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Unreal Tournament 3 Free weekend on Steam!
RTCW - Invalid CD Key
GTA IV benchmarks
Lets build the ULTIMATE World in Conflict Clan
FPS on a console, learning curve or impossible?
Help w/ FakeFactory's Cinematic Mod for HL2
SWG-It's getting close
exp pls. Bought a MX518, but the G9 only+$10, Razor too for WOW...
How often do you upgrade your vid card for games?
How often do you upgrade your vid card for games?
I'm thinking of getting Team Fortress 2, Should I get it?
Crysis wars issues with networking
RTS Single Player
WW2 online
Crysis WARHEAD Review
Prostreet v1.1 patch caps fps to 30. where's the config file?
COD5 and no sound?
3 Recruit-a-Friend Warhammer online keys..
Lost Planet, any good? only $5 on Steam.?.?.?
questions about the psp 2000 video out feature
Getting old Windows games to work?
Counter Strike Source over 2 monitors?
Team Fortress 2 Guest Pass
Recommend me a good RPG?
Are games too expensive?
FO3 help
Demigod Beta
Team Fortress Classic
No wonder I was getting bored!
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
admin hacking/config hacking
Quake Live Beta
The Onion asks the tough questions
TF2 Guest Pass
LittleBigPlanet, Rock Band, Assassin's Creed Coming to PSP
Baldur's Gate II
Crysis Maximum Edition
rom pc games.
Good RTs
GARBAGE developers thread:
Anyone want to play Dawn of War 2?
FEAR 2 Saved game file
Football Fans - Goal Line Blitz
funniest vid ever
Outlander movie
To Steam or not to STEAM....
Call of Duty 5 No Sound!!
FRAPS alternative...free download today only....
cod 4 kicked
What is the best way to use a G5 mouse and a Razer at the same time?
Older Version Call of Duty
Sleuth: Shades of Mystery
Anyone bought Dawn of War II?
Empire Total War
Far Cry 2 Hotfix?
TF2 Scout Update
L4D.exe has stopped responding...
Buying a 2nd Left 4 Dead and sending it as a gift?
Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage
TF2 - volume on other programs lowers?
Mirrors Edge Quits to main Menu.
plz help wic wont launch
The Alan Wake guys on Crysis
playing left 4 dead in 3d mode is so much better
Does anyone want to play on a private Lineage 2 server (completly lega)
New setup - but Oblvion has no sound !!!
call of duty 4 no servers
Steam problem, I put wrong age and now it won't let me pre-order lol
Battlefield 2 Project Reality Mod questions
Nothing is the same after you've played MMOs...
FEAR 2 ending... WTF!!?? *SPOILERS*
Cannot Build Wall On Sims 2! Please Help Me
Games that "Crapp out" and get stupid 1/2 way though
Games dont have audio?
Games i cant wait for
CoD 4 VS CoD 5: Strictly multiplayer.
left 4 dead wont start
Your favorite game of all time?
i can't ping in Hamachi. help please =]
Escape from City 17
Gary's Mod should be free
World of Warcraft FPS
nfs under cover wont patch
Need help finding old 90's game
COD WaW Constant Crashing
funny old school rpg
Just beat COD4 singleplay
BF2 legal question
question about GTA 4
Anyone buying Dawn of War II in 8 days?
the new xfire ingame web browser is great
farcry 2 worth it?
Program to prevent minimize of full-screen games?
WoW and Overclocking
Supreme Commander Forged Alliance
CoD: World at War
Why cant anyone make a real combat morrowind mod
COD4 Epilogue on VETERAN
Setting up a dedicated L4D server? (Question on Firewalls and server security)
so whats the deal with starcraft 2
'I wear sunglasses when I play Counter strike!'
World Of Warcraft Fps lag
Bring back the Combat Flight Sims!
Anyone play The Longest Journey or Indigo Prophesy
Saying Hi
Anyone else experienced crashing in World In Conflict?
Battlefield 1943
Enchantasy: Quest For The Eternal Grimoire
Left 4 Dead 3D gives you excuse to keep Super Bowl glasses
BF2142 still alive?
Windows Live is Well WOW
CS:S Fans And Players
Mirror's Edge (thread?) | [PLUS] fix - out of range when entering game.
Gears of War screwup makes PC version unplayable
Burnout Paradise....February 6 release, yea in 2 days
Need a new MMO to play
play COD4 under OpenGL in vista 64bit?
Current favorite game(s)?
List of games that will test hardware?
Left 4 Dead graphics problem
Arx Fatalis ala ultima underworld 3
Crysis Crash-O-Rama!
WoW tripple EXP
Fallout 3 vs. Oblivion
Quake 3 port with fancy schmancy gfx.
iphone mafia live
Far Cry! ........................ the MOVIE????
Question about morrowind and expansions like tribunal
Need a good mouse pad
Stupidest game ever.
Warhammer Online Expansion lasts Months
Remember EA "taking a step back" from NFS for a year?
Ensemble Studios(Halo Wars Dev) Axed
Gold Farming Site Sold for $10 Million
Where are all the CS:S guys?
need help finding out the name of a game
Unreal Tournament 3 going to Steam
oblivion Quarl's texture pack 3
forgotten pcrpg series
which would you rather do on
The elder-scrolls-legend-battlespire
I love/hate Crysis
Crysis Help!!
Dawn of War II beta
possible spiritual succesor to kingpin?
Mount and blade
PS3 controller on PC?
Shadowrun buggy?
COD5 Co-op Issues
Harvest massive Encounter
Dead Space
COD4 Won't Start (New Install)
If you have to choose between COD4 and Crysis
Second Life?...?
playing pc games with wiimote
Mayhem Intergalactic
steam wants me to rebuy games after format
C&C Red Alert 3 - Can't Get Used To The Game Speed
As If: StarCraft 2 Pushed To Sept 09 (Uk - Apparently)
FEAR 2 demo available ...
I have a Quake Live beta key.
Do you ever vaguely recall a scene from RL and remember it was a video game level?
Daemon + Age of Empires 3
novint falcon
Quake Live BETA
Home of the underdogs and gog
Lucas Arts in the crapper?
WoW 3.0.8 drops today
Lord Of The Rings Online
got COD5 this morning
Dead Space spinning uncontrollably
Fallout 3 v.a.t.s. freezing
Left 4 Dead ?
Strange world in conflict problem
UT99 + Vsync
What game to try now?
Playing wow over network drive
New extended Mafia II trailer
Trickster Online-Running 2 clients
Need help with Crysis reinstall
When you talk about virtual reality this might really be the it
warhammer online: free trial keys
DirectX 11 & future of CPU
medieval 2 total war
Mirrors Edge D2D download
CrimeCraft: MMO Gang Warfare FPS
Test Drive Unlimited is the best game ever! (TDU thread?)
Anyone run DirectX 10 on XP?
Grand Theft Auto IV.
Mirrors Edge gets 8.5 on ign
Stargate: The Last Stand release this weekend!
Does anyone still play Ceasar 4??
Warhammer Online Recruit-A-Friend
TribesNext - Free Tribes 2 multiplayer for all!
Free Browser-Based Strategy/MMO Game Beta
cod5 save files help (cod5 wont load old saves)
XIM2 is finally ready for pre-orders, get them while they last! PC->Mouse->Xbox360
For those of you waiting for a legit raise FO3 level cap.
xbox 360 60gb hdd
Reinstalling Games
3D Gaming - stereoscopic - the next big thing?
Crayon Physics deluxe is available
Third Age: Total War
My girlfriend sucks...
Touch Screen Monitors & (FPS) gaming
Goodbye MMO's
What would you rather do
Australian Game Laws are F***ED
very slow map load up of COD waw. Help plz
fable pc praise/rant
Aliens: Colonial Marines
if somebody paid you 5 million
PC Gaming/LAN Cafe in MA?
Anybody playing COD5 ?
Does the Save Game feature ruin games?
Fallout 3: the honeymoon is ovah! I want a divorce!
Fallout 3: the honeymoon is ovah! I want a divorce!
Fallout 3 problem
PES 2009 problem(s)
Garry's Mod
do i need xboxstat.exe running?
Call of Duty 4 Veteran
Company of heroes question
Steam Purchased FarCry - Will not Load
what do you guys think will be the system reqs for this game?
looking for a couple of new games to buy
sins, possible to kill pirates?
Fallout 3 Random Crashes
Grid Crashing
FO3 glitches
Homeworld series vs sins of the solar empire vs galactic civilization series vs maste
Machinarium and Whispered WOrld
How would you compare Left4Dead to COD 5 Zombie CooP?
POS Mass Effect...can't even launch Steam version?
FRAPS question
Wintereenmas is upon us!
UT3 CTF question?
Descent series
rumor fable 2 coming to pc in february
mount and blade
(COD4) Does online play use upload or download bandwith?
which of these should I get
I fluid anyone played it?
Mass Effect PC- Stability issues?
OC Forums PC Game of the Year 2008
COD 5 - Rediculous MP Load Times
AVP2 Problem, please help.
Evercrack 2
Any OCF members play SWG?
Universe at War: Earth Assault
Farcry 2 problems.
AoM titans
what to play?
Where can I buy F.E.A.R (the original)?
how come the PC S-3D gaming scene is so nieche?
GTA IV Issues.
hey guys check this out
Do you map? Where do you get your ideas?
Artifacting in classic games?
World in conflict- multiplayer bricked with XP SP3?
Q for all you gamers out there
C if Ur system can play a game
anyone play holic
Sins of a Solar Empire - Entrenchment
World of Warcraft?
NetKar Pro 1.03 released! (MP demo!)
Anyone finished Stalker CS? (
FO3- 1st or 3rd person?
EA removes DRM from Steam titles, supposedly plans same for retail
Steam/HL2 is dumb
Fallout 3 Gameplay Question
Best Flight Simulator Out Now
Lock picking in Fallout 3
Ran out of games to play :(
Patrician 3
Eve online contest
Tabula Rasa goes free?
Rainbow Six.. rogue spear
age of chivalry slowdown
Grand Theft auto 4 DRM
Morrowind combat system
Windows Live and Xbox live can join games?? Or its not mainsteam
Penguins Arena: Sedna's World
using an xbox 360 controller
rank these games form best to worse
STALKER... actual install size
the bionic commando 2d remake
audiosurf vs aquaria
saveing saved games
difference between Tomb Raider Underworld and Tomb Raider Underworld RELOADED?
Stalker: cs crash.
New HD starcraft 2 video on fileplanet.
EA Games on Steam
GTA4 and Quality limit?
How's this for a GTA4 glitch!!
Why do this to us?
GTA 4 Ending Question *SPOILERS*
would you rather play a game
is sonic unleashed coming to pc?
Graphical settings and effect on system
Question about graphics settings
BF2 collection - cant change install drive?
Blizzard Might Lose My Business
medieval total war 2
NEW - OC Forums PC Game of the Year 2008 - Nominations
Anyone play Lord of the Rings Online?
Far Cry 2
Need For Speed Possibly Cut
Two sides of EvE..
Left4Dead server and HLSW
New Steam Beta = In Game Browser :)
Cant locate crysis
I'm over NFS...
Any of you tried these?
Star Wars: The Old Republic
All time favorite side/mini game
Visual Banding in video games.
Can i run Crysis on my PC
Big(ish) TF2 Update
GTA IV texture quality.
Why do they still sell single core computers
Why dont they even bother patching Bully up
What FPS game for LAN party?
GTA 4 PC physics worse than console physics?
Console Virtualization to PC, Possible?
New Prince of Persia game has no DRM
is the human race getting lazy?
Screwed for $53?
What keeps you playing games on the PC and not getting a console?
what would you rather do
Why dont they port many ps3 games to the pc?
Latest patches for games --- Where to get from?
Starcraft not using full screen
Which of the gothic games
LOL Rockstar!
The "In" Crowd - What OCF is Gaming
Too many games! Console vs PC
Flight simulator X isnt that bad.
change of pants required...
Understand GTS IV settings
Saving game in single player ? GTA IV
GTA IV ---- .Net Framework 3.5 Question
Game multithreaded performance
Keeping call of duty 4 level and reinstalling
Ninja Golf!
What's in store for 2009?
what a lot of good EAs DRM is doing them!
Limbo Game. Coming soon?
EVE online now?
OC Forums PC Game of the Year 2008 - Nominations
Carnage Left4Dead Server
Using 2 monitors for FSX
Bought GTA IV via Steam, where's the damn manual?
How do I make WOW unplayable ?
any all in one mame/emulator box?
Stargate The Last Stand
Lost Planet for the pc
Dedicated Game Servers
Half-Life Black Messa Source Project
OMG Fallout 3 ending is WEAK! (spoilers)
Command&Conquer + Vista
Is there some way to play Fallout 3 and still do my schoolwork and go to class? Help!
Final Fantasy 7 for PC
What would cause this loss of performance and glitching?
Help!: Cloned OS HD and new CPU - Crysis Warehead and AOC Won't work anymore
Problem with FEAR (directors cut) and Vista
Fallout 3 sniper perk acting funny.
How did you become a gamer?
Headset recommendations
GTA IV - Is my PC good enough?
COD WaW Usernames
What is so great about steam?
Most under-rated online FPS?
CoD:W@W and steam...
Anyone here have COD WoW for PC? I'm wondering how the CD key works. I hear its tied
What was Epic thinking...
Need for Speed Undercover
Doom 3
Epic lag in fallout 3
garrys mod 10
source mods seem to have high sys requierments
DirectX 9 - How to know exact version number?
Crysis res problem...
Tomb Raider Underworld
Bioshock patch
So GTA4 is coming soon..
Favorite game of all time?
360 controller on pc?
Mirror's Edge (Free Running Game)
7-Eleven Selling Video Games - Announces Entry Into the Industry
First Hellgate London now Tabula Rasa
Holiday Playlist...
GotGame Launches Rogue, The First In-Game Web Browser
I need a game that requires brain power!!!!
EA Games Issues
Fantastic Contraption.. Simple real fun
COD 5 issues
Installing retail Left 4 Dead on Steam
Crysis Warhead suddenly runs horrible
css zombie mod
wtf left4dead crashing
Some CoD:WaW Tweaks
Miltary gunner with Jesus vision....
Favorite game weapons
Battlefield bad company for PC? When?
Old Music for all FPS commericals?
My Fallout 3 Review
Anyone still playing Race 07 / GRID ?
FC2 or Fallout 3?
Call of Duty[5]: World at War
WW2 Strategy games ?
valve funnies
My video game love/hate list...
WOW why 10 + 10: one of each; how to get old one back
Increasing the EvE font size?
Who here likes FO3 and thinks it's a successor to Fallout?
I have WOW and TBC Battlechest (not installed). Buy WOTLK first?
Is Crysis a game to play online?
Fallout 3 IGN guide
Now is the time - Tell us what you think of WOW: WotLK
Left 4 Dead too dark... all other steam games fine.
Possibly decent new PC exclusive
Economic games.
SupCom 2
So who bought the COD World at War?
Wait- Theres a Resident Evil CG Movie?
Starcraft 2 (beta) thread~!
BEST OLDSKOOL platform shooter?
Dos games
how many games are installed on your PC right now
BattleForge beta test!
Tribes 2 free
Frets on Fire
For the hardcore PC gamer who won't switch to consoles due to controller.
why is direct2drive so expensive?
Change steam account
How to put these videos to website?
Inexplicable stuttering in Left 4 Dead?
Silent hill and resident evils for pc 2 purchase?
just played the CoD 4 demo
Would a regular CS:S player enjoy COD4? Also is COD4 dated?
steam on 2 systems?
X3: Terran Conflict Benchmarks
So what do you guys think about the CoD5 beta?
Sacred 2?
Tom Clancey's End War
my 2004-2008 Video Game Awards (PC/MAC/PS1/2/3/DS/etc)
Ski Free
Question: How to setup dedicated server on Team Fortress 2
Curious HL1 mod
FO3 Location Map
Fable 2 - DLC? No, DLU.
Dark & light is free, but they don't want you playing!!!
Fable II - Uhm, Hi there!
FC2 Stuck
Saints Row 2
Measuring In Game Framerates: How?
Blizzard makes Starcraft II so that your mom can play
Freelancer Vista x64?
Battleforge beta signup
WoW vs. WAR... .....
Terrible ping in TF2.
Buying FO3 on Steam, need a little bit of help
EA Layoffs
Fallout 3 Tips/Tricks/Questions thread (if you guys add to it)*spoilers* maybe inside
wow: hints for selecting/customizing character pls.
Fallout 3 issue! I crouched down and now I can't get back up!
What do I do if a game doesn't support my screen resolution?
Fallout 3 emulation software detected?
bioshock steam version
Free HL2
Fallout 3 Crashing...
CC Red Alert 3 Thread
WOw thank you steam!
farcry 2 black lines?
Need a game to stress video card and system
COD WaW beta keys are here! *hidden*
WARHAMMER Online Guild Night Thursday 9pm Est
Crysis messed up video
Empire: Total War to use Steamworks
fallout 3
COD WoW Beta PC (pre-load if your on file planet) so its coming soon!
WTF Happened to PC exclusives?
WOW: Wotlk expanstion questions