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Generic BH-6 Module - A wild or promising bet?
mushkin 222?
Quick Q - Is this BH-5?
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New RAM for iWill XP333
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HELP! bad ram or bad mobo?
Need some advice ASAP if possible...
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How high end do I need?
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Current setup... What do you think?
Which is better? (latency timing)
Which ram?
Can hyperx pc2700 run at ddr400 speeds with low timings.
Best RAM to go with...
Zipzoomfly doesnt carry Mushkin???
Kingston HyperX PC4000...only PC3200???
anyone know how to OC PNY RAM?
Trying to decide which to buy.... Please read.
? Is registered ram also ECC
corsair3200xms how do u overclock
Do I have BH-5?
elixir memory
How do you know when you have enough RAM?
TwinMOS vs Samsung
Is 2.9V safe on a Mushkin Dual Pack 512 222 Special (Winbond BH6) ?
1x512Mb PC2700 or 2x 256Mb PC3200?
Some help on buying pc3200
HyperX 3000
Help: HyperX p3200k2/512 or OCZ PC3200 EL Plat limited Ed.
Need recommendation on ram.
dual channel 4x256 or 2x512
Memory overclocking help !!
Komusa Question:
Unbuffered Vs buffered
Mixing CH-5 and BH-5
mushkin pc 4000
Havent kept up with ram OC'n and such.
HYPER X worth it?
Best Corsair XMS3200 to buy?
fast 512mb or mediocre 1gb
bh5 on KHX3000/512?
Buffered or unbuffered?
Deciding On The Best Ram...
Abit NF7-S and Ram??
question on Kingston 3200 w hynix bt-d43 chips
which DIMM's for high fsb on DC
What are ur corsair xms timings for xp2500?
OC the ram problem~!
is this bh-5 ram?
How high should my Corsair XMS 3200's be able to go?
New Memory Chips -- T-Rex? (Kreton)
New Adata ram freezing
mushkin 3500 Level II
Mushkin ddr2700 222
high voltages and ch5's
Checking memory frequency?
PMI3200-1024DGL Dual Channel 1GB !NEW
memory question
Memory size impact on timings
OCZ EL 3700 rev1 and image corruption
ClubOC.net Positive Review on PMI Turbo Memory?
another timings question
Geil platinum PC3200 Dual channel kits
Mem question
Komusa pc4200 ?
Placing order tonight, need to make final decision, pick which you'd get!
KHX3000 same as KHX3200?
What is the best site to buy ram at?
Best ram on a budget?
Noob question but please help
Kingston bh-5 owners!
HOW to get EL4200 to rated specs
Memory problems, Kingston value ram
what ram for P4
Are my memory settings correct?
MemTeset86 Fails, what are your thoughts?
Mating PC2100 with PC2700.
Which is Faster and More Efficient
Sync Data ?
Memory Cartel ??
ID memory chips
Komusa 512MBX2) PC-4200 533MHz Adata
Tell me the right memory to choose
Which Memory For A64?
Should I run 2-2-2-7 or leave stock and run highest FSB I can?
Kingston HyperX PC2700
help ME choose
1/2 Of My Memory Bandwidth Is Missing
Real world performance of better memory
I'm down to the final 4!
1GB Dual Channel or 1.5GB...
What to do, what to do...
CPUID detects my PC4000 as PC3700?
Ram speed questions
Will this memory make much diff?
What is going to be the next standard FSB for the AMD Procs....
BH-5 performance in Dual Channel mode
is this bh-5? please help
Which ram to buy?
Corsair PC3500C2 Rev1.1 CPU-Z?
HyperX 3700?
Best oc memory under 100$
partition memory
WHOA!!!!! Whats wrong with this picture? My 1yo pc2700 beating my new XMS3500C2??HELP
WHOA!!!!! Whats wrong with this picture? My 1yo pc2700 beating my new XMS3500C2??HELP
Nice cheap ram for my IC7-MAX 3
Best choice of memory and motherboard 3.4EE?
Good STOCK Motherboard for BH5?
Should I use 2 or 3...
Corsair 3200c2 - BH5?
Hrmmm, interesting
Row-active delay on NF2 - why is higher better?
is this right??
please reccomend a dual 1gig ram for me
Memory timings won't stick
Some good DualChannel memory?
DDR400 running at DDR333
cap modding my bh6
TwinMos PC3200 any good?
Need some nicer ram
How Good: PC-3200 Level One Dual Pack?
overclocking this kind of ram?
How much ram needed for a decent UT2004 server?
Corsair vs. Kingston
memory advice....
best use of memory
Best for me, dual channel or non?
TWINX512-3200LL vs. HyperX KHX3200AK2
Is Kingston KHX3500 BH-5?
Ddr Pc3500
PC-4200 running at 2-3-3-5 normal??
Really Need Advice!!!!!
Optimal or Turbo for my RAM?
winbond CH5, voltage regulator mod?
memory timings?
RAM Timings not showing up in CPUz
Where did Mushkin PC3500 Level 2 Go?
I found some 512mb ofHynix BT-D43 chips for $109 should i buy?
want to hear your opinions
Do I need PC3500 or PC4000 for my OC needs?
is this a safe voltage for my memory?
Recommendation for PC3200 RAM
PC2100 overclocking noobie needs help
What memory to match up with my Lanparty board?
not reading dual channel???
Can't get mushkin pc3500 over 200mhz, help!
HyperX KHX3200A vs. KHX3500
Geil Ultra Platinum PC-466 - any good ?
The Guide: What RAM do I need?
centon DDR434 / D865PERL
BH-6 timings and others q's
OCing Kingston DDR333
Corsair Pc4300 DDR II
Generalization of RAM
memory or motherboard?What causes this problem?
Increasing memory
Ram config
Need memory dispute settled
Seems my hyperx is more stable after my fan mod
Kingston HyperX KHX3200A vs. KHX3200 vs. Corsair XMS
mushkin pc3500 black level 2 1gb for $270
Ram Recommendations
In the market for some High Perf DDR... Little help please?
Faster CPU or faster ram???
RAM help
What do i gain....
KG7 Sockets
Anyone using 4 sticks of Level II PC3500?
I Duddits!
Memtest86 is FREEZING @ 229! Muskin PC3500 lvl2
mushkin or ocz?
help, can't get my P4 3.0C past 3.3 stable w/ PC3200
clock settings plz help!
Looking to buy more RAM
Komusa ADATA Question
Where To Buy Kngston Hyper X Memory
Memory Voltage Software?
pc3500 2,3,3,7 or pc4000 3,4,4,8???
Found this
OCZ PC4000 Gold Owners Post your 1:1's for me
Mushkin PC-3200 "222 Special" for a Pentium 3.4c?
Couple of Dual Channel DDR Questions
Kingston Value Ram & BH6 Chips
Question About Mixing Ram
Bh-6 worth $60-70 more
muskin heat spreaders
Dual Channel
My RAM, and how I would go about overclocking.
abit Nforce 7 dual channel?How?
128mb of ram not enough.....
New motherboard + Old Memory
Bus matching
vdimm question
What happened to the increase of ram speed?
Where can I find Mushkin PC3500 Levle 2?
corsiar advice
how long to run memtest+
Interesting article on DDR2
Hmm.. thought i knew but i didnt
Recomendation for 512 ddr mem
which ram of these choices?
Corsair PC3200 LL CL2 Voltage?
w00t!!! I found BH5 In Newegg's Referb!!!
OCZ - Really the best??
1x512mb or 2x256mb sticks?
If anyone needs 2x256 Mush bh-5
How much is too much voltage for ram?
What are the best progs to test ram?
whats the best memory for my IC7-MAX3 and P4 3.0C
Which pair should i get?
900+ for 512 of DDR-II!!!!
bh-5 & Memtest 1.1 freezing at 220fsb, 2.5-3-3-11!
Corsaİr Xms 3200 256 Ddr?
Cheeper overclocking ram
Need some opinions :)
512Mb or 1Gig?? How much is enough?
Good price on ram
I'm not convinced by the benefits of faster memory...
stronge cheap memory
Memory bench
Ram for P4C800-E Deluxe? New system
which provides better performance?
wow, my non bh5 ram does 231fsb at cas2!
Kingston HyperX PC3200 (KHX3200/256) is back in stock at ZZF
Best 3200 non oc ram...
$149 for 1 gig of 3200 w/BT D43 good?
some mushkin benchies
Why did they stop making bh5
Is this my memory, or? Buffalo PC3700
BH5 Voltage Question
can an IC7-MAX3 not take DDR500?
my ram is in single channel...why? i never thought to look
will this Kingston HyperX DDR500 outperform my Corsair XMS DDR400?
Tightening my CAS timings is making my CPU run hotter!!! Does that make sense???
Plz Help to With XMS3200 Corsair
memory tyype
What chips are these?
is my memory in the right slot????????
Ahyone runs A-Data PC3200 (ADD8608A8A-5B chips)
Which memory?
is it gurantee to get better timing when underclocking rams
Mushkin3500lvl.2/Corsair 3200LLPro/Corsair3500. Which one should I choose?
Corair PC4000 Pro anyone put more than 2.85 to it?
Best RAM if money is no object
1GB Single Channel PC2700 RAM
Best Budget Memory but with slight overclocking?
question about the KT333 and memory
How are u able to tell what....
DDR Voltage (Kingston)
250MHz FSB
I need OCsystem Memory advice
question about old dell using rambus
Komusa PC4200 Adata chips 301mhz 2.9v
Corsair Have Released DDR2
Determining Auto Memory Voltage
Recent buyers of buffalo ram from newegg?
Heat Spreaders...
Need RAM for OC'd Mobile 2500+
Is the HyperX 512M PC4000 at BB a good deal?
Best memory to go with the system I am purchasing?
Need Help With A Decision
MEMTest Tests?
ram question pc3200/3500
overclocking generic memory
Is this the limit of my Corsair 3500c2 ram?
Need Help choosing RAM
Will this CAS2 PC2100 work with an old ASUS A7A266 mobo?
If I use more than 1 stick it crashes
What rams should I chose OCZ/Corsair?
memory timmings
What happened to all the 3500 DDR? What are alternatives?
Need help with XMS3200 plz!!
What does non-parity mean?
Added second stick - now crashing!
Help first build
Mushkin vs. Kingston
Samsung -TCB3 C,D, or E?
Recommendations: First Time OC
Ram for SFF PC
Memory Error
Good reletively cheep memory
MSI Dynamic Overclocking Technology
AMD memory benchmarks results
Clarification on Legacy USB and Memtest
Hynix CT-D43
corsair xms
prime95 and bad ram
cant run Mushkin PC3500 lvl 2 at 3:2
Corsair PC3700
Which makes/models of ram are BH-5?
HyperX won't even run at it's advertised settings!!
Steady as she goes
Low Sandra Mem Bandwidth?
GeIL rams are great!
What does this mean exactly?
Memory frequency question
Will cas ever be 1?
Ocz Pc3200 El
old sdram
256mb pc3200 mushkin black level ii
new ram!
Mushkin 512mb cas222 pc2700
Dual Channel DDR, RAM Density, Other Questions
buildin new rig soon, memory suggestions
mushkin level2 found.
Single or Dual Channel?
where can i find memory timings?
Shuttle SB51-G and RAM - what are my options for speeding things up?
Is the OLD memtest good enough
My vDIMM can go up to 2.9V... is CH-5/BH-6 right for me?
Anyone get Kingston HyperX PC3000 lately?
Kingstonvalue Ram
Corsair PC3200LL Pro
Mushkin lvl2 PC3500 Bh-5 WILL SPLIT THE COST!!!
Wild Ride with new RAM
Preliminary options for A7V8X
Mushkin Special 222
list of BH-5?
Help me identify this RAM
266MHZ baby!!!!
programs for changing voltages
Mem recomendation
Memory Thought
Anyone think XDR will become popular?
Safe FSB for 256 MB Crucial PC2100?
guess what i found on my doorstep? hehe
Memory unstable with 2VCORE, but fine with 1.9vcore
Whats better. memtest86 or memtest?
Unstable BH5?
Dual Channel for Intel Boards?
Kingston KVR400 - any good?
I want my bh-5
4x256 Dual Channel?
how is this RAM?
did I scew-up or what,wrong type memory????
BEST Corsair/Kingston DDR for an Athlon64 3200+ or 3400+???HELP
Um PC2700 @ 380 mhz
Difference between Corsair PC3200C2 and PC3200LL?
need help selecting memory P4C 3.0G
Just ordered some KingMax PC3500 ram.. Whats the top speed on this stuff?
Just got 1gb of mushkin lvl 2 3500
pc2700 is limiting me, need advice
how can i tell the timings my ram is rated for?
Overclocking and my CorsairXMS 3500C2
A good memory for my Nforce2 board
Anyone have any problems with Infineon MEM
Just got my Mushkin BH-6 3200
ocz pc4000 gold memtest errors
chipset voltage
Kingston HyperX KHX3200/512 BH5?
AMP-X memory
Generic RAM
what settings should i use with my PC3200CL DDR400?
which is better
how to get those crazy fsb with Hynix bt-d43 chip?
Corsair XMS3500C2 BH-5 or not?
Kreton 512mb PC3500 - Any Good?
CPU-Z reports PC3200 and PC16000
Dfi lanparty b best ram?
1:1 mem or a high fsb
Are they really all gone?!
what's the difference between these two
Dual chanel 512MB or single ch. 1G ?
Best PC3500 for P4P800 Deluxe
Get your cheap BH-6!
3GB ram why?
only 168 out of pc3200?
Hyper X 3500 or 3700
i need 1gb ddr 400
Need advice on which ram to get
dual channel vs. non dual channel
bh5 @ 3.3v - how safe is it ?
NF7-s instability problems
4 x 256Mb vs. 2 x 512Mb
Matched Pair??
takin heatspreaders off my hyperram, help..
Need Help Badly...
ddr400 posting ddr333?
best ram for abit NF7-S V2
FSB:DRAM question
KHX3200/256 gone?
Tweakmonster BGA Ramsinks
Whose idea was it to hike up the RAM prices?
Mushkin 2x512 lvl 2 pc3500 FSB OC?
1gig dual channel or 1.5gig single channel
help with memtest86
need help w/ HyperX PC4000
A7N8X-X Dual Channel ... Ooops!
Heat spreader
ram questions
PC3700 timmings for a 2.4c OC
Which memory for me?
another Intel 1:1 vs. 5:4 comparison
Dual channel question
Bh-6 or Ch-5?
Dual Kit vs. buying separately
RAMBUS isn't at stock...its below.
expert opinions needed
Thoughts/concerns on this RAM...
Memory Upgrade for IBM Thinkpad
Mushkin PC3200 "Special 222"
Compact Flash vs. Secure Digital
better ram to overclock a 2.4C
What is the least expensive bh-6 3200 memory?
PC-3700 cheaper than PC-3500 .. why?
PC2700 RAM nforce 2 mobo question
Any such thing as a 256 MB SIMM?
How loose is too loose?
PC3200 or PC3500?
is corsair xms memory good?
3 dimm slots?
still need help after reading all the stickys
How much ram do I really need
Geil Golden Dragon
Well, this is some incredible RAM!
OCZ PC3700 gold rev2 vs Mushkin 3500 lvl 2
Bh-5 or not
Mushkin PC3500 vs. PC4000
memory explained thanks to corsair
Attention to all those that have kingston HyperX PC3500 CH-5
Is SiSandra Correct?
Using 3 sticks of RAM on Abit-IC7...
512MB or 1024MB in Video Editing + Gaming?
Corsair XMS PC3200 question
upgrading RAM
Gurus wanted for New Rig Specs
Which mem for my system?
kreton ram?
any problems with this?
Best Ram for my system
Need Help with memory clocks
kingston 2x 256 pc3500 166fsb how should i speed it up???
help me i cant stop (or cheap thrills part 2)
My Crucial PC2700 Cant Run In Dual Channel
Which memory is best
Corsair XMS PC3200 vs. XMS PC3200C2PT
You guys are awsome. Now, I need more help
Memory results
Help with Dual ddr!!!
Kingston ValueRam 2700
pc3500 question
Geil Golden Dragon PC3500 Dual DDR 1GB
ebay link to hynix original- bt-d43
If you bench/burn/test your memory within windows DO NOT SHUT DOWN NORMALLY!!
SO newegg's mushkin is still BH-5 right?
Is this BH-5?
OCZ 4200 EL problem
Possible memory failure
hynix bt-d43 or Mosel V58C2256804SAT5B
"ECC Registered?"
Is my HyperX, perchance, CH-5?
Top of the line ram....Money no object...your recomendation?
cheap pc3500 cas 2?
memory passes memtest86 but fails prime95, why?
Timing question
Need help with memtest
anyone know if an50r has problems with hynix memory?
OCZ or Corsair?
corsair RAM one good one bad
Kingston Hyper X 3500