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best memory for p4 2.4c
heres my mobo, budget, and the mode and OC i want to run in....now what R
1024mb vs 512mb
ram not showing up at bootup?
Weird Prime95 error?
Increasing voltage on ram
Best ram for my A7N8X Deluxe.
What would be your ram choice?
Steps for OC'ing and burning my CPU and Ram
is this good for geil 3200 ram?
Help with my Sandra mem scores please...
geil pc3200 rating
Crucial is trash!!!!
What are timings, what do they do? etc
Will ECC Memory work with a non ECC motherboard
Dual Channel
Kingston vs. Corsair
This memory any good?
Need help tweaking RAM settings.
Dual Channel Noob Question
Whats the best Ram for me?
Geil PC4200
OCZ PC3700 Unstable Out of Synch
will regular corsair xms work in dual channal in an nforce 2 mobo?
Is 256MB enough for gaming?
Another bad stick of corsair
best ram for soltek 75FRN2-L mobo please tell
Wait a minute....
best memory for around $100
cheap mem prices on RD
Corsair XMS3200 512MB Cas2 Errors
how to remove ram heatsinks
OCZ400512R2 what timings?
quick XMS question
Kingston HyperX PC4000 Results
Need good cheap 2-2-2 ddr in Canada
Kingston Hyper-X not 2-2-2?
XtremeDDR pc 3700 any reviews / tests ?
which one is more stable?
Haven't bought mem in awhile. Whats the best
PC3200 running 3500 or higher ram?
XMS or Gold 4K
buffalo 3700 winbound 256mb newegg
Dual channel, async 218fsb
Kingston 2700 with MT chips any good?!!?
2 types in one board?
Dual Channel 512 or 1 gig single channel?
Nanya or Hynix
SD Flash
Cheap performance RAM
Dell 8100 Rdram
Spectek chips rule!
512mb or 1 gig?
geil pc3200 golden dragon dual kit / intel d875pbz
cheap 3700?
anyone use Geil?
Discovered a new latency "Benchmark"
Finally upgraded Ram did i make the right move?
How to shop for memory
quick question b4 I drop 240 on ram
Would an Abit IC7 support RDRam?
Mushkin 3500 Level 2 at 222!
BH-5 or CH-5
Memory Timings
High latency ram underclocked
Quick Question About Dc
timing Noob
Low Latency?!?!?!
OCZ Gold PC3700 or Mushkin Black level II PC3500
If you run the Mushkin 3200 PROMO ram post here
Corsair confusion!!
**VERY** best DDR Ram
Will Corsiar and other companys catch up to OCZ?
is this best memory for lowest cost?
dram timing question
FSB setting
ddr/amd question
Dual channel m-board and 1 stick of ram?
what is Low Latency ram?
weird mem problem
MIXING CORSAIR PC3500 with PC3700?? Can it work???
Dual Channel 2x256 or 2x512?
Can someone explain all this?
Pc V.s. Ddr
3500 not worth the money?
Lost on what memory to get
Kingston PC2100 DDR 256 timings?
Ocz Gold 3700 Ddr
CORSAIR XMS 3200 LLPT Bad w/ic7???
512mb pc3200 75$ Memory-up.com any good?
1GB o' Ram
Help me complete my system and fing the DDR of my dreams
the best alternative to CORSIAR?
1gb CL2 memory sticks
geil pc3200 golden dragon
DDR400 is it just overclocked 2700
Game stops responding after I messed with the RAM and fsb speeds.
Kingston Hyper-x 3500 Opinions
Mem settings lower than rated on Corsair XMS LL
Kraaaaazzzy stability test!!
Help~pc-1066rambus + P4t-e
Which make
such thing as to much ram
Is this ram worth $130??
PC 4000 (500mhz)
here it is PC4K bundled with a P4 motherboard...
Ready to buy new ram. Which path should i go?
Need better RAM, which one?
Need some help on How to upgrade & What to Buy.
SDR RAM voltage!!!
OCing with the P4 2.8C
So Many Choices...
vid card chips in system RAM sticks?
getting errors on memtest
Will RAM coolind help???
Results - memory settings on DC performance
ram at 133mhz with 3,3,3,6 or try for 100mhz at 2,2,2,5?
Safe DDR memory voltage?
OCZ Gold PC4000
kingmax 3200?
Need your advice... I want the BEST!
voltage mods(Vmods) for memory?
GEIL Golden Dragon Dual Chanel prob
Running DDR400 under spec
pc3200 or pc3700 buffalo (winbond)?
geil pc3500 platinum ultra
Low memory bandwidth sandra result
Dual Channel support...poof, it's gone!
OCZ optimised pc3500
corsair xms4000 using hynix
Unable to Reach Memtest86 Site
Anybody tried Crucial pc3200? I saw it go 232MHz.
Difference between Corsair XMS3200 and LL?
1 512 or 2x256 and dual channel?
what RAM?
Is hyperx good or great or what
Is it bad to add a 3rd stick of RAM to my dual channel setup when overclocked?
corsair 3200 xms or buffalo winbond 3200
Buying Some new Ram... Pc3500 or Pc3200?
A question about OCZ DUAL PC3700
2x512 Corsair XMS 3200LL problem?
What would you choose of these two options?
2x512MB or 4x256MB?
How well does XMS PC2700 do?
2-2-3 Vs. 2-3-2
RAM/bus ratio of 133/200?
Whats happend to corsair QC???!!!
Overclocking memory
Any of you guys ever get a stick of Corsair XMS that was DOA?
Am I stupid?
FSB don't mean *****
OCZ is actually samsung ram overclocked?
Importance of RAM speed
Stupid Kingston memory :(
is dual channel all hype
PC2100 @ 203MHz !
ocz dual channel [premier]
pc2100 @ 187MHz !
My new Buffalo!
Will corsair XMS pc3200C2PT work in dual channal mode?
How much is enough RAM
Kingmax memory
This RAM good?
Memory mixing...
kingston hyper x 3500
Memory help for new comp
best Ram ?
Corsair XMS 4000
DDR400 ram on a 333 max mobo?
can ram speeds effect ability ot OC??
Best Settings For Corsair PC3200 LL??
how many watts?
n00b quest.(what do you expect?n00b here..)
new system, need help overclocking
Which Memory is Faster
noob question... too lazy to search
Different sized RAM sticks in Dual Channel mode.
Kingston, Crucial, PNY??
Is 2.7V to high?
Corsair XMS LL
pc3500 vs pc3700
Generic Memory vs. Top Name Brands
Ocz + Amd
Golden Dragon pc3200
im new to this forum so...
CORSAIR XMS4000 500mhz !!!
memory performance mix and matching
All I want is 3ghz...and a gig of ram...
Geil 3500 x OCZ 3500
2.5 3 3 7 to 2 2 2 6/7.....Big change?
atp brand pc3200
Best Brand Running PC3200
Geil Dragon Mem PC3500?
removin encapsulent for extreme speeds..
kingston memory vs. ozc is ocz worth the cash
DDR Brands
DDR Memory
DDR333 Vs. DDR400
What's with memtest saying my corsair 3200 ram has errors
How high will it go.
Useful game to check for memory stability :-)
Buffalo or Crucial?
heres my PC, heres what im gonna use it for...NOW WHAT MEMORY?
Heat spreader or heat sink?
Memory Conifugration
If you're running dual channel in an nForce2, post here!
Corsair PC3200 C2..
ocz vs. corsair???
A7N8X-D & TWINX1024-3700 Question
Xms 3200
FSB and Memory Frequency
Memory Dilemma, To buy or not to buy?
OCZ PC3700 (4x256MB) or (2x512MB)?
what type of winbond is this on NEWEGG?
OCZ PC2700 Running CAS 2.5 Only?
Need some quick advice
HyperX compared to Corsair/Geil/Mushkin?
Can I run a single stick on a i865 board?
CPU is 266mhz, can I use 333mhz ram?
MoBos supporting PC3700
2.4C Abit IC7 and Gold
how hard is it to get ocz gold to run at ddr500?
memtest86 CD???
Kingston HyperX DDR400...what's under those purdy blue heat spreaders?
Whats the deal with Mushkin RAM?
Anyone using Kingston 2700 value on a7n8x deluxe?
crucial pc3200
Stability question
Benefit of using duel channel?
Infineon RAM
Best RAM for overclocking?
Nforce duel channel achievable with 2 normal sticks of 3200+ ram?
Memory Overclock
Memory choice for budget system (2.4c & IS7-E)
samsung pc3700 ???
OCZ Basic Series pc3200/3500
64M x 64 or 32M x 8 512 Corsair XMS 3200 RAM
OCZ and Laser Remarking...
mixing rams?
CAS question
new ram guys..
is my samsung 3200 256mb good?
what memory settings should i use in bios to optimize performance?
CH-5 chips, and IC7?
What is the best memory I can get???
OCZ gold 3700
Incompatible Rams?
So, which memory module do you say is the best for OC ?
My buffalo
corsair twinx pc3200c2
Didnt think i'd be needing this...moving to 1gig of ram.
Dual Channel on nForce2 question..
Kingston HyperX DDR500!
memory for 3.2ghz 5:4 instead of my OCZ 3700 gold
Pny Pc2700
twinxC2 vs twinx LL
parity error?? I don't have parity memory!
is there any way to up my ddr voltage
DDR500 and a A New Goal...
How come 200fsb....
Best memory to use for dual channel Canterwood
Ocz Gold 3700
little help
mem oc
BH-5 vs CH-5 vs CH-6.... ?
?nForce2/Dual Channel... 1x512 possible?
a7n8x - pc2700 or pc3200?
Determineing memory?
Best bang for buck ram?
What should my ram settings be?
i have my compaq
ok. serious memory dilema
Need some advice...
Corsair 3700xms vs. OCZ 3700 Gold
OCZ PC3700 Gold 256MB
Dammit Wtf !!!!
Mixed memory with i865/875
Asus mobo mem support
OCZ, Kingston, Geil, Samsung 3500 (DDR433) memorys
DDR1 at 533mhz anyone?
how much does RAM affect FPS??
lets say for example...
More RAM
Corsair 3500 timings
TwinMOS PC-3700 Initial Results
DDR newb
xms 2700
2.8 ddr voltage
9 4 4 3 on optimal but no boot in expert?
Skipping in games a memory problem?
Mixing up you RAM sticks
Twinmos ch-5 Timings to use on Epox 8rda+
What is ECC and Buffring in RAM ??
Quick Question..
Kingston Hyper X Vs. Buffalo
Very happy with My Crucial DDRam
TwinMOS -43
Cycle TRAS at 11?
I Just Puchased CORSAIR 512MB PC3200 TWINX512-3200LLPT RETAIL
is pc2100 same as ddr266?
Winbond CH5
Do you have PC3200 or PC3500 Buffalo memory?
ram philosophy (two sticks better than one?)
nforce 2 and regular xms
Hyper X with a P4?
reading memory speed?
OCZ PC3700 Gold and volt modding.
options: 512mb OCZ PC3200 -or- 512mb Corsair XMS 3200
Memory Timing Numbers
can do 190 but not 200!
can do 190 but not 200!
Buffalo Memory
At what voltage do you run your memory?
Corsair 3500 vs 3700
What's the current state of memory at Mushkin
HyperX vs HyperX at Newegg
Why is this RAM better than this RAM?
Upgrading memory, NEED suggestions!
ram upgrade time - Hyper X PC3500 or Corsair PC3500?
Here It Is, Memory That Garantee's 466MHz CL2!
I think its time
Has anyone EVER killed ram because of voltages?
OCZ Gold 3700 -> OCZ466256ELGE
Hyperx 3200 misleading specs
Kingston HyperX broken?
RAM Timings...
ocz quad kit
dagnabit. my friend got faulty xms 3200 :(
Xms. 3200, 3500, 3700
ram timings for OCZ gold at 3.2 - 3.4?
wcpuid for dual channel detection?
CORSAIR MEMORY 32MX8 vs. 64M x 64
p4 2.6c how high should I expect?
3.v and above vmem
Crucial RAM works in ASUS & Soltek.
higher or lower voltage?
wow 200
dual channel
single channel samsung 512mb 340mhz OC'ing
Another vote for OCZ gold
Plz Help!! Ram Ratio!
burn in
IC7-G, Where to set T1 timing?
ram for intel
quick question
Cheap RAM Now?
mem test86
Need Help new ram wont work.
Need Help new ram wont work.
How much is too much? Is there such thing as too much ram?
looking for cheap ($<50) reliable ram!
Quick question about my RAM
Corsair XMS PC3700 Question. *upgrade*
hyper-x is it any good
will i notice a dramatic difference tween pc3200 and pc3500?
Post here your OCZ PC3700 Gold 5:4 result
Matched memory sticks ??
Corsair XMS - which one to get?
mushkin Black Level 1 vs Level 2
Corsair XMS PC3700
is this ram worth it?
Crucial 2700, How Fast?
k-byte memory
Will PC2100 work with a 333fsb?
Don't know which to get
infineon RAM
IC7 support 333mhz??????????
512mb Corsair pc3200 overclocking questions
new ram problems
SDRAM Overlcocking Help
Best performance timings?
My buffalo 3200 winbond review.
Corsair versions, BH vs. CH, etc.
How can i overclock when i have this config.
Memtest, does this mean my RAM is bad?
overclocking ram
which option would be better to use
TwinMOS PC3700 2x512MB on nForce2 - FACTS
dual channel o/c
Memtest errors on Corsair 3200 at 166MHz!!
Memory speed and dual channel question
Memory Upgrade - Is It Worth It?
333fsb and pc2100 memory
Question About Memory Bandwidth
3500 w/ CAS2 vs 3700 w/ CAS3:whats more efficient?
memtest86 errors
Pushing cheap PNY memory
Corsair Twinx
XMS 3500 and OCZ 3500 together????
Buffalo memory? any good?
ram settings questions
OCZ PC 3200 + soltek mb
Kingston Hyper X is Da ****nit
What's my best option ?
Help me push my 1Gb Mushkin Level II PC3200 higher!!!
My memory "died"
Which RAMS are running in Dynamic Access Mode on i865 ?
TwinMos WLCSP PC3200 CL2...
CPU-Z says Ram is 3200 not 3500?
Geil PC3500 GD, OCZ PC3700 Gold or the kingston HyperX PC3500???
Corsair PC3500_C2 @outpost.com may suprise you....
dual channel ddr?
Help me on figuring out what ram to get.....
DDR 2x512 individual or 1 Gig kit, 3500, different?
P4P800D Strange memory problem!!
what cha think of this deal?
Ram works but not with another stick?!?
one stick of 512 or two of 256?
intel d875pbz / ddr ?
geil golden dragon ddr ram
Memtest86 shows me the evil within.
How do you know when your OC'ed RAM needs more juice?
2700 Fsb?
Memory used
what do you guys think about this ram?
upgrade from pc2700 to pc3500
PC2100 @ ~308mhz... 2,2,2,5 (good?)
Is 2.8v detrimental to the life of the ram?
is there a reason I cannot chande my cL from 2.5 to 3?
A Tribute.........
Is this good?? Should I push it more??
memory problems???
Memory for Asus P4C800-E DLX?
mixing RAM (pc2100 with 3500/3700?)
Running an IC7 With 2 x 512 Megs of ram & 250+ FSB?
whats does cl stand for and such
need assistance..
relabled xms ram??
I need your advice
n00b memory question
OCZ or Corsair
Twinmos pc 3200
Memory Questions and Fastest FSB for a 1:1 CPU:Memory???
Kingston HyperX 3500 vs Corsair 3200
Whats the difference in buying a kit that 2 standalone sticks?
Worth the money?
ic7/2.4c pc3500 hyperx vs pc3700 twinx results
Ex-Patriot 512MB PC3500 **Hot or Not**
Corsair 3700 Or OCZ 3700
1:1 ratio OCZ3700
Kingston pc2100 Memory
All you wanted to know about memory.
matched vs non-matched ram for dual channel
Where can i buy corsair xms 3500?
memory timings? CL2-434DDR vs CL2.5-466DDR
Kingston HyperX not running well on EP8RDA+ --- Help
Post Your OCZ EL DDR PC3500 Scores On a Amd System
2gb stick anyone?
where to find buffalo memory
Kingston problems
NF7-S DC: Corsair 3200LL or 3500C2 for max OC/BW
1Gb Memory modules?
Whoa, my XMS stick is a champ and I didn't even know it.
Winxp + memory problems HELP!
Corsair memory
OCZ 3700 at 500DDR
Apacer doing 5-3-3-2Cl @ 400DDR - is it good?
Memory Dilemma’s
How do I tell if this Hynix Memory is any good?
Kingmax PC3200 question
How to identify my ram manufacturer?
Crucial DDR400 ECC in Canada?
Settings for Cosair Ram
mushkin pc3700
pc 3700
Buffalo pc3200 won't run above 185
is it worth getting corsair memory if i dont plan on overclocking?
How can RAM not be dual channel capable for nForce2?
cant find memory
More mem, bad oc?
OMG!!, you have to check out this Crucial (yes CRUCIAL!)
Corsair Blows
PX865PE PRO2 + OCZ PC3700 Gold
OCZ DDR466 or Corsair DDR434 same price