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100% *nix noob issues with Overclockix
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New computer now new O.S
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Gentoo compiling very slow on my freshly built athalon64
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cd burning
Setting up ICS on a Linux Box (Slackware 10)
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Linux RedHat 7.2
Linux RedHat 7.2
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UDev USB Device issue
getting ready for Gentoo?
So I give up on Gentoo....
Big idea, need input (Linux folding stuff)
libranet recomended for beginers?
Seeders wanted!
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Azureus and TCP/UDP ports
Internet Explorer on Linux
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Linux newb needs help help helP!
new ATI drivers are out
USB Device/CD Burner [Scsi support issues]
Morrowind Linux
Mandrake changes its name
educational software
Gentoo--my PC freezes when compiling kernel
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What version of Linux should I use?????
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UT2004 on Fedora 3 32bit
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Article on Linux/OO.o
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ive got knoppix and need help
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MSN @ k-mail
Worthy of mention software fsb OC in linux
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Just installed Gentoo, and need help
First time Gentoo questions, 3 of em'
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is fedora core 2 that bad?
Help! I can't get my first ever completed gentoo install to boot :(
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What to use??
Linux hardware compatability
Changing Default Window and More
Apache and Debian Webserver help.
Help me write a Soft-FSB like program for linux.
can someone help me route my inet connection too my linux box
Overclockix 3.8 preview
Temp monitor
Want to write some C++, what program to use?
[NEWS] Hacking Mac OS X
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Gentto 2005 released
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Changing GUI
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Welcome to Linux
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Alt OS folders take notice
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should i dump XP?
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Overclockix question for Arkaine
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Redhat 7 on CDROMless laptop
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Could anyone give me a hand with bonnie++ ??
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Need help - QUICK
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So Very Close to perfect.
Ofoldix unzip question.
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Quick question
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Stable Distros
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Why wont my Suse load and install? HELP!
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What OS take up the least HD space?
Just Setup Dual-boot, what's a good way to talk to eachother?
Gentoo 2.6.11 Kernel Guide?
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HDD Missing on IDE Controller
Help installing FC3 DVD
Wierd UDEV Problem
SuSe 9.2 and wireless
I need the most computer idiot friendly distro
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How to uninstall bootloader?
Gentoo 2.6.11 + Openbox + CD/DVD burning software
Linux on a Lappy
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What is "better" than slackware?
Problem at square 1
Yet another Yoper Question by moz_21...
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help out a linux noob, plx
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What do you guys use Linux for ?
Does Knoppix work on Athlon 64 boards?
Gentoo and NPTL
Linux Versions suggestions
[NEWS] CherryOS Mac emulator goes live!!!
Major Woot For Me
How big's the Gentoo download?
Gentoo Question
NEWS: SUSE 9.3 Pro
linux distro for server (tomcat)
How up to date do you stay?
Log in problems
Gentoo: udev and xorg/nvidia
auto loading a process and 2 Linux distros (N00b here)
Linux version of choice for server
Help With Linux
Firewall on OpenBSD
Major Problem w suse 9.2/cant install w terminals?
Overclockix download help!
Yoper question
dual boot Gentoo?
Kaffeine wont play movies ;needs plugin
Networking assistance
want to run OSx on a Pc
Few questions after an easy start :)
DarwinPorts anyone?
Debian DVD ISO
Prozilla help
Divx and Linux
Asus WLan PCMCIA card + Gentoo = Winnar
I give up
darwin ports, xcode, OSX issues
[NEWS] Software Patents Could Stop EU Linux Development
Devil Linux/other firewalls
Really people should I even bother?
Can you really notice the difference
Fah on Yoper
How can i benchmark the disk speed on my server ?
[NEWS] LinuxWorld Response to 'How to Kill Linux'
My first weekend with Linux
New Problem - KDE?
Suse 9.1 or upgrade to 9.2?
XMMS Remote Control
Reading lm_sensors in php
Samba Question
Alsa issues - no sense
Ok I give.
Gentoo Alsa issue
Dos boot disk
Just finished my first Gentoo build, without a monitor
another noobish question
what to do to help the wife
cpu monitoring programs for SuSe 9.2
Network access install and manged server.
example Samba config
Debian and Apache!
PHP BBS program ?
looking for 64 bit linux
SB Live 5.1 on FC3
Think I can get this cheap usb-to-serial (RS-232) cable to work?
(Another) Gentoo Install Help Thread
lm_sensors on nf7-s
Where to get Suse 9.2 pro for 64 bit?
I think my hard drive is dying...
FTP install with raid 0 and mobile barton
Do I have to use a swap file with 1 gig of ram?
Please explain X, desktop environments and window managers
Fedora Core 3 or Knoppix 3.7 ?
am considering slackware
Can't start Suse 9.1
Gentoo and onboard video
Gentoo Optimization?
Linux on new hardware?
Mandrake 10.1 quick question
[NEWS] IBM Puts $100M Behind Linux Push
cant start downloaded programs w Linux Suse?
Check out this Linux magazine
New Box
Help With smoothWall
Fedora With Windows!?
Windows/Samba networking question
Woot!!! First Redneck On Linux!!!!
cant hear a sound with my brand new CDRW player using Linux /Suse /anyone?
Knoppix LiveCD for stupid people
Firewall Linux?
My experiences/2 cents with Ubuntu. (newbs beware)
Which Linux?
News Gentoo 2005.x?
Want Linux Just Ask For It
MSN Messenger?
Gentoo is sexy!
Gentoo portage bad port error
Welcome to the Dark Side
Xeon Linux OS?
Overclockix Direct Download
installing slackware
Some Good Linux Links
Mac question
First Time Gentoo install on toshiba Laptop
slower cpu
Suse 9.1 Help
Linux & Microsoft dynamic disks
SuSe upgrade from 9.1 -> 9.2 complete tonite
Mandrake kernals
linux + samba or Server 2003?
Page fiel deletion? Mandrake
how to connect to the net through dsl and linux
Smc 2835w
Benchmarking tools for linux?
Gentoo and LiveCD
Making a distro?
Lucent modem drivers
Duel OS
ok I think I'm ready to try linux again
Little follow up..
Gentoo - problems getting X to run (properly).
Can't get Mandrake to boot into GUI
my small foray
Gentoo User: What Platform - new build.
I just copped an attitude
Need Some Help with Cacti
gentoo install option?2004.2 or2004.3?
help me decide...
Redhat free, why?
Isp for linux
Do most apps/games work with Linux?
Solaris 10 is out
Nforce 3 onchip firewall under linux
Distro Advice
Gentoo gtk+ problem
dual hd's
New Penguin
Gentoo/Emerge problems
SUSE 9.2 Software RAID
suse 9.1
Wierd noise when CDROM is inserted.
Installing Yoper on a SATA Drive
I screwed up my partitions...
Linux experts please help - CVS + Proxy
Which distro?
PearPC, decently fast?
dual boot
[NEWS] Coyotos, A New Security-focused OS & Language
Help Knoppix 3.6 CD Bootable
Gentoo is grrr... impossible
are all the mirrors so slooooowwwwww?
Sound in UT2004 in Yoper 2.2
D-Link DGE-530T / sk98lin Problem
quick question about a yoper install
64 Bit Linux Disk Duplicator Utility?
remote desktop
iTunes Server
linux wont install!!
Help installing ATI drivers for 9800xt
Problems with Fedora and Dual Boot?!
Need help setting up xorg
Help, no sound in Mandrake 10.1
Buggy graphics in kde/xorg/gentoo
F@H Stats in Your Sig Mini-HOWTO
Yoper 2.2 almost out the door!
Debian Install - What do I need to Know
Kernel patching
"An error occured during installation!"
Question about Xmule.
Is there a SIMPLE way to install Gentoo?
Sharing from linux to windows
Can I install a Mac Game onto a Linux system?
How do Install UT2004? in SUSE 9.1 personal
Windows like programs for linux, like defrag, scan disk, etc?
Audigy 5.1 surround and best DVD player
9800 Pro and Suse 9.2 w/ X.org
New ATI Linux drivers w/ 64bit support
Thoughts on my New Sigs
Trouble with Yoper and lilo
can get Nvidia network drivers to install
SUSE 9.2 & Winows XP
Linux Mandrake
Which vid for linux rigs, Rage XL or SiS 6326??
New User, Why switch?
What Happened to.....
Debian, Yoper or Other??
Yoper SaX Problem
is mac really THAT bad?
Congrats to Arkaine23
linux broke my laptop??
an alcohalic OS programmer?
Samba and CUPS questions
iBook: A good choice?
ABSOLUTE BEGINNER... looking to learn
Laptop Linux Distro
Mini mac
Dual boot xp / yoper question
Yoper Black Screen after install
Sound Problem
AMSN and grouping
Mandrake 10.1 (Linux for the first time)
Exiting X
Disabling password authentication in OpenSSH
Trying to install Yoper, get Kernel Panic
Hiding Open ports
Installing drivers/programs.
JFS data recovery?
Yoper Problem
Uninstalling Mandrake...?
WXGA 1200x800 Inspiron 700m
Creating and mounting NFS shares
Best Linux Distro for webserver
video not working
noob install question
Yoper Install Problem
Yoper and RAID(Highpoint hpt370A)
mac osx wont network to xp even after i follow directons!
Keep getting 'Lost Interrupt' installing Gentoo
Samba weirdness in LM 10.1 Need help!
Some scripting help...
linux distro for quad xeon server
Games in Linux
Linux newbie here! If anyone could help with some simple issues...
Wireless network manager...
Best Linux distro for old computer
using dd
Folding on a Smoothwall Box
Linux SLI
New Knoppix Manual, "Knowing Knoppix:
Linux Installation Help!!!
Ut2k4 on OS10?
Knoppix Help
lost interrupt
Linux alternatives to Windows programs
Installing linux on a WebSurfer Pro
Great Read -- PM takes on A64 & P4 in Linux
acx100/acx111 sourceforge project
802.11g, usb, and the wonderful yoper
SuSe Dual boot help <N00b here>
ICH6 with NCQ ANYONE!!?!
One question
package managers
Graphical samba admin/monitor?
Mounting root filesystem as NFS
OSx jaguar windows disappear when dragging
Choppy mouse pointer?
Problem with a game on Mandrake.
Packet Forwarding IPCOP
Monroe's Great "Up-until-Tiger" Thread
a few broadband internet/ network q's
Application level access control
tri booting help
any free/cheap alternatives to CPANEL?
stuck with installign programs...
KDE Kmenu issue.
knoppix-std won't work when i burn it to cd
Need some serious DNS help
Cherry OS?
True Type fonts
Windows programs in Linux
emerge -pv world issue
need fast help with mandrake hardware installation
Best way to install Red Hat 9?
Halt on Idle under Linux?
configuring apt-get for proxy
Lilo vs Grub
Linux/OC/Noob Q
Gentoo Installation Problem: Emerge Kernel
switch my dad to Linux?
Linux mail program
cant login on mandrake
what do I need to study
Xandros Desktop Standard Edition v2.0 operating system
Ok mandrake problem
linux gaming?
ahh wont boot
how do i burn ISO help!
Mandrake getting started. very quick question
Gentoo Live CD
Best version of Linux for wireless
lookin for move server to Linux
Why can't I view manpages?
aterm question
How Should I Partiton my HD For Linux
using ghost from linux boot medium
I broke GCC, fixed it, broke it, fixed it, and here is how to get GCC 3.4 Working!
linux 64 bit
isolinux issues w/redhat 9
New Cedega out
Gentoo Help Please
OSX for x86, help or hurt?
Gentoo Vs. Mandrake
Geting rid of linux
Joysticks and gamepads
Yoper: Syanptic?
Kismet/Airsnort users help!
Gentoo fonts/fluxbox
AcceleratedX on gentoo - howto ?
mount a hd?
How many people here have macs?
What am i giving up by switching to linux?
Knoppix Hooray! Now need help :)
Knoppix 3.6 wireless pcmcia card help!
Considering Linux
Can't su?
Mandrake 10.1 Internet Problem
best and most user friendly linux
mandrake 10/10.1
International Keyboard
Changed to Linux today!
Apache frustration
Yoper issue
Overclokix 3.4 and Duals with HT?
Question about Fedora Core...
Ooo, raid...
Problem installing SUSE 9.1
No wireless in suse 9.2
Fedora core3 and D-link DWL520 wireless
server OS
heads up gentoo 2004.3 eth0 1st reboot problem
How to make a bootable DVD from three install cd ISO's?
Mandrake 10.1 Text Problem
Sky OS