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Mixed sizes
Best DDR3 2000+
is it the ram or is it me?
need help desideing what to do gskill ram
cas latency?
Ram for new Macbook
Need RAM Recommendation
Is 4gb inherently faster than 8gb?
will I gain any performance from buying another 4gigs of ram?
A newb asks a memory question
which memory for Asus P6X58D-E X58
Corsair vengence or keep my dominator gt's
RAM arrangement on mobo/compatibility
My screen doesn't starts with 1600 mhz
How much RAM is good?
triple or quad channel?
Running 1600mhz 4gb + 2000Mhz 4gb
MB, Ram OC
RAMS from different manufacturer
Ok to use this ram??
I'm a ram noob. Help me!
Ongoing RAM issue
Which Ram is better?
Getting the most from my ram.
Its an overkill alright!
Mixing rams of same brand
How important is good RAM?
Asus Rampage III Formula with I7 970 - Memory?
newbie needs help
System/BIOS RAM/task manager vs. CPU-Z RAM
Corsair Dominator 1600mhz for AM3 board?
Memory support for GA MA770 UD3
Vengance 1600 vs Dominator 1333? overclocking possibilities...
is this right 5-5-5-18
what ram should i use
DRAM Frequency stuck at 664MHz with BCLK=166 during overclock
Any potential issues if adding more RAM
Dual Channel
Is this high idle MEM usage?
Not showing full 6GB?
4 or 8 gb ddr2 for encoding bluray?
Latency vs Clock Speed
Good DDR3 ram for AMD Phenom II x6
Best 2 x 2GB?
Best RAM for me?
Proper Memory Speed for overclocked CPU?
Ram? Help!!! Bios Settings
Ram speed question.
ok, 1600mhz 8-8-8-24 1.65V
Tripple or Dual
Should I upgrade?
Question about mixing memory
quick ram question
RAM Compatible with GA-880GA-UD3H?
12 gb kits
o/c ram above 1600mhz
1.65 Ram at 1.5
OCing my OCZ DDR2 800MHZ RAM
Patriot Viper / Viper II Sector 7
Mushkin Redline 2*2GB DDR3 temperature
Can i Install 2 xms3 tripplechannel with 2 xms2 dualchannel?
Having trouble upgrading RAM. Help?
Do i need to upgrade my ram?
2240MHz Mushkin Ridgeback RAM W/ Phenom II X6 1090T & 890FXA-UD5
6GB Ram (3.99GB Useable)
computer crashes should i RMA?
[O/C]Patriot Viper Extreme 12GB (3x4GB) DDR3 2000Mhz Review
Which one is the best bang for the bucks.
Help w/Ram for M4A87TD/USB & Phenom 965
Paging File Help.
F3-12800CL7T-6GBPI bios settings w GA-X58A-UD3R
$50 4GB Not bad
OCing Ram
Ram speed question, help me!
Boot Up Issue
Thoughts on Ram/w Crosshair IV & Noctua NH-D14
AX3U2000GB2G9-TG2 - A-Data DDR3-2000G 3x2GB Gaming Kit v2.0
Need help with ram timings
1600 or 2000
My first overclock HELP ME
2x2gb vs 1x4gb RAM
RAM help in bios
Is running below recommended voltages bad?
Which is more important?
G.Skill PI 1600 CAS7 DDR3 2x3GB
Ram makes the computer not to boot..
G Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600MHz CL8 2X2GB
[O/C] ADATA Supreme DDR3-1333 Laptop RAM Review
Just a ram question (Rampage III formula, G.SKILL PI+ Turbulence)
My RAM keeps clocking way the hell down.
Best way to test memory configurations
Asus Maximum Extreme x38 and RipJaws 1.5v
Memory or Motherboard problem.
Dominator with my Noctua NH - D14
RAM thoughts and placement?
New Memory and BSOD Memory_Management Issues
need ram suggestions
Did I waste my money
What do you think??
wt kinda ram to buy
Memory advice
RAM came scratched out of box
2000 ghz 9-9-9 or 1600 6-8-6
Corsair RAM epic fail
different pairs of ram
Help on RAM clearance from cooler...
Best/Fastest USB Drive for readyboost Win7?
Which ram should i go with? plz help
ocz amd black edition RAM?
Random BSOD Memory Problem?
Dominator Vs Ripjaws?
Matched Memory
12 GB 3x4 kit for R2E?
P6T (Rev 1) - i7 390 - OCZ3G1600LV6GK - COMPLETELY UNSTABLE
memtest86+ fails at same place?
Best Ram choise for my new I7 build
RAM crashes underload
Odd RAM issues
Ram usage
Mixed memory, can't OC.
DDR3 1330 CL7 vs DDR3 1600 CL9
Help Me Get Ram 1066 From 800 DDR2!
Difference between two?
8 Gig Kit
Low DRAM Frequency
Recommended ram for asus and phenom
Memory timing help.
What can I do with 8GB?
Could I tell the difference?
Socket 478 RAM
[O/C]A Newbie's Guide to Overclocking Memory
Ram Issues. Time to upgrade
How do i fix my ram it shows 4gb when i got 6gb
Getting a video card vs onboard video free up ram??
RAM CAS / Timing questions
Ram Compatibility?
Whats better?
What of this RAM kits is better for the price?
DDR 400 help
Optimizing DDR2 Ram Settings
Question about RAM
Best ram? for O/C
Is this RAM upgrade worth it!! 4GB --> 8GB whats the speed increase!!
Question about Corsair, Patriot, OCZ, etc.
Three dual channel kits for 12gb!?
Capacity or Quantity of RAM sticks causing strain?
Best 2 x 4GB DDR3?
Corrupt ram on a new Rig maybe?
Kingston 1x 1GB DDRII overlock
DDR2 for gigabyte P965-DS3
8-8-8-24 RAM? Having a hard time...
1333 vs 1600
Which is better to run at (SPD)
Strange problem when booting my PC
DDR3 1333 stock 9-9-9-24 benchmarks
ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe fastest RAM possible please
Corsair XMS3
What does it all mean? With pics...
Corsair Dominator GT Compatability?
Overclocking from 1333 to 1600
Corsair XMS 4GB DDR3-1600 Settings (help)
Which memory should I get?
Just some advice
getting 12GB to work
OCZ Reaper and Q6600
Will this memory affect my OC?
Memory recommendations for CROSSHAIR IV
Help with specs
gskill settings
Is my ram dead?
RAM Beeps after OCing CPU ..?!
Ram questions + Overclocking Ram Questions
DDR3 with my new build?
Dominator GT and 870a Fuzion
DFI Sli-Dr 4x512mb?
Looking for good tri Channel Ram
G.Skill [ PI ] F3-12800CL6D-4GBPI (2Gx2)
Single vs dual channel
ddr 133 question
DD3, 4gigs 1600 or 8gigs 1333?
Doubt about QVL of m4a89gtd pro usb3
ddr3 ram
Corsair Dominator and Noctua NH-D14
Confused - please tell me which RAM I can buy!
ram for abit an9 32x
Ram Question Ref to i7-920 OC'ing
Overclock E8400 with 1333 ram
Running RAM @ 1600mhz
Ballistix PC8000 ok to run at 1066???
Patriot Extreme 2x2gb ddr800
Memory Question
Kingson Ram dosen't perform to spec?
ganged vs unganged
Memory OC: 1.5v vs 1.65v (+Safe Max?)
Memory on a bandsaw?
just replaced ocz with gskill
Memory Voltage
GeIL Value Plus DDR3
Ram KHX8500D2/2G for P5QL/EPU
Looking for ram for my new set-up
Dual channel question.
RAM timings
Usable memory
Top performing DDR2 recomendations
12GB In New Build - 3x4GB or 6x2GB?
what rams inside?
4 Gb rams (3.75Gb usable) !!!????
Memory Clock speed issues
Ram Settings Problem
Memory and CPU Vcore Relation
Working DDR3-2000
memory timing on Intel DX58SO
G Skill Ripjaw question
CORSAIR Dom C7 kit
Crosshair iii + Mushkin Question.
Memory selection help for video editing
How To OC Stock 1600Mhz RAM
G.SKILL Ripjaws 1600 settings help
RAM timing final touch
Help to get my system stable
Mushkin Blackline VS Redline
Keen to upgrade??
Keen to upgrade something??
RAM Help
Memory Issue
Bad ram or bad mobo?
DDR3, 2x2GB or 2x4GB
1500MHz or 1900Mhz
Can i just double the RAM i'm currently using
Dual Channel or Tri-Channel ?
n00b to DDR3 (AMD THUBAN! 890FX)
Mach Xtreem RAM
8gb ram and motherboard temperature?
RAM recommendations
P6X58D and 2000+ kits compatibility
Corsair Dominator DDR2 8GB Latency
Overclocking RAM DDR3 1333 to 1600 with MSI p55 gd80
AX3U1600GB2G9-3G - A-Data DDR3-1600G 3x2GB Gaming Kit
2x2GB or 1x4GB ?
is this ram OK? a quick hand please.
RAM works in one MB not another
Corsair Dominator-GT 2000mhz freeze up.
Need help please Rampage III Formula
memory oc
Building new PC is 3GB's of ram enough ?
4 gigs vs 8
Getting RAM to run at 1600MHz
4GB mems only 3.25gb usable? why?
Sandy Bridge Memory Voltage
8GB RAM for non-RTS/MMO games?
Adding new RAM
OCZ Platinum BSoD @1066MHz
More memory help for a borderline moron...
Should I have more RAM being utilized
Help with adding RAM
So if I enable XMP or manually change ram speed does that disable turbo ?
EPP 2.0
2GB or 4GB on XP home?
Memory compatibility
Ram help.
3 choices, not sure which one
Registered vs unbuffered DIMMs
Memory Issue? Motherboard Issue? No Issue?
How come specs for Core i7 supported ram speeds is only DDR3-800/1066 ?
motherboard supported ram list
RAM overclocking
looking correct ram timings
Can I add this Memory into my System
Need advice.. 6gb ddr3 kit
Do memory timings really make a difference?
What memory do i have??
i5 760 Memory Voltage Issues
Losing memory bandwidth
can I do any better with this ram
Memory help please
The Weirdest Memory Issue Ever
Memory G-skill w/Crosshair Formula IV
hmm...dell 2400 memory upgrade
Mixing different memory brands and models...Help
enough is enough?
What's better?
Ram wont run at 1600MHZ
What's more stable 2000 mhz or 1600 mhz ram?
what RAM
RAM question
Muskin Redlines / oc
Future ram problems with the i7 930?
Overclocking beginner memory question
Corsair: AMD vs. Intel Ram...
Rampage III Extreme Memory Purchase
DDR2 overclocking?
Testing memory?
Memory spec on new build
Timings or Mhz
Trouble recognizing 6 gigs
whats going on?
Would like to increase RAM Mhz on Already OC'd rig, but how?
CPU freq lowers when OC'in RAM
Corsair misprint=my gain??
Testing bad dual channel DIMM slots?
Overclocking Memory for First Time
What does Trfc do?
Looking for good ram. Im looking at this.
2x2Gb observation
Mixing ddr3 1600 ram, same brand but diff timing.
corsair dominator 1866 overclock question
Increasingly frustrating graphic artifacts and driver failure
Old but loved................
Ram Heatsinks?
C2D/DDR2 vs I7/DDR3 memory bandwidth
1600Mhz VS. @ 2000Mhz
Highest RAM GA-MA790X-UD4P supports?
OCZ and Corsair issues.
Corsair Dominator Heat Plate Removal
Bad Ram or something worse?
Problem with ddr 3 ram
Need advice for 8GB RAM for ASUS
Memristor revolution backed by HP
memory timings and clock speed acting weird
Ram for overclock
Warranty? VOIDED! =^.^=
CPUZ reading of Memory??
Problem with KHX6400D2K2/4G: Ram timing
Is this ram good i might be able to get it cheap
Cpu-Z seems confused? (RAM timings issue?)
Corsair Dominator 12gb (3x4) 1600Mhz PROBLEM
Can someone tell me the difference between these two Mushkin kits?
Mushkin Ridgeback PC3-12800 4GB DDR3 Memory Review
Memtest makes USB easy.
Help me install new RAM please?
RAM Timing Update in BIOS
Memory limit of a 32bit OS?
Good memory ?
Kingston value kvr1333d3n9k2/4g
RAM DoA or incompatible?
memory issue
is it worth oc memory???
ECC ram on non-ecc Mobo
Windows says I only have 1 Gb of RAM?
Need help choosing RAM.
3x4GB or 6x2GB?
Does this G.skill ram work with this mobo
kingston ddr2 PC8500 O.C. question
Memory: Speed vs. Quantity
[HELP] OC Corsair CMT6GX3M3A1600C7 2 GB DDR3
please help an old head rookie
[O/C]Kingston Hyper X Breaks World Record
please really need help with this memory
4gb ddr2 800 or 2gb ddr 1066?
qpi/dram core voltage and dram voltage?
4GB x 4 DDR2 1066 possible to run at 1066?
What Memory Should i get?
G.SKILL Flare RAM/NoctuaNHD14
Ram Extension? Any Ideas?
Memory Help
4.00/6.00GB usable in Windows 7 64 bit?
The New Geil EVO TWO Rams
Trouble reaching 1:1 FSB:DRAM
AX3U2000GB2G9-3G - A-Data DDR3-2000G 3x2GB Gaming Kit
Time to Upgrade??
Having a problem with OCZ Gold RAM
So which of these 2 sets should I get?
Will this run in Dual Channel?
[O/C] Patriot Sector 5 DDR3-2400 4GB Memory Kit Review
8gb memory ?
E8400 + EP45T-DS3R + 1333 RAM voltage config
Corsair Dominator Question
tRFC and CR
Kingston Hyperx + OCZ Platinum! please help a me!
Memory Options
Newbie question
Need some help understanding which ram i need.
Which memory?
DDR2 vs. DDR3
Overclocking failed error, blue screen of death
Will More Memory Improve My System?
Motherboard not detecting RAM correctly
ram over clock issue.
G.SKILL Ripjaws F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL Timing
Getting RAM to 2000MHz
is G.SKILL F3-16000CL9T-6GBRH Ripjaws 6GB 3X2GB DDR3-2000 ok for rampage III ex?
Worried... Problem?
Memory testing help
Overclocked cpu, now 4 some RAM
Some HELP needed
What's the best memory for asus p7p55d e-pro motherboard?
Old Memory works, New does not (Same Memory)
Mixed DDR3 question
blue screen problems
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SDRAM (Memory) But Were Afraid to Ask
Corsair CM3X2G1600C8 - Memtest freezing
Does Memory Positioning matter?
Strange Memory Issue
Looking for high performance i7 ram suitable for significant overclocking.
Corsair dominator fan module noise
Memory not reading at 1333Mhz,
Overclocking my RAM, loosening my timings / latency..
Wasting 8GB RAM?
Need RAM Help
Total memory (RAM) size
Voltages RAM and motherboard
Is 8GB Too Much For Gaming/General Use
which speed is better? 2000/1600/1333? check out the results!
What is the best brand name in computer memory
Another DRAM shortage
16GB DDR3 (4 x 4GB) Best Bang for the buck?
ram issues?
memory setting on gigabyte m720-us3
RAM settings acronyms in BIOS?
g skill ram oc
OCZ REAPER 2000MHz woes
G skill RAM mobo support.
Which should I use...
Ready to pull the trigger on this RAM...yes/no?
16gb ram on amd system what can i do to use it to its max potential
Corsair Ram - Cant get 2000MHz stable
First Build, Need Help Selecting Appropriate Memory
newb questions going nuts
new ram comp wont post
[O/C]Kingston to Release Their First Water Cooled RAM
4GB ddr3 vs 8GB in windows 7
[URGENT] Is all DDR3 Ram Triple Channel Capable
Is this a ram issue or something else?
3x4GB or 6X2GB?
1333 upgrade?
Best RAM for my setup? Opinions?
Which 12GB (3 x 4GB) for OC'd i7 930?
DDR3 1600mhz issues
RAM unstable in dual-channel mode
how long do i let MemTest run?
Ugrading to 64bit Need help finding and choosing ram.
Kingston or G.Skill
4x2GB Worse than 2x2GB?
How to Increase Ram Without Using Bclk?
changed my cpu/nb volts and now nothing
Memory problem when OC'ing - stable when 2gb; not when 4gb
big imrove 1700-CL9 to 2000-CL7?
Upgrade to 4GB?
HELP Matching Rams
ram for amd or intel? o_O?
which one of corsair dominator's is better?
Need Help With Ram!
RAM Purchase
Prime fails with dual channel, works with single (DDR3, i3-530, AsusP7H55D-MEvo)
RAM running at 1333 not 1600
Bad memory signs showing
DDR2 800MHZ or 1066MHZ
RAM choices
900MHz 4-4-4-12 @ 2.0V OR 1000MH 5-5-4-12 @2.1V?
Dual Channel VS. Tripple
DDR-3 Help
Doubt at buying
Need memory recomendation for i3 build
Memory problem
Memory Slot Bad?
ASUS P5P43TD PRO and Geil Black Dragon 2x2GB DDR3 1600MHz
memory question.
memtest86 crash
Incompatibility ram for p55 and mobo am3
OCZ3G1600LV2G - is this stuff junk?
Kingston HyperX memory timings
More Ram or new Processor or both?
wierd memory issue
Achieving 1066 with Kingston
any thing i should know?
IBT gets 100 passes, Pirme95 Blend dies after 13 hours: Is it my memory?
What ram for my system, want to OC.
simple question about ram
Unganged mode... with 1 stick of ram
Need help with RAM...
DDR3 2000 problem
Have I been Scammed
What RAM for ASUS P6X58D
DDR2 1066 BIOS setting problems
Ram problem
memory stability
Corsair XMS3 Dominator 1800Mhz please help
tetter tottering
6 x 1 GB vs 6 x 2GB Sticks
"this ram is designed for core i5" etc.
Does this memory work with this mobo?
4 memory slots 6gb memory
Questions about RAM
What memory to get?
Question about RAM and NB Frequency
Corsair RAM BIOS values
DDR3 1600 detected as 1033
3channel or 2
GA-X48-DS5 with OCZ2RPR10664GK only in Single channel WHY