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OCZ Platinum PC3200 2x512 Kit questions!!
A8V Deluxe 4*512 running @ 100.1 frequency?
Need Upgrade...But Which Way to Go?
Mushkin Redline or G.Skill?
How good are these doing?
TwinMOS Speed Premium 512mb disappeared?
BT-6 on the edge?
PC4000 Mix up..
What means the King of DDR600?GSkill 1GBFF 2.46V SP2004 finished
GSkill FR pc4800 for $235
manufacturers force you to have a receipt to get an RMA :(
80-day Burn in!?!?!
do you find this odd for TCC5?
I think I've traced the source of the Mushkin Blue NF7 etc... Compatibillity Problems
512Mb Fast ram OR 1GB slower RAM?
corsair xms question
Ram problem?
Kingston Value -5B G
whats memory rating
Good RAM?
what is the difference between these 2 rams?
2 questions, benchmark and ram
mobo doesnt boot up!
Good PC3200 RAM
Which is better PQI or Geil?
System fails memory test
Patriot (PDC1G3200+XBLK) TCCD
GeIL PC-4400 TCCD???
Can't break 215mhz with PC3500 Redline?
Did I get some poopy RAM?
What RAM?
Clarification help Corsair TCCD
Kingston 2700 @ 333mhz
Corsair Value 512mb PC2700
OCZ PC3200 EL Plat REv 2 VS Mushkin Redline XP3500
very weird i do believe
Memory Overclocking along with CPU
Corsair and TCCD...
Upgrading to 2 GB- Any Cause for Concern
ok lets settle this
RAM cooling fan installation
how do we tell?
1T won't work?
KKAT's New Gigaram PC-3700 2-3-3-5
Need some DDR2 Help Please
adding another 512mb to computer
infineon 512mb pc2100
what to expect from from my ddr400/433 memory with a Venice
OCZ or Corsair?
My 2GB OCZ4002048PFDC-K (2x1024) OC results.
Best DDR2
2x pc3200 on amd 64 s754
Cheap UTT
PQI DDR333 overclocked Limits?
Ram Question
What Should I Buy For Intel CPU?
OC Venice independently from RAM...?
PDP possible UTT
OCZ DDR2 Problem
Need memory recommendation
ram issue
What is Patriot's XBLK memory these days?
Dual Channel Issue?
Big newbie question reguarding memory and 939
OCZ Plat. PC4800 or OCZ PC4000 VX?
OCZ: What thermal interface material (TIM) is used?
Switching a HDD to primary
OCZ EL Plat Rev 2
Type of RAM question
DDR equal number sticks?
Which Ram Is better?
DFi Special PC-5000 nowhere to be found!!
G-Skill's price went down finally!
Need 220 2.5-3-3-6 1T 2x512 ram
What chips are these?
My pair of OCZ 1Gb DDR 400 Sticks Benches Badly in Sisoft, Why?
why do i get so many errors running 2 stick of ddr that are not in dual channel ?
Ram Voltage dropping under load will this give it a bit more juice?
OCZ doesn't work with MSI Diamond ? and the best ram for it ?
why pay more?
fun with DDR2
unstable twinmos sp :(
Which Corsair memory?
What's the difference?
Finding best timing?
Okay, how does Corsair DDR2 6400 work?
What is the best RAM IC?
DFI NF4 - 4x512mb?
Mushkin Redline
RAM stability
Who Makes The Best RAM?
Ah help can't pick
New Muskin UTT (Redline)
buying 1GB today or tomorrow
how well can ocz platinum pc3200 rev.2 run on my rig?
need ram recomendation
Ram Decisions
Are my settings kinda slow?
Help me get my 3.2 to 3.8GHz (Timings?)
Best ram with Neo2-F and 64 3200(venice)?
Memory for DFI 875P-T
The difference between TCC5 rev E and F - Results!
Is OCZ Value VX still UTT?
512 stick only reading in Windows as 448
Preliminary results for Corsair 4400C25PT
Rotating Memory Chips ?
Memory for athlon 64
Im going 2gb.
RAM Question
4 Picks for cheap TCCD on A64 system?
Corsair Pro memory vs. PT quick response needed
Quick question...
Corsair TwinXP1024 3200XL Chips?
new ram
1:1@2700 or 5:4@3200
Upgrading to TCCD/TCC5 worth it?
Ocz Ddr2
value vs good stuff
Whats The Cheapest TCCD?
Want to exceed 1GB w/NF7-S, what should I do?
MemTest86+ fine...but XP NOT fine...
Faulty RAM?
RAM Timings??
Dual Channel or More HTT???
VIA Optimum Tras && Ballistix PC3200 Past 250MHz = no go
Decreasing MULTI on Dothan increases memory bandwith to 7600 in SiSandra
Valueram for P4P800, which one?
How far can I push my PC133 memory?
Question about TCCD
NOOB ram question
ddr 400 or 433?
VERY peculiar memory behaviour across DIMM slots
Mushkin Redline Xp 4000?
New to OC Forums... New to overclocking...
TCCD, TCC5 under $150?
What program clears memory to allow a good benchmark?
Dual channel "kits" really necessary for dual channel?
I've lost hope in memtest.
Strange memory issue....
UTT does only 2-3-2 - who's to blame?
KINGSTON Poor Service
New OCZ Ram Trouble
Good 2 GIG dual channel
What are TCCD and TCC5 chips?
256 low lat or 512 value
OCZ ddr booster worth it?
Are there any 1 Gig TCCD Ram Sticks?
Gskill GH and Mushkin Redline 2GB combo @ 270
Mushkin question
Memtest86 Nr.5 test error (last 2%) error only?
Ram Selection Question
what should I OC my ram to?
TCCx? Which memory is this stuff?
Patriot memory ?
Testing for faulty sticks
ocz plat rev2 v1.1 tcc5 results
a big problem , mem won't go 200FSB
Opinions on OCZ Enhanced Latency OCZ4001024ELDCPE-K
Problems with "newer" PC133 modules (HELP!)
My Corsair Twin XMS 3200C2PT isnt oc-ing at all.
Memory Channels question
kingston value ram users, read this
What is the Highest bandwidth DDR?
New "Bladed" Heat Spreaders by Patriot
Can TCC5's do DDR600?
WARRENTY info on my ocz stix,they run great its for my knowledge.
Single stick vs dual channel kit for 1 gig of ram?
What's the best *inexpensive* ram for running 1:1 with a 3000 Venice at 290-300+ fsb?
Is Corsair XMS PC3200c2 rev1.2 Ch-5 or Ch-6?
2x1GB Geil Value Ram
Memory for Dothan rig...
What ram is this? Need help decoding info.
How is This Possible?
Just got my XMS for second rig....
Mushkin XP4400 2x512 mb
Mild Overclocking RAM
New system... can I mix Ram speeds?
Which value ram would be better for low-mid voltages?
Intel Latency Dilemma
how to setup these ram's in the pc of my sig
1.5-2-2-4 @ 220mhz = WTF?
Dual Channel
Help me get 4x512 up higher
Need to buy some memory
What has anyone achieved with 925xe and Corsairs 5400UL?
Very important note to TCCD users !
Corsair TCCD resistant to OC on NF7-S
OCZ pc4000 gold vx @ 3.6v active cooling necessary???
The what kind of chip game :)
Decent DDR2
Budget RAM overclocking - my feedback
OCZ PC3200 Gold VX or PC4000 Gold VX?
lowtimings or higher fsb
BT-6 question.
OCZ 2 X 1GB 2-3-2-5 PC3200 with Venice, any forseable Problems?
Does memory speed influence cpu speed?
Gskill LE's wont run at 275 FSB?
OCZ PC4800 300X9 + Silent Hunter 3= :(
added heatspreaders to my UTT,Bad you say?
Please Help With Ram Settings!!!!
overclocking help
Made in 2009
What kind of RAM?
ram voltage/geil ram
Good memory cooling?
Is there a program to oc ram from windows?
cl 2/2.5/3
OCZ PC3200 Gold won't work as a set
Corair DDR2 XMS2-5400 TwinX & SPD Timings
Mushkin PC4000 RELINE 2x512mb cheap$113
Do I just need more Ram?
Which Gskill
Changing the voltage of DDR2 Memory
Which memory manufacturer makes the best Samsung TCCD/TCC5 modules?
Dead Memory?
Comparing two OCZ products...
Mushkin Blue errors
what do you guys think of this ocz ram?
TwinMOS Speed Premium BH-die Review
Dodgy on NF2
Highest voltage on DDR2? Who is crazy out there?
Need TCCD upgrade help/opinions
DDR2 667/PC2 5400 or DDR2 800/PC2 6400
Controversial Topic !
Ocz value winbond very weird
Two Corsair Values on Monarch (Difference?)
Ramdisks - Ultra fast bootup
What are your methods for burning in BH5
Where can I find some 512MB double sided PC3200 ram?
Corsair XMS2 5400UL
Help - OCZ x PQI
wtf is up with test 8?
Error with running Prime95
TCCD or BH-5
High vdimm voltages cause stability issues?
another what chips are on these thread..
Which of these do you recommend?
What's better, 2x256 CH-5, or 1x512 BH-6 (for my rig, Intel)?
Good Performing, yet not expensive Ram
another memory chip database
2.6v to 2.7v - Possible dangers?
1:1 worth it?
Advice needed! Timings vs. Overclock
Faulty RAM??
New memory
Wintec for a budgeted system
Question about memtest86+ and errors
286mhz RAM for My Intel?
1gb (2x512) vs 2gb (2x1024) - Overclockability?
Wow - CAS 1.5; 1.0
Mushkin 2-2-2 special with a64
RAM for overclocking
OCZ 4200\4400...which one?
Four slots -- 2 or 4 RAM chips ?
ram terms
Is Corsair DDRII PC4200 Value good ??
Corsair XMS vs. XMS2 (DDR2)
Is underclocking memory a bad thing?
What can i do to improve this?
Can i get any more speed out of this ram?
video encoding meets overclocking: what ram to pick?
UTT and dividers w/ SD core
4x512=2t vs 2x1024=1t on Intel i875P
need more ram to compliment my twinmos winbound chips
CPUZ Results Question
Need help with new RAM and Dual Channel
Hynix or Micron? Need ram for intel setup!
regarding this ram
Is it bad for memtest to take long time
275Mhz @ Low Timings, Under $200?
OCZ PC4800 EL platinum dual channel kit, unbelievably bad.
What are Memory IC Manufacturers up to? Making money as usual. (Speculation within)
1.7 GB or 1.0 GB?
Strange stuff with hyperx3200(ak)
MemTest86 v3.2 How many passes?
Need help w/RAM upgrade
More RAM that Storage!
Want ot help the less fortunate??? Here's how.
OCZ rep, I gotta question..
Corsair XMS TWINX1024-3200C2PT -- 1:1 @ guess what!
Need help with RAM.
Need ram suggestions for my DFI Infinity NF2
Memtest Errors with corsair CMX-4400?
Corsair XMS vs. OCZ VX
need cheap TCCD/TCC5
Pc 3200 Ram
bad mobos or bad mem??
which ones would you choose?
is my dual cannel still dual ?
a bit of help with the ocz booster, plz
please... can someone just recommend ram for my system?
GeIL Ultra PC4000? How is it?
Need help with ram timings and new OCZ value VX-stability
What chips are in these OCZs
Corsair XMS 3200C2PT 1GB (2 x 512MB)
Corsair Value Select: Is there any hope?
New UTT Ram Decision
What CHIP does my RAM have?
Newbie to DDR2 - Please help me understand
List of RAM with Winbond UTT chips
problem with my mem plz help
Suggestions for TCC5 Bios?
is this memory any good
OCZ PC3200EL Plat. Rev2 warranty questions
Best 2x1Gb DIMMS for DFI NF4 + SanDiego?
The Grey Area of Stability?
dual channel memory what ram to use
Opinion on the Corsair TWINX1024-4400C25
New memory problems - twinmos & abit ax8
Strange TCCD voltage reaction
Help: Dual Channel Problem
increase performance
ocz value vx test results
TCC5 Does NOT Suck, so stop crying thread.
UTT (VX) and heat...
is this cheap/worth it?
Different Speeds
Strange Results with OCZ PC 4400 Gold on DFI SLI-DR
Is this stuff TCCD?
is it worth changing ram
Highest Mushkin L1 PC3500 overclocks
My new Twinmos SP got BH5 From the egg
Newegg stops shipping OCZ rev2 3200
benchmarking performance?
What kind of ram does my mobo support?
What is process of "speed bin"?
Just what is TCC5?
ram chip on OCZ EL PC-3200 VX
Why is it unstable ??
Cant decide..
what memory to buy for my A64 system?
Corsair XL doing DDR580
Ah! Freaking Out! Current tccd/tcc5 issue making me crazy
OCZ Platinum Rev. 2 is TCC5?
pc5000 loose timing vs 3200 tight timing
OCZ 3200rev.2 v 1.1 are tcc5 not tccd
my OCZ 4200 memory benchies
OCZ PC3200 Platinum EB 1T/2T issues
Geil value memory screams!
Timings VS Clock Speed?
Problems with ASUS
I must oc this rig!!!
Best Notebook Ram?
DDR 600 vs DDR 500 OCZ Plat Rev 2
Performance difference CL 2-2-2-11T to CL 2-3-2-11T
Gotta choose some new cheap ram fast!
2x256 PC4000 or 2x512 PC3200 confuse???
pqi tccd
Lower latency: Crucial single-sided vs. OCZ Titanium or Patriot 2-3-2
What not to do with ram
whichone to get?
Newb here :)
What is the best RAM for a Barton?
Mushkin Redline!
memory price has gone down in 1 month..
I dont understand the memory timings. Help
Is "running four dimms with Venice/San Diego" confirmed?
help me???
Experiences w/ PC-4400 Corsair
Interleaving with 4x256 Meg sticks, versus 2x512 meg sticks
Memory Command rate?
OCZ PC4800EL Platinum - GSkill beware
ram timings
Patriot 1gb pc3200
Which chips should i look for on Mushkin pc3200 1gb dual channel kits?
what ram for 2*512 LL @ 200mhz under $120
quick question - Quality or Quantity?
Memory SPD Table Question?
Will 2700 mem work with 3200
OCZ EL Platinum DFI nF4 Special 1GB ???
My PC beeps like mad with this new RAM! ECC problem?!
Gigaram TCCD?
Tell Me what YOU would buy
Reboot with memtest Test 6
Corsair xms 4000 and Venice any good?
memory help
OC results: Mushkin XP4000 Redline..One of the best....
PC3200 33mhz?
What Chips?
Samsung TCCD are great for mobo with low vdimm
How is this Patriot DDR-3200 2/3/2/5?
cant get 3 sticks of ram running on vnf3
Venice and dual chanel issues see this !!!!
1.5GB @ 200MHZ vs 1GB @ 400MHZ
something touching memory
g skill problem
My ram isn't at their limit are they?
Best RAM for 3700+ San Deigo?
OCZ PC4000 DDR Gold Rev2
RAM problems on DFI NF4 Ultra-D
Ocz Pc5000 Dfi Nf4
how to find out cas/timing?
2GB Corsair PC3200 Clock Speed Issues
My GSkill 1GBGH-DDR550 CL1.5 2-2-2
new ram installed, benchmarks and question
Getting these sticks..Performance??
ram help!!
ocz titanium pc3200
What is Turbo Mode?
Whats the best mem for this setup?
Hynix DT-D43 or Mosel is better for Socket A?
Give me a thumbs up or down
any other better value ram for OC?
Application Error
Percautions before installing RAM
OCZ EL Rev.2 and Default RAM voltage
Are special mobos needed for DDR2?
OCZ PC4800 Platinum/San Diego 3700+ oc...
memory upgrade, corsair question
5:4... 1:1... 4:5?
PC3200 RAM Speeds
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe & Ballistix DDR500 - Helpy...
2Gb of Ram?
Why Can't I run 1T ?
Mushkin level 1 220mhz
Replacement ram for friday
2GB AMD Venice, 4x512 or 2x1GB
Which ram is the better ram (two -$40 512mb 'cheapos')?
2 Q's about GeIL Ultra-X
What is Refresh Rate?
G.Skill PC4400
G-Skill at newegg
Need new memory
Mushkin Redline @ Anandtech
Mushkin Redline reviewed at Anandtech
some ocz praise.
RAM confusion
Best of the Worst?
Value Ram: Corsair or OCZ
sandra score, how bad is it
Which OCZ ram to choose??
Single 1 GB DIMM - Which one works well?
Memory won't OC on p5ad2-e premiuum
OCZ Gold VX 4000
Help with Gold VX, Voltage is locked at default
cl2.5 and cl3??
need memory for my new Asus A8V deluxe !!!!
How frangible is ram?
HP Memory Upgrade
ram issue
Memory error could not be 'read'
usb flash drives
Is my RAM Crap?
Which one of these value RAM?,
Stupid noob question
Only fast 1GB chips = Crucial Ballistix PC4000 3-4-4-8?
DIFFERENT RAM dual channel?
Which Brand?
best 2x512mb set for under $200
Upgrading Ram question
to buy or not to buy
UTT + nF4 Problems
How to tell what type of memory you have?
some OCZ utt 2x512 VX value testing
Need advice on new mem with new system
Need some ram advice
is it worth upgrading??
Old laptop RAM question
DDR600 Guide to Stability NF4 TCCD
1T vs 2T
More Bad Ram from PQI!
Ram that can do 2-X-X-X at 240 with 2.9v's??
Need help choosing RAM for new comp w/ DFI LanParty MoBo and Venice chip
Upgrading RAM for AMD64 3500+ winnie
Help on what memory to get for my San Diego
Quick question
1 gig stick of 3200 will be my next buy
Best 2x512MB DDR Ram for under 100 bucks
UTT OCZ Value ram $104 easy 250fsb!
Please Help With New Ram
Just installed new RAM
Few questions about Venice and Overclocking
PQI DDR2 PC5400 2GB kit any good?
OCZ Reps, I need some help!
Good Ram?
Best timing's for Golden Dragon Memory?
Ocz Pc5000
Does anyone know what voltages will void warranty on corsair TWINX1024-3200C2PT
loosening timings?
mushkin redline WOW...
1ghz memory. Insane
Please help, can't get Windows memtest, memtest or Prime Stable @ stock.
1Gb Hyper-X 2-3-2-6 only 89.00!
Mushkin pro series High Perf versions question