000 stable at stock
Single VS Dual channel
Auto settings are not always the best
Entry-level Overclockable RAM
Corsair ValueSelect or Transcend Jetram with Gigabyte DS3??
Memory Arragement/Performance Question
Newb Question
What brand of memory is this?
Corsair or Team
OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-6400 Dual Channel Platinum Revision 2 XTC SerieS AND DS3?
Corsair stability help
Decent Memory for 680i-$300ish
are these ballistix still d9's?
Taking Bets How far will my Ram OC
Mem for E6600 for P5B
Dominator 800 Worth it?
MBs with 1000Mhz on the memory??
cheap ddr800, which one would you recommend??
memory timings
How can I tell if the RAM is Micron or Promo
Those other memory timings [ddr2]
Higher speed, higher timings.
Memory Choice For DS3 (Limited Options Locally)
Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4D-good for OC'ing?
Best Corsair RAM
Corrupt OS
System Check/Memory Question
Crucial Technology Ballistix 2GB DDR2-800
Got cas3 on M2N-SLI Deluxe
Corsair & Ballistix
Reboot after oveclocking past 333fsb, running orthos mem test.
Question About ASUS P4S800 Restriction on 1gig PC3200 DIMMs
Good RAM for gaming and maybe OCing
Mushkin support is unrivaled
Mushkin DDR2-800 Extreme Performance, what to expect?
??How to get more dividers??
Mem for C2D E6600 & Asus P5B-E?
Ram latency question
1 gig or 2
Failing memory, but need proof!
d9 ram from ncix.com, need suggestions
FSB:DRAM ratio question and voltages
Good RAM stick for 680i mobo's
Memtest 86+ locks with no errors
Vista - Will 2GB be Enough for Gaming?
Recommendation and opinons on Patriot RAM
New Mem opinion please
DDR or DDR2 - which is faster
noob question
Is there even a difference?
Really Weird Memtest Results on 3 Year Old Stock P4 2.8 Northwood.
The Price off Ram
Please post your lowest times here!
Any opinion on $210 2GB OCZ 6400 RAM?
Cosair 6400C4 on Asus P5N32-E
DDR 6400 and Sempron AM2 compatibility?
Team Group choice help
GA-965P-S3 compatibility with OCZ PC6400 platinum
Normal to have bad memory without errors in memtest?
Is this low?
How do i test if my Mem OC improved my performance?
Stable settings for DFI LP CFX3200
Need help with DDR2
How to change memory fsb from windows
Memory problem...Need Help
installed opty 175; memory divider changed but not listed in bios
NF7-S 2.0 D26 Bios Stops booting after memory test
Corsair XMS2 DDR2-675 (PC5400) Compatability
PQI Turbo Memory?
RAM question
Crucual Ballistix PC4000
70 errors in 10 minutes in memtest86+!
Patriot Question
Bad ram?
OCZ 4400 EL and Xtreem 4400 2,5CL dont like each other
Need help for choosing memory for this mobo
Memtest 86+ reporting incorrect mem speed
How far do you think i can push these sticks!
What RAM are you running on your P5B-E?
Experiences with Corsair RMA?
probs with RAM, can anyone help me?
look who's back!
P5B DLX + E6600--Ram Decisions!
What memory is the best for an Evga 680i mobo
e6600 + cheaper ram or e6400 with more expensive ram?
A Gig under $130
Using higher speed RAM than a MB can support?
Cant make my mind up
Running memory at different voltages?
1T or 2T Command rate?
New ram, PC shutting off.
Patriot any good
Memory Kitted Pairs
Time to upgrade
New Ram, Pick one..
Different memory compatibilities? Help Please
value vs TWINX XMS
please help identify memory
Anyone use Patriot memory? If so, what's the usual volts?
Question about my RAM
Alternative shop
Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400Pro vs. G.Skill
d9 on corsair xms
Need some RAM suggestions for new setup
Looking for a 2x1GB set of PC3200
Wrong CAS latency reported?
Dual channel inquiry (timings).
Hows this Ram? (Crucial)
Hows this Memory?
i have 1gb of pc4000, could i add another 1gb (2x512) to make 2gb with 3 DIMMS?
TREF settings
Dual Channel Question
Which OCZ Ram for new system
New Computer
CPU won't start up after setting Shared Memory Size
Major Brand Ram....What is it?
Crucial Tenth Anniversary Timings?
8 and 16 Gig dimms on the way
Tweaking G.Skill 2GB NQ (Elpida chips) on DS3
New crossfire rig, ram help!
Sisoft sandra memory benchmark question
Why would adding more RAM cause a system not to boot?
Should I buy micron d9 ddr2 memory now or wait?
Could use some advice/help with XMS PC3200XL, please :)
Problem with Corsair XMS2 PC2-6400 timings
Corsair 6400C4 or Corsair 6400PRO 2GB modules
ocz with conroe
Puzzled! Help me out! Memory Issue.
Geil pc-1000
Twin2X2048-6400C3 vs Twin2X2048-6400C4
can you use DDR1 with DDR2?
12h small ffts but only 50 min blend
Another A8N32 Memory Question
need aum mem spec sheet
Anyone deal with Mushkin before on warranty issues?
OCZ's Water-Cooled Memory!
Need help choosing Ram for an e6400 build
Conroe Memory Questions
Heat Spreaders
1gb strip of Crucial Ballistix pc4000 or 1gb strip of Patriot pc4000
Best 2x512MB DDR2 set around 100.00
Kingmax Vs Geil
TCC5 won't load @ CAS 2.5
SLI memory
help choosing another 1gb strip of pc4000 ddr500 that is compatable with my OCZ gold
Dual channel 4 slots
Any way to run 4GB on XP PRO?
is this a good oc?
have you oced with this ram
memtest errors but ram ok??
Is my RAM working right..?
Value DDR2800, or Decent DDR2667?
2x 512MB or 1x 1GB
DS3 memory compatible?
Help overclocking ram
Page File/Virtual Memory and multiple HD's
Memory calculations
Good RAM for Striker Extreme?
Proud Owner Team Xtreem 2x1G 6400
A question about EPP
Best ram for my Mobo and CPU
Memtest86+ Locks Up, But No Errors...
max voltave for 24/7 use..
Team Xtreem ddr2 6400-M2N-SLI Deluxe
Is it ok to use different brands?
Question on memory speed?
Newbie needs help with RAM
which RAM for my Mobo
E6600/P5B RAM
Adding new RAM
Need ram for my new build
upgarde Ram
SD flash speeds
4gb sd flash memory readers
Memory Blue Screen Problem
T1 or T2???
Upgrading to DDR2
Been through several reformats, system instability issues,
Ram and DFI Infinity
Boring I Know but New Conroe Build What memory
Need some ram 6400
ocz gold pc4000 1gb
Need to test for Stability...
[I Hate Dell] Please Help Me.
DDR ram suggestions
Which of these kits will overclock good?
Kingston value ram, D9?
DDR2 Timings issue. 2 different timings?
been out of it way to long. DDR2 Question
OCZ Ram! Which is best for me?
Memory FSB for integrated 865G motherboard?
Crucial 2gb Ballistix PC6400
Memtest Question
just upgraded to 2gb of ram!
Bad memory or am I stoopid?
Is this worth $250?
Single sided versus double sided
Old Ram?
Finding out which kind of RAM I need?
G.Skill Memory Is it any good?
DDR333 + DDR400 runs at DDR333?
Thermalright is making a heatpipe memory cooler
Question about adding memory
Question about my memory...
Advice on memory..
OCZ or Corsair
Need help Choosing RAM for CPU build
Is there a program to identify ram IC's
Is there a program to identify ram IC's
Help: Need Diagnosis(w/pics)
Dram Frequency Question
Question: PQI Turbo PC2 5400
DDR2 Help!
Which G.Skill DDR2-800 mem is right for my new setup?
Help: Corsair Dominator TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF (4-4-4-12) 1111Mhz vs OCZ Flex XLC: 9200
buffalo vs super talent
Should I keep my Supertalent or my new GSkill?
Help with Corsair TWINX2048-4000PT
Help with Corsair TWINX2048-4000PT
DDR2 lower than
OC E6400: DDR2 667 or 800?
Can I run 1 stick of ddr2
performance ram on M2N-SLI Deluxe
DDR2 800, with a 1066 FSB CPU??
DDR RAM for Opty 165 for Video Editing and Gaming
Greatest DDR2 Memory Single 1GB for 200 Dollar price range ?
Got my Corsair Dominator 8500's, am I doing something wrong?
Is it my RAM or my ignorance holding me back?
DDR2 800 or DDR2 667
overclocking memory
Unstable Patriot XBLK TCCD
BH-5/6 in KHXPC2700
Need a little help on notebook RAM
6400C4D vs 8888C4DF???
Would this be good ram to buy to put into my system?
Ram or motherboard?
Ram Problems
4x512MB vs 2x1GB
Building high end gaming PC, need memory advice
Need BIOS Help
has anyone tried this DDR2 ???
how is this ram
buying new ram need some input
Help me choose (choices provided)
4 Gig...Deal or no Deal?
Getting Stock Speeds For Redline-8000
Dell 700m memory upgrade?
CH-5 @ 236FSB...what to expect?
Need a bit of expertise.
Which would be the better choice?
I dont understand, DDR2 667 @ 315MHz?
PC8000, PC8500 and higher
difference between two similar rams?
Ram for computer
P5B-E Deluxe / e6600. No OC. stick with 533mhz DDR2?
Which memory is faster???
Will BUFFALO Firestix work for e6300?
Ugh, Guess I have to switch ram (difference?)
Just recieved my new ram but not as advertised...
RAM upgrade for gaming, help!
Dillemma? Ballistix 8000 or Crucial Anniversary
Are these GKX?
How do I know which slots to install my 2x 512 sticks in - Asus A7N8X
Which 2x512 kit?