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Assasins Creed comming to 360 as well
BF2 v1.4 finally!!
Is PS3 A Rip off?
New Mouse
Any OC Forumer know how to mod BF2?
Clockgen and Half Life
New PSP game wanted
New BF2 mod, have you guys heard of PoE2?
AOE 3 how long have you beenplaying it?
need help -widescreen halo and bf2
fastest download spot for fear combat ??
New Half-life 2 Episode 2 Trailer
Call of juarez
Falcon 4 Allied Force
Halo 3
What have I been missing out on?
Phantasy Star Online Blue burst discussion
People with super rigs who play WoW
Game Upgrade Question
Diablo 2 L.O.D - Environmental Effects
Who has Download BF2142 and has plyed the Demo?
Best Gaming Heads Set what do you think?
Here might be another reason why the patch has been delayed
help reporting the cheaters in BF2
Anyone up for some BF2?
bf2 corrupted memory?
Some info on upcoming EQ expansion
RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 - Is It Worth My Time?
Brother In Arms HH E3 Extended Trailer
CPU dependant games
Warcraft 3 Disconnecter?
Neat Game
PS3 retail review sorta
and now for something completly different... HALO (funny)
Good games you can play for 10 minutes at a time?
Half life 2 Ep1 need help!
CS:S definitely CPU based
Soul Caliber like PC game
free games at Fileplanet.
Saint's Row: today!!!
SONY, PS3 or bust
BF2: only a few servers
Oblivion:Question about ending.
Phantasy Star Online Blue burst, need me a meseta hack
PS2 - Wireless Laptop Network Sharing
Xbox 360 August Compatibility Update!
Save me! I need a game recommendation!
PS3 Downgraded (Again)
WOW tweaks
FEAR Multiplayer
What are you getting Q4 this year?
call of duty 3
Anyone with PSO experience, I've got some questions (Dreamcast)
Can't Get Neverwinter Nights to Load -- Any Ideas?
Joint Task Force
Dual core performance on Rome:TW
Problems with Counterstrike:Source....
WTF is up with HL2?
Dark messiah beta
Battlefield 2141 Beta
FREE Mario game: Mario Forever Have uplayed it?
cs:s help w/ fps
Warhammer Online
Bf2 ownage?
saints row demo!
Amazing game trailer for MTW2
FF7: Dirge of Cerberus
CS:S Update! 08/24/06
Whats the Neweast F1 game out for PC??
F.E.A.R = What a horrid ending...
PS3 Works But Sony Don't Want You To See It??? Huh
New HL2:E2 Gameplay Movies
Generals help
New TF2 Game Play Movie
Rush For Berlin???
Too funny not to post
v360 hd vga and which game should i buy
Battlefield 2142 Veteran's Program.
C&C Tiberium Wars - Actor Who Played Kane To Return
Katamari Damacy Wallpapers
Neverwinter Nights 2
Directx problem
EQ2 / SoE Sucks
Who would like this feature in BF2?
need some game recommandations
wow graphics just increase with 1.12 patch
Just got Madden 07 on the 360
anyone here completed quake 4 on hardest difficulty(general)?
Anybody going to the Showdown LAn of 06?
What do you hate the most **BF2**
Having trouble installing a game. Having the "not a valid win32 application" problem
Odd quake 4 issue.
New BF3 game pics!
Oblivion FSAA problem
Computer locks up during games... :(
PS3 Not Even In Producation Yet
Looking for a new mmo...
BF2 Poor Admins.... I just gots to vent.
My CS:S turned into wallhax or shiny stuffs...please help!
Quick Stupid question...
creating desktop icon
Battlefield 2 Loading Problem
Saving game
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!
I knew I wanted a Wii more than a PS3...
Thoughts on Fear Combat
So tired of being bored!!!
Why does my FPS suck?!
Someone send me their HL2 save files to jimmypattersonuk@hotmail.com
Battlefield 2142 Beta OUT
Help with Logitech G5 button assignments please!
Wii or PS3?
Wii more money in my pocket?
F.E.A.R is gonna be free
stuck in quake 4, need help.
High Vs Low.
HL2 Lost Coast
Xbox360 to support 1080P and HDMI!! roadmap here:
2142 who is going to get this game?
BF2 Patch will be out on Tuesday from what I have read..
Americas Army
WOW! Design and sell your own 360 games
planetside: free untill lvl 6
Microsoft just one-upped Nintendo/Sony...
More Saint's Row vids
What ports for my cstrike hlds server
BF2 Stuffs
Widescreen Resolutions
Greatest Game of all time and Most Underrated game ;Your nominations needed:
GRAW Installation Problem
WoW after Burning Crusade...
Free Microsoft flight simulator X demo download!
Far cry help.
thinking of getting into might and magic
looking for a game to burn large ammounts of time playing
The most demanding PC game (on the processor core, NOT the HTT, FSB or RAM!)
Unexplainable Beeping from PC
Sega Genisis Games For PSP/PS2
To the OCF WoW Guild -
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic demo
Dead or Alive Extreme2
Counter-Strike LAN Server Help :'(
Halo: The Movie Delayed To 2008
Any WoW Players here?
Good racing Game?
Flight Simulator X Demo, Beta at Gamespot and Fileplanet
F.E.A.R. Combat! FREE!!!!
FEAR! :(
Anyone play Gun Game for CS:S?
Just put up a public cs and dod server
Flatout 2 install xp64
GRAW High Settings?
odd problem with old game: red alert 2
F.E.A.R. Multiplayer free to the public soon!
Problem with UT2k4 after reinstall...
MX518 mouse
Lego Starwars II (Demo)
Most Demanding PC game?
Who's getting Dead Rising for Xbox 360!?!?!
half life 2 ep 1... worth getting?
LAN games
uCon64 Trouble.
UT07' question
Call of duty 2
Guild wars
HL2 Episode 1 Secret Weapon
G15 on R6: Lockdown
Vid card to play BF2 1280X1024
xbox 360 on 2007fpw
A touchy BF2 situation.
dead rising demo!!
bf2 questions
help :p
do i have the
Dead Rising, Best Console Experience of My Life!
The next 5 months or so of 360 games (lots O' game releases coming)
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Gitch Problem
possible old news: anarchy-online free....for now
BF2 crash to desktop fixes
What MMO for the full year?
Cov & COH question.
Company of Heroes Open Beta
First Person Shooters
Random lag in games....Is it my hardware?
Ninty-nine Nights and Saint's Row demos out (360)
PS2 HD with AR Max Evo?
Ever heard of cartillary?
How many games is it safe to have until u start clogging up...
Final level of FarCry
Call of Juarez demo
Tiger Woods PGA Tour '06 problems
Soon to be EX WoW player needs new game, advice please
How long before the game companies get greedy 1 year if lucky?
Whats the name?!
ATI BF2 Widescreen
Half-Life 2: Episode One. Any trainers that don't crash the game?
Dead Rising August 8th
No Unreal 07 Till 2007 (1st Q)
Ninty Wii's Specs
Metroid Prime: hunters for DS
Battlefront 2 SW3 demo
E3 to be cancelled/downsized?
Looking for Star Craft Mod
ATI Cat 6.7 + Css Problem?
BF2 Better Icons and Special Forces Icon
RO Free 3 days
GTA: San Andreas help
Steam Issue
Why WoW doesn't suck...
homeworld 2 mods
can i post yet?
PSP Update 2.80 Out Now
Diablo 2 L.O.D - Hosting Game Through Router Firewall
Prize Fight - Win money playing games
PS3 In Better Shape
My latest console mod
Test your numpad skillz
Crysis Minimum System Specs Revealed
Bioshock, your thoughts.
tq + vent problems?
tq char transfers?
What happened to all the threads?
multiplayer in games lags...but good fps/ping
titan quest is really screwy
Why WoW sucks.
am i the only one thats...
unknown error in titan quest
medal of honor AA... people still play?
good PS2 games?
[Fixed!] Problems w/ my SNES
Votexorz! CS CLIPS FTW!!!!
HL2 Episode 1 Help
Question about CS:S
Question about WoW Xpack?
PREY! Who's beat it?
enabling CS:source cheats on a lan game
Anyone still play SWG?
playing music in cs:s
Blood Elf Paladins... /quit WoW
Battlefield 1942 View distance tweak...
Best PSone RPG? recommend one to me.
You in a COD2 Clan?
Saint's Row multiplayer video preview
Nintendo DS Lite owners, READ THIS
fps keyboard
Starforce questions
TF2 Video
Started playing Farcry today
Portal Demonstration from Valve's EA Summer Media Event
Good News for PS3 fans!
CS:CZ Video Problem
NCAA Football 07 anyone?
RTCW replayed
Hitman 4 Blood Money crashes when I change resolution
counter-struck lmao watch this video
Minesweeper High Scores
can i post yet?
Fortress Forever
Chromehounds Getting A Free Download
Final Fantasy XI Part 2 In The Works
Funniest thing thats ever happened to you in a game?
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
Worst game of all time and most over rated, your nominations needed:
Anyone have an extra xbox live trial code
this is wat i think and if think different say sumthing! and stand up for urself
Looking For Old Football Management Game
Dungeon Siege 2
I need a new game
I wanna be in the bf2 clan on ocforums
I wanna be in the bf2 clan on ocforums
Careers in EVE
just wondering
G'bye WoW, Helloooooo EVE!
Eternal-Silence Mod for Source
For FEAR fans only
I cheated to finish Doom3, what about in Farcry?
Half Life 2 Episode 2.....CANT WAIT!!!!!
Bioware is doing it again with Masseffect, another game of the year?
Shoud I finish FarCry?
World of Warcraft question
PS3 and IBM Cell Processor Yields
Games that make your friends say "wow!"
half life 2 episode 1
Orcs and Elves, anyone played Carmacks newest cell phone game?
Quake 4 Still Popular?
Chrome Hounds
Hacker May Have Stolen Hellgate: London Source Code
cs: startmovie = black screen
FINALLY some more stuff on Xbox Live
Metal Gear Solid "!" shirt
What is a free application that makes perfect images of game.
Oblivion still RAWKS!
Pair of questions for you guys
Looking for CO-OP games
Running BF2 in vista?
BF2 Question
Do many games use widescreen nowadays?
problem in BF2
WoW twinks?
Hosting Call of Duty 2 mod server help
Diablo 2 LOD - It has me hooked yet again! + Cool Mod
Source SDK: Can't compile .BSP
Saint's Row is coming along, vids inside---->
Counter strike source players, can you test my source server?
pc gaming is worth it
Funy Bf2 video, lol
Watch him squish the midget...
new graphics card problems....
Problem with the sims 2
Steam Error Updating!
Crysis Interview @ gamespot
Titan Quest
What is the best change in games in the last 30 years?
BF2 loading problems, help!
Online RPG's
Just finished F.E.A.R...want some clarifications:D (spoilers)
Half Life Episode one Saved Game
warrock! This friday (7th) is open beta release! :)
just picked up GRAW for pc, have some questions
AMD Dual-Core Optimizer For Games
Paul WS Anderson & His Gaming Movies (Upcoming)
controls messed up in games
ps2 mod chips?
old crt's are where it's at
New to the forums but I need some help!
funny cs vid
Check out my latest acquisition!!!
snowboarding games for pc
BF2 New Medal
oblivion icon better quality
Condemned = scary + fun
Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge install issue
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Starforce
Very Old Soccer Game
Perfect Music for CS:S
Final Fantasy XI
Game prices
wtf happened?!?
Flyff: Fun/Decent Free MMORPG
appreciate your (modern) hardware
Need a players/logo for CS:S Main
farcy 5cd to 1 dvd?
Titan Quest Friggin OWNS
Hitman Blood Money for PC
Oblivion, How To Use Furniture ?
BF2 vs. CSS
WoW to BF2?
Valve is making me sad...come on, seriously!
Anyone else Play GTA:LCS with CheatDevice?
sorry, OT, but i got a question...
Anybody play Nation States
Mods for Crysis
How many games do you have?
BF2 jerking mouse.
Oblvion Multiplayer Mod
Microsoft: "no plans for a price drop this fall"(XBOX 360)
Condemned - Criminal Origins Demo
BF1942 online help
So I started metroid prime
Can't install Oblivion, ditch Installshield?
Review: Titan Quest! [8HQ SS 56k Death]
QuakeCon 2006 is finally announced. Register June 28
BF2 giving me trouble online.
need help finding IP address for CS Source
counter strike
D2 1.11 Patch Problems
Need help with Xbox
Overwhelming BF2
WoW: Realm Transfer, your thoughts.
old games hogging your cpu
Who has flashed their G5?
Oblivion crahes ... need help!
can't move mouse in bf2.
Do you ALWAYS finish your games?
Low CS:S frames w/good computer!
This is possibly the cheesiest game ever
Make a Japanese DS into English?
What are some good cs Servers?
Blizzard closed my WoW account: For this reason...
New Crysis Concept Art and Videos
Prey Demo is out
Team Player
Found something neat in new Super Mario Bros
Trading in your used games
warrock! invite only ...bleh
HOLY CRAP!!! $100 360 Price Drop!!
Sony: PS2 Is A Computer! Uk Judge: No It Isn't
Hitman BloodMoney
New Crysis Screenshots
KILL ME, ALL MY BF2 points are gone!!!!!!!
Anyone found Fin Gleam in Oblivion?
Odd problems/error message in CS:S for my friend.
What excites you about a new System?
Forget Tibia THIS is the most addictive game EVER!!!
BF2 Patch Question
Does any Game music spark moments of reminiscence for you?
Oblivion:"Canvas the castle"quest question
I'm addicted....to EQ2
Now this is interesting
how well?
My new clan:)
BF2 crashing to desktop.
Handheld MechWarrior game!
Did the Jedi Knight series die out already?
PS3 rumors confirmed FALSE!!!!
Crysis Is too good to be true, Screen Shot Comparison.
how many ds games exist?
Pictochat Guide
Vampire Bloodlines Dark Visuals
Xbox 360 Updates
Cool - Free game - several options!
Half-Life 2 Won't Install
BF2 community update
No sound in fear
Civ III or Civ IV
Halo 3 Ending leaked by Bungie!
Favorite music to listen to while gaming?
How the Wii controller will be used in a few games :D
Play.Com Put Pre-Order For PS3 At 550
Tibia - THE most addictive game ever
Cool - Free game - several options!
Halo PC Mod Requests
Interested in Sony PSP
Anyone used FarCry Patch 1.4 (HDR+FSAA)?
Crysis is too good to be true?
americas army?
Nice video....Warhammer:MoC
game installs insisting on installing an older directx
LucasArts and other 3rd parties go Wii. LIGHSABER Wiis for US!!!
Crosshair size, CS 1.6 Condtion Zero
How long is HL2? Seems like I've been playing forever...
Don't forget about our |OCS| clan!
another BF2 lag fix site
Cool - Free game - several options!
Are there any games like this?
new games don't work right on 7600GT
NEW 360 backwards cmpat update avail NOW
Stupid Oblivion >: (
CS:S Videos
Warcraft III game help
Nintendo DS Brain Age
Resignation as [OCG] Battlefield 2 clan leader
Oblvion Help (Jumpping problem)
Violent games now treated like pornography in Oklahoma
addon to make DS a PDA and play homebrew, MP3 and movies!
CS:S with Xfire problem
PS3 Is Knackered
Who bought a DS Lite?
PS1 game on PS2 - cannot save?
best nintendo DS games?
Oblivion saved game recovery help
Problems installing the Cell Factor demo
Armor Fury??
1280*1024 unselectable in games
have i just made a big mistake.......
CS:S hardware advice
BF2 Lag
CS:S Help needed-again!
Transformers: The Movie (360 Might Be In It)
Unreal 07 Hopefully March 07
Quake 4 only 640x480 on 7600GT?
Ubisoft To Remake Settlers 2
What ever happend to pong?
Recapturing the Magic
Hey, even with non HDR cards, it is still possible to make it look like hdr.
the money
entertaining lan games
can't connect to Steam network
Grand Theft Auto Lovers
have i stooped to my lowest?
WoW...Thinking of starting a Frost mage
Any D2 LOD USEast Ladder Players?
360 Cracked? HDMI?
Xbox 360 Noise...
Wii Retro Game Prices!