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Help me convincing my father to use a Linux distro as main OS on his netbook.
3D video
best PPC distro for a G5
Custom Kernel configuration
what did i (not) do
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vmWare Player 4.x brief review.
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Hosted or Bare Metal Hypervisor?
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TiZakit’s Fileserver Worklog / tutorial (Ubuntu 11.10)
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macbook recovery
Streaming to xbox 360
Dnsmasq server = awesome
ACMT training
Unlocking Phenom II 960t Cores
Android section anyone?
Guide for Linux-based NAS
BASH: Howto read stdout/stderr but not redirect
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Video all jumpy.
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TPUT and ssh
CentOS 6.1 failed install.
OS X Lion on PC
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Linux Journal gone digital
mdadm speed tweaks?
Virtualbox VM run like death
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Building a home server
Driver Pack Solution 11.8 Safe?
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Careers in *nix
Data recovery in linux
Fedora 16 XFCE - Compiz
BFS in Fedora 16
iptables port forwarding
Elastix 2.2 - anyone using it?
steam games on linux
Vmware esxi 4.1 raid controller not found.
what file format for mac/windows read/write
last on the network
Linux Mint Install problem
32 bit linux or 64 bit linux
PC-BSD or Ubuntu?
Homebuild OS compatibility (hackintosh)
Simple Bazaar Tutorial (version control system)
Linux Magazines
AMD A series chip support
Linux vs windows
Could be old news
Duel Booting Fedora15/Windows 7 on Raid0
Ubuntu router almost working
PS3 controller on Xubuntu 11.10?
Can anyone help me with squid?
Any input would be accepted
VMware ESXi 5.0.0 iso download problem
installing the latest lm-sensors <-- how?
Fedora 15 - my happy place.
Mate Desktop Environment - GNOME2 fork
HP kills WebOS
Lubuntu 11.10 was SLLLLLOOOOOWWWWW!
PdaNet & Ubuntu 11.10 (wine?)
GNOME 3 with Compiz
Is Chrony secure?
Fedora 15
Raid options for SB850 ?
Linux Mint Debian 201109 (Gnome & Xfce) vs Linux Mint 11 “Katya”
Linux for HTPC
VMware Server vs VirtualBox in Linux
hmm.. Point out all the bad things you see in this smartctl copypasta
Linux newbie, having trouble with grub
Best Filesystem for 6+ Terabyte HTPC Server? [ext3 vs XFS]
HOW-TO: Setting up Python Freeze on AIX 5.3
MDADM Superblock Recovery
VMware vSphere Hypervisor
Compatibility Issues
Web Browser dose not get internet
Linux Misreading free space???
Blocking potentially sensitive data from SSH users
Ubuntu 11.10
samba share auto mount
Distro for gaming?
Video How-Tos?
The network icon in gnome?
Mint 11, net acts strange??
Connect to home Linux Box from work
Overclockix Custom App requests
Odd Ubuntu teaming issue
Overclockix Chat
Overclockix builder utils
Ubuntu 10.10 - connection speed SHOT
Is my CPU holding back my mdadm raid speed?
Overclockix Linux - OCF, lend us your skills!
gif's as a wallpaper
Thin-Client Infrastructures
OSX Boot Camp question
"How Microsoft Can Lock Linux Off Windows 8 PCs"
New server software/considerations
OCZ Vertex 3 Firmware Update
Need help from some mac users. (or those with access to mac os)
/boot out of space but not
Distro's hang intermittently... help troubleshoot?
Strange error when trying to run any php application
Clean Install of OSX?
whats da coolest "looking" linux
Anyone going to Ohio LinuxFest?
dual boot help and no sound in Linux mint 11
Hmm bootcamp
Need help with some file recovery (OS X to Linux)
Going to make the jump to linux, anything I should be aware of?
new to other OS
Help choosing an OS
getting my root access back
Best SSD for wifes Macbook Pro os X
How has Ubuntu evolved?
Opinions on which distro to use
Virtual Machine
Ubuntu - how to change video cards.
URGENT - Ubuntu - how to make individual accounts?
Full Screen
trying to figure out how to do something using openoffice calc...
Slow file operations
Ubuntu 11.04 and semi-broken wireless
best way to game on mac book pro
stress linux?
linux distro for 133mhz~32mb
Need 1366x768 resolution on Ubuntu 11.04.Help?
Media Streamer OS
Weird linux install question?
Triple Boot - Lion/7/Ubuntu
Mint Firefox search issues
Unable to mount ddrescue image
Small Linux network issues
Yum and Apt-Get
Working on creating the Ultimate Linux LiveUSB
sound configuring
RVM and ruby on rails MINT linux
Stoopyd !! Fast!
Ruby1.9.2 on Linux
hitting a wall with linux command, save feature
Mint 10 freezing playing youtube vids??
Mysterious disk space usage
'multiarch' support for Debian 7 (squeeze)
Reconfiguring Dual-Boot Setup
True eyefinity support in 10.04 Ubuntu?
Screen brightness wierdness Mint 11
My Macbook hates my ears
Server drives gone missing
Guide to Linux?
help me !a problem for the X-window about CentOS
need help with SE Linux
putty 0.61 released!
Need help installing Linux!
Snow Leopard
Which Linux distro?
I Need a Little help with Apt-mirror
Provide some examples of business Linux usage
Cad on Win7 Boot Camp Mac X
ghost for mac
Which is the Best linux distro for programming?
Ubuntu/Mint 11 stutters/lags
UBUNTU: modprobe hang on boot, ocz Revo Drive, raid0
Trackpad not responding
knoppix 6.4.4 + 42" TV = no workie!
Converting Locoscript
Steam game files in Mac OSX Lion DP4
osx snow leopard and virtualbox
Reflections on Linux Certifications
Canonical builds a 42-core ARM cluster server box for Ubuntu
Linux gadgets
Help pick an OS! -or- Linux Share help
Freenas transfer speed? Using CIFS
Freenas and dual NIC's
Upgrade Mac OS X 10.5.8 to today's latest
My first FreeNAS + Some questions
Sad Day in the Wine Community
linux windows manager
Hep Installing Nvidia drivers on ubuntu 11?
Problems with poor flash performance
help me change Ubuntu 11 desktop back to older style?
AntiX kernel panic about unknown block on CD
startx not working (Scientific Linux)
Linux Game(s) reviews
Strange Happenings linux & 1.5 tb hard drives
LMDE resolution issue
Nvidia 3D surround in WINE ??
Say Hello To Linux 3.0; Linus Just Tagged 3.0-rc1
New 100% Free Distro based off Arch - Parabola GNU/Linux
Openoffice with fedora 14 :(
I got free Chromebook in the mail today!
Winki 2.0
hdd partition in fedora live
Is Linux a dud on laptops?
How to down load updates and put on CD?
Cpufreq / speedstep not working in linux
openSUSE desktop unusable
Linux noob. Screen nearly black after install with wubi
Slow RAID5 array once filesystem is mounted
Opinions wanted for mdadm (fs, lvm, etc)
linux compatible suggestions for mini pci wireless card
Countdown Timer in Bash
Undo accident with gparted?
new to linux - how to question
Media player flickering but no picture, help
Quick Favor [tesing mono version info]
Anyone running triple monitors with Nvidia?
Strange linux behavior
Installing Ubuntu
11.04 and 10.10 Install Woes...
Anyone help with fixing bad superblock?
Ubuntu 11.04 doesn't work. At all.
Are there any reliable Ubuntu 11.04 alternate download locations?
Linux MDADM and LVM screw up... HELP!!
RM Clock Alt for Linux?
Groklaw to halt publication
Intel Pushes Open-Source Support For Ivy Bridge
Unity... whats all the stink about? (Unity shortcuts inside)
At rare times, I get a error.
Printer problems in ubuntu
script help
My new Linux Rig - Hardware & Software
Does anyone bench hard drives in linux?
Linus Dual Boot
Linux Cloud Server
2600k on Ubuntu 10.04 cpuinfo
Anyone find Evolution flakey? (any way to replace outlook?)
P67 generally compatible with Ubuntu 10.10?
Fedora 14. Faster mouse scroll.
recommended services to add to my server?
your favorite fixed width font?
Using more than 4gb of memory
New PCLinuxOS Rig
Converting Fat32 to NTFS, Mint 10?
Wireless in Ubuntu
suggested improvements to these scripts
Ubuntu Questions
Can't create startup disk 4 Ubuntu
Finding a Printer for Linux SUSE
Overclockix - Pick a Desktop Environment
Stability problems with Macbook 7.1
Why is there no warning that Linux installs FUBAR your MBR even on USB installs
Linux/Unix OS for a quadcore system?
Temp Monitor for 2600k system Ubuntu
Help avoiding grub on wrong hard drive
Overclockix Revived - An Overclockers.com Linux Distribution
How to remove ASUS Express Gate and install linux
Linux ati vs sli
iPad apps
Dealing with SFTP (push-pull bash scripts)
Can't get my sound working on ubuntu 10.10
Overclockix Revived
Ubuntu restart session question.
Time for something new - Linux Administration?
Linux paper: which distros are the most influential?
Possible to add hard drive to existing raid 5
Odd choice.
Hardware(Wifi) Ubuntu question.
winbind, Activie Directory, graphical logon: GUIDE INSIDE
Flight Sim
Gentoo use one computer to build and push binaries
Mouse hangs in UNR 10.10
Gpu overclocking in linux
Choppy video playback
Can't mount SATA disk
Reviving Overclockix - Any takers?
Samba: Slow reads, fast writes
LVM expansion and new volume distribution
Wireless disconnects under load
SSD and Linux
How to Setup DMZ connection in ubuntu?
Windows 7 + VMWare + MAC OS X 10.6 = ?
where to buy linux stuff?
Any information on installing OSX on a Windows based computer?
Any experience with HA Ubuntu servers?
Kernel Panic
DocumentRoot LAMP server problem
[URGENT] Ubuntu 10.10 x64, server PC freezes randomly!
Error from Wine, anyone else have?
Linux Router with Windows PCs?
Ubuntu 10.10 Storm Tracking?
debian 6.0 squeeze released as stable!
New to Ubuntu 10.10/Linux
Ubuntu 10.10 Wine and Steam install?
windows 7 and linux fedora dual boot with dual drives
Dual Boot Win 7 & Linux Mint 10
Best method for turning my rig into a hackintosh
webdav._tcp crash with big transfers
fstab issue?
Syncing files automatically
Ubuntu installation woes.
video playback problems linux.
Unable to format drive - "is apparently in use by the system"
Changing to Linux
Looking for new All-in-one
Adjusting resolution in Mint 10 (with the nvidia driver installed)?
Browser problems / possible OS reinstall?
WINE forum? Register link is not there...
MAC OSX Adventures
Supreme Office Suite
Codeweavers Crossover Games
Ubuntu server for dhcp, dns, nat
Setting up a wireless network printer
Mint 10 can do IPv6 right?
A question about delving into the linux world!
LFS Build Journal
mac applications using ubuntu 10
Linux AntiVirus
Intel Burn Test
When I first got on, I got.
Using powernow to control cpu speed
cursor disappears
Trouble with phpBB3
Rollin' with Linux now!
Trouble installing sound card
Pointing Domain to Home Server?
computer wont boot linux live/installer disk
Home server
Firefox boookmarks question.
Hackintosh Boot Problems
Mint Debian Final Released
Want to move back to linux...
Clicking buttons in terminal
Allow incoming connection requests in threes
How to detected PCI Express Link width linux
Adium clone for windows
Mint 10 64 bit: Low resolution problems with GTS 450
Ever wanted an AMD OD for linux???
Allegations regarding OpenBSD IPSEC
What does this mean??
Change tempo of songs in iTunes?
Linux n00b - Distro & Software Questions for HTPC + General Computing
phoronix and stresscpu2
Simple Linux help plz
message: foobar is not ready yet or not present ?????
I screwed up Ubuntu 10.10.
System monitor resource tab?
Screen went black in Ubuntu 10.10?
Ubuntu 10.10: Wireless conection just stops?
Linux & Windows on the same drive?
OpenBSD as Desktop and Associated Basic Questions
System moniter??
Fastest OS for Asus Eee PC
What command do I am to run a app. as root in GUI?
I have been wondering about OpenSuSE 11.3?
Thinkpad T61 and Fedora - Nothing but problems
Saving my home partion?
deb based OpenSuSE?
Would the linux driver be better?
Best current Linux FS in Ubuntu
Please help me make a minimal Linux ISO which can do this:
Mint 10 dual OS
Mysql-Server issues XEN - Debian 4 and 5
iPad why?
Linux, why?
Upgrading to latest stable kernel in Ubuntu 10.04?
move /home to another computer
wine patches
What will this do?
SSDs and trim on Linux
If I download another Destop manager?
help me choose a linux O/S
considering a new O/S after a call to microsoft
dual linux boot question
which distro best for tablets
im starting to hate fedora 14
Here's something you've never seen before (probably) (competition style!)
Something Like NLite for Linux?
firefox 4 beta version 7 and fedora 13
Linux Mint 10 Released
Re: the "unstuck" stickies [new poll option added]
Possible to intercept program launches and login?
Centralized bug reports?
Price on a used G5, what do you guys think?
How To - Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Install
How do I disable USB autosuspend??
Toggle Boolean in bash
VMWare Player 3.1.0 & 3.0.0 questions/annoyance
Compiling programs from source [kernels, firefox etc..]
Error at start...
Can't remove dir...
5 x 1 TB drives - raid 5 or raid 6?
Installing Ubuntu 10.10
Help with wireless card in Ubuntu 10.10
ZDNet reports Linux kernel vulnerability
To anyone running ZFS/NFS
What does this command do??
No partition found???
No DMI pool error at boot?
A command?
[Linux newb] Ubuntu 10.10 screen flickering
How to configure 3+ monitors on multiple cards under Ubuntu
Ubuntu 10.10
Hands-on, Real-world science software for Linux/multi-platform
Toorox usb installation update problem
VirualBox 3.2.8 Linux Mint 9 VRDP Mouse Issue
To Anyone Using GNU/Linux as Desktop OS!
Looking for a firewall / router distro
Pros and Cons Linux on thumbdrive
Disable IPV6 in Ubuntu 10.04?
Other .deb based distros??
What does this mean?
An AV for Ubuntu, to scan my Windows partition with?
Macbook Pro 5.5 13" Ubuntu and OSX
loader screen
mirroring on ram drive
A freebie: Introduction to the Command Line (Second Edition)
Raid 0 using mdadm worth it?
A question for IT professionals
flowchart/workflow diagram/visio diagram
WB thanks, I can't find an old thread by SSS
YaST2 or YaST2 like app. for Ubuntu 10.04?
mac users i need your help
GCC FLAGS in Ubuntu 10.04 ?
Happy Software Freedom Day
LMDE remote desktop problem
Info about a crash, where do I find it??
Scripts for moving data
how can I convert my film collection so they will run on my phone?
Using rsync for backup
hp BOOTMGR missing, stopping me from installing ubuntu
Broadcom releases firmware/information for open source drivers
Ubuntu Maybe Blocking Windows Install Right
[O/C]Ubuntu Tweak - A New Linux User Opinion
Cann't access gmail in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit, can in Windows???
Ubuntu 10.10 beta arrives with new netbook UI
EKKKK! Slow DNS look ups with Linux! Occurs with Ubuntu, SliTaz, you name it!
Questions about sudo
Running MS Office on Linux possible?
Best Free OS, That can use windows software?
Can't Write to Samba Shares
usb remote connectivity intermittent
Testing out Gentoo!
Ubuntu 10.4 error at boot up, didn't go into the GUI??
Free alternative to unRAID Plus?
Old fedora error
man page formatting; change from using more
Linux Mint 9 install issue??
HTML File Sharing
Gaming on Linux
Linux Mint 9- gnome vs. xfce
Looking for PCLinuxOS installation guide (2010 Gnome)
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, instal headaches!!
Linux 4TB RAID0 Partition - Recommendations
Ubuntu 8/04 LTS, Bluetooth prob.
itunes alternatives?
Fedora - block program installations?
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, wireless network just stops going anywhere??
Help with recursive copying
Need help with Ubuntu 10.04 and Fluxbox [Update: Back to using Windoze]
Install Issues
How do I get OpenSuSE 11 to download this?
OpenSuSE 11, wireless wrapper download??
Recovering deleted pictures in linux.
Linux and crossfire?
Folders in ~ gone
A Clean Start with Linux
Trouble gaming
Migration from Windows Live Photo Gallery
Antivirus Linux distro?
Can I run Windows 7 Outlook from Ubuntu ?
Linux Firewall
OpenVPN questions
What to do with netbook?
Linux on an SSD?
considering gentoo
Considering a Mac
How do can I tell if I am using both cores
Trouble getting Mint to transfer files
Quick Linux Benchmarking - HardInfo
Ubuntu 10.04 and SSD's?
Stress testing
What are kernel headers?
File and Media Sharing
Portable Apps for Mac?
ubuntu as a router?
[O/C] ATI Driver Installation in Linux
ltsp-build-client options?
Has anybody heard- .tar.gz ships backdoor?
Cheap Software Websites - Legit? Legal?
Linux vs BSD on netbooks
Ubuntu sudo su