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COD WoW Beta PC (pre-load if your on file planet) so its coming soon!
WTF Happened to PC exclusives?
WOW: Wotlk expanstion questions
Supreme Commander strange slowdown - Help
Fallout 3
spec me a very good game
Far cry 2
trying to find a old windows95 game
Does any one here play this game
Where is my SPORE savegame?
Hellgate: London Finished.
Does SPORE have a CD key?
how well will far cry work on my pc?
Dead Space...no AA..
How do I get my FPS in FC2?
Good Old Games
Tabula Rasa
Guild wars game looks good
FO3 - Oblivion with Guns
for those with games that have multiple install cd's
Crysis - Level Core
4GB of RAM for Gears of War?
New Star Wars MMO finially announced by Bioware..
FF11 anyone play?
NBA 2K9 on PC....FINALYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
New to World of Warcraft!
unofficial left 4 dead thread...
City of Heroes/CoV broken now --> WAR
Dead Space PC - DRMed
The Suffering- Now free, thanks to the Air Force?
best TF2!
Trying to set up my new Xbox controller
Call of Duty World At War Open Beta
Is it easy to port Mac OS games to linux
Upcoming games that will push hardware and graphics
anyone who plays garry's mod
Saw this post at school, had to show you
Is it just me or anyone else not impressed with today's games?
warcrack rant/praise!
Someome made a Portals "Sentry Gun" (like TF2), it shoots painballs, says "I see you"
WoW Trial - using P2P for distribution! (rant)
Warcraft 3 problem
TF2 EVGA Tournament
X3 Terran Conflict
What, no post about the Bioshock 2 trailer?
Favourite game right now?
half life decay
Wet plastic looking graphics - Specular Highlights?
W.O.W - Man Plays On 11 PCs (It's A Hobby)
DRM coming to consoles too
Performance change on diff OS's
Red Alert 3 Has SecuRom
World of goo!!!
Selling brand new gaming rig, cheap
And this is why Tf2 rules!
WoW 3.0.2 going live today
No more attributes in Diablo 3
battle.net may not be free in the future...
Hell's Highway
SC2 News today
Command and Conquer 3:Tiberium Wars
Does "virtual tourism" count as gaming?
Anyone still playing Company of Heroes.
File server recommendation ??
My Idea, His Work - The New CoD4 Logo :D
(double post is accident)AUTOEXEC.CFG File still not working for Crysis WAREAD
(double post is accident)AUTOEXEC.CFG File still not working for Crysis WAREAD
Far Cry 2? How do you think its gonna be?
Fallout 3: Gone Gold!
DoW II: Space Marine Walkthrough
AUTOEXEC.CFG Doesnt work for 1080p in Crysis Warhead. HELP
Anyone play I Wanna Be The Guy?
Goldeneye: Source
Can't get starcrafts to work in LAN
NFS Most Wanted PLayer Name
would anyone give me a cod4 server
in need of a COD4 server config
Crysis Warhead - Can I play it?
does anyone do FREE cod4 server host
Orange Box or COD4: Present for Nephew.
crisis with crysis
Uninstalled Games on My Steam Account
Loving Mass Effect!
Crysis Warhead choppy as hell
Mobile WoW
Crysis Warhead .
any games like this??
No install limits on Fallout 3
New to the pc gaming scene, so could do with some help!
EA admitted that pirated software does not = loss of sales
Thinking about buying Gears of War and Crysis for my PC. How will my X1900XT do?
Crysis ?s
What were your highest frame rates?
Gamespot Download Manager
Call of Duty 4 Paintball mod!
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals
Why is there a trend towards small multiplayer FPS?
Anti-Video game laywer getting disbarred!! haha
Screw around on Halo CE
Call of Duty: World at War
FO3, Left 4 Dead, Dead Space .. PC gaming NOT DEAD!
Co-Op Same Keyboard games.
WAR - what is your impressions?
Spore space stage
Mass Effect Utility problem
Looking for decent multiplayer FPS
Any game better than KotOR?
Warhammer Online (OCforums Guiled with Exceed Gamers Organization)
The Witcher EE uncensor mod
Anyone play Fear combat?
Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization
Any UT3 servers with a mutator od mod on then?
Recommend me a game
Many games error and exit to windows
Increase your fps in crysis warhead!!
Everyone up in arms about SecuRom..
Emotiv EPOC delayed..
WTF why can't I find game servers overseas.
A game with the same features as EvE, plus fun.
Stalker: Xlear Sky help
Portal Prelude (MOD)
3D glasses are back
Please god, let Charlie be wrong..
PC players, here are your GTA IV specs
Kings BOunty Demo is out!
COD4 And Hacks: verifying suspected players
Crysis: warhead
Crysis Physic on High is faster?
Command & Conquer 1, Red Alert For Free
How many installs with Crysis Warhead?
Bioshock crashing to desktop...
Getting a CTD on BF2 with Vista SP1
Spore Contains SecuROM DRM
Steam Group Spam
Assassin's Creed- the end?
Combat Arms -- The Free online multiplayer FPS! Do you play?
Boredom, the great game depresion.
Wow! Microsoft Closes Ensemble Studios!
Reddit ships crowbar to scientists at CERN for protection against headcrabs
Your cool screenshots
UT3 bright screen on exit??
Quake4 kicks me back to desktop??
Sins of a Solar Empire : Entrenchment (Micro Expansion 1)
Guitar Hero III PC Stutter.
Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning - 2500 FREE beta keys left
STALKER: Clear Sky - v1.01 Patch (Retail)
CS:Source doesnt detect cpu frequency
what is your favorite game so far in 2008?
spore was so lame
Overclocking Forums Clan/Guild?
Left 4 Dead 'Games Con 08' trailer
DirectX 5.0 Under Vista
Are modern games all Multithreaded now?
Vegas2 BOOM headshot
bf2 problem?
mercenaries 2 (PC) teh fun?
name that vintage 80's game.
Fallout 3 @ PAX
Darkfall online beta, is it for real this time??
Project Reality 0.8 released.
Stardock's PC Gamer's Bill of Rights
Mass Effect...no launch Vista 64bit (suspect ATI 8.8 Cats)
TF2 dedicated server problem
Crysis + Upgraded Textures = Holy Crap
CounterStrike Source
CoD4 crashes
TF2 server issue *DAMN PARTY MODE!*
TF2 anyone?
'Warcraft' Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing 'Warcraft'
Will S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Skies Steam Version Have SecuROM?
supreme commander???
Maxed Crysis
Crysis Warhead off to a Good Start
WoW on a 3650 at 1920x1200 ???
Order vs Destruction for OCF
Anyone Want to Start a New D2 LOD Char?
Can't move my man in Lost Planet Extreme Condition
TF2 - Three free days
Halo2 in vista sucks !
hmm where did the WAR thread go?
Lucasarts Adventure Games
is it me or is blizzard the last saving grace in pc games?
Spending over 2 hrs installing lost planet !!HELP!!
COD4 Game Night 8/29 (Fri)
TF2 server change
Is Half life 2 multi threaded
Can someone tell me what I should upgrade?
Is it possible to rent a gaming server for one day?
Btw.. for anyone that cares.. Diablo
WAR Hammer Online
Baldur's Gate: Let's do it
NHL08 problem
Graphics problem in Far Cry
Bionic Commando: Re-armed!
Anyone else try Combat Arms?
October is Horror Month :)
Awesome Crysis explosion video
Crysis weapon crosshair missing?
Perfect World MMORPG?
Is it just me or does the gaming world suck now?
Brand new browser-based game: Crime Factory
Eww.. Another Tomb Raider? Vid.
Crysis ~ maxes out 4GB memory?
BF2142 audio issue
:: GTA IV comes to PC - Official
Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood...Starforce?
Just beat Call of Duty 4
NWN2 really that hard on a system?
World in Conflict (continued)
Anyone Play AA, BF2, or COD4?
TF2 Heavy Update! YOU DID WELL!
FFVII for the PC
Cellfactor Revolution issue
Soldat Anyone?
RAF ftw
AoC, is this true?
HL2 (TF2) need boot commands or user.cfg help
Just cancel AoC account & giving it away?
Star Trek Online
What is your favorite Command & Conquer series game?
WotLK Beta
Blizzcon anyone?
Looking for a new game
GTX 280 and UT3 PhysX
Resident evil 5 coming to pc yay or so it seems
For all the competitive gamers out there
LAN-CRYPTION (Los Angeles, CA) Sep 6th-7th - 100 Seat Event!
Max leveling servicing for AoC?
WoW triple experience gimmick
GTA IV on teh PC ( Confirmed ) Nov 18,2008
C & C Red Alert 3 Beta
CSS: Good players are always called hackers
Far Cry "Lighting Quality" Artifacts
So who pre-ordered DEMIGOD?
CS on a MacBook question
assins creed keeps frezzing!! help!!
MOH Airborne [System Reboot]
What is wrong with World in Conflict players?
HALF LIFE 3?...would be nice
How many frames per second would my games get..?
End of Kane's Wrath?
Anyone play Cyber Nations?
AoC vs. Warhammer online?
Lord of the Rings Online
Rage (PC, X360, PS3)
New Rage Trailer out of QuakeCon
PC games that ARE better with a controller?
Anybody have Red Alert 2 Deezire 8.5?
FPS player liking a RTS? What's happening here???
So I finally end my EA embargo and bought BF2142..
LF New game
Postal 2 Share The Pain MP Full Version Free
Assassin's Creed and artifacting
HLDS dual core
Quake 2 - Test
Supreme commander: Forged Alliance
Star Trek Online (Future MMO)
Need help with Team Fortress 2--Most bizzare framerate problem.
Codemasters "GRID"
Bioshock acting wierd
OCForums' Most Anticipated Games!!
Pick up the Can...
Crysis Warhead: Ya Ain't Missing Much
Age of Conan
Very Interesting..
FF coming to PC again
Spore Will Wright KeyNote ComiCon
Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II , Relic
GTA IV PC??!!?!??!!
sTEAM OCF Needs you!
Top 5 Best Games of 2000 - 08
Gametap just added Fallout
GFW Live = free
Epic Preps Unreal Engine 4 - Yeah Baby!
Why no Madden 2009 for PC?!?!
windows vista ultimate 32bit-x86
The influence of Halo...aghhh
Atlanta Lanfest is Back On! July 26th
cod 4 big duh
EA announces its master plan
Combat Arms: an absolute must have
Starcraft 2 blizzard invite footage, where can i get good quality?
Is there such a thing as a good alternative to WoW?
Devil May Cry 4, should I buy?
CF and NWN2...
Price Comparison Site for Games in US
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Problems Vista 64 Bit
Crysis: Final Review *Spoilers*
Company of Heroes Freezes on loading- help!
Devil May Cry 4 - Crashes like crazy
If anyone is on the west non ladder
Anyone here a seasoned FRAPS user?
OLD game diablo2 crashing
i need more buttons...!
Knights of the Old Republic MMO
Anyone Playing D2 East Ladder?
Blizzard Bot Ruling Sets A Dangerous Precedent On Copyright
What games do you think use the rumble feature the most?
StarCraft Sound Glitches In XP SP3
Wolfenstien :)
Will SP Final Fantasy ever officially come back to PC?
Who did who in Mass Effect? :P
Mistakes Crysis Warhead can learn From
Massive action game, any info?
CoD4 question
Anyone see Fallout 3 at E3?
LoL Hello Kitty Online vs WoW.
Looking for a Specific TF2 map
Anyone down for some gaming?
TF2 plays like slo mo
what are you playin?
AoC; Craft trainers?
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, is my computer to leet?
HL3 ????!
cyber-punk games
MS to unveil DX11
Need lots of LAN Games
Max Payne Movie Trailer
Quickie about bioshock?
input source toggle during gaming? wtf!
Crysis default cvar settings.
Crysis 64 bit a no go???
online gaming on the campus?
Source Engine configuring
Damn you oblivion
Age of Empires II
Assassin's Creed seems choppy even at high frame rates...?
Mass Effect, overrated. Spoilers!
Crysis and Player Made Maps?
Just ordered orange box
Steam Day of Defeat Free Inpendence Weekend
Requiem: Bloodymare
Half-Life 2 inconsistency
I bought Orange Box a while ago...
Stardock's Take on Piracy/Gaming Industry
What is up with the AoC patcher, it takes ages to patch??
WoW Video settings
Valve Comments on the Future of PC Gaming
iw3mp.exe stopped working
Game sites?
Worms World Party anyone?
[TF2] Next Class Achievements
[Official] OCF Diablo II + LOD servers to join if you got em!
Trackmania Nations, again
Diablo 2 Problems
Crytek: Still Crying
Valve Hates Deployed Soldiers {metaphorically}
World of Warcraft playable casually?
Diablo 3 is official :D
Blizzard launches Diablo III forum, makes my pants tight with anticipation
noobie question but dont mind me
Americas Army
Hammer Editor
Microsoft: PC Gaming is Not Dead
Half-Life 2
TF2 problems
CSS Server
You are worth over $30,000 to video game companies
Anyway to undo Medic stats in TF2?
NWN 2 online?
crysis problems
Woot! medic achievements update!
Anyone still play TrackManiaNations?
online games! what the big deal!!!!!
Universe at war?
PC Games To Look Forward To?
They should put AoC patches on gaming sites.
Tom Clancy's End War - Xbox 360 Beta
TF2 Achievement Farming: Good or Bad?
Neverwinter Nights 2 ... how many expansions?
crysis won't install. corupt object~1.cab file
Team Fortress 2 - oops, someone divided by zero.
2K Drops BioShock DRM
Internet mouse buttons
how to NOT copy games
So I patched GRID
Alone in the Dark also infected
Half-Life:Source, or Half-life Anthology?
Friday Night Fights: Gaming is about having fun edition
Pyro Achievements server
The Amazing Diablo 2
Anyone Need a Vent Server?
Daoc RM?
Tabula Rasa = Flop
Anyone play LOTRO ?
Pyro Weapons and Achievements!
XBOX 1st Edition, Mod help
People who've played WoW and AoC
Meet the Sniper
Maybe I'll get back into EVE Online
Spore creator!
Looks like EA took a page out of 2K Games' DRM Manual
Helgate:London - crashing.
Mass Effect issues (yet another thread)
Mass Effect gripe (minor spoilers)
HD3870 and driving games!
COD4 no work Vista 64bit
Does anyone have "Limbo of the Lost"?
RicohCOH stopped working
3 year old gaming system worth more in parts than sold whole?
MASS EFFECT: UNC Cerberus mission Q's
BFV single player mod question
ut2004 text to speech no workie
Grid Racing Game: Controller issue
Best MMORPG Griefing Video Of All Time.
Anyone have a Final Fantasy 11 buddy code?
mass effect keeps crashing help!!!!
COD4 server help
My fun 'lil Assassin's Creed video
Dungeon Runner's Gold-Excreeting Bling Gnome Spotted
Mass Effect q's
Need Help with Mass Effect
Spore Demo june 17th
cod 4 Same house 2 computers nothing but problems help plz
Age of Kings: The conquers
Whats a good combat flight sim these days?
Race Driver GRID
Age of Conan - anyone enjoying it?
Recommend me a game?
New FFOW Patch 1.1.0
TF2 tonight! (saturday)
tf2 sprites, how do you make them work?
C&C 3/Kane's Wrath: Will Not Uninstall
Steam does not like my image (help)
Server Poll
Pyro Unlocks Update
Devil May Cry 4 benchmark tool....
Test drive unlimited crashes...
Simple upgrade to play AoC max graphics?
Extra copy of COD4?
Mass Effect PC achievements...?
COD4 1.6 patch
Friday Night Fights: The Return of the Attack of the Son of the Revenge of TF2
Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Video (Yes, it really is gameplay video)
Are we playing TF2 tonight or WAT?
Gaming for laptops
Starting my own browser MMO. Tell me what you think.
Trials 2: Second Edition
Jack Thompson walks out on his hearing
VNC like software for games.
Mass Effect, Spoiler??? I doubt it, but safe!
what mouse for cod4?
Two Worlds- PC comments and gripes (possible exploits warning)
TF2/General FPS question
What can a GeForce2 go still play?
Recommend me a (recent) RTS!
Mass Effect: "tech too low" question...
what to buy: WoW
tomb raider 1
Gears of war question
BF2 Geometry Crashing
A complaint about Mass Effect
What to do?
Team Fortress 2 rant.
Valve's Opinion on PC Gaming
AoC what to upgrade to get better results?
Does anyone here play Planetarion?
Problems joining servers in Wolfenstein ET...
AoC patch download link?
Bioshock Save = Crash plzz help me lol!!!
Sins of a Solar Empire
Interstate Nitro Beta
TF2: Pyro achievements/unlocks are next
Valve Announces Steam Cloud; Online Network to Store Saved Games Indefinitely
frosty trees in crysis...
Sins of a Solar Empire demo
OMG OMG OMG at last Beyond good and evil 2 is official
Combat Arms closed beta for File Planet users, starts May 30th!
CoH Question
Want a new video game.
Assassin's creed freezing problem
What are your favorite ds games?
Unofficial UT3 thread
How many of you honest players have been accused of "hax!"?
Sword of the New World
Battlefield Heroes Beta Test Sign-up
The kind of MMO I want.
AoC user reviews
AoC, not starting??