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RDRAM PC800, PC1000 compatible?
quick question...
This may be a stupid question, but...
What can you get from bh-5 chips?
Kingston memory timings?
Which dual memory to get, please choose from the list?
cas2.5-7 vs cas3-4
I know NOTHING about FSB
memory for Athlon 64
recommend memory
768MB in an nForce2 - is it worth it?
building system, which ram to purchase?
Looking for old Corsair Ram...
OCZ 3500 Plats....believe the hype!!!
new ram
Sandra Memory Bandwidth score..
can XMS 3200c2 run dual channal in an abit nf7-s 2.0 well?
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe i875P
Question on Kingston BH5 - CH5
Finishing up system, What ram? Help is appreciated.
General question about dual channel memory
DDR500 doesn't do well 5:4?
What ram for 230fsb Cas 2?
Mushkin PC4000 or Mushkin LII PC3500?
Cheapest OC ram for abit nf7 v.2
p4c800-e ram?
Muskin or Kingston ? (see post) >>>
CAS2.0 2-2-5 1T Timings @ DDR400 Possible??
HyperX 3200 Does NOT Like Me..
Dual channel settings?
Ram woes
Registered required over 1gb?
is this ram BH5?
How to install RAM into a SPAX-M mobo/AMD K-6 2 proccesor?
Value Select Corsair 512 Kit? YAH OR NAY?
how would ddr400 memory perform in ddr333 mode?
Memory timings...
can I do better with my OCZ?
Quick question on DDR400
All ram Dual Channel?
rambus 1600 mhz
Corsair experts, what does this mean?
Please Explain Cas Latency 2 Me
Question about Corsair Value ram
Ratios (example 5:4) explanation
Wondering about better ram
Odds of having to RMA Ram?
Time to RMA?
K8T800 incompatible with CH-5?
Vdimm on P4P800
n00b question: Can I mix my RAM?
Mushkin or OCZ?
Need some help with RAM selection
240 FSB @ 2-2-2-6 on P4 - Thanks to AZN for VDimm mod!
Watercooling Memory?
can high V cause problems?
Ocz 4000
help with ram
Activly cooling your memory?
oc ability of mushkin pc3500 black lvl II
is this true ?
im obviously stupid
HyperX or Corsair
512 mb Corsair XMS PC3200
Which Chips on Corsair ValueSelect PC2100?
Memory too fast ? Can more speed hurt ??
next step for ram.....
Where is the Mushkin Black Level 2 PC3500???
Crucial RAM
i need to rma kingston ram,anyone done this with them?
Here's my situation:
DDR 2 Memory
is Hyper-X PC3000 any good?
pc2700 ram
Memory choice
could this be a memory problem?
AI7 memory and other benchies
Memory for my system
Mushkin ddr3500
Mem buying advice for a newb
Memory Dividers what exactly is it, how does it affect speed/stability.
pc3200 or pc4000 what are the advantages
memory timings?
Now that Buffalo PC3700 no longer has bh-5 chips, whats the best alternative?
Corsair 3200XMS mem issues
Looking for new Ram
Is this RAM good?
Anyone have time to answer a few ?s
another which is better posts...kingston this time
mixing ram - will this work?
Is using 1x256 & 1x512 PC3500 in dual mode bad?
For those of you wondering about FSB vs Memory Timings...
Fsb and mem question
Kingston HyperX PC4000 vs Kingston HyperX PC4000
Poll: Highest mhz overclock on memory?
whats the differnce..
need cheap ram for intel setup
why is Rambus dying?
2700 or 3200
Dual channel?
DDR Going in Backwards??
safe voltage for pc2700
SDRAM PC125 -- whazzat?
Corsair CMX256A-3500C2PT v1.1 what timing should i use?
old memory question
what should i set my ram too?
Memory Timings Improvment?
which of these corsair sticks would you recomend ? and why?
which PC4000?
bitta help with memory :-)
400mhz ddr w/ athlon xp 2000
which ram
What do you think about this ram?
What are you running your Geil PC3200 memory at?
HyperX PC3200 (non-A) vs. OCZ PC3500 Platinum LE
Faulty Ram?
3700 buffalo back! newegg auto notify!
Khx Pc3000 Bh-5 ?
OCZ EL DDR PC-4200 512MB(256MBx2)
which is better?
Newbish Memory Question...
memory itch:D
Getting More Ram
This anygood?
messed up!
High Tras on Nforce Boards = Higher Benchies!
FSB Problems - Mismatched Memory?
Adata pc3200
Noob mem Q...
Am I missing something?
a good read
Memtest86 failure?
Mushkin Dual Pack PC3500...
Question about Corsair XMS3500
Can you do dual channel with three sticks?
Memory errors with Mem test 86
Anyone have experience with Buffalo Memory?
Need input
NEED MEMORY for my SL6Z3 + PROMMY, pls help!!!
need advice
Im sure its a stupid ram question but I'm going to ask anyway
Memory voltage
What's the chance for BH-5?
Mushkin pc3500 or OCZ pc3500?!?
Crucial SDR 128MB PC100 does PC150!!
Memtest 86 affected by CPU
Ocz Pc4000 Dual Channel
Choice of ram
HyperX bad? or incompatible?
Corsair XMS PC-3200 LLPT
Stuck at 210mhz...
HyperX 3200 Did I get BH-5 or CH-5?
Buffalo Quandry
2x512 pc4000 HyperX a good buy?
Dual Channel Kits
Funky memory timings??
I have to ask the Pros
My memory is failing
IC7 and memory
highest voltage for bh-5
Does the Abit IC7-MAX3 suck with PC4000 memory?
Useful Lifespan for System DDR Memory?
Just got some ram. HOw do i tell it BH-5?
Questions about buffalo ram & BH-5 & CH-5 & micron chips
What memory to use on a IC7 mobo??
What's better, less latency or more bandwidth
Setting up registered ECC memory
dual channel question
Kingston HyperX3700, the next Buffalo?
Anyone know a voltage chart for Corsair pc3200? wondering what i should feed them..
What do I need to set my timings at? I have PC4000 HyperX
My 3200LL
Underclocking generic memory question
What memory for Athlon 64?
Chips are chips or are they?
Question about Kingston HyperX Voltage...
Mushkin PC3500 Level II Black on IC7 4x512MB problems
Toss the Mushkin PC400 2-2-2 for something faster?
Price Drop - Mushkin Black Level 2 PC3500
Dual channel kits under $250cdn, what would you buy?
Ram-Timings and Q and A
ram could be taking me down..
Thinking of this memory. advice?
Is TwinMOS PC3200 RAM ALL Winbond C/B-H5?
HyperX PC3200...BH-5???
memtest from bootable cd rom
Whats your bandwit
1:1 ratio and my raid got all messed up?
Getting a new system Thurday. Two questions.
My memory timmings
Whats better 2x256 DDR vs. 512 Single Mode
i hate ram! hehe
Memory selection help
Question about pricing of HyperX RAM...
corsair c2 same as ll?
Anyone using Buffalo PC4300?
can't get cas 2...
Hyper-X Question
Can I get two to run in Dual Channel? :)
whats the best ram for OCing a P4C ?
Hnnix? Anyone heard of it! Is it anygood?
PC100: 2clock and 4clock
disable paging file
Replacing PC3200C2PT with?
Memory compatibility question....
Which Value Ram is best?
some Q's about mem
Disabling usb legacy support for better ram stability?
Anyone using pc4000?
geil vs. kingston?
Ram Coolers
Do 1:1 Or Die! - How True Is This?
Samsung Memory with Aluminum heatspreaders
Infineon memory timing
Recommend me some good ram for NF7-S
RAM suggestion
Should I buy OCZ Dual Channel Mem?
DDR400 ECC turning ECC off good overclockers ?
Good memory for gaming?
registered or not
What is the best timings?
How high can you run pc3200?
DDR LED not lit on one stick
RAM Recommendations
1-1 memory overclockers unite! post here
Which ram to get?
have to have pc3200 for oc?...
Help identifying mem
best memory for locked Barton
How do I tell if these are BH-5s?
Memory causing hard-locks?
Newbie needs some advice
What better
What should I set up for these Adata ddr500?
Stick with Corsair PC3200LL or go with Buffalo PC3700?
bh-5 is running out?
Kingston 3500 vs. OCZ 3200 - which to buy?
2xCorsair PC3200 256MB CL2,0 or ...
between these choices which should it get?
2.4C + pc3200 ram ratios
adata pc4000 256-512 sticks at this site
Memory Problem
memory selection
pc2100 256 ddr VS pc2700 256 ddr
5 types of buffalotech modules @newegg
MemTest-86 Hang with P4C800-E Deluxe & OCZ PC-4000 Gold
Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2 PRO
OCZ 3500 EL Platinum Limited Edition---Hype???
Bestbuy KVR 1x512 stick pc3200 question
A few NewB memory questions...
Est. upper fsb limits for Corsair xms2700 CL2 ram?
Cosair pc3200
Best pc3700?
Memory for asus p4c800-e
Results: Twinmoss Twister, CH-5 & BH-5
High bandwith v tight timings!
Board or Memory?
Very good article on the 5/4 vs 1/1 thing.
Availability of PC-4000 @ Cas 2?
Is this a good deal for memory???
GEIL rocks! .. pc4000 @ 270!
Atlas Percission Memory any Good??
Why only 160Mhz mem frequency?
buffalo bh5 and hi vmem- what speeds?
Best pc2700
anyone know what would play the leading role in memtest speed ?
Memory Bandwidth vs. Latency Timings
CL2.5 errors but 2.0 wont???
1 gb pc3500 cas2 @ 2.5 V for 193$
BH-5 and pc2700 timing
suggested memory timings?
2 Questions.
BH-5 back @ newegg -AND $50 A STICK!!!!
BH-5 at newegg?
How much ram do you REALLY need for gamez!
Who uses Kingston Value Ram?
Mushkin PC3500 Safe Voltage
Where's Larva
dual channel problems. limits fsb?
Corsair pc3200 Value Select
Anyone running 512MB DIMM DDR PC400 CL2 Corsair (CMX512-3200C2)
What is the next BH-5?
Anyone use this? Results?
Question about Dual channel
GeIL PC3200 Value RAM for P4 2.4c
My noob question
got a 2.4c SL6Z3- help me find a killer DDR for it..
best ram for my system
Difference between synchronous and asynchronous memory?
Kingston PC4000 HyperX
Corsair PC3200 saiz PC2700 in cpuz? Why is this?
pc3500 (bh-5 tight timings) vs pc4xxx (loose timings)
Memory holding me back?
Memtest86 .....2 quick questions
samsung ram
Yes another "What type of Ram" question
cant get cas 2 stable...
DRAM Burst Length
FSB 235, what RAM?
Can I run PC2700 with a P4 2.6/800?
brand new memory Not compaditable !!
Is Corsair one of the best?
Anyone tried this RAM yet?
At wit's end
Are all Kingston HyperX PC3000's 2.5v?
Need Help!!!
Again with the Buffalo PC3700
Ultra PC3200 Golden Dragon PC3200 2*512
Cheap NAME brand PC3200 CL2.5 memory?
What's the best 1:1 ram out there........
n00b here.
Need Memory, Plz Help
RAM temps
ocz or mushkin?
Some info on Mushkin PC3500 Level 2 DDR400, is it?
THE TRUTH: 512mb vs 1024mb?
Memory Choice
1 stick of ram faster then 2? (n00b)
what memory to buy?
Is this good memory?
better gaming perfomance
best memory to use with a nf7?
overclocking memory ???
[Urgent] Getting new ram
tight timings at 220 fsb
memtest question
RAM sticks won't overclock together
New RAM suggestion
Infineon PC3200
temp monitoring program
2 types of duel ram on a 4 slot board (IC7-G)
pc400 being read at pc233???
Where do I set my memory ratio
Newegg's new Buffalo 256MB PC3700 (winbond) chips may actually be Micron's
Mushkin PC3500 problem solved
uhhh ordered PC3700 Buffalo Winbond, and got Micron??!?!?!?
elixir pc3200
Dual-channel DDR question
Highest overclock in mhz on pc133
Memory advice for a new system?
Kingston DDR333 PC2700 (ValueRam)
Sandra's Memory Bench..
very confused and frustrated
heat spreaders?
Mushkin PC3500 and MAx3
Good slower rated DDR or generic faster DDR?
Any idea when newegg will get the OCZ EL DDR PC-3500 Platinum Limited Edition in?
Is my memory bad?
Faster of bigger memory?
Prices have dropped on Kingston HyperX
is this good memory for a P4PE mobo and a 2.4B cpu
Is my memory holding me back?
does ram orginization matter?
BH-5 512MB for $99
Building New rig..Stuck on memory..
Corsair Pc3500 or Buffalo Pc3700 (both are BH-5s)
Mushkin lvl II pc3500 Or Corsair XMS pc3700?
dumbest. question. ever.
will a burnt ram chip ruin my new board?
now can i tell if memory is ecc or non ecc?
Seem to have hit a wall
Preparing to purchase Mushkin: any reasons to go 1gb?
Buffalo PC3700
Best Ram out of these choices?
XMS and P4P800 Deluxe.....
Best RAM
I havn't bought ram in a long time...
Is 1:1 Divider the best to use?
corsair xms pro (w/ the leds...)
OCZ EL PC4200 - any good?
PC3200 @ 240mhz
New/faster/better ram = lower cpu speeds!
Will it suport PC3500 ???
wanted a partner to walk me through
What's the cheapest ram that can do 1000Mhz?
Memtest and DC
OCZ PC3500 Platinum: Formidable RAM?
what settings should i run my...
does my bandwidth sound right to you?
ddr 400 made lower FSB
Geil 3200
bad memory or not?
CAS 2 and 2.5
mixing differnt types of ram
OCZ PC3200 dual platium +A7N8X?
Memory Buying Question
what set of ram is the best for me?
How do you run Prime95 continuously to burn in memory??
Memtest86 Freezes at 98% Pass
newbie question: about the RAM
Dual Channel info here
OMFG! - 236 FSB DC @ 2-2-2-8 on AMD system
need some buying advice...
Choosing Memory for 2.6C
PC2700 for mild OC.
Help with an educated guess with my Corsair PC-3500
does kingston hyperx PC3200 still have winbond BH5?
290 @ 2.78v- this stuff cranks....
memtest freezes
dual 256 or single 512 ?
Is Buffalo = Twinmos? I'm confused
Winbond producing BH5 again? OMG.
Anyone heard of Hynix chips? (dont know if thats spelt right)
CH-5 Sufferers Anonymous
Bizarr: More FSB gets less Score
Which memory with a Asus P4C800-E?
corsair PC3200 XMS good for o'c?
Sandra Effecicentcy
Kingston pc-2700 causing reboot?
Buffalo 3700 back at Newegg, but is it bh-5?
Twinmoss Twister 3200
windows seeing wrong ram
Can someone help explain...
Anyone have good memory results with a Shuttle AN35N?
Where to get Buffalo 3700 besides Newegg?
Kingston Valueram 128mb Pc133
Looking for good memory
Considering Memory Upgrade
Memory Choice
What's holding me back???
Adata Pc4000
This BH-5 Is CRAP!
detecting my ram wrong?
bh-5 hyperx 59$@bestbuy.com
Ga-7vrxp Pc2100 Crucial
rate the ram i just purchased
mushkin 512mb dual ddr?
Memory Speed, Bandwidth, Timing is the sheme of things.
oooh.... off the shelf DDR500 memory review
My results with Corsair PC4000 Pro
512MB Kingston 3200nonA or Corsair 3500XMSc2 for 4pea+ ??
dual channel effects on ocing
1 GIG of RAM
Increased Memory Density --- Performance Hit?
Airport security and memory
My very good OCZ tech support and RMA experience!
Another PC4000 comes out... Vitesta PC4000 By A-Data
Are these Adata DDR500?
where can i get 1gb of ocz 3700 gold series?
2-2-2-4 timings
Which would be the correct choice in ram?
bh-5 and bh-4, will they work together?
noob question about dual channel ram
my ocz pc3700 gold scores
BreakDown Time on Rams.
anyone know whats in the corsair 1024 4000pro
OK,What is the word on KOMUSA ???
Row-Active Delay
Mushkin Black level 2
bios shows ram at 320, cpu-z shows it at 400 ??
whats your performance boost for dual channel?
Corsair memory
Question about Performance mode on CPU-Z
DDR memory mix...
the Hunt for the perfect RAM continues...
what memory to get?
Dual Channel Myth
Mushkin question
question about the mushkin on newegg...3500 L2 cheaper then 3200 L2?
DDR 500 Mhz runing at 400Mhz
Memory power problems
Error while using xp..
dual channel motherboards...?
what's the best memory for ic7_max3?
Lower Timings or Higher FSB (AMD system)
Is dual channel mode best for performance and OC?
Point me to reading materials please
Anybody know Samsung warranty length?
Higher DDR spped (533Mhz?) or a lower CL?
Mem 2100 overclock question
Dumb Dual channel question.....
Overclocking memory...
ADATA PC3600 at PC4368, 2.7 VDIMM
Sigle Sided vs Double Sided Memory for 875/865...
OCZ-PC3200 & P4C800 DELUXE problem
Need Help From Memory Experts. One more to Go.
half gig pc3200 vs 1 gig pc2700?!
3-4-4-8 timings
What's with the light on my memory?
2-2-2-5 or 2-3-2-6?! confused here...
Over 512MB w/ windows ME/9x ???!!!
Questions about burning in.
Buying Mushkin Ram in UK?