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My COD2 DVD don't work on more!
Team Fortress 2
Vista - Game wont find CD.
Heroes of Might & Magic 5: Tribes of The East Demo
Half-Life 2 - Xbox 360?
Quake Wars Reviewed
Did anyone else get in on Hellgate London beta? (From ClubSLI)
BF2142 starwars mod
What on the games market these days?
FEAR 2 vs Perseus Mandate
best farcry mods?
Spore release date Marc 31 2008
Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts
Bioshock & vista 64 ultimate
Clive Barker's Jericho pc demo NOW AVAILABLE !
Assassins Creed
Eq II / zelda question.
Supreme Commander...which version?
Open Tabula Rasa Beta
Crysis demo Delayed?
New Starcraft 2 Terran Video
New Crysis gameplay video
Ninja Gaiden 2 + Halo 3 vs Crysis
Crysis - what's all this hoo haa?
Lego Star Wars: The complete saga
No MIDI in dosbox with the Kx audio driver?
WAR & HG:L req.
Taking PC Games With Me
Thoughts on Crysis
UT3 Requirments?
Problems with Steam
Quake Wars Demo
Call of Juarez DX10 Artificially Deflates Nvidia Cards
Sim City 4 BAT lighting update
Anyone try the game World in conflict
Frontlines: Fuel of War Fileplanet Subscriber Beta
Keep getting kicked by PunkBuster
New MS SideWinder Mouse; What-cha think?
Medal of Honor Airborne help!
Farcry a good game???
So I played Half-Life 2 for the first time...
Headplay Immersive Gaming
Copying over Oblivion setup
Nvidia driver fix for call of juarez?
World in Conflict 9.5 from GameSpot
Save game request for Bioshock...
Help with Plasmids in bioshock
So does Quake Wars REQUIRE Windows XP?
Old gaming hardware.
TF2 Screenshots....
where can i get a free trial of WoW (not one with purchase)
What game for high resolution gaming?
Blackbox from ATI
Team Fortress 2 beta
I kinda don't want to tell you guys this . . .
Eve-ning The Odds
STALKER poor performance
Stranglehold Demo! Get it now!
back to far cry =D
GTA San Andreas Mods
GRAW 2 Maps?
HL2 Fortress Forever is OUT !!
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Halo PC game error
Anyone play FM here / Worldwide soccer manager
No WoW Sticky??
what games would this laptop play?
HL2 Fortress Forever Released
Porting old SPI/Avalon Hill board games into computer games?
CS still played?
Crysis has crappy textures.
Dirt runs choppy after OC'ing
COH patching issue
UT2004 server probs.
Valve Orange Box available for preorder!
Crysis Minimum Requirements (Future Shop)
Free Game BMW M3 Challenge
AMD Game!
bioshock review
Crysis at Walmart
Crysis Beta on Fileplanet (Founder Members Only)
DX10/Bioshock Question
Quake wars
Anyone ever/still play Fable: The Lost Chapters
Half Life 2, the sentry turrets won't fire!
Newegg Gamer Gear sweepstakes (ends 9/14)
All New eVGA Gaming - Free Stuff Soon
Counterstrike 1.6 and my Network Connection ~ HELP!!
Quake Wars Specs - Yeah Sure U Can Use A 9800Pro
Wireless desktops and games
Mafia 2 Announced!!!
vista gaming problems
Far Cry 2 Demo video! OMG!
Quake Wars: ET Demo Sept. 10th!
Bioshock runs slow
MOH Airborne stops working???
Haze for PC
THEY the game
GRAW 2 & Co-Op Missions/Difficulty
MOH: Airborne
Tiger woods 08 control pad setup help needed
Help me convince a friend to attend a LAN party!
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Official Game Wallpaper Thread
Halo 2 for Vista anybody played it?
Another Bioshock thread [regarding the demo]
Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo
Bioshock won't launch
COH - Opposing front Beta
Best of the Best startrek at the moment?
HL2 DM server
Crysis Requirements - Info
Transformers The game Demo review
Minesweeper goes wild
Free ubisoft games
The Startrek MMO?
Has anyone been able to get RCT 3 to run at resolutions above 1024x768?
Medieval 2 Kingdoms
PC games are evolving.. so what's next?
crash after final video: Supreme Comander
Oblivion for pre DX9 cards!
Crysis demo coming out on September 25!
Battlefield 2 WILL NOT update/patch. Please help
Battlefield 2 on a geforce 4
Stuck in Bioshock - HELP !
New trailer for On The Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness
Best promo video for the best game ever
The kings are dead! Long live the king!
Medal of Honor: Airborne, Unreal Eng. 3 and my system.
How to update Battlefield 2?
"Xbox 360 controller for Windows" support in Win2K?
Allied Combat Soldiers are looking for you!
BioShock Installs a SecuROM Rootkit service
Need a bit of help on a level in Bioshock...
Patch default install path
Bioshock on SM2.0 cards!
World in Conflict Demo TODAY (8-24)
Far Cry 2 looks incredible.
Bioshock causes PC to go Boom
Stuntman: Ignition pc demo?
Operation Flashpoint 2 Trailer
Bioshock Widescreen Fix! Digg it Please!
Medal of Honor Airborne Demo
Steam and Bioshock Issues- Unacceptable
bf2 new map
Bioshock can only be installed twice.
Frontlines: Fuel of War- holy moly.
Civ4:Beyond the sword mod
GW - getting back into it
Not another bioshock thread! How does it perform on your rig?
anyone play eqII on linux?
OCF PC Game Reviews
Need help getting LOTRO
Is Bioshock dx10?
3D card buying advice
Conflict with my Voodoo & RTCW
Unreal Tournament, XP, and Aureal =\
what is the best graphics card for gaming?
Cable Modem Tweeks
Help Me Please!...before i throw my computer out the window
Soldering and A soldering Gun?
How about a GAMES section in the Classifieds?
Why dont we have a games Classifieds section1?
The Official Doom III / Half-life 2 Release Date Thread
Tired of looking
got myself a temporary upgrade to improve my games?
Xbox live question
Hardware Problem
LAN Party
New to 3dmark05...
So what are the chances of getting a Wii?
HL2: Holiday 2006 collection
International Gamecube Games
How the Wii has helped my marriage
Logitech® MX™ Revolution
Question about consoles
Chrono Trigger and chrono cross
Halo 3: "So What?"
xbox live bans everywhere take cover
Major 360 Annoucement?
***Lots of free games!***
Sony to cave-in to backlash? 80GB PS3 $499?
Who cant wait for Halo 3...
Broke out HL2 again and getting frustraded with the crashes!!
Rainbow Six Vegas sound problem
gamespot rates bioshock 9.0 :O
command and conquer issues
Bioshock Demo released 7 PM EDT August 20 (today)
IGN Bio shock Review
Guild Wars: Eye of the North
Finally, I got 2142 working.
EA is actually charging people for this?
Artifacting when Playing Stalker
Anyone get into the Conan beta?
Battlefield 2 Stats/Ranks not increasing
Warhound - another FarCry like game.
LOTR BFME2...recycled net code
Ea link directx 9.0c error/multiple games
Games you mod
company of heroes: opposing fronts beta Members only FP
STEAM has got Bioshock for Pre-Loading.
Bioshock demo friday
Medal of Honour Airborne demo next week
I have just 1 simple question...
project-torque closed beta invite (Massive Multiplayer Online Racing Game)
Quake4 has no graphics effects ??
Counter Strike freezes when pressing "options"
Random Crashes
Bioshock for the PC! *SPOILER ALERT*
Madden 08 and crazy lag online...
Lost planet, woow
Ghost Recon AWF 2 saved games, where are they?
Tonight I am going to do what I never thought I would do...
Project Offset Leaked Trailer
Oblivion - Smooth out Edges - AA = Not an Option
Gears of Wars PC to feature ALOT of additions
PC Halo Combat Evolved question.
Hot games between now and christmas
Jumpgate evolution
Anybody still play Out Run?
Getting into WoW
CnC3 WON'T be revolutionized
What settings do you run STALKER at ?
CC3 Disappointment
New Steam Community Public Beta.
Frontlines: Fuel of war
DOSBox 0.71 Released ! (July 30th, 2007)
I'm going to need a faster computer . . . (Starcraft II SP campaign footage)
Orphan Feast
vista gaming, on a Mac?!
Rainbox Six Multiplayer Anyone?
Anyone know about these WoW crashes?
Within a Deep Forest
I need to make the video I made way smaller....
Steam distributing iD games (Doom3 = $19.95)
Day of Defeat Source: LAN today
Infernal : game review
Need advice....
PC- Bioshock Who Preordered it?
New Starcraft Terran Footage
Quake Wars Open Beta!
F.E.A.R. Combat
Crysis pushed back BUT Medal of Honor Airborne is coming in aug 28.!!!
where is the the file for the r rooter game
Spore is Coming...
Fun flash games
Day Of Defeat: Source
best game on a quadcore?
Crysis pushed back to november.
Which vista for crysis!
Halo 3 Updates
So how many games do you play?
EvE question
Any good multiplayer games coming out?
Battlefield 2 and CS:S dedicated server questions
GRAW 2 Crashing
BF2142 Clan?
World in Conflict Beta- Update issues
Games that Utilize Dual Core
Quad Core games
noob q's about WOW
So I tried EVE, again...
Greatest BF2 moments :)
Warhammer Beta Signup!
Age of Conan Beta Signup
Crysis - The next Far Cry
C&C 3: Questions on System Demands
Any good flight games?
Tabula Rasa beta
What games are DX10 that are currently out?
Cool Flash Puzzle Game: Warp Forest...30 levels
Logitech G5 (new) mouse profiling
The Sims - Running Slow?
Supcom or COH OF ?
WoW PTR Madness!!
Far Cry 64bit
Clive Barker's Jericho
Far Cry 2 PC officially announced by Ubisoft
Defend Your Castle - Best flash game ever
Hitman Blood Money Review
Sound problem with oblivion
Lots of free games!
Great FPS moments!
Quake Wars Beta
Assassin's Creed E3 Footage
Violence in Games, now they blame child abuse on games
Call of Duty 2 on Vista
coh dx10
Armed Assault
Diablo II Vista install error
Gamepad or Joystick for flying
Game controller?
why cant i change the default install path for battlefield 2
Enough for a Childs WoW box?
Nexus War?
Penumbra tips
I want a good combat class for EVE
New UT III trailer, drooooool
Games on the mac: Aint gona happen?
HL2 Insurgency Mod
LOTRO trial
Cold Fear - For Resident Evil lovers
Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft) - demo livecast tonight 8pm PST
"Eat my *ss!" and "Shake Breaky!"
WOW question?
6600gt good for W O W?
WoW servers
Lost Planet: Why is no one talking about this!?
Halo 2 with Vista Ultimate is a "no-go."
GRAW 2 demo. Won't let me select High settings
Penumbra: Overture
Oblivion - I tried it so I can knock it
Rumors Of Gears of War Footage
BFV # 2 Release Fall
Marine Sharpshooter?
SOE makes Infantry free!!
Best 15 minute games?
Did Microsoft mess up flight Sim X?
Need help: WoW gets only 8-12 FPS
Anybody here play dota?
Surround sound technologies in gaming
Benchmarking Gaming Mice
[OCF] Free game nights poll.
[OCF] Gaming Clan ?
Need help finding an old pc game!
How the heck can you kill on BF2
Question about AA on Oblivion
EA Games and LAN Games...pitiful...
Saga now open beta (MMORTS)
Quake 4 Online?
COD4 or MOH:Airborne or Both ?
Should I buy CS:S ?
F.E.A.R slow/slugish
bf2 problem
Certain Games Crash pc
Ghetto steering wheel/clutch setup
NFS: MW keeps dropping to desktop?
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition > My PC
So when is game night this week?....tonight maybe?
Quake Wars - single player?
Registry file for Prey
Insurgency, HL2 Mod, its out!!!!
ummm I'm hooked!
Sonic Heroes game won't run on PC
cant beat the good old days :D
What are overclocker's favorite FSPs?
Anybody tried the free HL2: DM on steam?
STALKER and Memory
An idea that I had for the [OCF] game nights:
video gamers tv show
Turn based strategy
My first Closed Beta Invite - Fury
Harry Potter OOTP Frequency Issues?
Simply INSANE EVE Heist
Medal of Honor: Airborne
Planet Oblivion
I am hooked on EVE :)
CSS Server question.
mic for gaming with my phones?
Vista games on non-vista systems
Quake Wars Coming To Linux
Anyone in the Quake Wars beta?
Original Rainbow Six...
Playing a game through proxy server?
Metal Gear Solid 2 problems
Own FRAPS? need a favor
Battlefield 2 STATS Down
Defense of the Ancients - Dota
The Specialist 3.0! Finally out!
Will this improve my accuracy in CS:S?
Lego MMO
Anybody play Armed Assault?
Its not dead !!!
Does Wow support DTS and/or Dolby digital?
games for my lowend gaming pc?
PC Guitar Hero Clone
C&C 3 download?
The 5 Most Embarrassing Ways to die in an FPS
Flatout: Ultimate Carnage for PC
HL2 and Map Editing
Pre Order Crysis bonus untill june 30th
Oblivion character pics.
OCF Game Night 3: UT2004
OCForums WoW Guild
Oblivion:My priest of order hood disappered!?!?
Q4 MMO's to watch out for!
wow sound question
Counter Strike Source Servers Question
Battlefield 2 : Cartillery
OCF Game Night 2: F.E.A.R.
Battlestar Galactica : Beyond the Redline FREE demo...
Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Games and Dual Cores
The New Transformers game.
ATI And Steam Free Games
Are there 5 or 6 CDs for UT 2004?
Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind System Requirements
The Life of the Chinese Gold Farmer by NYT (WoW)
Realistic PC Racing Simulators?
Help me in my quest to waste time faster
Game recommendations
Call of Jaurez DX10 problems (not benchmark)
Buying Oblivion from ebay
BF2 patch problems
Another wow question?
Looking for Game to get Addicted Too :P
Assassin's Creed
I want to make a HL2 mod
Counter Strike Source
Summer games
BF2 on D820
What game(s) should I get?
Anyone having this problem with the GRAW2 demo?
Halo 2 on Vista
Was going to buy Oblivion...Nudity?
Oblivion - your experience?
Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, WoW expansion...all annouce by years end?
Sick of getting my Powernodes Destroyed.
WOW reactivated ( need player help )
Live For Speed: patch X released!!
Call of Juarez DirectX 10 Benchmark Demo
Command and Conquer 3 1.05 screws Hamachi games
Sword of the New World
Sacralidge.... The end of Sim City as we know it...
Funny FPS/Shadowrun video
GRAW 2 Multiplayer Demo (PC) released
Call of Juarez demo out - question
Download DirectX 10 for Windows XP from Alky Project
Alpha Prime
New BF2 Map From EA: Highway Tampa
Tomb Raider Anniversary
List of MMOs with a free trial?
So I loaded up some hacks in CS:S...
Guild Wars
F.E.A.R. Keeps freezing.
Starting wow up again.
Who still plays UT2004?
Devil Whiskey... Turn base RPG!
An idea
Company of Heroes DX 10
Lock On Modern Air Combat
What PC game out right now is worth spending $50 on?
Bored out of my mind.. know any fun/free pc games??
Easy, medium paced, fun LAN game for 2-3 persons.
GTR2 Demo
Anyone played LOTR: Online?
question about CD-keys
Oblivion: Quarl's Texture Pack 2
Fury Pre-Beta?
The Return to PC Gaming
Ultima-Online:-Kingdom-Reborn-Beta-Client download
Insurgency...HL2 Mod
STEAM update Issues May 30/07
UT3 Spec information
Free games for ATI owners?
World in Conflict Beta! Anyone else get in
Steam account theft attempt
tons of Bioshock footage
Command and Conquer 3 forum bans
CS player gets shot while trying to foil a robbery
Happy Birthday to Enemy Territory!
Steam crash on startup
Resident evil 4 pc strange vista happenings
Need a Giant Robot Game
No audio in FMV's in C&C3
WoW? I am not wowed, or maybe I am doing something wrong?
eve online tut done what should i do now?
everquest graphics problems?
The Best Hunting Game ?
Good Single Player Games For PC
any news on vac bans?
Starcraft nostalgia! :)
Yes, another racing thread...
Wow patch 2.1.0
Good racing games for PC?
Developers have a sense of humor!
Crysis DX9 vs DX10 comparison
RB:6 Vegas > PC
Colin McRae Dirt Demo