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Patriot Signature Line 512mb DDR400
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pc2700 and pc3200 in same computer
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Best DDR2 from CanadaComputers...?
A64 Tweaker reports incorrect values
anyone familiar with this brand
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ecc or non ecc
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OCZ vdimm booster or keep dual channel and voltmodd nf7-s
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Is this normal?
Good TCCD mem
CH-5 Chip
2 different sticks refuse to run in dual channel. Help!
2 dead sticks this week....
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2nd best ram?
5ns chip?
Good Memory for NForce2
Well, I did it.
FSB+ or lower timings?
help me chose best memory for my system
Mixing memory question.
help with ram upgrade.
i bought these / should i have got these??
What do i do now??
RAM Recommendatons
Get this Mushkin RAM for new A64 rig?
195 memtest86 errors. Wtf?
Artefacts in 3D Games
memory troubles
OCZ 3700 EB and neo2
PC3500-PC3700-PC4000-PC4200-PC4000 etc
Motherboard supported memory
mem for overclocking asus p4c800 Dlx
anyone with ddr2 memory?
Upping FSB on a 333 chip. (Memory)
Why the higher price for memory with higher CAS?
Is this RAM good
Buying some upgrades, some advice please...
need some new memory for 2.8C
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1 gig of 3200 or 512 of 4200
Help in Choosing Memory !!!
p4p800-e deluxe ram frequency?
failed memory module?
Dual channel ram?
What now?
BAD G skill ram
cheap high quality mem for ocing
adjusting timings
I don't know what to buy ;[
Best mem...
Memory voltage.
Two memtest sites?
what is the difference?
my bh-5 mushkin
Weird memory story
Memory Question
Need help purchasing memory ..
What are good numbers?...
new setup
WinFast K7NCR18D-Pro and Vmem voltage
Couple questions on running my TCCD @ 285mhz
Identifying and latency
what serves better good 3200 or any 4400
is all ddr dual channel?
What setup to keep?
Worth Buying New MB for Dual Channel?
Keep BH-5 or get some TCCD?
2 Sticks of Dual Channel with 1 Stick of Single Channel?
A64 Memory for 180$ max
The Unknow RAM - Kingston?
Is it bad if your RAM is faster than you CPU?
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Do i need 512mb ram?
Warning if you are about to buy a BIOSTAR mobo!
ballistix or this other crucial?
If memory passes memtest is it always good?
DDR-SDRAM 134.5 mhz
Need help picking RAM please...
What will these sticks get me?
why does cpu-z not read my memory
OC System Quality Verification (is this ram good?).
G-Skill compatability
OCZ or Corsair?
Buffer and cache?
Geil 1GB DC Kit 333 Instead Of 400
the cheapest valuable ram of all time?this one?
which timing is going to be better
How do Hynix chips compare to BH-5?
looking for 1gb ~150$
Q: can I run 3.9V for my BH-5?
Burn-in and latencys?
is it Dual Channel?
Using different types of RAM together !Plz!
I thought you needed two same size sticks for dual channel, no?
Where to find cheap memory.
anyone who owns ocz gold ram please post!
Owners of A-DATA Vitesta PC4000 - how far did you get them?
How much memory
Looking to upgrade to AMD A64, will I need new memory?
Proper Clock Settings? Corsair 512MB DDR
Looking for cheap DDR2?
rambo bh5 compatible with abit nf7 v2.0 ?
Macintosh Bargains !
100% Compatible Memory !
Could this be the PC PROBLEM?
gskill pc4400 in an xp?!
How much is too much fsb?
Dual Channel Sperate or Tested Pair?
Unbuffered Ram... Problems...
MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends!!!
my corsair xms pc3200LL timings
Wich RAM?
XMS2 Lower Latency?
512 ram showing up as 256?
Problem with OCZ PC3200 EL Platinum Rev 2
My Samsung PC3200 - what is it?
Life Expectancy of OC Memory
How the tRAS value affects Memory Bandwidth on the nForce4 Chipset
strange dual channel performance
PC Problem
NEED A64 MEMORY! (200$ budget)
HardDrive Installation
PQI Turbo 3200 5-2-2-2
Stupid Q
Noob Memory Question
Bh-5 not working any more...
Alpha timings...
How memory timings on A64's affect performance - The truth.
I saw CH-6!
My BH-6 Sucks
This memory good for OCing?
oc with dual ddr
Memory Voltage
Dual Channeling Memory on A64
pushing pc3200 too high?
Memory question
XP 120 IN! .... problems
Bandwidth vs. Timings
Problem with OCZ DDR Booster...
Is Corsair pc3700PRO 3-4-4-8 good memory?
? about pqi ram
How far can BH-5 go with 3.01V?
180 bucks to spend.
RAM question
Question about ram
A64 m e m o r y [Question]
Cheap DDR2 Ram for P4 3.4 and PCI-e mobo
Ram Dilemma
Voltage for VDIMM?
Anyone know how to Contact Patriot PDP systems?
Taking off memory heatspread
How good is this Corsair ???
Please help me identify this ram.
Question about six differnet memory packages
micron RAM with MSI K8N neo2 platinum
3.3v Vddr mod on msi k8n neo2 / pdp tccd
AMD and DDR2 vs DDR & XBIT article
Dual Channel Kit Required?
TwinMOS TwiSTER PC4000
Will This ram ???
DC Problem
Kingston HyperX/Corsair XMS CL2 vs ADATA Vitesa PC5000.
I need a good OC write up
Is this PQI good ram?
What's the point of going Dual Ram instead of 4 at a time?
A64 MEM Which should I get?
help picking ram
Memory confusion - nforce4 based winchester rig
Suggestions on Ram?
Quicky question about ram fsb
OCZ memory problem
in need of some guidance
question about timings
DDR2 Value Memory & Overclocking?
Question about this G-skill Ram
Just to get everybody's attention...
best ram for amd 4000
Might go get some new RAM. How much performance gain? (And which ones to buy)
memtest86+ froze on me after 2 1/2 hours, but didn't error?
Max safe volts for my ram? Old Corsair XMS PC3200 2-3-3-6
IRQ Not Less or Equal, bad memory?
Tigerdirect LAUGHED at me...LOL
tccd showing up in regular pc3200
i've been wondering..
Highest memory speed for P4 2.53
Ram probs...
ok memory overclockin
What chips do OCZ VX series use?
Good deal?
Head about to explode :)
Sweet spot for Samsung TCCDs
Help me choose ram
Memory analyzer
Major Mushkin Basic PC3200 Timing Issues
How much voltage for Corsair XMS pc3200
ocz ddr booster help
locking to 1:1
Memory difference the problem?
Options for 2 Gig OC?
What would happen?
Memory upgrade
Have you ever heard of this Ram
OCZ Platinum VX?????
New "what's the best brand" ?
One specific RAM brand erroring in only one slot.
Dose Switching Memory Sticks Help OC :D?
Does RAM voltage matter?
Help with timings, @ 500mhz D43 chips
OCZ is sweet
Which ones to choose? (memory)
running ram out of spec?
Question about underclocking...
Low Bandwidth Efficiency in Sandra...
I bought ECC instead of Non ECC am I screwed?
Anyone seen this Memory?!?! I duno if I should try to get it.
AMD XP2200+ Memory bandwidth?
what do u think about this ram
RAM voltage?
what is the best ddr333 ram
Single Stick 1GB or 1GB (2x512) dual channel
About TCCD Ram.
System Fail Cpu Test
Difference in digital camera memory ?
Need to know max RAM For....
Only 236mhz with TCCD on nforce2?
2 x 256 vs 2 x 512
Am I losing performance with two sticks?
How much virtual memory do you use?
*Official Thread* HiPro DDR Maximizer!
Need some advice
Question... I put in more memory and my board started smoking...
NF7-S v2 and 2x512 BH-5, how far can i go w/o a volt mod?
Building a system for my bro... what RAM?
Help with memory selection
Want to add ram, need help/suggestion.
should i upgrade
Corsair XMS or Crucial Ballistics
1 GB Geil PC-4000 - only looooooose timings ?
Dual Channel memory ?
best RAM for dc on Athlon 2400
Best memory for a winchester 3500+
Bh-5, Ch-5......
Corsair CMX512-3200xlpt (tccd chips)
Dual channel worth it?
RAM recommendation i875 highest FSB
Should I keep my Mushkin?
New @ this & lost. Can I OC this RAM?
What about Komusa HyperRam?
CPUz's report.
Memory setting inquiry. Need Help.
Which one would you get?
Overclocking and memory speeds
What can i get this ram to do??
sorry new thread .. need answers asap
Really strange memory
So what's the word on the OCZ Gold VX series?
Added memory and video is screwed
ocz ddr booster & chaintech vnf3-250
im about to order this mem .. quick help
XP Mobile RAM
getting mushkin tccd? read, especially Sentential
memory upgrade
tccd memory wierd?
Corsair PC3500 BH5 Question
OCZ EL Plat rev.2 setup
Ddr400 / Fsb333
Is this ram good?
Which RAM to buy for 3.2E (SL7E5)
What's your memory benchmark?
OCZ Memtest settings vs. Bios settings
PQI Samsung TCCD?
New Mobo, need new RAM too! (please advise me)
running 512x2 on dual channel
Found an XMS PC5400 "deal"...
How to get Dual Channel to work?
Cheapest RAM to take a 2.4c to 3.0 on an AI7?
Im going to buy ram but what kind
best low cooling require ram for neo2pt
OCZ DDR Booster
Memory Upgrade Comparisions...
Pushing my FSB higher... help!
High clockspeeds or low latencies?
BH5....can it do high clocks as well?
which ddr for my asus sli
Should I add more memory?
ram for barton 3000+
low latency question
I need some input from you guys
Hows my ram?
Upgrade? Advice appreciated..
Which Brainpower PCB is best?
What do you know about "Ultra" Ram
Geil Ultra Platinum pc4000 help
Upgrading a dual channel mb
Patriot PC-3200(2225)TCCD? Is this for real? $219!
what do you think?
Samsung TCCC or TwinMOS CH5 PC3200
BH-5 Memtest errors
patriot 512 shows up as 256
PDP/Patriot Memory ON s754 A64
Canadian RAM
cooling question
What they mean? xxx5300, xxx5400, xxx3200
xms cp3500c2 (bh-5 ones)
Help Fixing Ram problem- mixing ram
Geil Value Ram OC Help, Please
RAM purchase help needed for A64 3500+
memory novice
Can CorsairXMS PC3200LLPT Do 250-260 FSB?
Decisions Decisions....please help
Quick memory question
2x256+1x512 or 2x512?
how too tell if u have bh5
Value memory any good on 939 - overclock
GAT settings - IC7 Max 3 + PC4200
Geil PC4200 @ 3,4,4,8 - Timing Question
I need some opinions
Keep my ram or get new for a64?
Corsair XMS 3200 cl2
So here's my plan - memory question
Good listen from Corsair.
Bh5 Or Tccd Chips
Pdp / Patriot
Mushkin PC3200 222 LII V2 timings
RAM issues(I think)
Laptop Ram (Simple ?)
Memory timing problem
Lookin for some amazing ram?
Low FSB, Bad ram?
Corsair Twinx XMS and Prime95...
Can't run 1T max mem and cpu at same time, please help!
OCZ Vdimm Booster, Voltages All Over the Place
Kingston Ram
PC3200 or higher?
did i get a good deal???
will the Av8 take this ram?
Help getting my Memory to run 1:1
1:1 or 2:1
confused? Dual DDR? DDR2??
XMS or not?
Tccd Or Bh-5
Memory not living up to its potential.
How to tell BGA ram revision?
normal for BH-5 not to run at 2-2-2-6, 2.55 Volts?
Vdimm running @ 3.58 without tweaking ??
HELP-Problems with Mushkin l2v2 and nf2 mobo
Is 3.3V SAFE for my ch5 Mushkin PC3500 Level One?
Problems with memory on A7V880
Memory OC degrading over time @ stock voltage?
Which of these RAM for P4C800-E Deluxe
Whats to blame RAM , CPU or Chipset?
Same chips, different dimms in DC?
Woot Go Hynix D43! =)
Props to Kingston!
what is DDR2 and where can I use it?
Im kinda new to this. Can you help?
Best RAM?
Registered or Not Registered?
New RAM--Random Reboot/Program Closing??
Memory "x4" ???
What type of Ram for...
Quick Question...
RAMs fail memtest differently at 220Mhz FSB
Where is this thread?
PNY PC 3200 problems
Odd problem with Memtest, Prime95 and Kingston HyperX PC5400
Memory Recommendations for P4 2.4 @ 3.4 Ghz (282 FSB)???
Package Error or MB problem
Ok need help with my memory choice !!!!!
Gskill Ram came today!! Results inside!
How important is Cas latency?
Best 1GB Stick out there
What test in memtest86 is reccommended?
1GB DDR sticks - need some advice, if you don'tmind...
Memory for A64 3500+
Ram type.
Never underestimate the important of fast CAS settings . . .
Crucial PC3200 CL3 voltage?
corsair twinx xms3200xl with msi 7025
Old School SDRAM 133
Trying to get some ballpark gain estimates from the experts...
How much performance will i loose? 133fsb
lowest latency
how good is this Memory
Ive got good news, and bad news.
Is this RAM "Single Sided", or "Double Sided"?
Is this RAM "Single Sided", or "Double Sided"?
Real-life performance gains?
Memtest86 failed. Please HELP analyze the results!
Which Memory
Ok maniacs.. what ddr600 should i get???
What Ram?
graphics memory
Which RAM is best for my mobo?
Geil Ultra Platinum PC4000....what chips?
Hows Ciel Ram?
single sided vs double sided...a64...WOW!
Looking for a 1GB kit w/ best bang for the buck
more Ram or new psu first?
Comments before i order TCCD tomorrow
Which TCCD is the best?
Corsair XMS PC3500 C2 Platinum (BH-5)?
DDR2 5400 w/ latency 4 or 4200 w/ latency 3
NF7-S Dual Channel ram problems
Dual Channel Dilemma
I know what chips the OCZ 3200VX uses!!!!!
1 gig vs 2 gigs
What an idiot...
Need Help on Corsair RAM Limits for Overclock!
Good memory stick for digital camera?
Need a GB but of what?>
Patriot/PDP Ram?
Do I have problems? ....need help....
Samsung PC3200 with TCCC chips
Question about these XMS pc3200
What's the best DDRII ram??
What do you think about PDP mem?
I seek help ! Related to over-clocking !
specs for mushkin pc3200 (990930)?
Best Ram for a64 3500+ / MSI K8N Neo2
Just picked up..
Memory Gods, need you advice for Intel D915PBL Mobo
Strange 1:1 Problem...
OCZ PC4200EL @ 650MHz 2.5-4-4-10-2
Memory Errors
What can I do to up-grade my Dell Dimension 4500?
Need a little help with my memory..
2 diff sticks mhz problem , help!!
Please help with my choice of memory!
What can I do to upgrade my computer?
Diff ram for DC
mT-5Bc vs. BT D43
buy mushkin bh-5 now or wait for the new OCZ?
FB-DIMMs to be available this year.
Selling RAM question...
DRAM Drive Strength..
Mushkin PC3200 V2 L2 4x512=2Gb -Help with Settings
little off topic: Happy thanksgiving!!!
Can BH-5 run loose timings?
Mixing Ram
Crucial Ballistix kicks butt
wt is the optimum voltage for ddr
1gig vs 2gig ram
simpletech ram 512/3200
Memory HELP urgent :(
which RAM to choose?
1 GB Cheap Ram vs. 512 MB Really Good Ram
geil 512 pc 3200
I give OCZ 2 thumbs up they did me good LOL
best ddr ram for overclocking ??
ram performance boosting utility
Hynix D43 Rev. B...what to expect?
Too many choices, information overload! (Choosing memory speed)
What is D3208DH2T-5?