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Ram specs correct?
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which ram for asus rampage 3 extreme and i7 980 ?
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Well this is just baffling...
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Kingston Claims Two World Records
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Games constantly crash to the desktop w/ G-Skill ram...
BOCA 8MB ISA ram expansion board
No read
Can ram really cause so much trouble?
8GB DDR3 2200 or 16GB DDR3 1600???
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8gb DDR3 eam Single stick
A Question About DDDR and PCXXXX
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cas lat and timing vs mhz
Quick and easy question
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Any software to change voltage on ram (BSOD)?
getting my dx58og and 960 to work at 1333 or 1600
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My Ram speeds look funny..need opinion
DDR3 800 C6 VS DDR3 1600 C9?
Should I OC my ram?
first build with ddr3, few questions
Crucial PC2-8500 only running at 800Mhz
Corsair Memory
Does it really make a difference?
upgrading laptop ram
Will Running 1.6v RAM Damage GA-EP45T-UD3LR
overclock Gskill Ripjaws pc10666 8gb question
low benchmark on ram
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O.C 1600 1.64v P6T SE?
8GB dual or 6GB Triple?
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Considering upgrading from DDR2 to DDR3- how's this look?
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Faster and stronger: next-generation memory tech outperforms flash
upgrading ddr3 memory
Mixed Brands? OCZ & CORSAIR
newbie - kind of- different RAM and clock speed
Which Ram is Faster?
Too much RAM usage !
wana change the mem in my laptop
OCZ Fail!?
Which kit? (freq/CL)
Check extended memory timings?
G.SKill vs G.SKill vs Mushkin
2x4gb and 2x2gb In Same System? For 12gb Total?
RAM Experts: Which kit?
Need help with memory speed / timming after CPU OC please help me!!
ram upgrade question for old dell laptop
New bought kingston hyperx wont run as i want
what is difference in installing a 4*2GB n 2*4GB DDR3 Ram
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Sandy bridge - Higher Speed or Lower Latency?
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dual channel failure, single channel errors
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Northbridge speed and low RAM timing significance on AMD platforms
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If memory is stable in memtest while running in dual channel....
corsair mem speed help
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best way to test speed before and after Upgrade?
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Flashing a new SPD table on my RAM
The same or not - dualchannel
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Is this nortmal?
Recommended O/C memory for E6300 on asus P5KPL.
Is this a memory problem? Win7 won't start.
Removing Corsair Dominator heat spreaders
I wake up to find that my memtest run is showing gibberish....
RMA'ing my Corsair. What's my next best option around $60?
Upgraded to 8gb of ram, but won't post...
DDR3 2625!?
Memory Voltage
Mixing Ram?
Best PC-8500 (1066mhz) DDR2 RAM for E8400?
Opinions on Crucial vs GSKILL for new build
RAM Advice for Phenom 1090T
2x4GB kits from NewEgg
looking for some advice
upgrading memory
can someone please help me?
Ram from 4 - 8 GB
Mixing RAM in 64bit Win 7 system.
Looking at new ram for 880 chipset mobo
Mix and Mismatched Rams Tested with 4 Dimms Populated.
2gb DDR3 1066
RAM Questions
Memory_management blue screen of death
Mixed manufacturers with same chips?
ADATA Plus V2.0 Series 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) DDR3-1866 (PC3 15000) Kit CL8
Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2000mhz 3x4GB and P6T Deluxe OC PALM
Mixing RAM (probably a stupid question)
G.Skill DDR3 2100 works fine on p45
Need help setting up RAM
G.Skill ram ?
Best memory out of these choices that will allow a Noctua D14 cooler to fit?
Noobish Memory Cas Question
Ram Upgrade - DIfferent timings.
4 to 8GB
Thinking of getting 8GB RAM
Corsair Dominator GT 2000 not compatible w/ ASUS R3E?
Can't get ram to run at 1866.
help with my ram
A question about GSkill Ripjaw X ram...
No page file Win7 64bit?
ram issue
8GB DDR3/1600MHz Dual Channel Kingston HyperX
2 gig to 4 gig... is it really worth it?
ram upgrade
Corsair Vengeance 1600 DDR3 Issues
need help with ram Corsair dom's 1600
need help clocking ddr3 1600 g.skill ripjaw
need help with memory type
TR3xG1600c8 Cosair ram
upgrading memory
Ram question
Can i reuse my Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600MHz, 1.65V, CL7-8-7-20 RAM?
Running two types of RAM..yet still the same?
Ram Height Question
CMT4GX3M2A2000C8 - Corsair Dominator GT 2000C8 on P67
ram upgrade on OEM rig
8GB RAM When is Stable Enough?
Controlling fan speed of Dominator RAM
Getting random bluescreens
2000 MHz C7 possible ?
DDR3 and the 1:1 Divider
Added ram now BSOD
This RAM any good?
oh great, wrong timings
Corsair Vengeance 4x4gb not supported in Asus P8P67 Rev3.0
16GB HyperX vs 8GB XMS3 Dominator
Ram question
Help! Need RAM for an Asus Maximus IV
RAM upgrade question
Guide to understanding RAM?
Need help deciding on RAM (and video/graphics card)
Need Advice: Triple Channel RAM in Dual Channel board
Just Curious....
OCZ RMA , Thanks :)
SirJamesDTech - Patriot Viper Extreme Division 2 DDR3 1600 Review
Help with ram.
2x3GB memory kit in a dual channel mother board
Need RAM advice, pls and ty.
Need help with ram setup
Corsair XMS3 1600 4gb kit
can't stabilize DDR2 ram on 1066mhz
Ram Question
ASRock 870 Extreme3 + G.SKill memory: Bad combo: Need new RAM suggestion
P67 memory buying check?
Maximus VI Extreme memory choice
How much RAM do I really have?
How do I know when I need ram?
Need help!!
Upgrading DD3?
Overvolting Intel rated RAM in an AMD board
Timings And Voltage Please HELP!
Propper Settings for Kingston HyperX KHX8500D2K2/2G with 2xKHX6400D2/1G
Memory to Monitor size?
whats the best memory to get for my build?
Wrong memory?
4x 1gb ram
ocz platinum ddr2 1066 timming
RAM characteristics (for gaming purposes)
Which ram
See any problem with this DDR3 on this p45 chipset?
ram problem
A little confused
Tuning Kingston Value Ram
is my memory running in dual channel? and...
Need some help OC'ing RAM
Excuse my ignorance
Requesting Help overclocking RAM
Dual Channel vs Triple channel on EVGA Classified 3
Memory timings
Benching DDR 2 memory
Different DDR2 pair frequency
DDR2 RAM timings?
790i & OCZ memory timings- Lockups/freezing
[Press Release] G.Skill Releases an 8GB DDR3-2300 Kit for Sandy Bridge
Question about pc1333 vs higher on a new rig
MSI X58m Ram @ 1.76. Is it safe?
RAM question + Choice.
Does triple channel work with dual channel mobo?
Corsair Vengeance v. G.Skill Ripjaws (8GB)
worth upgrading?
Tweaking Memory
Question about RAM choice.
DDR400/PC3200 Value RAM hits DDR500/PC4000
Windows doesn't like 1066MHz
How to get 1600MHz RAM to not be at 1333
BSOD with 16G
Upgrading from 4gb to 8gb
memory problem "Error #132" with WoW
Timing, speed, dual channel, and their affect on performance.
Question about adding DDR3-1600 to Asus Rampage III Extreme
seting up properly memory problem
Vengeance 1866 0r 1600...need help
G.Skill Ripjaws X Series compatibility
Will using RAM with different clocks cause a problem?
1600 RAM currently running at 1333?
corsair vengeance ddr3 wont post
Anyone else get burned on the gskill shellshocker last week?
Not running at 1600mhz - Corsair XMS3
BSOD issue
Old school DDR PC3200
Help Please- 2GIGs RAM Lost
Corsair Vengeance or GSkill RipjawsX?
striker extreme new ram ddr2
RAM overclocking n00b
Memory Temp Software
memtest86 errors
upgrading RAM problem
Need More Memory
Difference between these 2 sets of RAM?
Changing CAS latency & Buying RAM
2 x 4 GB 1600mhz Vengeance + 2 x 2GB XMS3?
Help increase memory speed to 800hz
Newbie - AMD Thuban 1100t build - Mem configuration???
a Mem Question
2GB or 4GB
Ram KingSton Frequency problem
Just sayin' is all.
Need some RAM advice
got 12gb ddr3 1600 just see 8gb detected
G.Skill Ripjaws X and BSOD
Overclock advice
Question: smart memtest that explains what timing failed.
Upgrade for a 2 year old comp
3 sticks on 1155 motherboard?
Computer Problems
Triple Channel i7 ?s
P55 LE with I5 750 OC'd to 4.0 ghz (200BCLK X 20) will not boot with 4 sticks o
Should I upgrade my memory?
Mems that would go best for Asus Sabertooth X58
Question about DRAM ratio
About how much power would a 2.5" drive consume?
RAM Upgrade help
having 2 different types on tri?
Is the voltage important if I OC
Timing VS Frequency
Ram Upgrade
9-9-9-24 is now 9-9-9-28
[O/C]G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3-2133 8GB RAM Review
G.Skill Ripjaws-X 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit + ASUS P8
Does Slot Number Matter?
Use a RAMdisk with Widows 7 64 bit?
6gb or 12gb, I can't make up my mind :(
dual and triple channel ddr3
1T vs 2T with 4 memory sticks
is bumping ram multiplier down really worth it?
Is this a "ram leak"?
CPU-Z shows 6GB Ram, Windows shows 4GB
Need ram for Crosshair Formula IV and Phenom X6
Need new memory
Stay with pc2-6400 or upgrade to 8500
Triple channel work as double channel?
Mixing memory
Help Vengence Ram 2x4GB CAS issue
new ram, overclock question
settings help on GA-EP45T-UD3LR with corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9
Memory Clarification *Please Help*
2000MHZ G.SKILL Ram in a Asus p8p67 Pro
Confusion... Heavy...
Memory Problem gigabyte EP45 UD-3P board
pc3200 200mhz
overvolting ddr3
Asus Rampage 3 Extreme ( Memory Clock Issues ) Plz help
I am a nooby. Is this ram okay for a p67 Fatal1ty motherbaord ?
Memory speeds
RAM and Games?
870A + Kingston HyperX Genesis 1600 MHz 9CL 4x4GB Stability Problem
Ram timings, ram timings RAM TIMINGS?!
Which RAMs to choose? (kind of a noob on the subject)
KHX2133C9AD3X2K2/4GX Kingston Grey Series 4GB 2133
RAM with p67 question
Need help desparately for ram
Ram noob...help me pick out ram for new build
Advice on overclocking - memory setting
16 Gb
OCZ Platinum 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 RUNNING REALLY HOT!
4.00 installed memory (3.25gb usable)
G54-870A Ram Support
4G = 3.75 Usable But 6G = 6 Usable !
Dual or Single Channel?
is it ok to raise volt beyond recommended?
best affordable 4GB DDR2 kit
this memory must stink open to suggestions ;)
Skeetorius build and first questions
Corsair Vengeance + ASUS P6T Deluxe Issue
Adding in more RAM issue
DDR Server Memory Issues
memory and mobo
how does ram effect overclock
Gaming Memory
amd triple chanel?
need new DDR2 enthusiast ram
Ram Recomendation
Overclocking ddr sdram
Memory Recommendations needed
Memory (RAM)
Can bad memory timing caused BSOD ?
Corsair Dominator GT 3x2GB 1600 CL 7-7-7-20 Question
BIOS setting forMemory (confused)
BIOS Settings -- G.Skill 2X2GB DDR3-1333 CL7-7-7-21 1.35V
Motherboard specs confuse my memory choice
What programs demand the most RAM?
Ram problems
Is it possible to use dual for triple?
Problem going from Ram 266 to 333
666 better then 999 or 777?
2x4gb vs. 4x2gb
Settings for my setup - Corsair X3
Memory Dilemma
2.7 gb of ram useable or of 4 can someone help?
4Gig--how many bytes do you show?
Memory Controller Question
Corsair XMS3 compatibility problem...
Ram info site?
DDR2 Memory Help!!!
Think this ram will work on a gigabyte ep45t-extreme?
triple channel basic question
Memory issue in 32-bit?
RAM kits vs single sticks
1600 Mhz RAM (OC) possible blue screen issue
The "Help choosing memory" question..
Hello! Could use a little help choosing memory.
Have you've seen this before?
Some RAM questions...
Which RAM should I get?
Do I need 8gb?
2 Gigs is not enough for 7 x64
Ram problem
Best premium DDR3 possible?
Bang for the buck on DDR3?
How to get that last 512 of ram
How important are matched pairs?
1600 vs 2000
Memory timings, bsod etc
Which one is better?
Is this in dual channel?
check my link before i buy plzzz
better for benching?
DDR3 1333 Timings?
Looking to upgrade RAM
possible memory concerns
Memory reserved problem, very weird one.
NOOB to Overclocking
4Gb to 8Gb good upgrade?
G.Skill ECO Series or G.Skill NQ Series?
Overclocking the ECO G.skill
Intel DX58SO2 MB, i7-980x. How to increase RAM speed?
No more OC after install more ram.
Looking for an explination of memory timings?
I want to buy new ram help please!
help with ram selection
Is my RAM stable?
Memory designed for Sandy Bridge or p67 chipset
What would you buy?
RAM Sticks
Really simple RAM question
matching memory
Instabilities: Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 w/ 4 DIMMs (12GB)
i-RAM, anyone still make anything similar?
will ddr3 1600 operate at 1333?
Need answer to question noone can answer!
12GB DDR3 1600 or 2000?
Mixing memory?
DDR3 upgrade?
New device may revolutionize computer memory
DDR2 or DDR3
Are these components compatable?
OCZ is going out of the memory business
Memory Leak, have no idea from where :/.
Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1866 mhz ram running at 1600 mhz
Only 7.50 GB usable normal?
Is there a new BH-5 / D9 chip?
Safe Ram voltage on i7
Helped needed understanding my RAM's OC potential!
Looking for faster ram P67 (2600k)
G.Skill Ripjaws cas9 instead of cas7
High DPC Latency
Problems with Memtest and Asus P8P67
Trouble getting memtest started
AM3 running ram@2000Mhz
Corsair Vengeance OC problems
PC2 6400 (400mhz) question. Need help.
OCZ is to stop selling RAM
DRAM voltage jump with FSB
Can't run RAM @ rated 1600 MHz (help?)
Problem with Corsair and AM3
fsb and ram clocks
Slow down ram speed?
Is this good memory for Sandybridge?
Adding more memory
Which RAM is best for...
Help with ddr2 timings?
How to unlock MCHBAR.
Need advice clocking memory..
good quality ddr2 vs economy ddr3
G. SKill f3-12800cl9-2gbnq help
RAM Timings Overclocking [Please Help]
Best/fastest DDR2 ram? (Yes, DDR2!)
Memory cuts from 24gb to 12gb?
Mushkin Enhanced Silverline or G Skill Ripjaws
Timings vs Speed, where is the sweet spot?
Mushkin Blackline Frostbyte : 2x4GB
DDR3 Corsair Dominator 1.8V ok for I7??
4 stick memory issues
Optimal mem freq for AMD PhenomII
8gb 1600mhz Ram won't post on OCd system
RAM for Sandy Bridge?
Ram settings for stability
Mixed sizes
Best DDR3 2000+
is it the ram or is it me?
need help desideing what to do gskill ram
cas latency?
Ram for new Macbook
Need RAM Recommendation
Is 4gb inherently faster than 8gb?
will I gain any performance from buying another 4gigs of ram?
A newb asks a memory question
which memory for Asus P6X58D-E X58
Corsair vengence or keep my dominator gt's
RAM arrangement on mobo/compatibility
My screen doesn't starts with 1600 mhz
How much RAM is good?
triple or quad channel?
Running 1600mhz 4gb + 2000Mhz 4gb
MB, Ram OC