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Elixir good or no?
OCZ 3700EB or 3500EB
Sandra scores around 250fsb?
Is this a good combo?
WTFCHIP Mush PC3500 Lvl 1 and A7N8X r2 No workie
KHX400/256 what chips?
memory problem?
I bought 4200 but it goes at 3200!
How to CHeck RAM speed
what is better cl or mhz?
How do you tell if your ram sucks?
800 fsb on an 8ik1100
RAMBUS PC800 400mhz
need some Memory module advice
look what my KHX PC3000 did
Thanks to...
more kvr512-333 pc2700 tests. hynix bt-d43 pics baby :)
How to tell which type of memory a computer has?
how much can i get for my ram.
<250$, 1gig, what would you get?
abit bh7 RAM upgrade = no boot! help!
Upgrading my crucial pc2100 (finally), what to get?
Just got my OCZ 3700EB
what on earth is my ram???
PC3200 vs. PC4000 MAX FSB
Memory vs Video Card question
kingston Hyperx PC4000
strafe 6 error?
Going to get a P4C800-E DELUXE need help
Crap memory or board??? help.
will 2x256 sticks run dual channel with a 512mb stick?
corsair xms c2 memory timings???
nforce 2 dual channel with 3 sticks...
Are all KHX2700 BH6?
4:5 ration
Mushkin level 1 black
what to buy
Worth running cas3 @ 250mhz?
is the ocz ddr600 dual channel kits testet?
kingmax hardcore pc4000 should i test a stick?
What RAM chips
im not asking for much..
best bang for the buck ram?
Compatibility Question
Would running 3 sticks of 256mb lower my max oc?
Corsair TwinX 1024 3200LL or Mushkin 2-2-2 3200 more compatible....
several ram questions.
What can you tell me about....
Which ram is better for me?
What chips are in the OCZ premier series?
Memory speed displays incorrectly @ bootup...
woa.... bh6?
1 stick or 2 different sticks?
Got 2X256mB mushkin black lvl2... want more mb, what should i get?
Timing question
Ramsinks vs. Heatspreadrs ?
Muskin vs Corsair, Witch One?
need help troubleshooting
need a vdimm mod but dont like doing them? check this out.
single channel mode
memory question
Ocz Ddr600
More relaxed timing?
Do I need new Mem.or just adjust ??
should I downgrade to 133mhz
NF7 - OCZ or Mushkin PC3500 1 Gig
DRAM timing
PLEASE help me decide between these options.
Multi stick A64 Memory exp anyone?
single or dual channel?
What is This Memory Worth? Twinmos/BH-5
Buying New Memory, Need Help
best ram you can get?
This is interesting... 3200 or 2700?
Question about dual channel slots
Is simpletech nitro better than bh-5 based ram?
o/c progress I think feedback please
How much will I benefit from a memory upgrade ?
Is my Corsair PC3200 compatible with this motherboard?
Kingston ValueRam on sale 1 gig for $140
Help me OC OCZ EB 3200 on A7N8X
Laptop Memory Opinions
bh-5 voltage
Best RAM for a 2.8C on a IC7-Max3
3.3v on corsair 4000pro
where from here.
OCZ PC3500EB or Mushkin 3200 222 Special??
Well It's Happening- DDR2 is for sale right now.
Which 512MB dimm to choose ?
I am looking to overclock my 3.0E!!!
Which OCZ would better suit me??
Best memory for 500Mhz DDR???
Corsair Twinx-1024 PC3200 and 1:1
Highest voltage for BH-6s
16x4 Memory modules with the KT266A chipset
Anybody have this???
Adata 450 chips
Ultra ddr memory
What factors help make RAM more stable
CAS timings
Seems like I killed my GeIL with OC!
Anyone using KHX3500AK2?
Anyone played with these kind of hynix?
Memory Options......
Is it a good time to invest in ram?
Help w/settings for Buffalo 512x2 CH5 and NF7-S
how to run memtest
RAM help
PC mark04 mem scores with different mem timings
Problem with OC'd Ram on Asus A7N8x
Witch Crosair to choose?
Just went crazy and got some OCZ PC4000 EL Gold!
400 or 433 mhz?
Im a little lost......
Anybody know of 256mb sticks of Registered CH-5?
Which Ramsinks to go with?
sandra doesnt recognize clockgen
mem bios setting,,
Kingston Memory?
The Usage Of Ram Heat Spreaders.
The RAM Heat Spreaders.
How does BH-6 chips compair to BH-5 chips?
The new OCZ pc3200 EB or the OCZ pc3200 Limit edition(bh-6)
Nitro or Vitesta? Any reviews of Nitro 3500?
Is it a safe voltage for 24/7??
Did I make a terrible mistake with my RAM?
mixing dual and single channel
BH5 won't do 2-2-2
How much will ram bandwidth/latency affect server performance?
Bios Mem settings
What ram to get..
Mushkin Level I vs. GeIL...worth the money?
RAM researching.
artic silver on ram OK?
Dual Channel question?
extremely low bw numbers(same as tekoc)
Should I do this guys????
The all confusing question What Ram?
Ram Question for SeanOMatic
This is some HOT MEMORY
How to use dual channel?
246fb anyone ? On samsung ram :D
Which way: Dual Channel on lower fsb or Single Channel on higher fsb?
Please help
how does dual channel work/can i get all 433mhz our of my 3500 ram?
Comments requested on Mushkin Level One PC-3200 (512MBx2)
RAM OC's Possible?
Single Sided or Double Sided Best for NF2?
faster memory than fsb
how to tell if this is bh-5
how to use memtest
Corsair 3200LL CH5 with IC7-G
Are these good rams;) Thanks:)
HyperX heatsprader removal
Ever Wonder What Value Ram Will Do?
Prime95 errors at stock speed
BH-5? Fill me in here
WTB mushkin level 2 pc3500?
AMD and Dual Channel
Dual Channel
memtest86 question
need help on mem time's plz
Is this for me?
Big Question..Best RAM for my machine
New OCZ even better than current EB?
which ram for barton?
memory for a ic7-max3?
Which of these 3 is best ?
256mb of 2700 or 512mb of 2100?
Overcloking Abit NF7-S with PC3200 pr PC2700
About to buys some PC4000 DDR Ram Should I go OCZ or Corsair?
N00b'd question
This OCZ Mem for my Setup??
Which of these OCZ packs is the better?
Errors in Memtest
Whats the highest possible ram you can get today?
How to verify PAT
Out with the OCZ, in with the Corsair
adata sold out at newegg
And in silent prayer, Hexen looks to the sky for wisdom...
P4C800-E What Ram to buy?
runs at 166 with upped divider but not lowerd divider?!
Dual Channel Memory
What chip - 2/512 Corsair XMS Platinum TwinX 3200C2PT V1.2
Best mem timings for my set up??
Memtest-86 3.0 errors
help wit corsair plz ^^
Memtest question
Will upping from PC3200 to PC3X00 increase my FSB
Help me decide which memory to get
is this a good deal?
1gig PC3700 for 200bucks?!
Bh-5 = Hot!
canterwood 875, 2 4 banks installed??
2gb ram
939 memory?
Which Ram
Geil dual channel Ram
Corsair Dual Channel
xms 3200 not doing 200 -- confused
Worth upgrading my Mushkin Black Lvl II?
Memory Bandwidth problem
Cycle Time (Tras) 5 vs 6
Trick to removing heat spreader?
a 1600 amd system is slower than hell
Simple tech?
low latency at 250 fsb
Corsair pc2700 XMS LL What chips?
hyperx and xms mixed......
ram and fsb question
Heads up for you guys!
A little uncertain about what to look for
mushkin 3200 lvl 1
possible bh-5?
My XMS 3500
CAS Latency vs Bus Speed
512 of pc4400 or 1 gig pc3200
Big newbie question
333MHz RAM OCed to 400MHz with cooling?
Is It Safe? Kingstone DDR400@215Mhz
mushkin 222 memory and some noob questions
Does it REALLY matter?
Basic Memory Question
To buy or not to buy corsair bh-5?
does memory chip matter if i dont overclock
help pickin ram please
The Best PC4200 RAM money can buy on the planet!
How are these chips? HYS64D32300HU-5-C
Corsair PC3200 256mb LL V1.2
Problem With my BH-5?
I can't believe I just did this!
Would I be better off getting faster Ram?
Wrong timing????
memory for me?
Ram Timings or FSB??????
Do you think this memory is worth it?
Links for memories with BH-5, BH-6???
In need of some help with bios settings
simpletech pc4000 nitro 310+mhz WOW!
BH-5 to the Max. Limit!!!!
are memory timings of 2.5-3-4-6 noticablly faster than 2.5-4-4-7?
difference between LVL1 3500 and 222 special, help fast
Dual Channel
Ahh memory prices!/good memory?
FInding my Ram Timing A Little help
Which is the best way to go?
A tricky choice...
performance of having 4x256 OCZ 3700 Gold Dual Channel?
new RAM system won't boot..
TwinMos CH-5 3200 RAM 2.5cas can it go 2 ???
DDR2 is here!!!
New 3.0C: XMS 3500C2 or AData PC4000
OCZ EL Gold Rev 2 or Mushkin 222
I know a lot of you had or have PC-2100 I have a question.
Gold or Platinum?
Dual channel...worth it?
pc4000 how much can it go?
news flash! OCz makes bh5 killer! 233fsb at ras to cas of 2!
Is Mem Timings Greater than FSB?
Possible to run 2 different brands of ram in ddr?
DDR Memory Question
KHX 3000 - How to tell ram type?
simpletech nitro pc4000- possiblilities...
best memory for a 3.0C..
khx pc4000
Post you Adata FSB speeds and timings(1:1)
which ram will reach a higher fsb?
Any one using OCZ EB?
Max memory per app in 64bit Windows?
system won't boot after playing in BIOS
Feeling the need for 1GB
Time for a memory upgrade..
Kingston pc2100 timing help
What is the real diff ???
Adata Vitesta PC 4000 really flies
Question about BIOS settings in ABit KV8 MAX3
Is KHX3000 SS or DS?
memory speed equation
This BH5 business is getting out of hand
Which Divider Should I Use????
Bad memory causing wrong CPU speed to show?
PQI memory, BIOS settings?
Which RAM? No budget!
DDR Voltage
My BH-5 doesn't like voltage
Found some mushkin
mem question
what if you took 3-3-3 4000ram and ran it at 3200?
is this memory compatible with my motherboard? --link--
Types of RAM - MSI K7D Master-L
Buy faster RAM for overclock?
Mushkin 3500 lvl2
Cheap ram for 240~ and cas 2.5?
Dual Channel DDR
Anyone know this logo?
Corsair 256MB or 512MB ?
corsair xms4000 question
decent chance of getin bh5 in Kingston hyper x 3000?
memory prices ^^^^
Decisions, Decisions...
5:4 divider holding me back?
512 bh-5 or 1 gig slower ram?
Why 222211?
3200 mixed with 2700?
Giel PC3200 512MB Overclock
quantity over quality?
Memory for an Epox 8RDA3+ REV3
When will we see DDR2 ?
CPU-Z Question
ch-5 issues solved?
Good article on OCZ EB series. Tight timings!
How to cool BH-5
How much is this stuff worth these days?
Are there any other good memtest software?
OCZ Duel Channel 2x512 Gold Edition
Which is better for dissipating?
Socket 754 - 1 stick or 2?
New scource for Dram pricing
Good RAM Merchants?
KHX heatspreader off/on? Tips?
Help, Kingston PC3000, What chip?
4 sticks at CL 2.0
OCZ PC3700 EL Gold and P4C800 Memtest Problems
Rdram Rumbus
Adata Pc4000
Kingston HyperX?
got it last week: HyperX PC3200 BH5!
Best ram for this setup
A-Data Vitesta PC4000 bad choice?
Something's gonna happen price's goin down!!!!
OCZ Premier 3200 ram. question
About to buy these OCZ EB DDR PC-3200 / 400 MHz / Platinum Edition should I?
Refresh my memory...how good is samsung for OCing?
muskin pc3500 bh5 lvl2 reasonable price?
best ram for overclocking in a NF7-S Rev 2.0
This bh-5 ?
Keep 512 bh-5 or do 1 gig generic?
Memory Question on my stability
kingston, corsair or OCZ
Any idea when RAM prices are going to come down?
Need good ram for under 210$ canadian anyone?
Super low latency?
What are GAT and PAT?
Looking for good 2-2-2-6 ram...
Mushkin memory WARNING!!!
Which ram to use?
high fsb high latency or low latency low fsb
Muskin PC-2700 Level II not BH-5?
OCZ PC3200 EB on NF2
OCZ PLE with Nforce2! Problem!
Kingston hypx 2700 @ 183.3 2-2-2-5
BTD43 chips
How are my Sisandra mem scores?
Could this be BH-5 memory?
Memory Advice
Samsung PC3200 400 Mhz
3200 or 3500 ???
What kind of memory should i get for my a64?
Weird stability problem with new BH5
Yet another dumb question.
twinmos problem
what is the REAL difference between.....
What to do ??
At this point, whats the Best dual channel 1gb ddr ram under $300?
Corsair XMS pc4000 worth the Money?
Faster than rated for Ram
KHX PC3000 = BH-5, then why still available?
260 1:1 best ram? OCZ EB?
too good to be true
Would this ram work for me??
the memory test before posting
Do Mushkin still has bh5 for RMA?
128mb PC133 and 32mb PC100 on the same mobo?
Getting New PC3000 Worth It?
Memtest 86 question
volt mod gain
DDR400 FSB expectations?
Good deal?
page file
Something fell off!!! Part II: I glued it back on!!!
Memory Ratio's FSB ?
CPU causes RAM problems?
Is 3.3V too much for good ol' CH5!?
Found !!! Samsung PC3700
kingston gone bad
1 x 512mb Twinmos 3200 ch5 or corsair 3200LL rev 1.2?
Any hope? dead bh-6
8knxp with Corsair and Crucial Ram settings..Advice Please
is samsung 3200 ram good
Hyper X...what is safe?
God I hate test #5.
SPD Utilities?
Memory Question
Is running sync always better than async on AMDs?
Trancend PC3200
Corsair 3200 XMS went bad?
Is my memory defective?
Memory problem?
pc2700 and 150fsb
Problems with getting Dual-Channel mode
Mushkin Ddr333 Black Line Level2 Cas222
Is this considered "good timings"?
memtest86 errors, help a newb?
What Voltage are you running your Mushkin memory at???
Double Sided memory list??
The best ram for an a64. Hows cas 2.5 pc4000?
How do I know if I have BH-5 RAM?
PMI Memory
Need some help with my mem timings
2x256mb Adata PC4200 finally good results
pc4000 timings
1Gb PC2700 or 512 PC3200?
Memory amount and affect on overclocking
2gb the new standard
Ordering RAM seperatley Vs. Ordering Dual channel Packs
Quick Question..
How do I run memtest?
Best system memory I can get for $180 U.S dollars?
Crucial PC3200 Latency 2.5??
what happens if you put two differnt speeds of memory together?
P4C800 Dlx with Corsair Memory
Centon memory
RMA 1 or both?
What RAM for A7N8X OCing XP-M CPU on a budget.
Ram heatspreaders
can u use 2 diff brand names for dual channel?
Could I fix these...
Need Help With Corsair
Where to buy thermal tape for Heatspreaders?
I just ordered some ram anyone know if its good?
another bh6-d43 roadtrip tommorrow.
dead mushkin, Need some cheap choices on new mem
PC150 for real?
sticker removal on ram?
What memory setting?
OCZ advice please...
BH-6, Is it Worth It?
Will This Work?
Mushkin on A7N8X
Very Happy with Geil!
CH5 Memory not stable below 3.1v!!
HyperX4000 = Junk
memory probs
is this worth my time?
Lil help plz
BuffaloTech DD4002-512/WC PC3200 in my LPII
What to do w/ my Samsung...
Just got Mushkin 222 special
1 gig or 512
Kingston ValueRAM, what voltage?
Help with HPX 3000
MemTest Errors
interesting weird problem.. i need help, please
Mushkin 222
Confused about my IC7 and over PC3200
Hyper X 3000
How much to overclock Corsair PC2700
bandwith vs. timings, single vs. dual ch, Help me out here plz!
BIG PROBLEMS o/c mushkin memory pc3500....
OCZ PC3200 running as PC2700 on Asus A7N8X Dlx
Input on these OCZ; for an AMD system...
Adata 4200 or 3700 OCZ or ? for P4 3.0C Help!
BH-6 or CH-5?
Memory Slot Selection?
Anyone know anything abot this ram?
"BH" n00b question
pc 3700 hyperram
Help finding good ram
How are the level I muskin ram?
quality vs. quantity
Unknown 2-3-3-6 ram?
550mhz ram
Memory probs. on Epox board
Need help on pc3700 ram
are these BH-5's
HOLy @#$% ram prices
hynix BT-D43 max freq
What is the difference between Dram and Chipset Voltage?
Just found out my MB supports Dual Channel memory,Where Can I learn more?
dc + double sided ram + high fsb confusion
What memory?
How to Tell if it is Bh-5
Komusa Adata PC4200 v. OCZ PC4200 EL