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installing dual channel question
Should I trade xp4400 for 2GBZX
does PQI 1024DAH oc very well?
Odds of a new stick of ram running dual channel with an identical 18 month old stick?
speed vs timing
Memtest won't even start w/ ddr550 and nf4 ultra-d
mushkin eXtreme Performance 2GB DDR2 800, Anyone ever use em?
gskill ram ddr2 667 2gigs! help me find it!
Wat ram for 939 a64? plz help
Wat ram for 939 a64? plz help
New Ram.. some questions
Choosing my RAM
Intel Badaxe and Mushkin DDR2 667
Help me choose between these 2 ram kits.
Memory Clock Index Value, what happens above 400MHz?
Who wants $100,000 ram?
What ram are you getting for Conroe?
ddr2 667 or 800 for my conroe?
Anandtech's DDR2 /w Conroe
LOok at what I found!! (Pics) :D
trying to figure out why ram upgrade isnt working
Memtest86 Error Message - Doesn't Look Good
Is this memory Hynix chips?
Old Intel 875 2 GIG Set Recommendations...
corsair cmx3200 512
New memory
fastest ddr ecc
REAL memory Burn-In (hehehe)
What chips are those?
My last ram thread :0 i hope
TeamGroup PC-6400 Results D9GMH
G Skill and DFI Lanparty 875 Problem...
OCZ or G.Skill
What's with Nforce4 SLI and 2 x 1GB RAM?
Cheapest 2x1gb of ddr2 w/ D9 Variant...
Cant get my g.skill HZ 2gig kit stable
fast DDR2 with low timings
OCZ Premier Series or GEIL Ultra Platinum ??
Price question
What RAM with x2 3800+
Looking for ram for conroe..
Been out for a WHILE, help with DDR2(dividers/multis?)
Review: Supertalent DDR 2x1GB Kit pc 3500 cas2
pc2-5300 macbook pro ram?
G.Skill 2GB DDR2 NR?
DDR Maximizer is out...
anyone know anything about this ram :0
DD2 Memory Question
what kind of memory is this?!
Memtest bandwidth changes with multiplier
Have two 2GB kits, which one for my E6700 ES?
My new record on PDP XBLK DDR400
PLEASE HELP!!! Corsair XMS2 6400 or 8500?
what 2gig kit should i get?
which of these 5 sticks it best for $200
Go with Corsair or OCZ?
Need help with my OCZ PC4000 and 3200 Venice!
DDR Outselling DDR-2
Patriot ELK or LLK?
Corsair XMS2-5400 vs. XMS2-6400
Ram help me choose (DDR2)
faster mem has lower timing at lower speeds?
Why not?
Corsair Vs. OCZ
Flash Drive bandwidth tester?
Crucial BalisticX Tracer PC4000
help me find some ram
Conroe RAM Choices
My G.SKILL Extreme going down hill :(
Conroe build: is there a point to faster than DDR2800 if the mobo doesn't support it?
Quad RAM Slots
Need help with my OCZ PC4000
PC-3200 v.s. PC-4000 - Which should I keep?
which one?
NY AG sues chip makers over price fixing
Help me to figure out this memory FSB plz...
Currupt registry when i change some memory settings
Thinking of going w/ 2 gig dual channel OCZ Platinum PC4000...thoughts?
ddr2-800 vs ddr2-1000
g.skill ddr2-800 ghbz .. 0605+ anyone use em?
Pc3200 -> pc2700
3x512MB or 1T, which is the better choice.
RAM for OC and Performance?
MRam ?
4X512 vs 1x2GB
Good ol' ballistix dying, again
Need memory suggestion for Conroe build!
Which laptop memory?
Patriot PDC2G4000ELK
Choose my new 2x1GB kit!!!
Questions about voltage on the OCZ
Memory Voltage Questions
Memory Upgrade needed?
is it better to buy ramsinks with or without adhesive
What kind of RAM is this?
Corruption or Bad Memory (?) PLEASE HELP
memory settings
Is my RAM defective?
Memory is my bottleneck
Hardware memory tester for large lot of memory
Best ram to get my 3.0 to 4ghz?
Memtest86 Fails in test 5 & 8 only
I know about the stickies but, was wondering
questions for people with mushkin xp2-5300
You Choose My RAM. DDR2/AM2
Jump Drive Recall (Lexar)
trying to get 4 sticks to work
Help with memory
Can You Tell The Difference ?
Virtual Memory/Page File - Memory for a coward
Help on Memtest
New Build ! YAY ! i need memory though, ideas ?
Of these DDR2 667 2x1GB kits which would you choose
What am i doing wrong ?
How Hot Can RAM Get Before Errors Occur?
4gb macbook pro?
which is better for memory clocks ?
OCZ DDR2 PC2-7200 Platinum SLI-Ready Edition Dual Channel
RAM compatible problems
G.E.I.L. PC4400 Ultra-X
Memory? P5LD2 & PD 805
Which RAM?
Can I replace this Memory?
Memory and CPU upgrade time
A8N32-SLI & Gskill PC4000 2x1GB kit
OCZ2P8002GK good DDR2 RAM?
good ddr2
CORSAIR XMS2 DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) (Timing/Voltage Question)
rambus upgrade ???
Which Memory Speed?
620MHz 3-3-3-9 on VIA...if you guys thought Bad Axe was weird...
For all you BH-5 Fans.
i need you advice on choosing the right ram
New to OCin ram, OCZ PC3500 2225
Retarded question
MSI K9N SLI Platinum nForce 570 SLI - RAM issue
Something I've never tried to do
Single/Double Sided Q
I think my PC3200 Ballistix is beyond hope. Hopefully you can prove me wrong!
USB Network Adapter/wireless
2x1gig ddr2800 sets
Tras timing
PC2-6400 G.Skill unveils new memory today
Help with 939 ram timings
Memory cards?
Notebook memory
Can the edge of a stick of RAM touch wood while running?
OCZ DDR2 2GB $140.00 Good deal?
Help me o/c Corsair DDR2
mushkin expectations
DDR memory prices - two scenarios?
What chip is this?
is there an in windows memory test program?
I have Corsair valuselect ram! best timing
Need DDR2 for upcoming AM2 rig
Best program to test memory stability?
command rate
Good DDR2 For AM2?
Corsair TwinX problem.
What would be a good ram choice to go with this mobo
Memory Divider Question
Which ones which?
Please help me quick! I need to buy some DDR2 for Conroe or AM2!
Are these sticks any good??
DDR2 REGISTERED memory for server comps
Which DDR4000 2GB-kit?
Indecisive between these two..
RAM 4 ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe
What Chips?
Same memory for AM2 and Conroe?
PQI sodimm DDR problem
OCZ Gold Series 2GB Ram kit
Samsung PC2-6400?
newegg / g.skill
2 ram questions..
my friend has DDR2300, can he use DDR2700?
If money was no limit....
Memory Question need help
OCZ does it again!
Which Would You Prefer and Why... OCZ Gold GX vs. OCZ Titanium
Acer Travel Mate C310
Weird Memtest address ranges
Bad memory slot?
are different brands of ram compatible?
BE-5 chips?
Best memory for AOpen i975Xa-YDG (Core Duo) OC?
Help a n00b /w memory timings and OCing
Need a good recommendation of DDR Ram
WWM CompteX2006-Memory
Is Current OCZ EL Platinum Rev-2 TCCD or TCC5?
Ballistix vs OCZ plat. Rev2?
corsair twinx pc3200
What is the story with DDR2 Mobos and Ram?
Anyone tried Corsair Twin2X XMS2-6400C4 2GB yet?
dumb ass question
Memory Oc'ing
Ram replacement, will I need to reset the
Question about memory settings...
1gb, 512mb configuration issues
Does this make any sence ???
Best DDR for me?
memory n00b
Conroe DDR2: Buy Now or Buy Later
DRAM Idle Timer
divider Question.
ADATA Vitesta PC4000
RAM Probs?
Tell me which OCZ RAM to buy...
question regarding voltage consumptions
i CANNOT run my memtest86+
I am just dieing to stick the Corsair in there,
What would putting DDR2 into a DDR slot do?
Concerning DDR PC3200 KINGMAX ram
mushkin ddr2-8000
Not sure where to go from here
World's *first* CAS 3 @ DDR2-1000!! (no 56K)
Dual channel Woes
Crucial Technology Ballistix 2GB BL2KIT12864L503
SuperTalent PC4000
Cardreader question...
is G.Skill good?
Corsair TwinX2048-3200C2PT Questions..
ocz / g.skill ?
DDR3 In 2007
OCZ PC4000 Platinum EB 2GB or OCZ PC4000 Platinum EL XTC 2GB??
Memory Frequency not reporting?
Corsair Twin2X2048 6400C3
Is this right? rofl
DDR2 Prices UK
Corsair XMS 3200 OC possible at 1T on ASRock DualSATAII?
What DDR2 To Get?
Some Memory Questions
what were the memory modules that will OC with the amd 2500s to achieve 250fsb?
Need to pick some new RAM before rebate runs out.
Looking for new DDR1 ram for my A8N32-SLI
What would give the best performance?
DDR2, what do I need?
how to more bandwidth?
Where To Find D9 ?
Different timings compatible?
512 or 504MB?
Weird Problem when installing my G.Skill Mem.
Thought this was cool....
Please help me choose between these 4 RAM modules
RAM (running idle, stock settings) gets really hot. Why?
OCZ PC3200 EL Platinum 2GB kit--anyone taken beyond 267MHz?
How much voltage.....
ram mixing question
best cheap ram and how important is 2gb?
Is there something wrong with this RAM?
Kingston HyperX + OCZ Plat mix and match?
Memory for i875p and dothan on CT-479
CPU-Z 1.34
What to do? New ram DOA??
Overclocking 2x512MB OCZ VX
OCZ Platinum PC4000 EB headaches....
whats the diff b/w this GSKILL mem?
Hey Help the Noob........
Help with overclocking OCZ 4000 EB's
4x512mb vs 2x1gb
Memory placement question...
Memory Divider Q's! Gskill DDR500 owners, help. ASROCK Dual SATA2 board.
memory for AM2 X2 4200?!
Is this ram good?
Help identify my chips
Gskill PC4000 2x1024MB
Cost efficient ddr2?
Can Not enough RAM make video games glitchy?
SUPER TALENT T800UX2GC4 anyone ?
what RAM for AM2 ?
Any ill effects of 512mb + 1024mb DDR2 SDRAM?
Help me reach 300HTT please!
Which DDR 2GB kit is the fastest ?
Ram timing/frequency problems
Help with my GSKILL F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ
Dual Channel Kit?
wierd RAM problem
$800 to upgrade my ram!!!!!! lolz
Best memory for $100
Joining the dark side
PC3200 or 4000
nanya chips
nanya chips
200$ or less high performance DDR2?
Which one should I buy,
experience with ocz 2gb platinum el
A8N-SLI Deluxe which slot ?
DDR2 Additional Latency Info NOBODY KNOWS
2x1GB Corsair CL3 PC2-6400
ocz 2gb ddr500 platinums
Vote for best/favorite 1GB/2GB kit DDR IC's/chips!
Buying Some New Memory
2gb DDR purchase choices
Mushkin ddr or ddr2 for highest overclock?
Looking for loose timings, Pc4400 XMS
would 4 gb help in these apps?
DFI Lanparty nf4 Ultra D OC Ram Help!
My Ram Timing
what is the best DDR400 RAM money can buy?
need some help picking my fist ddr2 kit for conroe...
new RAM for A8N32-sli?
recommended 2gb ddr500-600, which label and model????
Want new memory for my AMD based DFI, having problems
Would the price difference be worth it?
ocz 2gb platinum xtc ddr400
What Am I Doing Wrong: MemTest86+
Memory Clock Program
High OCing 2GB(1GBx2) Ram?
How do i know what the voltage limits of the memory are?
Can I get my timing better?
So what is 'drive strength'?
simple ?, what ram to buy?
800 EL + P4P800e - cant make it work :(
our spare HD
PC4000 + ASRock 939 Dual
Brand source of problemds: Does this sound plausible?
Memory timings on opty 165 and DFI Ultra D
what's this "AMD only" el-cheapo memory?
2x1gb stick for dothan@740
How can I not understand this? (pics)
To ECC or not to ECC
Infineon be5, what do I need to know?
EPP-Enhanced Performance Profiles-by nVidia
new OCZ RAM - oc settings
Suggestions needed on buying new RAM...its urgent
Memory Speed issue
OCZ Gold 2GB
Corsair Twin2X XMS2-6400 2GB
Suggest some DDR2
gskill pc4000 hz / p4
Hard Drive Randomly Spinning
Flashing SPD Timings on Ram
Why can't I run 3 sticks of memory in my 4-slot board?
Best DDR400/PC3200 timings?
OCZ Platinum Edition 2GB OC'ing Report
Best performance with my system (RMA REFUND)
Ram Dividers?
Question about bestbuy ram..
TCC5 on NF7-S overclocking / How do I measure the vdimm?
I feel really stupid asking this, but...
Kingston will soon release 1G 2-2-2-5 sticks!!!!
Could anyone explain...
Who says DDR2 is cheaper than DDR?
OCZ XTC PC2-8000
3500LL pRO
Why can't I run 1T (or oc my RAM much)?
New Mushkin PC2-6400 2x1GB Overclocking
Patriot DDR2-800 thoughts?
OCZ DDR Booster
DDR2 to support OC'ed Conroe 1:1
need help on buying memory for overcloking
should be simple question about memory amounts
I am confused (OCZ-related)
DDR2 speeds
Can't get my mushkin eXtreme stable at stock timings.....
RAM question
corsair 2gb + 1gb dual channel timings?
Questions.... 1t or 2t? timings???
"New"..Sandra SiSoft benchmark out....v. 1098!
Is this Memory a good over-clocker ?
OCZ gold PC4000
Is Corsair Twin2X1024-5400C4 good enough for Pentium D 930?
Does Dual Channel affect Superpi?
So, DDR2 can't run tight timings eh? How's 479MHz 4-2-2-1 sound?
GEIL Value - Stuck On Memory Timings
DDRAM Reccomendation Plz
OC'ing 2GB of Kingston HyperX...
OCZ 2GB kit
2 x 1024 OCZ Gold PC4000 default speeds not working!
Need advice on what's best, opty 165 with ddr600 RAM or 170 with ddr550
Spilled tea on OCZ VX PC4000 CH5-UTT
Weird problem with ram, is this a normal behavior?
Underclocking PC3200?
Old AI7 Mobo and G.Skill F1-4000USU2
OMG! Go Mushkin!
W007! 2x1GB G.Skill USU2's at 285+ mhz
Help me understand the latency timing mean in DDr 3200 range
Need 1xgig for my t-41
My New OCZ Memory Made In 1999?
Can you mix manufacturors?
Best DDR400 ram?
OCZ and DFI....
G.Skill 2 x 1gb Extreme...another thread
Memory Question
Help with tweaking RAM in BIOS MSI Neo2 A64
2*256 old BH5 - does it still have any value?
Got GEIL 1GB (2x 512) Would Adding 1GB Module For 2GB Stop Dual Channel
8000ul breaks Sandra 10K
G.SKILL or Mushkin at DDR520?
2Gb Mushkin Help / Advice w/pic
To buy or not to buy?
New ram, combatiable mobo
G.Skill PC4000 HZ
G.Skill F1-4000BIU2-2GBHV (and price differences)
RMA for Ballistix...A few questions
Are A64s pickier about ram?
2GB OCZ Plat. DDR400 2-3-2-5 1T @ 513mhz LOL
Dual channel 512 or single 1.25gb?
Crucial Ballistix BL12864L503 discontinued
RMA To Newegg or PQI?
Mushkin or G-Skill, help me choose
DDr1 vs DDr2
OCZ Platinum PC3200 rev 2 v1.0 / non-1.0
which to get and diff
3 gigs of ram @ 1:1 ratio or
2gig memory -what would you get??
What 2x1GB DDR kit for 233FSB with low Voltage?!
Ram voltage booster?
Memory recommendations for file server?
Tx1 above DDR500 with Corsair 4400 twin 2048 Pro?
Am I OCing my Memory? If so, is it hurting/helping anything?
Mushkin Redline PC4000 2x512mb (UTT) Price Check/Questions
testing w/ A64Tweaker
G.Skill Extreme 2x1g kit has wrong auto settings
Beast Bang for Your Buck 2x 1gb ddr3200?
Memory timing on Intel 830D
PNY optima DDR2
REALLY confused 166Mhz
Mushin TCCD in nf7-s?
Why I will not buy from PNY
Memory For A Yonah ?
Mushkin LvL 1 pc3500 wont run
nforce2 compatible?
Overclocking OCZ DDR500 XTC, Bios settings in A8N32-SLI (pics)
Memory Timings
G.Skill Extreme Series 2GB Help
Mounting a fan over RAM sticks
OCZ good performers?
memory help
OCZ vs Gskill @ 2GB kit DDR 500
Corsair 512mb ddr2 533mhz
Heatspreaders; are they worth it?
PQI DDR2 667 w/ asus 955 /975 boards
2gb BF2 ram question, go for DDR500?
OCZ Memory Change 1gb for 2gb wich one?
Looking for 2 gigs 'o ram
GSkill F1-PC4000 or OCZ Gold PC4000 for Asrock 939DUAL?
will memory make a diffrence
DDR 400 Best of the best?
Which to pick?
Ram Upgrade Question
Dual Channel on non-dual channel boards??
Crucials memory warranty for OEM purchases
Kingston HyperX KHX3200AK2/2G @Dothan 740
Who makes the best ECC sticks?
333 and 400mhz together!
Is this enough cooling for BH-5 @ 3.3v?
Hot ram
Unusually Low Memory Performance....
Anyone that knows what chips my ram is using?
Which of these would u get and why?
Dual Channel.
what slot should i put my ram in DFI ultra-d
question about ram
Mushkin 2GB XP4000 Redline CE-5 Test Results
OCZ showing up as PDP Systems inc ram???
Noob needs help! run a gig of BH5 or PC4000 on my amd rig?
Ram timings on new memory
Memtest chipset/timings info
RAM won't post at 2-2-2-5 2T Stock speed...?
Memtest error question
memory question
1 gig hyper x or 2 gig mixed
Corsair and ABIT won't dual channel
Help with 2gig(1gbx2) RAM decision
Samsung ZCCC?
Why is there still a Pagefile if is it disabled?
Dual channel on bank 1 or 2?
Award Bios & ram
Are you guys seeing this? (gskills and newegg)
DDR2-4200 or 5300 for the laptop? E1505
F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX vs F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ
Unusually low memory performance?
How much ram for video editing
1GB Samsung K4H510838B-TCCC
Can I mix and match memory modules?
Is this good for not OCing
Corsair PC6400 Ram
OCZ....compatible with my board?
Tean Xtreem DDR600 results
O/C memory and lost both LCD
2x1gb Ram for new system.
Page file
ram issues
Where can I find DDR 550 2G memory kit?
Is a paging file always necessary?
Is a three slot motherboard unstable??
4 x 1Gb DDR500
Dilemma ...
Getting a 2x1gb kit, not sure how to decide.