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Memory for EX58-UD5P
Help me get some 512mb sodimm pc100 memory.
What ARE memory timings?
Ram speeds and timing comparison.
512-bit and GDDR5
Noob Question
G.Skill PII DDR3 Opinions
Triple channeling
cause for drain on ram?
how far can i push the RAM voltage?
Advice wanted on how best to run my ram
Voltage confusion
P55/i5-750 or P58/i7-920 Memory Considerations
another ocs obsidian thread
DDR3 1600 vs DDR3 2000?
G-Skill DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) 4Gb (2x2GB)
RAM mhz lower than excepted
Which of these three 4GB DDR2 kits is best?
Is 8 gigs too much RAM for an OC-ed i5-750?
4Gig Dual Channel vs 3Gig Triple Channel ?
Help get my memory clocks up please!
OCZ OC-1600, won't hit speeds? What to do?
Interleaving - Is it really worth it?
Do I need more RAM??
SPD Values
Compatibilty Questions/Advice.
Gigabyte P55-UD4P -- Can't get DDR-1600? Help?
Where is all the Mushkin RAM??
So Frustrated, Memory issues
crucial ballistix tracer ddr3 1600
Which 2 x 2GB Should I Buy?
RAM for Asus P6T deluxe v2?
Could my New RAM be causing my System to Crash?
how to check mhz outside of bios
DDr3 Memory with an Athlon II x2 250
Help Buying Memory - 8 or 16 Gigs?
6GB vs 12GB - Corsair Dominator question
Good Memory Deal?
Bought the wrong ram! What would be the best configuration until I can replace?
Corsair Dominator 8GB kit (4x2GB)
Trouble OC'ing OCZ Obsidian DDR3 1600 2x2GB
Best value 6gb DDR3 triple channel kit
Memory registering as single channel
What is the diffrence between Dominator and Dominator GT
Can i run triple channel like this?
g.skill ripjaw..
What overclock could I get with this ram?
sorry for another question.....but listen.....
Which one to use? 3:4? or 1:1?
Will it fit in my board?
Need info on these chips
DRAM voltage
Lost memory performance
Upgrading memory and OCing
What happened to RAM prices?
could "unsupported" ram be causing my problems?
Flash Memory Checker
Will it work?
Can you run 2gb sticks with 1gb sticks?
What determines the maximum amount of RAM a computer can upgrade to?
How much is too much?
Gigabyte MA770-ud3 V2.0
DDR2 Speed Upgrade with Q9550 1333 FSB Question
Wondering if Anyone has
Need some help picking out DDR3
OCZ 9600 ram. Will it run at the rated speed?
Question about upgrading RAM.
Memory selections for Win 7 64 bit
Dual channel memory in a AMD/AM3 mobo does it work??
I like my cheap G-skills :)
XP + 2gb System + 2gb Video = stupid?
Let's revisit memory addressing on 64 bit systems
Best DDR2 for overclocking GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P With q6600?
Safe voltage question
Dual-Channel memory in one DIMM, coming.
memory oc questions
DDR2 667MHz VS DDR2 1066MHz
HP Pavillion Max memory question. Am I really limited to 1GB?
12GB A-DATA 2000X Tri-Chanel @DDR3-2044Mhz 7-8-7-25
Looking for 2x2GB DDR3
WinXP - 2GB vs 4GB of RAM
Can anyone give a good link about memory timings - or try to explain themselves?
Ripjaws 16000-CL9D Help
Mismatched memory timings for dual channel
Which DDR3 1.6V RAM?
Memory slightly underclocked still worth it?
Which of these would actually be faster
Asus P6T Deluxe + DDR3 3x2Gb 2Ghz RAM
Patroit Memory Problems... 4x1GB
DDR3 1600 running at 1066?
MaxxMem Results
LOL timings!
Please help me tighten this up
Which of these rams(G.Skill) is better?
MOBO restricts memory voltage?
G.Skill or Mushkin, Need some Tips.
Making the best of my RAM
anybody seen this? - Intel's next-gen memory (phase-change?)
OCZ PC8500 how far can it be pushed?
Two DDR2 800MHz sticks show up as 667MHz?
How to get quicker latency, timings?
SD Flash Card
ddr2 price going to go down soon?
Running Memory At Lower Volts With Stock SPD CPU's
What is good DDR3?
Can't Run Dual-Channel
Just bought a Phenom 965
Quick Question
tripple channel vs dual channel RAM for gamming
Is there a thing as too much memory ?
Best RAM for Asus Rampage Extreme II?
Ram issue
Corsair memory suggestions
3Gb or 1800MHz
Will this RAM work properly?
Memory burn-in? 4x2gb DDR21066 sticks used to only run 800, now 1066
pc2-6400 instead of pc2-8500
I have a question
ganged or unganged
Think you're paying a lot for ram now?
Ram Speeds
help my computer isnt readin my new ram stick
Best RAM for EVGA E760 CLASSIFIED "Overclocker's Pick" 3-Way SLI + PhysX 1366
Weird MEMTEST results
help with my ram
Are my timings crap?
Why is it better to overclock usingf only 2 DIMM slots vs. 4?
upgrading RAM, getting beeps... GRRR
My 4 GB of RAM is actually 3 GB.
DDR2 vs. DDR3
Best Ram for GA-P35-DS3l w/q6600
Quick question about ram....(help!) :(
RAM frequency issue
Newbie Questions about Overclocking Ram
Asus P7P55D LE + Kingston HyperX T1 1800MHz
Can't get memory to run at 1066
dual channel ram with different size sticks
Patriot Sector 5 2000Mhz Kit
Best Bang for the Buck 3x2gb DDR3 set
RAM on P55 vs X58
DDR3-2000 CAS8 Clock issue
New DDR3 memory which one
DRAM study turns assumptions about errors upside down
Memory Question
GOing from 6gb to 12gb triple channel with i7 920 - Worth it? -
hyper-x DDR3 1600 seen as 1333
What ic is used for these modules?
Rambus / Kingston Threaded DDR3 Modules
Yellow vs black slots quick DDR 2 Q
how to check frequency of ram
Mushkin DDR3-2000 CAS 8
Will Apple Xserve memory work ona Intel MB
2 gig to 4 gig memory
Front Page - Memory
OCZ CL7@1333 should I overclock it?
helps OC RAM?
1.70v for DRAM??
How do people use large amounts of RAM?
Crucial BL2KIT25664AA80A any good?
PC startup problem
OCZ2T800C44GK Wont run in dual channel mode
Team Xtreem Dark 1066 CL5(2x2gb) Everest Benchmark
max safe speed for dominator 1066
i dont know what im doing...please help!!!
Adding more RAM
Memory shipping whats safe?
New to Overclocking! Wanna Learn
Would this work with core i5?
Where to find bare DDR3?
Please look ... is this 1:1 ??? (BIOS pics)
Memory Overclocking
memory upgrade help
Help on Corsair ddr3-2000 OC in BIOS
What are good brands for i5?
RAM w/ P55/i7 OC'ed - Tighter Timings or More Speed
HI guys i think i overclocked my memory but its wrong cpu-z is reading it wrong
Corsair dominator?
OC Memory!
Adding more memory question
timings on crucial ddr3 1800
Gskill Trident F3-16000CL9T-6GBTD Prelim Testing
6gig 1333 vs 4 gig 2000
good ram?
DDR3 1600 Overclocking Problems
New memory not running at right speed
Z-RAM from Hynix and AMD
trouble understanding......
long term memory usage strategy
From 4GB to 6GB (testimonial)
need to upgrade my ram
G-Skill ram for Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
RAM advice
MemTest86+ 4.0 released 9/22
New ram help please
Help me pick best ram for my config
Need ram advice
Two different RAMS?
DDR2/3 prices have gone up!
Which RAM should I get
Timing problem
VERY strange memory problem...
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corsair dominator gt 2000MHZ problem
Latency 7-7-7-20 vs 8-8-8-24
RAM options
DDR3 in Tripples
Will Patriot 15000 pc 2000 ram work with Rampage?
help overclocking my g skill pi 9600
Which Ram Will Be Best?
Help with Memory Timings
OCZ DDR3 AMD Series?
memory voltage ddr2
Anyone run the OCZ triple-channel DDR3 Reapers (1866Mhz 8-8-8) kit?
RAM Curse
G.Skills trident series, HS size.
Corsair DDR3 1600mhz
2 matched pairs same brand not running dual channel
6gb ocz ram DDR3 1033mhz Cas9, heatspreaders help?
help fix my RAM
A little lost
Question on memory
4 RAM sticks and overclocking CPU
Building a new rig. Do I go with DDR2 or DDR3?
Maximus Formula, upgrading to 8GB of ram (help)
looking for some budget 1066 memory 2*2gb
Memory for Core I5
OCZ reapers VS Crucial Ballistix tracer
Corsair ddr3 1600, need advice!!!
6GB DDR-III Triple Channel Kits (5 to choose from)
DDR3-2600 C9 SPi 4M/DDR3-2700 1M on Gigabyte P55-UD6 and Corsa
DDR2 1066 only running at 800?
FSB:DRAM non optimal?
Memory for p5k-vm
duel channel help?
3.325gb when 4gb installed?64bit?
Dual channel with 4 DIMMS?
Corsair Dominator 2x2 1066 (Mhz Problem)
memory help ...
1333 at 6 6 6 18 vs 1600 7 7 6 18 which is better?
Reported Memory in BIOS
Guess the low memory prices are over on DDR2.
Intel Turbo Memory - "Braidwood"
Pick a memory kit for me...
help with ram (noob) ballistix ddr2
Corsair Memory Testing: 8GB vs 4GB
Corsair + OCZ 12GB overclocking
Possible stupid quesiton about Dual Channel RAM
Foxconn memory fun and games
Need help choosing memory upgrade
Corsair Dominator GT + Asus P6T6 WS Revolution @DDR3-2280Mhz
How does this make sense?
Understanding DDR Memory (dd2,ddr3) etc
Low Voltage OCZ Platinum PC2-8500
Memory Standard Question
Which RAM would you recomend for a I7 920 system
Just picked up some new memory!
Memory Timings
DDR3 Memory Prices Going Up!
Which Memory
Anyone have OCZ DDR 1600 Gold?
Can't get DDR2 to high speeds
New build error
memory straps?
Asus P6T Deluxe V2 timings
Simple question but..
SDram at 166mhz?
hyperx 1066 ddr2 and e6420
Memtest ok on pass 1-5, 6 start errors but then no more. What does it mean?
Are there any ram price drops on the way?
DDR3 Ram help please
can I mix DDR500 with DDR400?
How much ram for file server?
Ill this ram work
Triple Channel on AMD
wich one of these ?
Down to my last stick..
Will this Ram work in my Mobo?
Help! I need to find some RAM
Is it possible to OC these ram??
OCZ 1600 DDR3 issues
Laptop Shopping - DDR3 vs DDR2 now
Test PECR 5i mem
What is the best match for this combo?
Which ram is best among these? help me!
upgraded from 6GB to 12GB
Having issues
another noob
Which of these kits should i get?
This is why d9jnm ICs Kick ass.
Is there a reason there aren't really any 4gb sticks?
800 or 1066?
Will this setup be faster?
Auto RAM timings = OC?
OCZ DDR3 1600 only runs at 1600 when CPU is stock
How does OC'ing memory work
Ram for P35 / Core2 Q6600 - Suggestions?
Memory causing BSOD
DDR3 Voltage?
Got me some Pi (GSkill pc2 9600)
Fixing memory leaks- program?
OC'ing OCZ reaper 1066 and blade 1066 DDR2 4gb kits
Mushkin 996587 ICs
Max mem speed..
Memory Support Quick Question [Hopefully]
overclockers ddr2 1066mhz - reccomendations
Memory stats incorrect DXDiag
Help neded.
corsair dominator ddr2 1066mhz
Patriot vs Kingston?
Suggestions for gaming Ram
Increasing RAM Speed Help Needed!
Cool that DDR3
Does this sound like a reasonable process for stress testing system
Ram ratio + oc - Help please?
Buying 4G DDR2 1066
memtest question
cached memory
whats after 64bit and...
Can't get 4gb ram to work in p5b deluxe
G.Skill 4 x 2 Gig DDR2 800
DDR3 for new build?
Can I mismatch 5-5-5-15 with 5-5-5-18?
DDR3 speeds won't run stable at 1600MHz
How to remove ram latches without breaking them
Upgrading my RAM, should i get 2 more 1GB sticks or all New RAM?
can someone help me figure out hot to get my memory running at its rated speed?
Whats the difference between memory and memory upgrades when ur purchasing memor
Will more RAM effect my OC?
64bit again
Do AM3 Processors need low voltage memory or is it marketing hype??????
OCZ PC9600LV a deactivated item on the EGG
Which memory timings should I use for AMD OC'ing?
Memtest Errors...
Geil Black Dragon Evo One
DDR2 1066
Interesting problem, passes memtest but bluescreens
Preformance Level / Timing Questions
Prime95 and GTX 260
Need advice on upgrading ram
Running memory to spec but fails Prime95, pls help!
Crashes in Fallout 3
lowering dram then push it back up using FSB ?
OCZ RAM Clock Speed
4gb - 90% usage?
2T or not 2T, that is question?
this RAM for this MOBO gooD ?
ddr2 800 + ddr2 667
Overclocking RAM
Having difficulty getting my RAM stable @ DDR2 1066Mhz
Undervolt RAM
My (likely incorrect) understanding of which RAM I should get
What Memory do You Use With Phenom II (ddr2 & ddr3)
RAM for Intel/AMD?
Quad Channel DDR2? Snuh?
Corsair Dominator GT Elpida Hyper Announcement
Need help pushing RAM from 1603 to 2000
Memory timing/voltage changes
DDR2 1066 mhz VS. 800 mhz -- The Definitive word
ram question
Different Speeds
safe voltage for BH-5
which is better ram
Anyone here have experience with OCZ Titanium Series DDR2 9600 (4gb)
RAM for Phenom II
CRUCIAL REND ram compatible with Dell Dimension E520?
Board overvolts dimm at normal (1.8v setting)
Bad RAM or something else?
DDR2 1066 running at DDR2 800, OC not working
Determine exactly what kind of RAM the PC has?
Stupid DDR2/DDR3 question.
Dual Channel, slower ram?
Stick with DDR2 or move to DDR3?
Cellshock PC2-8000
RAM cooling ideas anyone?
A few memory questions
Higher frequency ram for gaming rig.
ddr2-800 or ddr2-1066 ?
ocz reaper upgrade
RAM not recognised
RAM frequency question
Looking for a RAM recommendation
Dual PC3-8500 holding my OC back?
RAM Timing Help, too slow...
Timings Vs. Clock speed
Cant get my ram stable, need some input
6GB Corsair Dominator GT 2000Mhz 7-8-7-20 Review Summary
Jumping back in...
Just ordered i7 system and want to get something figured out before it arrives.
Need advice -- Getting new rig
Bad RAM?
Kingston DDR2 8500
Using mixed sized ram
Ram drive?
Should I trust this Corsair article?
Loving this RAM
help with memory
Memtest Results Question
Too much Ram ???
Help. Memory all of a sudden produces errors.
DDR3-1600 w/ i7920
Best DDR2 modules for overclock
HELP!! Core i7, Rampage 2 Extreme and overclocking queries
Ram Compatibility Question
Will this ram run ok with this processor/motherboard?
Quick Noob Question
Advice on DDR3 1600 ram to buy
$70 Mushin 998678 Elpida MNH-E Hyper 3x1GB Kit testing
Upgrading a crappy gateway MX6025
What ram should I fit with a q6700 overclocked to 3.0ghz?
Question about my corsair ram
I don't get this FSB:DRAM Ratio 1:1 stuff???
Gskill 12800
Timings Vs Frequence?
Help picking new ram for evga 680i
GeIL Ultra PC-8500 overclocking - how far did you get?
Timings vs. MHz
3x2GB Kingston HyperX T1 2000CAS8 - Elpida 50mm Hyper X48 DDR3
E-Machine RAM problem O.o
Memory pin damage
How can I find out which part is broken (RAM or MB)?
memory settings
Vista Home Premium 32bit...3 or 4 gigs ???
DDR3 1333 vs 1600 w/ mobo
P5w-dh mobo with OCZ reaper 8500
Mushkin overclocking
Memory frequency = Ram divider for today standards?
memory comparision
How come so many problems with PC3-12800
K-Hyper X 4GB DDR2 At 2.1v Fine
Anther 4GB into 3GB (32bit) question but a little different
UPgrading my e8500 rig to DDR3 - go with Corsair1333 or cheaper OCZ1600??
Worth sacrificing some MHz for tighter timings?
Phenom II users
RAM Issues
question about how to read CPU-Z
Do I believe memtest+ or CPU-Z?
How can I tell what type of RAM I've got? It was in an old pc, but...
Elpida J1108BASE-MNH-E HYPER data sheets
[DDR3] OCZ Platinum or Corsair XMS3?
DDR2 two or three sticks
OCZ Sli Ready Memory, Please Help
SSD hd bench mark?
Cheap dominator memory coolers
OCZ DDR2 800mhz Help Please
Those Corsair 1066 :-)
Any one use Super Talent DDR3 on X58
OCZ DDR3 1600 Gold or Platinum?
Advice on what DDR2 to buy
2000 Mhz DDR 3 on Asus Extreme II
Can't make Asus P6T cooperate with Corsair Dominator 1600
DDR2 question
Hy Guys !!! DDR2 Help :)
My $60 Mistake
help with kingston pc2-6400 cl6 240
Question Concerning PC28000.
Mini SD to USB converter
Geil 2Gb Dual Kit
CPUID and memory speed when overclocking
4GB 1066 dominator unstable
is something wrong?
OC Report :: OCZ Blade 3x2GB PC3-16000 CL7
12GB Dominator Triple 1600 Overclocking
Memory timing help
Tighter memory timings vs higher clock speed?
Advice on Mushkin DDR3 1600
OCZ DDR2 800 timing help.....
Need Help with Memory Voltage
Memory question with Overclocking E8400
incorrect ram question.
2x2GB 1066 @ 1200 MHz 5-5-5-18 1.85v
Need help choosing the right ram
Help with my Dominator...
only with 4 ram modules: errors in memtest
Budget DDR2 pc2 8500 1x2GB CL5
Good or Not?
DDR3 1600
Cache vs Ram.
1066 ram support question
4gb XMS2 800mhz CL5, how much room is there?
Using Triple Channel Kits in Dual Channel
DDR3 question(s)
Need help reaching 1600Mhz on Gigabyte UD4P w/ 12gb G.SKILL RAM
DDR 2 cas 4 and cas5 which is faster ?
ASUS and HYPERX Problem HELP!!!!
What would you do!
Does high FSB matters anymore?