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Kingston Value Ram Question
OCZ DDR Boosters Owners Release the Hound!!
Ram question
how good is this ram?
best budget 1gig (2x516) combo
Do these Sisoft scores look correct?
has 256 MB of RAM only shows 192MB in windows and Bios...
Memory not running fast enough
Still Confused
Which memory to overclock prescott ???
max voltage?
Hynix D5 - Poor bandwidth efficiency?
Adding a 512 stick to my current OCed 2x256 Mushkin lvl2 special - what should I do?
Komusa Hyperam PC4200 VS. Geil Ultra PLatinum PC4400
Can someone tell me if my memory is bh-5?
Komusa Hyperam PC4200 any good????
Need Help - Kingston Memory Freq/Timing settings
Buggy SD ram card?
is it worth it 333Mhz to 400Mhz
Upgrading to 1 Gig of ram noob Q's
PC4000 to PC4400 reasonable upgrade?
pc3200 ram running...
will it my dual channel work?
will my ram overheat at 2.8volts?
RAM decision time again
RAM problems please help
cheap RAM review: KVR PC2700
Can this ram runs in Dual
Novice need advice on RAM
running PC3200 with 333Mhz processor
No more Kingston (Winbond) but Kingston (Hynix), should I go for it?
Please Help Choose RAM
weird speed from ocing
Best value: Geil or Corsair?
Is geil a good OC'er???
Removing the memory heat-spreader
What do I have to lose... OCZ DDR booseter
ocz eb 3200 vs 3500 vs 3700
A-Data DDR400 can't do 400MHz
My mobo only see half of my mem stick?
oc'ing = more errors?
Komusa's PC4200 HyperRam
Kingston Value Ram...
mem throughput versus DRAM clock speed???
Hmm good ram or not?
How much is 2x256 of Mushkin Black level 2 worth?
Command Rate 1t vs 2t .. will it affect other timings?
Do You Own OCZ EL Platinum 3200?
3700EB Isn't oc'ing well....
So has there been any sort of TCCC chip generation comparisons?
What speed is EDO ram?
weird things happening after oc attempt :(
OCZ 3700 EB or Crucial Ballistix for 939 A64?
whats the difference?
My new A-Data pc4200 & results
Single Sided 512MB modules anywhere???
PC4000 Corsair
What memory for MSI Neo2 Platinum
I want some new ram from Newegg.
Buffalo PC 3700
From 400 to 561, all from the same ram-WOW!
"Low" Fsb w/ Corsair xms
BEST memory to buy for a 1.6A?
Why is'nt anybody trying buffalo micron G??
Looking for opinions on this memory
pc3200 ballistix vs pc4000 ballistix?
OCZ pc3500 EB PE
Which Memory can do it all?
BH-5 Questions
prime stable @ 210fsb , but not goldmem stable?
Komusa pc4200 1gb Dual Channel DDR Hyperam with epox 8kda3j?
Best RAM: fast with loose timings vs. slower with tight timings
Crucial pC3200 Memory in NF7-S 218@2.5-2-3-11 Decent Timings???
Failed memtest86...
PQI Turbo Series (2-2-2-5) any good?
Hynix D5 + A64?
hey guys what do u think about this memory??
Corsair 3200XL - What have you had out of yours?
Ramn that I should get for OC my pc
Black Level 1 + 2 question 3500
o/cing mushkin pc3200 level II BH5
Memory Speed!
Dual channel aint happenin'!!!!
memtest86+ question
Advantages/Disadvantages of PC3200 compared to 4000
Lowering CAS latency fried my PC
Corsair CMX256A-3200C2 Opinion
Kingston or OCZ
which ballistix
ddr ratio ?
where can i find CMX256A-3000C2PT?
Which of these 2 would be best for my setup?
Memtest86...how many errors?
is my memory holding me back?
Is this my bottleneck?
2.0-3-2-6 or 2.5-2-2-6?
some quick help please, Apacer3200 vs, KVR2700
KHX3000 Dual Pack
Is it worth having faster memory bus than CPU bus?
Vdimm mod or Not?
RAM for K8NS-pro and A64 3200+?
BEST Performance $150 can buy..
OCZ DDR Booster Ram overclocking tool
What memory? (Abit NF7-S, XP-M 2500+)
guess whats in the new adata 566 mhz modules
Crucial Ballistix PC4000 1T timings at 200-250MHz tested.
Good reasons to run 5:4/3:2 instead of 1:1 for DDR
old school SDRAM
PC 2700 and Games like DOOM 3
Good 1GB memory sticks for A64?
OCZ 3700EB non stable (perhaps heat?)
Some memory of interest to me. input?
Is this good memory to replace my problematic OCZ ?
Mixxing Speeds?
does this RAM do dual channel on nf7-s
DDR running single channel? Help!
Will memory timings ever be a bottleneck?
memtest question
What memory is best for this board?
Used kingston memory warranty
Kreton Tech Support
Memtest86 Test #5 Only?
OCZ PC3200 Plat. Rev 2 - available now!
Question about Timings.
oc with value?
New memory for my NF7-S 2500-M and my future A64
which module brand in these performance 1gb kit ocz pc3500?
new ram
Is Serial Presence Detect (SPD) in Bios Accurate and Reliable?
Twinmos TMD7608F8E50D good chips?
so far, i'm at 255 FSB!!
Overclocking Memory question?
Odd problem - possibly ram
what RAM (in UK) ??
Ram choice for 3.0C and AI7 combo
Mem cooling question..
IDLE Memory usage
P4C800-E Deluxe....Memory
which KVR should I get for AMD64 3200+?
what to mix with my buffalo
KVR with Micon Chipset @ CC
Problems with PC-133 into Celerons
Which memory can i get?
1024MB or 1022MB
Ram goes up to 285 now what?
pc3700 cas2 $57...??
corsair pc3200XL
Strange things after upgrading to 1GB of RAM..
Best Speed/ timings for an A64 System
pc 3200 512mb, not working with gigabyte mobo
mushkin level II testings results
OCZ PC3200 *BANG* - Why didnt I listen to myself!
Memory Leak Checks.
PC3500 in a PC3200 board, more stable?
PQI Memory?
Question about Compact Flash cards..
help wil vdimm mod for pc-dl
Is this RAM any good? Pretty cheap!
Crucial Memory Upgrade question
Ok guys what would u choose i have 3 choices.
which QCZ or memory
Took the heatspreader off my ADATA chips are these good/decent chips ?
512 stick
Ballistix Experience Anyone?
please help. LONG BEEEEEEEP
Ram for $200 ??
Corsair Pro vs non-pro
3 sticks or 2
oc memory reviewed
Debate over memory for VNF3 250 board A64
4DIMMS on FX-53
Memory for System
IS this good RAM?
Memtest....how to use???
My little OCZ booster FAQ
PC3500 EB results on K8N Neo Platinum, 3200+ NewCastle
Can new RAM make it run hot?
Doom 3 stabilty and my memory
Kingston HyperX 2700
high speed vs tight timings
pc2700 running as pc2100
Well got my second OCZ DDR Booster and LED isn't working...
Intel Memory Question on synchronous.
Does pc-4000 ram come in 1 gig sticks?
Game Slowdowns
Samsung PC2700 and overclocking...
Clarification on running 3 modules
PLEASE HELP! Is this normal for Mushkin Level2 3200 @ 2-2-2-11? Weird memory errors..
PLZHELP!!! XMSxl pltnm sticks or black sticks?
OCZ DDR Booster back in stock at FrozenCPU for $48.00
OCZ Dual Channel 2X1024MB DDR PC3200... 3-3-3-7.. opinions?
Buffalo PC3200 Micron G
Getting the most out of my Adata PC4200 and the IC7-g
EB 3700 Vs. 3200XL Vs. LVL2 V2 For A64
should I tweak my ram settings?
Corsair 2700 XMS FSB Problems
Kingston or Corsair Memory?
GeiL Ultra-X RAM
How much for an engineering student's laptop?
What would you like better???
Is it normal for cpu-z to report my ADATA pc4200 ram as just 512mb pc3200
Possible upgrade in memory?
If one stick of corsair didn't run good with my NF7-S, will another?
:bang head Why cant I get mem over 200mhz
DDR Booster Review at Xbitlabs
noob needs memory help quickly
OCZ DDR Booster Diagnostic Device
Is there a site to help with memory timings?
Pny Ram
OCZ Extended Voltage Protection
266 on a p4 northwood
Help me Choose!
PC2700 rams, how far have you pushed yours? ;)
Need some basic info for those that have tried...
Difference between registered and unbufferd ram?
Did I get a bum stick of RAM?
Help identify this memory
OCZ booster stopped working with IC7-Max3
Mixing memory speeds
My Crucial Ballistix
Ack help with ram purchase.
Question on dual-channel and latency
RE: Double Sided 5B-C Sticks From Crucial
Corsair XL vs OCZ EB for Socket 939
Best Timings for NF-7?
been away awhile...which RAM for 260fsb at cas2?
any ideas ?
Buying HyperX but PC3200 or PC3500
Help Picking Ram 400-500$ CDN Budget Link to store inside
worth it to buy 2700 ram?
Ram bandwidth way too low
Budget Memory Advice
What memory to get?
Quality vs quanity
half second stalls in games?
"fastest" Ram for under 220fsb cpu
Please share views on OC DDR400 & OC'ing NF2 v2. TIA
ocz 256mb pc3200 rev.2 2-3-3-6
Look! A DATA with Hynix CT-D5 chips!
512MB 1GB Mushkin PC3500 Level 2 DDR Winbond BH-5, good?
OCZ memory booster, performance gains?
Corsair Twin XMS 3200LLPT 2 x 256 Help..................
Bios Settings?
Replaced memory. Computer auto restarts
Another Noobie OC thread: 3200+, k8v se d, PNY PC3500
A64s FSB: Do i need to worry?
help a newbi with ram prob.
A couple of Booster/Dimm/result Q's
Winbond DH-5. Anyone tried these? BH-6 available according to website.
2x512 of OCZ PC3200EB capping at 205mhz?
kingston valur ram, hynix bt-d43 chip with 2-2-2 at ddr400~~
Anyone with PC3200 1gb Mushkin Level One?
OCZ 512mg out-perform kingston 1gig?
For those that have purchased Komusa ADATA ram...
how much ram can we feed doom3?
Question about ram voltage....
Is there a difference? (Ram Question)
OCZ 3200 EL, how far can I push it?
ram voltage readings?
Flying home
Help with ram booting problem.
help me pick ram please
Support Question
Comp wont boot with Corsair XMS PC3200LL
memtest question
Warrenty Voidness
BH-5 or Hynix BT-D43 for A64?
Ram for A64 3800+ & MSI K8N neo2 Platinum
Should I buy RAM now?
RAM for overclocking A64
How hot is too hot?
Performance wise, at DDR400 how much of a difference do timings make?
What to match with Mushkin LVL2 3500?
DDR Booster + My Ram=?
loosen timings at 3:2 ratio?
Just ordered some memory, question is... is it any good?
well guys i got the shikaram pc4400
Got my OCZ PC3500 EB 1GB ram.. need help
Keep Kingston Value ram or upgrade.
Performance mode cause`s tearing?
Difference Between the Two Modules
Ram Oc Help
Anyone tested samsung tccd @ 5:4?
Holy, Crucial Ballistix
pc 3500 or pc 3200
what should my TRC and Dram idle timer set too?
Budget PC4000 in Canada?
Installed OCZ DDR Booster, Comp Wont Boot
Help something wrong with memory?
Samsung Memory Info
Page file mem.
ocz ddr booster questions
3.0e memory
What kind of Micron chips do buffalo 3700 use?
Laptop doesn't recognise memory
Is it worth upgrading tp pc4200 with this config?
Has anyone tried installing DoomIII in a Ram Drive?
No argument on who's #1 (well, at least in sales)?
hail and first question :)
Looking at PC100
generic mmc cards
is this config possible?
No more Mushkin PC3500 LVL2...GAH
Dual Channel No Longer Works?
A64 3200+ / K8V SE Deluxe, what 2 sticks of 512?
Whoa this is friggin hard !!
how much do timings matter in terms of oc?
Memory Modules
Has RAMMBUS 1066Mhz RDram gone down in price yet?
$300 Budget for 1024mb Ram
PC2700 to hit 200fsb, help!
New Adata Modules
New RAM for a P4P800?
OCZ pc3200 and abit nf7-s 2(512
Is ocz EB really worth it over pc4000 in a a64 setup?(paging hitech)
Ramsinks or not??
What ram should i get for a P4-M?
Possible FSB Breakthrough with OCZ pc 3500 EB platinum
ram on a budget, help plz!
How Do You Test Memory?
Crucial Ballistix?
Which is better?
Kingston PC2700 BGA ram, are they good?
512MB Kingston HyperX PC4000 for $120
Help me pick which RAM
Anyone know what the .16T or .8T stands for on Crucial CT6464Z40 512MB PC3200??
New OCZ Gold PC3700 R3 & PC4000 R2
tRP / Memtest86+
Memory Purchase Help
Kingston HyperX 512MB PC4000
HyperX 512 BH5 question?
1GB or tight timings and 512 ???
Thanks guys!!!
I need RAM today !!
OCZ Booster --> BH-5 max Vdimm?
The heatspraders on my ADATA Hyperram is not even touching the memory.
OCZ DDR booster question
Which brand?
kingmax pc3200
Screen Shots For Cpu Z Mem
Need Advice On 2nd RAM Stick
Buffalo mT -5BC doing 10x240
samsung tccc/tccd chip??anyone
DDR Boosters at Ebuyer UK
I need value Ram suggestions for less than 120bucks.
Corsair.. VS decent?
The loot, after three weeks of shopping
Dual channel??/?
where will i benefit?
Athlon XP-M O/Cing RAM
pmi pc4500 review?????
Four opportunities for A64
Kingston ddr400 not working!!!!!
AMD 64 3200+ and memory
To use or NOT to use THAT is the Question
noob question
How does this look?
New stick of ram...STRANGE problem...Help!
mushkin blue or corsair XMS
280 1:1 vs 230 5:4 what's better?
a64 ........need ram ......cheap
Well, I went ahead and bought it. :D
Ballistix DDR2
How far?
Crucial makes DDR500 at cas 2.5
Best memory for NF7-S for $125 or less? What do you think about these?
Memtest86 error #5 questions?
Memory for new NF7-S?
Money burning hole in pocket...
OCZ DUAL CHANNEL PLATINUM LE (OCZ4001024ELDCPLE-K) worth it for novice overclocker?
it just won't work
New to OC'ing memory
4200 Hyperam and the 845 chipset
How good is Shika DDR ram?
Nforce 2
What chips do these use??
Ram Ram Ram
Got OCZ PC3700 Gold Rev2
does adata make their ic's or rebadge them?
Need Twinmos pc3200 Ch-5 stick. What are altenatives???
noob question concerning fsb/ddr ratio
Memory Question
memory cas problem.
system unstable
Clocking DDR400 over 400mhz @ 1:1?? (AMD)
800mhz FSB requires 3200?
look for ram to overclock mobile 2600
corsair pc3200 wont go further than 225fsb
Memtest86+ Vs Memtest86
1 gig 2700 or 512 3200?
Memory Upgrade - Worth it or Not?
Ocz El Ddr Pc-4400
Do heat spreaders make a difference?
Why Corsair 3200 better timings than Cor. 4400?
Registered or Unbuffered?
Memory Bandwith for Athlon
Registered/ECC, what do I need for an AMD64 setup?
Best Memory for an XP Mobile At My Pricepoint/Goals? (+General Memory Questions)
is setting the ram voltage at 2.8 dangerous?
DDR Question
Is a SATA better than IDE Hard drive
Mosel Vitalic Chips
RAM Question
LGA775 DDR Booster
Just got new memory
Dual Channel memory compatibility and upgrade ques
DDR Booster at SVC computers. Just ordered mine.
Good memory for A8V
1.5gb configuration with intel dual channel
OCZ PC4000 Rev.2
newb question, new at this
Vdimm booster applicable 2 A64s?
just ordered OCZ DDR Booster...
OCZ booster available @ SVC
Mosel -5B Chips?
What MEMTEST86 version to install?
1 stick of ram...or divide it into 2 smaller sticks and run dual channel
Kingston KTD8300/512... i think i got jipped , please help
Buffalo pc3700 CH5's???
is ocz eb gone for good?
3rd Stick Added, Dual Channel Enabled
a quick memory/bios question
pmi pc4500 found.
Best Athlon64 RAM
New RAM isnt working..
Just orderd some A-DATA Vitesta Pc4000, any experinces from Komusa ?
3 sticks of 512ram problem
which memory should i get for my OC
Any one tested this out....
Ballistix equals crap! Well overclocking wise at least
Would I notice an increase in performance?
Some noob questions about a ram upgrade.
Voltage adjustments
Oh No! aother thread on the OLZ Booster
Oh No
Is all Corsair XMS PC3500 really BH5?
what would you do?
Memory Timmings Ustable w/ 3dmark
250fsb AN7 256 hyperx pc3500
what's the best 3200 memory
Dual Channel Memory Upgrade - Worth it?
Best 2x512mb for < $250
this good?
Wont post at a 3:2 ratio.
set at, cpu-z shows ?
Memory upgrading...
What about ocing with this ram
Geil Value Dual Channel-Optimized for Dual CH
Noob to oc'ing memory
will this mem o/c very high?
Memory Help: Currently have a 512mb Corsair 3500 XMS
Doom 3 and ram, do i have enough?
Good o/c ram for A64?
what to buy?
how many volts is too much?
Mushkin PC3500 Level 2 question
Boot Oddity
Faster memory or better timings
memtest error question
Good RAM for my Machine?
Where's the best Ch-5/6.....
whats under the hood?
What chips do Corsair ValueSelect come with?
A64 ram
Hate to do it but need to get crackinn..
What can I do?
Kvr pc3200 512 questions
seanomatic/bigtoe i need help please..
What Ram
Hows Corsair's TwinX2048-3200PRO?
Corsair Memory Identify.
Corsair Memory Identify.
Question with OCZ EL Plat. 3200
Safe voltage for ch5
Undecided, OCZ 4000 Gold or Ballistix 4000?
interesting founding of my kingston pc4000 2x512.
registered or unbuffered
Corsair offered XMS 3700LLPT as RMA replacements, should i accept it or not?
Strange Memory Error when playing CS
The Unofficial Official Ballistix Results Thread
i haven't been here in forever, help me choose memory please
P4C800-E >260mhz 2-2-2-6
New Mushkin Level2 V2!
BB, CC, Crapusa, etc. chip hunt......
if pc4800 is anywhere pls fill me in!
Corsair ram..good deal?
Yes ram works fine now!
Ram Voltage question
Ram not working together
Geil Ultra Platinum Series