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Fallen Earth DL still going...
FPS online mmo should i look at?
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Postal 3
can you help me,what should I do?
OnLive May be Coming to Linux Sooner than Later
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CIV 5 Expansion announced
Quake IV $19.00 on steam.... bwahaha!
High framerates but micro stutters in Skyrim
ALAN WAKE $30 today on Steam
An RTS from 2007 that never got the attention it deserved. WiC
Bioware... What's The Big Idea?
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Starcraft 2 team?
DLed Hawx 2 from Steam. Won't run
Mortal Online oppinions?
Any good deals on ME3 (PC)?
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Reducing Skyrim stuttering.
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Best epic RTS game: CIV 5 or Shogun 2 or ???
3D gaming with AMD and a 3d tv?
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THIS is what gaming journalism should look like (Who Killed Rare)
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Question on games in general
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Is WoW worth the ten bucks?
How I got into platinum...
Diablo 3 at Target?
anyone on this forum play RIFT (MMO)?
iRacing anyone?
Console command to dismiss follower in Skyrim pls!
Battlefield 3, lies about the ultra settings
Any decent PC games out there?
Moonbase Alpha
Rb6 vegas or vegas 2 for Multiplayer.
How Total War is meant to be played
Couple questions about Steam
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company of heroes gpu useage problem
Shogun 2 Total War - HUGE Battle
Now I know why I lost in CAL-I matches
OCF In-game Screenshot Thread: V1 (56k wrn)
EQ1 going free to play soon
Just got BF3 and...
Issue with BF3
SC2 noob help
Good Bye Direct 2 Drive
FFXIII-2, anyone picking it up?
Decent Build For Sims 3
Chance to win some free RP for LOL players
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Help with an older game???? GT LEGENDS
Racing games?
BF3 Graphics.
Software suggestions
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[Rant]Sick of Games
Resident Evil 6
Battlefield 3 and Origin.
Sound Issue with Crysis 2
Crysis 2 can it run with the following?
skyrim SLI
Sniper Elite: V2
Super Mario Brothers Crossover 2.0
Star Trek online f2p today!!!!
Battlefield 3 C4 Destruction Montage. Need some feedback! :)
Is perfect truly that perfect?
widescreenfixer stopped working
I seek a Skyrim mod pack that:
Dota 2 beta invites?
Batman Arkham City - $20 (PC)
Kingdoms of Amalur
tribes:ascend closed beta
Origin is downloading at 150 - 300 kb when my download speed is 1meg
Battlefield 3 is installed but origin cannot see that [PLEASE READ]
Skyrim: Another Console port?
Pre ordering Diablo 3 CE (Canada)
What's a good gaming Keyboard? (2012 edition)
Server Connections
What games should I buy for my PC?
New Super Mario 64 (120 stars) World Record Speedrun 1:47:10
Saints Row 3 confusion
1 game suddenly won't play
Need For Speed ??????
MW3 infection server setup HELP!
how much performance would i gain when i upgrade to i5 2500k?
Your favorite online fps?
Warning! The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim BUGS.
Make Sure You're Not In Power Saving Mode
From a WOW player's prospective - is SWTOR worth the buy?
Widescreenfixer not working?
Dumb question but haven't played PC games in about a decade
What's a good gaming mouse? (2012 edition)
Conquer The World (CTW)
BF3 and EA are terrible
need help for pc (hickups)
What games have you guys bought off of the Winter Steam Sale?
CPUs soon a legacy? If so how comes?
NBA 2K12 won't run...
BFBC2 Gamepads and wifi
BF3 SP loading fail, xmas edition
BF3... Anybody playing?
How to get 1 time grace return on steam?
GTA: San Andreas ICEnhancer
Must have games for Android?
Where is the BF3 B2K FILE located?
Steam takes about 3-5 minutes to log in?
Help Me Please
Looking for Left 4 Dead 2 mates
Can't play BF3 with 6970 Crossfirex
[Free to play] League of Legends (let's try this again)
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Bad Trifire scaling in BF3
Need For Speed The Run Lag!!!
split screen PC gaming?
Need experts help for sudden low fps
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
POSTAL III!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone know if I can sell my Steam account?
Diablo 3 Beta, who's in, your impressions
Everquest2 - Free to Play
Batman Arkham City DX11 is fixed!
looking for WWII flight sim
4GB BF3 Patch? This is getting ridiculous.
Anyone know how much a DIRT 3 voucher goes for these days?
Occupy: The MMO
PC: Skyrim bugs/glitchs/tricks **spoliers**
bf3 is not starting at all.
GTA IV Performance Issues [HELP]
Battlefield 3 freeze/stutter
Interesting interview with Gabe Newell.
bf3 installing from disk dilema
Battlefield 3 GPU Performance and Eyefinity Experience
Battlefield 3 Gameplay Review
Tha "gamification" of life.
BF3 Video Glitch
GTA IV Conversion
BF3 boosting?
BF3 updating problem
Kids Hand Held Mobigo Vs. Leapster
GTA Liberty city stories wont run. GTA4 will.
Steam is having a huge sale. Suggestions?....
how to redirect where steam games install
Can you suggest games based on this description?
How are the King's Bounty games?
Serious Sam BFE - is OUT
Most immersive FPS setup I've ever seen (using BF3)...
Lilcal20's Youtube Gameplay Videos Main Thread
Best game ever?
Batman AC came out for PC today. Just got it. Will post a review.
Dota 2 Beta Gameplay Video
Dead Space 2 problem
Inverted or Normal?
Change ID Origin
Game performance worse after overclock???
Suggested Graphics Mods For Oblivion??
EA Origin/BF3 issue
Is Oblivion still worth buying?
Show your Skyrim
I think they finally fixed RAGE. Look
Saints Row The Third
Diablo III beta?
Skyrim Broken
Free driving game (Nitronic Rush)
[FIX] Battlefield 3 - FIx for Crashs on 32 Bit WIndows!
Blade & Soul
Battlefield 3 black screen
How to update battlefield 3 [PC]
(new subject) This part of RAGE caused me RAGE.
APB: Reloaded?
Odd failed uninstall
Starwars The Old Republic
LOOKING for BF3 COOP Players to unlock guns!!!
critique of The Witcher 2
Battlefield 3 Setup and FPS
Gratuitous Tank Battles
Anno 2070
BF3-Get Satisfaction.
Steam Forum Hacked
Battlefield 3 test stream going up now, converting to Skyrim @ 11pm CST
Battlefield 3 online play experience
Activision apolgizes for crappy elite service
How to Get Crazy Battlefield 3 Points
WoW help please....
Browser Based Games
Poor blizzard (sarcasm)
BF3 How many PCs?
Download Skyrim Now
960T or 1055T for bf3
warzone 2100 psone
USB Flight Cockpit for Battlefield 3
Bad Stuttering in Battlefield 3
Another BF3 bug Keys / Mouse Binding
MW3 Steam Pre Download Available
I need a rage tip. Gameplay related
I am thinking of getting a small BF3 Server for OCF members only
City of Heroes Question
Level Up In COD:MW 3 with Mountain Dew And Doritos
BF3 Skill Stat
Crysis 2 twilight zone
BF3 Slow Load times
Finally found a game that gives my beast system trouble
Rise of Flight (WWI Flight Combat) now FREE
BF3 giving me more problems
change Origin e-mail
Tribes Ascend Beta
anyone want to play?
The Dirty Dozen
So I bought rage physical copy
Dungeon Defenders
Kmart sold copies of COD:MW3 a week early
DCUO now free
game runs in 4 fps
BF3 server
Another steam Q--changing drives
Bioshock Crashing
BFBC2 silky smooth on max. BF3 choppy even on min
What does this STEAM message mean?
Red Orchestra 2
Steam Halloween Sale!
So the first 25 minutes of Skyrim got leaked - and it's looking bad guys
embarassing.... lose username/PW for bad company 2
How much bandwidth does online gaming use?
OCF BF3 Platoon fall in for battle tonight
Hard-Core Gamer Food, Drinks and Tips
Sick of it
Able to max out bf3?
about vsync and fps locking
BF3 Dedicated servers.
Free Arkham City with GTX 5XX Purchase
What to do with old PC game titles?
ok lets start the BF3.exe crash thread
Question about Steam games
Test Out BF3 for the Front Page? - 2600K Required for Uniformity
Skyrim - My wife is dissapointed
Suggest a Game
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Skyrim Specs Released
How Do You Like Games Tested, Benchmarks or Manual Runs?
Grand Theft Auto V
Optimal Driver Setup BF3 CrossfireX
Digital Download of Bioshock?
multiple usb headsets
Anyone playing Dark Souls?
New Montage BFBC2
How to increase Steam and Origin download speeds?
List your BF3 hardware here - Are you ready?
DooM 4 delayed indefinitely following Rage mess.
PC Gaming to overtake consoles by 2014?
A music video for my Karok on Vindictus (epic VID!)
Ever heard of The Hunter?
Football manager
Steam. I love you and all.
about gaming keyboards
New today! (October 17th) Skyrim screenshots and livestream announcement!
Diablo 3: Hardcore or Softcore?
Where's the Deus Ex HR save game?
Question about MW3.
Looking for a new game to buy
Dead Island
Streaming Red Faction: Armageddon now!
Buy a (old) World of Warcraft server (blade)!!
Steam wth?
Afterfall Insanity (first person horror shooter) for just $1
Cute Free to Play Anime Style Games
Call of Duty: Elite a paid for service.
PC game controller
Emailing steam
BF3 Beta Problems
Steam free to play
Post your personal game glitch videos
Crysis 2 [black screen and cursor]
Different drivers for different games. WTF?
Eve Online
EvE online error.
Blackwater/ XE game coming soon!
Punkbuster is running now?
Skyrim is crime fighting chickens
Games With Fun Mage Gameplay
Battlefield 3 Wont Download?
World of Tanks
ARMA II used in British news (called real-life footage)
Battlefield 3 performance reviews and analysis - Go for a better GPU, not CPU
Payday: The Heist?
COD:MW3 advice
SC2: Ongoing Offline Problems
Champions Online
Where's the GTA4 savegame in W7?
bf3 & crossfire, any problems?
Man chokes teen over lost COD: Black Ops match
BF3/Origin + OCF Platoon
[Solved]Question about Steam Games file location
FPS keyboard configs.. How do you do it?
BF3 Issue - Lag since today
Steam startup is slow
Diablo III Beta Gameplay Screenshots & Movie
Rift anyone still play?
Downloading BF3 beta, how is it?
Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2
I can run most DX 10-11 games at high setting but Fallout 3 crashes
Does Unlimited Gaming Exist
My pc is a big boss but cant get fps from this game help me
Rage is here...man are we TICKED!
Im at a delema
CoD: Blackops PC problem
SWTOR picks a launch date..
Civilizations V keeps freezing on me
Why is Half-Life 2 lagging horribly?
fallout 3/nv = crysis,bf2142,lots more
[How to] Setup FaceTrackNoIR for DCS A-10C in Win7 x64
Diablo 3- Which character will you play first?
Resident Evil 6
Warning rant inside....game patches
Portal - Free until 9/20/11
Hard Reset, having trouble with massive flickering
Thoughts About the 20+mins of Skyrim
BF3 PC pre-order $48 at Newegg with promo code.
Red Orchestra Two launching in mere hours....
A lot of you have PC Gamer and don't play LoL
Half life 2, fov.
Diablo 3 Items- How are they going to drop?
Ultimas 1 - 6 on gog.com (Ultima 4 free)
So...BF3 is coming. Expectations for BF4?
Max Payne 3!
Hard Reset demo problems
Dead space triligoy order
Diablo 3 beta Client
Dead Island. Anybody got it?
steam operating system (wiht vid)
Issues with COD4 server list.
Homefront Black Surroundings
What file has the EvE online settings (not overview the whole game)
Crysis 2 DX11 patch wont go full screen!
need to find a place that sells nes booklets and game boxes
Gamespot - Pick the Best Sidekick Challenge
Anyone interested in making a game together?
dragon age awakening weapons
Artemis - An interesting indie co-op PC game
A mini thumstick controler.
mw2/B Ops hosting question
Need Opinions on Build Based Around WoW: Cataclysm
COD Black Ops Jolts (texture pull?)
Stupid Gamestop
Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
Well Deus Ex human revolution comes out today..
Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Demo!
Sooo... Now that I've completely forgotten SC2's story...
PC Gaming Is Not Dead
Anyone still play Morrowind?
FPS in WoW
Battlefield 3 on sale at Newegg again. $48 pre-order with this code.
Random stuttering and freezes in games
Fan of Tribes/Tribes2, check out Tribes Ascend!
Question abt company of heroes patches
Darkfall 2.0??
Bad Company 2
Left4Dead2 Survival Dedicated Server
Nexus 2
Single game that you are looking forward to the most?
For OLD Racers (SCGT)
World of Warcraft Minimum System Setup for Maximum Game Performance
MDK 2 HD Next Month
Decal float glitch? (with HD video added)
Skyrim $12 pre-order discount at Newegg with promo code.
New version of CS in development
Diablo 2 LOD server tonight!
Steam Uninstall Reinstall Help
TF2 Freebies- Dr Grordbort's- Comic-Con 2011 Swag
TF2 trade hats for games!
So I FINALLY got around to getting Fallout 3 GOTY.
The Stanley Parable (HL2 Mod)
Witcher 2 Installation Problem
Is Skyrim Steam Bound?
Pre-Ordering Process?
GTA 4 random disconnects from Games for windows live
diablo 2 install problem
Rage $48 preorder at Newegg with promo code.
Looking for a car game.
Panzer Corps - Panzer General Ressurrected!
3D Gaming with corrective lenses... Stupid question.
Steam corrupted?
Witcher 2 menu confusion
Coop Norway retail store to pull 51 Video Games from shelves
Diablo 3 NDA is lifted.
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
BF2 - C2D
MW3 $48 at Newegg with promo code.
Awesome online games vendor [UK]
GTA IV ram error
Black Screen When You Start Crysis 2 !!
Noobist question, help with PC Deadspace 2
Fraps Recording Advice.
FONV C Finder issues...
Humble Indie Bundle 3.
UT2004 on steam question
Witcher 2 1.3 ate my saves
bad company 2 fps problems
angry birds on PC
Game question
Most memorable video game deaths.
Dirt 3 config/fullscreen issues...
So I decided to do a "Custom benchmark" on Crysis...
Descent2 mod
Shouldn't my laptop be able to run The Witcher 2?
The witcher 2: ubersample done right (patch 1.3)
CoD Black Ops Q's
Witcher 2 infinite patch loop??
Battlefield 2 Bad Company 2 woes
Game Informer calls swtor a "wow clone"
Heroes Of Newerth!
Good games for Sweden
TF2 Replay
Team Based games
Facebook and Steam linked?
What is your VOIP of choice for playing online games...
Soooo.... Anybody playing Flight Simulator?
Cod 4 sudden freeze?
Anyone get NCAA Football 12?
ARMA 2 Free.
Shogun Total War 2: Where SSDs shine?
Street Cleaning Simulator! - must try
Anyone playing Dirt 3?
Is co-op possbile in future Dragon Age titles?
My ping is high in BFBC2
<----->This much fun <-> This much $. The cheap game thread.
Fallout 3: Worth £6.99?
GTA:SA Crashes (0% CPU Usage)
Stuck in FONV @ Boulder city
Far Cry 2 mystery
Anyone have an extra SC2 guest key?
So how do I holster my gun in FONV?
Servers Aren't Showing up in Call of Duty 4
arcs minecraft server
How would BFBC2 run on my rig???
Gta 4 ENB Series Mod -anyone have this?
Medal of Honor vs Homefront
BFBC2 and my setup.
CoD WaW patch 1.2 error!!?
So Anybody know how to make Fallout NV run smooth?
please...help me....a problem with GTA IV....
Help! BFBC2 reset my stats back to 0!
GTA IV issue
Games don't react to resolution change.
ARMA III new gameplay video!
GTA 4 Performance: A snail trapped in honey while doing taxes
Metro 2033 worth $9?
EvE disconnects, because of packets dropping?
Witcher 2
Need some L4D2 help
Trouble logging into BFBC2 online
New personal record in TF2!
Mortal Online
Sega Toylet: Play video games at the urinal
Supreme Court struck down California law banning the sale of violent video games
Dungeon Seige 3 official Release
Install on (C:)systemdisk-SSD vs (E:)SATA
Need name of game.
Cant play CoD WaW LAN
Homefront worth it?
The Witcher 2 is LITERALLY unplayable!
Poor GTA IV performance.
Team Fortress 2...F2P?
Need a free anti-virus that DOESN'T interfere with Steam
dirt 3 issues with xfire
Diablo 2 & LOD Issues In Win 7 64
Oil Rush
Magic The Gathering : DOTPW 2012
Crysis 2 Dx11 tessellation/texture pack SOON!
Is my GTX 570 SC faulty or is Witcher II very demanding?
F.E.A.R 3 (Aka) F.3.A.R