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Slot 2 and 4?
Why are memory vendors so sneaky?
Mushkin BH5
Corsair 3200XL V1.2 is rockin in A64
What the diffrence between DDR and DDR2 ?
I was lookin at this ram, How good is it?
Ram or motherboard problem?
4x 256MB RAM vs 2x 512MB RAM ???
Which Memory?
Is it normal for a 512mb or 1gb system to report lower amount then you have ?
ultra [brand] ddr pc3200
question about 400FSB and RAM.
Looking For Single 512MB Stick for OCing Advice
Chipsets that support this RAM
Upgrading to PC3200 worth it?
gaming better with 1GB DDR266, or 512 DDR400?
Kingston HyperX 2X512MB BH-5 question
Lowest Price RAM For 2600/NF7-S
Whats this brain power PCB?
Corsair DDR PC3200 (TWINX1024-3200LL) Low latency - specifically for A64 ??
Registered & Unregistered Memory
Is this a RAM or is there something better out there ?
TCCD not so good in dual channel ?
Calling all Micron mT -5BC PC3200 Owners :)
Brand name 333mhz do 400mhz
Ddr2 ?
The COOLEST memory?? (temperature)
What type of memory is this, and it comes with HL2!!
Memory Recommendation
new OCZ "voltmaster"
Questions on some ECC 512 pc100 sticks
Possible BH-5 Killer for Less $ Than TCCD
big question
Mem Timing Help
CL2.5 and CL3
Corsair 3200XL+MSI Neo2+3200+ (Winchester) = OC problem!
Tested HyperX PC4000
What timings should my ram be at?
My quest to run 1:1 (Memory Advise Needed)
dual channel really worth it?
Would this cause a problem?
TCCD and BH-5....what is it?
OCZ 3200EB not doing well on A64
help with my OCZ ram...
Is ther any way to dedicate more memory?
What if?
Poll: Whats the best 2-2-2-5 PC3200 RAM?
What memory is right for me?
What ram would be best for overclocking with this setup
everest and sandra report different command rates
memory settings for ocz 3200 el 256 X 2
simple question Corsair XMS vs. TWINmos PRO
Corsair value select @ FSB>210?
wrong command rate?
Is this O.K for value select RAM?
Why is there such a price difference? (1GB HyperX)
Anyone know some good PC4000 1GB sticks?
Which memory for a A64 Sn95G5? PLZ Give opinions
Laptop memory: 1X512/1024 better than 2x256/512?
Which speed would be fastest for gaming?
BH-5 Killer!
Cheapest ram to do 2-2-2 on NF2? No OCing
Which Is Better: amount of ram or high bandwidth?
Difference between C2 Pro and XL
Help Upgrading Memory
What do the PCxxxx numbers mean?
Can BH5 run tighter timings?
Mixing/changing HyperX RAM timings, help?
What DDR PC3200 hits 250FSB 1:1?
Matching HyperX PC3000 for dual DDR
where to buy OEM Hynix ram modules??
Hmmm need some memory advice, please read on:
Which to get?
Both single stick can run 260+ but max at 250 dual channel
timings and ratios-performance without mhz?
Please help with memory settings...pc crash
Ram Tweaking
Need help buying memory.
Hoooolyyyy sh.... 710,986 memtest errors?
512 SD RAM or 256 DDR (for a friend)
DDR400 Memory Reading DDR333
BH6 vs This new DDR500 and higher stuff? for Aircooled A64
1T vs 2T
Question about PC3200
My RAM is degrading!
Corsair twinx XL not cutting it
Whats the highest/safeest vdimm voltage?
PQI Turbo 3200 Who has highest fsb @cas2
Any one run this mem?
nf7s shows 266ddr with 400 ddr memory
How to find stock timings on RAM sticks?
which memory to keep? pc3200(bh-5) or corsair pc4000
The guys at AnandTechs are cool
Problem with MAM feature on P4P800 DLX
ok so whats the difference...
Would this be a waste of money ?
Corsair XMS LL 3200 230 limit?
Corsair XMS 3200LL Need Help
pqi Turbo PC2700 2-2-2-5 memory chips are?
RAM from Best Buy
Alpha timings info?
Question about downloading ram.
WHOA! WHAT?!?! micron chips are this good?!?!
can someone help me make out these chips?
SyncMax PC800 Rambus RAM 128mb
Dual channel memory problems!!!
HYnix Ram built By Hynix
Kingston Valueram Timings
Should i pick up some Hyper-X PC4000 with my BestBuy discount?
My A-Data pc4000 is a monster!
2 x 256MB + 512MB vs 2 x 512MB?
pc2700 to pc3200
Corsair XMS Low Latency has TCCD after all :D
cheapest ram that will do 250mhz?
Is memory , memory ?
ddr 600 hyperram finally!!!
GEIL Ultra X?
Good Deal? Kingston 1GB PC3200 400MHz 2-64x64 HyperX
CPU-Z showing only 2.5:2:2:5
Need help: High density vs. Low density 1GB sticks
Need help: High density vs. Low density 1GB sticks
PQI Memory Question
4:3 divider?
which ram config(256x4 or 512x2)
Another a64 RAM thread
Corsair 3200XL problem. Please help
Memeory suggestions for AN7/mobile 2600+ setup
whats harder for a A64 to drive
Crucial BallistiX PC3200 Superb!!!
How significant is the jump from 2.6 to 2.7?
Going for gold (3.0e@ 4ghz), need ram advice
This ram too cheap?
what RAM is best for my computer?
Buffalo PC3200 w CH-5 chips feedback PLZ
Ram heatsink is resisting!
DDR400 vs DDR500
WHAT Ram for 1:1?
240-pin ram
Difference between Mushkin PC3200 & PC3500 LEVEL2
Possible Ram Upgrade
ASUS P4P800S SE memory timings
Anyone triied Gskill?
Dual channel
Looking for best timings for OCZ 3700 EL
no errors in memtest, errors after one hour with prime95?
Samsung TCCD - Damn Hot!
Bad Memory or Incorrect Settings?
So...what do I look for when searching for D43 chips?
What does this mean?
OCZ EL Plat. Rev. 2 vs. OCZ EB series?
Have you seen this (Wintec Industries DDR2)
128mbx4 Ram Chips no good for AMD/Intel?? Please clear this up for me.
which is the best possible ram for my mobo?
Mushkin PC3200 LVLII V2 doing 260FSB
So many choices....
kingmax pc3500 timings
How much are 2x 512 BH-5's worth?
Is this BH-5?
ram doesnt show up right
Good value ram latencies?
I may found a good stability bench
Corsair XMS3200XL 1Gig Dual Channel
memory burn in
Taking the Heat Spreader off Memory
How can I tell if I have BH-5?
what RAM for an AMD system?
Memory Leakage..Help...Please?
Corsair tough choice!
TwinX3200LL and Active Cooling
whats your Memtest score? please, need some help..
Compaq Presario 1700
Fast & tight 2x256MB or slower 2x512GB? Advice?
What chips do Mushkin Blue have?
DFI 875P-T: PC3500 or PC3200, what kind?
What memory would be best with this system?
what should I expect with this memory and my setup?
MemTest ???
Calling flapper for memory chip ?
Memory on Intel vs. Nforce 2 chipsets
250+ @ for the budget minded..
What chips in OCZ PC2700 2-2-2 v3.2?
3200 DDR400 RAM How Efficient is it for OCing?
OCZ plat. Rev2
Memory size versus latency.
512mb vs 1024mb in dual channel??
Solution PC3200 DDR - Results
Clock and Timing Problmes
Infineon B-5 any good?
Memory Speeds on New Computer
Mixing RAM?
buying ddr400 ram...CAS latency issues
Help on Memory selection.
Whats the most voltage you would give your ram?
samsung TCCDS?
What is some good (yet cheap) ocing ram?
Timings, FSB, Voltage?!?!?!?!?!?!
OCZ PC3200 Platinum R2, 3.3v rail adjusting
Kingston Khx3200ulk2/1g Ultra Low Latency
Best memory from these 2
Help with memory please ??
OCZ PC3700EB, how many Revisions?
What are my memory timings suppose to be?
Memtest86+ errors (lots)
Could I 'get lucky' with prime?
Do my memory timings suck ??
Mix and match?
How close should two sticks of ram be to each other?
512MB pc3200 DDR better than 768MB pc2700 DDR?
Dual Channel Question...HELP!
what's the difference between these???
PQI Memory Question
how do i know a bad stick of ram?
odd RAM problem
Dell DDR2, another silly question sorry
How many Mhz, do you think they can take?
will these ram work together?
A64 ram?
Warning: TCCD not so good in dual channel!
5-tRCD stabilizes CT-D5 at 290mhz ?
Just Ordered OCZ PC4400 1GB Gold Limited Edition!
OC ram
dual channel dilema
Vibration for ram..
Your corsair 3200 xms low latency ram results when o/cing
ok im a noob and confused help
CAS latency 3 is bad?
timing on ocz plat. rev.2
what's the cheapest 1G(2x512) @260 2.5-3-3-8?
Want to buy memory
Is 1:1 Ratio better?
bh6 arrived, i can smell the ic's burning already
What kind of RAM do I have here?
Keep my old ram or upgrade?
Dual Channel: DDR400 Detected as DDR333
Get more ram, or keep my dual channel?
Bh-5 or Bh-6 ????
How much ram till it becomes a bad thing for overclocking?
dual channel mode for ram
PQI Turbo or Crucial Ballistix?
Noob question, what kind of RAM do I have?
BIG Dual Channel Memory Question!!
Just ordered-Any good?
OCing RAM for Sync Question
2GB ram lat. question.
TCCD at 2-2-2-5 250+ Mhz
Need new RAM? Is this any good?
What CPU OC would require DDR533
crucial mem test
2-2-2-5 Settings
CAS 2 Kingston Hyper X. Chips?
Which memory cards have TCCD
New to Overclocking - Timings Question
OCZ Memtest
Will Corsair DDR500 run 257Mhz?!
which ram
ocz ddr booster disapointing day :(
Very Simple Question
Need a little advice on my situation
Need some memory help
Corsair PC3200 Voltage Setting?
Patriot XBLK memory TCCD?
CH-5 or TCCD?
Hurry Need Memory Advice
Like to get memory 2240-245Mhz low latency DDR1?ABIT AI7
When will DDR600 be released??!?
getting a new 512MB CH5 some Questions.
inexpensive memory that can do 2/2/2/5@200mhz +/-10mhz
lowest possible latencys?
AI7 which pqi TURBO Series Memory
memtest 86 - How long?
Best RAM for an A64 system?
overclocking memory
OCZ Booster and vTT Tracking
Choose the weapon to get me to 250. :)
512mb vs. 1gb
I Need Help Tweaking RAM
Buying Ram, need advice
My Winbond CH-5 (mem noob)
Kingston Value Ram PC3200... @ 230Mhz?
HyperX DDR2 settings
memor cas question
ebay specials, may turn out good
good DDR2 ram?
WHAT ICs in the EL PE ?????
Kingston PC3200 with TCCD any good?
Best of the best...
Corsair Twin XMS 3200LLPT 2 x 256 Help..................
Pqi Rma #2
Best Buy Ram
OVerclocking difference between 2 X 256, and 2 X 512 sticks of RAM?
Need some info on Kingston Hyper X PC2700
RAMS ddr2 or ddr - u make the call
Corsair XMS - Timings Issue
dual channel pc2700 vs dual channel pc3200
ocz platinum pc3200 rev.2
Corsair XMS pc-4000..help
geil golden dragon / abit bh7
XMS Low latency ram question
memtest86 tests to choose
RAM for A64 system
Which RAM?
A question to all you bt-d43 users
Mushkin lvl 2 on ebay
What App Changes Timings in Windows?
Help me get 1T
TCCD price list.
Please help me figure out what stick this is...
RAM for prescott
OCZ DDR Booster Diagnostic Device?
2-2-25 210 vs 2-4-4-11 220?
Which timings to start with
How to remove those damn ram clips
I saw BH-6...in a HD
OCZ4001024ELDCPE-K, What IC's?
amd fx55 ram
look at this memory
Corsair Xtra Low Latency
kingston pc3200 2-3-2-6 comparison
Memory timing/bench speed question
SPD timings?
Worlds Cheapest Price On Pc4400 1gb!!!!
K8N-E Deluxe RAM Question
Experience with PQI Turbo 1:1
New memory for Asus P4C800-E Deluxe or Abit IC max 3??
This setup safe? BH5
PQI3200-1024DBH - Any Good?
Kingston or no-name?
OCZ PC4000 (DDR500) Enhanced Latency (512MBx2)
FS: c
Advice on this...?
Need Low and High latency gamming benches Plz
OCZ Memory Question.. Potentially Tough!
Mhz vs Latency on AMD system (yet to be built)
Crap.. what to do
Is this a good ram/cpu upgrade?
RAM upgrade must work on current and future system
a memory question
Rebadged BH-5?
Cam memory 'remember' voltages?
OCZ Memory Booster
change volt?
Just got Kingston HyperX pc3200 ram, are these BH5 or CH5?
How much RAM to get?
What ram do you recommend for a p4 setup
ram...im confused
What is the best to go for....
Kingston BH-6 PC 2700 2x256mb
looser is better......
Should I overclock?
O/Cing my Mushkin pc3500 lvl 1
geil value ram?
best ram!!!
Dual Channel config problem
quick question
Mushkin EM Series
Pqi 2-2-2-5
how much ram?
My personal Best Memory score OCZ3200 Plat Rev.2
ecc memory problem..wont boot
Tighter timings with Crucial or looser with Kingston
Max voltage for Corsair XL
memtest errors please help
How much of a difference does dual channel make in AMD systems?
Mushkin 222 Special Wont Overclock
OCZ's Incredible customer service
EL, NF7, XP-M = what BIOS
How well can the BH-5's perform at 2.9 vdimm?
Damage from RAM timings being too hihg
am speed killing my fsb, causing crashes? Look here!
What chips are these??
Buying decent inexpensive ram today, need opinions...
This is unreal - never have I been so dumbfounded
Ram Suggestion
OCZ EB Overclocking Database
I dont think so...
what can i do with this memory
What will run with my 270 FSB?
Kingston Hyperx khx4000
Nerd Required, Corsair 3200XL 2-2-2-5, suggested timing to to remove mem instability?
2-2-2-5 3200 or 3-4-4-8 4200 ???
Program to change memory timings in windows?
2x 256mb TwinMOS BH-5 vs. 1x 512mb KingMax DDR 500
What RAM should I buy? This is so confusing!
What memory to get for A64 939?
mushkin bh-6 special heatsprders or no heatspreaders?
Memory Help !! Is it very good ??
timings w/ A64 dividers
what can you tell me ..
Could my memory be incompatible?
Memtest Test 5 errors question
New OCZ Ram!!!
durf.... memtest-18 errors test 7 cycle 0 4mhz over stock 2.9v
memory compatability
my pc4000 wont boot
2.9V safe?
mixed sticks
What matters more?
1T and 2T settings w/OCZ Plat EL PC3200
Worried about frying my ram again..
A question on chipsets and memory speed compatibility.
Noob question
Ram Dividers -- wtf is going on
recomend some ram for AV8 w/939 processor
Dual Channel from 2 singles?
kingmax tinybga
Decent memory?
Corsair 3200 XMS Low Latency Timings?
Heat Spreaders
Gskill 2x512mb PC4400 unstable at 1T above 245mhz....
Gskill @ excaliberpc
Did I buy good memory?
mixing/matching RAM
RMA question please
Upgrading proc/new bottleneck?
Kingston HyperX 3200 need help
Your best memory bench? >Sandra<
TCCC and P4
we're going ballistix mav.....
2-2-2-5, worth the money?
BH-5 Question
Is this a good oc for cheap ram?
Memtest86 - heard about it never used it - want to use it
Corsair xms 3200 cant go above 2 CAS Latency??
Question about Burning in Memory
Samsung Ram
BH-5 or TCCD for DFI nf3 250gb ut
Did I just ruin my PC3700 EB?
memory for 88$
Memory question, my bh5 died
RAM for my A64 3000+ sys
BT D43 and A64
Memory and AMD processors
Corsair Value Select 1G
Mem Program
Memtest86+ errors
Bought HyperX PC4000 at best buy for $119 with mail in, need info on ram.
just got a sk8 b need recommendation on ram
buy locations for ocz?
NF7 and Mushkin Blue Line 3200 problem in XP
Safely Remove Hardware with something that's working fine
2 seperate BH-5 sticks run at 260 but wont run 260 in DC
Gskill and PQI Tested at AnandTech
New Bios == Awesome
Patriot 1GIG 3200LL kit for $139 after Rebate!!
Help, Mixed DDR
OCZ pc3500eb or Adata PC4200
Divider Vs 1:1 sync with cpu
Oh yeah! I forgot to mention
My timings
OCZ Rev.3
What does 'T1' mean?
Kingston HyperX PC3200 512MB - $89.99, good deal?
Memory Leakage?
Is it really true? Cheap memory directly from Taiwan?
Running Memtest after OC'ing
Why pc4000?
Wanna help me with RAM settings? Dont be shy
can i oc my mems sticks
can I run 2 kits of dual channel in a nf7-s?
Dual/Single Channel question
General Question On Latency
768mgs PC2700 or 512mgs PC3200
PC3200, PC3700 or PC4000?
How to "BURN IN" memory?
Corsair XMS Xtra Low Latency
What does this mean?
loosening already loose timings???
Wrong Timings for my HyperX PC4000
Can anyone tell me what kind of memory chips I have?
16/32bit RAMBUS question
Why is this happening?
Couple Questions
Does CPU speed affect memory stability (A64)
Good timings for 4 sticks of 512 pc400?
Need new RAM for sn41g2v2
Rma Pqi stick, The new one has arrived and kicking butt!
OCZ technicial support **** customer service
ECC an Non ECC
GSkill, who has it?
Will 2 GB make a big difference compared to 1 GB?
AXP Cycle time (TRAS)?
Will this make my PC better for Gaming?
CH5 or not??
Elixir memory died... can't figure out how to RMA
Just going 64bit (tonight)...
Wierd, dual channel speeds, but..
tccd 4 sticks?
question about corsair xms ram
performance increase?....