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hynix BT-D43 max freq
What is the difference between Dram and Chipset Voltage?
Just found out my MB supports Dual Channel memory,Where Can I learn more?
dc + double sided ram + high fsb confusion
What memory?
How to Tell if it is Bh-5
Komusa Adata PC4200 v. OCZ PC4200 EL
XMS3000 v1.1 - what chips in it?
Need More Ram, Heres My Setup
your take on this refurbed buffalo ram
TwinMOS PC3200 DDR 512MB w/WinBOND 32m*8/16chip 184p
Ram help... ordering online now...
I want new RAM
What should i get
Would this be better than BH-5?
problems finding corsair
Building New System
defective BH-5's!!!! =(
Mushkin Dual Channel (2x256) pc3500
Advice on Athlon 64 for Memory
which memory is best
What is there noticed with 222 vs 3448
Multiple sticks per channel versus 1 stick per channel?
dual channel
Need a bit of help building a giant
PC100 or PC133 for 124MHz Bus?
Memory Upgrade
how good is ocz 3700 rev 2
PC3200 or PC3500?
Mushkin special 222 or Mushkin level 1?
Confused About Memory, Seeking Help
Tough little valueram?
Damn Memory
dual channel?
My memory headaches....help!!!
Quick Dual Channel Question
What is the best way to check the voltage to the memory after a Vmod??
Find me a RAM!?
Memory sticker shock
Is This A Good Deal
Intel I865PE Board - 5:4 or 1:1
Explain timings to a newb?
where do i get bh-5/bh-6
How do I tell if ram is BH-5 or BH-6?
Memory Choosing help...
which are better
Mem deal
buffalo pc3200 reads as pc2700
300MHz FSB, Dual channel ram selection...
To mushkin, or not to mushkin.
6 months later
ram overclocking
Passes memtest86, fails prime95
Abit AI7 & Komusa PC3700 - Which one?
OVerclock help
single vs dual channel nforce2
1GB vs 1.5GB
is dual channel memory good for MSI K7D?
Help with new Mushkin pc3500 LVL 1
Dell Memory
System dosent recognise full amount of ram
why go for pc4000?
Memory Prices Have Gone Up
Are the Major DDR RAM Manufactures Turning their backs on AMD users?
AI7 or IC7-MAX3 for my BH-5s?
P4P800 Dual Channel Memory Speed
interesting new take on memory timings from OCZ
BH5 or ADATA ?
Finally! A next generation of technology
Question about Hyper X
3.6 V thru BH-5 ???
Strange PAT behavior
Corsair 4000pro or Mushkin 3200"222"
just got my mushkin
1Gig mixed PC3200 & 2700 or 768Mb PC3200
Hit the OCing Wall. Is Memory To Blame?
Just how important are timings?
PC133 running at 66Mhz
Timings convention
PC2700 on the cheap?
Would this mean BH-5??
i had BH-5 and didnt even no it
KINGSTON HYPERX PC2700 512MB CAS2 2-2-5, BH-5 or BH-6?
This score sound right?
non matched sticks
Kingston valueram (Samsung) holding me back?
Should I jump on the BH-6 bandwagon?
Two 64MB sticks of PC800 RDRAM
Latency Problems!!!
Is Kingston KHX3000K2 BH-5?
Should Tras = CAS + RasCasDelay + 2 ? or low as possible
ocz memory questions?
i need help bad/ burning up my vtt pot...
Inineon, What can I expect?
Mushkin ram - 3200 or 4000?
komusaDDR 4200 533
Looking for automatic memory OC utility
1:1 vs 5:4
Corsair Twinx 4000 OVERCLOCK
explain this!!!!
Cant decide which to get
One stick or two
Terrible or Moderately Bad Memtest86 results?
Corsair Bh-5
memory price forecast
Best ram for about 350 CANADIAN?
Pc 3200 or pc4000?
Help me decide! Fast RAM or SATA Raid 0
please help me i need memory to buy
ECC Ram in a MB that doesn't support ECC?
5:4 2336 or 1:1 3448?
Corsair XMS vs Kingston value
Corsair PC3000 OC?
nforce2 tras timings best 8-11?
Need a little advice on my ram
pc 2100 or 2700?
BH-5 doesn't like relaxed timings?
Komusa screwed up my order
PC3500 Ram for 2600+ XP-M
overclocking w/ budget ram??
Samsung overlclock!
Noob mem questions re: ECC/reg vs. not
Check emory timings program ??
will 3.0 volts kill my mem?
IS7 BIOS mod for VDIMM?
Help me optimize my memory...
a better ram
Running Dual channel with unknown brands
hardcorecooling.us <-- *******s
Overclocking memory choice???
Memory of different speeds
ok guys, todays the day!!!!!
DDR 400 all of a sudden changed to DDR333
should pc4000 ram post as pc3200?
Prime95 fails
hyperam or samsung?
bad onboard memory
Abit AI7 Corsair Value Select - Good Idea?
Which is the better setting?
Is this good for RAM Scores?
Kingston Hyper X PC4000 voltages
How to set ram
Answer To wether you can run tight timmings or not with your specific RAM Mayb....
Can PC4000 XMS run slower at tighter timings?
ddr333 vs 2x ddr266?
So I have this RAM that is rated for 250+ FSB 2.0-3-3-6-2T
What are cl2 and cl2.5?
RAM running in ratio
virtual memory ?
kingmax hardcore ddr500
memory question
TWINX1024-3700PT in an ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe?
Trying to tweak RAM for an AMD setup, would like help
Ram timeings interesting read
Geil Golden Dragon PC3500 or PC4000?
how does Hynix like voltage?
RAM is a conspiracy!
Samsung -CC/CC -5ns Chips and voltage.
Can I go farther with this RAM?
Mushkin Special PC3200 (2-2-2-6) Fails Memtest86 & Prime95 at low speeds??
Would you say this is stable?
Kingston kvr333. Experiences?
Best memory for a p4 3.0!
odd memory ?
Building a new PC, and need opinions on RAM MFG's :)
Where to get chip info?
buffalo technology pc3200
Help with RAM identifying
CH-5 running 3.25v everyday
Best ram for O/Cing on Nf7-s and 2600+ mobile?
odd memory behaviour
memtest reboots PC
Best option for pc3200?
can anyone help
newer ch5 oc'ing better
KHX PC3000, what chips are they???
Very tight budget, what should I get?
hynix 550 out in april...
Kinda Newbish question
What chip is it on this XMS 3200?
SCDS (Sudden Corsair Death Syndrome)
Test of Bh6s: special 222 vs ocz pc3200 limited ed
Corsair TwinX 4000 Voltage
MemTest error in reporting?
1.5volt DDR?
Is KHX3200K2/1G using Winbond BH-5?
Upgrading memory (nforce plataform)
Geil Golden Dragon
critique the following ram please
I can't get my 1.5GB of Mushkin PC3500 L2 over 215FB??
Ram timing settings?
Need help picking appropriately rated mem for game server
KHX3000 erroneous SPD
CPU-Z can't identify my Corsair correctly
3200 V 1.1 and a Old Pro
Kingston HyperX PC3500, BH-5 ?
MemTest succeeds, Windows fails
anyone heard of G-skill ram?
Getting NF7-S, have 1x512 XMS3200 - what to do!?!?
Kingston dual channel 2x 256 pc3500
Suggestions Needed!!!!!!
Corsair 3200LL or 3500c2 ?!?!
Simpletech Nitro Series
Any way to disable PAT on IC7-MAX3?
Kingston ValueRAM overclocking
need help getting momory
for how long should i let memtest running?
new Geil pc4400?
Just wait, the new king is coming
Registered DDR?
so, what memory to get now?
Replacement for rams, what to choose??
System has become unstable
2 modules better then 4? upgrade help needed
Is my Mushkin 222 3200 not up to par?
simpletech memory! good name or not?
Memory Choices? Help please.
Get Mushkin or stay with Corsair
What to look for when picking out ram
Are volts dangerous to bh6?
Hynix BT-D43 ram timmings at 250FSB
No PC4200 ADATA for me? Please help.
Best pc3500 for nf7-s
Patriot memory
Am I losing my mind or did mushkin ram prices change?
Mosel Chips any good?
Can't get my 1.5GB PC3500 of memory over 215FBS?
Which mem for these mobo's ? I WILL be OCing.
In the future....
OCZ DUAL PLATINUM PC3200 BH5 or BH6...or not???
Corsair TwinX 3200 1gig memory Oc'ed too much???
I just ordered....
BH7 with Komusa pc4200 adata?
Is Corsair XMS4000 (PC4000) an overkill for P4 3.2c?
Supported RAM for A7N8X-E
GEiL PC3200 Value RAMs
ic7 with pc4000 adata bench
Visual compare?
Komusa PC4000/4200 and Abit NF7-S V2.0
Damn.. did i have a mistake??
am i hitting a wall?
Geil "Golden Dragon Series"?
Mushkin Black High Performance level II PC3500
dead ram & win 98
PC800 or PC133, Possibly Dually
partner for mushkin bh-5 blk lvlII 512
Is KHX3700K2/1G using BH-5 chip??
anybody running hynix d5 chips?
Anyone tried Corsair XMS2700-LLPT?
Memory Timings Question...
Invalid Memory Block Address
corsair memory BX chipset
Memory ratios and timings analized
problems with memory
twinmoss matched pc3200
Memtest86 or Prime95??
is this better??
dual channel mode and CPU-Z
What would be more beneficial?
Good quality memory in Europe
Is this a good memory spec??
Which ram?
quick q
RAM DILEMA!!!!! PC4000 or PC4400???? CORSAIR or OCZ???
This ram descent?
Memory Prices?
Judge my overclock
Could this be BH-5?
Corsair good?
ram upgrade
Corsair vs. Kingston
URGENT....... regarding pc3500 mushkin ram.
Errors in memtest
Safe every-day voltage for BH-5?
Memory rebates at Best Buy.
OCZ PC-3200 EL Platinum Edition problem
What's under the hood?
Memory recommendations
Mushkin pc4000 Users!
Does cas timings make a huge diff with game servers?
PC100 more expensive than PC133?
Budget PC3200?? in this forum??
What should I do? A memory dilemma...
Mushkin markings question on dimm
Good Lord!
RAM benches,burnin, and stability proggies plz =D
Part Number on Mushkin PC3200 BH-5 sticks?
Is my Hyperram Adata really PC4200?
Settle a bet: Lowest possible timings of CH-5?
I can't get a post when i use 3:2 ratio!
PC4300 or PC3200
PC4300 or PC3200
just ordered mushkin pc3200 222 special :)
My memory works better OC'd?!?
My ram does not run @ rated speeds/timings
Relax timings when OCing?
Another Ram Question....
Which Corsair Twin XMS
Mushkin PC3200 2-2-2 Special DDR
Here we go again, memory prices rising like gas prices
New Ram Advice
Adjusting Ram Timings
mushkin pc3500 level 1
Value Ram
Newb Memory Question
Hyperx 512mb pc3200 good deal?
OCZ , From bad to good?
Mosel chips vs Winbond CH-5
BH-5 chips discontinued on Black Level II.
Probably a noob question...
BH-5 or BH-6 where can I find out???
Question about muskin pc3500 level 1 ram...
Hynix RAM any good?
KHX3000 BH-5 or not?
adata pc4000 vs. pc4200
Mushkin Enhanced Pc3200 Issue
need new ram advice
Corsair CMX256A v1.1
HyperX 4000, Mushkin 222 3200, or OCZ enhanced latency platinum 3200 for AMD?
Timings for Kingston 3200 512 value
Win98 memory limit?
Probably A Stupid Question But...
which is better for gaming?
Bad benchmark results
Identifying Ram
Tell Me What I Need
Best memory running at or below 2.8V?
memtest results - pls help
Memtest errors..What should I do?
I found..............
Is their any chance my ram might be BH-5 or 6?
Can I take out my Rambus and install DDR?
down to two choices... which to get?
What is the fastest memory I can use?
Two sets of bad memory :(
Dual Channel kit?
Geil pc3200 512 overclock
How much does dual channel help?
The Guide: Is this bh-5
Bestbuy launched another round of Kingston rebate
A little BH5/6 FAQ
Is this???????
I take the spreaders off my KHX2700 and what do I see.....
Bad performance hit?
Help Plz
Kreton ... never even heard of them
Kingstion HyperX 3200k2/512 what can i expect?
Please Help!! Hynix With P4c800-e
mushkin pc4000 any good?
Overclocking New Memory
Ok time for mem recommendation!
Value Ram pc3200
should i overclock my ram?
$218 @ Newegg: 1 Gig Mushkin PC2700 Lvl 2
Name that RAM!
i need new ram... have no clue what to get, help!
ram timeing
235FSB Overclock mem scores
problems with kingston hyperX
Will I get Faster 1:1 with PC4200?
Corsair VS OCZ
Need memory advice.
what is the best pc3200 ram to oc with??
best non bh-5 memory
Ultra ram?
how to check for bad ram holding back oc
Samsung PC2700 Running 400FSB
Thought I'm getting PC3500 and got PC3000
1 Gig Mushkin Lvl 2 on the way!
Is Kingmaz crap?
4x256 BH-5 on a P4P800 - Anyone running it?
Would This Work??
memory cpu timings
OCZ EL 3200 pl ltd probs...
Mushkin PC3500 Lvl 2 w/Silver Heat Spreaders
My Sandra Scores (if you are in need of a laugh)
Memtest86 question
Help 15% bandwidth efficency!!!
quality of ram
What Antistatic Precautions Do You Take When Changing Ram?
Heat Spreaders, Are They Worth It?
OCing and Xerox memory
no benefit for low cl timings
memtest error
Performance Increase?
What kind of mem for..
corsair twinx 4000
Corsair Fails SPD Rating - No Overclock
What is a healthy Memory voltage?
Fastes possible memory speeds...
Ok all you OC gurus, I need your help!
I'm confused now.....rams? mobo?
Memory Dump Solution
RAM burn-in? YES/NO/HOW?
Bh5 @ 3:2
Differing Memory Speeds
ram issue
CH-5 change to BH-5 cost justifiable? Pls help!
Is memory holding back my OC??
will ECC Registered memory from corsair work on my mobo
Piii 500 Pc100 Ram
Which of these 3 RAMS?
Help me decide, which RAM
DDR RAM for System
Memory Recomendations
got a question?
What kind of Ram is this? [Photo inside]
Kingston Hyperx pc3200, BH-5?
what do these settings mean?
Need your help on deciding something...
which of the 3 mushkin
mixing bh-5
ok... im lost... can some one take me by the hand and...
Bizarre HyperX problem with 8rda+!
Question about RAM & N-force2 !!!
questions of a newbie on RAM
Best ram for ddr480? (240fsb)
Buffalo 3700 with High FSB???
Komusa memory in Canada?
Rambuss on a AMD system
Memtest86, my savior
more memory slower computer
Question about corsair ram..............
KHX3000K2/1G or Kreton pc 3500?
Ever heard of xerox mem?
Help me out here...
DRAM Precharge Latency?
is this for real?????
What does changing the Latency of the RAM do?
What mem configuration is better?
OCZ's new EB technology
My new Scores!
OCZ 3200EL Platinum,results.
Increase OC
value ram
Timings and Going Dual Channel
How is this RAM?
Mushkin not enough?
What do the terms BH-5 and BH-6 mean?
PC2100 to PC2700
pc3200 or pc3500??
FSB v. Timings question
CH-5 not that bad
ID my OCZ ic's
What RAM to get with 2.9v vdimm available?
Has anyone heard of Kreton Memory?
Installing dual channel RAM... Please look.
HOT: In depth memory performance analysis
TWINX1024-3700 or TWINX1024-3200LLPRO
Memtest Error
which memory for 865PE NEO2-FIS2R with p4 2.8 800fsb
Kingston HyperX KHX3200AK2/512 Problems :(
memory settings in bios
New Mobo need memory
Best ram for 2500+M oc ($200/gig range)
512MB PC133: One Module that uses two banks?
Overclocking Help Needed
DDR3200 or DDR4000 for ASUS p4p800Deluxe?
Bad Memory?
which memory for moderately overclocked 2.4c?
what is this memory capable of???
New CPU now memory doesn't all work
Cheap PC2100 mem
KHX3500 at dual channel
mushkin level 1 pc3200
Bad mem?
memory speed too high
512pc3200 vs. 1g 2700
Something seems wrong with this memory BW
Get your BH5 here......
Mushkin 3500 Level II unstable!?
O/C and Ram Speed for P4 2.8C...
good deal on hyperx?
What's the chance of getting a bad stick of KHX PC3000?
capabilities of OCZ pc3700 gold rev2
2nd stick of PC2100 causing continous reboot?
Kingmax Hardcore Series
Question about adding RAM
Overclocking help needed
What Does Evaluation Copy on Ram Mean?
DDR RAM Roadmap
Is PC3200 memory fast enough for the A64?
The Dual Channel Difference
memory upgrade question
OMG I have a weird family.
Help on picking the right memory
Whats the 1 mean?
God, could choosing memory be any more difficult?
Geil and Abit NF7-S?
real quick question..
Kingston (KVR) BH-6 Results
3700 or 3200LL
Winbond BH-6 hates voltage? confused here