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Is this good for not OCing
Corsair PC6400 Ram
OCZ....compatible with my board?
Tean Xtreem DDR600 results
O/C memory and lost both LCD
2x1gb Ram for new system.
Page file
ram issues
Where can I find DDR 550 2G memory kit?
Is a paging file always necessary?
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4 x 1Gb DDR500
Dilemma ...
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Duel vs Single channel AMD FYI
Why do certain motherboards not like certain types of ram?
Gskill or Mushkin deals abound? Which would you buy?
best ram for performance....without
OCZ4002048PFDC-K very bad overclocker
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Memory Timing
Can I run 4X1Gb on Asus A8N Premium at DDR 400
We'll Get DDR2 Then DDR3 What About Laptops?
2-3-2-5 DDR400 vs 3-4-3-8 DDR500
Timing vs. High Frequencies Article
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A8N-E Performance Issues
OCZ memory rated up to 3.1. Is 3.2 overkill?
Kingston HyperX 512MB BH-5 @ Newegg - $46.55
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2Gigs of RAM & Windows Paging File
Geil 1GB DDR400, worth it?
low latency vs bandwith (ddr2)
Ballistix Tracer pc4000..any good?
Corsair TWIN2x1024-8500 quick peek
RAM upgrade
Taskmanager says cpu usage 90-100%
Corsair Value Select DDR2 Chips? Tell me what you think they are.
Quick upgrade question..
should i upgrade?
Alienware Laptop question
4 gig but XP Pro only seeing 3.25 HUH?
Opteron 165 + my touchie memory + overclocking
Harmfull or Helpfull?
sandra bandwidth test
What timings should I be using?
Memory reallocation problem and a random ?
Dual Channel vs Single
Memory timmings question
Spek Tech who??
Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2
Quick Question about RAM + Gaming
OCZ memory problems on DFI NF4 Ultra-D mobo
Should I even bother OCing??
Need answer for dual-channel question
NF4 RAM problems?
Need Help by Prime95
1.5gb worth it?
What's better!?!?!
1T/2T timing
Tight timings vs high overclock
Intel Memory Tweaker
What is DDR2?
Memtest on Radeon Xpress 3200
Best 2Gb Kits for gmaing set up (will be overclocked)
ddr2- help
How do I find out ALL the timings on my memory?
How's the Ballistix ???
newbie, memory overclocking
Corsair Combatability in Dual Channel
Dose it worth it?
This Kingston ram good?
how to check what my memory voltage is at?
Trash 3200 Ram for newer...?
Am i hittin my swap???
Wierd problems with new 2*512 kit
OCZ DDR500 vs G.SKILL DDR500 vs Mushkin DDR500
Is it worth to upgrade ddr400 to ddr500 ram?
What's wrong with PATRIOT 3200XBLK?
What's this ram worth?
Need some help/advise with memory/cpu/mb combo.
Some benchmarks of my 3 year old Corsair XMS TwinX PC3200
Will 1G kit run with 2G kit.
3GB of ram but XP-pro only recognizes 2GB
ram to go with Operton 165
Corsair CMX512R-3200C2 Chips?
OCZ 4GB kits for Vista
Some benchmarks on 4x512 vs 2X1Gb (Mushkin XP4000)
Failing test 5 with memtest-86 ver 3.2
Duel Channel DDR400 Problems
Whats wrong with my Memory?
Bought 2gb Mushking Extreme (PC4000) RAM, what to do first?
Better DDR?
What should I build with this RAM 4x 512MB PC2700 non ecc
G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) OC Report
Gigaram any good?
Crucial ballistix 2 gig rma ?
dell deminsion 8200 - blank sticks
1T or 2T?
RAMDrive Q's
A useful mem. divider calculator.
will this memory be OK?
Will my DDR2 533 work in this mobo?
OCZ DDR500 EL GXT Timing
Patriot Memory Question - XLBK PC3200
1st 2T trial
2GB Doesnt Improve Gaming!
2gigs G.Skill DDR500 problems
Anybody get Corsair TwinX 2048-3200C2 Kit to run on S939 board?
Need links proving 2gb improves gaming.
Problem installing two memory sticks
Mushkin winbond BH-5
PDP Patriot XBLK PC4800
Memtest stable but can't even boot into windows
Went all out for ram... Call me a retard!
compatability ?
Faster RAM in slower mobo
BF2 - More Memory or Dual Channel?
Typical mem bandwidth of s478 Intel rigs
Which is faster 2Gb of 667Mhz or 1Gb of 800Mhz DDR2 ?
Don't buy Samsung modules!
Run Dual-Channel or Not?
1GB of Crucial Ballistix for $99
Need Expertise On Ram Settings
Keep the tight timings? or just get all new? hmm
Alternatives to Thaiphoon?
Need opinions on upgrading my memory modules
is this goodram
OCZ RAM Problem - would someone check my logic before I RMA
4 modules overclocking
What chips are on Corsair ValueSelect 667MHz DDR2?
when is the next release of DDR2
quick question on dual channel
Which ram, 2x512 DDR2_667
Memory stability/3dmark 05
Dual channel help
Better? 2GB dual channel or 3gb single channel?
Corsair XMs
Can memory be holding me back?
Best DDR500 memory to get
OCZ gold 3200 512X2
Which 2x1gb DDR500?
Which is better? from these two
Patriot DDR533 2x512 any good?
Need more info about timings
ocz gold ram with opteron suggestion for timings
Team Group Tank Guys: Need Volt Specs
BH-5 is worth what now?
I need an opinion on this RAM
Timings or Mhz with this RAM?
nf7-s and OCZ ram
G.SKILL 2 x 1GB DDR2 800 Cas 4?
what ram would you get? DDR 400 or More?
Best DDR2 2GB Kit
Need instructions
Kingston 512 MB ram $19.99 after $45.00 mail-in rebate.
Memory timings
What chips do "Gskill PC4000 2x1024MB F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ" use?
crucial ram question.
Memory not appearing in BIOS?Compatible?
Hynix Running @ 300mhz to my surprise
Samsung Starting To Make 80nm DDR2 Memory
drastic increase in performance?
Should I upgrade my RAM?
Help needed
1Gb to 2Gb really an upgrade?
Kingston HyperX 1GB for overclocking
RAM comparison
Crucial Ballistix Failures (twice)
OCZ Vx Gold Series Questions
Intel chipset memory tweaker
How Does This Ram Look?
I want to upgrade my wife's memory, but...
G.Skill F1-3200PHU2-1GBZX Unstable
2GB @ 250mhz VS 1gb @ 300mhz for gaming?
Need some 2GB memory capable of DDR600
TCCD DDR600 2.5-3-3-7 twenty four seven: The ultimate settings
How much of a difference does it make if memory is 2t vs 1t
Help Choosing
Heatspreaders Falling Off !!
Geil Evo One
Which is better Performance wise? Please help I need to order ram
HELP! GeIL Value GE1GB3200BHDC ???CHIP???
2048MB Corsair TwinX XMS2-6400 DDRII 800MHz
More Vdimm on OCZ Gold GX XTC PC4000?
need advice
whats the fastest ram?
Ordering ram now
4 Sticks of Memory Failing Memtest
Team Group PC4800 TCCD Are In !!!!!!!!!!
Is my memory a bottleneck?
G.SKILL value or regular?
PATRIOT mem: very cheap
Slower 1GBx2 vs. Faster 512x2
PAT question (enabled/disabled)
2 x 512 Geil DDR 400 CL2.5 Question
Team Group Cronus DDR533 "microns" on there way!
Need opinions on memory
GSkill PC4000
Adding another 1gb
mixing memory latencies
Centon ram timing?
wow...see the deal on g skill at the egg?
Twin2x2048 6400 Pro Vs Twin2x2048 5400
OCZ Plat Rev2 - TCCD again?
need help deciding on 2x1gb DDR500
asus a8v-deluxe ram compatability?
Another which 2gb thread
Team Xtreem Cronus 2Gb (Samsung) Benches
Transflash memory
RAM votes......
Corsair Unveils the World's Fastest Production DDR2 and DDR1
dual channel v non dual channel
Corsair ValueSelect 1GB PC3200 stick ; found UCCC chips
Prime95 usage question
best ocing 2gb set
3 gigs
Corsair ValueSelect timing/volt question
On the Vista Horizon: 2Gb or...more?
Adding another gig to OCZ value UTT DC
AOPEN AK79D-400MAX Can It Run 3x512 DC Mode
Is something wrong with my memory???
2 Gbyte Corsair...What chips?
Why is my ram running at 100mhz?
Looking for DDR500
Which 1 gb stick to add to my system?
Which 1 gb stick to add to my system?
It IS possible to use ddr266 on new computers lmao
Is 2gig necessary?
TCCD or UTT for new system?
Mushkin 2GB XP4000 Black Series Test Results
Tracing fault addresses
GSkill 2GB Extreme Kit: DDR500 Dual Fails, Single Passes
Crucial Ballistix 512MB
Stability issues with new ram
G Skill Extreme 2 Gig Kit
Should I upgrade to 2GB or no?
OCZ or G.Skill for A8N32-SLi / X2 4800+ setup?
4Gb RAM in dual channel?
Gskill Extreme 2GB DDR 500 Not ocing for nothing(need help)
Gigabyte 7N400S-L and DDR voltage
Memory bandwidth OK?
new gskill and ocz - infineon or micron?
Comparison of G.Skill "Value" 2x1gb and PDP 2x1gb DDR
Better to run 1:1 or 5:4 for A64
Memtest86 Freezing?
Memory Timings and MHZ Performance Explained
TWINX1024-3200C2PT tccx still?
2x1gb 2-2-2-5?
gaaaah i think i got the wrong ram!!
gaaaah i think i got the wrong ram!!
tcc5, to volt, or not to volt.. that is the question.
Upgrading Ram: Need Answers and Advice: 2-2-2-x @2.8V
cpu:RAM dividers and performance issues
2gb and dual channel question
I need some info
Any adverse effects reg/ecc ram
Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2PT 2GB Kit $176 @ ZZF
Next-Gen DDR2 Coming In March
Corsair DDR2-1000
wrong memory settings
Advanteges of more memory
What did you use to ship your RMA? UPS, fedex, Regular mail?
memtest & dual channel
memtest86 ?
Teamgroup PC4800 --- TCCD ?
DDR2 PC2-4200 CL3 or 5300 CL4???
Is today's Value ram better than old Quality?
Can This board handle this memory?
From Crucial Tech: RAM Safe Operating Temps
ocz pc4000 gold gx xtc what chips??
Still have problems, need help urgently
Anyone know what kind of chips are on this RAM?
Can someone explain this report to me?
Ram cooling
Opinions on Corsair Xms 2x1gb Ram
Can't find what type of memory I use
Buying oc Ram
Bad Ram:(
Team Xtreem Series PC4000 1GB BH-5
OCZ Gold volt
P5WD2-e Vdimm mod for 8000ul
Crucial Ballistix: 3rd set went out!
Memory questions again
Mushkin 4000
Mem cooling
Unbuffered, registered?
Should i get new motherboard!
Jerky GamePlay - HDD or Memory? (pic inside)
Need inexpensive 2GB kit
Most Memtest Errors you Have ever Seen
Help a n00b with a 2 gig Mushkin kit
Patriot xblk hitting 300mhz- DDR600 :) :)
How much voltage is too much? - Patriot XBLK's
Help picking RAM
Error on memtest86+ on loop 17
different memory latency
XMS Corsair 3200 2X1gb 3-4-4-8
Help! RAM wont work!
Money not a problem here....what to do?
difference between 2.5-4-4-7 & 3-3-3-8
Geil Value, or Corsair Value ??
Dead BH-5 or UTT...possible FIX
pc3200 only running at pc2700 speeds?
how do i check RAM speed?
X2 4800 @ 4800Mb/s @ 1T, Help??!?
New to DDR2
4gb... again
Need some 265mhz+ ddr sticks for Intel rig.
Latency question
Adding left over ram to my 1gig dc set, yay or nay?
What memory would be good for me?
2-2-2-6 timing question
OCZ Gold Series ???
Buying RAM, need advice
More memory = Lower 3DMark05 score?
My GSkill 2GBHZ kit =(
Amount of RAM for Internet use, and some DVD burning??
G Skill Ram
G.Skill DDR2 533 thoughts...
Which 2x1 Kit for me
BH-5 Still hot?
cheap pny 2gb any good? $120AR
Raise RAM voltage?
OCZ ddr booster problems on nf7-s v2.0
Corsair -- TwinX2048-3200PT
The new ram is here :)
G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) timing
suggest some budget ram
how do I find memory voltage from within windows?
what ram chips are these?
GSkill Value
Samsun/Kingston, wont run ddr333?
Corsair XMS 3500
Very nice page detailing memory parameters
What 2x1 GIG best for me
Memory tweakers for chipsets Intel 865/875 & 915 925 945 955 975
Can faulty RAM cause data corruption?
Options for my rig
SeanOMatic: 4GB of DDR2-5400 Value Pro on P5WD2-E?
memory timing 2.0-2-3-6
Memory divider help???
2x256 Corsair BH5 - Double-sided
DDR2 and Dual Channel DDR2
DDR500: Mushkin or G. Skill
What would you recommend?
need some help making a choice for 1 Gig sticks of PC4000 ram
Boosting Computer Performance ?
Help! Corsair XMS 2-3-3-6 No OC
reccomended virtual mem for 2gb of pc4200
why ddr 550 instead of ddr400
OC'd CPU, ram won't run at rated??
1x1GB Corsair VS UCCC Results
TwinMOS DDR1/DDR2 RAM no longer at NewEgg?
Should I worry about DDR2 when upgrading?
Low CAS worth 90$?
what was the sight for wholesale memory prices?
PC3200 running at PC2500?
is this alright?
Gskill TCCD need help!
ASrock 939 Dual - Dual channel with 1t timings working
Can PQI 5400 Turbo 1GB run at 700+ mhz?
Advise needed please on updating ram
Memory Voltage Question Hekp Please
**Help -- Which of these 2GB kits do you think is best?** (Trying to catch a rebate)
Frozed up
high vcore, low vdimm kills memory?
pc4000 that lights up
Whats wrong w/ my TCCD ram?!
TeamGroup 2x1gb pc4000 Cronus!
dual channel and a 3rd stick of ram
Memory running at half speed?
HELP DDR2 Dont see much on?
Do you really need expensive memory?
2X1024 or 4X1024
What kind of cooling do you use on your ram?
Help with Mushkin XP 4000s
My Mushkin BH-5 Suicide Run...
Overclocking using Samsung Original DDR400 PC3200 RAM - please help
what are ram timings? and how do i use them?
BSOD while overclocking my GeIL Ultra X BH5
Can any of these 2 GB kits hit 290-300 (assuming no other issues)?
Cursed be the day i added another gig
Need Help!!!
Overvolting Kingston HyperX??? Is it SAFE???
ocz gold & platinum
Overclocking my system with RAM not rated for the board
Crashes driving me nuts
Need help to identify what RAM can I use for my 2.4 version C computer!!
PQI DDR 2 Memory running at 502mhz instead of DDR2 800? Help!
GSKILL DDR600 Voltage Question
OCZ Platinum Rev. 2 question
Kingston KHX3500AK2/1G (512 x 2)
1gb 400mhz vs 2gb 333mhz
Can someone check this settings for stability?
high-end ram, I don't get it.
Extra Cooling and Heatspreaders no affect on O/C
749 Memtest errors.. consensus???
Ram recomendation
More Ram or Higher FSB?
DDR500 new memory
DDR2: totally confused
Mushkin Extream 2gig set
Which ram to buy.....please help
PQI 5400 @ 2.2V - is this safe?
Memory Performance Question
OCZ ram, where in EU?
How important is a heatspreader?
memory question
Memory with motherboard Question???
Weird memory problem.
from 2.5-3-3-5 to 2-2-2-5, no improvement
from pc2700 to pc3200
BF2 needing more RAM?
ocz platinum pc3200 2x1gb
replacing ram in a Abit IS7
BIOS and OS only recognizes 2 gigs of RAM
what are required to RMA?
adding a little more RAM but slower
Memory Timings
ocz gold edition not at cas2
Spectrum PC133 bad
More ram.
Anybody with Crucial Balistix PC3200?
Another Memory thread.
Which of these memory sets is best?
Dual Channel possible with 3 DIMMS on nForce4?
DDR266@376: Mislabeled SPD, lucky OC, or just an effect of "economy of scale"?
Cas Latency?
Paging file size for 2gb RAM
Need Suggestions for 2GB Upgrade, Socket 754
2 GIG kit, which brand should i buy ?
from 1gb to 2gb, any changes?
For the Mushkin Guys: any plans for a XP Redline 4Gb kit in the near future?
I need to pick your brain about your memory experience
Need Help Badly!
which memory
when M2 comes how much memory will you run
Xtreem Group BH-5 Timings?
Anyone bench 8000ul?
1T and 2T matter anymore with A64?
DDR600 <=2.8v?
Epox9nda3+ wants pc3200 i bought pc4000, what bios settings need to be changed
4x512 vs 2x1024
memory Upgrade for Asus A8N-SLI Prem
My new Geil Ultra PC-4000 memory :attn:
mushking 2gb help
Whats the best 2GB kit for $200 ?
Single Sided and Double Sided Dimms
High and loose or low and tight?
Overclocking my Geil Ultra-X (UTT-BH), results seem low
Corsair XMS pc4400
DDR "Drive Strenth"
Memory Help please
Gonna get some ram.
from Mushkin Redline 1Gb to 2Gb...would it affect perf?
OCZ 2GB Platinum kit - best settings on DFI?
Corsair mem and other mem ?s
greetings... gigaram results your opinions welcome
pc2 ram, price up or down?
Problems overclocking my BH5
need some memory that will run 300+htt
mushkin or g.skill 2gb set?
Help with new PC4000 settings?
Guatam's going to wet himself
Do anybody know A-Data chips marked ADD9608A8A-5C
Difference in performance ?????
Question: DD400 or 500
Is This Good OC'ing Memory?
Adding memory...question...
Virtual memory too low?
micron 5g or 5d?
GEIL ULTRA X chips....
What chips do I have?
ddr2 sodimm's and newegg is out of stock on the cheap stuff.
Socket M vs S1207 Explained (Why FBdimms vs DDR2)
2-2-2-8 timing memory
Does my RAM suck, or am I missing something as usual?
newbie to memory, what is 1T and 2T?
Getting weird graphic distortion on my CMOS post screen...
What could be killing my ram?
DDR2 boards backward compatible?
Tonicom PC166 256MB (168-pins) SDRAM
More speed or more RAM but same kind....
Help me find the right RAM!
2g of pc4000 or 4g of 3200