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OCZ Performance 2x1 gig PC4000 safe voltage
nspire ddr-400 cl3
2x512 sticks or 1x1GB stick?
Trouble choosing ram
ddr1 vs ddr2
Why is this cheaper and faster?
should I rma it?
fatbodies on ebay?
The“Ace”frequency of DDRII CL4 memory-CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF limited test
Recommended 2x1GB kit of DDR1 for mild overclocking (VDimm up to 2.8V).
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Memory Upgrade
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Type of RAM to Get...
Good old D9 results
Need help on deciding which/what PC3200 RAM to buy
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drunken fueld RAM question.
DDR and DDR2
Corsair 6400C4D Promos - What we do, how we do it, and our offer
ddr2-1000 with 5-5-5-15 or the 800 with 4-4-4-12
Memory test
Memory out the roof again?
1GB or 2GB of ram?
"returning" overclocker, mem question
need some tccd experts here
dumb question, i think (about ddr2 support)
Divider Help+
Overclocking DDR 256 Stick
OCZ PC3200 Plat Rev 2 instability
DO NOT GET Corsair 6400C4D RAM! *Warning*
Corsair 2x1Gb PC2-8500 + Asus P5W64-WS Expert help needed please.
Is This Possible?
Is Ballistix Good
When will DDR 3 be released on to the maket ...
RAM Question
100% Defective or just Poor Quality?
Can anyone tell me if these are micron D9?
Which 2gb Kit should i buy?
Motherboard and ram speed compatibility ?'s
New ram! yay!
dual-channel with seperately bought ram
final choice for RAM upgrade, need advice
DDR or DDR 2 is it really worth it to switch over?
people with ocz dual channel pc6400
Strange memory issue.
Please comment on my RAM config and bandwidth
memory suggestion!
Memory Issue
Crucial Annversary for $239: Return for different sticks?
400 or higher
Problem with New Crucial Ann. memory? How to test?
PQI Trubo DDR2-667 4-4-4-12 2x1gb
Matching my FSB with DDR2 Ram
WINNER of oc comp using CORSAIR value ram
need a bit of help with the ram choosing.
1.5 gigs in bios windows showing only 1 gig?
512 or 1GB?
RAM dilema
RAM for P5B-E?
Help Ram MHz Is wrong?
CORSAIR Dominator-DDR2 1066, worth the $?
Memory bandwidth tester
Another please help me choose which Ram thread.
1gb dual channel for A8N32 Deluxe. What should I get?
Which RAM for under $300 or less?
PQI Turbo 533 Is Awesome
Mixing pc3200 and pc2700 memory?
Team group bh5 safe voltage?
Small server memory requirments?
New ram SPD flashing tool for DDR2 available
What kind of GDDR memory is this?
Does this pass the sanity check?
What make's D9's so good
tight timing with memory ratio or loose timing 1/1 high FSB?
What compares to Crucial Anni's?
667 mhz or 600 mhz for qx6700?
G.Skill or Teamgroup?????
What chips?
How fast can I run CORSAIR ValueSelect 2 x 512MB DDR 400 2.5 CASE memory?
:cry: My Team group ram died!!! :cry:
Best Inexpensive Memory for an Asus P5B
ram suggestion!
Your oppinion, 3Gb vs. 2Gb
OCZ ddr500 won't do ddr500?? help!!
SPD question
Help with some 2gb Mushkin DDR500 RAM I sold on Ebay,
These timings look OK?
hit a memory frequency wall
4 Gigs?
Samsung Ram ZCE6 chips Q's
Core 2 duo overclock
What is my best choice for between $200 - $250 (2GB)
Need some help OCing my RAM..
hit a wall, is 2.3v safe?
Can't get 1000Mhz
2GB OCZ PC2-8000 Titanium Alpha VX2 4-4-4-15 [56k users beware]
Memory causing freezing.
Weird OCZ RAM!?
Memory question
Battlefield 2142
Super Pi - 417mhz 3-3-3-8 vs 500mhz 4-4-4-8 who wins ?
Twinmos PC3200 WLSCP or GEIL ONE TCCD?
Another which RAM is best for me :P
How much memory to use in Vist Home Premium?
OCZ PC2-6400 Platinum Rev. 2
Good idea?
RAM for ASUS P5W DH Deluxe?
Need some advice.....
Need some help error checking my ram pls
OCZ value RAM
Pyro Stories
Need some Personal help with my RAM
Ecc ddr in mb
Cheap good ram, asrock dual sata
Bad Memory or Bad Motherboard?
How is 1:1 ratio better for OC'n?
2GB Kit DDR400 PC3200 Looking for Best Set
Where did all the ram go?
DDR2 Tweaking Thread
Memory compatability
Why are RAM prices increasing? Will they continue to increase?
So, how low could I get it to go?
Freq v. Timings
Crucials Scream to me
Observations after using several memory diagnostic tools: Don't rely on one!
Memory Test
TCCD Fun (Patriot PC3200 XBLK)
Looking to overclock, what ram to get?
How do you know if your on a 1:1 Ratio??
OCZ Clock Speed question...
G.skill RAM chip question
Memory can't run too slow? Weird.
memory issues..
Bad memory?
Start up error
Combining different versions of ram? Combining different brands of ram?
RAM Timings Help
The Return of Mushkin–Review on the Tuner XP Redline Series
Anyone send bad sticks back to OCZ?
Best OC ram for INTEL
How far can I push VDimm?
Single or dual channel?
Help me to select memory
DDR Set; 1gb TCCD kit ~ $100?
Memtest86+ successful but Machine Freezes
Memory Help
Timing Terminology Confusion
DDR 3200/4400???
not sure what to get
corsair XMS + OCZ on A8V w/ X2
PQI PC4000 2x512mb DDR 500 TCCD
which one of these?
Concept: Virtual Ram Drive Array
Counter Intuitive Newegg Pricing Confusing
m7ncg 400 memory question
RAM problems
Best memory option out of these
Help picking RAM for Dell laptop
Mushkin Suxors?
Getting 4GB to work in Windows XP with the DFI Infinity 975x
Can't ger memtest to make a floppy
Help me pick ram!
Question about memory frequencies (intel)
2x1GB PSC (powerchip) DDR2 PC5300? w/c2d what should i expect?
Technical reasons to buy RAM?
Why have ram prices shot through the roof?
memory timings
Memory timings and such
Patriot 5300 vs. Crucial 6400
need clocking tips for mushkin extreme 6400
cost of RAM these days
2 questions about memory.
OCZ PC2-6400 + P5B Deluxe
Will it make a diff?
Massive detailed Corsair IC list <link>
quick RAM question.
Where can I find DDR500, DDR553, DDR550 in 2X1GB?
Ultra RAM
newb RAM question for D805
G.Skill HZ: Crappy OC and Elpida ICs ?? <link>
Crucial 2x512 DDR2 PC-6400, what to expect?
I need help from ocz guys
What Ram?
DDR2 for ~$20
reseting maybe do to ram
memory question ASUS A8V DELUX.
Ram running slow, what do I do?
Memory timing changes
anyone know what this is?
How fast is too fast
Any thoughts before I RMA these g.skills ?
Is This Right??
What the difference between these two G-Skillz
Is it ok to mix ram companies?
Team ram and Giga 965 boards
quick question
Max 24/7 volts for Small body D9s?
reference voltage???
Ughh More G.Skill F1 goes boom
Quick Tard Question?
Ram Question for the OCZ Gurus
Add 1GB DDR Module To 2x 512mb for 2GB
Got the new OCZ Titanium Alpha VX2
ECS P4M800PRO-M + E6400 + Corsair PC3200 ?
best ddr 2x 1gb kit?
Ram Memory Timeings
DDR2 Recommened Moudules for OC?
If and when 4gb mini sd available
Whats the proper procedure for installing additional ram?
Defective Samsung DDR
Should I keep or sell ?
Is RAM cheap yet?
Do I have bad RAM?
Which ram would you want?
Teem group vs Gskill
Help with new ram please.
So my memory goes bad this morning and now I need help.
Which RAM to keep for s939?
lower memory bandwidth on a dual core
which ram is better?
Need new ram badly!
OC my XMS2 DDR2 800mhz RAM.............
Time for a new kit.
Quick question about my Corsair XMS ram..
System only recognizes 256MB of 1 GB- WHY??
Is there any better bang for my buck?
How do I know which memory I have?
Best/Compatible 2gb Kit for Abit AN8 SLI
Cheapest performance DDR2 for Conroe E6600 & P5B-D?
Safe Voltage for ValueSelect at 2.5-3-3-6 @ 200Mhz
Random shutdowns?
Ocz el 2 x 256mb 512mb Kit need help
best 1gig OC ram for sempy 2800+?
what is the max OK voltage for this ram?
Memory Heatsinks !?
GEIL 6400 CAS3 testing
memory question
How do I get 1T?
What do you suggest here?
Latencies and voltage
PNY Info Thread...Fill 'er up
Advice needed on a 2Gb DDR RAM purchase
g-skill,super talent or teamgroup 2x1gb ddr2 800?
Need help choosing ram on my build
Memory instability
Company of Heroes
What do you suggest based on this?
1100MHz + DDR2, 2 x 1g 300$ > ?
DDR2 RAM price increase?
YES frys sells DDR2 10000!!!
Need advice
Timings vs. Speed
Disable Page file or not
Asus Crosshair users: What are you using?
Memtet86 what version
New mobo reads memory as 2t
new to 3v+ to ddr... corsair xms 466.
What ram for Conroe?
Added more memory, now wont boot?
Mixing timings
How hot is too hot?!
Best 2X1GB DDR Kit for Overclocking on an A8N-SLI Premium?
Quick ram question
PC5300 vs PC5400 vs faster
Apple Mac G5 memory upgrade
Will I really need 2 Gigs of RAM?
More RAM or new RAM?
Write recovery time( TWR), what to set to?
Kingston ddr2 max volts
To much RAM
Which ram should I get?
DFI LanpartyUT and Corsair XMS2 RAM problems
ram effecting o/c quick question
Micron D9GMH
4 banks vs. 2 banks
vtt voltage
Conroe - Memory
Gskill Ram in Canada?
Looking for link. Browser took a dump.
Corsair 6400 C5 Memory Query (XMS)
PQI and Geil, are they compatible?
Corsair Memory
G.skill GBNQ vs. GBHZ
Help me tune up UCCC timings
I need some help.
Should i swap my mushkin ?
Help: Underclocking RAM
Corsair XMS2 PC2-5400C4
Maximum safe Vdimm for G.Skill PC6400 HZ?
4x512 or 2x1 gig?
Which would you choose?
small fft = OK large/medium= LOCK @ stock !!
Mushkin 2GB XP2-8000 Redline Test Results
pc3200 to ddr2 1000ish How much more bandwidth is that about?
EL DDR2 800 Platinum
ram bios settings, need help
dude, where's my ram?
Conroe rig - G.Skill HZ vs. Teamgroup (which D9)
OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 ATI CrossFire Dual Channel
Some good stable timing for my ram
PC2 8888/DDR2 555.5
buyers remorse
More ram VS faster ram?
Memory timings not correct
Setting Timings in Bios
starting point for new memory?
how well do you think this ram overclocks?
One Beep... need help.
Muskin Value 1 Gig modules worth while?
Testing my memory
Need Memory Recommendations of Memory that will hit 400FSB
Ram Values not showing up correctly?
Can pulling out RAM while system is ON, cause HDD to go bad?
AMD/SimpleTech To Develop DDR3
Do I have my timings right?
what 2gb set for conroe?
Ram overclocking
Mushkin Redline only $1499.00!!!
Ram compatibility issues??
"How much RAM do you have?" v3.0
Ram Dividers with AMD
Need some help figuring..
What kind of ram for a DELL?
ram help
DDR Booster! Stabilizer?
ram slots... have you tried others?
ram slots... have you tried others?
Corsair XMS vs. Giel Value
Kingston 1GB 400MHz DDR PC3200 DIMM: Timings are?
Latency for DDR2
Loose timings effect OC.
RamClock Calculator
Memory Temp Software?
Pushing FSB and underclocking memory
Speed - Timing - Price
Putting together a new system
Help with 2x1 gig PQI
OCZ Release Official ATi Crossfire Memory
poor guy stuck in the past with bad ram.. suggestions?
i don't know which ram
Memory help
mem and bios help :D
Whats a good DDR2 (6400) 2GB kit ? conroe build
Need help with RAM compatability
Question about Corsair XMS Pro
what is latency settings?
Did anyone at one point run TWINX2048-4400PRO?
Rhino PC2-6400F4M EPP advice needed
Why can't get my Corsair 6400C4 to run at 4-4-4-12?
DDR400 Price Increase
Generic Ram
Who's running Conroe Rig + 4gig or 4 sticks of Ram
Cosair ram issues
Corsair RAM timings
OCZ Value Pro Serie Ddr 2 667 2gb Kit
Are my OCZ platinums discontinued?
I need help
Could any1 tell me what chip am i using
Holy Mother of RAM
What's the difference in these GSkills
Quick question about bandwidth
FSB:DRAM @ 4:5
Yet another what memory to get thread...
Corsair to cool high-speed DDR 2 DIMMs with clip-on fan
TeamGroup (2 * 512MB) 3-4-4-8 DDR2-667MHz Set #2
What memory...noob
Considering some new memory
DDR2- 1066?
Never thought I would see the day: DDR2 @ 1-1-1-1.
where to find some 2x256mb ddr800 ram??
Going to buy new RAM. But what kind?
Ram heating and cooling
Keep crashing, memory the culprit?
2x512 A-Data + 2x512 Crucial on "Max-3"
1066 corsair ram question
asking abt DDR chip, TMD or D43 better?
Which ram?
Low Benchmark?
Beeping through speakers = bad ram?
Oh Ram Gurus...Share your opinions pls
I need some help with timings?
mem divider ? confused
4X1GB DDR for DFI nF4 UltraD?
Mushkin Abominable Snowman Pics?
My teamgroup Woes (2x512 DDR2 667 3-4-4-8)
I Pooped myself!
Quick memory question.
Crucial Ballistix 2GB DDR2 RAM
Best Ram
bringing DRAM backup to speed
DFI LANPARTY UT NF3 250Gb nForce3 250Gb
Ram gurus, need some help here!
Dual DDR2 used as single?
RAM noob with a question...
DDR2 800 What to Buy?
stuck at 166
Ram Voltage
wont complete super pi 32 meg
CPU-z gives strange RAM readings...?
which ram should I get?
Corair XMS2 5400UL timings at 533MHz
Ram Question
OCZ Platinum PC2-7200 w/ ASUS P5W???
Need some help with 4x512MB!!
Corsair XMS2 Ram problem with M2N-SLI
What are these timings and can I improve them?
ram for new build...
Quality or Quantity?
Ram for P5b deluxe and E6400
Since no one else will do here's my quick gskill's DDR2800 review
Help on an OCZ rma
Cosair Value select running at 333mhz?
Kingston HyperX KHX60002K2 (DDR733)
which path should i choose?
Will this be good for an E6700??
kingston hyperX...any good?
Dual Channel?
Is my ram bottle-necking my system???
RAM and Graphics DDR2 questions.
do turion's... not the x2 support dual channel?
Cas Latency = 5 a liability?
Weird Memory Probelm
flashing spd
memory issues....please help
Memtest86 Freezes
what happend to newegg?
Alternate Places to Buy Memory?
RAM size in relation to L2 size
Ram bad? Unstable build!
1GB DDR400 Patriot kit in... system crashes?
AData Vitesta-DDR2-533-2x1GB
the best OC'ing DDR ram to get?
Is it better to have more RAM, or Faster RAM?
Memtest86 Help!
OC reseting in windows, passing memtest
Is GeIL ddr2 any good?
Help from the Memory Gurus IDing ICs
Best Ram for X2 Core and high FSB
mixing ram w/ diff timings, bad idea?
Overclocking Corsair
Tell me about the Mushkin XP4400 2x512mb
Memory timings, different timings in slots 3&4.
memory underclocked
Urgent, need some help
Weird Memory Problem
Someone is eating my memory!!!!
DDR2 667 = DDR2 800 on Conroe?
Difference between DDR2 PC4200 and PC4300?
max safe vdimm for ddr2
To OC or not to OC DDR2 800
Good memory
Nre RAM- timing issue
Ram noob need some answers
If my mobo is ddr400, do I buy higher speed ram for OCing?
Which stick is better
How to safely ship RAM sticks.. antistatic
G.Skill Notebook Ram
can't run ram at 1t on my epox 9nda3+
1T or 2T with Unbuffered Memory?
Changing RAM slots
Which is better?
Best memory for E6600 on DS3 mobo
Help! 2x512 or 4x512
DDR2 667 G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB)???
games unloading from memory on alt-tab
Teamgroup from Tankguys
my memory sucks. need new stuff :)
DDR1 value RAM prices on the rise: ~35% higher than 9 months ago.
Memory Question???
pc3200 ddr400 that can clock to 230-245 mhz?
TeamGroup (2 * 512MB) 3-4-4-8 DDR2-667MHz
best OC ram
MB supports DDR2 533, What about DDR2 667
Memory readings in sisoft sandra??
Strange problem w/OEM rig...
memory speed drops
I dont know much about ram and wondering if this a good buy
DRAM speed just a multiplier?
Memory nightmare...
Kingston Memory Question
quick ram quesion