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Ram for Athlon 64 3000+ ?
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OCZ Booster working???
G.Skill 4400 LE boot issue
Add 2 x 512mb or change to 2 x 1024mb?
Patriot DDR2 Timings
I give up!!!!
Geil One S: Is there a catch? Help needed.
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Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2gb help
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max voltage OCZ EL Platinum Revision 2
Crucial Ballistix 1GB of 2GB?
List of Chips on Recommended Modules
Creating my Dream machine.
Noob question again....
1g @ 400mhz or 1.5g @ 333mhz
Crucial Ballistix, OCZ Platinum, or G. Skills BHZ?
OCZ Plat PC3200 Rev2 vs OCZ Plat PC3700
Resident Evil: Ram
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wow 1 gig does make a difference in games
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1gb PC4000 Ballistix running 1T @ 280mhz - Possible?
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RDRAM pc800 ?!
max oc with value ram?
G.Skill 1GB DDR LA PC4800
RAM not running at the right speed...
well bye bye redline................Next RMA
Epox 9npa+ultra and ballistix
I never thought I'd regret getting TCCD...
memory upgrade to 2gb....
where do i buy?
Swimming through the Sea of DDR2
which memory is the best.
Geil Ultra-X = Impressive
G. Skill Question
Mushkin XP2-6400 5-3-3-8 back in stock - Whoohoo!
3700 Sandy Memory Question
Bios Question on Memory Timings
What is the story here?
Latencies/timing... confused...
Performance difference?
Does Abit Fatal1ty SL1 Supports DDR 500 (PC 4000) ?
new to memory overclockin.
Question about OverClocking - Please Look
Suggestions: 512x4 or 1GBx2??
Any tools to ID my RAM?
need to replace kingston , opinions wanted
do I want DDR or DDR-2
ddr2/ddr question
G.Skill LE's with heat spreaders
I need cheap high-voltage memory
Corsair XMS PC3200 - BH5
G.E.I.L - waste or value?
Redline PC-4000 with Gskill UTT
which memory slots are better?
Dual Channel Memory?
Dell.....( shaking fist in anger)
Whats wrong with 2 different Ram Brands???
DRAM idle timer
patriot or utt compatibility problem on epox 9nda3+?
5400UL on fire :)
Hynix D43 -- two different sticks ??
512Mb 400MHz AData /VT or 512Mb 400MHz Twinmos
Windows Restarting
Moving to 2GB....
Corsair XMS 3200XL Pro Memory timings
Ram holding back?
Need advice please
Crucial Ballistix single 1gb sticks x2 or 2x1gb kit?
Anybody try these GSkill PC4000 1GB sticks yet?
Just bought this XMS 3200, need help..
MemTest 86+ Errors - What's The Deal Here? Look In
I bet most people here think their memory is rock stable but they might be wrong!
dual channel memory
Please help me to interpret these Memtest results...
How do you rate GEIL memory
Corsair good for laptops?
Modules on DDR2 DIMMs?
Memtest86+ Q
What one? OCZ? Mushkin?
Redline, way to go
ocz ram 4x512 or 2x1gig
BIOS detecting incorrect RAM voltage?!
what does this mean?
Dead Muskin Redline 4000
too run dual channel or single that is the ?
2x 1gig Advice
Ocz Platinum
New memory is IN
5400UL 2.3volts 24/7 is ok?
Out of the swing of things...
PC won't start - no screen
AMD Skipping DDR2-Rambus AMD's new friend
dividers vs bandwith
Corsair XMS PC4400 = dead
Uh oh, ram is failing superpi... help? :(
Getting New Ram OC Question
the best 1GB(2x512) ram for a non overclocked system?
question about OCZ 2x1gig 4000
Help-> 4x512 = 1.5GB??
3200 memory
Bought New Memory...........Question!
1gb OCZ Platinum
I got some new ram but.....
memtest 86+ not reading ram correctly
n00b - Which RAM???
Best ram choice for asus p4c800 deluxe
3 Ram Choices
Quick Ram question!
Memory failing in windows :(
Cheers!! The King of DDRI Samsung TCCD-GSkill FF with heatsink
how the hell does H does this work?!?!
ram upgrade
questions about the balistix
>70 Gig of ram?
Does Winchester support 4 double sided DIMMS?
Dual channel benefit
Bought some new Ram...is this a problem??
Need memory advice
dumb question.
Corsair 8000UL timings?
OCZ platinum series cooling
Is there a way to tell what chips are on your ram before you buy it?
Which Memory to buy at Fry's Electronics?
Which DDR2 1GB x 2 ram?
Best memory for max fsb of nf7-s rev 2.0!!
Memory overclocking on an EPOX 9NPA+ultra
Urgent Help please
What happened to old OCZ PC3700EB ?
Installing RAM need help :\
Patriot DDR 500 DDR1 Normal ram overclock results
Would like Opinions on how to run this new memory plz.
Buffalo TCCD any good?
Why do you guys buy such expensive RAM?
Memory for a HP Pavilion
which chips are OCZ 3200 GOLD C2?
Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB TERRIBLE!
OCZ 3200 el rev 2 plat
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Who has patriot PDC1G3200PSK? How has it OC'ed?
Patriot TCCD not stable w/ 2 sticks???
hyper x 5400 max voltage
RAM sure is picky
What can I use to check memory voltage?
Is your RAM bandwidth low? Read THIS!
Best "Bang" For The Buck?
Back to TCCD
Huh? Is This TCCD? Seriously Cheap!
Bang for the Buck Overclockable Memory
Which ram?
OCZ EL 1gig x 2
2GB reading as 1GB. Waaaah!!!
OCZ performance ram not liking dual channel
Question about OCZ 4000 Gold
Could use some help
Motherboard And Memory Question
bad OCZ memory right of the bat.
memory for asus A8N-SLI Premium
Same timings, 245-270 barely any gains
DDR2 4DIMMS better than 2DIMMS ?
Bad memory controller on mobo or mem itself?
OCZ Issue
Help with decision on 2 x 1GB dual channel kit.
Use 4x512 mb modules or 2x1gb?
Will I even notice a difference?
Max clock on Corsair Value select?
Need some RAM
Is this memory any good? Geil 2x 1gb DDR2 PC5300
Which Intel DDR1 memory to buy
Is this a memory controller problem?
What 2x512 value ram is good for 250fsb?
Just messing around oldschool
DFI NF4 ultra D
Geil Value Ram how high?
Windows improperly enabling PAE? (possible easy perf. boost)
Different sizes dual channel possible?
confused on what mem to get? pc3200 or higher
single sided sticks?
Overclock brand UTT BH-5 - anyone heard of these?
6000+ errors in memtest86+ with ocz ram
What is dual channel and how do I know if I am using it?
Which route would you go?
OCZ Gold EL PC3200 (BH-5?)
OCZ ram question
Will adding more RAM decrease my overclock?
How does deviders work?
pc3200 question.
this sandra bandwith seem right?
2gigs or 1?
is Markvision RAM worth owning?
Need a memory expert here!
2GB of Ram 2x 1GB or 4x 512MB?
Help - Memory Feels Slow (Patriot DDR PC3200) *PICS*
Dual channel question.
Good oc'ing DDR2?
How to identify my Blue-Line?
How to use memory dividers?
Is overclocking memory really worth it?
memtest question
4gb of micron ram install error - help please
TBCS Article: A Tour Of Kingston Technology
Mushkin Question
quick ddr2 reviews
OCz Gold vs Ballistix DDR500s
BH-6, does this look OK?
Cheap UTT ram
Prime95 v24.11 can't allocate more than 1.5GB ?
how good is the OCZ DDR EL Titanium series
CrucialLabs Tracer recommendations
2 gigs of slow RAM or 1 gig of fast?
Where can I find some real cheap 512 PC133 sticks?
Ocz Pc-4200 Ddr2 Gold 3-3-3-8
need help on picking memory
Ballistix -- 2 singles or 2 GB Kit?
how good is patriot extreme ddr2 4200? 3-2-2-4?
OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Platinum 1GB x 2
possible for timings to be too loose?
1 GB --> 2 GB
Good Buy?
How far can I push it?
1gb - Ddr @ 2.5
can't get my BH-5s over 220 FSB
All you Samsung -5 TCCX OC'ers
what is wrong with this score?
I love my Ballistix
I changed my timings...a little
Dual Channel Question
Dividers not working properly?
memtest error, prime95 24h stable .. ??
4x 1GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC4000
Need 2gb (2x1gb Sticks) of DDR2
Engineering sample ram?
Need some advice
TCCD tango
OC'ing question..
Geil One, sweetness!
are 5400ul as great as everyone says?
ValueSelect increase in vdimm .2v
DDR2 frequencys
Will the OCZ booster help me?
Which Is Better..please Help
Ballistix vs. Ballastic Tracer?
help me by memory please
Best memory (2*512) for Epox 9NPA+ Ultra
Basic Ram Question Speed vs Amount
Ram faulty and have no receipt
4Gb on P5WD2 - mild overclocking, best performance sticks?
Regarding Kingston's prepaid return shipping
Quick n00b question!
DFI NF4 UT SLI-DR + 1GB Centon PC3200LL Advance TCCD
Are there any downsides to having 2 gigs of OCZ Plat Rev. 2?
PQI Turbo 512MB PC4200
Buffalo major..TCCD?
Memory timings of 1T and 2T
Chips on RAM
Memory Help Plz(tx)
Mixing brands...
So now, whats the best DDRII ram money can buy? :D
Please help me determine / calculate
TCCD and tight timings
Need suggestions
Worth the money?
wtf kingston ram
OCZ r.2 platinum with Epox 9NDA3+
4 sticks of 512mb. What do I need to know.
Which DDR2 PC2-6400 240 pin RAM should i get
The Best PC3200 (DDR400) Memory? Fast Answers!
Unbuffered System Memory vs Registered System Memory
What did I get??
Memory can't run 1T timing at stock speeds/timings. Do I have a right to RMA?
Which RAM?
2GB of memory
OCZ Cycle time noob
stable Registered memory overclock?
Whats the best DDR1 ram money can buy?
Great but small or normal and big ?
Help understanding MT86+ results
corsair memory quick question
1gb of redlines or 2gb of something else?
DDR500 ram that won't run at 250mhz, help...... please
Memory Recommendation for 3000+ Venice
Flaky Benchmarks
Patriot 1GB(1Stick) Ram Overclocking Great So Far!
Good memory went bad...what's next?
Corsair TCCD vs OCZ Platinum Rev 2
What's with the U in certain ram?
2 gigs with AMD64 - Best choice?
DDR2 Warning (to those looking to buy)
memory bandwidth?
Mushkin Technical Support Thread
What can i doo...
Performance Impact of going from 1 gig to 2 gigs
pushing pc-2700 to the limit
Best price/performance DDR
Hot Flashing BIOS is OK?
Twinmos speeed premium, where can i get a stick???
SDRAM sizes and compatibility.
Weird, crackly Refurb RAM from newegg?
Memtest86+ Guide/How To's
Choose Memory?
Divider/performance question
Corsair: "Performance memory market not about overclocking anymore"
need some help chosing TCCD modules... limited choices
best overclocking RAM for around $100-125
Testing RAMs
Help with 0cz overclock
Mushkin Redline PC 3200 or PC 4000?
People with Abit AN8 boards please read (2GB related)
RAM timings
Memtest Errors
crucial ballistix question
I think my ram is crap -or something cuz i'm getting hella errors...
new mushkin sticks
help please
slot 1-3 vs 2-4 ?
Is it PC2100 or PC133? So confusingggg
A question about some old DRAM
What can I expect from this memory?
Error o.O
I need some help tuning my OCZ gold PC2-6400
Can memtest errors be caused by the NB
4400+ w/ pc4000 which divider
Memory/HTT/Overclock Question.
DDR3 is better than DDR2 is better than DDR1!!
Memory problems
use old ram or buy new?
would you buy ddr500 ram ?
Not Sure What Happened
corsair twin1024-3200c2
question about dual chan
Can this get any better?
cheap hyenix ram
Crucial ballistix
few memory problems
Which RAM for my system...?
pc4000 pc4400 pc4800+ ram?
My pc failed MemTest-86 v3.2 -twice- what now?
Memtest 1.6 and DDR2 Wierdness
Memory advice
did i just fry my 2x1gb ballistix
Crucial Ballistix 1GB stix work with Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
Question about these RAM models
4000 Redlines or 4000VX
What choices do I have for DDR600?
I need some help with DDR2.
ram compatibility
dual channel vs more mbs...
TwinMos-Mtec mem...can`t find info
Rline pc4000 512*2 - TCCD or UTT
Clock speed vs timings?
Turns out it's not the mobo it's the ram...(maybe)
Mushkin redline (4000) probs on DFI NF4
BIOS not registering PC3200 correctly
which to choose
My FSB and mem show different speed
OCZ Gold GX PC3500 + AN7???????problems
Last piece of new rig - help me pick between these two, OCZ vs PQI
What sort of performance boot would I get?
No post after memory overclock
Open Discussion on DDR2
What would be faster?
new p4 640 rig ram recommendations
Help! Looking at 2 gigs 4x512(2T) vs 2x1024(1T)
Cheap PC3200? Not OCing
What new memory will play nice with what i already have?
Patriot PC3200 won't overclock at all?
Laptop memory question
Best memory to run with an X2 3800+ and Sapphire PURE Mobo (codename grouper)?
Memory Decision
Why wont my DDR400 OCZ run at DDR400 instead of DDR364?
Major memory decison
ocz or corsair? which would be best for my machine
OCZ PC3200 Plat Problems - Need info and help
RAM OC-ing. Tigher Timings or Higher Freq?
Question about installing new ram.
Spi32m stable not memtest stable?
Will this ram work?
Next best thing to Mushkin DDR2 6400?
Corsair XL 2x512
Intel 845 chipset CAS latency tweaker?
Burning you RAM: how do you do it?
Corsair Value Select 2x512
Guide: Mem Auto, Memtest, and your sanity.
DDR 2 to DDR Converter! YAY
Anybody have any experience with "high density" 1GB DDR DIMMs?
Do I need Active Memory Cooling at 3.3 Volts?
What is PC4800 RAM for?
MB won't recognize third stick.
Duel channel?
Dual Channel or more memory
Bf2 Ram
Reccommend me ram for my new KILLER RIG!@!
Whats your TCC5 voltage sweet spot
Memory not correctly detected?
Someone taught me a lesson on Dual Channel Today.
Does most TCCD chip based RAM can run 300MHz??
Im still a bit confused...
Memtest on flash disk
New ram, Corsair Value
Just bought these!!!!!!!!
Performance of Samsung UCCC chips on Corsair RAMs
overclocking ram
Memory dilema
New RAM Needed
Is it just me or is Memtest useless?
hot ram
UTT ram, how do they OC?
My experience with Kingston RMA
Refurb worth it?
1T or 2T on NF7-S v2
Which RAM should I pick?
Is my RAM BH5?
Added another gig need help.
Quantity vs Speed?
Crucial OC Question
SPD mis spec?
Is this a mistake ?
settings messed up
PC2700 vs PC4000
Just pulled of heatspreader from PNY PC3500
CPU and memory dillema, doh!!
Am I expecting too much? 4x512@240HTT 2.5,3,3,7 is all shes got
question on laptop ram
Memory in dual mode?
which memory to go with
Problem running 1T with OCZ plat rev 2
Can someone help me with 2 gig memory choice?
apacer vs centon what is better memory?
OCZ Memory question for ULi M1695 chipset board
DDR Booster problem
Netlist 4 Rank modules - Anyone tried em yet?
Higher FSB with 2t or 1t??
I think i killed my ram
Help stabilize DDR600!
What is the fastest DDR2 available?
Price suggestions on RAM?
possible to run pc4000 and pc3200 in dual channel
Risky Business?
1gb ocz gold pc4000 r2 vs. 1gb ocz platinum pc3200 r2
Need help with Samsung PC3200
Mushkin HP 2x1GB troubles (just got it)
wth is rdram?!??
Memory for DFI nF4 Ultra-D
Best Ram for 4400?
Which Memory Around $110?
1T Timing/2T Timing
The Price of RAM these days
Using faster ram in DFI mobos
Interpreting memtest86 results
OCZ DDR Booster
Strange issues with new OCZ PC5400 Memory
Ocz 4000vx
Best Memory Around 150$
1GB PC2100 height issues
Burning in Questions
could it be I need new ram?
Top 3 Memory
can you explain this? memtest problems
Best OC memory for 3200+ Venice
What is the better UTT RAM for OCing?
Windows affect memory scores?
memtest won't run at certain speeds
Does this make any sense??? (RAM issue with K8N)
Stuck, Need Help
what memory kit should i get?
Best RAM for my pc?
Are Pc3200 performance memory, and s939 venice 1 ghz fsb compatable
Corsair BH5 Recommendation Setting
Single DIMM 1GB vs Mixed 2DIMMs 1GB + 256MB
OCZ Rev2 or Patriot ?
Just picked up Kingston Value ram with uccc chips
Wich memory is best to me?
G. Skill memory
CAS1.5 vs. CAS2 (My Findings)
G.Skill Value PC3200
2GB Memory Advices (Not which brand Q)