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What is currently the best RAM available for A64 systems?
what should be done here?
Mushkin 2-2-2 or Corsair XMS LL
What memory chips in OCZ?
Mushkin 3500 lvl 2 w/bh5 or buffalo 3700 w/bh5
What happened to BH-5?
More 222 Ram
worth going from OCZ 3700 Dual Channel (2x256) to ADATA 4000 2x512) non-dual channel
anyone ordered from Atacom.com
Is this the best choice?
Underclocked Memory and Timings. . .
This good ram for Intel rig?
CORSAIR 512MB pc3200 etc...
Server stats
OK last time, ocz 3700EB or BH-5
Is this bh-5
EB or EL?
Why newegg!?!?!?? WHY?!?!?
Memory Error with ABIT Board
how bout adata
Sweet! OCZ "secret memory volt mod" plug in!
mem test failed on a7n8x delux
ULTRA Products DDR400 512
Hynix D43, how does it respond to voltage?
Matched set or two singles??
v2.0 "How much RAM do you have? v2.0 (read before voting)
OCZ EL Limited Edition (decisions, decisions...)
OCZ to set the memory world on fire tomorow.
Should we retire the old "How much..." Poll?
Memtest Errors for Mushkin PC4000... Need Help!
Memory Chips to Look For...
Abit IC7...what memory to buy?
should i?
Corsair BH-5 as good as the Mushkin BH-5?
What is DDR2?
Geil Golden Dragon Dual Channel PC3200
1 Gig Mushkin 222 Special $260 delivered!!
Dual Channel DDR
PMI Turbo Series RAM, Any Good?
OCZ DDR400 Performance 512mb: 120$...good deal?
anyone know about this ram??
Timings vs. FSB overclock?
clocking the fsb above meory rated speed????
how much difference would these timings make?
micron changing revision/ get it while u can
Mushkin 2-2-2 special vs. Corsair XMS XL 3200
Kinston Hyper-X PC4000
anyone know how to volt mod?
Memory Predicament
Ram drive
1:1 relaxed timings vs. 5:4 tight timings
What's the tightest mem @ 240-50?
Opinion on new memory
New memory budget! $120
Need ram for my coming dualie
A-DATA PC4000......any good?
DFI and OCZ compatibility?
this is the time to get great memory
mismatched dual?
Buffalo on msi k8t master far 2
What memory for ASUS K8V SE Deluxe?
What’s the best speed ram for the A64 3200+
Will this work
DFI Users please post your memory
Worth taking Heat spreaders off on 3500EB....
Are these Sandra memory results normal for my setup?
What RAM has the highest overclocking potential??
Micron Pc3200 Timings Need Advice
I need clarification or help!
twinx1024 3200PT
ANypne here use corsair twinx pc4000?
New to forums
hows the hynix D5 ic sticks doing with 2x512?
Error Checking in RAM
Adata Vitesta vs Komusa Adata
Do ya think 3.3v on my Samssung pc3200 and pc2700 chips will kill the memory ?
Patriot PC3200, anyone?
What Ram?
Apacer (samsung chips) pc3200 is good stuff
Looking for the best Ram!
Are my timings hurting my OC? Corsiar XMS4000
Winbond BH-5
Latest on Geil Value PC3200
Probably a dumb question
Adata Hyper Ram
Mushkin Value ram...any good?
My 3200XL Pro
What FSB is your corsair getting?
Best memory for this setup?
Help from the ram gods...
What voltage is too high for Ram?
Question for MT chips.
Which Low Latency PC-3200 Ram to get?
buy or not to buy
PC4000 @ 240 fine but @200 wont boot
What timings for OCZ EB PC3500...
OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Platinum Revision 2
What ram should I get for 250$?
timings vs bandwidth
Q & A with Dr. Michael Schuette, Director of Technology Development at OCZ about DDR2
Upgrading to 1GB - Any Suggestions?
Is this good ram?
Infineion 2700 suggested tweaks
neeed more speeed
What kind of chips do you think my Kingston HYPER X has?
Ordering new ram from Newegg today for my P4c800-E Dlx, which ram to get
Should I take back my 3200LLPro to get the 3200XLPro???
Corsair TwinX4000 Latency??????????
Kingston 512MB Valueram PC2700.. any good?
Need 1GB of good ram
EB 3500 results
Verdict on Crucial with Micron 5 ns ICs
What kind of memory should i get?
Why does tightening mem speed help with prime95
$250 to spend, hope to get 1gb new memory
FSB @ 244 loose timings or 195 tight timings?
Selling BH-6, How much is it worth?
Anyone try Simpletech?
Anyone know where to find BH-5, besides eBay
Added 512mb and lost performance?!?!
Can't get OCZ DDR3700 reliable on FSB250!
memory refresh
puzzled... why some memory is better than the other?
Shared ram?
Motherboar supporting RAM
Anyway to increase vdimm-won't post-undervolting
Where is the cheapest place to buy memory, pc3200 and up?
Grandpa gave me his 512 samsung ECC memory...any good?
Best Place to Buy RAM Online In Canada
What's The Better RAM Here?
Just how crucial is it to have 1 GB vs. 512MB?
PC3200 vs PC4000 Latency Battle
Corsair Value Select 3200
Will 2.8V degrade this memory over time?
Which is the best memory??
Corsair Value settings
Kingston counter measures?
testing BH6, what speeds?
how bad would CAS 3 be on a P4?
Replasing the RAM in a dell
EDO SIMM Longevity at 100 Mhz
$100 budget, what ram to get?
Lighted Continuity Things
KHX3200 BH-5 SPD quirks...
OCed processor/RAM speed
Corsair TwinX 3200LL + SPD
How good is Micron RAM?
PC2100 at 370mhz FSB ???safe???
Dual Channel?
Will my PC2700 ram oc to 400mhz FSB?
RAM Questions Galore
RAM problem
bh6 what fsb should I get?
2x512MB vs 4x256MB
Tight Ram Timings with 1:1 Ratio vs High FSB with 5:4 Ratio
What do ram timings correspond to?
Which ram?
Memtest86 iso. How to make a bootable CD?
Help me decide! Memory for Barton 2500+ & NF7-S
memory timings help
Need some RAM help
Circuit City Kingston HyperX?
Ram speed vs. Ram timings
memory ratio
How to read memtest86 errors
Please help! Regarding Heatspreaders.
Need help picking low latencey memory 200mhz FSB
Mushkin "special" on an IS7...```
Okay to mix memory??
Need help choosing right upgrade
Is it safe to run my Kingston RAM (BH-6) at 2.85V?
Good deal? Need input fast!!!
Which RAM for AMD64
What kind of Ram for 100$
Ocz Pc3500 El 512mb
New BH-5/BH-6 Subsitute
So is DDR600 actually for sale yet?
Memory Options....
after a quick trip to fedex, its here!
Has anyone had problems with Corsair XMS PC3200 V1.2 in NF7-S?
Which PC-4000 for my P4C800-E Dlx ?
corsair twinx1024LL PRO OR OCZ 3500EB
best memory for mach 2 setup
Tweaking Kinston Value
Corsair xms pc4000pro
Faulty RAM? memtest86 thinks so!
trying to get my DDR to run CL2...
Does Sandra Tell the Full Story?
Can you help me identify my memory?
$120 to spend on memory
higher fsb (240+) in DC or lower fsb in SC
Corsair,Geil or OCZ on a IS7..
Need help with memory selection
Corsair TwinX 1K-3200 LL
Strange RAM
What GAT setting do you use?(MAX3)
Change in Memory
1gb on a non-dual channel board?
WTF? so it doesnt matter?
Timings on specific DDR modules
DRAM Timing
RAM speed drops after overclocking CPU
Which is better, Hynix D43 or Kingston 5ns
when or will memory prices go down.
flapperhead's enhanced bw ver1 valueram...
Elixir DDR Chip
OC Memory Advise?
"Peeking" under the heatspreaders ...
What ram do you think?
I think I just ordered the wrong memory ... OCZ 512MB EL Dual Channel 4200
Single Channel 1.5 gb vs 1 gb dual channel. I875 System
Ratio ect with mem
these TwinMOS n'e good??
cheap thrills part2
corsair dual channel help please.
When & where are we gonna get our grubby paws on the Corsair XMS pc3200 XL?
trying to run 2 different sticks in dual channel
Is mushkin 222 bh6 3200 the ram to get?
OCZ EB prices + sugg on 2x512 ram
used crucial ram
Can CMX512-2700LLPT and A7N8X v1.06 = 400fsb?
Best settings for CORSAR 400 MHx dual RAM
Corsair 512MB: anything less then $128
looking to OC 512mb pc-3200 corsair
what ram likes voltage?
Is this CH-5?
1 GB of DDR Ram vs. 1 GB of EXTREME DDR ram
DUAL DDR Dillema
incorrect ram timings
Mushkin 2700 Black Level 2
How are these benchmarks?
Have 1337 timings been acheived?
ram problem oc-ing
ASUS K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard Memory Requirment
when's the ocz ddr600 hittin the streets???
HOT! Memory is BURNING UP! HELP!!!
Dual Channel/Single
Strange but good
Sandra Results ... why only half ram used?
768 Ram
Confused about memory error, is it bad memory?
Best Memory for Barton 2500+ (unlocked) and NF7-S?
Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2PT pls come in
What is a OCZ PC4000 good for?
to get high FSBs i should do....
2.5-3-3-6 or 2-3-3-7?
Looking for GAT settings explanation...
2 or 4 sticks of DDR?
D43's what are your settings??
running 1:1 , do ram timings matter ???
P4P800 & P4 1.8A overclocking: Help me get my memory settings right
Worth it pushing my BH-5?!
Is this wierd?
512mb or 1gb?
Kingston Hyperx max volts
What settings should my ram be at?
ist it normal?
BH-5 vs. HB-6 Brand ? OC ?
combining diffrent memory speeds
Help...mixing rev1 and rev2 dual channel set?
Kingston HyperX Worth It?
Kingston HyperX Worth It?
2 slots only??? grrrr...
Running dual channel
Question about Hyperx pc2700 2*512mb and Twinmos twister pc3700 512mb
Memory Bandwidth ??
Strange but true?
Is default memory voltage set by SPD settings?
PC4800, just passing the word on
Hynix CT-D5 any good?
New NF7 having a hard time over 400mhz
PC3200, PC3500, or PC3700 for Mobile Barton?
Ram selection vs price...
Running 533 in a NF7-S?
Need help picking RAM
Revisiting Corsair XMS3200C2v1.1 BH-6 @240mhz at 3.18v
Ram + old computer = annoying
oc recommend
Really confused
Mushkin level 2 3500 vs OCZ 3700eb
OCZ EB RAM best bang for buck for A64
Going from 768 of pc2100 to 256 of 3500EB what will hurt the most?
chip manufacturers
RAM status update and a question.
Kingston Value Ram again
Which is better? PC4400 - IC7 MAX3
Hi ,, can i use???????
Which corsair?
What memory to replace my Mushkin Level 2 PC3200/
Which Komusa modules have adata chips
the reign of BH-5 is over?
A Bad stick of RAM.
crucial vs azen ram
Whats your AMD Bandwidth?
Micron, anyone?
New OCZ PC3200 Platinum Rev 2 2-2-2-5 ram
Mushkin RAM Timing Right?
Which better or same: 500DDR@233fsb or 466DDR@233fsb
memory for my system
Different sticks (quick question)
Someone Grab This Now 150 Bh-5 512 Stick!!!
So anyone ordered any more of those Adata Vitesta PC4000 lately?
kingston hyperx pc3700 512mb at 3.1v??
Mushkin 3200 update :D
Just curious, but how far can pc3200 Corsair Value select go in terms of OC?
Memory prices -- anybody expecting them to drop?
OCZ 800MHz DDRII soon to be released
Help with timings for XMS Corsair please
Prime95 Instability
Whats the best timing for apacer 3200
memory on new system!
PC3200 on PC2700 board?
RAM tradeoff..
Help me with my master list of what memory chips certain ram uses...
OCZ PC3700 EB @ high voltage
I think I just got some BH-5, not positive
Help please w/new Mushkin PC4000
1.28GB Single Channle or 1GB Dual Channel
DC possible with Muskin and HyperX?
what's the best 3500 memory available?
Mushkin 3200 222 or OCZ 3500EB?
Revisiting OCZ PC3500 Plat LE BH-5 @250mhz 3.18v
RAM confusion...
Looking 4 best modules @ 235 for around $300/1gb (2/512)
What's the difference
What 512MB stick to pair w/ my WB CH5?
Would 256MBx4 be a bad idea for oc-ing?
What kind of memory
Mushkin 222
A GENERAL mem latency question
samsung or corsair
How hot is too hot for ram
Memtest86 Success or Not!
what performance gain is 2-2-2 over 2.5-3-3
memtest86 without a floppy drive?
HP RAM upgrade help.
why is one ram timing important at all
Tweak Programs
Corsair memory on Abit ic7-g
What's the difference, they all look the same to me?
Memory Chips On Video Cards
Reached My Limits...
2-2-2-6@5:4 or 3-4-4-8@1:1
Dual DDR tech.. I need *two* sticks?
Confused about ram divider???
which is the most over OCable ram from Kingston?
1GB + 6800 GT or 1.5GB + 6800
PNY memory taking over!
Best RAM for under $130? (512mb PC3200)
Need Some Advice...
Need some info on Ram Timings on current setup
corsair twinx pc4000 pro
Whats A Good Ram Overclock?
What exactly did I get?
ocz 3500 eb vs. 3700 gold rev 2
what mem?
Ocz eb 3200/3500 with a dfi infinity....
Excellent Memory for few $$$
Memory Timings
one last problem
Stability Testing
Looking for a good place to learn the basics of memory and timings
A crying shame!
overclocking with newer pc2700?
HyperX - PC 4000
What ram should i get???
Keep or sell Corsair 3200 C2 pro?
At what point is VDIMM voltage too high?
Getting owned my swapfile
changing latency doesen't help with my memory ? is it possible ?
Mosel Ram?
Newegg has Buffalo Bh-5
Timings On BT-D43
Sell my BH-5 or keep?
ocz 3200el or adata 4000?
Kingston 512MB HyperX DDR 500MHz
Insert Title Here
Can someome please recommend Dual DDR Memory For me :)
Does it have to be all the same brand
Was this a good buy?
Some Help Please?
adata to offer 533/566/600
512 or 1gb
Mushkin 2700 222 max est. FSB?
Ram Timings
AMD Ram?
Memory instability?
Crucial PC3200 with Infineon 5ns chips...
Buffered and unbuffered?
Corsair XMS DDR2 Cheap
Beasty PC2100
pc-4200 w/ a7n8x
Questions about Dual Channel.
Muskin pc3200 222
an7 ram problems. help please!!
2-2-2-5 or 2-2-2-11 on Nforce2?
Memory Question, Did I make the right decision
Memory gurus need advice
FSB Target, lowest Poss. CL, which ram?
Which ram would you 800buy
Why is my Corsair XMS slower than ValueSelect?
bh5/bh6 stepping database
Dual Channel or not?
Correct Memory for P4 2.4a
Question: Mixing PC3500 and PC4000?
not sure on this..
Overclocking Failed!
Current value of bh-5
512M of 2-2-2-6 or 1G of 3-4-4-8?
Kingston Hyperx pc4000 doesn't perform to its specifications
BH5 chips.. umm duh?
Voltage Question
2.0 versus 2.5 for PC3500?
Please help guys
OCZ pc4000 should i trade/sell it away?
micron is back.. bigtime!!
SPD better then 1:1 2-2-2-5?
Overclocking -- how am i doing?
Samsung Lifetime Warranty?
Corsair CMX256A-3200C2 overclocking question
corsair 4000pro changed for
Check how much memory i use?
Price drop?!?!
Anyone Willing To Take A Shot At These???
hardcorecooling ram?
what ram for gaming?
Corsair DDR400 XMS Pro LL
help fast please is this bh5?
Which one?
DDR 400, Pentium M Notebook
Ram and motherboard problems
simpletech nitro pc-4000?!?
What if...
will this work
BH-5 specs....pls explain!!
ValueRAM or HyperX???
will DDram run in a Rdram mobo?
Can you combine 2 different speeds of RAM?
Anyone Know What Chips Are in This?
Having a hard time with this one
Need help. A7V8X-E, Barton Mobile 2600+ Need Memory.
should i get corsair xms 3200LL v 1.1 or go OCZ 3500 EB platinum?
Damn what ram?
BH-6 chips?
Is this BH5 ram?
Is this BH5 ram?
DFI LanParty-2x512 <300. Need FAST Memory. what should i get?
Dual Channel
Corsair ram on asus p4c800
ic7 dual channel problem
Where can I find a 256mb Buffalo PC3700 Stick?
Timings & CL
just waiting for the ddr600 to show up
OCZ PC4200 Issues?
Just remove your heatspreaders! it's really worth it
Geil PC3500 (2x512) Golden Dragon
M2600+ OCing with A7N8X r2 - What memory?
What's better, loose timing & more fsb or tight timing & a little lesser fsb?
How does multiplyer affect ram
Dual Channel...Linear Mode???
What should I pair with a 512 stick of Buffalo 3200 BH-5 for dual channel?
Kingston value ram 1 gig 149.99???
Reboot Problem!!
experiences with mushkin pc3500 lvl1, please comment
Crucial 512 mb ddr 3200
Kingston PC4000 Woes
What speed RAM should I get?
RAM upgrade... double channel worth it?
Why doesn't anybody make high speed, low latency chips anymore?
Dual Channel.
Memory Dual Channel Question
Memory frequency: help!
Need your opinion on RAM to purchase
Just realized something...
Elixir good or no?
OCZ 3700EB or 3500EB
Sandra scores around 250fsb?
Is this a good combo?
WTFCHIP Mush PC3500 Lvl 1 and A7N8X r2 No workie
KHX400/256 what chips?
memory problem?
I bought 4200 but it goes at 3200!
How to CHeck RAM speed
what is better cl or mhz?
How do you tell if your ram sucks?