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Can computer virii infect consoles?
PC Game The Witcher 1
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
Good Co-op games played on one machine?
Building a Minecraft server
Looking for a good free or cheap recording software
Trying to remember name of a game
Free Terraria
Any idea when Precision X will be back?
Best program for fps monitoring?
iRacing - 3 Months Free
Metro Last Light Benchmark
minecraft server help anyone?
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Let's haul some a---- cargo
ColoBot----Worth Downloading
PC racing game suggestions
Risen 3
Why have I never played Planetside 2?
Could the Wii U be Nintendo's last console?
Toxikk, fps back to its roots
[FREE] Nosgoth beta keys from Comic-Con
LAN Party Event Streaming question
Imaging software
Pc gaming on the couch
Commodore Amiga emulator?
skyrim help me with your tips
Microsoft Flight Simulator GOLD EDITION
Humble "Square Enix Special" Bundle
Metro Last Light Crashes When Syncing with Steam Cloud
Can You Make a Steam Library Accessible to both Windows AND Linux?
older gaming issue black ops 2
Shovel Knight
Please Tell Me About Steam
Nintendo and online.
Can't Remove PunkBuster
Humble "2K Games Special" Bundle
Any GTA type games that are appropriate for 8 year old kids?
Steam games for older laptop?
What are you playing on your phone?
Skyrim Q
Could Nintendo go third party?
Grid Autosport
'Nother Call of Pripyat mod: Valley of Whispers
Doom teaser trailer
Free to play games: what's their profit model?
Grand Theft Auto V Coming to PC
Mouse pads
Would like to get into gaming
Watch Dogs on 2nd monitor?
Are the original Doom/Quake 2/Duke nukem 3d/Heretic games still fun to play ?
Call of Pripyat mod: Way to Pripyat, thumbs up
Arma III Battle Royal
watch_dogs using not more than 70% of my GPU
Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl: Lost Alpha mod released
Battlefield 3 FREE
Tropico 5?
Game Server?
Titanfall can't get past menus, Titanfall has stopped working
GTA IV on PC: were the bugs ever fixed?
Who here can use Ctrl key with ease while gaming ?
Searching for Best Joystick Mapper
I switched to PC only from the 360, but having hard time to adjust using mouse..
Wolfenstien - The New Order
Wrist vs Arm Aiming
Cheapest place to buy Watch_dog game key?
EA To Shut Down Loads More Servers
New Unreal Tournament using UE4
New Multi-platform Indie Game: Chrono Rider
Live near Toronto? Want to share Steam games with each other?
Watch Dogs - 8 Minute Multiplayer Walkthrough
Extra steam keys?
Need for Speed Rivals
GTA controls help
Need for Speed Hot Persuit failed
Stream from a PC on a LAN to another PC on a LAN?
Is this a sign of GTA V being released on PC?
Gaming Lan Party advice?
Homeworld remastered
New Wolfenstein game
Is it legal to sell used PC games?
Looking for a good video editing software for Youtube
GTA4 graphics help plz
Steam/ Origin/ Gaming Clients- Issues on 2nd Drive??
Why is Quake still so much fun?
Everquest Landmark
Minecraft Issues
Outcast reboot kickstarter
Legal, legit version of Far Cry 3: needed crack to play
Steam on Windoze: anyway to limit access?
Black Desert Online
Age of Everything (Enhanced)
Steam and linux = happy!
fewer BF4 servers immediately following expansion releases?
Google Pokemon Master!
Original Dead Space... for free!
Best looking PC game?
Left 4 Dead 2: "Steam Validation Rejected"
Goat Simulator today!!
Armored Warfare
Call of duty MW3 patches
Dark Souls II
Firefly MMO
DayZ vs RUST?
Game Discount Coupons!
Did 2k Games ever release an editor for Bioshock?
STEAM Down Again DOS Attacks In 2 Days
What do you listen to when gaming?
Item boosts in Diablo II: LOD
Steam: Can't Purchase Cities in Motion 2
Bioshock .ini mod
Xbox 2Pi: even kid's games expensive
RIFT, assuming other games have had same issue.
TitanFall is Amazing! Can anyone run insane at 1440p?
What percentage of game sales are for the PC platform?
South Park: The Stick of Truth
Depth of Field: blurs far off textures?
Help me find the name of a SNES gmae I used to play
Battlefield 4: no dedicated LAN servers? Really?
Nether: Sons of the Apocalypse
Sim Racing Game Discussion
Humble indie bundle 11
Battlefield 4 key bindings: can't use the numeric keypad?
Metro: Last Light
xbox one controller with old headset
Irrational Games Shutting Down
Hawken Now on Steam
Titanfall Beta Announcement!
Doom3 with 8xSSAA and ultra: much better
Democracy 3
Fallout 3: much better on my i7-3820?
ESO Beta
what about bioshock 2?
Gaming mouse pad issues? (Razer)
Controller for PC
Call of Pripyat w/Complete mod installed: VRAM load
Anybody played the game Nether?
anyone play diablo 3?
Battlefield 4 Update issues
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot!
War Thunder, disabling automatic nose push down?
Are They Any Issues With Battle.Net Login At The Moment?
Paysafecard payment option
Fallout 4: is it happening? Will it have a new engine?
Stalker: Call of Pripyat stand-alone benchmark
Steam DVD games: can you sell them?
Tiki One Steam Cleaner
Looking for some suggestions
Battlefield 4 Server RCON Tool
Best Gaming Monitors HQ
Force B4 to use x64 processes
BF4: so how much system memory does the game actually use?
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 lockups
Playing BF4
What game are you looking forward to the MOST in 2014?
Voucher for Warframe, Marvel Heroes and Neverwinter
Left for Dead 2...
Where is mantle
Hey Guys. FIFA 14 question.
Anyone have Rust?
AION Private Server
What the hell is SteamOS and why should I care?
Fallout 1,2 & Tactics.
Screen Shot thread
AMD Raptr
Browser-based Doom!!!
dayz-epoch-panthera server
You might have killed a spy
Battle for Middle Earth II
not sure where to put this question
Help me get started on Let's Play videos
Hearthsone key?
The Witcher 2 Graphics Mods
Bugbear's Next Car Game
DOOM mixed with Zelda!
Steam Sales?
BF4 coupon codes give away
Hamachi Issues! Please Help!
Elder Scrolls Anthology - $30
Steambox prototype
AC4 Problem Not launching
I finished the doctor who google game.
Crysis 3 Freezing with multiplayer PC
Allegiance (and the Allegiance 2 project)
New TrackMania is awesome!
MSI Beat IT 2013 Champion Prediction Game
Question about buying BF4?
games for my pc
Hey guys. I need your help a bit.
Currently Livestreaming PS4 Gameplay [Twitch]
HT and gaming.
gran turismo for pc????
Humble Bundle?
ALL GAMES screenshots (16:9)
(AMD) Raptr Gaming Evolved
Caution with G2PLAY.NET and BF4.
Stalker 2: never going to happen?
No one got COD Ghosts??
At what point can you start doing damage in BF4?
Will BF4 be added to the AMD Never Settle Reloaded game list?
Battlefield 4 (full release) on a Triple-Monitor Setup!
COD: Ghosts for only $50-- Green Man Gaming
PC games worth it now against PS4/xbox1
looking for a game title
BF4 server
Torchlight one give away.
Super Street Fighter 4
OCF Flex Raid (WoW)
Help battlefield 4 issues wiht downloading
Can faster CPU's have an impact on gaming AI?
The Official Battlefield 4 Thread - Report Performance & Experiences Here!
BF4 Multi
SWTOR Jedi Covenenant server
Battlefield 4 $48.99
Arma 2 performance question.
Never Settle Forever GAME bundle question
Space Engineers
DayZ standalone
TB Strikes Back Vs CR Infringement Based YT Censorship
Batman: AA and Batman: AC now GFWL- and SecuROM-free on Steam
Scale - awesome concept imo
Win a Copy of Battlefield 4 from Gaming Titans
Shadow Warrior 2013- Graphics and Gameplay
How do you see your product key for a game in Steam?
Browser Mario!
Steam Back-Up Can't Delete File
Battlefield 4 on a Triple-Monitor Setup!
Mixing console/pc gaming
Nether - Prey or Pray
League of Legends
Assassin's Creed III Standard or Deluxe?
The Best Games of the Current Generation [Community Poll]
COD: Ghosts and Watch Dogs to require 6GB RAM
Battlefield 4 on a Triple-Monitor Setup!
Whats the fastest way to make money on gta online?
Battlefield 4 on a Triple-Monitor Setup!
Battle.net's New Steam-like Launcher (in beta)
Video card under $100 play l4d2 maxed?
Steam [ugh]
elder scrolls online
Battlefield 4 Beta
Weird lag
Half Life 3 Trademark filed
What old games do you revisit?
Click Boom Win - a development log
First world problem....
Anyone interested in the competitive side of Americas-Army-Proving grounds
DSL for gaming?
X Rebirth
OffWorld Tanks
Sandbox mmorpg?
What game are you looking forward to the most? PC only!
Kickstarter - Alteil Horizons
Marvel Avengers Alliance
Final Fantasy XIV resumes sales!!
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Why is PC gaming so awkward?
Awesome Humble Bundle
BF4 or COD Ghost?
True Combat:Elite spammiest FPS on the net
Facry 3 for 20 bucks on Steam
Help Making My TS Server
The Sims 3 And Its Peformance Issues
Free Spare Invite Code For World Of Tanks
Guild Wars 2 | What is my bottle neck?
There goes another one
Rome II: Total War
Game Giveaways Megathread
Minecraft RAM Consumption
Max Payne 3 - FPS comparison
FREE humble bundle leftovers get them while there hot
Unreal 3 Engine in Lost Planet 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and the new X-COM
Kerbal Space program tutorials
In games Graphic settings for AMD
Saints Row 4
PS3 suggestions
High CPU usage in Battlefield 3
Splinter Cell: Blacklist is fantastic so far
free steam game coupons
free games just PM me
Origin Is Just Awful
call of duty ghosts
Install Origin games on two Hard drives ?
New Humble Bundle looks good!
Follow my Twitch.TV Channel and win a 60-Day FFXIV Time Card or $25 Visa Gift Ca
Low GPU usage on Battlefield 3 when Crossfire is enabled.
Payday 2!!!
Custom keybindings through 3rd party software
AMD Introduces Never Settle Forever Bundle
7 Days to Die
steam trading cards
L4D2 Using cpu instead of gpu
Rome Total War II
Problems with flickering green screen CRYSIS
Would it be worth getting Crysis 3?
New to Keyboard/mouse gaming
Skyrim - Legendary Edition...worth it?
Sleeping Dogs (PC) Review
Metro Last Light low FPS
Cooler Master CMStorm Pulse-R Headset Review
help with this emulator?
Mech Warrior Online Q
What did you get in the Steam Summer Sale?
My BF3 account was hacked
Battlefield 4 Alpha benchmarks (GPU and CPU)
OCF Member hosted servers
mouse not locking in game anymore!
deus ex human revolution not working on dx11 mode
Help me get Fallout 3 running
Planetside 2 randomly closing. No error message
Newer games with canned benchmarks?
Is Infestation (formerly War-Z) any good?
Will it run world of warcraft?
Cube World
old computer game name !Please Help!
Is Cleanmem safe to use?
looking for some help with this emulator?
i have a question about resident evil 5 pc
Warframe and Ghost Recon Online?
Steam Trading Cards
Saints Row The Third Crashes Whole System
Steam Summer Sale 2013
Deadpool on PC
TrackMania2 Valley
SOTA : Shroud of the avatar - Alpha testing 2014
game suggestions
ROTT - Apogee's Return
Metro Last Light bug
Bad Company 2 Crashs on new build
District 187
Far cry 3 or Dead island riptide.
Tera lagging and becoming choppy after alt+tab. Help!?
Any Monster Hunter fans?
Metro LL breaking OC... would you comfortably run the same OC for other games?
Some errors that I want taken care of
Far Cry 3 runs at only 30fps?
Perplexed -COD 2 Windows 7 Multigame problems
Steam Game Sharing
FFXIV A Realm Reborn
OCF Gameservers - Want them?
Surround sound in games fading?
It's E3 Time (2013)
The Sims 3 High GPU Load
Wanna make an iphone game
BF3 Issues
What game do u seem to always find your way back to playing?
Just finished ME3
Gun point
LAN Party next week
anyone still play cod4?
Anybody else excited about Marvel Heroes
Does vsync disabled improve your gameplay?
free Farcry 3 Blood Dragon UPlay Download
Help with Skyrim save
Fallout New Vegas framerate issues
Grid 2
Fallout 3 crashing when launching with mods
First game you ever completed
Excuse me?
Greatest game review ever
G2Play experiences
DOTA 2 give away
Metro Last Light framerates
Bad Company 2 + MSI Afterburner + AMD GPU Crash fix
Metro: Last Light on Three Monitors!
Scarface The World is Yours
The Witcher 2 MOD Kit
amd never settle reloaded
Fishing MMO?
COD Black Ops II steam sale $40... worth it??
F.E.A.R. 3 on Three Monitors!
[Rant/Discussion]GOG.com... ethics? bad practice?
GIVE AWAY! - Terraria (steam)
GIVE AWAY! - Gode Mode (steam)
BF3 Servers been empty for days
How do you actually hit things in BF3?
Sanctum 2 publisher confirms RELEASE DATE
BF3 runs slow as crap nowdays
Marathon: May (Event Never Settle Bundle prize!)
BF3 and bad drivers
Call of Duty Issue.
Screen Tearing in Borderlands
D&D Neverwinter
Mass Effect and windows 7
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Mafia 2 won't even start!
black ops 2 and skyrim framerates on oooold laptop
Getting FC3: Blood Dragon From AMD Bundles
Running a minecraft server? TIPS?
max payne 3 make my pc crash
Recording Gaming at 1080p
DiRT 3 - Still playing? Wheel + Pedal Setup?
Garrys Mod not loading.....
World of Warcraft vet: Now What?
SSH Tunneling Services
World of Tanks Bonus Code Giveaway
[Ended] 75% off Portal 2 (steam)
Best LoL type game?
Best / Worst optimized PC games
PC / Console FPS
Doom 3 BFG Edition
Skyrim ENB Mod
Gaming with an Evoluent ergonomic mouse
Who want some FREE money from EA?
Video recording and editing
World of Tanks - Give Away! [in game gold]
Turtle Beaches Help
The Leap Motion
Games You would like to see on PC
Dead Space 3, anyone?
Far Cry 3
Funny clips
Spywars - Espionage MMORPG up on kickstarter
Looking for something similar to Surpeme Commander 2
EA - Worst company in America
Looking for the name of a game from 1999
World of WarPlanes
HD4000 enough for Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2?
Father and Son Gaming
I Used to be A Gamer Like You, then ...
Metro Last Light
Do you use a mouse pad
Steam Inventory
Keyboard Remapping Software
Aprils Fools 2013 in Gaming
BF3 doent like Nvidia drivers
Starcraft II
Far Cry 3 Settings
Gamepad mapping app. (free please)
Trials Evolution
I need a recommendation for a gaming mouse please.
Organ Trail: Directors Cut
swtor jedi coveninet
War Thunder
Battlefield 4
WoW fps issue
Quick Steam question
Anyone have the Haptx Mod for Half-Life 2 (aka Hapx-Life 2?)
Have you downloaded games on Gamefly?
Resident Evil 6
AMD Never Settle Reloaded Promo - MySQL error :(
BF3 Frame Rate issue
BF3 bottleneck
Gaming center/store in London?
Streaming a Console through pc?
The Showdown Effect
Tropico 4 connection timeout problem
Steam games on Android/iOS
IAP Cracker or IAPFree still work on iPhone?
Clash of clans
recommend tower defense games
Dota 2
Crysis 3 public ranked server
I Have an Arma 3 Alpha Invite to Give Away
I like the paradise game
**Calling all Planetside 2 Gamers**
Random Gaming News
Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sand and 2 monitors Problem
Never Settle Reloaded? Bioshock Keys?
Free Promo
Indie gamer Bundle "Name your own price"
Sleeping Dog Tips
WoT - World Of Tanks - Post your User
Any good offroading games?
Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm
AMD Shows Off TressFX in Tomb Raider
Age of Empires II HD on Steam
Warface Beta - we're in!
Most hardware intense game out?
Torment: Tides of Numenera