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Which is best for this setup?
Need help finding supplier of quality Ram!
why so man SD issues?!?!?!?!
Which is best pc3200- Adata, Crucial or Kingmax?
lost 64mb of ram on a 256mb stick
Memtest86 Instructions
What to use to test memory stability?
IS PC4000 over kill??????
RAM check, is this what I want?
What are Good Rams for My Setup?
Mushkin Black Level II 256mb or 512mb
Questions about Corsair XM3 3200C2 V1.1?
Its not fair.....
Post your speed....Corsair PC3200 XMS C2
Memtest Pros, Need Help Please
IS Mushkin worth the extra $40 over Buffalo?
What is the best memory for NF7-S mobo?
Is it ok to pair a 2500+ Barton with PC2700 if I'm not OCing?
Memory Bandwith
Memory speed compatibility w/lower end systems?
Help me get my BH-5 over 430MHz!
Geil Ultra platinum 4000?
Best memory for this rig?
Komplett - memory
Corsair's new Pro memory
What's all this Winbond BH-5 and CH-5?
What's the Best OCin Memory? PC3500-4200.
Has any one used PC4200 for a AMD??
kingston value ram pc2700
Geil memory differences (ULD vs. Golden Dragon)?
Post your FBS and type of memory!!
PC3200 in P4B533
Dual channel FAQ
Dual channeling.
Chosing memory
Opinion on RAM
juts bought some ram
1Gb HyperX PC3200 BH-5 OR Mushkin Promo PC3200 BH-5 ?
What Do You Think?
What MB is best for buffalo pc3700 bh-5?
512mb or 1 gig
Need some help with my Mushkin 3500
Memory Frequency Percentage
Question For HyperX 3500 Users?
Ram for Athalon 64
Blend For Prime 95
People with ADATA PC4000, 512 MB sticks, what is your unbuffered bandwidth?
Low Latency PC3500 from OCZ is back!
KT333 Memory BOOST DDR 266 vs 333
BH5 CH5, need to know more...
RMA's corsair ram....
YZ Dock
Corsair 3200ll
Kingston PC2700, good/bad (sale ends soon)
Need some memory BAD!!!!
New Memory
3200 or not?
Dc Users Need Your Help, Especially Nf2 Users
One or two stick of memory better for OC??
OCZ plat or Hyper X?
New Buffalo pc3700 still BH-5?
2700 or 3200?
How Far Can My Generic Mem Go!!
Crazy V-data (A-data) 6ns
How long to run Memtest..
2GB HyperX usefull for???
which would be better? PC3000 /PC3200 BH-5 chips or PC3500 CH-5 chips?
A question about Ram, Dont understand much about it.
Here is what i chose for ram, did i make a wise choice?
Buying Advice
Picking RAM
Need Help Choosing Memory! HELP!
What kind of ram modules are in Corsair PC3200 Dual Channel Kits?
Page File suggestions
Buffalo PC3700 and vcore problem
Where Can I Find Adata DDR500 In US?
Bad Ram?
best 1gb set of ram
best 1gb set of ram
quick question-ecc?
can u even notice better memory timings?
timings or fsb
How can I test this RAM?
Need new memory.
At what point (fsb) would i need to voltmod?
Two Identical Muskin sticks are obviously different!
Newbie questions regarding memory numbers
Anybody using this memory???
newbie needs reassurance
Dual Channel...
Buying memory Buffalo or Mushkin Level 2
How much better will the...
A serious problem with my new OCZ PC 3500 EL 512 meg DC kit.
Sorta important question
how much ram for gaming?
what memory to get ???
CH5 -vs- BH5...
Half of the memory detected, is it an undervolt?
What mem chips are these?
AHHHH i cant decide
About DDR RAM??
GEIL PC4200 - cant hit 266 FSB
Q about CL2 and CL3 on PC133 mem
What memory to use with EPOX 4PEA+ to get high FSB... and memory speed
bios ram fsb speed?
What do you think of Mushkin?
who has kingston pc2700 and what speeds/timings are you hitting?
what does "tight timings" mean?
New ATI 9800 Video card makes my RAM unstable and causes BSOD?
Does Prime 95 "Burn In" Memory?
Kingston hyperx pc3500
how to overclock RAM
Speed increase
bsod problem - bad memory troubleshooting
I thought it was my MB, I thought it was my PSU, in the end it was ram....what now?
what does 5-2-2-2.5 mean
Incredible Samsung PC2700
Question regarding memory
best overclock ram
Is 5:4 more stressful on ram then 1:1 ?
Help! New memory didn't work, Now old memory won't either
volt mod for "Dragon Plus" mobo?
Memory GAT setting help
What memory shall I get (european stuff)
Buffalo PC4300
Will 3200 work in my mobo ?
Props to Mushkin
What is the best memory for normal working mode ?
Dual Channel DDR
bad to mix ram?
I am upgrading my brother's memory...
ram settings question
Problem w/ Mushkin 3500 Level II and 8RDA3+
Where's the buff?
need sum help chossing....
2-2-2 vs 2-3-2 any big difference?
New OCZ 4200EL
Which Ram? (not the normal "Which ram questions")
A-DATA DDR 450? Where i can get it in US?
Single 1 gig DDR choices
Mosel Vitelic
P4P800 Single Channel Results
PRIME95 Question
Memory too fast?
alternative to buffalo ram?
corsair pc4000 or OCZ pc4000?
Optimal timings/voltages for my ram?
One stick or two?
Kingston pc2700 valueram
where can I get Buffalo ddr 3700?
Buffalo pc4200 @ the egg
Poll: What is the highest FSB you can run your Corsair 3200LL @
How much memory 512 or 1024MB?
Windows will not boot after installing more RAM
ram, cpu, fsb, got a question or two
Memtest 86
Newbi timing question
Memory Troubles
BH-5 + BH-6 in Dual DDR?
Adding RAM
5:4 251FSB or 1:1 240ishFSB?
Help with memory settings , KINGSTON HYPER X
Corsair XMS PC3500 Cas 2
Do I need more memory?
memory probs?
WInbond W942508BH-5 and Samsung VGA ram
Hynix Ram
What does the "PC3200" mean?
I love this Corsair!
CPU-Z Memory Frequency Display Stability Question
Would it Fit and would ir work?
1:1 vs 5:4
OCZ PC3700 Gold overclock?
buffalo pc3200 (dual) timings?
pls help, 4 brands to chose from...
Which would you pick???
Trying to interpret Bandwidth results (sisoftsandra)
Problem Overclocking System -- Memory Related?
KHX3200 or KHX3500
Corsair TwinX 3200LL Problem
KHX3200 or KHX3500
Overclocking Ram?
Which RAM?
High voltages + constant usage.
Memory Timings.... again
Dual Channel Preferance: Slots 1 & 3 or 2 & 4?
Just bought OCZ PC4000 for IC7-G P4 2.4C
RAM ID software
Burning it your Memory!?!?
I'm starting to hate mobo makers!
So Much Choice :P
quick ECC ram question
Running a 2,4c on a Abit Ic7-G but my memory sucks !!!
twinmos, diff chips diff prices...
Rdram - Rimm - Rambus??????????
Mushkin PC3500 Level II Dual Pack Testing Troubles
pc2700 + pc 3200 ?
Memtest for 12 hours but Prime95 fails right away???
Better Buy?
matched set dual channel memory users -read this!!!!
memory problems D:
This Weekend's BH-5 Pricelist
Please explain memory "shorthand" (i.e. 2-3-3-5)??
A-data 512 mb's
Hyperx 3000 Vs. Hyperx 3500...
kingston hyperx 4000 good?
PC4000 versus PC3200 Results!!
Mushkin PC3500 Level 2 problems
New member seeks advice
how should i pack my ram for rma?
Buffalo Pc3700 - Some questions...
Virtual Memory error in Windows XP
Could oyu guys verify the quality of this ram?? Please!
Simple question (very quick)
What's "memory auto precharge" ?
Such thing as too much voltage?
RAM with LED??
Buffalo PC3700
How many time of Memtest86 burn will consider enough burned?
Dram timings
Buffalo Ram
What is A-Data RAM and why is it cheap?
non-o/c vid editing ram suggestions?
NF7-S..Memory? ~~~>>
Question about OCing 2.4c w/ P4P800 Deluxe
Best ram with low voltage and high fsb?
Get new 400Mhz DDR or Keep my 333Mhz? That is the Question
buffalo pc3700 is it any good??
Whats the best memory for the NF7-S 2.0 to get a high FBS
My Ram is getting pretty hot...
Duel killed my FSB was it RAM or board?
bh-5, ch-5 question
HyperX PC3000 2*256 major help needed...
jeesh- memory or another over 255 1-1 prob???
Advice/Changes on Setup? ~~>>
Help!! Modified DRAM clock speed, now cannot edit BIOS!
PNY (verto) Memory heat spreaders ???
Best RAM or not?
Need Memory Advice.
Best Ram for Asus p4p800 ???
Buffalo Ram
Dual channel m/b for 2.4b?
PC2700(333MHZ)Dual Channel?
List All modules that use BH-5 chips
static ram implementation
Are these dimms crap or alright?
best ram to use with Abit IC7?
The best RAM for me, and where to buy it (STORES THAT SHIP TO CANADA)
Ocz 3200 timings
OCZ PC3700 Gold Question
Two sticks or four of PC3200 DDR400?
is this good ram? o..o
Where do Europeans buy RAM?
ram or water
Kingston 3200 timings?
Syncronizing CPU & Memos
memory timings?
Got CAS Latency?
What ram to get?
ocz not liking volts
HyperX 3500 vs Buffalo 3200
ocsystem.com memory questions
advice for GA-8knxp
google no good
Overclocking 512mb or 1gb, need some help...
can KT400 motherboards lock RAM at 133Mhz?
xms3200 vs xms3200 PRO
Just purchased 1gb of ocz 3500el ddr. Good?
Ram Chip Specs
Is there any difference in this RAM setting?
Help me choose RAM for AMD system
how do i set a 3:2 divider on ASUS P4C800 Deluxe?
Memory Problem
Question regarding buffalo pc3700 ram
Ram Question
Kingston VS. OCZ
How much Overvolt is too much?
PC3500 2x256mb Dual channel
Okay, I'm convinced
Can I Improve My Timings?
Mushkin Black Level 2 PC3200 - BAILAMOS!
Mushkin level 2 instability
Memory Timings
Memory performance when updating...
Abit IC7 max3 with OCZ 2X256 PC3700 Gold
Need RAM; HyperX PC3500 256x2 or Buffalo PC3200 512x1 (BH-5)
fast timmings or high fsb?
What chips are used on Hyper-X PC3500?
Wanna get some crucial but which???
Whats the best memory for OC
Question about 865PE Bandwidth
How to identify rambus ram?
will this work?
I have found some Hynix BT-D43 for sale at a good price - is it worth buying?
Is this Dual Channel?
Buffalo 3700 w/ BH-5 is cas 2.5???
Just a heads up....
Winbond chip on eBay??? Good???
2x512mb Buffalo PC3700 or 2x256mb Mushkin Lv2 Black PC3500?
Dual Channel ?
1.5GB Dual
Dual channel ddr with 3 sticks of ram?
Finally got this Crucial 2100 to hit 200FSB!!!
Buffalo 4200?
What memory should I buy?
Winbond BH-5 vs. CH-5
Bashes head on wall.
Help a Newbie Please ->>
Mixing ram for paired ram?
Kreton Blitz DDR
My crazy Kingston Value RAM overclock
My crazy Samsung PC2700 overclock...
OCZ PC4000 and using 4 mem sticks
buffalo pc3700
OCZ EL PC3500 Question
Corsair XMS3200LL
OMG, OMG, ..listen to my OC story
TwinMOS Twister Pc3500 any good?
Corsair pc3200 XMS price.
How to calculate ram Speed ?
222 1:1but only 210 5/4 RMA?
How is this for pc3200?
Old Memory + New Mobo= okay?
new mushkin pc3500 not performing
Getting more speed out of my ram :D
Need new ram to get higher OC?
Use Mushkin Blue or Black Level 1? Post here...
HyperX pc4000 KHX4000K2/1G
3.0 VDIMM too much?
Is PC-4000 right for me?
Mushkin Level One?
Before purchase compatibility question:
choices the choices need help
4 sticks is better than 2....
komusa pc4000 hyperram-275 1-1 and still climbing!
Sandra results...
ANOTHER timing question..
File open delay
Buffalo 3700 will not run @ 400 fsb...RMA?
good timings?
What memory (hehe gota love same old questions)
memory question and new 64bit
PDP modules
Whats more efficient?
oc.com=Computing Paragon
pc4000 support for every mobo?
What to do what to do????
Dual Channel DDR Question
NEWBIE Building 1st PC w/ ? Bout Memory
What FSB/timing is PC4000 maxing at?
Dual Channel Intel Question
What are your NF7-S w/ Buffalo 3700(BH-5) timings?
How much voltage can OCZ PC3200 REV2 memory take? 3.0V?
Which GEIL Memory???
200MHz FSB pc4000 DDR500, multi?
Sandra Benchmark
Dual channel board memory mismatchable?
Any side-effects to running 2 different brands of RAM?
Buffalo PC4200 Hynix Chipset CAS 2.5, Anybody using it?
sdram, rdram, ddram, ECC, registered.. wot?
What Ram? I need opinions...
NF7-M weird
Confused... why so many?
2x256mb or 1-512mb
OCZ PC3500EL Question
A7n8x dual channel memory??
Memory timeing question Please help
purchasing advice for GA-8knxp
geil pc3200 not working!!
Geil PC 4200...need input
What's the best cheap-ish mem?
my OCS PC 3500 EL dual channel question...
512mb at 180mhz fsb or 256 at 200fsb?
mem ratios 1:1 3:4 4:5 etc
Memory Timing Explanation
Twinmos memory
1gig pc3200
DDR500 Fakeries
High Mhz or lower timings, please ??
Someone, please tell me why my HyperX 3500 will not go over 380MHz???
Hyperx PC-3000, Impressive!
Kingston HyperX Part Number Question
Harddrive storage of clones
noob question
PC 133 SD-Ram Probs @ OC'ing
PC 133 SD-Ram Probs @ OC'ing
Memory Frequency
Memory Timings
Overclock with RAMBUS
Dual-channel NF2 vs. 800FSB HT P4's
Active Memory Cooling, A Gain
1 512 vs 2 256...I need some benchmarks proving 2 is better
FSB vs Dual Channel
What Corsair XMS Ram to buy
buffalo pc3700 on Newegg
Just a quick question
RAM change = Performance loss?
System won't post when memory frequency changed
can somebody explain timings to me?
P4C800-E, P4-2.8c, HYPERX4000/1G OC PROBLEM
What speed is this?
LED Corsair PC4000
Getting a NF7 V2.0....
HyperX 3500-3700???
A-Data PC4000 at 301MHz(602MHz DDR)...
Which out of these two HyperX
Which Would be faster? PLEASE READ!
Memtest and vdimm setting
1Gig worth it?
Mushkin 3500 Black Level 1 or 2?
How is this?
Poor Memory Performance in PC Mark
CL 2 laptop memory?
Best memory for This setup...
What is the best memory brand, type, and technology?
HELP a local comp shop.....
Major on Third?
Dual Channel and OCing...
Dual Channel Memory Questions
super low memory bandwidth scores with winbond chips?
Buffalo 512mb PC3700 512/WB memory rules!
Duel channel question
Quick stupid question 'bout RAM speed
Some quick before-purchase advice on cheap, yet decent, RAM I'm looking at.
my hyperx sucks
Dual Channel - is 2x512 the same as 1Gb r 512Mb?
what the default voltage for 3200?
the best I can do?
Geil Golden Dragon pc3500 512mb? is it any good?
need help quick
Mushkin: level 2 3200 or 3500?
O/C Settings for DDR500
Bad ram situation - help needed
Corsair XMS3200 or Buffalo PC3700?
is this ram good for me?
Mushkin 3500 Level 2 Black!!!
Looking for ram that will run 2225 timings at 215 speed. Any ideas?
Im trying to gather how much more overhead my ram might have..
P4C800 Deluxe - How to get 2-2-2-5-4 ??
Does anyone remember SIMMS?
ic7-g/max3 Ram for GAT
BIOS showing incorrect amount of RAM
OC my fsb to up the RAM?
what does 2-2-2 stand for?
*sigh* ram choices
whats the diff between these
PC3200 memory running slower?
NF7/NF7-S users with Buffalo PC3200 2x256Mb, what's ur RAM settings?
Buying RAM real soon, need opinions!
what ram for this setup
This Ram ddr500 ram good?
will ddr266 work in a ddr400 motherboard?
best RAM for NF7-S rev2?
Quick question about dual channel in a intel rig?
Back on the memory issue
What memory?
Mushkin Black Level 2 PC3500 "deal" through NewEgg
Intel VX?
X-bit Labs takes their shot at Latency controversy
what does ram have to do with overclocking?
Buffalo WB model back in stock at newegg!
PNY 3500ddr
Which compromise?
A-DATA PC4000 US Reseller!
prime95...how long?
I'm about to buy ram---
Buffalo 3200 cas2.5 VS Buffalo 3700 cas3?
Any good windows based memory testers (or dosbased without booting from floppy)?
Corsair XMS 32000c2
Mushkin Promo RAM 512mb 2-2-2 good?
Buffalo RAM warranty?
Will BH-5 clock high @ 2.83v?
How to tell BH5 chips on RAM modules at local stores?
good for amd not p4
Buffalo PC3700 Vs. Corsair XMS3200C2LL
256+512mb issues on Epox 4BDA2+
Ram for ASUS A7V333
2x256 versus 2x512, Post your observation
What is the difference in memory types?
DDR400 means entire DDR400 line?
KRETON memory (Blitz)
FSB? Ram speed?
Two choices...
heat a problem for ram?
First Intel 2.4C build pc4000 help
Memtest keeps freezing
Mushkin 2-2-2 promo not doing so good.
Cooling RAM
Buffalo bug
what RAM should I get for my Athlon system
What to buy...