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How much of a performance boost would I see with some DDR?
ddr settings for FIC-AD11?!
BEWARE! RAMsinks and spreaders
dont get 2700 ram 333... right? well help!
Are these brands even known?
Which stick gets accesed first?
Conflicts with PC100 and PC133 chips
Apacer 2100 RAM is GOOD???
4x interleave enablers.
kt333 running memory @166?
Is bus speed ram speed?
Samsung PC3200
oldschool ram issue
Types of PC2100 Memory
Memory Test
Why wont my samsung 2700 run at Aggressive timings?
memory speed
DDR shootout!
Need help choosing
corsair vs ocz vs smasung pc3200???
memory confusion
Fbs= Fsb
what chips do spektek ram use?
Ram Problems
What type of memory to use?
Registered VS NonRegistered
Did I get the right Samsung PC2700?
Anyone running there memory at 400MHz CL2?
ram burn-in
Memtest86 V3.0 Released (5/22)
SVCompucycle sent generic samsung
new generic ddr what are these chips
kingmax 333@386mhz
1066 Rdam
samsung pc2700
Samsung Pc1066 Cheap!
Need Help Fast!
The overclockability of PC1066 RDRAM ???
Burn-in program question for brand new Samsung 2700
160@100 or 128@133
Is this definitely memory problem - expert help needed please
1066 Rdram & Asus P4T-E
Any single sided 512MB DDR DIMMs available?
2x256. 4x256, 1x512, 2x512??? Which is best for OCING?
I need some help with Memory Timings
Memory Specs And FBS specs.
Mix brands of mem
overclocking memory???unlocking memory???
What about Norty, Voltage and Ram Combos?
Normal for Corsair pc2700 benchmark to be....
Which is better CAS2.0 PC2700 or CAS2.5 PC3200??
512meg OCZ PC3000 posts as 256meg!!!
mushkin 512mb CL2 ram...
I need GOOD memory
PC 2100 holding me back?
Crucial PC2100 vs Kingston PC2700
Bad Ram or software?
corsair PC2700 vs PC3000
page fault
Newbie Ram Question
video card memory
Does anyone run this rdram at 1066? (Samsung PC800) 128 mb P/N:MR16R1624AF0-CK8
How good is the Samsung PC-2700 RAM?
One bad stick of Corsair?
is it worth upgrading from pc133 to ddr?
Simmtester question
Really quick question, HELP!
Which of those 2 rdram modules are the best?
PC2100 or PC2700
Micron PC2100 beats Mushkin PC3000
Anyone ever heard of PowerMem?
Memory x CPU
stupid question
Newbie to DDR, what timings to try other than fastest?
Can someone decipher this?
PC-1066 Recommended Retail Price: $263US for 256MB
what memory should i get
Re-assure me...
memory oc
2 Speeds
Generic Best Buy Ram - Not so generic.
What do i have?
Who sells Sumsung Memory
rdram goes into slot RIMMA1 and A2 first right?
Memory Scores + CPU:Memory Ratio
Identifying ECC SDRAM
memory benchmark
**what does thie error mean**
Cheap Ram
A quesiton on ECC & OCing
Corsair/Samsung Memory?
ASUS: the First Mainboard Maker to Support PC4200 RDRAM
instability after memory upgrade..
Is this just OCd pc2100 Micron?
PC1066 and 1200
RAM drive
which ram will give highest FSB??
3 X 256MB DDR or 2 X 256MB DDR
Who said ram was cheap!?!?!?!
Is SiSandra Software accurate?
Bank Interleaving?
If I am using AMD cpu is there a point in buying 2700 ram instead of 2100, thx?
Crucial pc2100 not OCing high enough?
RDRAM PC-1066 Listed on Pricewatch Again
XP333, memory test failed?
how does Crucial PC2100 stack up against Samsung PC2700?
I need advice pls
need to get some things set straight...
rdram... device?
Is Mushkin pc3000 Samsung pc2700?
How to test memory?
"generic" SamsungPC2700 how do you know?
SpecTek RAM
Infineon Ram ?
corsair xms pc2700
high fsb problem
OC System
Samsung and Thermaltake Urgent
problems with 2700 sams. help =]
Ram Prices
Memory Heat Spreader?
No post with ANY mem timing changes. why?
Corsair PC2700 w/o heatspreader = ok???
Crucial prices down. Buy? Wait?
Memory score
Crucial 2100 ???
Choices, choices... help me decide please!
If you have RDram and overclock, please help me out.
Brand choice for RDRAM
SDRAM Problems...
TwinMos PC2700, how much voltage can they handle?
Anybody got a snapshot of a True Samsung 2700?
Micron 2100 or generic 2400?
Samsung PC3200???
40ns 800MHz RDRAM for i850e
4-way memory interleave
Man i am still lost?????
Samsung 2700...
Temperature probe for RDram
How high could you overclock your (Samsung) PC2100 RAM??
Where to buy original Samsung PC2700 DDR SDRAM from???
How high is too high?
Random freeze up
Question about upgrading to ddr from sdram
Identifying Ram
--New MEM!! Help Me!!--
1 or 2 Sticks of Corsair DDR333 on Abit IT7??
Samsung PC 800 Errors
The rdram question
Which Mem? 2700 or 3200
is centon ram garbage?
ThermalTake Cooling kit.
where do u increase ram voltage?
Will PC2700 help my system post?
skew adjustment (timing delay),settings?
I am using Stock AMD memory
What is a dummie RDRAM sitck
Host Bus Speed?
Is this a good oveclock?
dane-elec ddr?
Incompatible RAM, or hidden settings?
any good PC2700 DDR for iwill DVD266-RN
corsair or samsung original?
New Crucial RAM refuses to do cas2 help??
Which of these is best for 400MHz@Cas 2?
Corsair PC3000 posting as PC2100 DDR on 4BDA2+?
Kingston ddr vs Micron ddr
Samsung PC 2700,how is it
rd VS dr
Memeory Timing?
149 fsb max
PC600/PC800 Rambus
Increase in DDR voltage...
Info about RDRAM & Overclocking
4.2 gb/s
Is Crucial PC2700 DDR just overclocked PC2100
Which of these PC100 DIMMS for O/C?
Help getting past 115 fsb
Mushkin PC3000 for $82 only
DDR-cl 2.5, cas 2
Someone make good post for samsung burning!!
Geezus jumping Christ on a pogo stick!
Pc2700 Ddr Ram
kingston valuram
memory settings ?
Mushkin PC3000
is this good 4 pc133 amd 800
Memory Stressing.
128mbs on vid cards
Flame War!!
Raising the voltage of the RAM
ok, i'm willing to admit i THOUGHT i knew the difference between ECC and non ECC
TwinMos PC 166 SD-ram
Can I use pc2700 instead of pc2100?
Heads up, remarked OEM memory.
Nanya or Hyndai 2400?
OCZ ddr ram, should i buy it?
Quick Question on Memory, please answer
New RAM?
Memory Ratio
Help with Samsung 2700 voltage and performance.
what kind can i use
Need Help with memory ratings :(
Ram Ratio / Failing ?!? / General overclocking
DDR333-DDR400 roundup->
The ultimate RAM cooler: -28C (Read this)
BSOD Page File Error
Corsair Heat Spreader
PC2700 or PC2100 on kt333 mb?
Rdram 128 or 256
rdram in newegg..
help screwed up new ram lol
overclocking w/ 2 sticks rather than one.
Samsung DDR400 is OUT!
Corsair RAM Query
RAM for CUSL2-C mobo
Absymally low mem scores
Should I go w/ 512mb of Samsung PC2700
Disabling L2 cache ECC checking for CeleronII ?
Burn in memory?
anyone can help me set my ram settings?
-- 2x256 or 1x512--
How to do a memory check ?
what is the best Memory companies
kingmax or samsung
RDRAM vs DDR results
Ocz Rma
winbond the best?
RDRAM question
why does my mem only have 1 side to it?
Abit bd7 , mushkin 2x 256 3200 drr instability
Changing cas to 2
cas 2.0 best, but where to buy?
SDRAM values?
Have I lucked into some good Ram?
cant get samsung 2700 to run in aggressive settings (turbo mode)
rdram question
rdram or ddr
Samsung Pc2700 is wierd
ECC or Not?
256 Corsair PC 3000
Corsair XMS3200 512mb!!!
Memory Monitoring
How to make ram heatsinks?????
Put PC2400 on which Mobo?
Athlom MP memory question
Those are really low for the Kt266a and such good ram.
Memory bandwidth efficiency(?!?)...
RDRAM Question plz help
Help me pick DDR Ram
ahh! help with C1 code on 8kha+
What best 2700? Need response ASAP.
RDRAM Advice
pc800 overclocking
How much voltage can ram handle?
review for PC-150 @ CAS2
when win2k bsod dumps memory.
OCZ Memory
to rdram or to ddr?
my pc2700 wtf??
OCZ DDR - Bad?
Bad memory stick?
RAM data driving strength - do u know anything about it?
Memory Basics...
what can I do to my 256m ddr to help me stablize my sys?
READ...Detailed MEM Comparison... READ
Is This A Ram Problem
512mb stick of ram wont work
Corsair XMS3000 or Kingmax DDR400???
3 GB/sec in sandra!
Is it me? or does this look really ...................?
its my turn to break the 200....
What I Can Use
KingMax PC150...how good?
KingMAX like WOW!!!
When is DDR II or PC1066 coming?
are they going to do this?
Can Pc 600 RD ram be mixed with Pc 800
ram bank interleaving?
Anyone Using Mushkin pc3000 yet?
notebook DDR
Shouldn't my Crucial score higher than this?
PC3200 ddr
i stick or 2?
Will this work?
ram settings r wrong
Considering new system....
Tt active mem cooler good or bad?
crucial pc2100 , max fsb ?
Would this work?
DMA setting ?
Pc2100 Ddr Ram???
Crucial DDR PC 2100 Question
How Are These Memory Scores
What kind of ram do I have?
RDRAM for PIV overclocking !!!
Best Memory
I Need Important Help
Has this ever happened to your memory?
Will PC2700 make a difference
how do I know if memory is bad?
RDRAM question
whats the best memory for my system
what is this ram he speaks of?
check this pc2700 DDR roundup at VR-Zone
Crucial DDR2700 Speed???
Best sdram
1.5 gigs
DDR voltage-
Kingmax DDR400
Heat Spreader?
Help me please for the love of God.
Gaming RAM
Is this what happens?
No errors=stable?
Corsair PC 3000 cas2,any good?
I am now confused
ECC or Non-ECC for overclocking
how do i know if i have dead ram?
BEST DDDR 333 pc2700
Good DDR 2700 (333) Review - All the major brands!
Is EDGE memory any good?
How's Dane-Elec DDR RAM? Good enough for non-oc'ed system?
PC3200 or PC3000
Crucial is selling ddr2700 now.
infineon, Apacer or kingston RDRAM
continual memory c/d during post
where to buy pc1066 RDRAM
Memory comparisons?
what i can use??
OCZ PC3000...your thoughts?
thermaltake memory cooling kits
PC-100/133 Bandwith ?
Crucial Returns without sticker?
Samsung PC2700 (333)
SD + DDR boards
Memory error msg
what $50 worth of rambus looks like
Best indicator iv found of a bad FSB overclock
Should I RMA?
voltage mod, how do i do it.
Your speeds with your Corsair XMS???
Warranty on Memory?
memtest86-can it be trusted?
ecc or non-ecc
Strange Memory problem???
KingMax @ 215 FSB
More RAM? or More Speed?
Memory same speed as CPU Core?
samsung ddr2700
DDR PC2700 CL question
Micron DDR400
crucial 2100,HD coruption?
How much voltage?
Doez more memory help???
Registered Ram ??
Interesting cache question...
Apacer 2100 Nanya chips?
My findings on testing different RDRAM batches
OCZ DDR 400 not working!!
Mushkin Hi Perf PC2100 or Corsair PC2700?
good memory
Prime95 Errors within minutes..
Pc100 Sdram
PC100 @ 151!! Is this good?
Would raising standard SDRAM voltage help?
O/C Noob trying to O/C Crucial PC2100 DDR
who will pay $6000 for 2GB of DDR ram?
Zeus is bad
Crucial 2100 2.5 needs more juice ?
what are the most aggresive mem timings you can get?
mixing RAM?
Another stupid RDRAM question.
is expensive memory worth it?
what ddr voltage should i use? what is safe w/o cooling?
silly question
can you recommend a good memory checker?
PC800 bandwidth
Why are most of the 2700's
Need help
Does having over 512MB in Windows 98 help at all?
Troubleshooting question
My PC 133 cas 3 ram doing 143 Cas 2-2-2
CRUCIAL 2100 Only $69.29 From Crucial Web Site
Buying new ram need help pls!
Best RAM for the Gigabyte 8IRXP?
PC2100 CAS2 or PC2700 CAS2.5?
Any hands on experience w/ocz PC3000?
OCZ vs. Corsair XMS
Memory voltage -- please help
crucial vs samsung
Siemens memory....where to buy.....
Change L2 with WCPUA2
DDR Voltage Mod...
Crucial or Samsung?
why wont it go past 135 fsb?
What to buy for a P-4
Intel P4 and Memory FSB Selector
memory clearing without shutting off pc?
EEC or non-EEC
Are my bechmarks any good???
what memory to use
Mushkin ram any good?
Mushkin pc3200
BEST DDR 2700 memory
P4 1.8a with ABIT KH7II now what type of ram to get?
How the hell does 256MGB OCZ PC 2400 beat 512 MGB Corsair PC 2700?
Best Latency settings for PC2100 RAM
Bum RAM??
is mushkin ddr 2100 2-2-2 a good choice?
Buying Memory?
Testing RAM Stability
how good's your crucial cas 2-2-2 pc133
question for DDR micron pc2700
Performance Memory...
Is there going to be a PC166 specification SDRAM, or is PC150 the highest??
L2 Cache question..
L2 Cache question..
DRAM setting
Whats wrong with this picture
no ETA for Crucial pc2700 yet....
DDR Questions
RAM suggestion please
I Got Some DDR400 to test!
what can run 166 mhz fsb cas 2 reliably?
Using different brand name memory?
DDR memory for a Laptop
Memory issues PC2700
Dimms Positioning, better o/c?
Quick question
help w/ DDR classifications and suggestions
pc133 on a system with pc100 specs
Kingmax PC3200 (DDR400)
Got my new SamsungPC2700 DDR. Need advice on mem settings
Reg ECC or NOT?
Noob memory question
Does Crucial DDR use Micron chips?
Can anyone beat this?
150+FSB on SDRAM??
Can I Mmmmmmmm?
opinions on how much this is worth
Ok cheap rams sucks
registered for dual?
RAM keychain
Corsair pc-3000/3300!
Could junk ram scramble system files?
1gb--Samsung-2100 ddr
is 512mb ram sufficiant?
Hynix selling out to Micron?
could this be a mem problem?
Qbm Sdram
pc2100 at 2.0 normal latency
Whats max memory....
Software showing memory brand?
EPoX and DDR problem, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beep code is it my memory ??
Samsung PC2700 ready for VDIMM 2,9!??
RDRAM Questions.
OCZ 2X 256 PC-3000 on e-bay for $100
Burning in
What's the max FSB you get for PC133 CAS3 RAM?
Endless long beeps on Epox 8K3A
new memory brand!!!
sdram,ddram use same slot?
memory bus speed
The Switch
CAS latency overide???
How much do you think I'll need?
DDR 333 review on various brands
Athlon XP 2100+ @ 166mhz FSB? Asus A7V333 mobo...
What is double sided ram?
1-512 or 2-256? which is better
New RAM unrecognized
What kind of memory for a P3?