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Why does crysis lag for me?
COD zombie round
FEAR 2 DLC: Meh...
One of my sims dropped dead at a young age...
Proxy servers for gaming.
Far Cry 2
Resolution issues with Crysis
Fallout Trilogy
I don't 'get' how to play Sims 3.
Some web-based games... Nice ones. Let's share.
Mercenaries 2: $3.90
Unreal Tournament 3: $6.90
D2: Hell Unleashed.
Most Amazing Hunting Game **EVER**
The Sims 3 shader model question
Grog XD
Chaos Theory not installing
Battlefield 2 1.5 patch with free booster packs
CrimeCraft? Anyone play it?
i need a trainer or something for Dirt
EA Support...
my faceposer project
Anyone play everquest 2?
Please help me remember this game name
patching The Witcher regular edition
League of Legends - Beta
GOOD Helo game ala Commanche Gold
suggest a mmo
How to backup game saves?
Fallout 3 + MODS: Quicksave a lifesaver
Modern Warfare 2
Poor show Cryptic
Dust 514 - New FPS MMO - The Completion of EVE Online
Left 4 Dead Saving Game
Call of duty 4 - Windows 7 Crash
Cod 4 Lag... any ideas?
New awesome footage of Star Wars Old Republic
Blizzcon 09 Thread
Scratched FSX disk
GTAIV - better graphics with medium end PC i think... Any unlocs or something?
Champions Online spare beta key anyone?
Error Message with Wolfenstein 09
Freakin Amazing! Expectations Blown Away!
3D Game Art Feedback.
GDC 09: CryEngine 3 DEMO
Champions Online beta starts today - Get patching!!
Bored with DFO, but love the PvP system.
Strange lag SOMETIMES in the game
Arkham Lamesylum
Most Graphically Realistic MMO Update on Monday!
Call of Duty 5 freezing "momentarily"
New Rage Trailer w/Gameplay
looks like Nexon made a real game
gears of war pc, defective product?
Does anyone plan on picking up Champions?
TF2 has no class! (PC)
Anyone play Aces High (online ww2 dogfighting)
Calling all half life fans.....
Gears of War question
Wheres my free Mechwarror 4?
How does it work?
Free Online games: help me decide
Anno 1404 - very fun game
UT3 centerlook using a gamepad??
Dragon Age delayed
StreetFighter 4 Benchmark
can not connect to steam...anyone else?
American McGee's Alice
Hearts of Iron 2 and 3
F.E.A.R. Combat Activation Code?
GTA IV installation, Windows 7 x64
Call of Duty 4 Punkbuster help!!!
ID Softwares Rage :: New Screens!
Fallout3 Made Me Happy. [56k, Go Away]
COD5 freezing up
Cheap/free MMO's with private server option?
EvE account login prob.??
Diffirence betwen UK and US game versions... Language? What else?
FSX 2nd flight not loading
prototype lag help!
Batman Arkham Asylum - Everything Thread
Fallen Earth Beta
Eve online??
My WOW FPS Problem Thread
WW2 Flight sim.
MAP PACK 3!!!!!!!!!
new star wars flight sim?
Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty officially delayed until sometime in 2010
asus is giving away blizzcon tickets
Steam bckup file extension?
Fre MMORPGs you'r playing/player, let's share!
orange maps
New Huxley Beta
Gaming hosting?
EQ Classic Server Petition
MMO for my craptop
Call of duty 4 Prestige?
WTF Steam?
need... entertainment!!!
Couter Strike Source CFG share thread
question about reload in cod4
Psychiatrists coming to WoW
Who You Gonna Call?
how to make keyboard make cs gun sounds
Saint's Row 2 PC?
UT3 server pop. question?
World of Warcraft-The movie
CryEngine2 vs CryEngine3 comparison
STAR WARS The Force Unleashed Sith Edition (PC)
new NFS Shift news! (drifting)
Replacement Detachable Mic?
Where are the DX10 games?
back to wow after a year, need a new home
Bad performance in burnout paradise on windows 7
Worst time for my computer to lock up (WoW).
TF2 Soldier update info leaked
Max Payne 3: Change Is Good?
X-Box 360 Controller
Sims 3: Must See
OCF Newegg wanfest team kicking ass
Punk Buster COD4 help needed!
Massive List Of Upcomming Games: 09/10
The Complete TF2 Achievement Icon Wallpaper Pack
Pariah's Guide to Being the 1337 Sniper
Running Assassin's Creed
Killing Floor - OCF Users?
CS Source server Issue: Can't get onto server!
Do you think going to game development track in Computer Science is better than
F.E.A.R. question
Anyone play diablo 2?
Call Of Duty 5 Map Pack 2 is out!
Non-Steam purchased games working with Steam?
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Info
[PC] Resident Evil 5 - Exclusive 3D Benchmark Released
Starcraft problem as game host
Back in the day....
KotOR 2 TSL (The Sith Lords)
Fallout 3 - G.E.C.K.
Help Me Find Some Free Games!!
Steam Error...
Gta IV< Fun things to do?
unofficial battlefield heroes thread
Living with First Person Shooter Disease
Heros of Newerth is ADDICTIVE.
picked up crysis warhead today.. few suprises
Section 8
Game for Windows Live on 2 computers...?
Fallout 3 Modding Help
Mechwarrior 4 and All Expansions to be Distributed Free Soon.
COD: World at Rainless -Multi JOIN THE FIGHT!
Need For Speed 3 on XP
Your favorite Half life 2 mod (multiplayer)
New Mechwarrior game
Mac games, and old floppy disks
DiRT 2 in DirectX 11
Alan Wake Preview
burning downloaded Sims 3
New Mouse
Tales of Monkey Island
why cant the room mate and I play TF2 together at the same time?
Best Oblivion mods?
Favourite classic game that should be remade
EVE online
Call of duty: World at War
Crazy big RTS games (Supreme commander)
Hawx.... what a joke
New korean game rips off TF2...
Wolfenstein 09
Street Fighter IV PC release...?
BAttlefield 3
Blizzard patents the word "Cataclysm"
Star Craft 2 (NO LAN!)
help with warcraft FPS
GTA IV (re)Install problem last resort!!!!
Any Suggestions?
Call Of Juarez : Bound In Blood
WoW Players Can Soon Change Sides
New Starcraft 2 Battle Report!
China bans gold farming!
World at War: Unhandled exception caught
Raven Shield Rainbow Six "oldy"
Red Faction Guerilla PC
Battlefield Heroes Out!
Best WW2 Game!
ArmA 2
Need a game for pc like........
ArmA 2
Sick and Tired of "G-Rated" Servers
Bethesda Parent Buys ID Software (Quake/Doom)
Newegg L4D Contest
game unavailable?
BF2142 Account Question
Killing Floor?
CrimeCraft Closed Beta - FilePlanet
Mass Effect Worth 20$ of D2D
WoW - sluggish on new build?
Steam Account Hijacked
HL2 no AI?
So Steam is quirky in win7...
Server Questions
Steam lost my games?
Steam - anyone know how to find out what games are avilable for free?
Ghostbusters for PC - Who has played it?
Making a game - want your feedback
CitiesXL Beta Keys Still Available!
Empire: Totally Updated... Again
Linux Gaming
a freaky internet game.
Dead space aiming problem
Fallout 3 Issue
Forcing game priority to high in windows task manager
hl2 mods?
Anno 1404 PC!
Fuel of War: Opinions
Cities XL Beta key
CS:S question
So I'm going to try Everquest II
Prototype Benchmarks Help
Ace combat, but for PC
GTAIV Finally, some fun.
GTA IV - graphics settings help please
Grand Theft Auto 4 : Your Opinions and reviews
Street Fighter IV Benchmark tool released!
My New $50 Coaster/Frisbee...Sacred 2
Crysis FPS
Natural Selection Fans? NSII - Fall 2009
CoD4 fun
portal model edit help
Battlefield 3!
Christian gamers
Battlefield 3 Confirmed
Crysis Warhead (Somthing To Try)
Opinions on WoW 3.1, Casually
Dungeons and Dragons Online goes free
I found the worst game ever created. Gamespots LOWEST score EVER
America's Army 3 (Avaliable for Preload Now!)
Battle Forge Any Good?
Neverwinter Nights 2 advice
Fable Lost Chapters Just Quits
40+ FSX videos
CoD5 impact damage varies by server?
Yuri's Revenge won't install?
Fallout 3 Crash to Desktop XP
Two player games?
What in your opinion is the best LAN game???
LAN Carbon???
Driving games easier on PC??
Questions for the multiplayer gamers
Hardest Game Ever: PC edition
COD4 - 1 nade, 4 kills
F.E.A.R. Frame Rate Issues
OCF PC Game Release Calendar
Upcoming PC Games
COD 4 Rank Reset
Anyone playing "Kingdoms Live" on I-phone/I-Touch?
Dawn of War 2 question
Steam account vs New Computer install
Reducing latency on wow
HD4xxx and Neverwinter Nights 1
Need a New game!
CoD points up games
Left 4 Dead 2???!
Crysis 2 For PC & Also To 360 & PS3
So Velvet Assassin....
Game Renders
They fixed TF2, for the most part...
OCForums Steam Group Logo
I can't join ANY servers in CS
I <3 Team Fortress 2
F.E.A.R 2 - What did ya think?
PB and Win7
BattleForge RTS Free Now
Volvo: Free Racing Game Released!
Modern Warfare 2 full trailer
Thinking about WoW.. Again.
Problems Installing Half Life :(
Anyone in a UFC League?
low frams on WoW....
Crysis Mods - Which are worth installing?
DirectX is such a pain: games won't start
BF Bad Company 2 Omg
NFS Shift - at last! a preview
Weird framerate issue in wow after last patch
L4D not loading any maps?
Vicious Engine 2 Trailer
Diablo II: LOD - New Patch and Ladder Reset
DCS Black shark anyone?
1 million peeps in 17 days!
Filefront hasn't closed?
Prob playing Burnout with 360 pad, keeps stealing sound!
COD WaW Mods?
(AOC) Age of Conan
no more skill in css?
Call of Duty World at War in windowed mdoe?
BlizzCon 2009 - Who is going?!
Running older games on a new computer - slower?
UT3 cd key won't stay?
X3 terran conflict script editor
frontline fuel of war wont work
Battlefield Heroes Thread
Crashing issue in L4D in Windows 7
TF2 - The Sniper update!
Anyone Remember Vietcong?
Crysis Wars - anyone play it?
Gears of War
Assassin's Creed
Best multiplayer online game
Mass Effect Question
Baldur's Gate 1: Can't Leave Area
Killing Floor - Steam
Best game video capture program
Duke Nukem: For Conspiracy Theprists
Call of Duty World at War patch install error...
Star Trek Games
I Love Traffic - Flash Game
List the last five games you've bought: $$
unofficial Star Wars: The Old Republic thread
The Path - Anyone pick this up?
Delta Force Xtreme 2
Need a New game to play
Duke Nukem Fornever
Anyone play WAR regularly?
Battlefield Heroes Closed Beta Keys
3D Realms shuts down - Duke Nukem: Never?
Starcraft II Opt-In Now Available
I need to vent
Simtower addiction
one of my screenshots got on
Best Poker Game??
Battlefield 2 Won't Load
Anyone having issues with Left 4 Dead right now?
Item scandal rocks WoW! Investigation ongoin! Indictments Expected!
CD-Key question: UT2004?
toribash, checked this out yet?
Plants VS Zombies!!!
What should I play next based on these?
Crysis problems only with DX10
Getting Age of Empires to work
Empire Total War flickering.
Best free online fps?
GTA vice city
BF2- Ping is real high.
Mass Effect of Left4Dead
The World is at War!
Six Days in Fallujah: Looses Konami Support
Empire: Total War 4-30-09 Update
renting a cs:s server
LF - WW II/Modern Era RTS
Upgrades increase performance in WoW?
Gaming keyboard suggestions
any decent backlit, wireless keyboards?
[UN-OFFICIAL] OCF Games that play on NetBooks list
Good MMO, Replacement of Diablo 2 LOD, Diablo 3 "BEWARE FOUL DEMONS AND BEAST"
Zombieville on iPhone/iPod Touch
Consolidated FSX videos thread
Braid - Anyone pick this up?
left 4 dead 3rd person shoulder fix?
Only slightly better St Marteen landing...
Reserving game incentives?
Zeno Clash
Anyone use a virtual drive?
UT3 titan where is everyone.
FSX pros-- 2 questions
Far Cry 2 (PC)
COD4 question
call of duty:world at war
Application to run games windowd but without borders
w00t! Who's your buddy?
High Altitude FSX landing
oblivion mods
Is is just me?
grid without a wheel?
EvE online new UI features
DEMIGOD is out.
WoW frame rate question
WoW 3.1 - Three hour delay and still going strong
Awesome new browser MMO. Let's all play.
FSX? Canadian?
Fallout 3. Sigh.
The pits anyone tried it?
Playing Devil May Cry 4 with a keyboard
DRM: Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
looking for a game to kill some [alot] of time...
Master of Orion 2 - Help???
will i be able to run left 4 dead?
I heart FSX
Combining WoW and FPS
PS3: Burnout-Paradise compared to Need For Speed-Undercover
Can anybody name this game?
would 1gb video RAM make GTA4 playable...?
sound problem cod waw
No tiger woods 09 for PC!?
Call of Duty map pack
COD World at War mappack 1, 1.4 patch available
Funny Crysis Warhead tale. (Spoiler alert, so beware)
Recommend me good pc games
Company of Heroes Tales of Valor
Wright leaves EA
quick browser game - my brute
The 7 Commandments All Video Games Should Obey
Linux + STEAM
Let's see how well you GPU's handle the game that everybody wins!
innernet problem with CS:S
FSX FS2004 XPLANE questions
*sigh Ok I can't run FSX where do I get FS2004
Anyone Remember this game?
My Brute - fun, little game.
Importance of Minumum FPS in games
Im POOR but I want to flight sim
Game Hiccups
Games for Windows
Darkfall online
COD4 Mic Problem
Cheap ******* seeks good gaming mouse
What game should take all my attention and be played all way to the end?
COD Modern Warfare 2 Question
Split where STEAM stores game data files?
Goodbye Filefront??
problem callofduty world at war
Like Good Game Art? Then try this Amazing Fan Art
Nervous about MMO's...
iGoogle Game Themes
Empire: Total War Update causes more problems
far cry 2 nausea
Stuttering in CS:S at 1920x1200 ?
New Google Game Themes.
Worst Driving game ever???
FC2 question...
Fear2....strange blur???
You might not have to spend hundreds of dollars on new rigs soon
Next game to play?
Max Payne 3!!!!
New RTCW Game / PC.
COD WaW Manage Friends List
A quick PhysX comparison with Mirror's Edge
Left 4 Dead CPU Usage
Quick which game do I get next?
Savage 2 is also free now?
call of duty 4 and windows 7
The Last Remnant PC version
anyone else dissapointed with HAWX?
Zeno Clash
my next couple game purchases.. any suggestions?
HL1 Platinum pack - single key to give away
WaW white outline bug on water fixed with CCC 9.3
Men of War
Mass Effect 2
Command and conquer generals
Sins of a Solar Empire - It is hard to learn or am I really dumb?
Valve Pack
WoW patch downloading, is Comcast throttling me??
playing battlefield 1942 mods online
2009's most anticipated PC games
WoW, steam cloud sucks!
Can't Create online account in CoD WaW
Good mods for Sin of a Solar Empire?
#&^$! Crysis keeps locking up
Enabling the Steam chat overlay on the desktop (shifft+tab)
UT3 mouse problem
Casual Gamers
Empire: Total War - Superior Tactics
Screw you TREYARCH and ACTIVISION you scumbags
Anyone play dofus?
open source gaming survey
Cheapo Hackers!
CS Source videos/demos.. where can I get some??
mouse invisible in the witcher
Empire: Totally Screwed-Up
UT3 Video Guides For New Players
Darkfall Online?
new NFS Shift coming out! what do you think.
KotOR: Crashing in Vista.
Recommend me a fps/rpg/adventure that isnt insanley indepth for PC
Board Game Nostalgia...
I need a recomendation for a good Strategy game.