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Performance question
What memory can do 240-245fsb at 2.85v, tight timings?
Which Memory? PC133, PC100...
buffalo pc3200 or twinmos 3200?
I need some CHEAP 512 ram with winbond
Ok to run crucial 2100 ram @200Mhz?
Corsair XMS or OCZ EL-DCK
Corsair xms4000
Corsair CL2 vs. Corsair Value Select
DDR400 w/ 166 fsb
Memtest86 problem
OCZ Performance - help
How Cool Is This!
Need opinion between Mushkin Lv2 1GB or 512MB Dual Pack?
Help with mushkin pc3500
Memtest solves problem...Thanks
Mushkin lvl2 PC3500... I'm the unlucky one!
Anyone run 270FSB 1:1 (540 DDR)? Any PC3200 can hit 540MHZ DDR ??
P4 Platform, What matters more...bandwidth or timings?
Ram way out of spec, bad idea?
under $200 RAM upgrade
Timings Question
is twinmos good memory?
Sub-par for Mushkin?
how to RMA memory?
pc133 RMA?
Free RAM-Drive software
new system memory problem?
2 sticks of 256 or 1 stick of 512??
Need your experise/advice HyperX4000
Which ram is faster at 250 FSB??
little survey
KHX PC3000 or PC3200 Both BH-5!! Which to buy...
Mushkin voltage
highest vdimm to mod to w/out worry of toasting my precious BH-5?
Refurbished memory on Newegg
Anybody know how long memtest is suppose to run?
Timings question
Memtest86 v3.0 keeps freezing
PC2700 in PC2100 motherboard?
cheapest way to get 4-8gb of pc3200
Latency #-#-#-#??? what does each number mean?
best 2100 for overclocking??
best ram for amd2500+ and nf7-s
What RAM should i get?
How fast will DDR get before it goes defuct to DDR2
HyperX 2700 with a 3000 sticker?
cant run bh-5 at 400mhz?
RDRAM makes a comeback...DDR2 on the way!!
Corsair Memory Question
what upgrade???
haveing to much ram? How much is to much?
HyperX PC3500 with P4P800-DX worries...
Black Level 2 in short supply
What memory to buy????
Geil or Mushkin?
Geil or Mushkin?
Registered? Non-Parity? Ecc? what means what?
how to OC RAM?
has anyone tried
Could someone help me buy BH5?
Memory suggestion for my setup
5:4 or 1:1
dual channel question
best choice
mixing ram doesnt work
Ive got issues
Memory Performance Concerns
need to find 512 or gig of 3200 ram cheap
mushkin 3500 problems
Am I asking too much of BH-5?
MemTest86 run from CDROM ??
Planning new Rig
196mhz 2-2-2-5 or 245mhz 3-3-3-8?
o/cing bh-5 but..........
Virtual memory minimum too low (win2K)
Planning My College Rig <RamDrive>
timings vs. Mhz??
2 gig's PC3200
Mushkin PC2700 OCing?
5:4 ratio problems on Gigabyte
OCZ 3700 El Gold problems at 5:4 P4C800E
FSB Ratio Problems
2 x 512 or 4 x 256?
Bad Gig of Corsair XMS
Ram sticker says 256 but only reads 128...
is 3.3 volt too much?
Is 233mhz possible on this ram?
High FSB or low latency - Which?
my ram
Adding to Dual Channel
help OCing Buffalo PC3200 winbond
OCZ PC3200 512MB CAS2 - why won't it overclocK???
Need help with ram - Having trouble getting 2.4GHz.
Which ram is the best 4 u to oc?
Can someone reccomend memmory for me?
dual channel memory
laptop memory question
Any places that have good pics of RAM labels?
Decisions, Decisions.....
t(ras) timing?
nf7-s and buffalo bh-5 pc3700 problems
Memory tests
is 3,2V too much for BH-5?
going dual channel, is it worth it?
Dual Channel
Memory Timings?
dual channel question?
Memory or Cpu responsible for reboot?
Prime95 failing at stock speeds??
is my cpu maxed or my memory?
BH5 vs CH5
Best ram for gaming?
Anyone tried Super Talent 3500 Cas2
Buy in Dual pack or Single....or does it matter?
Newbie question about memory
Is BH-5 BH-5 no matter how it's packaged?
Sick and Tired... Help me choose.
someone with bh5 chips please help with scores/speed
Elixir Memory
Forgotten memory/page file tweak
Geil Golden Dragon or Corsair LL with 2500+ A7N8X
WTF, I thought this stuff could do more
What's BH-5 and how do I tell which ram has it?
Best Memory for my setup
Just build my system
My crucial Pc3200 Results :D
^ New Sticky ^
Longevity of Corsair PC3200
What Memory Should I Buy ?
Simpletech pc3200 ram any good?
Do I really need a gig?
add pc3500 to 512mb of pc4200
Pc3700 at PC3200 speeds
memory timing help
Whatever happend to Infineon?
mobo(a7v8x-x) doenst want to let me oc the ram?
Sorry to be a bother
Kingmax 184 Pin 256MB DDR PC-3200 - OEM
is my memory killing my oc
lower timings, same bandwidth-doesnt make sense!
Now, ...
Need advices for memory
Need RAM adive
HOLY! Hynix BT-D43 512MB for CAN$95
Help On Memory & Their Timings
Question about maxing out ram
P.A.T. and 4 sticks of memory
P4 System Ram Choice
Kingston PC3500 - Is it BH-5?
Memory: Basics, Tweaking & Overclocking
1 gb Corsair 3200 ?
ram help
How good is PNY Verto PC3500?
a little mem advice plz?
DC ram problem
Dual Channel....
Problems, Help!
corsair and OCZ pc4000 wont do 5:4 on abit ic7-g Max3?
5-2-2 NOT the fastest
OCZ Dual Platinum PC3500
Mushkin PC3500 lvl.2 --- PLEASE HELP ME!!
New Ram (Help Convert a Heathen!)
How far should I push BH5 ram with active cooling?
Memory bandwidth real low
$100 to spend on 2x 256MB
Dual channel or not ?
RamSink Glue ?
Memtest 86 Pass, Prime95 Fail
Kingston HyperX PC3000 BH-5?
Kingston PC3500 vs Corsair PC3200
Adata Vitesta & Twinmos Twister, Help !
HyperX PC3200 (BH-5) - owners post plz
hynix memory
Should Pc133 ram work in a pc100 supporting mobo?
need some advice
Question from noob - Ram running slower.
ram question, banks, dual load? single load?
Which cheap ram to buy for 200FSB?
ram for an MSI 845GE max-l?
Hyper X PC3000 2x512 Mb Dual Kit - Where to buy it online in Europe?
I have money and I want to spend it.
Major Problem! Trap Error/Memory Problem?
Need quick advice on Buffalo memory..
I need...
looking for good but cheap ram for my NF7-S ver 2.0
help me spend $
Question about performance
Virtual memory low???
How to burnin and generally mnake my ram perform better?
N00b Question: Ram Speeds.
RAM Burn-In?
PC3200LL Problem
Ram Compatibility Alert
What diff?
Should I pay 40e to change 1Gb HyperX BH-5 with 1Gb mushkin lvl2?
Centron Gemini Memory?
Yay's and woes.
OLD OLD ram to SDR ram.
KHX PC3000 Post Your Results!
dual ddr question
Faulty Kingston ram?
NF7-s, BH5 PC3500 ram, help please!
best of both worlds: hi speed 1-1 and tight timings at 5/4
Best RAM for non-overclock AMD Athlon™ 64
TwinX PC3700 dual kit question on IS7
what is a good ram to get for AMD systems
Samsung 512MB 2700 (333Mhz) does 3200 (400Mhz)!!
Which is going to help me the most...
lock up's with geil pc3500
it is time to upgrade my memory
corsair PC4000, or what else
OCZ PC3700 Gold rev2 [lots of screenies]
will my mobo support 1gig of 2700ddr?
Are these Ram compatible with my mobo?
OCZ 4200 timings help
anyone ever try 'Ultra' memory?
RAM question (mushkin level II)
Which one?
CAS timing
Mushkin Level II 3200 or 3500?
OCZ PC-3500 Platinum Vs. PC-3500 Platinum "Limited Edition"
Mushkin pc3500 Level 1
corsair question
muskin pc3200 or hyperx pc3500 ? (2x256)
Sick Of Bad Ram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OC slower ram, or faster stock ram ?
Which is better - more ram or faster ram?
same but differnt ram?
PC4000 at 4000mb/s on AMD
Burning in memory?
Quick Mushkin Question
pc2100 to pc3200 help!?!?!?
just want to get it right...
I am totally stumped
Mushkin! 1 Gig or 512 Mb
Mushkin Wont Run @ Rated Speed
newby help
Buffalo memory,any good?
TwinMOS Twister PC3700/DDR466 CL2.5, please help...
Mushkin Memory Settings
Geil 3200"U" is there any worse....
Tell me if it's my Corsair(1.1v) or board(4PCA3+)
Memory Configuration.
Who makes the fastest memory?
Here is my upgrade
is7-e vdimm mod??maxfsb??/
Need Help on Picking Which Ram To Pick
Is Vddr @ 2.9V safe?
Hyper X Ch-5
OCZ PC-4000 and voltage.
Ocz Pc 3700
What are the mhz for the different PC speeds?
DDR433 HyperX or Twister DDR433
This is definitely BH-5... isn't it?
DDR 3200 - ¿ Buffalo, Twinmos or Kingston ?
How much memory can I have?
What Memory Should Be Used With a FX-51?
about khx bh-5
Corsair XMS 4000 Pro
corsair 3700 oc problems....HELP!!!!!!!
my HyperX will not meet Kingston specs
Rams help
Which memoery should I get?
Hey everyone, just bought 2 sticks of GeiL 256 mb ddr 400 mhz and I want ur opinion..
mushkin troubles
How Much Ram for OC 512MB or 1 GB
Memtest86 errors - what do they really mean
What ram speed do I need fo rmy oc?
GeiL Ultra Platinum PC3500
Ram overclocking question
GAT help needed
Which RAM to get at Newegg.com
PAT on mushkin lvl2 black
memtest86 problem with barton nf7-s
how do you oc memory
Mac Memory Quick Question
ADATA sticks, pretty good bang-for-the-buck
memtest error @ 290fsb 3:2
Need help with Corsair PC3200 XMS rev 1.1
What memory for intel 2.4c?
Quick help needed on what RAM to buy
suggest any timing for ram...
Hey all ! Memory advise
BH-5 HyperX vs. BH-5 Mushkin vs. BH-5 OCZ ?
mushkin black lvl2 question
Kingston - OCZ - Corsair
Dual Channel???
Need an explanation on BH-5, CH-5
Looking for a program to show memory speed
Is OC'ing from DDR266 -> DDR333 possible?
Which memory should I get?
Crucial PC2100 r0x0rz my b0x0rz
Ordered the wrong memory...should I RMA?
OCZ Platinum Limited Edition PC-3500
Best memory suggestions for my setup...
How high can Hyper x pc3500 go
Mushkin 3500
Interesting Article
Memory timings question.
Ram MHZ to CPU Mhz (Need help)
It is time for more ram!
DDR @ NewEgg.com
Sandra unbuffered score better with CAS 2.5 vs 2
Need advice
Which is better?
ecc ram timings, dose it matter??
Twinmos 3700
hyperthetical question on ram
Corsair XMS
black lvl 2 and Max3
Corsair Returns... how long?
kingston hyperX 3000
new pc look pics
Mushkin black lvl 2
Dual Channel Question
Pre-Purchase Help Needed by tomorrow
Crucial Memory
2x512 Corsair pc3200 small problem
How high will I be able to go with this ram?
pc2700 memory on a pc2100 mobo,,,,
dumb question but...
Kingston pc 2100
Samsung Modules with TCCC chips?
ecc for amd fx51???
OCZ PC-2700 Blues
Dual Misery
Winbond BH-4?
a little info about my ram
Corsair PC3200 CL2 v1.2 SUCKS
Corsair PC3500CL2 vs PC3700
Can anyone enlighten me quickly?
Memory vs CPU speed
OCZ support
RAM Problems/Questions
Where to find info on changing SPD settings
Corsair Memory Problem
Which is better quality ram in single channel or generic ram in dual channel??
Dell Upgrades
No CL3?
OCZ pc3200el platinum. curious.
ram upgrading help
Will we see Quad Data Rate memory?
how much will just timings help in this case?
Generic RAM vs. Name Brand question
what's relax and tight timing?
PC2700 and PC3200
in put corsair mem....
Mushkin pc3500 lvl 2 black results
Mushkin 3500 and Abit IC7-max 3 probs.
Few Questions
hyperx 3000 vs 3200 vs 3500 vs 3700
Abit AI7 + 4GB BH-5 testing vdimm per dimm slot ?
what memory do i have?
kingston hyperx pc3200 dual-chan 512mb settings
Having a lot of trouble
khx pc3200 not working with is7-e
OCZ EL DDR PC-3500 Dual Channel Platinum Limited Edition
DCDDR 3200 Corsair low-latency Timings?
1 GB ram, 3200 OC
Memory FSB question
Why is Memtest86 freezing...
OCZ 4000 EL Gold edition ?
Bad HyperX?
better deal?
TwinMos Winbond PC400 CH5 ne good?
1:1 confusion
Highly rated ram can't run at stock speeds.
Memory and psu mod.....OCZ is Cooking!!!!
Can anyone tell me what chips are on these modules?
OCZ PC4000-EL 512MB *GOLD* 500Mhz CL2.5
Is this BH-5.....
2-2-2-11 better than 2-2-2-5?
asus p4c 800-e deluxe === pc3500
Mushkin lvl 2 PC3500 problems
Ram for gaming rig, please help.
3 Ram slots gives Dual Channel ?
IS7 + HyperX 3200
Please help, which RAM for 3.0c ?
help fast ocz or mushkin for oc
pc3500 black lvl 2 retail vs OEM
a dilema
So what do ya think about this?
ram for my system
Which RAM is better?
My Ram choices for Ocing Need Advice
ocz 4200 or mushkin 4000
What timing makes a difference?
What bios settings do these relate to?
Memory advice needed
Need Help with Ram Choice for High Speed FX rig.
TwinMOS PC3200, any good?
Corsair XMS 512-3200C2PT v1.1
Value ram!
OCZ 3200 rev2 vs 3500 Plat. Limited Ed.
New Corsair PC4400 (550MHz DDR) coming soon!!!
help please need help now
Mushkin Lev 2 Rocks!
Any successes with Twinmos M.tec 512MB memorries ?
Interesting Article on Ram
What memory to get with $100.00 ish budget
Mushkin is a girl according to my wife!
Corsair Twinx512
RAM OC DB - need input
Whats the best memory for aggressive timmings?
Is general protection fault mean my memory is too high?
DDR II is right around the corner
how much is too much
timings vs. fsb
memeory help with 2.4c system
Really Really Really Weird
Tell me the best!!
Help with Memtest86 stability
KHX pc4000 in my nf7-s bets-guesses?
256-400 or 512-266
KHX PC3200 A-version :'(
memory buffs help me please
How high can Corsair rev 1.1 PC3200 ram go?
How far can you overclock Winbond's CH-5 chips ?
kingston memory or centon?
FSB x Multiplier = GHz > right ?!?!
Is it possible to run single channel with two sticks of RAM?
Best 2x256mb sticks of ram for $120
memtest86 v.3.0 stopped
2x 256mb Corsair PC3500 XMS Platinum series, Can't run both sticks on Barton 2500+
Mushkin DDR 400 2-2-2 and Epox Nforce 2
Will Mushkin L2s give me a better timing?
Suggestions for RAM at Semi high FSB (220-230) at tight timings
memory timings again! arggh
4x256 Better Than 2x512?
Noob Question about RAM
mixing rd ram
2.4c M0 stepping memory selection
Samsung PC3700
Someone explain LATENCY to me
PC27000 Settings to o/c
Is this good ram? what's better?
Dual Channeling
Memory voltage: how much is too much?
New pc, double ram question
memory problems?
According to CPU-Z...
3.2v ooooo
mushkin memory help
Mushkin or OCZ
PC2700 HOW TO"s
Whats best?
I need some advice
Where to find Damn Mushkin!!??
I did not know sticks of the same ram were so different! -corsair 3500
Dual Ram Question?
Hyper X RAM question
Is 512megs enough ram to be able to turn off virtual mem?
Laptop Memory
looking for a retailer
Mushkin Black 512MB PC3500 VS Mushkin Black 512MB PC3200
What is this RAM company?
Any pointers to make this RAM run faster?
Which ram cooler
bad ram?
memory timings?
Is this good ram for my new setup?
Is it bad that my Mushkin freezes Memtest?
Please Hlep me with this
Taking Ram passed rated MHZ
best pc 4000 ram?
Samsung Hyperspeed is a loser?
CH-5 Performance? and HyperX PC3000
New M/B what shoul i set my memory at?
ddr400 and a 2400+
what memory for 2.6c?
worth the extra money?
Buffalo PC3200 w/ CH-5...any good?
Dual-Channel question [ignorance]
Where to get BH5 chips!!!
NF7-s and Dule Memory
Good quality inexpensive PC2700
Fastest RAM 4 Asus A7V333 v1.4 ??
Ram with athlon 64
Best DDR466 (PC 3700)
BUffalo 3700 replacement?
didnt want to do this but i have to....
OCZ 3700 Gold revision 2....
Those with BH-5 please post your Volts/Timing/Max FSB
tweaking my Corsair pc3200
Corsair 3200c2 question
I want to get more memory....
Questions about Benchmark Results
RDRAM PC800, PC1000 compatible?