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i haven't been here in forever, help me choose memory please
P4C800-E >260mhz 2-2-2-6
New Mushkin Level2 V2!
BB, CC, Crapusa, etc. chip hunt......
if pc4800 is anywhere pls fill me in!
Corsair ram..good deal?
Yes ram works fine now!
Ram Voltage question
Ram not working together
Geil Ultra Platinum Series
Recommendation please
Ram Speed?
which sort of ram should i get for my A64 system ?
$375 too much for Mushkin PC3500 BH-5?
OCZ EB gone, whats next?
Firestix from Buffalo Tech
Buffalo PC3700 BH5???
Those with OCZ 'Enhanced Latency' PC3200...
Memory latency question
End Balistix results
Removing heatspreaders?
OCZ voltage booster
OCZ DDR Booster + BH-5 oc'ing
DDR Boosters @ FrozenCPU
Best RAM for FX-53?
Help me out, i got a few ocz questions!
What RAM will fly with my Kingston ValueRAM BH-6?
Kingmax PC-3700
4 stick trouble, please read.
can't figure out what memory to buy : (
Anyone tried this ram?
whats a better memmory?
Tight, Loose, Whats the deal here?
Look what I found @Circuit City
Help over clocking my A64 3200+..
memory just failed prime
BH-6 Overclocking.
Memory Choices--AGAIN
Recommend me some RAM
Dual Channel at all worth it for athlon xp / nforce 2 motherboards?
PC4000 < $60?
Geil vs Corsair help [Please Help]
Looks like EB series are flying out the door
3200 bh-5 or 4000
When and What should i buy 1 or 1.5gb of Ram
Quick question
Checking memory speed
I just picked up some Hynix D5's (D43 is better)
Can I use pc4000 DDR Memory on a amd xp2100?
STUPID question, but necessary...
a8v deluxe and pc 4000
Initial Balistix results
OCZ vdimm booster and me!
help with upgradeing memory on placement
OCZ EB PC-3200 512mb, or Mushkin level 1 PC-3500 512mb?
should i get ballistix?
Corsair Value Ram
CMX512-3200LL 512MB DDR400, good deal or not really?
what ram?
is OCZ pc-3200 EB o/c ing as well as 3500 or 3700?
Kingmax Hardcore DDR500
Memory factory fires
Is it worth swaping..........
Mixing memory
Geil Ultra Platinum 1GB (2x512) PC-4400
getting more ocz pc4000 el gold worth it
OCZ EL 4400 or Corsair 4400 for IC7-Max3?
Best 3700 ram for under 500$ AUS
My unofficial review of the Corsair Value Select ram
What would you buy?
another "no idea what ram for a64"
4 x 256 or 2 x 512
Push mem faster than CPU? Any point?
PQI RAM....Opinions???
Khx3200 Oc?
Help choosing ram
anybody have info on kinston remarked chips?
1GB Memory.. really worth it?
Buffalo mT -5BC Results
Reading movies on cds
Best Ram for oc'ing?
Sandra memory bandwidth test low?
Would you these two modules play nice with each other?
memory timing.
what brand of memory for overclocking?
I need Better ram...HELP?!
ddr 3200 or ddr 3500?????
Where to buy OCZ PC-3700EB?
Dilema help please
Does anyone have probs w/ CORSAIR XMS PRO's
Broken butt corsair xms'
2x1Gb Corsair/Kingston or 4x512Mb Adata pc4000?
More suggestions
Corsairs Xms compatible w/ Amd64???
Heatspreaders, Voltage, and mT -5BC
best bet for my current setup
Kingston KHX3200K2/2G OC nirvana
is it posibble?????
Settle an argument of BH-5 vs. BH-6
RAM Compatability...
DDR466 cheaper than DDR433?
Memory Roundup
2gb ram - system management
what should i buy next?
ok i am an overclocking noob
how to tell if hyperx is bh5?
SDRAM Organization Question
Crucial Balistix
corsair 3202c2pt v4.1+3200xl!!!!!!!
budget RAM
Are memory prices on the rise?
DDR in DDRII slots
Errors while playing CounterStrike CZ
ocz 4400 performance + higher vdimm volts
Value Ram=ew
Memory problems on VNF3-250
A-DATA ram?
FX-53 OC with Ram questions.
tired of waiting...
Kreton Memory
Best ram for... gigabyte duel board
Micron mT -5B D is AWESOME!!!
Need Help with RAM
Preferred Memory
Crucial Launches 'Ballistix' Performance Brand
Strange Pagefile usage...
buffered to unbuffered
Opinions on this 1G stick of true pc4000 for $178
OCZ PC3700 failing memtest86..
timings? any good?
ramsink problem.
Adding More Ram? Different Brand?
What burn in program is better?
Recommendations for A64 (paging flapperhead)...
Diagnosis for my new 2x512 PC3200EB?
Need advice on running 2G of ram overclocked.
Is my memory hold me back? need advice?
Infineon RAM
memtest 86 freezing up
Best ram for this set up?
Bios is Sayin pc2700
? on error
OCZ pc4000 EL Gold
anyone have shikaXram?
Question about if ram affects amount of ocing
OCZ memory full list
Dual Channel even with 3rd DIMM?
OCZ PC 3500 EB, and NF7-S problems
KINGSTON KVR400X64C3A/512 + Help
how badly will using 2x512mb sticks instead of 1x1gig stick effect performance?(A64)
worth the upgrade?
Memory Benchmark Database?
Memtest errors.
why is it so hard too get KVR with micron chips BH-5
Noob question on ocing RAM
some adata pc4600 tccd
1 slow gig tight timings vs 512mb fast and tight
PC2700 @ 200fsb?
how is geil ram??
What is bandwith on memory?
New PC3200EB SPD timings.
My memory is a bottleneck?
1 stick of 512 ddr or dual channel
Need help with timings for "so-so" memory.
Dual Ch = Sorta half the memory?
need ram suggestions(help)
Kingston HyperX PC3000 - WoRtH iT??
A memory question
just wondering
[HELP] A-Data / Mushkin - other PC4000 + ?
Excessive heat?
Memory Temps...
unstable after upgrade
Where can I get CHEAP Micron "mT-5B C"?
Memory speed settings
KHX PC2700 / PC3000 Any recent purchases?
Is Infineon ram any good?
hey guys, i think we hit the jackpot here..
Timings, help needed!!
Decisions, decisions (for an A64)....
Do I have Winbond BH-5 memory?
Who discourages getting low-end RAM?
Need suggestions on new 512mb ram
Is 512MB enough for intense gaming and xp?
PC3500 EB incompatible with NF7's?
Will It Run At 220mhz??
DDR-II What to buy
good chip reference pics..
compact flash and sd memory
2.9 Vdim = high?
RAM for HP notebook ?? 2 Gb
choosing ram!
How to tell if Mushkin Ram is PC3500 or PC3200?
Mushkin Blue Line vs. Basic Green
Corsair Pc4000 cl2 Maximum pc
Mushkin 222 Special pc3200 incompatible with Soyo P4165PE Mobo?
Does your Mushkin Level one Ram stink too?
Dual channeling
a7n8x deluxe ram
Good ram for ASUS K8V SE deluxe??
Down to three choices...which would you choose?
Does corsair 2700xms = corsair 3200 value select?
Need a recommendation (latency vs. speed)
Komusa pc3200
mT -6T C
mushkin 222
Geil pc3500 ultra
warning for golden dragon users
Looks like Micron is on a roll!!!
Memory error, what does this mean?
DDR: 266, 333, 400.. big difference? worth it?
which ram 2 buy
Whats better? 1x1024MB or 2x512MB dc?
Stuck at 220fsb?
Tell me about these Hynix Chips
Finally ordered my new ram
Please help with OCZ ram and o/c
is these ram a good Choice?
RAM tweaking without BIOS
Cosair XMS - Black or Silver?
Kingston HyperX PC4000
BH-5 vs OCZ PC3700EB - Present and Future
hyper transport ram?
mT -5B *D* (Micron's new Revision results)
Techical Question about RAM: PIN #
again lol
1 gig of Ram, huh?
Is this KVR any good?
mushkin level1 vs. ocz enhanced bandwidth for nf7-s
ram tweaking trouble
Buffalo PC3700 (BH-5) and volts
OCZ PC3500 EL 512mb
222 special confusion!!! This is odd
$200 budget pick ram for me
ddr2 question...
Corsair XMS vs. OCZ 'Enhanced Latency'
What would be better??
Mushkin mistake?
Clarification guys: 3 sticks of ram on dual channel mbs
Upgrading system, need low cost ram recommendations
need recommendation for ram
question on dual channel ram
Dual channel, must be bought in one box?
Worth it?
Please Help : New HyniX Memory - New Problems
Kingmax Hardcore PC4000 and Athlon 64s
what is the memory to get right now?
difference between RDRAM and DDR
OCZ front side bus with nf7 2.0 opinion's needed
Hunting for good IC's in ValueRAM
2 dual channel 1 single? reply now plz
KingMax ddr400/433
option 1 vs. 2
Fan on Memory?????
Single and Dual Channel mixing
How long will OCZ keep current IC's?
Memory Divider Clarification
Can I run 3200?
how much ram
Is Mushkin 222special bh6 discontinued?
FSB: DRAM ratio ?
A different way to test memory bandwith....
cornfused ....
Need help decideing what ram to purchase.
What memory & how much with this board?
Komusa 512 4200 ram for neo and A64
dual channel memory
Samsung PC3700 256x4 or Kingston HyperX PC3700 512x2?
Corsair pc3200
Help! Corsair XL ram...
Kingston Valueram for Abit Kv8-Max3?
YAY for bad ram
should i trade TWINX512-3700 2x256MB DC kit for 2x256 PC3200 PT DC non-kit???
Help...where to next ??
OCZ 3200 Enhanced Latency vs 3700 Gold Dual Channel on a S754 A64 3200
Muskin 3500 ram running at 333mhz???
Sandra test methodology and results
Corsair XMS rev 1.1 vs 2.1
DRAM Queue Depth?
questioned about ecc and non-ecc
OCZ and Kingston help
Extra Memory Settings... What are they?
Memtest86 question
Overclocking BH5??
Dram settings
Help? What kind of ram is this?
got some crucial from newegg
Cheapo 2x512mb or Amazing 2x256mb?
mushkin 3200 basic and epox 8rda+
Kingston ValueRAM OCability?
registered ram? whats this mean
What volts can i run through this ocz?
Samsung K4H560838E-TCCC PC3200 Need Advice Quick!
Hynix CT/BT question..
PC3200XL - Settings? Any Luck?
Hynix? Any good?
3200 bh5 or ocz3500eb?
mixing ram
Where can I get bh-5/6 for around $175?
Corsair TwinX1024 PC4000?
Ram detection problem on K8N Neo Platinum
Need confimation for memory timings in NF7 BIOS for Kingston HyperX
Ram Questions
Corsair value ram, any good?
How can I tell?
geil golden dragon last minute before purchase
About Corsair Memory
cant change ram timing
anyone ever remove kingston hyperx ramsinks?
Kingston HyperX KHX3200AK2 : Anybody did 2-2-2 @ 200FSB?
PC133 for an old system...
Arghhh...What's causing the problems!!!???
Corsair VS512MB400 Help
Advice about memory upgrade
2x 256 + 2x 256 or 2x 512 Ram
RAM question
Need Advice XMS 3500V1.1
harder to overclock over a gb?
Corsair PC3200Xl better than Corsair PC4000Pro?
Is the new OCZ PC3700EB at newegg the good stuff?
Mosel Vitelic...cheap or what?
How safe is it to bump up the FSB?
will more voltage help get better ram timings?
True bandwidth differences.
Signs that tell you more ram is needed...
Noobie Memory Question
How to tell if my Corsair XMS is BH-5?
cpu-z channels?
OCZ PC3200 EB or PC4000 gold? help
Did Mushkin send me PC3200 by accident?
Nice Ram
confused. hyperram uses adata chips,adata uses hynix.
Are prices for Ram going up or down?
any luck running 1x512 and 2x256 dual channel
Is this a good chip to get on a low budget?
Quick question.
Another choice when it comes to RAM?
Is "Ram Bo" Brand any good?
A-Data pc4000 place to buy?
1GB or 512MB question?
Am I just plain old lucky or is this normal?
Are my timings correct?
Please advise OCZ PC3200 512MB CL2
i took the bull by the horns..
Is Kingston HyperX DDR466 1GB good?
Geil True Value & ABIT NFS-7
Ram + Mb Problems Corsair Ram
I need some high speed RAM recommendations
4 sticks of ram disables GAT?
what happens if you tell pc4000 memory to run over 250 MHz?
2 vs 4 sticks
Pics of Crucial DDR466 Volt mod
Does my ram suck?
cant get my mt to run 5/4 at hi fsb
What memory
Corsair 3200XL or OCZ 3700EB
Memory Bottleneck
OCZ: EB vs EL vs Perf
[Retired Sticky]List of chips on recommended modules
[URGENT] The right one...
Laptopt Memory question ...
What is CH-5 and Micron 5ns capable of?
which woulc you rather have?
Help my OCZ PC3200 won't OC past 205mhz
memtest86 question
Kinston hyper-x. False advertising?
Mushkin pc3500 Level 1
Final check-- Defective PC4200?
Need memory suggestions again :(
511MB stick of ram?
What ram would be good with Athlon 2500+ M
Mismatch in DIMM modules?? That a problem?????
KHX3000 or KHX3500?
Slots matter
is this level 2 bh-5?
Corsair 512mb XMS PC3200LL (CMX512-3200LL)
Kingston PC4000 timings question...
ocz 3500 plat eb or mushkin 3500 level 2
Just got my gig of ocz3700EB
[HELP] I need ram for my p4p800 + 2.6C
o/c problem - PC not posting, possibly RAM related
Why stress out about timings?
Please hook a brother up with ram recommendations
Geil ram timings!
Best RAM thats not BH-5 Winbond?
micron chips
RAM recommendations for athlon 64??
Fried my ram
nf7 2.0 ram decision ( help needed)
Mixing Memory Brands!! This could really suck...
need help making right choice...
720MHz DDR-2 Sandra Scores
512mb Bank1 & 256MB Bank2?
Very, very, very confused about chips and overlclocking ram
Memory Modules and the chips they use
Mushkin lvl2 PC3500 Overclocking
Mushkin PC3200 "222 Special"
A-Data pc4000 & MSI Neo 865P CAS Timing problems
Suggestion: Report new memory purchases
Memory timings in DC any different?!
Komusa A-Data pc4000
256, or 512
DDR400: Corsair or Mushkin for an Asus
Do you need the same brand of ram to dual channel?
DRAM Voltage
EB PC3200 vs PC3500
Compatibility Question for MSI FISR Mobo
Pmi3200-1024dpl Ram
NF7-S Barton 2500+ Ram Recomendation
Can i use a corsair xms ram with generic ram?
Samsung DDR400 CL3 - highest oc results?
Timings ...again :)
KOMUSA and ASUS: compatible?
What ram do you recomend for my sistem?
memory dell dimension
search doesnt find it,and im dumb both! i need the link that compares ic's!
Is Cosair 512MB PC2700LLPT BH-6?
Memtest86+ Good Test
1 gig 2700 BH-5 price check
4x256mb vs. 2x512mb
BH-5 or not?
Ram won't post at rated speeds
2 x 512 wont boot at 400mhz
Mushkin special vs Corsair XMS Pro
I'll feel a RAM upgrade session coming on...
"Insufficient system resources"
Stuck on memory! Help!
all fixed up and nowhere to go...
Woohoo Finally got some ram
Why run RAM faster than FSB?
Mem bandwidth
And they said DDR2 sucks...They LIED
Mushkin Dual Channel
Need new RAM for my nf7s 2500M combo
Is my RAM unstable?
I need good memory for my abit AI7/2.6C
ocz pc3200 or cosair xms pc3200?
mushkin lvl2 black and intel d875pbz
Vdimm with or without RAM?
How far can I overclock Corsair XMS PC3200?
Okay i need to buy 1gb pc3200 from newegg by end of tonight
ram layout program?
Gigram or Kreton any good?
pc133 ram interesting situation here.
General Memory/Motherboard question
Need memory recommendation for new system.
Overclocking ram
Should I trust prime95 or memtest?
Need Memory Advice From The Gurus for New Gaming PC
Same, or can I change?
What IC's in OCZ PC3200 Rev2 Perf. Series (OCZ400512R2)
more or faster ram? that is the question
pc133 vs pc100
OCZ 2x512 PC3500EL Gold
New OCZ3700EB coming
dual chanel
Yet another RAM question
What do you think about the Geil value 3200 ram?
dbase of diff bh-5 steppings & performance
Dual Channel cause instability?
what makes dual channel so special?
What do you think I should buy
Memory Models
heat spreaders
1gig dual or 1.5 gig single channel
Anyone know where I can get the best deal on RAM heatspreaders?
Predicted Max for "2-2-2" Muskin ddr400
Mushkin LevelII PC3500
Asus P4P800 & P4C800 users come look!!!
Ebuyer extra value pc3200 Ram
Disapointed / unnoticable mushkin 222 results, as well as new cpu
Bad Memory Fixed?
Please someone help me out
Newbe Memory Help
tight RAM
using different sticks for dual channel? Is it possible?
Best RAM for a Abit AI7?
Some basic questions!
What kind of RAM do I need???
help need some young eyes...
hyper-x pc3200 need some help
Best Value Memory?
Hynix BT-D43 Revisions.
Hynix BT-D43 Vs. CT-D43
Corsair PC2700LL @ 400fsb possilbe?
Kvr400 512meg IC help
Mushkin lvl2 PC3500-Max Voltage
The immortal Corsair XL
CPC or Superbypass? not both...
Corsair 3700
Sun Microsystems Memory??....
Need recommendation on ram. thanks.
222 special, Corsair XLL or OCZ 3500EB
kingmax or komusa?
does corsair do better with higher volts?