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The WarZ is back on Steam!
Max Payne 3 caused GPU Coil Whine ??
Good lan games?
Sold AMD: Never settle Reloaded on ebay, buyer trying to scam
I Need Help (Cs GO CRASHING)
Project: all in 1 arcade controller.
Starting in Minecraft
[Android]Digimon Unlimited
"Crysis 3 has stopped working" error message
10 DOTA 2 Passes to give away!
Finally broke down and gave LoL a try....
Steam hijacked my game
Proves my point for Games on PC, at ANY givin time
Fast GPU/CPU incident.
Don't Tell Me You Still Trust Blizzard...
Which laptop video card for min settigns NS2
SimCity the best CPU game ever
Major screen tearing while playing NBA2K13.
Racing Wheel
TERA vs Guild Wars 2
3DMark and Steam.
heart of the swarm bundle price
why are there so few state-of-the art action/adventure PC games?
Grand Theft Auto IV ProReal Mod
Are gaming mice and keyboards worth it?
New System & Game..
Steam box
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Skyrim: losing monitor signal when tweaking skyrimprefs.ini
DOTA2 beta passes giveaway
DO NOT fall for the free steam games scam going around~!
Performance Boost?
Can i use the pc gamepad on some of this game?
World of Warcraft FPS issues
Games picture suddenly not as sharp?
Amazon.com does mictransactions now.
APC Minecraft Server
Elder Scrolls Online beta test signup open
Games running too slow!
Black ops 2, deathadder 2013 edition?
How to get maximum Skyrim graphics?
GTA 4 Episodes From Liberty City --> Pop up Textures Problem
Crysis 3 Official Discussion Thread
Screen Recording Software
Sleeping Dogs (STEAM)
steam boxes +project shield
World of warcraft minimizing slowly, cant figure out why
NFS Hot Pursuit 2012 30fps
Geforce FXAA vs MSAA Far Cry 3-- worth it?
Terrible framerates - Saint's Row The Third
[Project Log]The Zombie Hour - Online Multiplayer Survival RPG
Interview with Gabe Newell about the Steam Box
Father hires "hit men" gamers to kill sons toons
FAO Any Thrustmaster T500 RS Steering Wheel Owners.
V-Sync Issues
Low Framerate on pretty good PC? (Oblivion)
Frog Fractions
Half decent gaming microphone (not headset)
Saints Row The Third Question (coop)
warframe closed beta!!!!
Top competitive fps games?
Offensive Combat
Computer Shutting Down On Dead Isalnd
Aliens Colonial Marines FINALLY
Random issue on BF3
Successful PC-only games?
Game night.
Black ops 2 CD key help, anyone :D
Borderlands 2
Have 2 Duke Nukem Forever Steam Code
Mass Effect trilogy purchase question
"X has stopped working". Need advice!
Far Cry 3 FPS drop with CrossFireX 7970's
Days of Dawn a fantastic RPG
THQ went bankrupt
Most games crash on startup
Dota 2
WarZ Released Unfinished
What was your favorite WoW patch?
Planetside 2?
Dark Souls?
How many others with hacked EA/Origin accounts?
anyone here play postal 3?
metro 2033 looking for PhysX?
Far Cry and SLI
Suddenly a RAGE DLC appears!
AC3 Key
Kickstarter and Game Development: Highlighting Games Coming to Linux Part 6
What's a fair price for the AMD never settle games bundle
Far Cry 3 PC stuff
Uninstall BF3
far cry 3 single card stutter (amd)
Great games to play with joypad?
League of Legends. Can't get enough!
NEXUIZ give away
Far Cry 3: Official Thread
FO3 - stuttering and locks up
Freelancer Discovery anyone play?
Limit Theory looks interesting
Anyone remember the name of this PC game service?
Far Cry 3 things that need fixing
BF3 "your game data is corrupt"...
Megaman vs Street Fighter - Free [12/17/12]
Kickstarter and Game Development: Highlighting Games Coming to Linux Part 5
Anyone remember where Far Cry 3 puts...
Borderlands FOV disables input?
Far Cry 3 crashes
Steam "Big Picture", new app + game sale.
Tt eSports (Thermaltake) Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review
Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection - Problems :(
AMD GPU Users - New Driver & CAP for FarCry 3
Trying to order Far Cry 3
Crysis 3 requirments
Borderlands 2? The Eff?
WASDIO Controller
Far Cry 3
Best war gaming software
Steam games crashing?
Path of Exile
7 games and soundtracks for 1$ (THQ Humble Bundle)
Kickstarter and Game Development: Highlighting Games Coming to Linux Part 4
Will my 6850 OC'd handle Far Cry 3...
Forsaken Fortress
Rockstar: Release GTA V on PC petition
ultra sli shadows in BF3
L4D2 Server Modding
Assassin's Creed III
C&C Generals Works on My Monitory, Not My TV
Planetside 2
Eternal eden ecclesia
Far Cry 3 Benchmarks
Gta IV 20 fps problem --> i5 3570k @ 4.0
Offline time wasters (games)
E3 2012 Coverage : Hitman Absolution: Streets of Hope | 17 Minutes of Gameplay
Sent to this form
Wizardry Online closed beta
Ingress anyone? Got an invite?
has NE1 purchased from Direct2Play?
Sleeping Dogs questions
is the steam Community down ?
rocket crowbar anyone?
SWOTR going free to play tomorrow
Diablo3 Refresh Rates
My Experience with Hawken
Natural selection II
FireFall anyone play it?
Valve Is Working On A New Game Engine
Descent Fan Remake
ProjectCARS, anyone play?
Star Citizen - Squadron 42
NFS:World account giveaway - awesome cars, 37lvl.
Torchlight 2 difficulty
bf1942 and bf2 eyefinity help
low performance in mech warriors online
Gta5 Pre-Order
Hawken: 2nd Closed Beta Announced: Nov 8-13
Halo 4 Limited Edition
Kickstarter and Game Development: Highlighting Games Coming to Linux Part 3
Eve 21 Day Extended Buddy Code
Will you have to have origin to play BF4
Fraps - Laggs with HD6770
Battlefield 4 Trailer 2017
Steam account giveaway - COD MW2, Dota 2 & etc...
Transfering BFBC2 to Origin
Exciting time in PC gaming?
BFB2 when i instslled the game it did not install start folder
Is BFB2 severs down or is it my pc
Building a Borderlands 2 crew...Wed, Thurs, & Fri evening/night
A Newbie to PC Games?
Skyrim woes. Again..
Borderlands 2 free keys
steam is driving me flipping nuts
Kickstarter and Game Development: Highlighting Games Coming to Linux Part 2
Project Cars has multiplayer now :)
Left 4 Dead 2 Pre play
Good games for Lan Wars?
OCF Now Issuing Hawken Closed Beta Keys
medal of honor warfighter
Planetside 2 Beta
Bioshock Infinate goes on pre-order for release 2/26/13
star wars empire at war maxium supported resolution
Black Mesa OMFG
What PC games are you playing ? other thoughts
Help finding true FPS games
Cry engine hates me
Total War : Rome II - Epic new footage!
BF3 NO SERVERS ?????????
star citizen
Hawken: War is a Machine. Closed Beta keys now available!
FPS Mouse and keyboard
War Z alpha starts tonight or tomorrow!
BF3 armored kill - which language
BF3 update/install failing and going backward?
Backing up ONLY progress of Steam games
Black Ops 2 thread
Kickstarter and Game Development: Highlighting Games Coming to Linux Part 1
When did games start supporting 1440p
X:COM Enemy Unknown
Dishonored First Impressions Anyone?
world of tanks,arrow going mad
Help please: A Win 95 (or 3.1?) Robots Turn-based Strategy Game
Max Payne 3
Borderlands 2 crossfire
Sanctum: Two new towers, One new rifle, New Map Pack
Guess that game challenge (Ripoff)
gaming controller settings help needed
Nexus The Jupiter Incident Sequel Kickstarter
How to play Oblivion using XBox Pad?
[HELP] Major WoW FPS drop after i7 3770k Upgrade!
better sounds/music mods for games
Borderlands 2 for $24
A good WWII Combat Fight Simulator
Skyrim won't launch with single card?
How much better is Ultra on Crysis 2?
I've gone old school
bf3 crashing
Mist of Pandaria
No More Room in Hell?
BF3.exe has stopped working
The witcher 2 vs Skyrim
Borderlands 2 config file better graphics?
Whats Crysis 2 like
MechWarrior online closed beta
War Z Gameplay video
I want to pre-order...via Newegg.com
Borderlands 2 hi res 2560 x 1440 ScreenShots! Money Shots
No Black Mesa Release Thread?? I am disapoint.
rFactor 2: Formula 2 Released!
IS THIS NORMAL? ati hd 6750 related..
Sleeping Dogs low gpu usage and framerate
Neat steam skin
Issue with CS:GO dropping internet
what games should i get?
How do I delete my Skyrim?
Grand Theft Auto IV Not Loading
Path Of Exile
STALKER is dead, long live Survarium
EVE Online Download Issue
Final Fanatsy VII on sale again.
Todays games tell me its time for an upgrade...
Indie City Games
Guild Wars 2 freezing, crashing issues
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
Rage and Hunted: Demon's Forge PC games, $5 each at newegg.
anyone playing MW4 ?
What do you look for in a gaming community
Torchlight 2 Release Date
games crash system but synthetics do not
Sounds Of Skyrim bug won't go away!
MW2 Spec Ops Partner for PC
Looking for a no nonsense Game Chat client
Art of Total War: Shogun 2
A Total Problem
Black Isle Studios is back?
Help me fix bf3 PLEAAASE
Any TA/SupCom fans really need to take a gander at this one
Mercenaries 2 corupt save game
Sleeping Dogs
check out my new gaming podcast!!!
Portal 2 coupon
What clan / community are you part of / play on for good times...
Team Fortress 2 - Mann vs Machine
War Thunder - fly online for "free"
Project Log - Metal Dude, Java+GL game engine round 2
A happy gamer is a..
Crysis 3 tech video/ 'trailer'
I feel like nobody is even trying anymore....
Soo, CS: Global Offensive pre-order is up..
Comfortable Chair...
My Theory on the Future of Valve
The Super MNC Thread
Looking for Post-Apoctalyptic Open World Games
The Secret World Graphics
NVIDIA and Overclockers End of Nations Closed Beta Key Giveaway
Cool indie monster truck racing game
Borderlands 2
Raiderz Beta
Razer Synapse Cloud based driver configurator
CnC: Generals Zero Hours
Tower Wars , on Steam!
CS:S server to test out.. pleaseeee
Looking for a quailty PC Dog Fighting game.
Is there a game you play "daily"?
What the hell happened to The Witcher?
[Steam] Is there a way to synchronize two "steamapps" folders at the same time?
How to change WSAD for PS3 controller
What gear do you use for gaming ?
Choppy performance randomly, please advise.
Call of Pripyat - slow loading
Battlefield 4 beta
Quick! X3???
BF3 + Logitech SetPoint
Recommend me a steering wheel pls!
So what you guys been up to?
Steam Badges, help me figure this one out.
Newegg limited time pre-order discounts
Fallout New Vegas crashes router
[Expired] Hacker Evolution - Free!
Steam Summer Sale is coming!
Which of the major releases this fall are you looking forward to the most?
guy sells game collection for over $1,000,000 US
Year of the 3's!
Let's Play: Dwarf Fortress
Ghost Recon Future Soldier, disable tesselation ?
Unable to join bf3 servers
Rosewill RHTS-8206 5.1 Surround Sound with Vibration
Black Light Retribution
Skyrim Crashes regularly
I messed up on the other I should have put this here :P
Epic's most profitable game ever? Infinity Blade (for iPhone).
Anyone have CS:GO invites?
Looking for a Good looking Skyrim Greatsword
Mechwarrior Online
Dishonored E3 Gameplay
Max Payne 3 multiplayer
Trouble Running Cryostasis
Crysis 2 uk vs us version
Need some Minecraft help
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
BF3 Server Rental
Recommended Skyrim Mods?
2006Scape (Runescape 2006 remake)
question for the ones who play blacklight retribution
Random free game?
Lineage Eternal (What Diablo 3 should have been)
Gaming with wireless peripherals
Mechanical Keyboard Showdown
How to go from morrowind overhaul 1.3 to 2.0 while keeping your saves
OCF Battlefield 3 - Community Montage
magix audio cleaning mx question
Computer crashing when gaming
free programs that let you map xbox360 keys to games for PC?
With Crysis where do you find the saved game in windows 7
DoTA 2 Beta Key + GPU Giveaway from Sapphire
Purchase Dota 2 Invite?
Looking for what YOU consider the Best Racer
Max Payne 3 let's play /w commentary
Need xbox 360 HDD flash
BF3 Crashing
Any cool t games out there
Looking for a good site to download demo games
So due to a discrepancy..
Question about gaming hardware
Guild Wars 2 Discussion
Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Watch Dogs (amazing looking new game shown at E3)
new NFS Most Wanted...looks like another disappointment
lol Sims 3
You & The Wifey ??
BF3 crashing help
Skyrim: Dawngaurd DLC!
Recording a Game, Small Fps
serious sam 3 bfe-anyone play?
Looking for a good time sink (game)
LIMBO for 60% off $3.99 on steam
Recommend some games?
Soft-Body physics in CryEngine3 (most realistic ever)
Transferring a game from old computer
Java + LWGJL widescreen Snake
No CD Needed
BF3 freeze
Is BF3 still having problems with Realtek
Dirt Showdown. Fun but overkill on the GFX
What MMO Are You Currently Playing And Why?
d3 difficulty video
L4D2 crash to desktop
Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning
Need a game for my 66 year old dad,AI based FPS War game.
OMG how can i make a USB drive be recognized as a CD/DVD drive?
Sims 3 + crossfire= crash
Looking for Night Archers
PnkBstrB.exe Initialization Failure BF2
Torchlight 2 Beta
I haven't touched Skyrim in..
Grim Dawn! a ARPG on PC from the people who made Titan Quest
Diablo 3 Hardcore Player List
Torch light II running on this????
Day Z Mod for Arma II
Portal and Portal 2 $8.49 on Steam
Lan Games not working
YOUR Favorite Game!
It's a RACE!
Competitive gaming?
Double Fine Bundle (3 games for $9.99)
kotor problems
Games stutter or freeze for a moment when in game sounds loaded.
Star Wolves 3 Civil War
May Mojo M.I.A?
Formula 1 Steering wheel conversion
Skyrim MMO News
My foray into Starcraft2
Bastion for $5.99
Official Diablo III Discussion Thread
Phantasy Star Online 2
Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative
New mouse pad time. What to get?
Diablo III or Torchlight II?
Hyperthreading and games
Gaming in Windowed Mode
Zerg Rush in Google
Quake Con 2012
Guild Wars 2
GTA IV Realitrix
how do you handle racism in games like this?
Skyrim *.ini settings
Path of Exile
BF3 will not boot, eventually black screen
Sony has gone completely coocoo
Shogun 2 questions
The Point I've been making all along ($60 games)
Rusty Hearts
Steelseries mousepad
My system for Diablo III.
Crysis 3 Announced for 2013!
Java + OpenGL = Ultimate multiplatform games?
Gaming Computer help
Rock Star games
Official OCF - What games are you currently playing/buying - 2012 edition
Does it make sense to game with an eyepatch?
New Diablo 3 Beta Wave
BF3 lowers IQ if not enough ram?
Dark Souls Coming to PC
If you're like me and prefer gampads to Keyboard and Mouse
older game, The Witcher
Skyrim V synk
GameOn! Liveshow, Podcast....help save it?
Guild Wars 2 Pre Order is live...
Diablo III short stories
What kind of download speeds do you guys get from steam?
What makes a video game look good other than pure graphics?
Can't find Fallout 3 disc
SWTOR and rig settings
Medal of Honor War Fighter.
Microsoft Flight
I just Sined in my Pants Empire! (Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion)
Half-Life 3!
Tribes: Ascend
Crysis 3 Alpha Gameplay
What battlefield 3 needs is more UPDATES!!!!!
Diablo III
Diablo 3 GPU options
OCforums competitive BF3 team
Issues with Steam
Mass Effect 1 won't start!!!
Mass Effect 3
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
UKs biggest high street game retailer goes into administration
Quake III Server - anyone want to come play?- Suggestions welcome
Total War:Shogun 2 Fall of Samurai
Mortal Online?
need help for $500 gaming rig
Wolfenstein 2009 Won't Launch Win 7 64bit
Mass effect 2
WoW scroll of ressurection, which char?
Wing Commander Saga about to be released
EA's Origin service... Do you like it?
Cannot log on to steam.
Good News Baldur's Gate Fans! Remakes are on the way!
my birthday: i want napoleon tw emperor's edition
Expected FPS?
Our Dungeon Defenders Experience
Darkfall 2.0?
GTA4 Graphics issue on sparkle gforce gt 430 4gb
Mass Effect 3 save transfer question
Crysis 2 : Failed to Initialize
Minecraft OCF'ers?
[FREE] League of Legends Runes Code
Can MW3 PC be sold used?
GIGABYTE Battlefield 3 Cup: North America Season 1
I Took a Break from PS3
I Took a Break from PS3
What makes a video games story interesting?
(silly) Issue with BF3 and Teamspeak 3
fallout 3 and 2500k sandy bridge
Battlefield 3 Slow Map Load Fix
Blacklight Retribution
Battle.net BattleTags - Diablo III, StarCraft II, World of Warcraft
warcraft III I think I am out of luck
Emulator using 80+GB of my hard drive???
World of Warcraft new change to scroll of res
Mari0 - SMB with Portals
Strange Dirt 2 issue