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Mushkin Ram
does sandra show actual RDRAM speed like it does for SDRAM?
wich brand will get me over 200fsb with best memory timing on?
RDRAM Latency and how it relates to overclockability?
what is the best memory?
question about putting on a heatspreader...
Are any good companies planning to launch higher than 3500?
XMS3200C2 OCing prob
samsung pc2700 issues
CORSAIR MEMORY XMS Extreme Memory Speed Series, Low Latency (Twin Pack)
need link for kingston value ram
CorsairXMS vs. Generic Winbond??
256mb ram
Ddr 3500
kingston valram pc400????
MemTest 86 help
Kingston HyperX RAM
Dual Channel Memory (1 vs 2 sticks, sync vs async)
Should I get this stuff?
This really sucks.......
How much RAM is too much?
is Simpletech explosive?
mobo memory question
$119.95 Memory from Hardcooling.us, I got screwed I think, NEED HELP !!!!
Does SDRAM pc133 ram overclock well?
bad sandra scores...
Stange Momory Behavior - Need Help!
memory speed problem
8RDA+ 1 512 PC3200 or 2 356 PC3200
Samsung mem? Newbie
What ram Should I use for IT7MAX2 V2.0
Buying New Memory
Async vs Sync.... How ?
Memory Speed Question
kingston pc2700 work on this motherboard?
1 or 2 sticks of memory?
256MB DDR PC-2100 SDRAM or 392 MEG PC 133 RAM
Geil raised their default voltage requirement to 2.6V!!!
TwinMOS w/ TwinMOS chips as good as TwinMOS w/ Winbond chips?
Mix and match ram sizes?
Good memory?
Memory Problem
Corsair XMS PC3200 cl2 or Low Latency?
ocer pc3200 ddr
Corsair or Winbond? for OC with XP 2100+ Tbred B
What should i do help!!!!!
Memtest freezes when the ram is async?
what do these mean? 2-2-2-6-T1
PNY Optima pc2700
Testing overclocked memory
How long will my ram last if it's run at 2.9v?
TwinMos mem's!?!
OCZ Scandal Finally Hits the Net...Again...
Does Kingston make its own RAM chips?
Dual Channel + twin corsair question
Corsair Pc3200ll @ 466mhz_cas_2?
What is the difference in Non Ecc and Ecc RAM?
Kingston or Corsair?
Can someone with NForce2 run these benches for me...
pc1200 in the pipeline?
Memory and Winxp
pls help with pc100 ram question
consair pc3500???
When burning in, use max volts?
memory timings?
need some ctl!!!
Mushkin PC3200 not happy
Ram suggestions
geil ram??? opinions?
How much faster is DDR2700 than PC133?
Chipconfig. for Asus P4pe!
cosair xms3200 run in a 2100ddr board
how fast r pc2100?
Installation question
2 x 256MB Corsair XMS PC3500 for $110 anyone?
How do you define 'stability'?
Best O/C Ram?
Bad Memory
Bad memory software
Ocz Dual Channel Pc3500 (yes Or No)
whats cas1, cas2, and so on
3200@1441 wtf??
2-2-2-2 or 2.5-3-3-3 ?
Thermaltake RAM heatsinks...
Which memory has 4.5ns chips?
CAS2 PC3200 or CAS 2.5 PC3500
Suggestions for A7n8x RAM, non OCcer
Memory Leakage
MemTest86 Question
is it the ram or something else?
Crucial or Kingston?
memtest86 failing
Need to replace my pc3000 with something lower
ram burn-in?
Would XMS PC 3000 or 3200 be better all around for my pc?
Taking longer to load bf1942 maps
Samsung or Corsair for xp 1700+ B tbred?
Corsair CMX256A-3200LL
Samsung DDR - How do I know if I have 'CTL' vs 'DTL'
Micron VS Kingmax
new to overclocking -need help please!!
Kingston hyper x
Give me a quick help...please!
memory timings
Hardcore Cooling memory
Samsung PC400vsTwinMOSvsInfineon
What RAM settings should i use for a better OC?
512MB OCSystems PC3200 DDR
Corsair 3200!!!
Corsair vs Samsung with an XP2100
asus board and ddr
diffrences between Corsair 256MB 2700LL and Corsair 256MB 2700 ? ?
Are there Winbond DDR333 or DDR400 modules?
RDRAM Questions...
Xms - Look
where is ram going next???
how to check my samsung CTL or not?
XMS or no XMS?
GeIL DDR RAM 512MB PC-3200
GEIL pc3700???
Corsair XMS 3500 512MB for $169
Which ram samsung or Corsair???
Heat Spreaders
Does this seem right to you? newb question
newb question: Dual DDR
DDR333 vs DDR400 Newb problem
Corsair XMS 2400 concerns
Can I run different RAM together?
Samsung with Samsung compatability...
SLOW pc3200
corsair xms pc3200
Question re BAD memory
Advice please, Ram
pc3200 settings in bios on a a7n8x
DDR Speed question
Corsair 3500 vs. 3200
How long can you run Prime95?
Your opinions, Please.
DDR 2???? when when when
DDR SDRAM burst length? 4qw or 8qw?
Anyone know about my ram ? (Samsung DDR400)
Corsair 3500 512mb: newbie question
HELP - XMS PC3200LLPT 512Mb stick on shows 256Mb ??
Building a new pc, need memory recommendations !!!
Where to get CorsairXMS 3500 Twin Pack?
New Memory
Geil PC3500 Review!
Giel 3700 Memory??????????
512mb pc3200 for $137!
Where to buy?
Corrupted hdd?
question about corsair
Memory problems
rambus install
corsair 2700C2, 2700LL, 3000C2, and 3200C2 run @ 200MHz FSB with default voltage?
Dell ECC Memory
any program for ram voltage??
Corsiar XMS 3500/512mb
OCZ information, read this
Xms 3200 Ram Timings
Low Latency Corsair?
Mystery memory PC2700
Memtest86 + Tbred + favor?
Should have gotten better stuff!
confused newbee here
memory speed
I don't particularly care for OCZ (edited by cw823)
voltage ok??
kingston kvr any good?
Corsair 3200 DDR
Corsair XMS2700 Problem?
Which Corsair ram performs better between 3500c2, 3200LL and 3200c2?
Dual Channel DDR vs DDR
quick XMS question
What should I expect from my RAM?
Kingston Hyper x 3500
XMS2700 Faster than XMS3500?
Big PC Upgrade, Have a few memory questions
Running Dual channel memory slower than fsb
newocz ram-lots of errors-what to do
simple, quick question
Quick purchasing memory question
Yes got my Corsair 3200XMS running 404mhz!
DDR Question
Two options for Overclocking my rig. Which one!?
is it my memory?
DDR question
Kingston HyperX or Corsair 3200 for my 8RDA+? ET?
Please help identify cas setting.
testing twinmos pc3200 or kt400 (MSI KT4V-L)
Epox 8k5a2+ Memory
Samsung debuts 1.5Gb/s DDR3 SRAM
Twinmos Chips on TWinmos 3200
Use Www.resellerratings.com Before Buying Ram Online!
2-2-2-6 preforming BETTER 2-2-2-5?
Crucial or Corsair LL??
pc2700 not recognized?
XMS PC3200...There are different types!!!
Memory Voltages?
Oc system memory
Does Anyone Have. . .
Any feedback on this RAM?
what ram?
Kingston Hyper-X Ram Modules...information for potential buyers.
CHEAP Samsung pc3700 DDR...
DDR vs. DDR2
Samsung pc2700 ram series?
How dangerous is running at 2.9v?
2 vs 4 Rdram
Good memory for 8RDA?
Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Water Cooled DRAM and Graphics Memory?
PC3200 or PC2700
GeIL 3500 memory 512 as good as OCZ??
Ram for use with 32-bit Mobo
Corsair Platinum Series
Timings versus FSB
Does compaq use regular ram?
New CPU, New RAM
OK, Strange issue with FSB...Need an answer soon.
A7N8X and ram settings
Corsair 3500 or OCZ 3500
what are ram timings?
Ocz Pc3700
PC3200 good for 1.8 P4?
question about corsair xms2700c2
Can burn in improve memory?
Real story on Dual DDR400 w/ A7N8X
memory testing software?
::Memory not recognised by BIOS::
Kingston HyperX or Geil ?
"optimized for dual channel ddr"?
How high have you taken your Corsair XMS 3200
Memory prices
To those who ordered TwinMOS/WinBond 256MB from MemoryX recently:
DDR and Dual DDR?
Best Ddr Ram?
pc-150 sd-ram
help finding good memory
corair twinx512-3200ll vs cmx256a-3500c2
Kingston PC2700 Val RAM
Crucial DDR
Memory timing?
Copper heat spreaders?
fsb and ddram timing
4GB of memory on one stick.....nice!
Row Active Delay
Memory For The Non-Overclocker
Is 2.9Voltage to high on p4s533-e?
756 or 512 of the good stuff
Is this even possable for SDR
knuckleheads got a question.........
Has anyone tried the GEIL PC3700 or the Sammy PC3700
Improving Latency in Games
PC-3200LLPT or PC-3500C2
Why is my 3200 @ less than 2100???????
Cosair XMS2700
What Is This? Anyone Know?
Samsung PC2700 settings at 150Mhz
rimm voltage enabled or not.
I want to O/C my pc, what memory to use???
Sammy Mem Sucks??
Will an Abit kx7333 support..........
3d mark increase?
P4b533 cant run 2 2 2 5 timing
Help me choose ram for my Asus A7N8X Deluxe
Hexus OCZ review!
Dead Crucial Stick
What is this?
twinmos "windbond" 256mb pc3200 from memoryx
Best DDR ram available?
troublesome p42400/rdram 1066
Corsair Ultra Low Latency RAM
a78n8x, volts issue
"Safe" settings for CorsairXMS 3200
Mem Causing Corruption?
Different Colored Memory?
ram and paging files size
xms 3200 question
what will the comp do if memory is running too high?
Corsair Memory question!
XMS 3000 need advice
Memory size/quantity
Best 256MB sticks of DDR for an 8RDA+?
removing heat spreaders
Would adding more help?
A Few Mem Questions :)
What Memory for Asus A7N8X
Corsair Before I buy!!!!...HELP!!!
how to measure vrimm?
oc'ing memory
RDRAM .....Will Intel drop support?!?!?!
Bad Memory??
Peformance hit?
Finaly got me corsair!!!
Memory, Mobo, or CPU?
Pro266TD Memory
OCZ 256MB PC-3500 Dual Channel EL-DDR question
Corsair XMS difference - help wich to choose?
Is Samsung PC3200 Cas 2.5 decent mem?
Good Deal or No?
Help! Which memory timings should I set?!
dual ddr please explain
sammy ctl & dtl don't play well together
Pny Rules
Anybody Can Help?
WooWW! Mushkin PC-3200 256MB
Overclocking my rig
Half of potential bandwidth!?
Mixing Crucial and Kingston memory?
Which one is faster between nForce2 and KT333/400 @ 400MHz FSB or higher?
to buy ddr266 memory, still ok?
Thoroughbred and electrmigration
just a question bout memory.
TwinMOS PC3200 Winbond - 1*512 or 2*256?
Bad Stick?
Corsair 2700/3000 vs pc2100
Why buy PC2700 if PC2100 is sufficient? (if not OCing)
What kind of speeds can I "expect" from these twinmos?
Crucial pc2100 @ 196mhz!!!
More Memory
Random errors while encoding
Memory timings, vs FSB speeds?????
Another 512MB RAM stick?
mushkin pc3200
KINGSTON HyperX..ANyone try this stuff yet
corsair 2700 ram question
running RAM at 2.7 Volts OK?
Pc2700 + Pc3200 = ?
KD7 and RAM speeds
A question and first post!
New Corsair memory
Granite Bay DDR speed
RAM prices dropping again?
Best Ram for a 845PE mobo.
what the meaning
memory > fsb, is there a point?
How do I OC my PC3500?
memory timing setting ?
Anyone emplyed as a technician in California
what kind of chip are in the Corsair?
How many sticks to make 2gigs?
Help me set my mem timings - easy question for you pros!
memory markings
benchmark question
new rig w/ corsair 3500 won't boot
How Good is this Memory?
Using PC3500 on a PC3200 board
only 2500 memory bandwidth with xms3500
Stuck @ 180 FSB
PC2700 - Another vs. thread - today's Samsung/Crucial
How high will Corsair pc3200 go?
KT333 On GA-7VAX sets DDR @ 283mhz!?!?
How to get more out of PC1066
is my memory bandwidth benchmark good
can someone id my ram markings?
PC3200 Corsair vs other
Memtest86 Question!!
nforce2 dual DDR and OCing
"What's the best ram" follow up
Huh? My RK-Byte generic DDR dead?
256Mb 400Mhz or 512 333Mhz?
Need help picking ram...
XMS3200C2 showing as pc2700
Memory speed and performance
dtl and ctl won't work together?
1gig of ram
Corsair XMS3500C2 max voltage?
p4 1.8a which ram?
geil pc3700 avalable at newegg now
queue depth and command rate?
TwinMos with Winbond 5ns Chips ROCKS!!!
New Mem Time
Memory Config
how much value has a multi vs FSB
interesting rdram bandwidth discovery
HELP! 512MB 64x64 Motherboard problems!
samsung memory opinions wanted
PC3200 Overclocked on p4s533?
What is PC2700 supposed to be CAS rated at?
434MHz RAM....is there a point?
What memory should i get?
Prime 95?
is it ok of I use crucial and kingston at the same time?
Burning in
ocz pc1200 rdram
Will my PC2100 hold me back?
mem timings ?
Duel DDR or not?
RAM data wanted for tech library
DDR3200 on a DDR2700 Mobo?
Combining RAM
Wierd Memory Problem!
Would more RAM benefit me?
termination voltage?
Ram and Overclocking
2 Sticks vs. 1 Stick
looking hard at Corsair XMS
is 3 sitcks of RAM too many?
How to know if xms3500 its performing like it should?
can or not
How many sticks of RAM do you...
Cooling rdram....Active or Insane?
slower memory in faster motherboard
Do heatspreaders work?
Safe voltage for DDR? And o'cing results on my strange stick of DDR...
2 of 3 mem slots bad??
Strange DIMM
Crucial Ram will not run on aggresive timings!!!
Kingston pc2700 won't oc' !!
samsung pc2700 that sucks!
In-Depth Article
just plain bad ram?
just got my Kingston DDR 2700 256MB, it says infineon, how far will it overclock?
Kingston PC2700 pictures
Anyone hear anything about Corsair ram specifically for the nForce 2?
mushkin pc3200 good?
2 sticks or 1?
Samsung DDR400 and PC2700,which one ?
how much is enough?
question about corsair xms pc2700
Strange DDR chips on a strange DDR DIMM! Help me identify it!
Help please with my father's computer.
new ram
Is less Memory better than more?
A quick question
Memory upgrade?
The Big Pc3200 War
pc100 vs. pc133
Total Newbie, Buying RAM :p
512 DDR400 or 1gb DDR266
what is better? the fastest RDRAM or the fastest DDR SDRAM?
Can this be done?
owners of Kingston pc2700 value ram post here
Crucial ??
What's the advantage???
what is on the chip of corsair ddr333 c2?
pc 1300 or the smell of burning chips
my Corsair PC3500 sucks but why?
ok..about flash memory
Kingston or Hyundai
Order of cas settings...
Memory Voltage
Epox 8RDA+ pc2100
Seriel ATA
GeIL PC3700 466MHz DDR Golden Dragon Series
running 1:1 @ ddr266 almost as fast as 3:4 @ ddr354?
weird memory? =s
New PC 1066 at Googlegear?
kingston or samsung pc2700
any DDR memory beyond 3500 planned?
RDRAM backwards compatible
PC150 RAM - Corsair or Mushkin?
Ddr Ram
RDRAM capable of 1200 MHz?
bum memory
Best Timings for Corsair XMS3200C2?
Which DDR Ram?
is this good winbond ram?
TWINmos PC2700 cl2
RDRAM Watercooled?
Do i really need crosair to overclock
is memtest on the floppy?
DDR beats 1066 RD
Been getting weird Errors
512MB pc3200 ddr ram
do memory sinks serve any purpose?
Why memory timing is over-rated? Cache
Kingston, Kingmax, or Giel for my DDR 2700 256MB RAM stick?
Mushkin PC3200 Promo Build any good?
Async vs Sync...
How many of you test your ram completely?
Want cheap PC3500?!? Buy THIS PC2700!!!
Who Sells OCZ EL-DDR PC3500 Ram?
best ram, need pro opinion
"True" vs. "not overclocked..." memory
200fsb, best ram for it on kx7333?
do all brands of memory perform the same
Win2k parity error upon booting?
who makes good "aftermarket" heat spreaders?
OCZ2700 512 stick CL2
Corsair 3200 C2 twin for nforce2 board
Kignston Valueram PC2700
will i see a big difference from sdram to ddr?
----Quantity vs quality----
How many modules should I buy for an Epox 8RDA+ nForce2
can the a7v8x takemore than 1 stick of Pc3200 ram
Which Quiet PSU?