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I must reach 4Ghz! Memory replacement!
Exploring the Options of Bad RAM
e8400, P35-DS3L... Whats the best ram pairing?
HELP with Corsair DDR2 1066 memory/P5E Deluxe MB
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How do I choose RAM?
OCZ ram
Overclocking my ram
DDR3 subtimings
Buffalo Firestix pc2 8500 + M2N-SLI Deluxe
Gskill or OCZ DDR2 1066
New RAM Recommendations?
SLI Ready an Advantage here?
Run at factory specs, dram need more voltage or NB?
Anything better than these sticks for 800-1000?
How hot is too HOT?
Gskill or OCZ
DDR2 for Gigabyte X38-DS4
Back With Dual Channel Don't See No Difference
Timings and OCZ PC3-16000 NVIDIA SLI 2gb
OC to 1200MHz or native 1200MHz?
Noob Question
memory for Q9450
Something wrong?
DDR3 Results Thread - Post Yours!
Asus P5Q and E8400 memory recommendation.
Memory Timings issue
can install a 2 gig and 512MB stick of ram in a laptop?
Help Keep Getting Error "My Memory Is Low"
2gb 4-4-4-12 @ 950mhz OR 3.5gb 5-5-5-18 @ 800mhz
Confuse in choosing ddr2-1000 2x2 ram
Cheap vs expensive RAM
G-Skill 8500 (F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK) howmuch voltage? | Should I even push them?
tRC = tRAS + tRP
2 more sticks, CL4 or downgrade to CL5?
Pagefile(virtualRAM) & AGP Aperture size
DDR3 memory voltage
Memory voltage (by sensor) low at idle
ASUS P5B Deluxe - Memory Voltage/Speed Problem
DDR2 OCd to 1600 vs DDR3 native 1600???
800 VS. 1066
having some trouble
Newb question about memory.
What RAM should I get for my new <=500 gaming rig?
Patriot PC2-9600 5-5-5-12 2.3 and P35 Chipset
Need advice on memory to go with my new system build
Slot placement of RAM (question)
ga-m61vme RAM toubleshooting
ga-m61vme RAM toubleshooting
Fast Flash?
crucial memory prob
parting out a PC - Does this PC3700 memory mean anything to an enthusiest?
OCZ Platinum 1066 or OCZ Reaper X 800?
8gb of 800mhz ram yet still only 5.4 on Windows Experience Index
A-Data Vitesta 2 GB 800 MHz
1x2gb or 2x1gb RAM?
New, sealed ram has scratched pins already - normal?
Crucial FTL
RAM - Worth Upgrading?
Patriot PC-3200...Any good ???
bizzare memory behavior
which kit out of those 3 would you recommand?
Any one had experience with GeIL memory? GeIL and good?
(2x2GB) - Platinum, Reaper, Reaper X, Gold or Titanium?
doubling RAM from 2G to 4G
Help with Dual Channel DDR2 max transfer rate question
Help with Dual Channel DDR2 max transfer rate question
Any way to do this?
Patriot Extreme Performance PDC24G6400LLK - good or bad?
Any 2x2GB modules can run 500+FSB stable?
Should I get this? (8000 2x2)
Advice: Best 750GB SATA Drives for my file-server
CORSAIR Dominator PC2-8500
4x512mb PC3200 on a s939/Opty165 setup--Limitations?
Better timings
Novice Question
Backwards Compatability
Quick Memory Question
Looking for ddr timings advice.
Need Help with 3Gb RAM with x64 vista Ultimate
DDR 400 running at 320
DDR2 2x2Gb 1066 (Corsair vs. OCZ vs. Patriot)
Ram suggestions please
Dual Channel Question for ASUS A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 Mobo
BSODs possibly RAM?
DDR 3 is it worth upgrading to?
cpu-z vs. bios ... who is right?
Bad memory passing Mem-Test?
RAM brands to avoid?
Memory issue - Not running at specs
opinions on PQI Cas 4 800Mhz ram?
Overclocking Ram Questions
Gotta question...
I need some help on this guys.
2x4GB DDR2 coming?
Gaming Comparison, 2gb vs 4gb. 4gb FTW!
Same clock speed, different timings = cpu slow down
Memory 'Sweet Spot' Question
want to overclock my ram!! help!
Looking for 2GB DDR2-1200
Difference in g.skills?
Not much guidance for DDR3...Help please
Understanding RAM Timings
Bad RAM or Mobo (Cellshock @P5B dlx)
using 2 different ram sets together?
How To Set Memory Timings?
2-3-3-6 or 2-3-2-5 ?
Computer does not boot at all :/
Ballistix Tracer PC-6400 Stability WTF?
Good, solid, reliable, consistant memory
Memory underclocking?
$gigs and Vista 32
water cooled ram?
2GB Kingston HyperX PC2-8500 - Everest Results
Need help with DDR2 9600 OCZ Flex Ram
OC stats for OCZ RAM?
Which would You Get, 1600Mhz cas7; or, 1800Mhz cas 8?
Best DDR2 1066
Memtest errors.
DDR2 800 for a NF4?
Question about returning bad RAM..
need help Corsair/OCZ mem comparison
Higher timings or Mhz??
OCZ OR CORSAIR ----SAME SPECS.+ price....What wome?
Please Help on Instruction Registers.
Ballistix Tracer DDR3?
Q9450, 9800GX2, 8gb DDR2 Ram suggestion for overclock please?
:(WHAT OCZ / corMEMORY? :) what one of these links are best ram?
Difference between G.Skill DDR2 800 and 1000?
OCZ Reaper 1333 wont go past 333 :(
Question about memory and FSB speeds
First timer breaking DDR3-2000Mhz barrier!
memory timings for crucial ballistix tracer pc2-8500 (4x1gb)
Want to upgrade to 8GB 1066MHz
2 diffrent memory sets
Need Memory For New Build
Corsair 4GB (2*2GB) XMS2 DHX - My Findings
OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB)
Memory Timings Jumping in CPU-Z
Memory problem - new stick not being recognised
overclocking Corsair XMS ddr (
how to fix RAM timings
Am I Missing Something? - or Bad Memory?
Anyone with experience with this ram?
my nb put my dram volts at 2.26???
Dividers and performance
Corrupted SD card - any way to salvage?
Matching DDR2 Memory Question
1066 high timings versus 800 low timings? confused :(
Overclocking memory
Memory limited bottle neck
Good OC RAM for E3110 @ 4.0-4.5Ghz?
Is DDR3 worth the jump
RAM : FSB at 1:1
System not recognizing mem...
who should i trust?
Any good DDR400 left to buy?
Had me some firestix... sadly they're dead
Anyone tried the Kingston KHX6400 2x2GB CL4 kit?
Dual Channel Help
The $85 G.Skill kit a good pairup with E8400?
Crucial Ballistix DDR2-800 vs OCZ Gold DDR2-800
Need Help with a RAM problem
Best bang for buck?
OCZ2N800SR2G 2x2GB Overclock
Corsair Memory Error Issues
QQ: Mushkin vs OCZ 4GB
potentially stupid question :/
Recommend me some PC2-8500 RAM
Is 4 GB too much for XP Home
I need memory advice
Better to run DDR2-800 at rated 2.2v or try to go lower?
Help, is this a better solution?
1x2gb or 2x2gb?
Best 4GB (2x2GB) kit?
Is this G.Skill ram any good? (F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ)
FSB:RAM > 1?
OCZ 6400 RAM problems
OCZ ram
Proper Memory Speed? (sync vs async)
Questions about Ram Quality vs Quantity
Dual channel running at Single???
Ballistix PC8500 DDR1066 means guaranteed 533FSB 15-5-5-5?
ocz 1333mhz plat problem
How much ram does vista use running clean?
Crucial Ram Waranty Question
Need some major help!
RAM frequency confusion
Can I repair a mobo's NVRAM?
Buying ram for a compaq laptop, does it have to be compaq brand?
Frequency down when four banks, what about latency?
Dual Channel Confusion
What should i use?
MIXIN DDR400 with DDR500
CAN I OVERCLOCK 8GB RAM as good as 4gb of ram
4 GB to 8 GB, now or never
Need new memory: Ballistix failing!
Adjusting Memory Voltage To Lower Timings
CPU speed vs. RAM speed
What is this guy talking about: 3or6GB better than 4gb
Ram upgrade.. Whats the best right now?
which BIOS setting to add 3rd RAM stick?
Anyone familiar with either one of these XMS2 sticks?
4 gigs of memory? why??
Why My MotherBoard Dont Support FSB and RAM Speed Rate of my CPU?
Did I just fry one of my RAM slots?
OC Report :: Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB PC3-16000 CL9
XMS2 PowerChip IC's
XP not seeing 3GB of ram?
PC3200 ECC Reg vs PC2-3200 ECC Reg
Would this memory setup (6gb) be problematic?
Need memory suggestion for EVGA 750i
IRQL error after overclocking...
Memory always at 400Mhz - help?
[DDR2] 2 Sticks vs. 4 Sticks?
Which memory should I get?
XFX MB-N780-ISH9 Ram recommendation
should be 5-5-5-15, but its reading 5-7-7-20
800MHZ vs 1066 MHZ, Quick Question
True Or False???
Is there a prog that shows actual ddr2 volts?
What is going on here?
Performance Memory Manufacturers
Ram frequency and 3dmark score
DDR 2 for Gaming Rig
Need help with memory for a 790i board
Something funky with my Crucial.. Is this normal and how is their RMA?
Help me pick ram
SLI Memory W/O SLI Mobo
8gb ram for 790i
I bought 2 gigs 8500's (1066) but its only showing up 533~
Memory bandwidth tests... any real differences (part 2)
OC%, Dual Ch., Cas. 4 slots, {[(2)+1]+1} sticks
ddr2 ram but not really ddr2?
Which memory?
Are these good?
Everest ultimate results
Simple Question
Is my RAM ok?
Getting the most from Muskin XP2-8500
perf diff between DDR2 and DDR3
what ram has the good D9's now?
RAM Not Working
Proper ram for CPU OC on not very customizable BIOS
RMAed rams
effects of mixing different ram ?
ATB branded ram any good for business applications?
Crucial Ballistix stable at 1066
OCZ Quad Kit Platinum
Gskill and the others ...
WTH is SLI-Ready Ram?
Corsair Dominator TWIN2X2048-8500C5D
How much volts can I give my RAM?
How much RAM is really useful?
2x2GB Corsair PC2-9136C5DF Dominator @610Mhz 5-5-5-15
types of memory
ram timings question
Pretty sure this is a memory related issue, looking for some help.
OCZ 8500 Reaper "HPC" Edition 2x2GB Mini Review
to overclock my RAM or not? timings vs. FSB
Will my motherboard run this?
BadAxe2 wont post w/ mem freq at 800
DDR2 : 1000 Mhz or more at 4-4-4-12
Dead Ballistix...what should I get?
Kingston RMA...what nice people
DDR3 vs DDR2 comparisons
Crucial Ballistix PC-8500/Abit IP35 PRO
4 Sticks of ram slower than 2 on X48 boards?
Does this look right?
My Corsair Ram (4-4-4-12) shows in my BIOS as 5-5-5-18 - Why?
Computer shuuting down By Its Self
Question regarding memory temps
Need help with G Skill DDR2-1000 2x2GB
Matching RAM Mhz to the FSB Mhz Motherboard...???
Centom pc6400
Changing timing on Ballistix Tracer
Truly upset with Crucial Ballistix DDR2
Only at 2.5gb
ECS K8M800-M2 memory question
Memory Overheating
TWIN2X2048-6400C4 timing question
DDR2 Memory Compatability
DDR3 Worth it?
2x2GB PC8500... I want to get CL3
Whats the Best RAM for My config for 4GB
ddr2 8500 vs 6400
What's better?
Upgraded my memory and lost performance...
Question about some Ram
nForce and RAM (Here we go again, gotta love nForce.)
Memory not showing the right amount
I need some help.
Maximum Dual-Channel Utilization?
Fix my ram timings?
ebayer wants $275 for Geil DDR2 800 Ultra
ddr2 now?
GA-P35-DS3R w/ 2 x 1gb -- Should I add another 2 x 1gb or switch to 2 x 2gb?
New memory, speed Vs. amount Vs. ratio.
ASUS A8V Deluxe
Help me choose a none-bottlenecking RAM...
Should I overclock or underclock my RAM??
Lucky Ram?
Pentium 3 memory question
Confused on FSB:RAM divider with dual channel ram
Need some help with my RAM.
Anyone Have/Has Ran 4x512mb Memory Configs
Question about my Ram?
Upgrading to vista..ram choices
HCI MemTest questions
Corsair 2x1GB PC6400 CL4.0 TwinX or OCZ 2x1GB PC6400 CL4.0 Platinum or
I know nothing about RAM!
This should work right?
Memory Query (Website Sent Me Wrong 1's Back)
Need some new ram!
Looking for old Memory for my IC7-G MaxII Adv
Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB timings
Which is better to run? 1:1 or 4:5 Take a look :)
RAS Active Time BIOS Setting
Question with mixing Ram..
how important is 2gb ram for gaming?
Do you think some faster/better memory would improve my OC?
what do you think of this ram
Question about my timings...
Going 8Gigs what to choose?
Need an explanation...
4 sticks of ram on DFI LP UT SLI-DR Expert
I have 4 GB of ram but how come shows 2gb in dxdiag?
New OCZ Flex II Series
Can i mix and match?
This memory is killing my OC!
I want to buy more ram for my Compaq Laptop V6719NR
OCZ PC6400 dissapointing
G.Skill RMA
OCZ ReaperX 1000mhz 2*2gb
DDR2-1066 4gb vs DDR2-800 8gb
1066 ram on 1066 mb seen as 800-how to change??
4GB OCZ Reaper HPC PC2-6400
Do we really use up to 4GB RAM???
Need quick answer: Is corsair still considered good memmory?
Make sense to move from Crucial Ballistix to Corsair Dominator?
Which Ram for an IP35 Pro & Q6600 w/ 1:1 OC
Any OCZ2RPR800C44GK owners, come!
$11,000 dollar RAM.
Maximum memory speed, sync. vs. async
1T/2T Command Rates...
Can't find Crucial Telephone number to RMA memory.
Upgrading my ram, need to know of good OC'in RAM
pc2 8000 vs pc2 6400 ram?
Man DDR3 has dropped Rapidly!
Curcial Ballistix
New RAM questions (Second failed Ballistix stick)
Run Memtest86+ in extended mode or...
Overclocking FSB & RAM...
Ram choice
A-DATA 2x2GB set, pretty nice.....
Selecting new RAM
need help understanding ddr3
computer upgrade?
Help with an older system and DDR
Memory problems?
How do I know if my timings are stable?
Memory + Processor + Mobo HELP
Overclockable FB-DIMMS?
Possible to get OCZ Reaperx DDR2 800 OC to 1600?
Can't change my RAM timings
What to do?
OCZ Reaper HPC Edition vs. Tuniq Tower 120
Noob Question, How much RAM will Vista x32 Show?
Q6600 4GHz 446x9 DDR2-1070 Settings
Memory Rebates: A push for ddr3?
Mushkin XP2-6400 2x1GB KIT + P5B Deluxe need some input
4gb only showing as 3838 in x64 vista?
Do I have some insane ProMOS or what??
wrong ram?
best 2x2 set under 100$?
Help me find a benchmark
Need Help Overclocking Ballistix PC8500
Help of Samsung Memory Overclocks
Need advice on new mobo(4x1 gig ram)
Oc'ing Q6600 on evga 780i need mem suggestions
Can I OC my RAM?
OCZ is insane
4g setup acting weird
timings ....
Is this a bottleneck?
Patriot RMA
Opinions please... best one to buy, sale ends today so I have to think fast
Which are better? OCZ Reaper or Reaper X
please help on build. Vista keeps blue screening...
Kudos to Corsair!!!
Anybody Who use Transcend AXEram and ABIT an932x
Overclocking DDR3?
Changing the timing on OCZ memory in Dell BIOS
G SKills HZ help
get my xtreem ddr2 6400 stable
which route? 8gb or 4gb?
Maximum RAM in HP dv9007tx
Please explain how to set 1:1 ratio
can i use DDR2 in my notebook if it came with DDR
Mid-Range DDR3
How well does the Corsair Dominator Fan...
Anyone used TigerDirect's "Ultra" RAM?
Corsair XMS2 fails Memtest86 past 800mhz
command rate question
Laptop Ram
DDR3 memory Timings
Just stumbled upon a couple kits of this Kingston PC2-9600
What kind of chipset does my Gskill have
Mushkin RMA
OCZ DDR2-1000 compatibility on Abit IP35E
Corsair XMS2 ($25) or OCZ SLI ($20) 2x1GB 6400's?
oc my ram
Blue screen when changing RAM timings
Memset wonderings
Memory not Dual Channeling
Another question about tracers.
Please Provide Advice,Tips...
So i bought some more Wintec AMPx
Question for people with bad Ballistix...
Is there any way of knowing RAM temps?
2x1GB G.Skill and 2x1GB Corsair, friends?
Epic Fail: My Ballistix fails _again_
Advice on RAM Ballistix
DDR2 800 vs DDR2 1200
Quick question about tracers
Need to buy 2x2GB kit, advice/recommendations is/are welcomed
Please take a look...ASAP if possible.
Burn-In Failure
Small Question Regarding A-Data 4 GB Kit
ballistix keeps failing
Overvoltage causes failure at stock speeds?
CPU-Z Shows Memory As Something Else
Crucial single vs dual sided compatibility?
tweaking ram
G.SKILL 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1000?
g.Skill RAM and mobo combo
1066 ram reported as 800 in BIOS
8GB (4x2GB) overclocked, possible?
ram + compalability = shoot or miss?
Help me choose my RAM
MHZ Question
need help
RAM cracking under OC pressure
What is killing my RAM?
what is my ram really running at?
$115 To Spend on RAM
which is better for my ram
Thoughts on the Gskill memory for new system..
ddr2-6400 on p5w dh
ram clocking
Best Buy RAM causing WoW to crash?!
How important is the 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio? Better than 1:1.2 (5:6) with the same FSB?
"Team" memory?
My cursed machine and corsair.
Need help/advice about voltage: I want to upgrade my ram from pc2 5300 to pc2 6400
3Gb okay in dual channel?
Can I use PC2-8500 full speed with an unlocked AMD CPU?
g skill good for this system
Undervolting Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC28500
Will Corsair "Value Select" work with XMS?
Corsair 9136 2 X 2048 Sticks > 1200Mhz
4 gig ?
n00b question, from.... someone who isnt a n00b.
Ram? Dominator, G.skill, or other?
Problems OCing With 4 Sticks of Ram
Team Xtreem RMA
understanding memory overclock- question
FSB Ratio Question
2 sticks of Crucial works, 4 doesn't anymore.
How to set tRD...?
mushkin ram
Brands choice
Turn off SPD: Extra timings? What are they supposed to be!?
SLi Ready Ram vs Non SLi Ready.
Corsair Memory Issues
memory settings
Yay, defective Ballistix...
Which is the better 4GB setup (4x1GB) or (2x2GB) - Corsair Dominator 8500 (1066MHz)
max voltage for stock 2.2v 4-4-4-12 Ballistix?
Please help me decide on RAM! G.Skill or Mushkin?
OCZ Reaper HPC 4GB...
Ballistix Tracer PC8500 DDR1066 2x1GB - Memtest showing different timings?
32 BIT Memory Issues
Is this memeory incompatable on my P4P800dlx motherboard?
So I got my RMA back from Crucial Ballistix ....
Crucial RMA gone wrong/RAM question
Best way to RMA Crucial?
Whats going to happen when I use 4x1GB of ddr800?