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Are Pc3200 performance memory, and s939 venice 1 ghz fsb compatable
Corsair BH5 Recommendation Setting
Single DIMM 1GB vs Mixed 2DIMMs 1GB + 256MB
OCZ Rev2 or Patriot ?
Just picked up Kingston Value ram with uccc chips
Wich memory is best to me?
G. Skill memory
CAS1.5 vs. CAS2 (My Findings)
G.Skill Value PC3200
2GB Memory Advices (Not which brand Q)
Help a newb with memory overclock (Crucial Ballistix PC3200 on an Asus A8V Deluxe).
Question for 4x512=2gb
Page file woes & prime95
Urgent help needed!
Older Memory for my AV8
Flash my Bios?
My timings are good or not?
DDR333 works with DDR400 simultaneously?
Best Memory
The DRAM Stable settings Database
OCZ Gold Series OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K
Expensive 512 stick? or Cheap 1 gig stick?
Looking for memory that will do 260Mhz at 2-2-2, UTT?
1GB Stick Kingston ValueRAM , Does it have SPD of 1T, Is it prime95 stable s939?
quick question about my current memory
quick question on which setup is faster
Kingston DDR2 HyperX PC2 6000?
Prime95/Memtest86 Errors Please help
Looking to buy some new RAM
Mushkin! lvl2 Pc2700 ?'s
Which is better ram???
Better performance with better ram, or not?
memory choice HELP
What ram and how much 9300????
What speed is needed (probably dumb question)
Memory Timings
OCZ RAM Choice Confusion!?
Real-world gains from tightly-timed DDR?
Patriot XBLK Errors
Troubleshooting stop errors
Virtual Memory/Pagefile
2 sticks won't work
Memory Optimizer
Analyse my RAM
mixed ram ok?
Tccd 512mbx2 Ddr622 2.5 3-3-6 Pi 32m Pass
Bad Memory?
Redline XP4000 Performance Info?
1gig better than 2gig for overclocking?
What ram should i get ?
Mushkin V2 2x512 Tcc5/tccd
2x1gb OCZ perf. problems. Can't hit decent FSB
questions about bh-5,latancy
PC2700 labeled as "Not Dual-Channel Compatible" (huh?)
Newbie..Looking to learn
Found K-HX in box in closet. What kind of 2-2-2 is it ?
Mushkin lvl2 black: voltage/speeds?
2x512MB of DDR2-667 or better:
which 2x1gb .. crucial or ocz
Matching Memory question
Anyone know anyplace that has crucial ballistic tracer in stock ?
RMA'd OCZ PC3700EB and Received PC4200EL TCC5
How fast will my Corsair Twinx pc3200c2 go?
DDR mem. again nuub question.
OPB 0516WPMW(take 2 )and GSkill FC results
Memory question (Problem?)
DDR600 TCCD vs. DDR500 UTT (Results Inside)
Which Of These 3 Sets Of Ram??? Or Suggestions?
OCZ Enhanced Latency
Ramtron Sold Mushkin
My experience with 4 x 512mB with a Winnie
Running 1:1 vs 5:4
Help Corsair cmx3200ll
officail ramFLOW 6$ direct from abit
Urgent Help Before Purchase.
Is laptop RAM backwards compatible?
Which BIOS (DFI Ultra-D NF4) for this RAM?
need good RAM for ~$200
Program needed to set MEM-Timings at Autostart?
Is DDR2 "Quad-pumped"???
Buying more memory, need advice.
Going dual channel, a few questions..
Active cooling not enough!
GDDR3: Not as good as one would think...
Affordable 1gbx2 DDR500
Patriot PC3200+XBL Question
What sort of OCZ ram would be best suited for me?
Active cooling (fan) your RAM: how do you do it?
is this good RAM? PQI3200-1024DAH
Burning in RAM
Memory Upgrade question
lines appear all over screen when both sticks installed.
Corsair Twinx XMS Pro PC4000 Monster OCers
PC3200 being detected as PC2700?
2 gig of pc3200 vs 2 gig of pc4000
Geil ram chip specs, NF2 and TCC*
Ballistix pc4000 512mb
1.5 gig?
Need advice on memory purchase
Need help with my OCZ DDR2 PC2-5400 gold
218mhz @ 2-3-3-6 or 228mhz @ 2.5-4-3-6
Need Help with Memory Settings with hyperX
buffalo tech,V-data,twinmos.
RMA'ed Plat Rev2's will still NOT overclock?!
WTF is this memory modules?
Looking to add some RAM plz help!
OCZ Tech Support is Great!
ocz memory
ocz 3700 gold rev2 advice
G.Skill vs. G.Skill
My questions about my RAM. Voltages, errors, etc.
2-2-2-5 not stable with OCZ's PC 3200 Gold.
is computer memory the same as Printer memory?
Geil 3200 Problems
my ram cooling concept.advice in presenting it?
Mushkin's new look?
"Loosest" DDR2 Timings Possible?
I just obtained a Nanya 512 MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM module
What is the best process for burning in ram??
ram question
best and safe place to buy 2 gig of ram ( ddr )
getting new ram
Cheapest Ram For over 280htt??
Advice for setting up Ram ( X2 440o AMD )
OCZ or PQI for me??
best mem for under $115
Gigaram 1gig dual3200
good ram?
Switching from 2t to 1t
New memory arrived, good chips?
A-DATA 500 , need some info
Best place to get OCZ?
argh... So much for those rising memory prices.
question on which is better, OCZ ram
confusion on memory terms
Ok i got a dual channel question
Anyone read science mags?
1gb HyperX Mods in Abit IS7
Pagefile settings for partitions?
Memory questions for a Venice and a DFI SLi-DR
Crucial Balistix results with Screenshots!!!
Best Ram Under $300
OCZ PC3200 Gold love hate relationship
DRAM Idle Time, (TRC)Bank Cycle Time & Tras Cylce time
Best overclocking memory OCZ has to offer?
Buffered/Unbuffered? Registered?
OH NOS! Megahurtz brokened!!!
Ocz Pc3200 El Ddr Platinum Edition
Computer shutting off randomly! HELP!
2x512mb both SC, which slots?
Memory not going Dual.
TCCD / MOBO combos?
Twinmos speed premium aa47, do they make it anymore?
upgrade problem
G-Skill 4400 LE
Memory dead going Value, need advice.
Help me!!
3x 512 DS A-DATA PC500 RAm @ A8V doesnt work.
Need help with Patriot Tccd settings
RAM not getting recognized.
DDR2 Corsair PC4300 Value Select - 4-3-3-9
Which one?
What chips
Is it really OCZ4001024ELDCPER2-K
Hot Sticks!
How much should I for a new computer with this setup?
Around 200.00 for ram, what should I get?
1:1 FSB:Memory
ocz platinum rev1 2-3-2-5
PC4000 and Abit AS8?
Which OCZ Platinum Rev. 2?
Ocz memory deal
TCCD voltage question
Need HELP with My RAMS!!
Opinions on OCZ Plat Elite PC 4800
pc 5000 300 fsb ram from a trusted name in memory.
Kingston ValueRAM can not be this bad
What Ram To Buy
too many memtest errors
Which Mem ??
Ocz Rules!!!!!!!!
Dual channel problems
Memory Prices Going UP!!!!
Need 2x 1GB sticks, will this do?
Memtest freezes/acts strange
dell xps gen 2 owners how much ram are you running and is more better?
latency & timings
Going over (no better title..)
Mushkin Redline xp 4000
2x1GB search(brand,latency,price.....)
Different speed memories and sizes?
OCZ EL Plat. Rev 2 PC3200 @ DDR540 reasonable?
Mushkin Redline XP3500 1 gb dual channel Kit
Is this RAM is good for $40 ?
memory heat?
OCZ Gold Gamer eXtreme
More FPS from oc'ing ram?
1gig@ T1 vs 2gig@ T2: bench-off
Where to buy BH-5 Twinmos?
Help getting ram timings sorted.
ECC or Non ECC
Memtest86 or Memtest86+?
Help OC'ing my system...
Very Strange Memory Issue.
Is my RAM broken or does my mem controller suck?
i wonder, can you run ?
Good ram? OC doesn't matter, or?
Difrences in PC numbers (PC3200, PC2100)
Which ram should you buy? Your questions answered. [DDR1]
Are these ICs anything special?
Can someone explain why PC4000 would be cheaper than PC3200???
BH5 everyday voltage?
3.3vdimm on TCC5 to much?
I got my BH-6 to 1.5-2-2-2 @ 240mhz!
384 MB? I only have 256...
could my ram be a problem.
2T/1T? Whats it all about?
Why I love Mushkin more every day
arg! ram decisions
Which Mushkin Redline is right for my 3500 Winnie?
Building First PC.. Need Some Advice on RAM
twinmos pc3200 ddr400
Rebuild the Winbond honor -GSkill 1GBGH simple test
Is this change of memory worth it?
Best OCing ram for under $200?
Issues running 3x512 on Nforce2
Whats a good ram.
Ram choice. OCZ?
URGENT!!! G.Skill LE TCCD 2x512 desicion to make!!!
Corsair DDR500 RAM, good overclocking?
Any experience with 1 stick 2gb DDR2 memory?
The best setup for DDR400?
K8N Neo Plat + OCZ Gold PC4000 Rev2?
how much RAM do I have?
Upgrading to 1GB RAM - need help
What memory to get?
Memtest errors with OCZ EL Platinum DDR400 on stock settings.
Ram for AN8 Fata1ity SLI need 2 gig.....
questions about 2 ram timing settings
Which OCZ ram?
Is this old ram good for anything?
What should I put it at????
OCZ PC-4800 Plat Elite first tests
PC restarting after upgrade to Corsair XMS 3200 (2 x 512mb)
Memtest owning my Pc4000 VX
Performance hit using 4x512 mb stick?
I got ripped off so bad...
Generic memory won't budge
SMBus_WriteByte failed
Bad memory slots?
1 more!!!!!!!!
A Memory Divder Question!
NF7-S V2.0 Mem?
4 sticks and oc?
Ram OCing questions (OCZ PC3200EL rev 2)
Im going to 2gigs of ram
Team Memory Advice
new memory choice ?
Best Budget Overclocking ram!
What Vdimm is safe for Ballistix ?
Someone ID my free 1GB stick DDR2
Which DDR2 memory?
Keep my mushkin Blue's or go w/ Pdp XBL's?
Old RAM Busted, Looking for New Stuff for Venice/DFI LANParty
Mushkin Redline help
Need good high voltage ram
Mushkin Redline pc3200 any good? Or recomendations
upgrading/expanding need advice
OCZ Booster for TCCD?
could it be that my RAM ...
Basic memory OC questions.
Adding More Ram (Corsair XMS discontinued)
Prob with kingston value RAM with DFI NF3-Ultra D
Problem with Ballistix PC4000
OCZ EB Platinum DDR2 capabilities?
Abit KV7 mem problem
how odd!
4x512mb or 2x1gb
Please identify my ram
What are the best 2GB (2x1GB) sticks? (DDR2/PC2 Version)
Ram advice for upgraded system
AMD 64, What ram for good OC
$17.99 512MB PC3200 RAM! after rebate
the RAM hunt
asus a8v memory help needed.
Sever O/Cing, Intel 925X, memory @ 800mhz, running two sticks vs four sticks
Twinkling OCZ Gold VX DDR500
First Heat Spreaders
Micron B5 D, how's this chip compared to G?
Which Ram....help me decide
Patriot Power Series UTT is here!
Need to make a choice here....
Patriot utt/bh5??
Buying 2X512MB Kit Kingston Valueram, what chips to expect?
rdram overclocking
PC3200 is it pin compatable with higher clocked 184pin DIMMS?
Taking BH-5 to its limits - Project Log
PC2700 vs PC3200 w/my system?? worth getting?
What does this mean> DDR400 RAM (2-2-2-6-1T)
PQI Turbo 2-2-2-5 Dual DDR Trouble
Where can I download more ram for my computer?
currently have 1gb but want 2gb
Can't get Mushkin Redline stable above 240FSB
Machine Locks Up
Completely unsure on what to get after reading/search.
Branded wrong or really good
2x512 Kinston pc2700 @166mhz
How much $$$ could I get for:
New venice and ram to oc it?
Thoughts on this Crucial RAM?
Newbie memory question for -5B D
Need some quick help. (lappy memory)
Need Ram Suggestions! Upgrading to 2 GBs. currently have BH 5 Mushkins.
Extra memory stick making me drop my FSB?
Errors observed w/Prime95 and MemTest86 v3.2
quick question, Mushkin RAM
Got some DDR2 ram for cheap what can i use it in?
OC'ing problem- Venice - OZC Plat R2 TCC5
Which 1024mb sticks?
LA, LE, LD, LC Whats the difference?
2GB (1GBX2) or BUST!
Need some new RAM...suggestions
GSKill RMA Policy?
PC3200 running at 200mhz
what (2*512)3200 ram do i want for low timings
witch would be the better sedt up
will this memory work with the DFI NF4 Ultra-D?
So is VX still the best bet for an FX5X based system?
Which one to choose...
so what do i exactly have?
anybody have corsair xms twim 2048-pc3200c2 or c2pt?
2x512 or 1x1gig
Crucial Ballistix 2GB Not Running As Advertised!
Memory Question
What ram for this future setup?
TCCD still available?
Upgrade to: 1GB or 1+1/2 GB?
Any Value in DDR2 "Value" RAM?
Ballistix pc3200 vs pc4000
Can someone help me setup Memtest86
Where is 4400 LE?
compatibility :(
Got my Redline; starting tomorrow...
Made quite the discovery today...
what memory kit would get a decent OC?
True Semi-Budget Ram
someone suggest some good ram for overclocking
Any RAM running 600DDR on Intel?
What about these?
Is it really becoming a necessity to have 2GB now?
Think this can run at 2-2-2-5 with more voltage?
Too High RAM speeds
memory upgrade quetions
2x1GB memory question
now that i have 2 gigs of memory......
1gb Vs 2gb... What should I go for?
Budget Ram Recommendation
GSKill 4800FF series at Newegg
Improving my RAM
Mushkin Vs. OCZ
Memory Timings
Easy noob Question
Troubles running 733/256/133 MHz on ASUS P2B-B.
Is my memory holding my system back by much?
g.skill tccd 3200 great for my system?
Need 2GB of ram
Squeezing the life out of my system
UTT or BH5? - Hmm... Give Me TCCD!!
Running same speed DDR400's 512 rams, different brand though
OCZ and 2x1GB
NF4 Ultra, no dual channel overclocking?
Ic7... Ddr2?
Geil Value DCKit uncovered - sticks not the same?!
cooling Voltage eXtreme
GSkill FC DDR620 2.5-4-3-6 @ 3v
Corsair CMX512-3500C2 BH-5
IC7 - New Ram Needed... Higher Speed or fastest timings?
What are memory hard drives? The ones where you stick ram sticks on to a pci board?
Which memory should I buy?
G.skill (pc 4400)lc
Are you getting the whole story?
Twinx1024-4000 wont work at default speed?
out of these 3 configs, which one would u choose (assuming they were all 100% stable)
Need Notebook RAM
quick memory question :D
2 modules on Via KM266 Pro/KM400, OpenGL UniChrome reboot
RAM compatibillity
Another fool who needs help deciding on memory...
PC3200EL Plat. Rev2's won't overclock?!
Greetings everyone! (and a RAM question)
OCZ PC5000 Help!
GeIL One - GeIL's new TCCD, WOW
questions about my overclock
i need some advice on Dual channel
OCZ Gold Question
Dual Channel
ocz4000vx wont do 400ddr 2-2-2-8 @ 3.2v?
THE bottle neck
Memtest86+ test #7
4GB unbuffered?
need suggestions here
Buying new ram
do timings effect ddr2 like ddr1?
Can't run 1T anymore. What gives?
GSkill 4400 LE DDR608 SP32M stable: Is this Xtreme or what?
Dividers Issue
Woo My Ram Timings!
XMS vs Ballistix
dual channel not working
Recommend Me some Ram for Dfi Lanparty ut nf4
ID me: msdd32m8pt/0439ttpm
whichone to get?
Cheap Kingston Ram better than my Corsair Pro Series???
Where do you buy your memory?
Slow memory?
Which memory should I buy? TwinX1024-3200C2PT
Enough with the UTT, I want my BH-5 back!
what would you do
System freezes in memtest86...
Mushkin PC4000 Redline Cooling Question
Mixing ram a good idea?
Results with 512 x 4 Mb TCCD and A64 Venice
4 memory sticks
Mixing Memory with my patriot
looking to buy some new memory
Sen's Mushkin PC6400 Review
Corsair XMS PC3200 rev 1.5 or 4.2?
New ram problems?
memory timing question
Is my memory holding me back once again?
Memory bad?
First look at Gskill PC4800 FR DC set
Affordable BH5?
Anyone have the PC3200 Redline?
Kingston HyperX Memory Timing Troubles...
Question about memory
Ram related problem with cpufan????
Position of different size memory sticks
Pagefile location
512 + 512, worth it?
Advice on Athlon X2 and 2GB RAM
what is going on with my machine?
need help-memory question
memory help for a mobile
do not understand ram timings
Adding ram to overclocked Abit NF7s/Buffalo Winbonds. Compatibility issues?
Mushkin DDR2 800 5-3-3 Released
Budget is $100 and i need to know real soon!
Is it better to run 180mhz and tight timings or 233 and loose timings (A64)?
Mixing ram - 3200 & 2700
mem confusion!
need a review for a certain memory stick? look here
CMX512-3200XLPT vs. CMX512-3200C2PT
laptop upgrade/performance
RAM compatability help
Volts question
Anyone else have 2 different memory sticks?
rosewill memory
memory advice
1GB sticks oc crucial value pc3200 should i buy?
Need Help ID'ing RAM
Finding out my RAM
Mobo only reading 1 gig
Timing Recommendations
which ram
Corsair 1GB DDR XMS3200C2 Pro TwinX (2x512MB)
Ram issue
change timings?
In a bind, need some quick advice
Dual Channel 2x 512 and 1x 1gb?
What kind of MEM will I need ?
What is DDR VVT ?
Three Memory Sticks?
What are the best 2GB (2x1GB) sticks?
Kingston 2GB value ram, questions.
OCZ Platinum PC3200 2x512 Kit questions!!
A8V Deluxe 4*512 running @ 100.1 frequency?
Need Upgrade...But Which Way to Go?
Mushkin Redline or G.Skill?
How good are these doing?
TwinMOS Speed Premium 512mb disappeared?
BT-6 on the edge?
PC4000 Mix up..
What means the King of DDR600?GSkill 1GBFF 2.46V SP2004 finished
GSkill FR pc4800 for $235
manufacturers force you to have a receipt to get an RMA :(
80-day Burn in!?!?!