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Im such a gaming scrooge. please help me
Christmas is approaching!
[WoW Players] Post your CT Profiles Here!
Company of Heroes vs. AoE3 vs. M2TW
Oblivion saved game transfer to new mobo setup.
If you Play WoW & use worldofwar.net, READ THIS!!!
Diablo II (oldie but goodie) need help badly!
Bf2 refresh rate
I need a new game to play Suggestions plz
Well I bit the bullet...
Neverwinter Nights 2 Problems help!
Rainbow 6 Vegas - Heavy on your hardware.
Do PvP MMORGs decay?
Medieval 2:Total War
Which games rely heavily on CPU's?
For all two of you still playing Halo PC/CE on an NV graphics card
Where Can I Download Team Fortress?
Discuss new characters for WoW:BC
Counter strike glitch problem
Favorite online game?
Guild Wars Nightfall - Free Trial
Official: Splinter Cell Conviction
You are not prepared!
Game like Baldurs gate 2?
Oblivion HDR + AA on 8800GTX?
Is this how it's done?
Changing graphics mode in CS 1.6
Half-Life 2 portal video
Multi-core supported games...
Recccomend me some games!
HMOG! Rainbow Six Vegas is teh b3st ev@h!
Steam down?
Freespace 2 is Legally free for download
Fallout MMORPG
GRAW is unrealistic
COD2 problems! sometimes plays good... most of the time plays crappy
Good mid priced kids games for Xbox 360?
For a lv 29 hunter on wow where is the best spot to lv?
DX 10 Games
why my games minimize
gaming and macs
So thinking about Q4?
PC gamer any good?
Half-Life(2) Movie
In wow what is the fastest leveling class and how long does it take it and a hunterto
New Law In Germany - I Cannot Shoot A Sprite
Question about Oblivion mod "Legendary Mastery"
Half Life Episode 2 ETA?
team speak
Fear Combat Activation code
Why the hell has my BF2 stopped working?
So i want to get oblivion. System Specs.
Anyone play TES IV: Knights of the Nine ?
A hunter or a rogue? on wow
WoW junkies need you're help.
Yet another HORRIBLE Star Trek game..
Splinter Cell DA Coop?
WoW Res problem
Oblivion easy first character!
In order to play dx10 games.....
World Of Warcraft what is the best.......
Quake 4 Ending - Opinons?
Any Recommendations for a smokin' WoW system?
FSX: Voice restriction due to age?
world of warcraft ?
Carbon Question & mp3 question.
Splinter Cell Double Agent Performance
Sid Meier's Railroads! Nooooooo
Neverwinter Nights 2 HDTV font size?
Need game for my grandpa
Playing half-life 2 pc with xbox game pad?
Oblivion Crash?
Red Orchestra
Gamestop Preopens Software-Consumer requests Legality
I'm sick of MMORPGs on PCs
Gears of War Coming to PC?
Please Kill Me
WoW Server question
everquest 2 update problems
Use up to 4 Wireless 360 controllers on PC
Alan Wake Screenshots (56k Proving Grounds :O)
Falling liberty
Half Life 2 Ending and Plot questions
How do you get steam to stop launching on startup?
need for speed ?
Knights of the nine delayed?
Scariest game with nice graphics?
COD Clans
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory cd key problems.
DX10 Games List ?
Far Cry installation problem(anyone have the game?)
The best game ever? Infinity: The Quest for Earth
Falcon 4.0:Allied Force
What game ..
Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and system compatibility...
Anyone preorder Burning Crusade yet?
So I bought an Xbox360, and haven't been playing my PC much. . .
Looking For
Do you think PC gaming is dying?
Back to Basics -- Freeware Classics!
WoW virus question?
Hit detection comparison.
battlefeild 2142 will just quit in the middle
EVE online login issue
warcraft 3
Portable Online Gaming
Causality Effect: A Red Letter Day Gone Wrong (HL2 Mod)
about warcraft 3
How To Rank Up In BF2??
Recommend single player shooters?
Rainbow Six:Vegas Sys Reqs(Unreal Engine)+release
Delta Force: Land Warrior (PC)
LOTR Online Beta
GRAW - Only low and medium texture settings?
counter-strike source update
Garry's Mod 10 released on Steam
world of starcraft
Problems running games?
Have you guys seen PS3 prices on ebay?
How do you put sprays in cs source......
Co-op, online, multiplayer games
LOL some ppl and their WOW
Quake 3
looking for a new game
Just Conquered Half Life...
CounterStrike:Source -> am i just a kook or what?
Shadowrun the game :)
Wireless LAN Party Problem
Please dont tell me this is going to be the new trend..
Mouse Pads
Recoil--Tank game...
CS:S question
Question for MGS fans
Dreamcast Emulation
CS Source List/Favorites problem...
What are some good Oblivion mods?
NWN2 Chapter 2 question (spoiler?)
xbox 360 controller
I'm starting to like BF2142,
oh no, another EA directx error (NFS carbon this time)
What if...
Looking for Y.A.R.N.
How taxing is FSX on GPUs?
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
Armored Core 4
How do you turn your psp off!?!? broken?
CS:S Death Match Help
Will crysis support widescreen monitors?
I heard OBlivion Elder scrolls in coming to the ps3
Widescreen optimized games?
What is your PC Gaming Nickname/Handle?
We have a new BF2142 and will be upgrading to a 48 man soon
typing game! majorly addictive
Got Nightfall
battle for middle earth 2 problem game.dat error.
Minimizing during gameplay!!!
Test Drive: Unlimited - Where's The Content?
OMG headphones rawk!
Which version of CS should I buy for my son?
wow question #2 and laptop brag.
Upcoming MMORPGS?
BF2 graphics distortion.
COH question
WOW question
Free iRobot
lost my COD2 CD key... can I retrive it?
The ULTIMATE WoW Question:
Anyone know any good mods for black and white 2?
Phantasy Star Universe for PC, where is the exe in process list?
NFS Carbon Full Game
CPU type and gaming performance
DX10 screens
Civilizations 4 players come here!
Madden NFL 07 for pc - as good as xbox 360?
Logi G25
New C&C 3 screenshots! GUT LAWD!!
having a tough time deciding...
heroes 5 vs dark messiah
Never thought this would happen to me...
new pic of crysis!
Secondlife.com (People actually PAY for vitrual land/items?)
EQ2 Expansion: Echoes of Faydwer *56k NO*
Burning Crusade on Ebay, beware!
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Double Agent safecracking
PC playing w/ consoles?
Shootout,, The Game
Crysis - Where do we go now?
Army of Two
XFire names
splinter cell double agent help!
How is infomation sent/recieved in online games?
Anybody seen Oni?
splinter cell double agent + 8800gts = problems?
Why cant all games be like HL2?
Anno 1701 - (1701 AD.)
CS 1.6: How do I add a favourite manually?
World in Conflict trailer - wow!
Having Windows x64 and Age of Empires III......
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade question.
Double Agent
It's Offical World of Warcraft Burning Crusade is Released 1/16/07
half life 2 mapping
Need Oblivion help
NHL 07 - Graphical differences between console and pc?
I'm irritated with EB Games
anyone play 1701AD
Guild Wars names
Test drive unlimited for PC: Release date
New CS problem
Are emulators legal?
BF2 or BF2142? (Newcomer to the BF world)
Looking to get into another genre besides FPS's
wow and GW
Stained Blade #1 - Dark Messiah Cyclops
Putting game cds onto dvd
The Ship: HL2 mod?
How about a time waster you can even play at school?
Hitman Blood money or Splinter Cell double agent?
Gothic 3 + ATI 1900XT = white flashing?
Trouble Reinstalling a game....
[HELP] HL2/CS:S/Steam Problems
Help w/ Condemned (PC) please!
Problem with GTA SA
EA - My Thoughts On A New Logo
CS:S command help please
Spliter Cell Chaos Theory on x64 ....
Neverwinter Nights 2 released
Crysis delayed till 2Q 2007
brOkenrabbit vs Greg_ValveOLS
CS:S texture corruption
Final Fantasy 12 help thread GUIDE
Who is playing Phantasy Star Universe?
Tekken Tag is Four Players!
good co-ops?
Neverwinter Nights 2 is out!
Anyone Remember - Alien Vs. Predator (Arcade)
Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory servers not refreshing??
RPG recommendation?
company of heroes...am i missing something here?
10 scariest games ever (SS2 = #9 ???)
What is the best MMORPG?
BF 2142 Rank question
People in bestbuy, eb games are jerks imo
Game Demo's Cause Computer Shutdown/Reboot
While playing oblivion has this happened to you guys?
CrossFire Troubles
Gamer StereoType? This for real or what?
Games that maximize use of dual-core CPUs?
New Roboblitz screens (Unreal Engine 3 = noooooice)
How much time do you think you've wasted on games in your life?
Just to give some hope that they will be able to run Unreal Tournament 2007 OK. . .
Anyone playing FEAR Extraction point yet?
FilePath to CS:S and DoD sound files
Dark Messiah
Saints Row for PC?
Battlefield 2142 port forwarding...
Guess what I preordered today?????
Boycott 2142
GameSpot Rumor Control: Diablo 3 Exsists
CS problemS
Need help with joystick
NFS carbon no live on xbox rumor
Need For Speed Carbon Demo
Any way to convert mouse sensivity?
Single player conversions? ( Halo )
WoW is being a cpu hog
More bad news for Sony
Anyone still playing EQ1 ?
If you buy a ps3 and sell it, good bye job
24 things to know about ps3
who likes Bf2142?
UT 04 question
Quake the game dowloadable anywhere? (not shareware)
oblivion bugged?
BF2142 Hardware Tweaks...
Any good demo's out there?
Original BF2 Forever
Servers for BF 2142
Need CS:S no/less blood mod
Burning Crusade screenshots
vsync in battlefield 2142
Phantasy Star Universe - out today anyone have?
Blizzard delays WoW add-on until January. LF39M raid on Blizzard's office.
blaaaah widescreen help
BF2142, looking for more people to play w/
Anyone else Pre-order Dark Messiah?
Is 5.1 worth it for games only?
Battlefield 2 probs
Finished Dreamfall - Longest Journey
so wow is still out what are you doing in it?
BF2142 clan
Descent I, II, and III
What is wrong with game developers??
NBA Live 06, No widescreen?
Links to Random BC Prieviews
Good Single player FPS
Anyone play flOw ?
Scarface: The World is Yours
Battlefield 2142
Points setting back to 0 in BF2142?
Supreme Commander (The Next TA)
Guild Wars Connection Problem
The 360 Die Shrink For Next Year Query
Marathon 2
Holy Moly.. FEAR is scary :(
Anyone up for a WEST COAST BF 2142 Clan?
Splinter Cell 4 out..........
SONY, spreading lies, being sued by MicroSoft
FSX uninstalls itself....why?
System Shock 2: I am LOVING it
A sign of things to come from BF2142?
X1950 XTX... Oblivion, HDR and AA... How?? Where?
Gothic 2:Gold has Starforce?!
Dual core fix.
Mmmm Crysis in February yay!!!
Guitar hero demo!!!!!
Shakespeare coming to a virtual world
Logitech Cordless Rumble Pad 2 on PS2 or Xbox?
Poor FSX Performance.
Dark Messiah - Best Game Ever??
Battlefield 2142 Computer Case Mod
Sam and Max
OCFAir: Routes and Pilot Bases
DS can and WILL be used as a Wii controller!
Wii and IGN, who the heck is writing this stuff?
These kids got awsoem technology for chiristmas!
xbox 360 pad + fifa 07
BF2142 0-Day Patch
Sacred Gold: Yeah or Naa?
Scary games
BF2142 to include spyware AND adware
Recommended Current-Gen Games
So whats the best bang for the buck gaming GPU out?
Go out and buy Flat Out 2 now!!!!
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes- SWG replacement?
Is EA going to screw up a good company?
Is there anything out there like Diablo 2?
Why wont game makers make a REAL GAME
Battlefield 2142 Vid
$315 in trade at Gamespot...
Top Video Game Vixens…thoughts?
Battlefield 2142 Clan?
SiS Mirage.. What can it play?
Far Cry coop
Midevil 2:Total War Demo out..........
I just had a brain storm. Possibly a way for everyone to play wow beta expansion?
Random restarts!
half life 2 cheat problem
Gothic 1 and 2
Anyone play GUN on the PSP
Quake 4 Performance
Precisions CS Source config and warnings
Test Drive Unlimited
PS2 Emulation
bye e3
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade beta is open. Anyone here get invited?
Toca Race Driver 3+ Steering Wheel+6ft=OMG!
Battlefield 2142 demo troubles
Punk Buster Kick Question
Playstation emulation for the WIN!!
Most Populated WoW Realm?
Keylogger Warning, to all who Play WoW
You know you've been playing too much Wii when...
Can PS2 play AVI format DVD files?
Gran Turismo 4 Help needed?
Weird Game Freezing Issue.
BF2 Replacement CD?
Like, totally war! (Medieval II demo official as of yesterday)
answer old HDTV question
having trouble installing all EA games
Nothing makes sense anymore Blizzard!
Quake 4-screen position off to the right/help
PS3 and Wii games up for sale!
Whats so great about WoW.
Official FarCry *1.4* Patch Released !
Good Games Like POP:The Two Thrones??
Phantasy Star Universe
Fable Lost Chapters > Oblivion
F.E.A.R Combat Widesreen?
Family Guy video game clips
WoW Buddies ... ?
Call of Duty 3 for PC?
what do u think about bf2142
LAN parties
LAN Party - SoCal - Oct 14 - BF2 & Q4 Only!
The screenshot thread. Your ISP might kill you.
what was that game?
Best and worse resident evil monster
Any female player skins for Counter-Strike?
quake4 res
i guess he stole my games
Vista gaming will be 10 to 15 per cent slower than XP
A-Train 7 - only in Japanese?
yeah, uhh, my PS2 wont stay shut.......
Any other Rakion players?
Making FSX install in Win2k
Gameboy Player Question?
Company of Heroes Clocking VC Down to 2D
CAL anyone?
Gamers finally taking action against EA
WoW on Southpark
BF2142 demo out
Ninty's Wii - Console Production In Full Flow
anybody for some Americas Amry ??
Image quality problems in final fantasy 8 (pc)
FS2004 uninstall issues
forcing games to run on lower resolution
Anyone play Anarchy Online?
Is PS3 doomed?
Why 360 doesn't need HD-DVD
random minimizing of wow
Far Cry 1.4 patch released
Rainbow Six on Dual core cpu?
Games in October
What single card will handle Crysis 1280 x 1024 with med/high settings you think?
At Least 1 PS3 Exsists and Works
GTR2 Worth Playing
Anybody play Star Wars Battlefront?
An RTS to replace SC?
Who was your core team in ff7?
games playable on 1.7ghz centrino/786mb of ram/integrated video?
pc monitor on 360
counter strike prob
online pool for money
Region code on PS3 ?
Is it possible to play css on a cheap laptop?
EVE Online sucked me in...
So whats your favorite Final Fantasy Game?
Half Life 2 Gmod
REVIEW: Nova Killer mouse mat
Neverwinter Nights 2: Anyone Getting It?
Doom on XBLA
Want a 65nm Xbox 360? You got it!
Oregon Trail : Reloaded
Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary edition
World of warcraft. DRAW DISTANCE major problem.
Killer game CGs from X06
Oblivion Confirmed For PS3 & PSP
BF2 problems
DEFCON: Everyobdy Dies releases today
holy freaking guacomole. Alan Wake vid at IDF
Recent dearth of good PC games
xbox360 places to buy
Pre Order: Crysis from Newegg
Far Cry
Will PS3 have HD built in?
Wii 11.19.2006
Mouse Skipping in CSS.....whats going on
Halo Wars, Wingnut, and "undisclosed Halo project"
ambX lighting for games
What do I need for a CS Server?
Entertainment Center Help
Company of Hero
Geforce 7950 GX2 DirectX 10 Support?
PSU screen shots
FEAR Combat "Invalid Game assets"
Logitech Wingman Cordelss Gamepad...ugg..
NFSHP2 help
Need Gaming Mouse
worldofwarcraft resolution problem
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
I played with a Wii!!!!!! 1st OCF REVIEW!!!
Unannounced Ubisoft titles revealed via internet
Gateway M680 w/ 6800 can't play BF2
Oblivion Installation Problem
Question about battlefield 2
Recommend Oblivion Settings for x850PRO...
Questions regarding Half Life 2, initial updating
Valve Screws CS:S
PC NFS most wanted...Glitchy despite high fps?
If you are interested in Bioshock here is a must see vid
Guild Wars Nightfall free weekend!
BF2 Server Capability?
MS WILL repair any 1st gen 360!!!
IMPRESSIVE 360 turn based RPG
SONY drops price of PS3 $100 BEFORE lauch
Frustrating CS:S problem...
World of warcraft and dual monitors
Half-Life 1: Your Thoughts & Experiences
Any one played
Anime for the 360