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Memory Ranking Table.....A-DATA Dominates
Corsair XMS3200C2 or XMS3200LL?
my sandra scores... good?
Standard DRAM is also Static Ram
OCZ 3700 Gold vs Corsair TwinX 3700
Sandra Better Than Aida32
Can you mix pc2100 with pc2700
Mushkin Promo Build Results
I dont get it...
What memory should I get?
Looking to get a gig of 3500...
Memory Question
planning to buy twinmos
Does this sound about right?
Memtest86 Stable?
MEMORY PROBLEM! Please help!
When adding more RAM, should I get the same kind?
motherboard memory confusion!
128mb pc3500 does it exist
Does a registered ECC ram run slower than a normal ram at the same speed?
switching ram
One Or Two Sticks of Ram?
P4 2.4C memory question
Memory Issue on Laptop
High FSB vs. Tight timings
Is this a good brand
buffalo 3700 problems?
Please Help!
confussing memory bandwidth resaults
How has the Mushkin PC4000 been doing?
Need memory, just not sure on what speed??
mixing corsair 3200xms with buffalo 3200?
Which Ram To Get?
Like my ram?!
WHats better 8442 or 7332.5?
what RAM for 220+ FSB
Buffalo DDR with Winbond BH-5 chips
Adata pc4000 shipping price from UK
Mushkin pc3200 2-2-2 $139 while they last
Mushkin is A/OK with me
Call me stupid, but...
$160 which ram should I get?
what top fsb have you gotten w/kingston hyperX 2700?
Can't OC my memory,,,,, WHY ???
PC2100 can do 185 FSB 100% in sync!?
Performance Decrease with 4 DIMMS?
dual channel vs. more ram
Kingston hyperx pc3200 results
Fianlly buying some new memory...whatcha think?
is hynix ram good?
How to change cas settings?
Which of this memory brands is better? (less crappy i might say)
Good idea to bump mem volts?
Memtest86 results questions
which is better Buffalo pc3700 vs hyperx pc 3500
mem cooling, HS?
Looking for the same memory
I know this sounds crazy, but IBM told me that...
2700 or 3200
]----- Dual DDR vs Single stick ? ----[
debating DDR purchase
DDR future
Ok what timings to do now.
Ocz Pc 4000 Gold Memory Problem!!!
Quick memtest86 question
A-Data 512mb markings,PC3200
Komua a-data question
Best 256MB PC3200 DDR period!
Mushkin level 1 or 2?
GeIL Pc4200- Kick ass memory
memory advice..
What voltage do you run with your PC2700?
Memory decision...
MemTest86 errors
Don't laugh at this ?? .......
RAM Timings
what size/speed would u recomend?
HyperX Timings - Road to Success
Kingston valueram PC2700 using Hynix D43 chips, same chip used by PC4000 modules
Choising Fast Mem on a budget
Running Prime95 again and again
Yeesh - this is bad
512mb or 1 gb for 3 yrs
What are the timings on HyperX pc3500 ?
I Need New Ram!! Where can i get some adata for cheap?
mixing ram?
i need some info on ram..
Who've got Geil?
Oh no, not another Heatspreader question!
Who can answer this one
abit max3 / ddr ?
good memory ?
Which is better?????????????
Geil question
anyone have 2x512 buffalo pc3200 ch-5 in a nf7/-s rev2.0
Corsair 3200XMS
What ram?
Got My Adata Hheeelp
Crucial PC100 Memmory does 147
PC4000: a great marketing joke!
FSB or MB/s ???
Memory Leak!!!!
best 512mb pc3500-4000 ram
Couple of quick refresher questions...
512MB Buffalo PC3700 $103 or Mushkin PC3200 $139?
Bandwidth Efficiency What is it?
Need memory timings for PC3700 please
best pc2100 ram you've ever seen?
Muskin PC3200 Cas2-2-2 (Back in Stock 9-4-03)
Memory Timings
Geil Golden Dragon Loves Voltage!
Rambus question
GeIL + Buffalo on A7N8X
Cosair PC3500C2 with IC7_new bios 1.7
is there any free cpu cooling software?
Kingmax 512mb pc3200
a-data pc4000 512 mb (non dc) results with p4 2.4c
Mushkin PC4000 released!
OCZ4000Gold IS the REAL DEAL.
where to get some pc800 rdram online?
Need dual channel help
Memory Help
Ram 101
Running Prime95 in Win98se
How important is cas2 vs 2.5/3
Geil Ultra Platinum PC4000 breaks 6000MB/s in Sandra woohoo!!
GREAY info for future 865 875 memory choices
Memory Recommendations - With Little Options!!!
GRRR!! What am I doing wrong???
Trying to understand
CPU-Z not reporting any details about ram...
Need memory advice
Lookin for some good ram
DDR SDRAM -explaination of usage please...
Buying RAM for my bros old Compaq
Kingston Value Ram PC2700 Rocks!!
Anyone get the free officemax ram a few months ago???
crucial pc2700
bandwidth efficiency
Dumb Question - I should know the answer to this...
Bandwidth Question
oc'ing problems
bad ram?
Pc4000 GeIL any good?
Can someone explain the Memory Timing feature please?
Man this Buffalo Ram sucks.
Got my ADATA PC-4000 512MB STicks!
Voltage for Kingston Value Ram?
Pc4000 Memory
Which ram speed+overclocking ram
hyperx pc3000 wont run at 3000?
which giel?
Need a board to go w/ my reg pc133
Mushkin level 2 changed?
Kingstion HyperX PC4000 with ASUSP4P800 no 1:1??
micron ram
3500 OCZ or Geil?
pc3500+ on A7N8X DEX??
Geil at 3.2v???
Buffalo PC3700, Epox 8RGA+ and XP 1700+ Jiuhb 0319
Stable Memory......
more questions about memory
lesser memory?
mushkin pc4000, oh boy!!!
Inca empire 7000 laptop memory
2*256 + 1*512
Memory Settings
few questions about memory
Memory recommendations...
Which is better? LATENCY timings or Mhz?
2x256 adata pc4000 $160 for real??????
buffalo 256mb pc3700
pc100 or pc133?
1024 or 512????????????????????
$270: 2x512 pc3500 cas2 BH-5 chips
Is the Corsair TwinX 256MB 3200LL better than the TwinX 256MB 3700? Also some advice
verto hi-speed memory
will dual channel work for me?
Tell me this wasn't a bad move
memory timings
Primer/FAQ about current memory setup and usage?
Will PC2100 DDR Run Duel Channel?
Dual channel mode
What is 3£_4£_4£_8or2.5£_4£_4£_8and so on?
Corsair vs Mushkin vs Geil vs Hyper X
AMD TBredB on Nforce2 Mobo with DDR400?
Memory Ratios
New CPU mobo with old mem?
RDRAM In Pairs?
Mushkin PC3500 L2 memtest errors
Mem and over-clock help
A-DATA DDR500 Memory compatible w/ abit nf-7s
Site that lists ram brand and module used?
NOt all showing up
Got my 1 gig of A-data pc4000 & 3.0c cpu!!
Safe to Assume?
cas setting
whats the frequency of the week?
dual channel kingston hyperx, not responding
Twinmos Twister PC3700
New Geil Pc4000 Ram Problems
Raw speed vs. memory speed
5:4 divider castrates DDR performance?
Lost Memory After Installed a Tualatin on BX m/b
333 mhz FSB with 266 proc?
Memory Help for Intel D865GFB Board
upping my fsb
I think my RAM is a bottleneck. What is the best solution?
Whats the best pc4000 or 4200 out rite now?
****Urgent: Which Corsair RAM is better for me?****
Memory question
Hynix D43 + 4PCA3+
mushkin 3500 lvl 2 black??? good buy???
2x512mb of buffalo with ch-5 wont do default?
OCZ 4000EL Breaks 4k Sandra Unbuffered!!
what speeds is everyone else getting...
Where should i start?
Why isnt 512mb Buffalo pc3700 popular?
twinmos Pc3200 or kingston Pc 2700
Geil Value vs Ultra
Memory voltage - what's your limit?
Kingston Valueram w/IS7 = work?
Help me get the maximum OC!!!
results of lowering Cas #s
How come DDR500 is out but DDR400 still doesnt have aggresive timings...
RAM Frequency??
Question about Corsair xms 512mb pc3200C2
Geil Golden Dragon 3200 ram any good???
memory decision
asus a7n8x / ocz ?
Whats this?
Adata is here!!!
PNY Verto 3500?
Two Buffalo pc3200s @newegg?
best RAM under $150 (2x256)
ECC (error correction) overclocking possible?
New OCing dummy+new rig=lost wannabee
Kingston HyperX 2x 256mb RAM
Guys, I know nothing about PC133... help find fast ram?
DDR OEM for OC ¿
Twinmos 3200 512meg Memtest 3.0 errors
ummm...neverheard of this ram
memory is wrong
Where to purchase Twinmos of Buffalo memory?
Memory Question
NF7-S Memory Recommendations
prime95 help...
Just a new memory question
centon memory crap or no?
best type of corsair ram
Corsairs low latencies
Best memory for AMD Processors
Post your A-DATA Links (for purchase) here.
In need of good non overclocking pc3200
Best memory for P4 2.4C
memory in pairs ? New Hyperthread p4
How high have you gotton ur twinmos3700? and Timing?
Corsair XMS 3200 crashes system....Need advice plz
New Ram.. anything I should do?
Kingston HyperX 256MB PC3500 Fail To Boot@200FSB
Help with DRAM Timings
OCZ PC3700 EL Gold on NForce2???
Do I need new RAM? Please help me...
512MB XMS-3200LL - is it worth the HUUGE cost??
Do you need same chips to run dual channels?
Better Performance?
Memory Decision..
ocz pc3500 platinum and a7n8x deluxe
Up and Running @500 Geil PC4200
pc4000 review blowout!!!
OCZ Gold Dual Channel - would you buy it?
memtest86 problems
2x 256MB GEIL PC3500 UDC / PC3700 GD experiences
Corsair XMS Overclocking
TwinMOS Technologies' new Twister Series
does this mean
Should i get this ram or wait??
Adata ram sany good ???
question about moving to dual channel
Best memory for MB
Need some help with memory.
Abit BH7 DDR400 Memory
Preliminary Geil pc4200 experience.
Rambus and a P4C
which timing is most important to least?
Will RAM with better timings solve my problem?
Active Precharge Delay
system failed memory test?
What does this Prime95 test ending mean?
RAM that has most aggresive timings till at most 433mhz
Advice on what ram utility to use
TwinMOS w/ winbond CH-5 any good?
NEED HELP!!! HyperX PC3500 CAS2 or HyperX PC3700 CAS3???
NEED HELP!!! HyperX PC3500 CA2 or HyperX PC3700 CAS3???
1 x 512 or 2 x 256 pc3700 for p4c800 deluxe?
Dual Channel Question
Memory Timings
Number of memtest passes?
hyperX issues. suk.
Corair XMS 512mb DDR Cas 2.0 PC2700
Pc2100@200 Mhz/a7n8x Dlx/2600+
What 3200 ram should I buy
68 %/ 63 % utilisation on mem bandwith
dual chanel + single chanel?
Adata Pc4000 @ Ddr550 [pics]
AMD Ram type
Memory Speed??
Does dual channel benefit game performance much.
HyperX PC3700 or PC4000 with NF7-S board?
What is sd and sdr? Ram speed?
cl 2.5 and cl 3 question(s)
ocz pc3500 512mb basic any good?
Running DDR 400 mhx below 400 mhz.
ddr400 twinmoss and ưntel 2.4c
Ocz Pc3700 El Ddr
Which ram? I have 5 minutes to Decide!!!!! HELP
Will-or how does this work? Rambus to SDRAM
256mb 2700 or 512mb 2100?
Asus P4G8X Owners, What ram do you have???
Memorey OCing and the meanins and settings???
Question on a few BIOS settings...
Need experienced advice please
Where to get TwinMOS
Corsair XMS3500 512mb
Having problems.....
Still can't on which RAM
HyperX 3500 Rev 012 & 024
Who's selling Buffalo RAM?
Question on WLCSP
Mixing Memory?
Help!! - In choosing Ram
SiS Sandra tip? 275 fsb wall?
PC2100 ram
PC3200 gains over PC2100
RDRAM - Pro's Con's? Etc.?
Corsair for an Abit AT7 and subsequent upgrade mobo?
Mem Maxed Out?
Some interesting reading
Errors in Memtest
shared memory??
Building new PC, need memory suggestions
Ocz Pc4000 @ 285 1:1
looking for bang/buck
Reading RAM Chips?
Buffalo PC3700 = 2700?
P4P800 and Twinmos PC3700
Which is a better setup?
Virtual Memory / Paging File
Has the hyper x /nf7 v2 fiasco been resolved yet?
memory voltage ?
DDR, Really stupid question I know...
Memory heatsinks help any?
DC mem bandwidth
Will my new ram lag my system in game
DDR450 is equal to PC3600 or 3700?
p4c 2.4: ocz pc3700 gold or adata 4000
Dram Freq. Q?
twinmos, corsair, or kingston?
AMD Platform: Higher FSB - Lower Latency?
PC4200 Is Here!
Dual Channel Single or Pair?
max fsb!!!
buffalo pc3700 bh5
Buffalo Ram
Twinmos memory help
where to get ram
New Twinmos line of Memory
kingmax/infineon fraud??
Hey! recomend this for me plz.
kingmax/infineon fraud??
Cheapest 512 Sticks of RAM, Suggestions?
mobo compatibility problems, should I get Corsair, Mushkin. Kingston, or Crucial?
Run-time bandwidth monitor
Ram Question
Crucial 2100, 256M ECC (registered) on Epox-8K9Aa3+
WinBond BH-5 / CH-5 - #1 Memory Chips
Buffalo PC3200 or PC3700?
OCZ 3700 Gold DDR 466
DDR500 @ cas 2 5 2 2 :)
256 sdram
Non overclocked pc, will geil memory work?
where can I find
Couple questions
Couple questions
Budget RAM
i cant decide: 512mb or 1gb of RAM?
Memory for P4P800 O/C?
dual channel + 3dmark2k3
Kingston PC3500 Hyperx (Newbie question)
Corsair and Nanya qvestions
what setting is faster?
faster system...but how much faster?
Corsair PC2100 RAM
adata pc4000 @600 mhz wow!
Ddr Ii
any test for Geil pc4000?
In need of basic advice
Stupid Gateway Won't accept any RAM
memory science
Which memory.....
Ummm... why?
Memtest86 Question ??
Memory Speed
is this fast for the ram I have?
Memory dividers..where to start?
How's this for PC2100 timings
What's your Ram and Ram clock speeds
PC3200 Memory Prices
timings with corsair pc3200c
P4C800-E Deluxe & P4 2.6c 800fsb
Twinmos memory
Who's the Best "in-house" Memory Maker?
ocz pc3700 premier series dual kit 2x256
Prime95 woes!
Corsair or Twimos?
Memory Running Below
Post your results!- PC3500 and above
Which Manufacturer has the Best Ram
Changing Memory Timing?
What would be good ram for my setup?
Twinmos 3200 does ddr510 at least!
Speed differences in DDR RAM?
Stuck at 225 fsb
easy stoopid question
generic 333 how fast will it go?
Just installed a new 512mb DDR ram and pc messed..help!
best ram for my mobo
Best RAM Timings For O/C on an IC7, 2.4c?
Laptop Ram!!!
I am having a quandry (sp?)
Buffalo experience
Asus A7N8X and 2 sticks of RAM
Dual Channel -> Can use DDR of different sizes?
Choices Choices
One 1 GB stick of PC3200 or two sticks of 512MB Dual Channel for my AMDXP rig?
OCZ 3200 dual platieum or 3500 dual?
buffalo or twinmos
memory speeds
DDR temps?
P4PC800 & 2.8 CPU now looking how to set up corsair TWINX 1024-3700 ram
Help with DDR O/C
Corsair PC3200 really PC2700?
Bought ram on forums.. and defective
New Half-life 2 video!
WCPUID RAM reporting: QDR type?
best ram for 2.4c? 300+fsb needed
Geil Golden dragon, no heatspreader!
New System Ram (DDR Ignorant)
6-2-2-2.0 1t<---what does the 1t mean?
is 1gig needed?
Dual channel? i have questions HELP!
ram retard here
Twinmos 3700 good??
Kingston DDR400 CL3 @ DDR522 CL3
why cant I run cas 3?
Mem timing question
Best RAM for ~DDR460 w/ BEST timings
Problem with ocz pc3200 platinum dual channel kit, please help!!
Mushkin 3500 Level II Black
high fsb vs. "tight" settings
Do I really need Corsair?
inputing ram timings into bios
Kingston HyperX Pc3200, What do you guys think?
OCZ PC-3500 vs Corsair PC3500
What Does Mem ratios mean?
Exteneded ram failed at offset 1A?
Kingston Hyper X PC3500 or PC 3700?
NF7 @ 400mhz for 65 $ ?
Hey SeanOMatic
OCZ Gold 3700 or 4000
Memory power question
confused off what ram to get.
P4C800 Gold Pack ( non deluxe + ICH5R ) faulty or bad luck ?!
Ancient, FIRST generation Corsair PC3200: i865/400MHzx2 compatable?
OCZ 3700 Gold or OCZ 4000 (not gold)?
Adata pc4000 cas 3
Overclockability of Cors. PC3200
Help salvage memory with thermal greese on pins!
Corsair Reference
CH-5 or BH-5
confirmation that xms3200LL uses winbond bh-5
For moderate oc'ing, will this ram work?
WPRCEDIT/8INXP memory gurus please help....