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"System failed memory test" - A7V333
JEDEC a little slow on the pickup?
I think I know where all the Samsung CTL went...
Memory settings & benchmarks
Ram timings
OCZ memory
Where can I find crimms?
is OCZ memory any good ?
Overclocking pc133
Stick of 512PC2100 DDR ram ... Whats the best ?
How do I make my RAM go faster?
real Samsung DDR400 seems to be out now
Calling ALL RAM KNOW-IT-Alls: Quick! Which ram?
1066RDram expirences??
Screwed over by Newegg again!
Which Ram
Want to get 1.5gb have 512 want another 2 what should i get
How much ram is enough?
how do i configure this???
pc3000 read as pc2100
more ram = less oc?
Crucial confusion
cpu fsb and dram settings
Corsai problem
HOT Crucial DDR
samsung or winbond chips???
Samsung Original PC2700 (DTL) or Mushkin PC2700?
Whats best? 1 stick or 2 stick of ddr?
RAM set up
Ram cooling mod
Samsung PC2700 max 230MHz @ By SPD help me please!!!
Ram Timings and memory to cpu ratio.Help please.
Memory PC3500 Question
Most Ram
Is Crucial good ram?
Help, my memory is slow!
How to tweak speed of ram
200 with the Mushkin!!
High FSB Results
What can I do?
I am getting new ram
I should be shot for ever buying Corsair XMS from Atacom
Cheap but decent DDR ram..
Dual Channel DDR for P4?
RAM question
Dual Channel DDR for P4?
Samsung quit making "C" revision
DDR Guide = what is best?
ram drand?
Anyone else get the Mushkin deal?
First post, please help
My RAM MIGHT be acting strange. Hey its OCZ!
why is my corsair xms ram so HOT!
Ocsystem RAM?
Will my ram limit me? Opinions....
Anyone use Xtreme ddr lately or heard anything good about it?
Samsung 4200 Rambus at NewEgg...
Crucial PC-2100
two kinds of ram
My bad memory, what should I do?
Need help configuring RAM speed.
Testing PC133 in PC100 mobo
Is it worth getting 512mb over 256?
would boosting V on ram get me 1T command on?
RAM for performance and oc
how do i know what speed my ram is at?
What type of rdram does Dell use/
Newbie Memory Question
645DX PX2700 OCed to 400 how to test?
Is a good mobo more important than memory??
Corsair or XtremeDDR
Which memory to get?
Conflicts between two different size sticks of ram?
samsung 2700 512mb
samsung 512MB pc3200
Hey guys...take a look at my other post in cooling..
ram voltage @ 2.7V-24\7
I can't believe what I'm seeing
PNY OPTIMA 128 DDR ...Quality?
newb memory q's
aaargggh not funny..... (error)
Where to buy samsung pc2700?
Mushkin PC300 just 150 FSB??
should i run ddr370 at ddr400 speeds?
DDR HeatSpeaders- Do they really give you more MHz??
Newegg.com saved the day for me...What a company!
WinBond PC2700 vs Samsung PC2700
ram prices SUCK!
New Corsair 3200 rev. with Winbond
best RAM for the buck??
cas 2
What is NVRAM?
OCZ PC2700 from newegg results
OCZ PC2400 - 145FSB only?
Same Model?
Good Ram
XtremDDR pc3200 uses Samsung 'CTL' chips
how to add more voltage to VDimm?
Adding 128 PC133 problems
Any OFFICIAL evidence CTL is better than DTL?
nVidia broke 5000MB/s in Sandra with AMD!
Ddr? Dual or single?
DDR 333 too slow. Abit BD7II-Raid
Mushkin 2700 512@ $125
Mix PC133 with PC2100?
Relative Performance of CAS2 vs. CAS3
Intel 845 chipset and Corsair XMS3200
Ramsinks? And which dimm slots?
Does RAM timing really matter?
Does Mushkin mislabel ?
Prices going up should I keep the dtl
Conversion for NS into MHZ
Cheap Crucial SDRAM 512 PC133
Asus P4T533 and what about RIMM4200?
memory problems - ideas?
memory question pc2700 or 2100
new egg.com
Newegg discontinues Samie 256?
Samsung PC2700 512MB users, fall in.
good advice or not??
GeIL PC3500 433MHz DDR
Help soyo problems
Samsung DDR400 available soon?
Please read - need input on varying memory types and specs
Registered Ram - Any Good?
CTL and DLT whats the difference?
1 gig or 512 of memory?
Does this MEM Score seen LOW ?
XMS 3200.... WTF this SUCKS!
kingmax or corsair pc150?
Ordering Samsung PC2700 soon
memory management tools useful or crap?
W2k registry tweak needed for large RAM amount?
Whatchu think of these DDR modules
Ok guys, I really need help here (Sorry for the newbie questioning...)
Any hard news on 4200 avalability
Samsung PC 2700 and low sisoft sandra benchmarks
Very helpful in choosing memory
Ocz Ram
samsung ddr333.how good is it?
generic: Samsung or Micron?
on Sisoft mem bench I get 66MB/sec :((
Need to get over 440DDR!! What memory can do it??
Ocz Pc2700 512
Vmem mod for Iwill P4R533
DDR Ram water coolers?
Is 1600 obsolete?
ram type
1Gig stick or two 512?
Let me get this strait.
Calling all 200MHz-ers out there!
OK, this may sound like a n00b question :p
Potential problems with my dream system?
Corsair XMS 'Platinum'...
Whats the best performin RDR PC-1066 brand out there?
Corsair "approved dealer" warning
XtremeDDR good for OC'ing??
Cheap ddr prices?
another sandra question
Question on memory & memory chips...
P4B533 Mem Issues. 3:4, 4:3 problems.
Corsair XMS 3200 and Abit BD7-II
Newegg's Corsair XMS 3200 (512MB)
Samsung launches DDR-II gigahertz graphics DRAM
DDR Prices Going UP
if i add voltage to my ddr will it increase its speed?
How far can PC1066 go?
PC150 Mushkin or Kingmax ????
Should we buy RAM NOW?
Memory timings for Corsair XMS pc3000?
Corsair PC800 RIMM
Advice about buying ram
corsair pc3000 cas2 or pc3200 cas 2.5?
DDR ram
Memory Price Increases?
Different Ram...
Crucial vs. ???
3 sticks keeping me from overclocking?
DDR400 Is Clearly Intel's Future!
Corsair 1066 RDRAM
REG DDR faster than 266??
wait for pc3200 Cas2, or get some Corsair XMS3000?
Mushkin PC3000 Cannot hack it.
What is your mem at?
Micron Ram good?
is it the heat do ya think?
Is only ONE rambus possible?
Difference between Intel sertified and not
Do Not Buy Theese Ram !!
pc2100 ddr ram question
Where can you buy PC166 SDRAM?
newbie ram question
512mb pc2100 ram or 256mb pc2700 and pc3200 ram
New Gail Memory
lowest memory settings
pc2100 ram
Compact Flash question...
PC-1200 Rdram
what memory setting should I have in bios for a good OC
Athlon XP's and ddr ram
will 2100 work with 2700 ddr ram
Mushkin pc133 sdram problem
Mushkin... WOW what a company!
Corsair XMS PC3000@185, CAS 2-2-2- low sandra scores
crappy ram performance
RAM advice
Just cant do it?!?!
Cheap RAM
Awsome link on everything there is to know about RAM
Need PC3000 or 3200 in Canada!
Whats the deal with Dual DDR RAM?
Corsair PC3000C2 or PC3200 ???
I S I T M Y R A M?
All my RAM knowledge, correct me plz
Help me out w/OC'ing memory..
danger danger!
I need a RAM suggestion...
Crucial DDR
I am a ram idiot
geil pc3500
Samsung PC1066 RDRAM now available
Corsair XMS3200 v1.1 vs. XMS3200 v2.1
when to up ram voltage.
Ram Q
Checking FSB & an HP Statement
mixed memory?
What is right ram for overclock to DDR400?
best ram to partner with Soyo Dragon Ultra?
Ram Overclocking?
Need help overclocking 2.26b w/ Gigabyte 8IHXP and RDRAM
11th hour...help me out with PC2700 choice
umm PC2100 ...
corsair platinum?
Successful Overclocking
kingston 1066 RDRAM ???????
Ocz Rdram?????????
Questions about Mushkin PC3000 ???
Buying some new Memory. DDR.
Corsair XMS3200 = exactly 400mhz, not 1 mhz more!
I don't want to buy CrapBrand RDRAM!!!
A few questions
Sandra ays my mem is crap!
Dead RAM works in Sandra but not Win2K?
My Samsung DDR333 won't o/c at least just 1 Mhz!
Will a Vmod to my RAM give any extra FSB?
Samsung PC 2700 Question
Please help out the mathematically challenged
what is the max fsb my mem can handle?
memtest errors. Should I care?
5 months of computer overclocking hell by KK
Best PC1xx RAM?
Could a bum stick of crucial be causing my freezing?
Will corsair XMS 2700 do 190 FSB Aggressive?
Samsung Sppeed
if you plan to buy DDR...
help me make my ram decision
Specifically Ordered CLT from Newegg got DDR
please convince me why to use ddr and not rdram
Just a Thought
256MB PC2100 or 384MB PC133 ??
memtest errors no errors at different FSB
corsair rdram now available
virtual memory
wheres the cheapest place to get pc2100 256 mem ???
Samie on a Powermem, please
Who makes this?
Corsair XMS3200
Can SDRAM (yes SDRAM) do 166?
crucial/micron ram modules
Shweet Corsair RAM forum
Stability Issue
whats CPU-DRAM clock ratio??
PC3000 vs PC3200
Is memory the problem?
1066 or dual ddr?
Compact Flash speed?
What to do?
Please Help/ Need Best Memory Divider Setting
Burning in your RAM??
my Samsung DDR333 won't oc over DDR354.
is this samsung ram any good?
is this reasonable for samsung pc2700 ram?
What are your experiences with O/C Samsung PC2700 333mhz DDR???
Regular or XMS Corsair RAM????
memory speed Help
How do I remove OCZ heat spreader?
newbie question... how to oc ram..
Pc3500 Ddr?
Which Ram to get to 166 fastest settings?
Good memory benchmarking util?
DTL Samsung works fine here
Samsungs CTL
Mushkin, what to choose....
New Mushkin 512 2100 high Perf Level 2 2-2-2
Samsung dtl questions..
JEDEC begins working on DDR III
Burning in with ram?
512 Addressable Mb In Win 98??!!!
Registered and Unbuffered...wtf
Corsair or Mushkin????
Samsung Rimms- which?
About using higher frequency DDR RAM
Isn't this wonderful? dtl/ctl
2700 ddr or 3000 ddr? which should i get?
I have something to share with all of you ;)
No problem with DTL Samsung here
Overclocking potential of PC 1066
have a question about ocin ram and whats ecs
1066 Device RDRAM?
Is Centon memory any good?
Mushkin PC3000
Help me w/ these mysterious BIOS settings
Dang Heat Spreads
Mushkin Conflicts
My PC2700 512MB RAM, did I make a bad choice?
When will "true" DDR400 come out?
DDR timings and what they do
Mushkin ram o/c?
how do u tell between ctl and dtl samsung 2700
Can't get squat outa my Samsung DDR
samsung rdram800
samsung pc2700 ctl
corsair pc150
Overclocked P4 what ram?
Changing Ram Sink on Corsair memory?
40ns Samsung RDRAM - Keep it or not?
how does this look
Why is PC2700 showing like PC2100?
Best ECC DDR memory for servers?
need a sure shot of 200+MHz DDR, any suggestion...
To ECC or not to ECC??
DDR 2-2-2-5-1 @ 166 Mhz ??
I dun understand
Hold off for "true" Samsung 3200 if you are ordering Samsung now!
program to tell me RAM speed!!!!!
Pc133 and Pc100
DDR 333 Voltage
possible source for Samsung PC1066
Thinking of getting rid of My RDRAM and mobo for a DDR solution
OCZ Rimm PC1066
What ram will give me 200FSB on a Abit KX7R?
Dumb Question
Crucial 2700 timings on 8k7A+ .....
Broken Clip
How to burn in ram?
How do i know which RAM to get?
Kingston DDR for overclocking?
simpletech rdram
WindowsXP + WC3 = Harsh Ram Requirements!
Just so you guys know, NewEgg LIES
Corsair PC3200 CL2 Soon?
Winbond PC2700 DDR RAM
brand name or rating?
ram differences
rdram prices going up?
Mem Upgrade
How hot does RDRAM get?
Question about 128MB 8mx8 memory
question about OCing with DDR..
Bad News!!!
512mb ddr enough?
Who's got samsung pc2700?
Motherboard or Memory causing problems?
Pc800 @ Pc1120
Why are they going backwards?
Memory best settings..
RDRAM Single sided + Double sided?
Where to get good 1066MHz RDRAM?
Samsung Pc2700 And Thermaltake
Need a picture of Samsung Original 512 MB PC2700 DDR!
Corsair RAM Own
---Mushkin pc3000 = AWESOME---
Great warranty!
RIMM questions..
Rdram o/c tool !?
Quick question about memeory
What does Auto & Self refresh rate matter?
This just looks wrong.
Samsung DDR333 PC2700 Question
--Mushkin pc3000 this low??--
Cna RAM Be overclocked ? and if so, How ?
Will having a stick of PC2100 and PC3000 RAM conflict?
Please help the confused person.
Will a mobo that supports PC2100 support PC3000??
Low DDR Sandra?
unbuffered or registered
mushkin rambus?
Rdram Pc1066
my benchmarks
Mushkin High Performance PC2100 worth the money?
Testing memory
How to tell single bank from double bank??
Low mem scores in pcmark.
What does suspend to ram do?
128MB Crucial pc133 only $12.99!!!
Memory Guide - The Answers
Ahh #$@%.. Ok, I need some SINGLE sided DDR...
PC3000 and 3200 how is this possible?
And about the poll
I need an explaination of this ratio thing
limited ram speeds!
New Ram?
Can WinME take 1 GB of memory???
Best DDR
Samsung PC 2700 or Mushkin PC3000
2700 on KR7a
RAM prices seem to be dropping, when should I buy?
OCZ 2700 or 3000 or 3200
Samsung Rdram 1066 232pin vs 184pin whats the dif?
Corsair XMS 3000
Post your RDRAM module that will do 533 or better...
Weird memory problem...
Shouldn't my RAM be faster?
512mb ram modules getting cheaper?
DDR dimensions
What exactly is CAS2
PC2100 or PC2700
Removing heat spreaders?
pc133 1GB low density ram
DDR memory setup?
Micron PC2400 OK?
where do you find memory info?
Help me o/c my ram
Ddr Ii
DDR or RDram for my setup
i burned in my memory....
ram other than samsung
OCZ "Ultimate" Rev. 3 PC2700 can't get to 333!!!!!
RD-Ram question
Cas latency
BGA Ram sticks???????????
HELP: Cant get Samsung to go higher
1 stick of 512 MB PC2700 or 2 of 256 MB PC2700
memory will only hit 155 :(
No difference from 512-768
What's the dif between
Bad news for Hynix Memory Lovers!
PC1066 for $125 per 256MB stick on ...
Samsung PC2700 owners pls read!!
Ha i now hold the record for smallest Harddrive ever to apear on here!
Help On Tuning Kingston Memory
mixing ram
Corsair 3000 vs 3200?
Ram Freeing Utility
buying ram
Corsair = Scam???
SAMSUNG pc 2700 true 333
Mem problem on Epox &ECS mobo need help Fast
2.7 volt or 2.9 volt on a corsair module
PC2700 vs PC3000
anyone using Kingston PC1066?
Apacer or Kingston?
Xtreme Ddr ???
pc1066 modules
Memory divider question
Where does memory come from?
Samsung Original/Fake - How do I tell?
Maximum Installed Memory
Forget to take trash out/need better memory...
Newbie help
problem with Memory I think
What is Dual Channel with RDram
EEC vs non?
soltek SL-75drv5
info on NEC memory
rdram 1066/1200, brand speed where..?
What is the difference between....
PC-2700 or PC-3200?
need help my memory
Strange problem with mem and Sandra. Please help.
Memory problems...
Ram ratings
DDR vs RDRAM Dont argue!!!!
Micron Ddr266(pc2100)-any Good For This Price?
Ramdrive bigger than 32MB?
PC2100 Level 2 better than PC2700?
Double Sided that bad?
How much ram do you have?? (read before voting)
someone please explain in a nut shell about ram