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"Fast" memory in a Dell???
Kingston value ram chip info
Best 1 GB modules for Dual Channel (2 x 1024MB)
how to identify your ram chips
question about ddr400
Hynix BT-D43 or DT-D43 which one better?
BH-5 users please help!
ram freq
Need help
Max voltage for Gskills?
Memory Problems
I want to sell my corsair 4000 and get somthing that will do 2-3-3-5... Need help
khx3500k2/1g kingston ram question
Should i use a fan on this ram??
gskill le just arrived
ram recommendations
How do I tell what week my G.skill's are?
P4P800 and Asus' 865 PAT capability
TCCD 2-3-3-6 failed what next
Ram I need to get my a64 htt high
Have you seen 1gb ram running p95 for only 2.57v?
Ram 4 An AMD64 Winchester Or Venice
memory size
BSOD 2-3-3-5 timings
mushkin utt for anyone interested
Strange PDP Patriot PC4000 divider issues
curious happenings with my system
still confused......
can someone tel me the differance in these G.Skill modules?
Registered ECC RAM?
Odd memory behavior
Have I been done?
Mushkin Blue (UTT?) VS. Tccd440
bad ram or bad psu
ram timings
Memory Speed Compatibility
g skill
Help with memory
G.skill or Mushkin ram
highest clocks on OCZ PC4000 Gold rev.2
New Ram
Corsair 5400 XMS pro question
G.Skill DDR550 and P4P800
Special chips on this Kingston Value RAM? 2-2-2-5!!!
New Set Of Mushkin Level2 Black
Another flavor of UTT for you guys
G.Skill (512x2) PC32000 F1-3200PHU2-1GBZX
What tccd memory should I go with.
"Best" DDR2?
Ram Identification Utilities
512mb 220mhz CAS2 or 1GB 200mhz CAS2.5
I always get SHAT on!
Ram , either not working or dual channel is poo
Ocz 3200 vx > Corsair XMS 3700 ?
what is tiled mode on memory ?
help out a n00b?
ocz gold vx problem?
Weird ram issues
dual channel -- second stick
My Sandra mem scores...is this right???
what beats what
(2) 256 and another (2) 256 or (1) 512 all for DC
Dual Channel Issues (Source Engine)
What ram for this board?
gskill LE or ocz pc4000 vx
Hynix D5??
533 4:3 or 400 1:1??
GSKILL 1GBZX Cheaper Module Testing in DFI nF4
Overclocking ECC memory
Input on this problem. May be RAM related
Is anyone using Ballistix with ASUS A7N8X Deluxe?
Gonna upgrade ram soon, need advice!
Patriot Mem
Shuold I upgrage my memory to CAS2....
Corsair XMS3200C2 is crap (mine anyway)
BallistiX experiences???
Gskill at newegg?
1 Gb Cosair for OC'ing
Seeking professional advise on best ram for NF2 Ultra mobo???
Have your 4x512 and PAT too!
512 XMS Overclock
Looking for best OC'ing memory!
533FSB and DDR400
OCZ PC4000 - do these speeds look right?
Samsung TCB3 Chips...
g.skill PC4400 LE in Canada?
Mushkin 990930
best buy
TwinMOS UTT dead?
i need some advice on memory
Now..which ram do I toss?
duel channel do i need to buy a matched pair?
Anyone O/C Corsair XMS 3200C2 rev 5.1?
Elixir RAM.
Just bought me some OCZ!
Which Version is my Corsair 3200C2 2x512?
Will over 1GB of RAM be useful for anything, or just bragging rights?
Corsair xms pc3500
What the heck am i doing wrong?
i need memory .. help pls
Should I be able to plug in SIMILAR ram and still run dual channel?
Might be a stuipd quesiton but what can I do to get the most out of my RAM?
OCZ DDR Booster problem - Abit NF7
Someone explain dividers to me!
Just need some decent Cas=2 2x256 ram for under $100.00
A little help with tweaking ..
Diff types of ram won't work together on A64 machines?
What's up with DDR2?
Another What Memory to Buy Thread...
memtest says single while win says dual channel ?? confused
Cas 1.5...any good?
Kinda Funny Memory vs CPU pic.
Notebook nOOb question
What is DDR2 RAM used for?
quick question
(2 x 256) G.Skill LA = 1T & (2 x 512) = 2T ???
need advice on ram
I need different/better RAM, and lots of it(GSkill currently)
Errors in dual channel on hyperx pc4000?
My TCCD loves voltage
Which of these would be more powerful?
Hyper X sucks
I got new G.skill LE's 2x512 SPD ???
memory advice for socket 754
I have a A7N8X Deluxe with Ballistix and Corsiar
which ram to get?
Why do these numbers suck so much =|?
Timings vs. bus speed
highest memory speed with 1t ?
Mix n match?
Ocz El Ddr Pc-3200
512mb PC-3200 RAM for $42.99 (Picture)
ocz ddr booster and ram cooling
Limited Bandwidth?
Kingmax and Patriot PC4000 highest overclock?
Crucial Ballistix 3200(Micron mT -5B G) ...267fsb??
Sold OCZ EB on ebay. Buyer is complaining!! Help me!
Corsair VS, Mushkins, or TwinMOS? PC3200
fast 2x256 or value 2x512, that is the question
4x256mb BH-5 in NF4 Ultra-D?
OCZ gold vs or G.Skill TCCD?
How do my timings look?
Noob memory question
Help me please
RAM timings
Is GSkill (TCCD) memory that good?
Proof i need more RAM
what ram are you guys running in a P5P800
Overclockability of Corsiar Value select ram?
Where Can I find this?
should i buy this ???
Best timing for infineon ram
Did some bandwith tests...
Best Ram for epox 9nda3+/w winny
Memory Issues, Please Help!!!!!
How many memtest errors are considered "respectable"?
i'm divided
can't set my CAS lower than 3 on my gigabyte GA-81915P
Is this memory any good?
dram burst length/idle timer/refresh rate
What timings should I use?
need help choosing
Need some tips on this ram.
Hey guys check out my new ram!
pc4800,brainpower b6u808
What is best..?
Need good Ram for OC
Help with Ram problems.
knowledge for memory newb
OCZ ELPE rev 1 and rev 2
Analyze this and give me some pointers.
Memory and Gaming!! Experienced well Knowledged users please Reply!!
Give me some info about Memory, please
Does this Bandwidth look OK?
Best budget and best overall ram for the Abit 'NF7-S v2?'
something askew in prices!
Are all memory with the same chips the same?
g skill le
fastest ddr ram
Twinmos sp and serial numbers....
Twinmos sp and serial numbers....
DDR vs. DDR2
300+undecided what should i get????
Will this memory be compatable?
Bandwidth eff
I think my bandwidth is way low for 305MHz!
Abit A17 P4 2.8 533fsb what RAM ???
DDR674 cl2.5 4-3-7 1T run PRIME95!!!
New Memory = headache
how to increase bandwidth
Cheapest O/Cing ram?
W/o a fan, what is max volts for ram?
I took the plunge today......
Mushkin 512 3200 Blue Cas2- 245 2-2-2 on DFI Ulltra
File Server Memory Configuration
Corsair PC4000, P4C E-Dlx, and DDR Booster
Bandwidth Shoot Out !! 2005 Sandra !!
Has my CH-5 hit the wall?
how does DDR2 work?
Corsair TwinX LL + XL @ DDR400
Tref ram setting
TCCD 431 Max overclock with 1t enabled
Best DDR 400
Ddr2 Pc2-5400
$60 for 512mb PC3200?
BSOD error message
ocz gold vx best option?
Underclocking ram?
512 memory shows only as 256
PQI memory problem
Teach me about RAM dividers plz
Memory Bandwith Efficiency???
DDR666 CL2.5 4-3-7 can run PRIME95?!
What Timing setting for OCZ PC4400 550mhz
Advice needed on memory
Memory woes. Time to upgrade
Problem installing (physically) my RAM
OCZ Booster and NEO 2 Plat.
best ram for intel 875 ? 275+ fsb
4x256 or 2x512
PQI TCCD can be quite a surprise
Collection of Memory Chips...what you should know!
How much is to much for a divider?
How much is my memory worth?
is this possible
Single or Double Sided Memory
TwinMos, bought from newegg, coming from New Jersey.....
Shootout: TCCD versus Ballistix
HOT ram!! new ram from corsair w/ LED display!!
KVR Voltage? Wanna raise to aid OC...
whats so special about TCCD memory?
2 gigs and high speed?
G.skill LE
Dual Channel Capable?
OCZ DDR Booster, it's dead, Jim.
Higher Frequency? or Lower Latency... which is better?
Memory problem
3 Different types of UTT???!
Trouble OCing RAM
Is this good OC memory?
Memory Control
Best ramtimings for I865Pe/875p?
Which RAM should i go for?
Memory o/c wall hit?
Memory Voltages - P4P800 & Kingston 3200 512x2
I need some advice before 5:00 tomorrow
Where's my bandwith?
Help Me choose!
OCZ Value VX Review
G.skill 3200DSU2-1GBLE gone from Newegg, where to buy?
1gb to 2gb will it benchmark better?
What mem for a 2.4c on 875p @ 300fsb?
OCZ 3200EL voltage
DDR or DDR2 for new system. Is it worth the price?
2x1gb Dual Channel or 4x512mb Dual Channel
OCZ ddr Booster... what is it? lol
In need of extreme help
RAM for Shuttle PC
BH5 Winbond 512MB PC3700 (Buffalo)
1 Gb Samsung PC2700 or 512mb Corsair XMS PC3200?
How reliable is OCZ memory?
Is low latency RAM worth the price difference?
DC ram not working.
Which Version of TCCD of GSKILL LE LA LC ?
what memory will give me 300mhz 1t, decent timings?
HELP! Crashing in WC3; Using Corsair XMS...
How much performance difference when going from PC2100 to PC3200, PC4000 etc?
PDP Patriot PEP1G3200LL
What can I do to push my PDP 3200's?
G.Skill or OCZ VX??
early G.Skill pc4400le intel results
Sen's Guide To Troubleshooting Via Memtest86
is ocz ddr booster worth it?
BEST OCZ memory for ......
Non tccd G.Skill
G.Skill Targets Enthusiasts with the world’s first Guarantee DDR600 1T
DDR 700 2.5-4-3-6 test for fun; DDR670 pi 32m
Dropping memory prices
New System Memory Recommendation
Question about which RAM memory I should get?
Some comparison between TCCD(300fsb) and BH-5(280) run on 3d 2001se
Is pqi a worthwhile company?
OCZ EL Plat. Rev. 2 back in stock...
pqi pc4000 tccd memory
Quick question about memory
Strange RAM Problems
Is Corsair XL good for OC?
Help!Nees suggestion
What to Do
Adding More memory
dimentions of PDP pat 3200xlb
DDR Booster works, no fans work
Can G skill go higher than 278mhz on 2.5 3 3 7
Question about Dual Channel RAM
Has anyone use this ram before?
OCZ 4000vx review and comparison to TCCD
i need memory
DDR 3200 Question
Dual Channel vs single channel
Help And Opinions for OCZ pc3700 Enhanced latency ram
Where to buy 2x512 Mushkin pc3500 Lvl 2
ocz pc3200 rev.3 question
What's going on here? Please help....
Cheap Kingmax 3200 1 gig not bad! so far.
Overclocking my Corsair XMS; my bio fails at life
Any advantage to running memory faster than FSB?
My Ram setting look ok?
Well, 10332 mb/s will be my best ever.
Insane deal memory?
How hot is too hot for ram?
Dual Channel or Single Channel
OCZ PC4800...DDR600 at last???
ocz 3700 platinum tips
PC-4000 Patriot Extreme Performance
What's the best way to burn-in ram?
Is this memory any good ? F1-3200PHU2-1GBLA
Any way to tighten timings?
Help with pc3700 plz
Memtest stable but not windows stable…
TwinMos memory
ATTN: All owners of Corsair XMS PC2700C2 memory
Little question
My CH-5 Doing well
twinmos are available here..
Best ram for this mobo, EPOX EP-9NDA3+
CPUZ says my memory is single channel
Memory timing, tRas at 11 improves bandwidth ???
Geil PC4400 in a MAC G5
Any luck w/ TwinMOS UTT lately?
What do you say about Patriot?
What causes ram to pass memtest booted from cd but not in Windows??
Hynix + Voltage = better results?
S754 not capable of 2 dbl sided DIMM's?????
how high you have seen the BH-5 go with 2-2-2-5 benchable?
Can I borrow 109mb/s bandwidth from you guys?
Does Adata make their own chips?
How far will CH-5 Go?
which is better?
CAS 1.5 possible with my PC2700 DDR SDRAM?
memory:fsb ratios
optimizing memory clock with lower latency...
Asus p5a recognizes 256 MB DIMM as 128MB
where to find GSkill PC4400LE? 2x512
PDP Patriot PDC1G3200LLK
KOMUSA & A-Data Same Memory?
OCZ 3200 Gold VX.. Good or Bad?
Mixing RAM with P4C800-E Dlx ?
Good Read On Timings, Benchmarks & Gaming
Memory list?
Memeory Configuration Advice
Quick question on memory module - GEIL ?
[NEWS] Nano-Scale Memory Fits A Terabit On A Square Inch
Just got some PC4000s, need a little advice?
OCZ Ram Question?
Future Proofing
need new ram
New memory not running at spec
Is very few MemTest errors okay for stability in the long run?
A8V del 2.0 A64 3000 but Memory does only 133 MHZ ?
G.skill and intel chipset
I'm so sorry I had to do this but...
Help me choose memory.
Mushkin running slow?
Ok, suggest the best possible oc'ing mem I can buy for an A64 rig
256fast vs. 384slow
Difference in Revisions?
Upgradeing memory problem
Which memory to buy
Nforce2 RAM timings
2x black memory slots, then 2x blue identical slots, but memory doesnt fit..
Question for OCZ reps (concerning DTD50)
Bad RAM?
Name your gaming memory
Non-UTT Twinmos Speed Premium Voltage
I just bought 2 1GB stick of PQI Memory
does anyone know of a way to edit spd
Rosewill memory any good for overclocking?
Ddr1 @ Ddr 772 !!!
YAY Gskill pc4400 LE on the way!
Quick question
OCZ Value VX
Low On Memory? No way...
Add another GB?
Whats your Memory Bandwidth with Sandra 2005?
Memory for my MOBO
P4C800 E Deluxe - 2x512
Need help with getting from 250 to 260 mem 1:1!!!
Is it better to go for bandwitdh rather than speed?
Memory underclocking
best memory for $250-$300 per gig right now
avg ocz eb overclock on a64
Next-Gen TCCD in devolpment!??
Hyperram pc-5000?
Power Draw
768mb Single Channel vs 512MB Dual Channel
I am at a loss......
Heat Spreaders/Ram Sinks Qs
I Need Expert Help!!
Recommendations on good memory?
Problems from bad memory?
Got a board/cpu that'll do 300+ FSB? This memory is for you!
G. Skill LE's 512mb x2 back in stock at the egg
PC-4000 OCZ Gold VX
Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 BIOS update
Overclocking is difficult with ...
Intel ?
The Truth Behind Winbond UTT (OCZ Vx)
Does none tccd samsung respond to higher voltages?
Broken DIMM Slot
Kingston HyperX LL RAM
memtest: unexpected interrupt and hardlock
GA-K8NSNXP-939 memory trouble
Mushkin questions
memory bandwidth question
Good PC3200
help! PC3200 being read as PC2700
DFI Ultra-D - G.Skill(LE&LA)/OCZ 4200 PlatEL/Twinmos UTT - Test Log
same old question which mem on a budget
winbond (utt??) chips- my theory/my experiment
What do u think of these Timings??
wierd memory question
Memory limiting overclocking?
One stick of 512 or 2*256 ??
Adjusting memory frequency
IC7-MAX3 + 3.0e@3.525ghz + what ram? (need suggestions)
ocz rev2 plat 3200 + 939 a64 3200+ abit av8 can't do 204mhz @ 2-2-2-5 stock volt 2.6v
[HELP] If you could buy one, whcih ram>?
Memtest Found Error In New RAM
More Voltage = BAD?
Upgrading..Need Memory Help.
Slower in Sandra at DDR400 than at DDR388??
old PQI pc3200 CL2 with new PQI pc4000 CL2.5
Dual Channel w/ 3x512MB
Need Help Buying RAM...
Which Memory for <170
New ram or new hardrive
OCZ DDR433 Performance Series
Memory Question
Mushkin Memory Questions. Please Read!
Samsung 434 chips, what do we know about them?
GSkills in Stock
memory voltage problem!
winbond or not???
faster vs. more
What difference should I expect to see?
Sen's Mushkin Level II V2 Black Review (56k Warn)
quick timing question.....
New ram causes windows reboot
Which is better?
Pqi Pc400 :)
How to find out whether I am running 1T or 2T?
Will my PC4000 Lose Clocks?
Question about timings.
Memory Issue?
Second Best to G.Skill LE???
TCCD vs. UTT results...have a look!
Two PC3200 in P4B533?
anyone know what kind of memory this is?
Placing ram under xp-120 a good idea?
Need help deciding memory for new A64 build...
Please sir can i ahve some more
1gb to 2gb
BH-5 or TCCD???
..RAM Timings.. Worth the extra money..?
What speed memory is this?
BH-5 or UTT?
(200x12) vs. (240x10)
The True Power of DDR2..!!
Programs that tell you if your ram is bad or not?
RAM Testing
Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2PT Rev4.1 $200 good deal?
2.4c / Abit AI7 / Gskill 2x512LE's PROBLEM!
Chips in OCZ EL 512MB DDR400 PC3200 CL 2-3-2-6?
GSKILL DDR400 Cheaper Module Testing Report(2.5V DDR500 Finished)
yet another "what memory should i buy" thread
Mushkin ram prob
Ocz400512r2 Tccd??
kingmax ram. DDR VOLTAGE
Need Help Fast
how can i change latency timings on a msi board?
Is OCZ Gold VX best memory for AMD64?
physical memory
hows this?
Which memory to upgrade too?
Memory efficiency....in SISoft Sandra Memory Benchmark
Mushkin Hi Perf PC4400