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No Cd?
DC Extended
BF1942 cheaters
Salt Lake City LAN's?
Please Help With Battlefield!
Anyone want my Star Wars Galaxies Character (I quit)
OCG Teamspeak server?
Nba Live 2004 for the pc!
Any UT2K4 mappers here?
Enemy Territory crashing to desktop
Ping of doom
Republic Commando!
A guy beats Half Life in 45 minutes!
Anyone have the Doom 3 TechTV vid?
O...M....G: New BF2 vids!!!!
so I finnaly played doom...
Games music or your music while you play?
Doom3 Video Clip...
Final Fantasy XI won't uninstall
The Malibu 9
Multiplayer: PC Gaming vs. Xbox Live Gaming
MASSIVE artifacts in Apocalyptica- Why?!
besides'sd3/hl2 what's your most anticipated game?
Anyone else looking forward to d3 multi?
Ping Problems
Painkiller CD3, needs some help
BF 1942 problems....
FarCry is scaring me...
help with cod mods PLZ!
New NFSU 2 Trailer
Im Confused
SWG home server???
]}00M ]|[ - The Countdown!
Any So Cali Gamers in here?
Create Far Cry ISO
So much for refusing to update......
HL2 hackers got pwnt
UT2004 64bit.....?
Gonna get into BF1942/Desert Combat for the first time, any tips?
Where to PreOrder?
How many people use head phones (mic) for games?
Counter-Strike 2D (Free and fun!)
FX5900 series + Farcry = how pretty??
DOOM3 demo.....
New E3 Videos
Best PC racing game?
DOOM 3 GOLD! Official announcement!
The Stickies have a new home!
The Stickies have a new home!
first real doom3 review gives 94%
Thief 3 Game save DELETED?!
xfire user names
missing a game - strategy/sim/tactical thing
Far Cry 64-Bit Edition
Fallout3 !!!!
How to play BF1942 @ 1280x1024?
Yes another D2 Thread
Anyone here playing America's Army?
BF1942 FH problem
game of the year. hell yeah!!
xbox recognizes game as dvd
Games with mirrors?
Crash during painkiller
[OCG]BF:V, new tryouts starting now!!!
just picked up mafia
What is the name of the game?
Tweaks for FarCry..
anyone else not able to connect to gamesurge server on irc?
Comp crashes when I quit Call of Duty
To all EVE-Online players!
UT2004 Announcer Voices
what type of joystick do you use?
Mech Commander 2
Direct x for UT 2004
Quake III Arena Online Servers
What did you think of the story in Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne?
Anyone played Freedom Fighters?
Diablo 2 LOD
Battlefield Mods..where to get them?
Anyone play Wolfenstein Enemy Territory?
Joint Ops
How do YOU fly in BF1942?
battlefield 1942 help!
NFSUnderground - playing over a LAN
Madden 2005?
NC:BDOY expansion
bf 1942 or vitnamn
my comp can handle far cry right?
Far Cry + Leadtek TV Tuner = Crash?
Urgent Need Help Far Cry
CnC Generals question, need help?
Any Play Dungeon Siege
Natural Selection?
Need For Speed Underground
Where is the cheapest place to buy games
Will turning off not needed services increase FPS
Farcry-how to see frames?
what game should i get?
Neotokyo: UT2k4 mod
Strange DoD issue
Annyone interested in WoW?
.kkrieger - AMAZING 96kb fps
Project Ro!
Where do you buy your games?
DON'T BUY SPIDER-MAN 2 THE MOVIE FOR PC... until you read this.
BF:V new patch1.1 soon
Farcry-2 cd keys on multi-play at once?
Joint Operation Players?
Oh the d2 irony.
A List Of All Fun Games To Play!
Problem running games
Getting broadband today, what multiplayer FPS should I be playing?
Are European gameboy SP games compatible with North American gameboys?
Sam Fisher, the druglord
Help!!! Painkiller problem
Farcry + PS 3.0 , Review
Neverwinter Nights save game
New Maps For Bf:v (map-pack 2)
Warcraft 3 errors halp!
Help with Far Cry lockup!
Flash a gameboy color cartridge with NES rom?
Best for far cry
Ultima X Cancelled
OCG UT2004 public server?
FarCry OC Clan.
Double Speed Gaming???
Attention PC Gamer subscribers
Damn! I suck at FarCry! Plz help.
Just got FarCry how should it be running?
good MMORPGs that are free and i can download.
Morrowind wont run
Rise of Nations?
What games are you playing now?
What is it with Quake 3 that..
Hallfife eating memory!
KOTOR demo
Completely Pointless Game
NEW CS 2/Source footage!!
I need a good game!
What Online RPG is good now?
Problems reinstaling Desert Combat .7
i have a question about ut2k4
This is bad, right?
Ground Control FREE
Damn you Windows XP...
LAG problem (CS)
any good titles for two screens?
Ninja Gaiden 1.1
FarCry will not start
Amred and Dengerous
xbox 2 specs leaked?
Man Farcry at the end of the game is impossible
File downloads for games
Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines-- Wow.
Project RO
BFV Vent or
doom3 ever gonna be released???
Painkiller Expansion
3-D Games...Realistic? LOL
Half-Life 2 going gold in August...probably
Airplane games
Half Life 2 Voice Cast annoinced....
cs servers
Brothers in Arms looks to pwn CoD
sierra, we hardly knew thee.
Kreed Demo
new to CS how do i play online ?
CS Server Called Dust XD
Joint opps any good?
Any coop 1st person shooter games out there
Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising
OMFG farcry all my saved games are gone !!!
ThrustMaster Force Feedback GT Wheel and NFS:UG
Good helicopter sim ??
smoke lag and me
colored names in ut2004???
farcry patch install problems.
UT2k4 CD to DVD?
Tribes Vengeance Anyone?
Just how good is FarCry?
GTA3 Problems
Far Cry Help Needed (Single Player - Begining)
the depressing state of multiplayer gaming
Vivendi Axes More Games And Staff
Counter-Strike connecting to server
After HL2 and Doom3.......theres nothing
Give me a good online shop for games...
tried farcry demo, the game is pathetic
Driver3 kicks vice cities ASS!!.....
Command and Conquer3
SRS site is up!
Problem with Unreal 2004
can my pc handle Farcry/Painkiller smoothly?
Help! Can't find high priests chamber in Thief 3.
Games similar to Oni
Attention former and current Q2 players
bf1942 not loading
Thief DS
Suggestions for multiplayer game on the same computer
Show somw support!
The Official Screen Shot Thread! -56k warning-
I am addicted to ut2004
Playstation 2 differences between UK/US/JAP?
System Shock 2 wont start... Crashes after loading
EQ crash
Who's the Laptop guru?
Games to play on low-spec laptop?
weird problems in C&C Generals
Whats a Better Magazine, PC Gamer or computer Gaming World
Is 48mbps enough for online games?
Anyone still play DAoC?
Battlefield 1942 Questions
True Crimes PC
need a good RPG, not MMORPG
Splinter Cell Pandora Log comments
Warcraft 3 TFT anyone?
Lots of skipped frames in BFnam
Cd protection
NFSU *Show Off Your Rides* PICS ONLY
What do i need to play my xbox on my pc?
ut2k4 on linux
Punkbuster problem
BF:V vs. Far Cry - Multiplayer!!!!!
SWG free 14 day trial
alfred hitchcock's character breaks or disappears,
alfred hitchcock's character breaks or disappears,
2.5 years of OCS
Far Cry + EAX 2.0 + Audigy 2??
ps & vs 2.0
UT2004 new patch out....
Sniper in Americas Army
Mic Voice
Researchers make your brain into a video game controller...(I'm serious!)
UT2k4 Critical Error Message
MVP Baseball 2004
[OCG] UT2004... Where is it?
Cs Wont Start!!
Good UT2004 mods?
Far Cry Help.
most graphicly intense game?
Multiplayer and key question.
Steam problems?
Operation Flashpoint 2
Teamspeak and Norton Antivirus
Which Game is better
Is there a Battlefield 1942 clan out there???
Unreal 2k4 HATES my computer
Ground Control 2
About the Half-Life 2 release date...
Half-Life 2 not just important to gamers.
is there any games that support a 1680x1050 resolution?
I need a game
Joint Operations??!
This is just ****ing me off.....
What game has THE best sound?
Damn stupid Pandara Tommorrow Intro
Realism in Video Game Graphics
Finding usable UT2004 servers..?
Arrests Made In Relation To Half-life 2 Theft
Juiced Demo out
Battlefield 1942 italian theater
BFV patch 1.02 released :mad:
CS Realism Update
Farcry in a window?
Joint Ops & DF : BHD
Far Cry Any Good??
far cry help
BFV: Keep getting kicked from servers...
Half Life 2/Doom 3: Videocard sellers?
CS Buy Scripts..
UN-Official Futuremark ut2k4 server
Lineage ][
UT2k4 feels laggy...?
Can anyone email me last boss save in NWN:HoU?
anyone know if covert strike is worth buying?
Final Fantasy VII XP patch
any pc games i should be hyped up about?
BFV Wadda you use ?
To all HC Diablo 2 LOD players!
X800 Pro and FarCry
What are some good FREE first person shooters?
Pillow RO!
Buy an Xbox with halo2 or more PC games?
UT2004 Demo Benchmark results
[OCG] Desert Combat is recruiting
command and conquer on win xp
Do games really need anything higher than 400mhz FSB?
Halo problem
A little market research
I want a cool street racing game!
UT 2004 Sounds
GBA SP Games
Best Gamecube Games?
halo files
Need for Speed 2 Music
Senn HD-497
Pandora tomorrow, sub-marine technician
BFV Problem
Alien Swarm mod for UT2K4
Spider-Man 2 Demo
C&C Generals Zero Hour Online strategies
If Your Into Racing Games...
Condition zero patch?
can i host quake 3 and wolf servers with a lousy graphics card?
NWN players please come inside!
MOHAA Spearhead
Full Spectrum Warrior...PC Version?
FarCry AM50 (Sniper Rifle)
help with far cry boat level
Americas Army 2.1 is Out, go DL it!!!
Does anyone else suffer from lag with C&C Generals Zero Hour?
Double shock controller help
Has software (game engines) not caught up with PC hardware?(inspired by thief thread)
colin mcrae rally 4 need savegames
Red Dead Revolver!
UT2004 Benchmark
CS single or multi, will it work on LAN,,,
How to play pc games in windowed mode?
Im looking for the best Halo players in the world.
Whats your thoughts on Guild Wars?
Help with Mouse Pad
Alright so school is out :D
Black and white 2
MOHAA crashed with an error message.......
C&C: Generals Error
UT2004 CB2 Volume 2 Released....
Thief 3 runs way bad!
Lagging in KOTOR?
UT 2004 Load Times
Virtual Battle Space
Far Cry Tips n' Trickz
PS2 games on PC ?
Need help finding clean cheat sites
FarCry Catacombs HELP!!!!
What's the big deal with FarCry?
will my comp run farcry?
Battlefield ssurvey form EA
Is there a tweak to make BFV maps load faster?
Sprays in counter-strike
Which gaming site should i register to?
Anyway to get more than 30fps In Pandora Tomorrow Multiplayer?
BFNAM Lock-up
What Gamepad Do You Use For Your PC?
Thief: Deadly Shadows
UT2k4 !!!!
Whats' with all these MONSTER games?
Far Cry - Help wanted!
High Ping
bandwidth problems with steam?
League Play
Brothers in Arms
Splinter Cell pandora tomorrow
Why don't they make more arcade games for pc?
Any recent 2 player coop FPS games for pc?
Front Mission 4
Is Far Cry realy such a memory hog??
Do You Play Bhd Or Joint Ops!
UT2004 Optimisation Guide
CS: Condition Zero multiplayer????
How to revive a dead Ratpadz GS!!!
BFV patch out - new thing.....
Gaming rig setup
so i bought unreal 2k4
How do you unlimit framerate in Generals?
Any way to password lock a Q3 Demo server?
UT 2004 CBP2 Released!
Arx Fatalis, Arcanium
force full screen games to window???
far cry worth getting for single player?
Who else was impressed with Infinium Labs showing at E3
World of Warcraft Beta
anyone play tribes?
GTA:SA info
Need help with farcry freezing on loadup
Half-Life 2 Preview
ASCII characters in gb?
[OCG] BF:V reminder thread
HL2 and D3, need modern video cards?
BFV Server Test
Sega console (the big annoucement?)
Far Cry On PS2...
.IMG/.ISO Help...
Games for your Spouse, by OC Forums
xbox question
NWN with GF2go... What driver to use ?
Codename Gordon
LANmaniac SoCal Gigabit Network LAN Party - June 5th
Hitman: Contracts - Did I miss something?
Far Cry Quicksave/Load
BF1942 Performance issue
UT 2004 General Protection Fault Error
S.T.A.L.K.E.R E3 review
Anyone Get The Free Games In The Sun?
Logitech mx510 vs. mx700
UT 2004 worth getting for the single player???
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow - Bad Graphics?
Half-Life To Be Ported To Half-Life 2 Engine
CS:CZ LAN play?
mohaa v1.11 no cd
rise of nations expansion question
Help: how to add custom sounds to CS:CZ server
UT2k4 and Faster FSB on NF7-s
Tribes Vengeance web site open
Guildwars Alpha Over!!!!! :-(
Game is evil ...
how does af work?
By the time HL2 actually comes out.....
UT2004 first "official" patch is out.
Unreal 3 engine pics OMG
Far Cry Framerate
Warcraft 3 CD Key storage?
You guys with C&C: General Zero Hour
Best Buy game shopping tip
BF1942 question
GTA:SA first screens
X-Com Apocalypse (circa 1997)
Just got back from E3
Puzzle about how to get Halo to play
Half-Life 2: Counter-Strike!!
I have some questions about BFVietnam
Acon 4...Sound interesting....
dawn of the dead
Logitech MX mice...
Zelda fans rejoyce!
Doom 3 scheduled for this summer?
True Crime for Pc
OMFG!!!! New Halo 2 Screens and game footage
HL2/Doom3 E3 preview movies!!
Xbox Question
Guild Wars E3 Demo LIVE!!!
***new Doom3 Photo Leaked***
good place to rent a halo server?
KIll Bill Game...
E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) Thread
Half Life 2 hands on at IGN.
Does such a game exist?
Automatic AF/AA in UT2004
What is the most efficient 3d engine you can think of? Lets all decide!!
What has better graphics? Farcry or Prine of persia?
Americas Army
Far cry demo install problems...
Max Payne
Far Cry DVD version in North America?
when is doom3 & half life 2 release date?
Rockstar announces Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition
XBOX VGA Adapter
FarCry 1.1 patch and drivers issue
Half-Life 2 Preview
Bf1942 and DC Statistics
kinda game related.....
CoD - Revolt?
CS & DOD servers
XBOX freeze
Postal II
Is there any news on NHL2005?
UT2004 Weird mouse problem
mouse speed how do you play
Can somebody help me out?
how do i use my xbox to play halo on the pc?
Get out your anger! Destroy the computer!
Most games are crap
UT04 Question
Free Tribes 1 & Tribes 2 for Download
Whats the verdict on BF Vietnam?
Any fans of Gothic II here?
SWKOTOR.. Help needed (Acid Pool)
Joint Operations..
Please Answer me
Far Cry - FPS?
64k or something 3d game?
The MAtrix Online Beta Sign Ups!
HaloCE is out!
Americas Army help needed!!!
Try Guild Wars For FREE during E3...link inside.