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Differences between Infineon PC333 made in USA <-> Malaysia ?
corsair ddr2100 bad chip?
1024 Corsair 2700 DDR or 512 3500ddr?
wtf! pc100 - pc133
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Which is more important, tight timings or higher FSB
Samsung True PC3200
Faster RAM doesnt always mean More bandwidth
good old sammy pc 2700 holding it's own against corsiar xms pc3200!
Rambus: From 800 to 1066?
Is my ram slowing in my cpu
poll of sorts :)
what is corsair TWINX3200 and XMS3200LL
samsung 2100 streched to 2700?
Would the upgrade be worth the price
Sandra Memory Bandwidth Question
simple memory questions.
little help?
memory upgrade
Here we go again...
Any idea if Samsung PC2700 will run at 2.4V@166mhz?
Mushkin Rocks!
Which pc3500 ram would you get???
Bank interleave setting causes errors
Dual Channel DDR
Best STOCK VDIMM with LL Memory?
Will this work
Hello From the n00b...
GeIL PC2700 Value any good!?
Ram upgrade for nforce2
Running dual channel ddr... a question....
Corsair XMS 2700 Saga
what are the best ram timings for pumping the FSB???
How do I tell if ram is bad?
Infineon ram..... Any good???
help !! anyone knows this "kingston" chip???
samsung/infineon capable of 150 fsb?
who can run +230fsb synch,and has tested pc3700?
should i switch to DDR?
Memtest questions?
Memory heat spreaders...
Why are PC133 prices so high??
Azen Ram ddr333 2700, how does azen compare?
XMS 3200 vs 3500
Want to change Voltage of Ram.
Double ram with speed sacrifice?
5ns??? 4.5ns???
Any experience with SimpleTech brand of memory?
Will this help or not?
Is Kingston Kingmax memory of any quality?
Crucial or Kingson hyperX?
Siemens Ram ???
TWINMOS PC3700 or Kingston hyperX pc3500
Tweaks for PCMark2002 Memory
Help: need fast answer on choosing memory
is this posssible...??
1 gig is great! cheap ram!
Does Corsair use Samsung chips
Memory timing calculation
Platinum/Silver heatsink vs. Aluminum Heatsink on Corsair XMS Ram?
Understanding SANDRA memory benchmark?
1X512 VS 256X2 with Epox 8rda+ ?
Crucial or Samsung ?
no increase with pc2700
PC2700 suggetsions?
ddr downward compatable?
My kingston hyperx pc3000.
ocz speeds
how to change volts for memory?
Where to buy Twinmos PC3500??
Winbond PC3200?
Looks like my RAM is holding me back :(
Corsair XMS v.s. Kingston HyperX...
Fastest Ram on Planet....
What's the fastest DDR RAM out there?
Needing advice on new ram
I need Crucial DDR3200 timings
Which is best ram for preformance ?
Safe ram voltage?
Geil PC3200 Ultra
what should i buy
copper heat spreader on 512 winbond
pc2700CR vs pc3200C2
Alpha Int. memory
PC2700 DDR Question
Bunch of questions from a ram newb...
Ram life question.
change cycle time
Micron Technology RAM...
what is a memory leak??
1:1, 4:5, and 4:3 ?
different ram
Added 256MB DDR Crucial PC2700 (512 total)
Already have one Kingston stick and should i get another or a Crucial?
XMS3200 settings
What kind of memory timings are you guys using with your Crucial mem?
Newbie question here...FSB vs. mem type
Identifying whats in there...
miscellaneous ram questions
Is there any ulta low case latancey 1.5 memory out?
Twinmos PC3700
telling the speed of RDRAM
RAM specs...
Twinmos question
ECC memory ?
can hyperX do this?
GeIL PC3700 466MHz DDR Golden Dragon Series
Whats the difference??
Is Ocsystem.com the company with the bad rep?
Corsair TwinX???
good nforce2 memory, 8rda
Why habe 2 DIMMs rather than 1?
Mem upgrade means old stuff useless?
Which memory?
When will memory prices rise again?
Reading chip #'s
if I used heatspreaders?
Nvidia entering mem market
Reliable US Twinmos Distributor
Crucial DDR 2700 ?!?!?!?!?!?
Wonder RAM, or nothing special?
Soo any MoBo that supports DDR400 will accept PC3700(466)??
My BIOS memory settings are limited...what is best?
Overclocking Guide
Kingston PC3200 CL2.5 or Samsung PC3200 CL2.5
Plz help AZN choose DDR ram for Dual Channels
3200 generic, is there a difference?
OCZ Rules!!!
What does PC133 overclock too?
Best memory for my new pc
Samsung and a7n8x
OCing impact with two pieces of DDR instead of one.
What results to expect from xms 3200 ram???
how fast ya think I can go?
Signs of bad ram?
What memory chips does the Kingston HyperX use?/you running a BH7 mobo W/ Hyperx?
Samsung or Infineon
question about memtest86
If Corsair @ 225 CAS2, what to expect max @ CAS3?
should i be scared? XMS2700c2
Feedback on OCZ Performance Serie
A few questions about DDR 2
RAM causing bad 3dmark scores?
what should i get
Voltage on corsair 3200 c2.5
1.5GB RAM on P4S533, or not?
Hard Choice: 512mb PC2700 Infineon or Samsung DTL
hyperx3000 not doing so well
Question about my PCZ 3500 Basic memory
Program that analyzes all your sticks of RAM and tells you which one to get rid of
Twinmax 3200 w/ winbond 512 stick yes/no? cas 2.5
ram pcbs
$ to performance ratio worth it opinions?
PC3200 brand?
whats the twinmos pc3700 like?
Does this forum dislike Geil
My test results with 4 different PC2700 chipsets
Need Some Help
somebody please!!! make me buy good ddr ram
how much is enough?
Comp restarts....
Is "Value" Ram cheap ram?
is DDR 3700 just DDR 3500 with relaxed Timings?
DDR333 below 180mbps in sandra
Wont boot when I change the timings....
DDR or Rambus?
question about my ram timings?
1 stick; 2-bank or 4 bank interleave?
Memory for canterwood/springdale
Strange Mem Spec Terms...
Ok my PC says I have 504meg of ram ???
CAS numbers?
Geil memory very nice indeed :)
My Memory, or something else???
ocsystems pc3200 beats my corsair xms pc3200 c2
mem and a7n8x
ocz el, and ocz el duel chanel and diff??
Fast, Normal, ULTRA?
Faster timings slower?!
2 stick of Kingston 2700 256MB or one stick Crucial 512MB?
Memory settings and number corespondance...?
Corsair, Crucial, Geil, or Mushkin???
Help, Timings
DDR PC3500 on DDR PC2100 Motherboards
New stick of RAM didn't work.
PC-3500 or PC-3200LL
What to do now :( ?
Ocz pc 3700 el from newegg
Memory Bandwidth Vs CPU and FSB speed
OCZ memory tRCD issue?
OCZ Duall Channel Rated Memory vs OCZ EL
Corsair Junk! Xms3200ll
Cant get my XMS3200 LL past 187fsb, help
Twinmos PC3700
Is my memory keeping me from OC?
Kingston HyperX PC3000 or Corsair XMS PC2700?
Long Beeps
Help indentifing EDO
Corsair vs miscellaneous
Uh oh
Ddrpc2100 9usd
TwinMOS pc3200
i need to decide with memory tto take
ram timings
Geil good?
Samsung or Kingston or Infenion??
Could this wreck my Corsair??
Mempry for granite bay + 3ghz P4
First Choice Memory
question on Samsung RDRAM types
Will the Corsair XMS PC3200 work with ASUS P4PE?E
two sticks won't work in kt400?
one or two sticks
Corsair BLK Heat Spreader vs. Silver??
Peep This Sandra Score
Believe it or not:)
Kingston HyperX pc3500 or OCZ pc3500el...?
My RDRAM does 125x4=500MHz, should I be satisfied?
NForce2 mem bandwidth
Memory Heat?
CL timings VS MHz VS cost .. newb questions
Bad Ram?
PCMark 2002 Memory Scores Low?
HyperX 3500 or XMS3500
Another help me choose question, opinions appreciated
crucial 2700 memory....
What's wrong with my Crucial PC2700?
Corsair 3200 Low latency upgrade question
Samsung 2700 DTM ram running very well.
My VDDQ shows 1.47 Is that low?
kingston or pass?
How to set my bios setting
Performance diff between ddr266, ddr333, ddr400
Anyone notice that PC3200 is 2.6V?
What kind of RAM is this???
Crucial PC2700 Mem
YES your pc2700 or better will work in pc2100 only boards
Video Card Memory Temps
See any performance gains?
OCZ 3200 rev 2
256MB DDR w/winbond chips for $45.00
Twin DDR vs NOT
Corsair XMS 3200
will pc3200 work in a KT3 ultra2 board?
How high did you get you OCZ PC3500 512MB EL
DDR Voltage... Whats your Vdimm?
What, that bad?
INFINEON ORIGINAL 256MB DDR2100, how far will it go?
1GB=$131 or 512MB=$102
Apacer 512 2700
What is WRONG with Corsair and Kingston with $$$ ???
A7v8x + Xms Pc3500 Help!
Memory setting
how is the price for OCZ Memory ?
I may have made a big mistake!
Anyone try Kingston HyperX?
Fast mem timing and video graphics card performance..?
added 512 Apacer
My Feedback on Corsair
Dead DDR??
Good RAM or Not?
XMS Corsair 512 PC3500 HELP!!!
Corsair and Mushkin
Pls help with memory speed
Memory errors,need help
How far do u think i will probably be able to get a stick of Crucial 256MB DDR2100?
Samsung PC3200
Is Samsung DDR 2700 512MB any good?
CAS3 vs CAS2?
I was wonderen about kingston and muskin
Memory bad?
Can I kill my RAM by using wierd timings?
unregistered and registered ddr
using faster ram than the board can accept.
will raising the voltage on memory allow me to overclock the FSB with 2-2-2-5 timings
2*256 vs. 1*512
Suckered on RAM
Test Utilities For Bad Memory?
good deal on ebay for windbond mem.
Can i combine corsair 3200 and 3200LL?
TwinMOS PC2700 512MB CL2.5 @175MHz likely to work?
3 Sticks 256mb 333 2700 ram in asus A7N8X?
I have the low end mushkin ram and was wonderen.....
whats better performancE?
Tell me you opinion about my options of new RAM
does increassing the vdimm lower performance??
the best mem with A7V333-X
Want to upgrade, but to what?
some various RAM questions
Twinmoss to release pc3700
Differences in Brands of Memory
everyday voltage xms3500
whats holding back my FSB???
Old memory needs identification
WHat memeory will be needed for 800FSB
mushkin memory doesn't like anything above 199
RAM Speed vs Timings
Kingiston HyperX3000...
What does all of this mean??
DDR Newb!! eeek
OCing Crucial PC2700
I hit 195fsb with my old Sammy PC2700
mixing ram
Reducing amount of memory from 1gig to 512mb causes crash?
Is there a place to buy good/cheap Memory that takes PayPal?
fsb with pc3200 ram? how far did everyone get?
512 MB or 1 GB Memory?
Questions regarding generic and kingston combination
OCZ PC3500, cannot get over 198 fsb
3 Quick Questions
Ddrram > Rdram
dual ddr does it have more real world performance than benchmark?
PNY pc2100
Twinomos/winbond with BH-6 or BH-5
xms3200 timings?
are all DDR modules the same layout?
Which ram to overclock higher
2x 256 vs 1x 512
Kingston Hyper-X vs. Corsair PC3200C2 Review Readme!
EBAY Winbond 3200 Chips?
Memory voltage
Your dual channel knowledge here
Samsung ddr 2700 Vs Infineon ddr 2700
pc3200: generic vs brand name
Mem help fast!
Crucial pc2700 & GA-7VAXP Ultra
Sandra Memory Benchmarks
Dual channel ddr
Max voltage for PC 3200 ram
Cas2/2.5 Oddity w/ OC
Pb with Samsung Ram...
Pb with Samsung RAM DDR 3200
im stumped...
How does RAM help gaming?
512mb of 2100 or 256mb of 3200?
DDR 400 not stable above 147MHz
Overclock ability of Infineon 2700
DDR RAM speed and FSB speed, with consideration to CPU speed
RAM speed has to do with CPU?
is it the RAM doing this?
Which of these would YOU buy?
Memory Increase?
Memory Bandwidth KT400
CMX512-3500C2PT best for intel or amd?
Why such a difference?
question about xms3500
Corsair TWIN 3200LL or OCZ 3500 Dual CHannel?
Good 512 MB RAM
Will memory prices keep dropping??
what type of ram to get!!!!!
burnt pin on DDR 266 HELP!
is 2.9v too high for winbond w/twinmos pc3200
My Corsair PC 2700
OCZ pc3500EL Anyone Else Got These???
Do I understand this correctly?
memory density
how to make RDram 1066 work?
Corsair XMS 2700 C2
PC2700 ram in an ECS mobo that takes only PC2100
why the drop in price for DDR333(2700)?
Corsair, dual-ddr or not?
Module placement
Unamed pc2700 better than Corsair pc3200?!?
I got my Twinmos PC2700 up to 455MHz!
how much??
Ram differences
asus p4pe?
1 Gb memory worthwhile?
what you say about the Kingston HyperX PC-3000 DDR 370Mhz for OC ?
Kingston PC2700 help
Confused about pc3200 vs. 266
Is good 510mhz for a pc2700 cheap stick?
Kingston or Crucial PC2700
"System Failed Memory Test" A7N8X
Quad chanel Memory !!!
OCZ PC3700EL 600FSB! Benchmark score?
What dram chip is in Kingston HyperX 3500
Is it a memory problem?
need some input
Which memory or component is a good deal ?
Either Choice A or B
Samsung 3200 Looks Like Deal!!
2 Ram overclocking questions in 1 thread
will I see a difference with dual channel ram??
Samsung PC 3200 ?
Need some memory help with overclock
Low memory score in PCMARK2002? why?
What ram is good?and how muchdo you need
Insane deal memory
Is this memory XMS PC3200?
Big Problems! Need help quick.
What should my timings be?
Corsair XMS3200
Pc2100 Vs Pc133
think i killed my ram
which ram from newegg?
my pc2400 micron ok for nforce2?
Viritual Memory in WinXP
PC3200 true speed
Dual Channel or PC3200
Twinmos PC3200 CL2.5
Memmory mixing probs
Ram Timings
Is PC 2700 333MHz?
Can i add another stick?
can samsung ddr pc2100 get into 200Mhz FSB ? help !!
What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?
what ddr to go with for nforce2
Pc 3200??
Twinmos mem Q...
Is Kingmax Ram any good??
memory problems
Page file size
What's up? Kingston PC2700 with Kingston chips?
Corsair PC2400
Low bandwidth for dual ddr?
Help - Bad Memory or something else?
Kingston or Twinmos?!
how to tell what kinda memory a mobo can take?
which one
what kind of chips do i have
Quick DDR question.....
Why do program installers always say close all programs?
help plz
RAM setup matter for performance?
512 or 758
where to buy twinmos?
How to change mem ratio with cpu in bios?
amazing chart
dual ddr matching - how to know?
Crucial PC2700
Do VIA P!!! chipsets also have probs with more than 2 sticks?
virtual ram
3 stick of ddr333 = stabilty problems?
A lesson in ddr fsb?
Testing Memory
Asus A7V8X BIOS ROM Help.......
1GB (non registered) modules in your lifetime?
512 of PC3200 and 1G of PC2100
DDR Ram Speed?
general help please!!!
OCSystem PC3200 DDR400 is their ram any good?
Few questions about Corsair XMS 2700 memory
Ok to combine 256Mb and 512Mb sticks?
high density ram
On average what overclocked speed can you expect from PC3200??
does voltage affect CAS stability?
512MB vs 1024MB DDRam Which to get?
Ratio Probs
Is this memory bad?
cant get over 166 fsb.
Is my PC133 RAM a bottleneck?
Please Please Help
What is this (dual channell DDR) stuff
corsair 2700 high mgh 3700, has to be auto?
benchmark scores WHY LOWER?
Kingston 512mb pc2700 valueram with Hynix chips question.
Seitec mem...any good?
Help overclocking Memory.....
Geil PC 3700 512 DDr
Sync-Dimm RAM
DDR 3200 or 3500?? Is there a big difference???
256 mb or 512 mb
Should I keep the Corsair or the Hyperx memory?
Save 10 percent on Mushkin memory
Rapid RAM price drop
had 2700, now 3700, no diff what wrong
what flavor of corsair xms?
RAM type
Best RAM for A7N8X
Memory and FSB in Sync?
Safe Overclock?
OCZ pc3500 uses windbond-6 ??
To spend or not to spend , thats the biggy :)
memort terms
spend my money
What is the best pc3200 memory?
whats Default mem voltage?
Compact Flash Question...
Bad Rambus RAM, anyway to get around it?
Multiwave Ram Good?
ram voltage?
crucial releases PC3200
Check my math: pc2700 vs pc3200