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What could be killing my ram?
DDR2 boards backward compatible?
Tonicom PC166 256MB (168-pins) SDRAM
More speed or more RAM but same kind....
Help me find the right RAM!
2g of pc4000 or 4g of 3200
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RAM Speed Benifits with Opteron 165
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Dividers and Performance
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System freezes
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Recomendation on cooling this ram kit?
G.SKill Extreme DDR500 VS OCZ GOLD DDR500
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PSC chips on OCZ Premier 1Gb kit
Advice on RAM upgrade
Tighten or increase speed
MemTest-86 and Memory Bandwith
2GB GEIL Ultra Series Kills My Machine
I feel like I wasted a bunch of $$$ on my new 2x1Gig RAM...
2x512 ocz400512elge Gold w/ocz booster set at 2.9-3.0v
How much voltage is too much?
G-Skill Exteme Series?
need help with memory timings
What voltage do I need? and other ?'s
Onboard Video and OC RAM limited?
Wierd ram problem...
OCZ 2x1024 GOLD ddr500 and a8n sli
A8N32-SLI + Winbond BH5 + A64 3200
Why does CMOS recognizes different memory at different FSB?
pc2 5600 vs pc2 6400?
Does any OCZ ram work with Asus' A8N32?
Best RAM for EpoX 8RDA3+PRO?
OCZ EL 4800 Platinum - Good choice?
Question about ram timings and Latencies
Will 2Gig give faster loading times compared to 1Gig?
Best 512mb Pc3200 Ram available?
Are these two compatible?
New Computer reading 512 sticks as 256
I never know what memory to buy....
Adding new RAM problem - please advise
Memory voltage
How much may I be able to overclock my ram
ddr2 on amd
Will these Crucial Ballistix sticks die?
one stick FSB=315 2 sticks FSB=230?
capacity or speed
OCZ Plat EL Rev.2 VS. Crucial Ballistix?
Corsair TWINX-1024 3200C2 Overclocking Results
OCZ Platinum Enhanced Bandwith Series?
Which RMA To Use : NewEgg, G.Skill
2nd set of Ballistix=winner!
Fast 2GB Kits Review at Anand.
Help with some confusion please
BH-5? WHOOTT!! corsair 3200 LLPT V1.1
OCZ Platinum EL Rev1 Vs Rev2 ... Need some advice
Identifying High density Ram and Low density ram
Memory Help Please!!
4x 512mb or 2x 1 gb sticks ?
1 1gb or 2 512s?
Best overclocking 2x1GB kit?
problems with 290htt
How much voltage is too much?
Crucial and Overclocking
A question about the RAM I bought
Lowest latency mem. pair of 2gb DDR500
what pc4000 for light overclock?
what memory??
OCZ Plat EB vs Mushkin XP PC4000
First build, Epox board, Need help choosing Ram
some help with 2 1gb g-skills sticks
what does pc 3200 x8
Overclocking my BH-5
MEMORY dummy please help
Memtest86 playing tricks? or just too unforgiving?
No longer dual channel...
Delete please
GeIL ONE Series
Is this a good deal?
1 or 1.5 gigs
First Overclock!
vote best ram to over clock with pleas vote help me pick
DDR2 Ram suggestions?
need help deciding
Thermaltake cooling kits, worth it?
pc2700 performace killer
need a little help!
What happened to Ballistix 1GB sticks? Gone from crucial.com
Back from vacation
10GB of memory Overclocked
questions on my 4 dimm slots
With 2 GB of RAM, is it a decent idea to turn off virtual mem in XP?
New OCZ ddr500 / Fatal1ty setup
Anyone have these DDR2 Ballistix Tracers?
Which 2x1gig RAM?? Last time I'll ask! I promise!
My new ram upgrade kicks A!
Crucial Ballistix 2x512 ddr400
need some math answered
Looking for decent ddr2
Kingston pc3200 value ram chip ????
RAM table?
Is 2GB better Then 1GB?
is my ram hoolding me back?
Need advice
OCZ Gold (1x2Gigs) timings
DDR ram work in non-DDR mobo?
Power surge damage memory?
Mushkin XP PC4000 2GB Help? "Urgent"
Timings or Speed for games?
did i make a big mistake
Need help identifying best ram for my setup (gaming)?
memory timings help PLEASE
Kingmax PC4000 DDR500 (2x512MB) 184-pin DIMM
Bye-bye for ballistix?
memory question
Winbond BH-5......UTT BH-5???
Is my Mushkin BH-5 dieing?
OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Platinum Rev 2
what is the best 2gb kit
What NS is this RAM ?
2 gig kit problems
identifying DDR2
Dual Channel?
need some memory issues cleared up
Mushkin New XP2-5300-DDR2 3-3-3-10 Memory
supertalent 1 GB kit PC3200
memtest trouble!
Thank you UPS man..
poor cosair oc
best 1gb ddr kit
1 GB Or 2 GB
Sorting out what DDR500 to buy
Where can I find Corsair XMS DDR437 2gb kit?? (instock??)
Any point in faster DDR2 ?
1GB Samsung RAM isn't stable at anything more than 150mhz...
Gskill PC4000 2x1024MB F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ Any good?
Using Seperate HD for Virtual Memory
What IC's on Gskill 2GB HX, ZX, and HZ series'?
i know you shouldnt mix brands but?
Memory for P4
question about running 1:1
Where can you buy gold vx or redline
Which RAM should I buy (DDR400 2x512MB)?
what frequency
Suggestion for the ram threads
Incompatable sticks (Corsair & G.Skill)
Best memory for Pentium M 770 / Asus P4P800-E DLX
Difference between 2 G.Skill memory module!
Theoretical question re CPU:DRAM ratio
Problems with 4 sticks of ram
Quick Mem Question
Whats a good memory testing for windows?
What is difference between these OCZ modules?
Help Memtest Question
What ram for this setup?
CPU-Z reporting erroneous memory timings?
OCed X2 3800+ to 2745Mhz but lost 17Mhz RAM frequency
error always on the spot.
Patriot RAM .. which ICs / PCB ?
which ddr 2 has the highest bandwidth
Komusa PC-4200 hyperam woes
trying to oc need help
OCZ Memory Decision.....
Mushkin PC 3200 DDR + AMD 64 X2 4400+
ddr heaven
noob question....sorry
want to have 2 gig
2x512+2x256 on A64: 1T or 2T?
I need to know the deal.....
Bad Memory?
I need more RAM
Timings or Speed?
Memory Problems (can't get right freq)
Mass vs. Class
Help me optimizing my ram
ADATA with UCCC, but what is it
Would it be worth it?
DDR 400 stuck at 333.. bios set to 400
Can't decide: PQI DDR2 PC4200
Help me pick new RAM
G.Skill Got Here, Need Help
G.Skill LA or LE?
Corsair spec questions
Researching RAM for the heck of it and have a question on this ram
DDR and DDR2 comparisons
1GB for my system?
Best corsair 2GB for my PC build
Identify these chips for me
2 x 512 value overclocking ram recomendations
DDR2 vs. DDR?? confused?
Oc'ing My Ballistix
Help identifying my memory please
Freak of Nature
Question about latency related to frequency
Wow! 300MHz at 2-2-2-5 (Old skool BH-5 of course!)
OCZ Plat Rev.2 232mhz barrier Help Pls
PC350-PC480 2Gb memory KIT
Kingston KHX-7200 DDR2-900
Got myself some OCZ 4800 elites
Dual Channel on Single Channel
Down to 3 I think ..
Ahh meh,,, So many choices and so little money...
Fry's ram deal -- Corsair Value Select 2x1gb PC4200 DDR2
Did PNY just make my life more complicated?
Question on Buying Ram
best ram upgrade?
Kingston ValueRam 1GB PC4200 DDR2
What Chips?
Corsair XMS TwinX-1024 3200C2 Problems
Corsair XMS or OCZ Gold Edition?
RAM Upgrade Question
memory for epox 9npa+ sli board
Problem running OCZ 2x512 PC3200 on ABIT NF7SV2.0
which of these is the better ram for ocing?
How Much Is Enough?
OCZ 2GB or G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB
Burn in reversal
Power supply?
super fast ram!!!!!!!!
mushkin xp4400 2x dual kit problem
performance/stability - 2 matched vs 2 unmatched
Crucial DDR2 1000 pc2 8000
DDR signal strenght and OCZ 2gb kit
Memory voltage question
what memory is this?
Which is better ? 4x512 or 2x1GB
2x1GB: Is Samsung UCCC the new high end stuff?
PC3200 settings question
How to get 4GB RAM?
pc3200 /-/ pc4000 /-/ pc4400
1gb pc3200 vs 1.5gb pc2700
selecting DDR2 for new asus p5wd2-e 975
Gskill ES PC4000 2GB kit
newb w/ ram help me find timings?
How much will 2x1gb effect gameplay?
What RAM is this?
blah so i cant find ram for my computer on any of the regular memory sites.
Which way would you go?
DDR2 dual channel q
Which of these would you pick?
Let the magic smoke out - AMD RAM recommendations?
I am stunned! Standard Crucial 2-2-2-5
Help me pick new RAM
patriot memory
why can't I lower memory timings?
which would be better?
memory loss? is it me or my rig?
I Need Your Recommendations: DDR That Do 1:1 @ 295 HTT
New memory the computer reboots!
DDR333 > DDR400
PC3200 Showing up as PC2700 Help Please
Problem with my memory (or is it somthing else?)
Can I put PC3200 in a mobo meant for PC2100?
Windows memtest: How long?
Micro Drives, Compact Flash II, What is the verdict on them?
Need a recommendation
memory upgrade causing reboot
1GB dual channel or 1.5GB single channel?
Looking for a good 2gb set
oc with patriot...how
Help for Bf2 upgrade
memory problem
Wondering which DDR2 set to get?
geil ultra x upgrade...
Help! OCZ 2GB choices! (too many!)
1gb stick issues
How does this Corsair XMS 2-3-3-6 overclock?
Dual Channel Ddr Ram Pc4800 ????
PC3500 Push it how far?
G.Skull vs Mushkin vs OCZ?
Looser timings = CMOS wipeout? Please Help!
RAM for opty 146 with this MOBO
Ram for 2 X 1GB on NF2
Most reliable & stable DDR2 currently?
Just ordered my sticks!
looser timings, better performance?
1GB ddr upgrade
** Need memory suggestion for my new setup **
Does Crucial Memory high a failure rate
Looking for 2GB set of RAM that can do 275+
Gskill vs Mushkin 2gb
In need of memory advice
Looking for 2gb of ram that do @260-265 on divider
time for memory upgrade
Cant Breach 260, RMA?
Motherboard and memory compatablity issue
Quick ram question
memory over-rated?
512 reading as 448
Exessive PF usage
Need some memory to go with my 144 Opteron
4x512 ram memory Which one shud i buy?
*sigh* need some help
Getting some new memory...question about how I should install
Mem Questions Plz(tx)
TCB3 question
Opinions of GeIL?
A64 Noob needs guidance with Memory
PQI 2gb Turbo kit PQI3200-2048DBL Test
Help replacing my outdated 2x256 Corsair XMS 2700
Gigaram or G.Skill? ( 2 x 1GB )
When are high OCing 2GB kits going to show up??
Loading up My new Computer
Finally got my memory faster
Having a very odd problem with ram...
Dual dual-channel..
Help me choose 2GB for A8N-SLI Premium and AMD 3700+
Bios Detecting Timings Wrong
Battlefield 2 and My Memory
Final choice
Making a new computer
Why is my ram running at just 100mhz?
Windows based memory timing software. I can't remember the name of the tool.
what is the difference between these sets of ram?
Windows only sees 2gigs
Got rid of the crucial tracers .. need new 2gb kit
(OCZ ) Are these TCCD sticks?
what chips are this
Problems with geil ultra x and epox 9nda3
RDX200 Owners Questions
4gbs of PQI will not clock properly
Ultra 1024mb claiming to be TCCD
Ram for Opteron 144.
Looking for a Mushkin Rep
Is this memory dual-channel (able)
Corsair TWINX1024-3200c
Ram for Athlon XP?
Silly Memory question...
3gb of economy RAM for Abit NF7-S, is it worth it?
I need ram for my system... DDR2 2x 1GB...
Command rate or latency?
bad RAM sticks? i think so....
PC3200 in a slower Motherboard
geil ultra x
G. Skill Reliability?
2x256mb and 1x512mb
Sugestions for a new biuld
Tight Timings or Higher Bandwith?
DDR500 or OC DDR400?
new passive ram cooler?
OCZ platinum series running at 2.8v
Are these OCZ DDR550 anygood?
Low Memory Bandwith
Timing adjustments for overclocking
I cant find stable settings for this G.Skill pc4000
Question about mixing RAM...
Why memory limits?
What chips do these Mushkins have
Question about timings...
Very possibly a newb memory question...
Modding Voltage
dual channel...
My memory cut in half *sad*
new system!
pc2700 speed
I want to run my xms 4000 corsair platinum at default 250 bus
Opteron memory controller Q?
what's the difference between notebook and system ram?
Low supply of Kingston Hyper X pc4000
Dual Channel 1.5GB?
need a low down on ram
Safe timings for Corsair VS CAS2.5 512 sticks.
Gigabyte 7N400-L0 memory problem
quick q on mem install
Anyone have The Corsair XMS TwinX 2GB (2x1gb) 3200 Ram? How do they OC?
Ram for a Laptop?
Crucial Ballistix DDR500
Time for new setup, need advice w/ memory: G.SKILL Extreme Series or Mushkin?
These darn XMS 4400s
The problem
GSkill price drop on thier ddr500 2gig kits
Is this good ram?
Ultra-cheap Micron memory
hellow guys, question about this ram ocz 3200
TCCD on sale for $132 2x512
another stick or new brand?
ddr400 and duron 1.8
How important is dual channel? this ram look nice?
Memory for Gigabyte GA K8N Pro SLI
current bandwith of DDR/DDR2?
Does anyone remember the "old OCZ"
G.Skill Value Ram DDR, 1gb ~$75 Initial Review
My new ram D.O.A.??? Will not post.
Best PC4000 RAM ??
Kingston pc-7200 DDR-2 2x1gig.
BH-5 overclocking, help the noob
Dual Channel Memory Placement.
ram speed
Laptop memory CAS latency question
Low voltage 2gb kit
GeIL ONE BH problems
PQI limitations and Burn-in capability?
Would I suffer any problems by doing this?
should i get this stuff
How much RAM do you really need?
Maximum bandwith 6400mb/s w/a64?
Help on my ram decision..
Help choosing ram
Is this a good 2x512 kit ?
2.5V Ram
PC3200 Laptop memory works on my laptop?
A64 memory? noob needs help ; ;
Cant overclock since installing Dual Channel DDR!
Help with Balistix Plz
XMS Platinum with x2 3800?
dual channel
Ram Vs Cpu Upgrade!!??
Does ram need cooling to work at 3.4???
basic dual channel question
Memory benchmarks?
Did I fry my OCZ pc3200 Plat. Rev2s ver 1.1 sticks?
Need 512MB of cheap ocing ram
Got my Plats, now what
Problem with my ram?
Ok last check before I buy
I was suprised. OCZ 3200 dual channel plat. series.
Which memory? (2x1gb)
It was like finding treasure buried under a heatspreader
Am I really Losing Alot?
No go on dividers?
mushkin pc 3500 black level II with amd 64?
14 errors in memtest?
Best 2X512 PC4000 Kit OR PC3200
Ballistiz 2gb SXMoke and mirrors pretty to look at or do you oc it
how to package ram when shipping?
ddr2 DC notebook, why low bandwidth?
Advice On RAM To Buy
dual channel in a non dc board?
which RAM in which machine?
Any logical way to tweak ram timings?
Adding Memory to Dual Channel setup
Just found some BH5 in my old ram library, WOW!
I need help deciding what ram to purchase -- Budget 250 dollars
Question about memory speeds
another gskill thread fx's only doing 250
What do you thing of Corsair ValueSelect RAM?
WTF!?!? CPU-Z says 640MB, XP says 384MB
I luv this Ram!
Memory Confusion
G.SKILL PC4400 2.5-3-3-7 TCCD Problem?
Gskill ZX bit disappointing
GSkill Extreme 2GB Question
memory timings
Does Anyone Know If These Settings Are Correct For My Mobo/ram?
How high can vdimm go?
OCZ 3200vx?
Out of the memory loop for a while, have a few questions.
1GB or 2GB?
What is a good OCing 2x1gb kit that won't burn up on me?
1T 2T settings
Decision time between these 2 (2 x 1GB) Moduels
reseat fixes memtest error?
Infineon or Samsung?
how come i can't run at 400mhz?
Quick question: DDR2 and AMD
Corsair 3200C2PRO v4.3 (2x512) HELP
Weird Problem.. Corsair (value) vs XMS.
Will someone please help an OC n00b?
I belive my ram is toast
Best 2x512 Kit DDR
Mix matching ram?
do I need burning in
Is my memory holding my system back?
does all BH-5 scale similar?
Concidering upgrading to better RAM
G.skill 4800
Help me pick some RAM for my dad
Corsair Ddr2 675 / Intel D925excv2 Bios Problems (help)
DDR400 running at DDR333.
G.skill F1-4400DSU2-1GBFC or?
Importance: Bandwidth > MHz?
New Build....THIS CLOSE.....
Compatiblity issue with 4GB of Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400
Blue mushkin extreme pc4000?
OCZ PC3200 Gold UTT 260mhz 2-2-26-T1 3.46v
Latency Question
Want a new cheap 1gig stick to replace poor performing Corsair Value Select.
Max MHZ for TWINX1024-3200C2?
AS5ing heatspreaders.. is it needed?
Which of these (RAM) do you recommend?
P4P800E Deluxe and XP3500 Redlines?
Higher ram with intention of underclocking?
New memory - what do you think?
Help with Memory Timing
How will I notice really loose timings?
help picking out ram, no clue