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Memory upgrade?
The Big Pc3200 War
pc100 vs. pc133
Total Newbie, Buying RAM :p
512 DDR400 or 1gb DDR266
what is better? the fastest RDRAM or the fastest DDR SDRAM?
Can this be done?
owners of Kingston pc2700 value ram post here
Crucial ??
What's the advantage???
what is on the chip of corsair ddr333 c2?
pc 1300 or the smell of burning chips
my Corsair PC3500 sucks but why?
ok..about flash memory
Kingston or Hyundai
Order of cas settings...
Memory Voltage
Epox 8RDA+ pc2100
Seriel ATA
GeIL PC3700 466MHz DDR Golden Dragon Series
running 1:1 @ ddr266 almost as fast as 3:4 @ ddr354?
weird memory? =s
New PC 1066 at Googlegear?
kingston or samsung pc2700
any DDR memory beyond 3500 planned?
RDRAM backwards compatible
PC150 RAM - Corsair or Mushkin?
Ddr Ram
RDRAM capable of 1200 MHz?
bum memory
Best Timings for Corsair XMS3200C2?
Which DDR Ram?
is this good winbond ram?
TWINmos PC2700 cl2
RDRAM Watercooled?
Do i really need crosair to overclock
is memtest on the floppy?
DDR beats 1066 RD
Been getting weird Errors
512MB pc3200 ddr ram
do memory sinks serve any purpose?
Why memory timing is over-rated? Cache
Kingston, Kingmax, or Giel for my DDR 2700 256MB RAM stick?
Mushkin PC3200 Promo Build any good?
Async vs Sync...
How many of you test your ram completely?
Want cheap PC3500?!? Buy THIS PC2700!!!
Who Sells OCZ EL-DDR PC3500 Ram?
best ram, need pro opinion
"True" vs. "not overclocked..." memory
200fsb, best ram for it on kx7333?
do all brands of memory perform the same
Win2k parity error upon booting?
who makes good "aftermarket" heat spreaders?
OCZ2700 512 stick CL2
Corsair 3200 C2 twin for nforce2 board
Kignston Valueram PC2700
will i see a big difference from sdram to ddr?
----Quantity vs quality----
How many modules should I buy for an Epox 8RDA+ nForce2
can the a7v8x takemore than 1 stick of Pc3200 ram
Which Quiet PSU?
Difference Between OEM AND Retail Memory?
Is 1 stick of xms 3000cl2 512megs
crucial 2100 @ 172
Ram question......
what setting is ok?
ddr voltage
ECC vs non-ECC
Corsair...Reg Ver vs. Platinum edition
Preferred Memory for Granite Bay
Corrupted files =///
DDR questions
pc2100 beats over pc3200?
Is my memory dodgey?
I don't get it.
Twinmos PC3200
kingston pc2700
Prime 95 Burn in..
Rdram question
Overclocking Question
PC3000, 3200, 3500...what to buy?
What's the best pc2700, 512mb stick of memory for under $140?
nforce 2 dual channel memory
Any tricks to get CAS2.5 to run at CAS2?
Ocz Pc3700 Ddr?
The RAM from HELL!
Hail you gods of timing, latency, and CAS
384mb which comp
WPCREDIT And DDR Memory Timings
Best deal on xms pc3200
PC only recognizes half of the installed RAM!?
PC 2700=PC 3200??????? info request
Samsung RDram on pricewatch
Dual Channel DDR on nForceII
What do ECC and DIMM mean
Importance of chipset to memory performance
Buying Corsair 3200s - A Quick Question
anyone have a-data memory?
Opinions on this RAM?
Ram cooling block
windows unable to process the registry, not enough RAM?
corsairxms3200 settings..
My Kingston 2100 same as new XMS3500
Help needed
my beef with Corsair ram
Corsair XMS 3200 and Higher FBS.. HOW?
reliable site? samsung pc3200
I can't believe what I'm about to say!!! OCZ runs better than Corsair 3500 C2!
Best memory
ram and fsb
Samsung Rdram ECC driving me nuts
bad memory
Corsair CMX512-3200C2
Why can't I get the CAS 2-5-2-2
RDRAM Thrashes DDR?
voltage, mhz, timings
disappointed with samsung
Found a Ram Guide
Is low density a bad thing?
pc3200 or pc2700
Ram types ??
Voltage for Ram
Crucial 2700 prices UP!!
best memory arrangement?
GeIL memory.........
3 DDR slots on main board, which one to use?
ID this memory please
Dead Memory??
PC3200 or PC3500 ?
what is density?
brand important?
Memory timings
can DDR 2100 be used in a KT333 mobo (ddr 2700)?
Corsair XMS with A7V333 and XP2400 unlocked
Does anyone make 1 GB sticks of PC2700?
best ram to buy?
256MB. Is More RAM a Must?
Can someone explain ratios for me 3:4 1:1 4:5 ??
Is it my memory thats stopping me?
2100 and 2700 combo
Samsung DDR chip numbers-how to interpret them?
What is going wrong here terrible memory and CPU Nrs in sandra
What's the Difference in this Memory?
Which of these 2 should i go with?
2 different brands of Memory.
Need help quick!!
errors in memtest86
32bit RDRAM
Why 2 sticks of ram dont overclock as well.
what is the best ram to buy for a fair price?
first ->166 Crucial or Generic Samsung
mem Vs pci
2 sticks=bad oc?
Memory timings in bios
like tryin to soup up a moped
Oc Performance
Am I The Ram Master Or Am I The Ram Master?!
166mhz or higher with Corsair XMS PC3200?
Samsung or Corsair
CorSair XMS setting, Help needed!
How high is too high?
A7N8X Memory Question
crucial return policy...
RAM Question
166 fbs with Agressive settings?
Testing my ram timings
Pny ocing capability??
best ddram
OCZ EL DDR PC-3500 Dual Channel Enhanced Latency Series
Incredible score A.Data PC3200!!
is dual ddr like raid 0?
Crucial or samsung? plz help!
highest possible fsb without corruption?
*Help* What ram for new MB
Has anyone tried OCZ EL-DDR yet?
DDR after PC100 RAM
BX6r2 memory problems
RAM type for MSI K7D Master?
1GB sticks...
RAM warranties?
Geil Value Select
Anyone tested kingston 3500 yet?
nforce2 w/ rdr or ddr
What is the good kingmax?
Can I...
SHould I get this? Corsair XMS3200 or save and get 3500?
got some ram
Mix differnent size rdram?
Much diffrence in speed using PC3200 then PC2700?
cannot get 2-2-5-2
Is There Such A Thing As To Much Memory?! (A Must Read For Memory Junkies!)
Need Ram suggestions
DRAM Freq.
Crucial memory!!!!
Corsair PC3200 memory settings?
ddr oc"d benchmarks???
dram drive strength, i have no clue what to set this to.
OK...really ****ing me off!!!
CAS# Drive
DDR400 goes official
Question, memory dumps... Short out, and troubleshooting
mixing corsair with ocz pc3500
Memory in RAID 0?
Buffered or Unbuffered?
Anyone RMA'd to Corsair?
What are better timings
Dual channel with pc3200 and pc300
Memory and Monitors
Trouble with MEMTEST86
MY XMS2700 RAM croaked should I...
Please Help
Which one of these two would you buy?
how high???
One more Dual DDR question.....
Where do you see the benefits of Dual Channell DDR?
Memory Latency hit if run Asnychronously?
What is VCM? Or SPD?
high speed
What 512MB stick of DDR should I buy?
DDR Application Question
Is RDRAM Dying?
Need advice on memory
super ram ?
XMS3500 C2 test, same stick, 3 diff boards, results inside
ram voltage, how much is too much?
DDR 2100 v 2700 ?
how fast is your pc1066??
Are copper heatspreaders worth it???
RDRAM or DDR, please help
OCZ Wins PC3200-3500 Shootout
PC2100 and diminishing returns
RAM Database
High/Low density RAM issues?
effects of memory OC'ed too far?
setting memory timing speed
Samsung vs Corsair and Performance
I need some charts.......
Will Corsair Let me Lower Vcore?
Need some ram (specific needs)
Will Sandra 2003 tell me if my samsung ram is TRUE?
how can i determent a true Sunsang stick?
Improving Performance
PC166 SDRAM here
memory test
DDR500 Memory to be launched
400Mhz DDR good for the future?
For those with corsair pc3500...how far can u push it?
does kt 266 support?
Do 16x16 double-sided memory...
ECC/Registered really needed for large memory amounts?
corsair pc3500 needs 2.9V at 211FSB, good?
RDRAM Turbo Mode?
New Avatar Rules - PLEASE READ !!!
memory timing? and CPU clock ?
Noob To Prime 95
is my memory or pci bus holding me from getting higher fsb speeds?
Corsair Platinum XMS or Regular XMS
RAM heatsinks, any good?
Memory Timings
Question on memory Unbuffered, EEC
Ocz Ram
Abit KX7-333 and RAM
Curious Kingston ValueRam PC2700...
different types of crucial
Can you have aggressive timings with 2 seperate Sticks of Ram(corsair XMS cs2)??
Explain This to Me...
What kind of memory should i get???(corsair)
advice on Kingston PC2700
What's the best balance for memory timings?
Stuck at 170FSB
XMS 3200 CL2.5 users post your results
Which Corsair? 3200XMS (C2) or 3500XMS (C2.5)
What is the difference between all the Corsair Xms 3200s?
cheap samsung PC2700 vs. more expensive stuff?
Overclocking Problem?!?!
Corsair PC3500 2x256mb or 1x512mb??
Just got my sticks of corsair pc3500 and
How much memory do you have and why?
need help w/ mem timings on new nforce board
Corsiar Does make a Difference!!!
Kinston PC-3200
is my RDRAM 32ns?
will RDRAM PC1066 OC to 1200?
Pc800 Rdram (samsung) R64168z8n2-40
How do I know if my Corsair XMS is a good stick?
DDR333 or DDR400 ?
How can I tell my corsair is cas2 or not?
Which For EpoX nForce2?
samsung let down
1 stick faster than 2 Y/N?
Just got my PC3200 corsair Cs2 ram??, now what?
confused about memory bios setting
ram for a gamer
Kingston PC2700 @ 218mhz cas2
512MB stick of DDR Available that will do 250Mhz+ CAS2.5?
ram or motherboard difference
kingmax pc 3200 tiny bga
RD 800 vs DDR 266 which is better?
what the different
Could this be my ram?
PC133 2x128 vs 1x256
Going DDR. PC???? Should i get?
Memory timing *noob question*
my pc3000 wont oc anymore?
Memory Mhz Changes With Fbs Change?
Corsair PC3500C2 or PC3200C2?
2 sticks of 256Mb = 384Mb RAM?!?
133 Fsb 2-2-2-5-7 or 146 FSB 3-3-3-7-9
what's your voltage?
Is my memory holding me back?
got some 133 finally
PC 133 Ram Question
Samsung Pc2700 any good?
1 stick or 2 with nforce2?
which revision from corsair mxs is good?
ram speed test
gig of memory ok for windows xp?
Changing mem timings in my Laptop ?!?!?
Corsair PC3200C2 vs PC3500C2
Best ram optimizer?
Why do some sacrifice FSB for CAS?
Just bought PC3200 Corsair?? Good price???
Bad memory?
Will OCZ DDR PC-3200 work with Asus A7N8X-DX Motherboard
memtest...how accurate?
ram problems?
memory dump bsods...memory problem?
weird results
Memory overclocking shenanigans
Results: Samsung PC2700 final analysis
Good RAM brands besides Corsair?
Using PC3200 DDR With XP2600/333?
is samsung good ram?
Question, need answer before tomorrow!!!
Is there a DOS program to check memory stability?
PC 3200 is now PC2700
Ram suggestions needed
Crucial pc2700 Memory
1 Stick or 2?
pc3500, is it worth it?
Is PC3200 just overclocked PC2700 with a guarantee?
will uping voltage on pc100 allow for higher fsb
Low memory Scores.. need help
ddram voltage
How Much ram can/will XP allocate
results of vmem mod on it7 with cosair 3200
More ram or faster ram?
P4PE what did I do?
Why does everyone think that RDRAM is dieing???
Overclocking RAM having a risk of killing it??
nForce2 boards work best with RAM pairs: choose continuity or quality?
P4pe > Corsair 2700 How Do I Overclock?
How much does ram o/c
samsung ddr400
Ram selection, which one?
What does this mean?
Memory parity error
Will this Work????
Stupid question
Standard and Original memory?
Is my memory causing these bsods?
How is OCZ ram? inparticular the DDR 2700 R3.2?
hclk etc etc, help
Wondering what memory I can put in my VIA KT133A mobo...
stupid (but needed question)
DCDDR question
2.9v safe longterm for corsair xms3200 c2?
Online US store that ship to canada?
People who have experienced with corsair, I need help!
Am I missing something? Samsung PC2700...
Dual Channel DDR vs. DDR
pc3200 or pc2100???
256 or 512?
Ocz Pc-3700, Pc4000 Soon!!!!!!
Wich app tu use to Burn in Memory..!!
turns out XMS3500 is XMS3200C2 mislabelled?
Mobo Manufacturer strongly recommends certain 3200?
Samsung Rdram... difference?
Samsung Original
P4PE> 3200 samsung or 2700corsair?
Swap files with 1 gig of memory?
tips for removing the heat spreader on corsair memory
Mobo ram support
How well does 2 stick of 256mb PC-3500 GEIL clocks?
Who is best RAM manu for $$ ?
is GEIL DDR good?
Anyone tried CAS1.5?
PC2700 or 3200????
Mushkin PC3200 Latency
This is probably a dumb question
where is corsair xms3200 c2 maxing out at?
Ram timings
RAM Disk, anybody got it work?
Checking damaged memory
Some Explanation please about Sandra
Memory bandwith explanation needed?
Ram Slots!!
is OCZ good ?
Kingston PC2100
First report on Kingston Hyper X in
Rdram Samsung Rocks Pc800= Pc1160 !
What brand DDR will be used with Intels by Dell, etc.
Corsair PC3500 Platinum!
new ram choices
Crucial uses Samsung?
hw importent is the CAS latency?
A friend in trouble
What is going on here?
Need Advice Quick Before I Spend Money!
Kingston PC 3500 Cas 2?
ram heat sinks with fan?
DDR suggestions..
What's wrong with this DIMM?
Is there 5ns SD-RAM??? Could this be possible?
Corsair Valueram any good?
Anybody heard of...
Newbie ? More mem. than the FSB can handle?
thsi is a stupid question
Stock Voltage of Corsair XMS PC3200?--can't hit 170?
Kingston hyper x series
Increasing Vdimm and memory performance
? about making DDR400 run at 200Mhz
6VAXP v1 and XMS3500 DDR DIMMs with CAS2
How much memory voltage is ok?
Somebody shoot me
Trying to learn about ram (help)
Is samsung PC800 rdram really the best?
Nforce memory overclocking
winbond pc2700 uses sames chips as corsair pc3200
RAM brand question
whats the thing with mixing ddr
Memory suggestion for nforce2?
WinXP performance decrease over 768MB RAM
Help! 256MB RAM only shows 128MB?
RAM prices?
More RAM effecting Overclocking.
Some Questions on RAM I want to purchase
How to overclock Corsair CMX512-3000C2 and P42.53-C1
how does a original samsung pc2700 look like?
What are the ram limitations under older operating systems?
async and sync mem
Which RAM - nForce2
RAMBUS still king!
How does fsb affect a processor's memory bandwidth?
Does XMS 3500 still have problems when running in pairs?
quad bank memory?
Corsair XMS 512mb PC 2700 and Sandra
RD vs. DDR
sorry but how much ram in XP?
Best RAM on a budget
Corsair XMS PC3500 CAS2
Infinineon RAM
adding memory?
do u havta take out the ram chip to see if u have CTL or DTL
Can anyone explain me the CPU/RAM ratio divider ?
Post Ur PC 3500 Corsair OCZ ExperIenZe
mushkin vs CORSAIR
Memory limiting OC
New Crucial DDR2700 speed
PC3200 acting like PC2700 ??
memory in laptop
512mb Kingston PC2700 DDR333... How high will it go?
should I make my own ramsinks?
pc2100 o/c Screenshots
What motherboard to get to overclock pc2100 RAM?
Anyone with True Samsung PC2700...a question.
Corsair XMS or X-treme DDR
fsb and ram speed?
2100 and 2700 is there a diff?
PC3200 cant set past 3-3-6-3
Samsung PC3200 Cas 2.5, help needed.
does dimm slot matter?
Unknown RDRAM
Kingston Value Ram 512MB 2700@ PC3500
Identifying mem chips?