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Kingston Hyper X 3500
memtest86 and memory testing
Cheap/Good Memory for P4 3.0ghz
PC 3200 or higher?
A64 System build
looky here [o-o] winbond
what mem will best take 3.0 past 3.4 ghz?
hynix at-d43 any good??
Is this BH-5 @ Newgg or what?
Different brands
I Got More Ram What A Difference
Ram for Barton 2500
quick memory question PLS CHECK IT OUT
Best memory for 2.8c
memory timings v f.s.b speed
Where can I buy SMD Grabber in CANADA??
What's better?
Memory recommendation for...
any point to buying pc3500 or greater?
What ram?
performance mode disabled?
Is it important?
OCZ Comparison
Hynix D43 chips running more that 3volts?
2x CMX256A-3200C2 Will not run @ 400mhz stable with any settings
Memory defragmenting
Kingston DDR-333 ValueRam
dual channel memory?
Dual Channel on AMD systems...
Only Half Memory Recognized
could it be bh5?
512MB @ 414mhz, or 1024MB @ 346 Mhz
memory advice
220 fsb at 2.63v?
can this ruin the RAM?
Need good dual channel ram recommendations
Geil PC3200 Value
Is my RAM CH-5 or BH-5
Need some good overclocking RAM
Mushkin 4x256 - not so good timings
mem question for my new system
Unstable after RAM voltage is increased...
Kingston HyperX PC3000 - differences between modules and chips
memory is too slow
1-1 5/4 ? where at?
Help on OCing Kingston Ram
2.8@3.5 2-2-2-6 vs. 3.0@3.4 2.5-3-3-7 which is faster?
How good is Corsair about RMAs?
cheapest ram that will guarenteed do 150fsb
OCZ PC3500 Gold Timings
how to decode them memory??
Corsair Value Select Ram
low cas or high speed
Less is more?
Mushkin vs Corsair - Is it worth it?
pls help advice needed
Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2?
new memory advice needed
burst length
Kingston HyperX PC3000 with Kingston chips?
BH-5s running more that 3volts?
Best RAM for ASUS motherboard?
memory help
Memory deals good or bad stuff???
WoW it is possible OCZ+Corsair=Still Dual
OCZ pc2700. How far can I take it?
how do i remove the clips on heatspreader
Time for new Memory?
Would I get anything out of it?
Big diff between PC4200 CAS2.5 and CAS3?
KHX3200(nonA) can't set to turbo?
Memory experts in real time?
cheap ram thatll do cas at ~215?
Are these BH-5s?
Interpreting MemTest Results
New Ram
Memeory error on start
PC3500 or PC3700?
Might i have a hidden gem on my hands?
If kingston K2 is BH-5 then theres Bh-5 at ZZF for cheap!
I dont think the XMS3500C2 in Bh5 pricelist is BH5!!!
Is My Ram Bad?
Whats best? high FSB or tight timings?
looking for 2 256MB sticks that can do 250FSB...
Help with buying Ram for D500 lattitude
cheap thrills
3.1+ Vdimm for 24/7
Another Dual Channel, quick question
Why no more bh-5?
New ram with blank chips.
Dual Channel Mush BLII results?
How Good To Go?
Mushkin volts
Your Memory Reccommendation
Which RAM for A64?
Some RAM questions
Testing Mushkin Black lvl 2 Questions
bh6 cant change timings at 1-1, help!
ram voltage
BH-5 Question
Difference between 2 corsair dimms?
256 to 128
Cheap overclocking RAM
quick dual channel question
Ram for P4 2.8B on 865
Is my Hyperx pc-4000 causing the problems?
Very, very odd. got new ram a day early, 10.5 multi now works, 11x crashes
memtest86 lockup
bought some GEIL laptop memory
corsair memory question
Mushkin lvl2 PC3500 troubles
Dual channel DDR vs DDR-II
Is it better losing 70mhz and having a higher bandwidth with bios hack?
I need openions
collecting information
Already used search....still need help with memtest
Geil Golden Dragon
Need help to make this BH-5 faster.
Dual channel question
muskin ?
Kingston Hyper X PC3700 DDR 466
Max Vdimm for KHX3000 without frying them?
OCZ 4200 Performance - Unstable
ok, what is ECC and NON ECC??
testing out some bh6
Overclocking Memory ?'s
Patriot Memory Review / Writeup (the newcomer cometh!)
lvl 2 black or ddr 500??
Is this ram good or not?PC4400
Mushkin 3200 or 3500 and why??
Kingston hyperx + nforce2 = ?
Corsair DDR2
Help me choose plz between those two plz
Which Memory??
Using memtest86 to determine max stable RAM speed
Ramsinks on my Kingston KVR 3200?
Question about Mushkin
Athlon64 and setting memory speed
Mushkin Oc Potential
Go for mushkin?
whats my memory
speedmechanic2:any info on ct d43 chips ?
OCZ PC3700 Rev. 2, Awesome if you can tune it up!
Mixing same model RAM from 2 manufacturers
Kingston PC2700 ValueRam good for Oc?
want to add memory 1gig already P4C800
is it the memory that makes noise?
Corsair TwinX PC3200 Version1.2 = BH-5 Chips?
Dual channel = Less stable than Single??
I can't access memory settings
Even mushkin level II bh-5 ram isnt guaranteed high fsb
kingston hyx pc 3500 vs corsair pc 3200 ll pro
troubled as to which ram
memtest 86
RAM, or live with Ram under spec?
My New Ocz Pc-3700 Rev.2 Sucks!!!
am i going to get better perfomance for sure if i upgrade my memory?
Quick help! PC3000 kingston HyperX = BH-5?
is my ram registered?
kingston hyperx rma's
What should I go with?
Is Stress burn in needed if you dont OC?
How to install memory on 800fsb mboard
What's the deal with the new RAM?
Help setting memory timings.
Suitable memory for 2.4C OC?
Mushkin PC3500 Lev. II
Corsair PC3200...post your results here.
1Gb cheap memory or 512 mb good memory?
Dual Channel and 3rd stick...
Ram Dummy Here!
Mushkin 3500 level 2 Errors
Ram In Depth
KHX PC3000 vs. Mushkin PC3500 level 2
nforce dual channel mode
Twinmos pc3700 43D vs HyperX 3500
which maker of memory?
update on possible memory choice
$150 to use on memory, suggestions?
Ram strangeness
Black Level 2 or Level one?
Wish my luck guys just order kingston 3200
What ram do i get?
which mem
kingston hyperX PC3500 ordered 10/18/2003
What ram for AMD 2500+ ?
Things that make you go ummhhh.....
Need urgent help with RAM setup. PLEASE!!! <3
memtest86 errors....
BH-5 or ADATA?
OCZ Gold PC 4000 at DDR 600
Kingmax "SuperRam" Any good?
HELP testing RAM speed
Mushkin PC3500 BH-5 vs. Kingston HyperX PC3700
how to calculate ram timing
What to buy?
Crucial pc2700 at 200mhz
Mushkin lvl2 3500 2-3-3-7 by SPD?
mushkin 3500 problems
Need memory recommendations please...
can i run 1 gig in xp?
Prime95 Blend crashes
Dual channel memtest errors, but none with single channel...
Exception Faults.. PLS HELP>>>
Can anyone tell me what company makes this ram chip?
Compatibility Question?
Users of DFI LANPARTY, what RAM?
AS5 on RAM?
Question about nforce 2 dual channel configuaration...
Corsair Value S PC3200 overclocking - any experiences/tips ?
Mushkin has new 2-2-2 line!!
What ram should i get for me p4 2.44b?
Geil Golden Dragon PC3500 fails memtest
what are you guys getting with ch-5 chips?
how bad should this be
Which Corsair Is BH-5???
BH-5 speed/timings
Fried Memory Pins
Centon DDR434 PC3500 Doesnt Work
I need some advice
1.5GIG DDR400&DDR266 Or Just 1GIG DDR400
Which slots for dual channel?
square/rectangle chips
Adding to a dual channel setup?
Async. testing and instability.
Is this kingston pc3000 hyx bh-5?
Problem with corsair xms 3200 duel 1 gig
Problems with Mushkin Type II PC3500 RAM?
Ram gets erros in memtest in one mobo, is fine in another. WHY?
hey question about the hyperx 3000 @ newegg
1:1 gives a lot more performance then 5:4
what ram will hit 250mhz pretty easily?
Whats the best ram out for a 3.0C??
Failure to POST
How does Win XP handle lots of memory?
OCZ Gold PC3700 Rev2
BH-5 gone, CH-5 price rise ?
For gaming, spend extra cash on memmory or spend extra cash on videocard?
Just killed my page file and???????
What Does This Mean For Memory? 4T, 8T, and 16T. help me
Major problems w/ Mushklin lvl 2 pc3500
Memory Voltage
OCZ enhanced latency pc 4000?
geil golden dragon pc3200
WLCSP - Mean anything?
BH-5 or CH-5
what chips are on this ram?
Really want to know what to get for sure now, getting tired of this, thinking kingstn
Too much memory causes hardware problems?
OCZ, Corsair, Mushkin, Geil?
Quick Ram qUESTION
Mixmatch DDR333 and DDR400
General RAM question
faster memory run slow with tight timing
AMD 2500+ OC w/ pc2700 RAM timings...
kingston hyx pc3200 1024 mb or twinmos pc 3200 1024 mb
Kingston hyperx pc 3000 1024 mb
Corsair XMS3200 hardly o/c's at all
ALL kingston hyper x pc 3000 = bh5?
PC4000 with 5:4 ratio
tc83 on kingston?
tight timings or many mhz for gaming?
memtest shows memory errors.. wtf?
CPUZ is showing my dual pack Mushkin at pc3200 and pc3500
Can PC 2100 Ram run in dual channel?
p4 2.8c, pc 3700 corsair or pc 3200 corsair?
help in memory choices?
Please help...I keep crashing to desktop after installing Muskhin ram
Windows based RAM stress testing utility?
hope my new OCZ ram i orderd is good
crucial and warranties
stuck between memory
Kingston hyx pc 3500 or corsair pc 3200 c2 LL
PC133 problem with Abit BE6-II v1.1
keep restarting in madden 2004
New version of Memtest86 is out.
I'm thinking if tightening my RAM timings...Should I do this to my "cheapo" brand ram
RDRAM timing question
overclocking Corsair PC3200 TwinX Pro
Higher Clocks or lower timings?
Total indecision... PC2700 or PC3200?
Geil ultra PC4000 Platinum?
yo the kingston 3500 khx
Oc Blues
ram timings
will corsair VS1GB run on asus a7n8x
help me make a choice here
what is a good dual channel ddr ram
New Memory
Mushkin lvl 2 pc3500 voltage issues?
Kingmax SuperRAM - Better Than You Think!
1 gig cheap twinmos or 512 expensive kingston??
can I mix ram types
Buying Some RAM
Upgrading to a Gig what to get?
IC7 MAX3 and memory
Which of these 3 choices would you recommend for this new rig
Can I run duel channel in?????????
Memory upgrade
kingmax timings?
TwinMOS Dual Channel Kit
How to Benchmark dual channel?
kingston ch5 or bh5`
Anyone w/ some PC4200?
does this right?
hynix original bt-d43
hyperx 3500 ch5
Memory 105$
1GB Ram worth it?
Dual Channel Question...
pc4000 vr pc3200?
Please try to help me!!
centon DDR
How much
Toms new review on CAS latency effects on system performance,suprising results.
TwinX 2GB PC3200 ?
Does more voltage need active cooling?
Will ill be able to oc with kingston valueram
Bh5?? Ch5??
Memory or IE.exe Error Take a Look JPG inside.
Memory or Motherboard?
Blue Screen
What is the best memory for the IC7-MAX3 mobo?
Reboot+memory dump=Memory controller
IS it my memory or mobo causing the problem?
Have i screwed up?
Wierd errors in new system - Can anyone help?
DDR333 used as PC133????
best memory under 100
Rambus 32bit...insanly expensive
Mushkin level II on a shuttle AN35N ultra
PC-4200 @ 466MHz???
Dumbass Duall Channel question
RAM in general
Motherboard won't regocnize proper ram speed on boot?
Am I stable?
Bam Pc2700 @ 445 Fsb
Cold RAM no-go, warm RAM OK?
HyperX Timings
Can my mobo handle 2700 DDR???
pny pc3500
PC3200 - 512 MB - DDR - Corsair LL PRO and PC3200 - 512 MB - DDR - Corsair C2 PRO
Kingston HyperX 3200 and AI7 Compatibility
PC3200 - 512 MB - DDR - Corsair LL PRO or 512mb DDR Kingston HyperX PC434
memory problems
Need Final Answer Plz !!!
urgent question
Quick Help Needed on RAM Purchase
Mushkin PC3500 Black LVL2 solution for 2-2-2
How much Ram?
Need new RAM advice would be nice.
adata memory timings....
Switching Corsair 2700 to Mushkin 3200
Corsair xms 3500 512 ram
HELP with hyperX ram
Has ANYONE tried TWINX2048-3200PT XMS3200 2048MB on ABIT IC7?
KVR3200 what kind of chips?
Urgent RAM question!
Interesting Discovery of my TwinMOS memory
Is there a way to find detailed info on your ram?
Kingston memory Q.
How far can I push DDR400?
GEIL VS Mushkin LevelOne
HyperX KHX3700K2/512 *PLS HELP*
Corsair 512 mb LL or corsair 2x512 mb ?
Brand New Corsair 512 XMS
Amount and Size Matters.. but how much?
Cheapest quality PC-2700 ram out there?
Mushkin Black Lvl 1 or Lvl2
Is there a REAL advantage to dual pack Mushkin Black lvl 2?
Which should i get?
Corsair PC2700 How High?
Kingston hyperx ddr 3500 settings
flashing RAM eeprom
Did they mis-label this Hyperx 3200?
what's the going price for hynix d43??
Corsair question
Corsair Memmory
Kingston Price jump...WOW!
Pc 3500
What chips in KHX3700?
2700 but it says 266?
Corsair or PNY
Mushkin Black lvl 2 3200 or 3500?
New System, need ram recommendations
hyperX OC
RAM problem
512 or 1024 PC3500 LEVEL 2 Mushkin
2Gigs of Mushkin refuse to run on IC7
Memtest qustion
Can you guys please help me out im desperate
kingston pc 3500 hyperx
Memory problem SANDRA
what chip does the twinmos pc 3200 use?
Value Ram from Crucial
Max volt on ram without heat spreader ?
Mixing memory types
Pny Verto PC3500
new Memtest86+
Mushkin PC3500 Black LVL2 issues/defects ?
After reading more about ram, im confused
GeIL PC3500?
what is the deal with the super high ram speeds?
Ram question help. (mushkin)
512 and 256
GeIL ultra pc3700 with a AI7?
Upped Dimmcore beneficial for timings?
Kingston HyperX PC3000 won't go over 180
2GB for IC7-max3
hyperx pc 3200 or pc 3500?
Kingston HyperX Series 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-2700 question
which memory up to $260 ?"
512MB Stick Hynix BT-D43 @ $105 US !!
winbond ch-5 buffalo cant do cas2?
Mushkin Black not running dual channel
Found Mushkin Memory In My Country
PC3500 or PC3200?
Get me to 200 F?
d43 the chips of choice for pc4000/4400
twinmos memory
RAM & MB compatibility.
Twinmos Twister Problems
Ram for NF7-S 2.0?
want to OC to at least 400MHz
need advice on memory i found
2Gig of Mushkin 3500 lvl2 o/c ability?
Question about RAM speed
successor of BH-5?
does it have to say dual channel to be dual channel
Ram Sinks
Memtest has been updated!!
All stable execept Prime95 and Memtest86
Overclocking my 2500+.. which memory
512mb DDR Kingston HyperX PC400 good ?
Black vs White WHaaa?
help me with choice of memmory
Ram Digonist
Timings for Corsair PC2100 ValueRAM?
Intel 875 chipset - ECC or non ECC - 512MG or 1G
i changed my memory from 266 to 333 mhZ now my pc wont start
Is dual channel enabled for different size sticks
OCZ PC3200 Ehanced Latency Series
Mushkin lvl2 3500 pricing?
KHX3200AK2/1G ugrh!
Why won't my Mushkin lvl2 PC3500 run at stock?
Suggestions on my memory purchase
Memtest86 vs. Prime95, Against Mushkin lvl2 PC3500
numbers off my ram
Spectek 256 ddr 2700
DDR400 and Asus P4P800 Delux, need HELP with basic stuff
Old RAm
Difference between bh-5 and ch-5
Ram timings verses speed poll for video?
First hand ... Beware of no name ram
Kingston HyperX PC434 is bh-5?
battle of the off brand ddr
OC trouble
512mb DDR Kingston HyperX PC434
Maybe I'm stupid
im confused about cas latency
Highest Speeds With PC2700 Any Brand !!
Will my RAM fry?
Dif between Mushkin LvL1 and LvL2
Infinion Memory Chips ?
How long do i have for Mushkin?
is there a way to just oc ur ram?
Long term effects of raising voltage?
Kingston HyperX 3000 kit - CH-5
My Mushkin lvl 2 pc3500 bad?
Can anyone explain this...?
Using Different Brands of Memory
How far has anyone pushed Corsair's TWINX1024-4000PRO
How to tell when pushing memory tofar
OCZ PC3700 Gold rev.2 the best?
Voltages on your HyperX
nForce2 Ultra 400 Memory timings
Need a RAM recommendation
Hynix PC3200 question
Laptop Memory
Memory effect on OC
Will OCZ 3500LE or Mushkin lvl 2 provide 2252 at 233mhz?
Advice on tweaking just a little more!
how can i know if memmory is BH-5 ?
Question about Buffalo PC3700 BH-5