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Corsair CM2X2048-8500C5D Dominator wont do 1066 with Gigabyte GA-MA790XUD4P MB
Memory Defragmentation
combining memory
my 1066 is running @ 800
DDR3 1600 vs DDR3 2000 in the real world
OCZ DDR3 GOLD 1600 MHZ question
Voltage: How much is too much?
ocz memory on ud3p
Mixing single and double rank memory? (Not talking channels)
Is 1066 at cas 4 possible with corsair dominator Twinx2x4096-8500C5D
RAM increase
using two different OCZ combinations?
Motherboard issue and memory
Can't Change Timings
What are my chances of getting a dead stick??
Basic RAM timing setup
Need more than 4gigs of RAM for gaming?
Mixing two different 2X2gb kits
i would like to make one thing clear
[Solution Needed] Cpu/Memory
Is Apple SODIMM ram compatible with non-apple pc's?
Memtest failure
Memory process size
matching ram to cpu and mobo
Ram decision
3x4GB - is it out?
which memory should i get with the asus rampage II Extreme and the i7 920?
Any program that shows you WHAT is in ram? (which files, programs...etc)
Well, I screwed up
Looking for good sticks
Looking At 8GB DDR2 (4x2GB)
ram detected at improper speed in windows
using more than 4 gig in xp
OCZ EPP 2.0 with XFX 790i Mobo - Newbie plea for help
Need Help/Favor
DDR3 help
8GB in XPS 1530
Two pairs of RAM with different voltage ratings
Crsair Dominators not reading
800mhz only goes 533mhz?
RAM overclocking goes bad
Does dual channel and non dual channnel make a differnt?
Memory frequency not showing correctly?
memory 1t or 2t?
I just did the dumbest thing ever
kinda sorta new to gaming machines
3 - 4 - 0r 6 gigs
CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6GB DDR3 1600 Triple vs OCZ Gold 6GB DDR3 1600 Triple
cas latency?
Walton Chaintech Apogee GT
6GB vs 12GB -- impact on overclocking?
Mixed DDR3-1333 on X58
Memory change advice please
memory oc
1:1 vs 5:6
Memory Problems
Bad G.Skill 2GB DDR2-1066 Module
Suprising low bandwith.. to me anywayz.
G.Skill 2x2Gigs of 1066 Timings
Memory ?
4gb in Windows XP
tri channel vs dual channel
dumb question dual channel
Help please!
laptop: ddr2 667 to 800 worth $40?
Dominator IC's
ocz reaper 4gb kit vs Crucial Ballistix Tracer 4GB
Strange memory error disappears if I reseat them
strange corsair + asus memory problems
Patriot DDR2 800MHz limiting my overclock
FB Dimm's
Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 (Rev 1)
noob ram question
oc problem after memory upgrade
6gb vs 12gb
macbook core duo 1.83GHZ Ram issues PLEASE HELP!
Need more memory but I'm on a budget :beer:
mobo wont run DDR3 at spec??
My RAM Query
Is 6GB enough...
2x2GB DDR2 that can go to 550 Mhz?
2GB's VS 4GB's .
Best DDR2 1066 for the money
Info: Strap Selections, Dividers and Derived Memory Speeds
any one can help?
Overclocking memory?
Long time lurker, 1st time with a question
Pc6400 as Pc8500?
Asus Striker II Formula
Does anyone make these memory modules?
Do I need 6Mb or 8Mb DDR3 for Laptop? CS3 & Video
PC6400 showing as PC5300?
What to buy: DDR2 800 at 4-4-3-8, or 1066 at 5-5-5-15 ?
Tightest timings?
Dominator PC3 12800
how much does it run?
Overclocking RAM - Need Help
I thought RAM was bad but it turns out it was the RAM motherboard slot
Corsair XMS DDR3 1333MHz vs 1600MHz
Prime95 fails in the "blend" test
Prime95 fails in the "blend" test
Timing VS MHz?? Which is more beneficial?
Quick Question(i hope)
Need help with memory Timing overclocking
mixing ram on x58
Weird Memory Usage in Windows
Memory for EVGA X58 Classified
mixing different size memory
Need memory
1st ever latency playing
Possible Ram Issue
Memory Related questions in C language Programming
RAM Upgrade Help!!
having some problems
Any problem with 4GB in Vista 32bit?
How Hard?
3 gig or 2 on old barton A socket board?
Match ram?
Mixed RAM causing problems
Okay, so I got my ram... but
help mixing DDR1 memory speeds
help mixing DDR1 memory speeds
Well I Learned
memory query
New computer - Random BSODs
Anyone Using 4GB+ (or 3.5GB Really) In XP 32bit
Mem Help
Stable stock DDR2
New stick is faster than my old sticks.
Do you group the new "tri-channel" DDR3 memory in groups of 3's?
ddr2 1066 on a board that may not support it.
Patriot PVS34G2000LLKN Help
How to ram > 1.67gz?
Issue with OCZ2RPR10664GK - P5N-E-SLI
Memory Frequency
How can I monitor Ram temprature?
Super Talent 6GB (3x2GB) Triple Channel DDR3-1333
How to get 1600 on a Asus P5Q3 Deluxe mobo?
Anyone using DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Triple Channel with your i7's
please help me with memory
Memory won't take a divider
DDR 3 Tri Channel Kits
double sided ram?
Issue with Muskin 1066 memory
Stupid DDR3 triple channel RAM question: socket 775 board
ddr2 800mhz ram that would only work in an AMD system?
will increasing voltage ....?
new here, DDR3 2000mhz ram vs 1800mhz ram, which one???
Corsair XMS 6400 Problem
i7 corsair mem question
Think ram is bottlenecking my system, how to overclock it?
First time OC, looking for input
well that's a first
? About DOMINATOR 6GB DDR3 1866 (PC3 150000) With Asus Rampage II exteme Board
bios settings for my ram
Notebook RAM - is it Kingston or Hynix?
Need help with timings. Mobo defaults are wrong
Which of these 2 is better
Different Corsair Dominator Versions
How to test for safe tWTR values?
DDR3 1600 w/ i7: Clocking issues?
eVGA 790i Ultra w/8GB x64 crash
DDR3 voltage, help!
questions, questions... RAM
bad memory? help! =[
Memory and Cas Latency
Great results, but I can't explain why. Insight appreciated.
Help me with RAM overclocking
Stable Overclock... now timings...
Upgraded ram but it won't bliddy work.
First OC..Help W/ Mem Timings Plse
memory for laptop
PHENOM II 940 ram timings for 1066?
Q: Can you install RAM starting with...
Help me choose ddr3 triple channel
Trying to get my RAM to DDR2-890...
Overclocking to 1066 streams memory errors.
Please help choosing Speed and Amount Of Ram
I think my RAM is holding me back
failing memory
CAD/3D user needs a memory guru help here..8GB advice needed
GSKILL F2-8800CL5D + ASUS Rampage Formula
Which RAM?
8GB (4 sticks) problem
Annoying RAM timing, OCed Memclock?
Some questions reguarding RAM choice ...
G.Skill PI or Kingston HyperX ?
RAM effect max FSB?
Ram selection for my Biostar Tpower?
questions about compatability
Customer Build - Memory Speed issues
What's the fastest RAM i can get with my current setup?
Is it my memory or my Motherboard? RAM timings totally wrong after crash.
Quick memory Question
Cooling Memory
Memtest86 or Memtest86+
Upgrading my mobo and memory. Is it worth it?
Check these newer ballistix out
need help with ram for new build
FS: 2x2gb PC8500 Corsair XMS2 & 2x1gb OCZ Flex XLC PC9600
Need Help cpu-z is showing this.
(un)expected timing numbers?
When will DDR3 be worth getting?
What's the safe voltage for DDR3 RAM?
CSX Diablo / CEC Memory - Interested?
setting DDR3 to 1600 in BIOS?
Using Tipple Channel DIMMs as Dual Channel
3.5vdimm+oldchool D9DCD
Are my settings right?
Matching Memory
overclocking ram
Anyone running Patriot "Viper" Series DDR2?
Windows XP only recognizing 2gb ram instead of 3
Anyone using OCZ DDR3 12800 Gold XTC?
Memory recommendations for Gigabyte ep45-ud3p?
Help with buying 4 gig kit, but i already have 2gigs
Need Help With My Memory Timings: DDR3-1600 8-8-8-21
How to identify Micron chips on DIMM to find datasheet?
Will moving up to 8GB be worthwhile?
Ram Timmings .
memtest86+ timings don't match BIOS
ram to go with new upgrade?
Cas 4 or Cas 5?
OCZ Reaper HPC 4GB physical memory dump vista?
OC Memory Problems
Crucial Memory 4GB PC8500 Kit
4 gig kit for IP35PRO
OCZ1066 and ASUS M3N-HT Deluxe
ECC RAM a necessity?
simple question
What is the fastest ddr2 RAM available to consumers?
PC8500 or PC6400 Help
Bios in auto mode=1.9v when following EPP profile
1066 ram for very best performance?
How to lock mem @ 1066 on UD3P board?
DDR3 on X58 voltage
Crucial Ballistix 1gb PC2-6400 Non D9 - what clocks can it hit?
Memory keeps resetting
Newblet to OC: ram problems?
Can I overclck my Ram? (cant find the model number)
XMS2 4x2GB - errors and RMA trouble
Memory speed question
4gb ddr3 1600 or 6gb ddr3 1333
Better Timings than on the Box?!
Corsair memory fan
Reaper Madness!
Crucial Ballistix RMA: Even better the second time.
Purchasing a memory upgrade. Need some assistance!
4GB with 32-bit OS sometimes causes problems
Another annoying 32-bit memory question
Does this RAM work on the 790i mobo?
DDR2 1200MHz
Corsair memory
Is my memory going bad?
Best Value for money DDR3?
Which memory works both on the X58 and 790i chipset?
Migrating from 775 to 1366, what do I need to know?
DRAM @ 1.75V Dangerous?
Please help with unrecognized memory
Best 4gig kit? 2x2gig 1066mhz
Memory Issue
RAM FSB, and AM2+
Rampage Extreme + 2x2Gb G.Skill Pi DDR3-1600 --> unstable?
Memory question
Color coded...
what ram should i buy?
If i move up to 1066 memory
How good is A-Data?
G.Skill PI-B thermal tape & warranty ?
BloodIron P35 and PC2-8000
Samsung unveils 4Gbit DRAM
new noob questiion
6x1GB Corsair + GSkill + Cellshock (HCF0 + D9GTR) works fine!
2x2 or 4x1? 12Gb or 24Gb?
AM2+ CPU - 1 DIMM Per Channel
Corsair MX-2 800mhz 5-5-5-18
Need help (I think?) after memory upgrade
help overclocking ddr2 corsair dominators to 1130mhz
Dual channel advantage?
is 5-5-5-5 ram timings good or bad with no signs of data loss
2gigs vs 4gigs in XPpro ???
Memtest failed when underclock memory
DDR3 for 1366 on 775?
Question about RAM speed and timings
memory timing please help overclocked from 667 to 832
RAM Problem
How much of a performance hit with single channel?
Will I notice any difference tightening my timings
8GB of 16GB not recognized Help Please
DDR2 1066 not being recognized in dual channel
would it be worth it..
DDR3 Memory Recommendation!
What ram to go with 920 Core i7?
A7v600 Want new Memory
Computer reboots while booting after upgrading from 2GB to 8GB ram
What BIOS settings affect 4x1gb of RAM? Having issues...
Ram: 8500 at higher timings or 6400 at lower timings? Frequency VS timings
wrong memory?
memory timmings
memory timings
Only showing 2gb RAM in OS
which ram would you choose?
Tightening my timings
Not getting 4gb f RAM in XP
OCZ Reaper 1066 Timings
RAM for P35
Ram Help Please
Hitting a wall with my memory at 225mhz
What memory chips are on my module?
Regarding some G.Skill
Corsair dominator DDR3 1600 Issue
Fullscale addoption of DDR3 delayed to 2010?
Newb Question (Memory Standard)
Serious problems.....does sound like memory problem???
DDR3 Mem, What to get i7 6Gig Kit?
ocz timings
Question about memtest
quick newb question on i7 ram
Which RAM is for me ?
Any advice for OCing my DDR2 800 reapers to 1066?
DDR3 Confusion
please someone help me !!!
MY ram is being lazy
is this normal?
2x2GB show as 3GB in Bios Startup but 4GB in Vista
OCZ Vista Edition Memory - Overclock
Possible RAM Unstability?
Any good guide's on how to
DDR2 FSB Question?
Old IC7-MAX3, what memory to start overclocking?
Should i run my ram at FSB:DRAM 1:1 or higher?
2 gig or 4 gigs ?
Why cant my OCZ reapers do their rated timings?
Increase RAM speed to 1000?
Does i7 utlizie ddr3 better than c2d/q?
8GB vs 4GB DDR2
Mobo puts wrong values in for my RAM
Ram missing in System Properties
Miss-matched chips slowdown, how much of it is true?
MSI X58 Eclipse SLI LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard
6gig ram video drivers not detected
help running corsair ram at 1080 mhz!
OCZ Platinum DDR2-1000
Corsair Modules Timings Help
2X1GB ballistix VS 2 x 2GB OCZ Reaper
Questions regarding high performance ram.
P35-DS3L and corsair RAM issue
May be a noob question but....
Dummy question about ddr3
Kingston hyperX PC8500 C5 Micron D9?
RAM question?
RAM issues
Adding a single 512MB ram to a system with DUAL-Channel?
WOuld like to get the most of my ram with pics
Patriot DDR2-1200 vs Corsair DDR2-1066
OCZ3P16004GK Odd request
Problems Upgrading To 4GB RAM Foxconn P35A
burnt out ram
time for more ram
Overclocking PC3200?
i7 and running ram at 1.8v
4GB vs 2GB of DDR3
4 sticks in evga 780i SLI won't work?
RAM latencies
i7 build memory
G Skill Cas 5 Pc2-6400 timings and tweaks?
Choosing the right Memory for I7
upgrade to vista with only 2gb RAM
Best OCing ram for my rig?
Best stress tester for RAM +CPU?
3x1GB Micron D9GTR @DDR3-2076Mhz 8-8-8-21
Going the g.Skill or Mushkin route
Vista 64 only shows 2.8G Avail
q9550 with ddr2-800 best overclock?
Dual channel DDR3-2200Mhz at 1.965v
A plan for overclocking DDR3
Memory for Dell Dimension DM061
2GBHZ Memtest fail
Best i7 RAM for the price right now?
DDR-1200 and AMD 9950
Qimonda on Kingston 2GB DDR2 modules???
Proven memory for GA-EP45-UD3R?
Should I buy the new PC-6400 4-4-4-12 Hyper X ?
what is better for gaming tighter timing or higher speeds
ocz ramcooler question
BSOD when running @ 1600 OK at 1333 no OC
Corsair's Upcoming "Dominator GT" Kit Does Nearly 35GB/s at DDR3 2000MHz 7-8-7-20
How important is 6GB Tri-channel DDR3-1600 over 4GB Dual Channel DDR3-1333 for i7?
Recommend some DDR3
4Gb 1066 better than 8Gb 800
Recommended RAM for XP
New RAM for i7
memory timings
680i + 4x1GB = Unbootable?
Is My Reaper Causing Slowness
Higher clock or larger memory?
DDR2 Dominators
How to check how fast your memory is running
OCZ Rally2 8GB vs. Patriot Xporter XT 8GB
Ram not fitting into mobo?
unstable can I get some help?
1333 DDR3 only shows up as 1066?
What happens
Arg what's going on!
Did they send me the wrong stuff?
memtest86 crashes.. bad memory? Bad Mobo? Help!
ocz ddr3 timings ...
Is my RAM slowing me down?
RAM timings, what are they and what do they do? A bit of info
Bought 2GB cheapy DDR400, got some excellent D43
New Memory Stiqs?
Incorrect or fake SPD for G.Skill memory?
Team elite DDR2 800MHz 2 x 2GB
1066 vs 1000, plus a few other Q's
allocating more or less to GPU
Can i mix 1gb ram sticks with 2 gb sticks?
Manufacturer Question
What SD card for really good Ready boost speeds?
Only 3gb of my 4gb showing up?
need more memory for my gx620
Dram Frequency Ratio Question
Ram Timings Guide
G.Skill memroy Question. . . Compatibility . .BNQ vs BPQ ?? .
Difference in RAM, especially timings?
Can't get all 4 slots to work. . .help plz
stuck between 2
OCZ Reaper PC2 6400 HPC overclocking
Gains from OC DDR2-800
PC4300 Ram
happy holidays guys , quick q . need ddr2 1066 ram choice
Is readyboost any good?
Geil PC8500-problemsss :(
corsair dominator ddr3 1600 mhz ram problem
Just curious about something
Are Todays M-Boards Better At Running 4X1GB DDR2
6GB DDR3 Tri-Channel Kits
DDR3 1066 vs 1333 vs 1600
Need Some DDR2 Help
im looking at new R.A.M and wonder
Corsair RAM
2 vs. 4 sticks for OC
Single channel holding me back?
d9 ram?
Need ram upgrade
Why is my ram on 5:6:6:18?
Running C4 RAM at C5 speeds -- Safe & relaible?
acpi compliance? help please.
Ram problem?
High-Speed DDR2 (Above 8500) Question
Need some memory help
How long to run memtest on non-oc'd ram?
8gb or 16gb maximum?
Cas 3 Dominators
2 different sets of ram working together?
FSX running out of memory
Clearing a MOBO DRAM error
Ram Trade
Need some input on RAM
Will these two sets of memory work well together?
4gb dual chan vs 3gb tri chan?
This buy Make Sense/Worth it?
Need Good/Cheap 1GB DDR 400 stick
Just bought This kit from GSkill
We need a memory overclocking sticky!
mixing ram
4gb@PC2-5700 or 8gb@PC2-4600?
Can I lower the voltage of 2.0V memory to 1.65V?
Gskill and BIOS speed
Buffalo Firestix ?
Upgrade or not?
G.SKILL PI Black 4GB (2 x 2GB)
Why so few 4gb modules of DDR2?
2 x 2 gig + 1 x 2 gig RAM combination?
laptop for sister 2gb ddr3 1066? or 4gb ddr2 667?
does ram automatically downgrade?
Few ?s about my RAM
what ddr3 for core i7?
From Mushkin to.... or Mushkin again?
new system
corsair memory
CPU-Z reports RAM speed different than bios?
CPU-Z reports RAM speed different than bios?
8Gigs at 1066?
OCZ Ram looking different?
8GB RAM with 32 and 64 bit dual.
Mushkin HP2-6400 and Asus M2N-E Blue Screening
OCZ "vista upgrade" 2x1gb ddr2 800 n e good?
G.Skill 2GBHZ recent problems - anyone else?
Any 2x2GB kits that are likely to do 900-950-1000 CAS4-(4-4-12)?